Sexy holiday with Czech lover

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Sexy holiday with Czech loverI’m 41 now, living in little ole New Zealand, married to a beautiful woman and live in a wonderful house with a great job. Life at the moment is pretty good. But, it was once a little different.12 years ago or so I worked for an airline doing sales support in an inner city office. On one of the floors above us was an English school.I noticed one day a pretty girl at the lifts. I kept seeing her standing in groups of Asian k**s waiting for the lift at breaks, lunch etc. After a week or so I went out to speak with her while she stood on the footpath with her mates who were all smoking. Her name was Tessa, she was 25 at the time and Czech. She was in New Zealand for a year to learn English, which she spoke very well anyway. She lived with a home stay family who were odd and she didn’t quite enjoy her time staying with them. Noting she was a bit sad about a few things, I suggested we meet up in the city one evening for a drink and we let our hair down a bit.She liked this idea. A few nights later we met in the city centre. When Tessa was at school she wore jeans, jackets, baggy tops and the like. Tonight she wore tight jeans, black high heal boots, a sexy soft Italian black leather jacket with a black singlet underneath. Tessa usually wore her hair up or under a sports cap. Tonight her beautiful long black hair was shining and dead straight. Her piercing blue eyes stood out a mile. New Zealand girls can look ok, but they tend to look as if there was some effort to look that way and they never seem to pull it off well. Tessa was a born natural. To get ready this night may have taken her 20 minutes but she stood out far and above anyone else in the city that night. Her tight bum cheeks sucking the material of her jeans in as she walked. Being a warm night in the middle of summer, she soon took off her jacket as we walked, slinging it under her arm.To my stunned disbelief, she was not wearing a bra. I never really noticed her breasts before, but under her undersized singlet they looked magical. Firm, cone shaped solid B+, almost C size. Very well in proportion with her sexy hips and long legs in those high heals, without the boots, she’d be 5’7” or so I guess.Anyway, her nipples could clearly be seen under her fabric of the singlet. They would look like little tophats I guess. People noticed.Guys, couples, girls. It seemed every person we passed took a look or stare at her breasts as we walked by. Even people in shops and on buses, cars etc. The more I took notice of it, the more I noticed it. It was like walking down the street with a film star. God knows what we were talking about, I must have been talking Chinese for all the sense I must have been making. It was like all my senses were 100% alert and information rush overload was going to cook my brain, and my cock!We walked for a while joking and mucking about. She really relaxed and opened up. She’d never been out in the city before as she never really met anyone. All the k**s in her class were younger than her and from other countries sticking to her own groups.After 10 minutes or so, so took me by the arm, saying that in her country boy and girl walk together like this. I could smell her sweet skin and hair as she came close to me. Intoxicating. More intoxicating was her breast bumping into, sitting and resting on my forearm as we walked. It seemed to me at times like she propped herself up, so as to position her tit on my arm or next to it.It felt very hot, heavy, firm and powerful!So after walking about for a while we went into a busy bar. The place seemed to die as we walked in. Like a western movie when the baddie walks in the swinging doors.The several dozen pairs of eyes taking in every square millimeter of Tessa’s form. I’ll never forget it. We had a sensational night. Dancing, joking about and raking up a $200 bar bill!Several guys came over to chat her up while I went to the toilet. I’d watch around the corner as she’d put her back to them, turn her head away and give one word answers to them. At that point I knew I had her.Walking back to her each time, I’d revel in her almost delight to see me, her face lighting up, and later in the evening this lead to hugs and kisses on the cheeks. Each time several guys eyeing me up, wishing me dead I’m sure. Late that evening we just ended up at my apartment. I lived then about a block from the city centre in a great pad. She was shocked that I lived so close to work, 3 blocks, as she had to take a long bus ride in.There was never any mention all night how she was going to get home. I was too drunk to drive, the bus had stopped and being a poor student, a taxi was out, so we just somehow got transported to my couch. Within seconds of sitting down, her top was off to expose those miracle creations of the sweet baby Jesus. Pert, full and tanned. She must have been tanning somewhere, maybe her back yard at the home stay family?I asked her. She told me she went to the beach every weekend to topless or nude sunbath. She found a very private spot in the dunes. Topless sunbathing in NZ on popular beaches is not accepted too well! Odd little country I have…Anyway, I cupped them both to feel their sweat and warmth, and they were heavy for their size. I sucked on both nipples to feel their solid form. Tessa put her head back and moaned as I sucked them to their full length.Suddenly she stood up, telling me to sit. She walked around the lounge looking like a sex vampire with her now messed up long back hair, tight jeans and boots. She sucked her fingers looking at me, licking her nipples and squeezing her tits together hard while boring her eyes into mine.‘Do you want my fuck?’ she asked. ‘Yes I want your fuck’ I replied. I guess I was so drunk but super alert at the same time to remind her to get extra English lessons.‘Show me’ she said. With that I pulled my jeans down and started to rub my hard and leaking cock. ‘I like this’ she said. With that she took off her boots while swaying about. She put her hand down the front of her jeans, sucking in her tummy as she did. She was rubbing herself with one and rubbing her tits with the other. She then pulled her hand out and sucked her fingers. ‘You want’. ‘Yes’ was my reply. She put her hand back to her pussy for a moment before putting three sweet fingers into my mouth. The taste was better than a $200 bar bill I can tell you that.!Turning away from me she undid her jeans and pulled them down slow. What was this girl, she worn no panties! Her arse was as full and pert and her tits and no tan lines.She stood in front of me naked for a minute, her back to me while she rubbed her pussy with both hands, she was getting quite violent with herself, I could see both hand between her legs massaging her pussy hard and fast.By now I was naked and my cock straining hard. Tessa turned to face me with her hands beside her, presenting me in all her fine glory. Her pussy was a tiny shaved strip between her shapely thighs. She was a very athletic looking girl, but those full breasts put a whole new angle on her form. Most athletic girls I know have smaller tits, or sloppy ones maybe, these were something else, like from the best boob job known to man, but not….?Anyway, she was fucking hot.‘Take me’ she said. With that I stood up, took her shoulders and pushed her down to my cock. She looked up at me like a lost little kitten. At first I thought, ‘No, don’t choke on me now love’! But it was an act. She devoured my cock, sucking on it like it was the first meal she’d had after a month of fasting. I’d had some good cock suckers in my time, but Tessa took it to a new level, like art work. Every suck, lick and stroke was something new and exciting. She was perfection with mouth on cock. Her hands under my arse cheeks, fingering my arse crack, squeezing and rubbing my balls like her life depended on it. I could only take it for a minute. I told her to lie down. She did that, spreading her legs wide, almost wall to wall (My apartment was not that large!) she rubbed her soaking pussy with one hand while she smashed her tits with the other, getting very rough with herself. I could only watch the sight below me while I stoked my hard cock, her eyes transfixed on my pre-cum soaked cock. My cock isn’t huge, 7.5inches, cut and looks ok I guess no complaints in the past. But she seemed to like it by the look on her face.While this thoroughbred of a female lay naked and masturbating on my lounge room floor, she told me that earlier in the night after her shower and before she got dressed to go out, she masturbated like this. That she was thinking all those past few days after I asked her out, about sex and fucking me. With that I got down, pushed her legs further apart and began my work. I love eating pussy, the aura of a woman on my snout, is like man going back to a****l roots in a way! Sick it sounds yes, but the taste tonight was like nothing I’d ever had before or since. Even the runner up to Miss Sweden 1993 who I fucked while I worked in an Austrian Ski resort had nothing on Tessa’s glorious pussy.It was just wet. Not moist, sticky, damp etc etc. Just wet and it kept getting wetter. Her lips so wide, I thought my face would get sucked off by her. I propped her arse up to get under and taste her further down. I guessed she’d not had this done as she pushed herself back down. But after a little coaxing and finger action she relaxed before I was lapping at her tight little arsehole. It tasted hot. A lot warmer