Scott’s boot camp homecoming

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Scott’s boot camp homecomingMy wife and I were in our mid 30’s and had just dropped off our k**s at her mom’s for a 2 week vacation.We just had a new spa installed in our yard in an enclosed gazebo. We were getting ready to open a bottle of champagne and relax in the spa. Peggy had just come from the bedroom wearing a short swim cover-up that barely covered anything without a swim suit on. I was wearing a swim wrap (the kind that resembles a towel with Velcro). I was going to get a bottle from the fridge while she pulled back the cover of the spa and adjusted the temperature.I had just poured 2 glasses of champagne and placed it on a tray with the bottle in a bucket. I heard the doorbell and hollered to Peg that I was answering the door. I walked to the door and peered through the peep hole and saw our k**s babysitter, Scott standing at our door in his sailor suit. I didn’t know he had finished boot camp, and just returned home. I was pleasantly surprised, and opened the door to say hi and as I opened the door I saw his younger brother Ricky. Scott hugged me and said I hear you guys got a new spa. I said word gets around fast. He said I remember the last time I sat in your spa with you and Peg. I thought about it and just remembered how he had his girlfriend at the time and the four of us relaxed in the spa with a glass of wine. His girlfriend was quite well oiled and he removed her top and slid onto his lap facing him and they began to screw right in front of us. Peggy could see how long his cock was from where she sat, and his girl was riding it up quite a ways and slamming down. She came a few times and we got out to allow them some privacy. Scott had seen how Peggy was looking, no, staring at his cock and he grinned at both of us.Scott said are you going to let me see the new one?I snapped out of the memories and said sure come on in. I locked the door behind them and walked toward the spa. As I opened the gazebo door. Peggy was facing away from me and said I was wondering what was taking so long. I said Peg, we have company. She turned around and saw Scott and was kıbrıs escort so surprised that she stood up and to all of our surprise she was already naked. She forgot that fact as she stood and she said come here and give me a kiss. Scott leaned forward and she did too and they kissed and groped each other for a few seconds before she realized he wasn’t alone. She saw Ricky and said Hi Ricky. She put her arms out and Ricky leaned forward to get a kiss. Scott looked at me and said well, can we join ya. It looks like we are overdressed. I shrugged my shoulders and said that’s up to her. Peggy was so engrossed in hugging and kissing Ricky that she forgot about us. I looked at him and said fuck it why not. Scott stripped in record time and stepped over the side of the tub and told Ricky he better hurry up and join in. I saw Peggy look at Scott and her eyes lit up (probably remembering his cock the last time. She sat down and Scott slid over and began to lavish her with kisses. I saw Ricky’s bare ass go over the side and said I guess I better get another bottle and 2 more glasses.It took a few minutes for me to return, but they didn’t waste any time. Peggy was kissing Ricky now as Scott was fucking her. Ricky saw me come in and he looked at me like I was going to beat their asses. I grinned and said she can be such a slut. Ricky laughed and I saw relief flow through his face. He then stood on the bench and his now rock hard slender long uncut young cock was sticking within an inch of peggy’s face. She leaned forward and sucked on it as he slid it in and out. I could not believe how long he was. I remembered /Scott was quite long, but did not know how long. I slipped my wrap off and slid in across from them and watched as Peggy began her first of many orgasms to come. Scott was slowly driving his cock in and out of her pussy as he sucked on her nipple. Ricky was tweaking the other nipple and was holding her head as he shoved his cock back and forth ever so slowly and deliberately.I just laid back and relaxed watching them pleasure each other. Scott looked on edge and as escort kıbrıs Peggy began her second come, He scrunched his face and lunged upward and held it there. He was coming real strong and it was like I could feel him coming across the spa. I was near the edge and just before I began to come, I heard Ricky yell Fuck me this is awesome and then I’m coming. He too made a funny face and held her head down as he shot ropes of cum into her mouth while she swallowed it all. I shot out a few good ropes of cum and one landed on Ricky’s ass as another shot onto Peggy’s shoulder and Scott’s back. I apologized and Scott said hell that was worth it. After all we just fucked your wife, to which Ricky said not yet, but I will if you give me a few minutes. Peggy scooted out from the two of them and kissed me and swapped Ricky’s cum into my mouth. We showed the tow of them and Scott said hell yes, Ricky said you guys are sick. We laughed and Then we swallowed and washed ourselves off as Peggy said Wow I never thought I’d be seeing you 2 today. I asked when he got home, and he said last night, but his mom and dad were fighting so he grabbed Ricky and said lets go see Peg and the k**s.Ricky asked if we did this often and we said as often as we can.Peggy asked Scott how old he was now and he said he was still 18. I asked What about you Ricky. He grinned and said I’ll be 16 next week. I felt guilty but turned on. I then asked how big there cocks were. Ricky said I am 9 inches, and Scott said I am just a tad bigger, but I am thicker than Ricky. Peggy was looking so dreamy eyed, and I realized Ricky was fingering her as we talked and she was reaching another orgasm. She grabbed Ricky’s arm with 2 hands and hugged his arm as she came over and over while he fingered her pussy. She finally collapsed and laid back as Scott leaned over and kissed her open mouthed. She was in lust and they kept her going. I suggested we all go to the bedroom. Scott said that’s fine by me. Ricky said you guys are cool.We laid down and the 2 guys pulled her legs apart and Scott got down and began eating her. kıbrıs escort bayan Ricky said oo that’s gross. He said think about it Ricky you just fingered her underwater which in effect just cleaned all the cum from her pussy. Ricky said oh yeah. I sat along side of Ricky and scotted hi towards Peggy. She reached out and pulled his face down to her mouth and they were kissing again. I was in heaven and so was she. Soon Ricky pushed Peggy over and sk** in behind her and shoved his cock between her legs. Scott was still licking and Ricky’s cock hit his tongue. He said hey fucker I was her first. Ricky said go ahead and stay there, I just wanna fuck her. And he did while Scott was eating her pussy from the front. I was so turned on that I shot a load all over Ricky’s back.. Ricky said your just as fucked up as Scott. He will shoot anywhere as long as he cums. It was my turn now and I said do you and Scott do this often? He smiled and said I’ll never tell, and the 2 of them cracked up. I saw Scott’s tongue sliding down Ricky’s cock and I figured what the hell and spooned in to Ricky. He said OK fucker just don’t think your gonna fuck my ass cause that door is locked. I sad no problem, I just want to be part of this, and rubbed his smooth skin and curled in tight to feel his belly and rub it down to his cock and felt his gorgeous pubes. He began cumming and I rubbed his little pucker with one finger. He said um that I can take. He finished cumming and then he rolled over and said I don’t suppose you would care to clean up this mess would you? I leaned over and opened my mouth and swallowed about 6 inches down and came back up. He said Damn!!! I meant with a towel, but I like your style. Weall laughed and then Scott slid up and fucked her again and this time as he came he crawled over to me and Ricky and said OK, now you two can share. To our surprise Ricky and I bumped heads going for Scott’s cock. We finished the night fucking and sucking and watching and pleasing Peggy and finally all fell asleep. Peggy woke us up and said Scott’s mom called and wanted to know if we had seen Scott. I said he was here last night, but I hadn’t seen him today. I looked at the clock and realized is was already after2PM. We got the boys dressed and scooted them out the back gate and they left saying they would be back tonight.

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