than her pussy. Pinning her long legs behind her head I was able to get full access to her anus directly and totally exposed in front of my face. Going hard then gentle on it made her nuts.I love anal, and I knew I’d fuck her tight arsehole at some stage, but I knew it would not be this evening. I could tell she was an anal virgin. It would keep.Going back to work on her pussy, I was on it for 2 seconds before she sprung up, grabbed me and forced me into her. I’d normally, like 100% grab for a condom at this stage. I could not remember the last time I’d fucked a girl I’d not been seeing for a while without one.But with Tessa it seemed like a gift, something to take with all its glory. I pushed into her as hard as I could. I didn’t get far, she was far far tighter than I would have ever thought.It took a couple minutes of gentle probing to work my way in. And did her pussy grab my cock. It was being constricted by her, even though her legs were at 180deg angle, totally spread. She must have done high school gymnastics. After several minutes I was really giving it to her. The noise she made was a combination of being murdered with a blunt instrument and one of being given life saving oxygen following a near drowning in heavy surf on Hawaii’s north shore. Well, something like that!My neighbors should have called the Police that night. Either that or they don’t care for human life.We were sweating like mad, so I extracted myself from her magical pussy, a pussy that still to this day outstands me. A miracle pussy, one in a billion, pussy that could put man on the moon or cure cancer. That kind of miracle pussy a very very lucky guy might get once in a lifetime and no more.Covered in sweat and shitty bits from my not quite freshly vacuumed floor I took her to my shower. We washed and kissed heavily under the water. Not quite dry we ran to my bed where I pushed her onto her knees, exposing her firm butt cheeks, pussy lips and her sexy near pink arse hole. I had to suck her arse once more. Sucking on it like I’d been in a desert sand storm for three days only to get my first cool big glass of fresh natural spring water, she came hard. I think it took her by surprise to come from being arse sucked. She came a couple of times while we fucked in the lounge, her eyes rolling back in delight. I kept myself hard, jerking off while I kept the pressure on her anus. Once she’d come back down from her orgasm, I slid my hard cock back into her pussy from behind. Building up speed until I was pounding the fuck out of her, grabbing her shoulders, pulling her into me with each thrust. She kept yelling, ‘YEAH, do it, fuck it, fuck me!’ Tugging and pulling on my balls as I piled myself into her drove me nuts. Her long fingernails scratching at my balls like a need of some kind. I knew I was going to unload into her mouth.I kept thinking about it and how she’d look with my sperm over her face and in doing so what I’d accomplished in approaching this almost untouchable female, having the most fun night ever before screwing the fuck out of her and having her show me a side of her very few people would ever see in such a woman. And this was our first date; this was a first night of a very intriguing affair spanning 10 years.One last push into Tessa with my rock solid penis saw me withdraw and stand up before her. She knew her role instantly. As if in choreographed timing, she was sitting on her backside, legs spread beside me, Her hands on my thighs, her back arched, full breasts sticking right out, head tilted back, mouth wide wide open and her tongue out with her eyes locked on mine. She remained this way totally ridged looking at me while I jerked off my wet cock with fury. Seeing her sit there waiting for my load in this was like a vision from the heavens. She positioned herself like a servant to the fuck. Like it was her duty to collect my cum and savor it. We both locked eyes, knowing what each was to do next, her look was one of total excitement about tasting me, but also one of depraved a****l type instinct. A slut lives for the fuck, thinks the fuck, eats the fuck, drinks the fuck, is the fuck. In that moment she looked the slut. Then it happened. For the few days after asking Tessa out, I’d thought about her, never in my wildest dreams thinking she’d be this sensational. But I held out from jerking off, just in case. I’m glad I held out as my load even impressed me. Several long, strong and deliberate streams of sperm jetting of my cock and directly into her beautiful mouth. I watched as it built up into a pool in her mouth. When it finished and I wiped the last few drops onto her tongue, she kept looking at me with wonderment. Very slowly she pulled her tongue in closed her mouth and swallowed my load of sperm. This was the first load of many I’d feed Tessa over the years. After eating me up, Tessa collapsed. My knees gave way and we lay there wasted. The booze, dancing and fucking killed us.All I remember was waking the next day with her next to me.We showered, had some breakfast before I drove her home at noon. We were both still in shock I think. We had a fun morning and still got on fine, but the shock at how amazing it all was kind of put us back to earth, that we’re only human, and were humans designed to, or meant to experience such things.I know I’d never had that. I’d been with over 100 women from a lot of different nationalities and fucked some real stunners, like runner up Miss Sweden 93… But Tessa was a new, different and much much higher level than anything else. That day after I dropped her home after a long and passionate kiss was a blur. I called a good mate who knew I’d asked this girl out. He could figure out what I was saying. That things were on such a level was foreign to him. Over the next months Tessa and I would see each other once a week on a Sunday night. I was busy, she was busy and Sunday was just our special day, something to look forward to and save up for. We’d make the most of it too.One time she wore just a tight dress, walking into my apartment, pulling it off, throwing all my shit off the dining table, spreading herself onto the table, presenting herself for me. That night I fucked her like a slut, that night was all fuck. It was raw, dirty and the first time I fucked her slut arsehole. I bought a butt plug in the weeks prior, waiting for the right moment. While I fucked her pussy from behind, I slid the plug in. It gave her a fright at first but laughed when she saw it, intrigued at its shape, design and how soft but ridged it was. She loved having it slid in and out making advantage of its wide part. DP with the butt plug drove her nuts. It wasn’t long before I was sodomizing her hard, with my slick, oiled up cock driving hard into her once virgin anus. I’d fucked a couple dozen girls in the arse, most being anal virgins. Tessa took it like a champ, like the slut she was that night. That first night in her arsehole, she rode me facing up while I squeezed her tits hard, driving my cock up and into her anus. I pulled her legs back to me while I came in her arse. Since we started fucking, I almost stopped jerking off, sadly. I wanted to save myself for Sunday. That day I pumped what seemed like a liter of cum into her arse. She could feel every jet as it pulsed into her insides. I’d never cum inside her before, always in her mouth, and once on her tits after I dropped her off. Walking up her drive way to the home stay family after a night of fucking, I still had more and pulled her top off, got her on her knees in some bushes outside the house as we watched in the night, her home stay family in the lounge while I stood outside masturbating over her tits, covering them in a load before sending her inside. We enjoyed our Sunday meetings a great deal. Then we started to meet at some toilets on one of the floors of our building. She’d give me a great lunchtime blowjob before she went back to class with the taste of my cum in her mouth.We started to watch porn together on my computer and on hire DVD. She liked group and gangbang porn. Watching her masturbate violently on the couch while gluing her eyes to the screen was a sight to behold. She’d never seen porn before.It was around this time that she dropped a bombshell…She was in a lesbian relationship before leaving Czech to come to NZ. She’d been with a few guys in her time when a lot younger, but had a girlfriend for a couple of years before leaving. She said that she loves cock and loves to fuck, but that she still wants to live as a lesbian again in the future.I was worried she’d end things, but thought it through and decided the best thing was to give her the best of both worlds!The next week we went out on a Saturday night together. She looked stunning in a short black cocktail mini, heals and her hair down again, with a little black handbag over her shoulder. It was a hot night and town was buzzing.We went to our favorite bar/restaurant/club. There is a large outside dining area, bar and dance floor/club area further along. A great and popular place for older folk, no k**s and dick heads. Again everyone looked as we walked in. Again no bra and I was sure no knickers. We sat at a window at the bar looking out at the people walking by. There I noticed a woman sitting alone outside having dinner with a bottle of red. She was very pretty, tall looking, blond and early 30’s I’d say.I pointed her out to Tessa that she looked sad sitting alone. She told me she’d noticed her, before I knew it she grabbed my hand and lead me outside. Tessa asked her if she was alone and if we could join her. She said ‘Sure!’ she said, almost relieved someone was talking to her.Her name was Wendy. She was British and here on a kind of holiday. Wendy was an ex Concord flight attendant. Her looks suited her former profession. A very classy, sexy and well spoken woman in deed. She was in NZ for a month looking ab0ut for a place to settle and emigrate to. She’d saved lots of money, did well in property and was cashed up to leave UK and start a new life on the other side of the world. All her friends were married with k**s etc and her parents had recently died, so a new start was called for.We enjoyed chatting to her and she was very intrigued at our relationship. Wendy got up to visit the ladies lounge. She wore white tights under a short white summer dress. Tessa and I both laughed as we caught each other checking her out. Plus half the men in the place too. She was a very striking woman.Tessa told me she wanted her, and that we should bring her back to the apartment. I did not need asking twice. I kissed Tessa deeply when Wendy returned. ‘Cut it out you two, or find a room!’ she laughed.We ended up staying at the bar quite a while with my credit card taking another huge hit at the bar. What impressed me was that Wendy went one for one when buying the rounds. Yes, a unique woman indeed. At about 2.00am I was toast from the dancing, laughing and the expense on energy required in entertaining two active and hot females. Coming back from the toilet the tow girls were on the dance floor locked in a full on kiss and grabbing each others arse. What a sight. I just grabbed them and said lets go.We made the walk to my place in seconds it seemed. All of us kissing, grabbing, stroking, and rubbing each others body parts as we went. Walking up the stairs, Wendy had one of Tessa’s nipples in her mouth!Bed was the first stop; we undressed each other in seconds, bits of clothes and shoes flying about the room.Tessa had Wendy on her back, eating her shaved pussy while I slid my cock into Tessa’s pussy from behind. What a sight, driving into my lesbian fuck buddies pussy while she ate prime flight attendant pussy. Wendy had a lovely clear complexion with not one blemish on her entire body. Her skin was like silk with a backdrop on long flowing blond hair. Exiting Tessa I too joined her in sucking the juice from Wendy’s smooth vagina. Tessa and I joined in a sexy sloppy kiss before both sucking and licking all over Wendy’s pussy and inner thighs. Wendy grabbed me closer, pulling my cock to her mouth. ‘Nice’ she said as she licked Tessa’s pussy juice off my cock and balls. While she sucked, Tessa positioned her self over the other pussy and grinded their two pussies together. It was not long before both girls let out a very loud orgasm together.Tessa knew where I kept my condoms. She grabbed one, opening it, she said ‘fuck her’.Wendy lay there looking at us, rubbing her pussy hard, repeating ‘oh yes’ ‘oh yes’ over and over until I was able to get the condom on and jump on her ramming my cock home. It slid in with no effort; she was needing to get fucked.While I screwed her Tessa knelt next to us watching, rubbing her pussy and tits, Wendy too grabbing at one of her tits and squeezing the nipple.As I fucked her good, Wendy told us that she noticed us coming into the bar that she was going to come to us after her dinner and introduce herself. She said that she wanted to fuck us the moment she saw us. ‘Well, now you are my darling’ Tessa replied. With that Tessa mounted Wendy and planted her sweet just fucked pussy over her mouth.I could see Tessa’s arse muscles tense and grind and she worked her mid section into Wendy’s face. I slid two fingers into her arse while she was sucked by our new sexy lover.Wendy saw what I was doing, ripped my fingers out before replacing them with fingers of her own. I could also feel Wendy reaching down to finger her own arsehole.She looked so contorted, with her long arms stretched everywhere, fingering to butt holes, sucking a pussy while being fucked. She was in heaven.It didn’t take long before both girls came hard. It sent me over the edge, pulling the condom out before I sprayed Wendy’s pussy, tummy and Tessa’s back side with cum.Tessa spun around and lapped up my cum of Wendy’s smooth pussy while Wendy licked at drops oozing down Tessa’s arse.I scooped up cum from Wendy’s pussy with my cock, feeding it to Tessa before coming around to feed Wendy what remaining sperm I could scoop up.We lay there with Wendy between us trying to catch our breath. Wendy had smallish breasts but with very long and hard nipples. Tessa and I were both loving playing with them while we lay there.I was sleeping a short time after, having exhausted myself totally. I woke a couple of hours later to find both girls in an aggressive 69. I must have been that tired, that I fell back to sleep! When I woke, the sun was coming through and the room was hot again. The two girls were beside me sleeping. balıkesir escort I watched them as I started to masturbate.Wendy opened her eyes and said ‘good morning, look at you!’ She grabbed a drink of water before coming down to suck my cock. She was good at it, but not as good as Tessa.I lay down and spun her around to 69 her. Tessa woke soon after. She stretched and rubbed her eyes before smiling at me while I lapped at that wet, sexy smooth pussy.Tessa opened her legs and rubber her pussy watching as Wendy sucked hard on my cock.‘I know why you like fucking him so much’ Wendy said to her. ‘Yes, I love his cock’ she replied. It didn’t take long for me to cum in Wendy’s mouth. She went over to Tessa and let my cum dribble out of her mouth and onto her breasts before she licked it back up again. ‘Those beautiful breasts taste even better now’ she said.We spent the morning in bed laughing, sucking, rubbing and telling sexy stories. Wendy told us many stories of her times on planes fucking other female and male flight attendants, and the parties they would sometimes have in hotel rooms. She told us of a time when 4 male colleagues gang fucked her, each of them taking turns in her arsehole before they sprayed her in sperm. Tessa came so hard hearing this story. While she came she asked Wendy what would have happened if Tessa was in the room with her. Wendy told her the guys were quite rough and that that would have held her down while they each took turns fucking her arse, pussy and mouth. That the guys would have DP them both taking turns in swapping between girls and holes.Tessa as in a different planet as her and Wendy shared in their naughty fantasy of a real life situation Wendy was once in. Tessa came so hard, rubbing her pussy that hard it the juices were almost evaporating! Her whole body and every muscle in it tensed to the max as she let out a long and scream as she came. Wendy was not far behind. I was kneeling beside Wendy with Tessa further along. As Wendy came I shot another load too, shooting it across Wendy’s face and into Tessa’s hair. What a sight as these two beautiful women made themselves come so hard before being covered in my load.It was a night and morning to remember. Sadly we had to shower and get back to Wendy’s hotel as check out was noon. We drove her to the airport for a flight to another part of the country. She was flying out to the UK a few days later and was not coming back to the city. Tessa let shed a tear as we both kissed her goodbye. I took Wendy’s email address. We kept in touch for a while, only to learn a couple of years later that she was killed in Saudi Arabia while working for a charter airline. There was a series of terror attacks at foreign worker compounds about 2003; she was killed in one of these attacks.Soon after Wendy left the relationship with Tessa and I get better. She opened up more about what turned her on. We watched more gangbang porn, telling me that was what she wanted, to be in a DP and have several cocks to take care of. Most of my mates were in relationships or, it just would not have worked out with them in some weird and whacky way.During the winter Tessa was due to fly back to Czech to see her family, and her girlfriend. I asked if she’d tell her about us. ‘Never’ she replied. Her girlfriend was not into guys at all, the same way Tessa is. I suggested that I come with her to Europe. She got very excited, but told me not to visit Czech, that we should meet somewhere else. We settled on Vienna, as I’d been there several times before and spoke some German. I got a great deal with the airline that Tessa was flying, plus a great deal on a rental car, some hotels and a treat that I kept secret from Tessa. I had heaps of leave owing from work, so taking 5 weeks off was no problem.In July it was pleasing to leave a NZ winter at 2 degrees to arrive in Austria at 28 degrees.Tessa was at the rail station as planned. We were both so excited to see each other. We kissed and hugged for ages. The rental car was great, as they upgraded me to a BWM convertible. We’d both never driven in one, and in a European summer on the highways zipping along with the top down, it was a real buzz.Through Italy Tessa stripped off naked and masturbated as we drove along. She did not mind that about 50 truckers got a full view of her jerking off at 130 kmph!We had a sensational, sexy and enjoyable time staying in local guest houses, fishing villages and small hotels through Italy and into France. She swam topless in all the pools to the delight of male (and the odd female) guest and hotel staff. When ever she was at the pool, the staff numbers would increase from 1 or two to about a dozen! A totally tanned sexy body in just a black g-string bikini bottoms would do that.The sex was unreal. We’d pull the car over and fuck and suck under the sun. Pull over in the car and get a blow job before driving on. She’d often be topless or again masturbating in the back seats. Coming into Nice we passed a truck with a female driver. The truck had UK plates. Tessa stripped off, jumped into the back, spread her legs and began to rub her tits and pussy to the shock of the truck driver. The female driver had a hard time keeping her eyes on the road. Tooting her air horn while laughing and enjoying the view. We held up a few cars behind us, but I think they knew what was going on and pulled up closer to get a view. One guy was a German in a Merc station wagon; he was nearly rear-ending us as he strained to get a view before his wife smacked his arm. When they passed she gave me an evil look! Tessa was oblivious while in the back jerking herself off. The UK female Truckee was even taking photos! I pulled down my shorts and began to stroke my cock, taking my other hand from the wheel at times to finger Tessa before looking at our friend beside us while I licked my fingers clean. Tessa climbed over the front to bend over and suck my cock until I came in her mouth. She looked up at the lady trucker to open her mouth and show her my sperm in her mouth before she swallowed it. I could tell she was jerking off too. She was sitting further back in her seat and moving her mouth. She’d rolled her window down as we heard her moan as she came. She seemed to shake herself too as she realized where she was and that she has 30 tons behind her. We both laughed as she regained control of herself and kept a straight line. It was some good driving. She yelled out, ‘thank you, I needed that!’ as we pulled away. That was the power Tessa had over people. She had this power over me for sure. Men just wanted to be with her and fuck her, women wanted to be her and, get fucked like her. It was that simple. We drove along the South of France staying in some really quaint villages and villas. We came to Cap D’Agde. This was my surprise for her, 7 nights at the biggest nudist resort in the world. 40 000 nudists and it was at the beginning of the busy season. When we drove into the town she could not believe all the naked people about. It took a while for things to sink in for the poor girl I think!We checked in, found a park and leaving the car to walk to our room, Tessa wasted no time in removing her shorts and top to get into the swing of things right away.We settled in before grabbing our towels, sunscreen and bottled water and made our way to the beach. Agde is an odd place, like a 70’s Bond movie bad guys hideaway. I’d soon learn it was better and prettier at night.The beach was wide and long. The water was surprisingly cool; we’d been in pools most of the time, only swimming once in Italy in the sea at night. (Skinny dipping outside of a pension we stayed at above a fish restaurant. Very lovely place in Grado)It was a Saturday about 3pm and the beach was busy. Lots of oldies, families and the like. Some very cute teenage girls. People of all nationalities it seemed. Lots of Germans, French and Scandies. Some very striking Swedish blonds in a group. Tessa was loving seeing all the bodies everywhere. Still she stood out, the cool breeze off the sea making her nipples stand right out. She’d shaved the previous day, she her pussy was smooth as with her lips showing nicely. We walked further along the beach past the families. We came to an area where it was mostly couples sitting in close groups. We saw several people rubbing and playing with their partners. Most people were over weight and older than us. But we did see several younger couples. We sat close by two couples from Norway or Sweden. Early 30’s and all very attractive. They heard us talking and asked where we were from. We told them, one of the females surprised as she went to university close to where I live in NZ. They gave us some food they could not eat for lunch before they asked us to swim.The water was colder than I thought, but we got used to it. In the water the scandie girls began rubbing their guy’s cocks in the water while the guys rubbed their girls tits.Tessa went one better and started to suck me off. The other girls followed her lead before they switched guys. Before long there were a lot more people in the water hanging around. It kind of got a bit weird so we all left the water to go back to our towels. The scandie girls were very sexy, Tessa and I watched their tanned bodies as she whispered to me how much she’d like to see me fuck them both. It was hard to cover up my hard on, but after a while I just gave up and let Tessa fondle me in front of everyone. It was very liberating. One of the scandie girls was rubbing her guys before he came all over himself causing the other two to laugh. We stayed there till about 6pm when the crowds died off.We said bye to the scandie group before we walked off. Further along the beach there was a group of 20 people in a group. We decided to have a look. They were mostly guys standing around watching two guys fuck a largish woman on the sand. All the guys were jerking off while they stood watching. It wasn’t the best sight, but quite sexy all the same.Tessa was rubbing her pussy, there were 3 or 4 other woman watching the show, they two were rubbing their tits and pussies.Tessa used her other hand to rub my cock. A young guy beside her, Dutch guy about 25 was wanking his quite large cock. I gave her a nod, she needed no more encouragement before she took his cock in her other hand and started to jerk him off too. Little was spoken. A few guys came then wandered off. The Dutch guy turned and started to play with Tessa’s tits. He was in heaven! He came pretty quick spraying cum on her arm and leg. The show was still going on before us with another guy being sucked off by the woman in the sand.I couldn’t take it anymore, pushed Tessa onto her knees and rammed my cock into her deep. She yelped as I drove it in, the guys there turned their attention to us, seeing me slam her arse cheeks and her tits swaying beneath her.I didn’t want to cum just now though. So I stopped, pulled out and pulled her away from the group to swim in the sea and wash Dutch cum off her. She asked why I stopped fucking her. I told her that we have a big night ahead and we should save ourselves…She smiled and kissed me before we walked back to our room. It was dark before we got back and showered and found a place to eat. The place was very different at night with all the couples dressed up, some in bondage leathers and the like. But most wore sexy dresses with lots showing.I wore pants and shirt, Tessa had a white mini skirt and singlet top. No panties or bra and she looked dynamite. There were plenty of adverts about town for the various swingers clubs. Tessa was very curious about them and dying to visit. She wanted to change first so we went back to our room. On entry we met our neighbors. Andy and Emma were from the UK, she was late 20’s and he early 30’s, similar to us. Both cute, Andy brown hair, medium build and fit looking, Emma a slender pretty, innocent looking blond with a bob hair do. She might look like she worked in administration in your local library. They were there for two weeks and had been to Agde before, but with separate couples, when they met. They invited us into their room for ‘drinks’… Tessa wanted to change first, while she did that I went to the shop to get some more beers and snacks.When I got back, Tessa was already next door with Andy and Emma, the three of them naked sitting on the balcony! I needed no encouragement, so I stripped off and joined them. Emma had a lovely slim body with B size breasts and dark nipples and cleanly shaved. Andy was in good shape with a good size cock that Tessa could not take her eyes off. We enjoyed a few beers together and enjoyed our new friend’s stories of some of their adventures at Agde and at home. Before long Andy and I both had hard ons only to have our girls take over stoking them for us while we traded sexy stories.Andy started to leak some pre cum before Emma knelt beside him to suck it off. Tessa opened her legs on the table in front of her and began to masturbate and rub her tits. Andy was enjoying seeing her watch him get his cock sucked. I was still jerking off watching everyone playing with themselves. Tessa asked Andy if Emma sucked his cock good. He said she did and if she wanted to try. ‘You don’t mind do you mate?’ he asked me. I didn’t really need to answer because Emma turned and started to suck my hard pre cum soaked cock. Tessa eased herself over to Andy, rubbing his wet cock between her big tits. He enjoyed them, as they were bigger and firmer than his Emma. Tessa really went to work on his cock. I’d not seen her with another guy before. She’d seen me with other girls, Wendy but this was a real turn on for me. I was to see her with a lot more guys in the next several days, a lot more, plus plenty of girls too. Emma was doing a good job on my cock. I looked at her and asked ‘so you like getting your arse fucked then?’ remembering a story her and Andy had just shared where Emma took three guys up her bum on their last visit to Agde. ‘Love it’ she said with a wink.She stood up and led me into their room and lay me on the bed before she positioned her pussy over my face before going back to work on my shaft. I could look out and see Tessa loving Andy’s big shaft in her mouth. He had about a 9” cock and it was a lot thicker than mine. She was sucking his big balls and working the shaft with her hand well. It looked very wet.Emma tasted like she looked. Sweet and innocent. But I knew she was all about the fuck like my girl. While she was over me I put two fingers into her pink arsehole, she let out a whimper as I worked them around, causing her to suck on my cock harder. She was very very wet as I sucked her beautiful pussy. Before long Andy and Tessa joined us. Andy stood next to his librarian looking slut, feeding her his cock too.I guess the sight was too much for Tessa. She begged Andy to get a condom onto his cock and fuck her. Next second that was what was happening. On the bed next to us he had her legs spread wide as he drove his cock hard and deep into her tight Czech pussy.Emma climbed off me to get behind Andy and grab his balls hard while he fucked. I fed my cock to her while our new friend kept on grinding hard into her. When he pulled out to catch his breath Emma dived right in and sucked on Tessa’s very wet pussy. Then it was my turn. I climbed into her and slid my cock into her well fucked pussy.Emma was now back to sucking her guy with the condom removed. Andy lay next to Tessa, while Emma climbed on top. I could see Andy’s big cock powering into her lovely pussy right beside me. This gave me the opportunity to shove a couple of fingers into her arsehole. As I did Emma yelled out, ‘no, fuck my arse instead!’ Tessa heard this, came out from under me and grabbed a condom. Once I was set I got behind Emma and worked my cock into her sexy pink anus. It was quite lose and easy to fuck hard right away. Tessa was behind me grabbing and tugging mine and Andy’s balls as we both plowed into Emma’s holes. She must have come hard a few times while we drove our hard cocks ever deeper into her. By then I was getting tired. I pulled out, grabbed a beer and sat next to them. Tessa was sucking Emma’s nipples while she kept riding her man.Tessa came over to me and said ‘I want DP too’. This would have been her first time with two cocks. I suggested that I fuck her arse slow as Andy had a big cock and she agreed.With that, Emma slid a condom onto Andy before Tessa climbed onto his cock. She began slow but then worked up a bit of speed. Emma was back working well on my cock with her mouth while I watched her partners cock split my girl apart. ‘She’s ready’ Emma said.Standing behind Tessa with her anus sticking right out, I slowly slid my cock into her tight hole. Once the tip was in Tessa reached around and pulled my bum inwards. So I just drove it home, all the way. She came right then, her pussy and arsehole very wet. Andy and I both picked up the pace and began to really fuck her hard. Our balls were slapping each other and all over as we DP’d the fuck out of that little Czech slut. I was surprised how well she took it, like a real pro. We were all covered in sweat; the sounds from Tessa were unreal. She kept cumming, six or more times she later told me. She was in heaven. ‘I love it, I love it’ she kept repeating. Emma stood on the bed over us and fed her pussy into Tessa’s mouth, then mine. It was the sight of seeing her grab Tessa’s head and force her face into her pussy that sent me over the edge. I told Emma to get down. She got right next to me just as I started to spray my sperm. I got her tits, face and mouth. ‘Yeah baby!’ Andy called out as he began to cum too. Tessa sprung off him when he yanked the condom off his big hard cock and he to sprayed Emma over her wide open mouth, with Tessa coming in to get a few drops and suck the remainder out of his shaft.‘Fuck!’ Andy kept repeating as his orgasm hold before he collapsed with Tessa still attached to him via cock and mouth.I headed out to the balcony to get some fresh air with Emma following me. She told me that it was a great night for them both and that we should play again while we were there. I agreed suggested we visit a club together. They planned to go to one of the bigger ones outside of the report the next night.After a shower and some more sucking and playing about, we said goodnight to our new friends and went next door.Later in the night we could hear them fucking again. It sounded like Andy was inside Emma’s anus, giving it a hard time.Tessa and I just totally crashed that first night. She kissed me thanking me for bringing her to this place. She told me that she wanted no limits over the week, that she wanted a lot of cock, and to see me fuck a lot of women. I agreed telling her I needed to see her get gangbanged like we saw in the porn movies earlier in the year. This got her very wet, but I was too tired to do anything about it and just fell into a deep sleep.The next day was again hot and sunny. We had breakfast before making our way to the beach. The usual crowd was there, but the water seemed colder. You can only stand seeing over weight naked people for so long. We decided to take the car for a drive into the country. We got dressed in shorts and tee shirts and made our way to the car park. Next to us was a stunning teenage girl in her parent’s people mover van. She was German and having an argument on the phone to someone, maybe her boy friend. The side door to the van was open with her in the back, naked and talking loud. I was right next to her as we got the car started and were mucking about. Tessa saw me checking her out, and I guess was checking her out too. She had small but firm brown breasts, tall, blond, about 18 and with a shaved pussy.Tessa decided to tease her and stripped off beside her. With the top of the BWM now down, the German girl had a full view of Tessa. She was talking less now and was watching us both. I had a hard cock which I was rubbing under my shorts. As we sat in the car I pulled off my shorts, Tessa instantly went down on me sucking me good. My car door was open, giving the German girl a full view of Tessa working my cock about 8 feet from her. The German girl lost interest in her conversation and turned to get a better view. I could see her silky smooth pussy lips on the seat. This went on for half a minute or so before I closed the car door and reversed out, we both waved to her as we drove off, she was staining her neck out the side of the van to watch as we drove off.Our drive that day was very nice, but hot. We had a great lunch in a village and skinny dipped in a river next to a road where passers by could see us both. Late that afternoon we drove back naked in the Beamer with people in 4WD’s and vans looking down at us both. Tessa often stroking my cock as we drove.We avoided the beach on our return as it was late afternoon. We stopped by Andy and Emma’s room but they were out, so we left a note under their door.About an hour later they knocked on our door. Tessa and I were laying on the bed reading as our naked friends walked in. They sat with us on the bed chatting about last night. Tessa admitted that the DP was the best thing she’d ever felt and wanted it again, but with more guys. Emma said she was anal horny and wanted the same at the club later. Her and Tessa made a pact to get anal gang fucked by several guys.Andy and I just looked at each other and shrugged before we both laughed. We all got dressed before the four of us went out for dinner. The meal was average at best, but the wine, conversation and company top notch. We grabbed a taxi later and made our way to a club outside. The name gets past me now, but it was in a big field or plantation I guess. An odd looking set up. But once inside it was all good and interesting with passages, rooms, nooks and crannies everywhere.We chatted to several other couples while the clothes got less and less. The drinks were not cheap, so we just stuck to a few beers. Most people were older than us, but later on a few younger types arrived. After a few hours the place was busy before we went to the top floor which was more open plan. There were big bench/sofas with people sucking and fucking. All shapes and sizes. At the bar a nice blond grabbed our cocks and stated to jerk Andy and I off. A man then sucked on Tessa’s nipples while massaging her arse. It was all a bit random with total strangers latching onto you like that. But we were there for a reason, Andy and Emma seemed quite at ease, Emma wandering off right away with two older men to sit in front of them and suck their cocks.Tessa joined her and shared with the two cocks. I lost touch a bit with the other three as I explored the room. There were bowls of condoms, tissues etc everywhere, and everyone seemed to wear a condom which was good to see. There was a very sexy young brunette in a corner getting DPed by two guys with two more over her mouth feeding her cock.I slid on a condom and began jerking off watching the show. The guy in her arse pulled out and tapped my shoulder. So I went for it. Her skin was sweaty and very smooth as I grabbed her arse cheeks and slid into her arsehole. She looked behind to see who was fucking her now and smiled at me.I never knew her name, age, nationality, but I was inside her anus and driving my cock deep while she moaned in between sucking on random cock. A couple of guys came in her mouth before I pulled out letting a large, older guy take my place.I kept my eye on this girl and saw that during the night she must have fucked 20 guys. She was very active, moving about the room to suck and fuck her way through various guys, girls, situations and groups. After helping sodomize the cute brunette I found Tessa. She was sucking a woman’s pussy while a man was behind her fucking her from behind. I watched for a few minutes before Emma showed up. She put her arm around me and said ‘I can tell she’s new to all this, but doing well’. I told her it was balıkesir escort bayan the same for her and I. She smiled before crouching down to suck my hard cock. The woman under Tessa was cumming while Tessa sucked her off. Her legs were so wide and she made quite a bit of noise as her orgasm rushed through her. ‘Fuck her arse again’ Emma instructed me. I climbed in front of the guy behind her, and slid my cock into her open arsehole. She got a bit of a fright, but was happy to see it was me. Emma sat on the woman’s face who Tessa was licking out. I was able to lean forward and kiss Emma and suck her tits while I sodomized my girl’s anus.Another guy stood behind me with a look in his eye. He was wrapped up and set to go. He had a much bigger cock than mine. I told Tessa that I was going. She didn’t reply as Emma had her pussy in her mouth. I watched as the new guy glided into her arse. She didn’t flinch while the two guys pounded into her.I went to a chair over the passage way to watch the view. A Danish woman, about 40 and very attractive was sitting alone. She spoke very good English and instantly grabbed my balls while I stoked my cock as I spoke to her. She said ‘your lucky to fuck such a sexy girl in the arse’ I told her she was my girlfriend. She seemed impressed and lay back to rub her pussy while we chatted.While we chatted I saw two other guys take turns in Tessa’s arse and pussy. By this time Emma was on all fours beside her getting her arse fucked by random guys too. After a while there were several guys milling about waiting their turn.Annetta the Dane suggested we shower before fucking. We walked to the end of the room where there were open shower stalls. Several people were in there showering and fucking. After I soaped up she went down on me. I opened her legs and tasted her pussy. Annetta had quite large breasts which were nice to soap up and massage about.We went back to our spot when I put a condom on. Tessa and Emma were on their knees sucking off 5 or six guys. Their faces and tits splattered with sperm. I saw both girls take a cum shot in the mouth from two separate guys before they shared a sloppy sexy kiss.Annetta bent over a table as I slid into her vagina. She was very loose and seemed oblivious that I was inside her! I pounded away all the same anyway. She reached down and tugged hard on my balls which I love. Tessa came over and said hi, she looked super alert; telling me she’d fucked 8 guys with all of them fucking her arse.I told her that I saw most of it and that Emma was going a good job too. She said that she loves Emma and wants to share more or her with more guys.Tessa was talking to me without even noticing that I was fucking someone! Tessa kept scanning the room looking for people to fuck.She took off to the showers to return a couple of minutes later with two guys. Annetta was now riding my cock, her big tits looking great as they swayed about. Tessa brought the two guys over to sit next to me as she sucked their cocks. She told them to put condoms on before climbing onto one guy and demanding almost, the other guy to get behind and fuck her arse.She was taking real control, bucking wildly while she rode both guys. She tilted her head back making her tits stick right out. Both guys were grabbing at, pulling and sucking hard on her tits and nipples. Annetta too was enjoying the show that Tessa and her two guys were putting on. Tessa came twice, her body tense. Without warning she jumped off the two guys, ripped at their condoms and began sucking their cocks like a mad woman. ‘Cum! Give me your cum! She begged. Both guys almost came together, spurting their loads into her waiting mouth. She swallowed it quickly before coming up to give Annetta a wet cum covered kiss.Tessa sat next to us while we fucked soon to be joined by Andy and Emma. Andy looked rooted the poor guy! Annetta seemed to lose interest and wandered off to find someone.The four of us sat at a table to relax for a while, have a beer and watch what was going on around us. After a while the cute brunette whose arse I fucked at the beginning of the night sat with us. She was German and there with her husband. She was 23 abd recently married. They met at Agde as teenagers on family holiday and return each year. Her husband was sick in bed but she wanted to play. Her name was Heike and so fucking cute! Very tanned, firm round tits and firm solid athletic legs. Not the tallest girl, but just a sex machine looking girl. She’d just had a shower, but still smelt of sweat and sex, likely the sperm of a dozen or more men. Slut.We spoke for a while, doing the introductions. She told Tessa that I’d fucked her arse earlier and was sad I didn’t cum for her. Tessa just grabbed Heike’s hand, pulled her up, laid her on the table and started to eat her out, hard. Emma and Andy were stroking themselves while I slid on a condom. Tessa made way for me to begin fucking Heike’s smooth pussy. Everyone was playing with Heike on the table while I fucked her, rubbing her tits and pussy. Andy stood and fed her his cock while the two girls rubbed our balls while keeping their attention on Heike, who was now moaning heavily.‘I want you both’ she said. I sat down with Heike on top of me, Andy got behind her and entered her arsehole. While we fucked her good the two girls sat either side of us masturbating hard. Andy was really giving it to her with his big cock, she loved it.Soon after Heike was kneeling on the sofa with her arse sticking out while Andy and I took turns in sodomizing her beautiful anus. We’d each shove our cocks in for a few seconds and pull out for the other to take over. Emma sat on the back of the sofa with Heike burying her face into her pussy. Tessa was doing a great job in spreading Heike’s arse cheeks while she got both our cocks.Andy came first, pulling his cock out, striping away the condom to spray my girlfriend’s mouth with his cum. I went back into Heike to finish myself off. Heike was calling for my cum, which is what she got, spinning around with an open mouth to take my full load. Tessa was watching hard as I unloaded. She was rubbing herself hard cumming at the same time as me.Heike was looking a mess, but still wanting more. We all chatted for a while before she went off to find a couple she fucked on the other side of the room. Slut.By this time it was 3am or later. We were all stuffed, so the four of us showered together and let soon after.For the next couple of days we avoided the beach, instead driving about the South Coast, the second day with Andy and Emma, who loved the open top BMW. It was really good to have the car and leave the resort. There wasn’t much sex as we were all stuffed and my cock was hurting from all the action! Andy fucked Tessa on a picnic we had one afternoon in the country. Emma and I watched while Emma rubbed one out before going down on Tessa while her guy fucked her, pulling out to feed Emma his load.The fourth or fifth day we spend the day on the beach, renting a couple of loungers and sunshade. Was worth while as the sun was burning. It was nice to relax, read, have a few beers and watch some of the hotter girls / couple wander by. Tessa was really relaxed, sleeping most the day on the sand under the sunshade. She looked very sexy, all naked and snuggled up on her towel sleeping. While she slept, the German girl from the van a few days before came by. She remembered me and sat down to chat. She spoke perfect English with a hint of American accent. Turned out her mother was German and her dad was in the US military, she lived on a large US airbase in Germany.Amy was her name and was turning 19 in the next week, meeting her girlfriends in Milan for her 19th birthday. Amy was looking great with her deep all over tan and lovely long blond hair.I asked her about her phone call in the van. She told me that her boyfriend could not make the trip with her family and that he was jealous about her being naked all the time around other guys.She said that she’d been faithful to him, but it was hard, that her younger sister of 16 years old was having lots of sex and it was driving Amy (and her parents) nuts!I asked Amy if she enjoyed seeing Tessa and I in the car the other day. She blushed a bit before admitting that she liked seeing this type of thing. The conversation turned to sex then. We both got turned on talking about what we liked while Tessa lay sleeping next to us. Amy had never been with a girl, and only three guys, all long term relationships. She said she masturbates with a vibrator at home but forgot to bring it. While she sat on the sun lounger by my feet, I opened my legs and started to rub my hard cock. When I saw her lick her lips, I knew I’d have her. She squeezed her legs together, obviously getting turned on and wet from watching me slowly rub my cock. She turned to me slightly, opening her legs. Her very tight, smooth and slender pussy was soaking wet.‘I want to suck your pussy’ I told her. Instantly she got the shakes and put her hand to her pussy pushing inwards hard as she came over with goose bumps. Her small pert tits were rock solid with her nipples hard as diamonds as she rubbed her forearm over her breasts.‘Where?’ she asked. ‘We’ll go to my room’ I told her. She said she has to be quick as her parents wanted her and her sister back early as they always ate dinner together early before the crowds.I told her that I need to wake Tessa. Amy looked a little worried; I think she’d forgotten about her sleeping next to us.I rubbed her back waking her slowly. She must have been tired as it took her a while to snap out of it. She was happy to see the German girl again. I did the introductions and told her about her situation etc. Tessa smiled saying, ‘have your fun darling’ before excusing herself to go back to sleep.With that, Amy and I were off in record time back to the room. On the way, I pulled her into a small tree area off the pathway. I got her on her knees and fed her my cock which was hard within 2 seconds. She sucked and rubbed it, taking it out of her mouth constantly to look at it and work the shaft with her hand before putting me back into her mouth.After a few minutes I put my towel around my hard cock and we came out of the trees, on to the room.Once inside I ripped off the towel, threw her on the bed, spread those long slender legs of hers and rammed my mouth into her sweet pussy. She tasted like a field of sunflowers. Wet as could be and so so smooth. Reaching up to her breasts, they were the hardest things I’d every felt, her nipples stiff and long. She was moaning and bucking as I had he hold her down as I sucked and squeezed. I flipped her over, bringing her hips up. Her brown tiny arsehole directly in front of my mouth. I wrapped my mouth around her tiny anus, causing her to pull away in shock. I said it was ok and to let me do it.She came back and before long was rearing and bucking into my mouth pulsating her anus, letting me slide my tongue into her. Rubbing her clit and ramming a thumb into her pussy sent her over the edge pretty quick as she came hard for me.All the while I was jerking off my hard cock. My cock was back to full power now having had a couple of days to recover after the previous few days of action. Once Amy had recovered she flipped herself over and began to rub her pussy hard with both hands. She had a devilish look on her face, ‘fuck me now!’ she demanded. I walked over the room to get a condom on. She watched me as I did this, her legs spread wide, rubbing her beautiful 18 year old pussy hard as she eyed my cock.She admitted that she always wanted to fuck an older guy, that all her boyfriends were always her age and that she now wanted to be taken by a man.She head nearly snapped off when she wrenched her head back as I drove my cock in all the way with one thrust. She was so wet and tight. I put both hands on her hips/backside and felt how slim and tight she was while she lay under me being fucked good and proper.Amy came again within a minute as I built up my pace. As she came the second time around I was really pounding into her, my balls hurting as they slapped into her arse.Without warning she jumped out from under and pushed me back, grabbing my cock, she held it upwards as she slid back down into it. I have never seen a girl ride herself as hard or as fast. She had so much energy! The poor girl must have been so sexually frustrated, but I was not complaining about her taking that 18 year old frustration out on my 30 year old cock. I reared up my hips pushing a pillow under my arse to get extra height for her. This made her drive even harder! She squatted more ramming herself down with her leg muscles. I had my hands on her upper legs feeling her muscles working hard to pump herself onto me.I pulled her off, sliding down the bed to suck on her pussy. Amy sat on my face grinding herself into me. I pushed her back down, guiding her back to my cock, then back down again, alternating her pussy between my cock and my mouth.Next I jumped up, grabbing her hand and pushing her into a set of drawers with mirror on the other side of the room. I grabbed her slim waist as I pushed back into her from behind. Her teen ass looking great as I pounded into her. I could see her pretty face in the mirror, all contorted and desperate looking for more fuck. When I reached up to grab her shoulders and pull them back with each slam into her she looked back at me in the mirror.‘What are you doing to me?’ she asked. ‘Fucking you like a man’. ‘I love it, I love it’ she repeated, all the while my hard penis was shafting into her teenage vagina.Amy began to rub her pussy and reach down to tug my balls while I fucked her. My balls were hanging low and heavy, swinging up hard, slapping into her pussy with each thrust into her.Her slender and long fingers on my balls sent me over the top. I yelled out I was cumming before I pulled out of her pussy, ripped the condom off and sprayed a big load over her arse and up her back. Amy fell to her knees, panting heavily while she and I recovered. I used some tissues to mop up my seamen from her back. Her slender back muscles and ribs feeling tight as I wiped my mess from her sexy slim body.We made it to the bed where we hugged each other. Amy thanked me, saying that she needed that, but didn’t expect to get it so hard and cum so much. I told her that Tessa would love to have sex with us if she was up for it. Amy said that she though Tessa was very sexy and an attractive woman, but that she was not into girls. That if we did fuck again, she wouldn’t mind if Tessa watched. I told her about Andy and Emma. Amy had not been with two guys at once and never really thought about it. I could tell that she was thinking about it as she started to twitch a bit as we discussed it and when I told her about our fun times as a foursome. Soon after Amy had to go and meet her family. We took a quick shower together before she left the room, the same way she entered, naked. We kissed goodbye.As she left the room, Andy and Emma were coming back. They saw Amy leaving and were impressed that I’d just fucked her, and without Tessa there.I joined them for a beer before I heard Tessa in the room next door. She joined us for some drinks on the balcony. Tessa asked me how it went with Amy. I told them all about it, causing Andy to get a hard on, especially when I told him about planting the seed of two guys fucking Amy.We all got dressed and went out for dinner. Another average meal, but great fun-times were had. We sat with two other couples from Switzerland, they were in their early 40’s and all in banking and insurance, so English was no problem.They were all hardened swingers, coming to Cap D’ every other year. Other holidays for them included yacht cruising off the Croatian Coast, swinger hotels in France, and the Caribbean. The two ladies looked very similar in white summer dresses and puffy blond hair styles. They all had deep tans and were good looking. Both the guys, Thomas and Henry were paying a lot of attention to Tessa. She’d had a few wines and was loose and playing along with them.Without warning she blurted out, ‘I want to suck your cock, and your cock’ pointing to each of the guys with an outstretched finger at Thomas and Henry. Their ladies (cant recall their names) let out a laugh and were impressed at how forward she was. She got a bit like that with white wine.Well don’t let us stop you as the two Swiss ladies pushed out their chairs to let their men out.They and Tessa went out behind the restaurant towards the car park. Emma was impressed and started to rub her pussy under her dress while licking her lips at Andy. Next second she dropped under the table and started to suck his cock. The two Swiss ladies both looking over the table to see her working on her guys cock.One of the Swiss chicks sat next to me and rubbed my hard cock through my pants. ‘do you mind my husbands cock in your girls mouth?’ ‘Not at all I replied’. She rubbed me a bit longer before I suggested that we go find them. She agreed when we got up, leaving her girlfriend to enjoy the show from Emma and Andy, who was rubbing the other Swiss ladies tits while his cock was sucked.The Swiss lady and I wound Tessa and the guys in the car park. They where between cars, the guys looking down as Tessa worked their cocks and balls. Her face was covered in slobber and goo.The guys were in heaven. They both had large tanned cocks that Tessa was attacking madly.I pulled my pants down to let the Swiss lady suck me too. She was an aggressive cock sucker. My cock still a bit tender from fucking before with Amy.But it was nice to match her aggressiveness by grabbing her head and bucking my hips into her, fucking her mouth hard with my cock.While I fucked her mouth, her husband was cumming into Tessa’s mouth. She didn’t let go of the grip on his cock with her mouth as he came. After he’d finished, she turned instantly to Henry to suck his cock, covering his cock in his mate’s sperm.She sucked and swallowed at the same time. It wasn’t long before Henry pulled out and jerked his cock off into her mouth. She looked so sexy with her face and mouth covered in stuff, it dripping off her tits and onto her legs. She scooped it off with her fingers before licking them clean.It didn’t take me long until I was ready to come, Thomas came over to hold his wife’s head while I mouth fucked her.She pulled down her dress to expose her lovely big, brown and hanging tits as I started to cum, I spread my legs, yanked my balls and jerked off hard and fast as I began to spew sperm all over her sexy breasts. She rubbed my cum into her tits before sucking my cock clean.We all gathered ourselves before making our way back around to the restaurant. Tessa and the Swiss lady clearly showing cum stains on their tops and over their tits.When we got back Andy, Emma and the other Swiss lady were sitting together. Andy later told me that the Swiss lady sucked him until he came in her mouth, swapping his load with Emma. It was good that we were at the other end of the restaurant, next to a row of planters. A couple of the staff saw what was going on, but that kind of thing was common I’d say.We’d planned to visit another swingers club that night, but I was shattered. Tessa was a bit sad that I wanted to have an early night, but understood. Andy and Emma said they would look after her and she was happy to spend the evening with them. The Swiss couples were meeting some other people for a private party somewhere in a villa up the coast. We all kissed and hugged as we parted ways.I was glad to get back to the room, strip off and feel the cool sea breeze on my skin. I sat on the balcony drinking cold beers watching the world go by. You see some interesting sights outside the large areas in front of the resort. I read some magazines and eventually fell into a very deep sleep.I woke at 8am to an empty bed. It was about an hour later that the phone rang. It was Andy. Tessa was next door. I went over and found her crashed out on their bed, the three of them naked. Andy said that Tessa got very drunk at this club and got thrown out by security! They had had a good night, but not as many fuckable people as the first club we went to.Andy said that Tessa was on fire, sucking and fucking a dozen or more guys. They kept a close eye on her and got her into a taxi when she got asked to leave. They took her into their room as Tessa didn’t want to wake me, knowing I was tired. Andy confessed that he fucked Tessa as she slept. I told him that was against the law! We all laughed before Tessa woke up, looking like crap. She was suffering a pretty bad hangover.After a late breakfast the four of us walked to a nearby water park. It was a fun place, but Tessa just lay in the shade reading her magazines nursing her hangover. By the time we got back it was dark, we got pizza on the way. It went down well on the balcony with beers and naked friends to enjoy the evening with. We were all pretty tired after the sun and water park, so agreed to stay in for an early night. Tessa look relieved as she was still not too good from the night before. The four of us got dressed and went for an evening stroll along the beach. It was a very still and warm night. Before long we all stripped off and walked naked along the beach. Emma looked lovely in the moonlight with her smooth skin. Tessa too looked great. I think Andy thought the same as she had a hard cock pretty soon. We stopped for five minutes while we watched Emma give him a blow job. Several other couples walked by to see Emma working her magic on her mans big hard penis. Andy came eventually into her mouth before we started walking again.It was then that Tessa said that she never wanted to leave this place or say goodbye to Andy and Emma. She was a bit sad knowing that tomorrow night was to be our last night at the resort. I thought about extending our stay, but decided against it, a week was enough, you can only have too much of a good thing.Later on we went back to the rooms and all had a very good and long sleep. The next day and night was to be our last. Emma and Andy had a few more days left before they flew back to the UK. They asked if we could visit them before we flew back to NZ, but time was tight.After a late breakfast we returned to the room where we found a note from Amy.She wanted to meet at the room later that afternoon. Andy was excited as he’d seen her leave the room the other day. Tessa and Emma suggested that we show her a good time, but that they’d expect to watch as Amy was not into chicks.We spent the mid day on our balcony until there was a knock at the door at 2pm. Amy was there, with her sister… But she was only there to introduce us as her sister was meeting a boy too. Their parents thought the girls were together for the afternoon, not busy fucking about. Her sister was very cute, but young, with a cheeky look to her.Tessa kissed Amy on the cheeks, happy to see her again before I introduced her to Andy and Emma. Amy may have thought I’d be there alone, but she soon relaxed once she saw how fun Emma and Andy were.Amy looked stunning. Standing under the sun on the balcony my cock got hard quick. As it grew I started to suck on her nipples while she spoke to the others. She was a bit shy at first, trying to pull away. When she realized I had a hard cock, she grabbed it and settled.Andy got a hard on too and was stroking it as he watched Amy and I stand in front of them all. It wasn’t long before I was on the bed with Amy kissing and fondling each other, Tessa on the opposite bed masturbating. Andy had his cock in his wife’s mouth between the beds. Going down on Amy was a pleasure in front of Tessa. She rubbed her pussy hard as she watched me sucking that 18 year old pussy. Soon she was grabbing for Andy, wanting to suck his big cock. She loved it, saying she’d never had a cock as big. While he and I paid our attention to young Amy, the two girls got settled into a 69, Emma had brought a few escort balıkesir of her toys, and was fucking Tessa’s with a large rubber black cock.I switched with Andy for him to have a taste. He told his Emma that she tasted like she looked, his face covered in her juices. He soon went back to her mouth with his cock, Amy taking turns with both our cocks in her mouth.The two girls were taking turns in fucking each other with the rubber cock from behind. Tessa really getting slammed by Emma.Soon Andy and I both had condoms on and were taking turns in fucking Amy. She was on her back with her legs spread. She soon took a trick from the other day and put a pillow under her arse to elevate herself so our cocks hit more sensitive parts of her pussy.Andy was really slamming it home. Amy kept cumming under the pressure of his larger cock. She took it well, begging for more. Once or twice the girls would come over to suck our cocks and taste Amy’s juices.I turned Amy over and drove into her from behind. Fucking her nice and deep while Andy fucked her mouth. We kept swapping around every minute or so. Tessa and Emma were enjoying the show, making each other cum with their mouths and that black cock.While Andy was fucking Amy from behind, he had Emma being a butt plug over. It was a medium size one. Emma licked it before she started to work it slowly into our teenager’s anus. Amy was a bit shocked at first, but after a few minutes relaxed and managed to get it in. Emma was working it about as her husband fucked the hole just beneath. I really wanted to sodomize Amy. I asked her if I could try. She said to be gentle. After easing the plug out, her anus looked so inviting, open, but still virginal. Oiled up a fresh condom and began to work my way in. I was standing in front of Andy crouching over young Amy as my cock went deeper by the millimeter. I could only get about 2/3 the way in. Each time she pushed away. Andy pulled and to let me try alone, but still it was too much for her. After several minutes we gave up, sadly she was just not up to it at the moment. She liked it, and wanted it, but just not relaxed enough. I thought to myself that if we were there alone, I’d get to fuck her arse all the way.Tessa got turned on at me trying to fuck a teenage virgin anus. She was working the tip of the black dildo into her own arsehole while I was sticking my cock into Amy’s anus.She told me to come over and fuck her arse. She got on her knees, slid the black cock into her pussy before I took off the condom, oiled myself up and slid into her arsehole in one shot.I turned her side ways so Amy could see my cock sodomizing my girlfriend’s pretty little anus. I hope she liked the show!By now Andy had Amy on her back and was really plowing into her. His cock looked huge against her slender frame. Once last deep push and he pulled out and jerked off into her mouth. She was really waiting for it and building herself up to take his load, and it was a big load. Emma was impressed, ‘god love, that was huge!’ she said. I said to Tessa that I came over Amy’s back the other day and that I wanted to feed her my load too. She just managed ‘do it’ while she was in heaven with the big rubber cock and my cock filling her up.I pulled out of Tessa’s arse, turned to Amy and came in her mouth while she still lay on her back, face splattered in Andy’s sperm.Emma gave Amy a quick sneaky kiss on the cheek to get some of our sperm for herself, Amy laughing as she did, grabbing Emma and planting a huge sloppy cum soaked kiss on her lips. Sadly that was about as far as girl/girl contact got with Amy.By now it was 4pm and Amy needed to meet her sister at this other boy’s room. Her and I showered together before she kissed everyone goodbye, saying how incredible the whole experience was and that she loved having two older ‘boys’. I gave her a long hug and kiss before she left the room. Naked and glorious the way she entered a couple of hours before. It was sad to see her go. I had a real soft spot for her, a really lovely, natural and sweet person. She’d make a sensational wife to some lucky bastard!That night we found a great seafood restaurant and had a very good but expensive meal. Tessa was drinking sprite. Andy and I got a bit pissed and annoyed a few of the staff I think at how loud we were.The girls wanted to visit another club, so we got into a taxi and headed there. I did not have a clue where we were. I think we may have got ripped off on entry, and beers were 12Euros each, and they were warm!It was past 1am and the place was pretty quiet. There seemed to be more guys than girls, with a lot of dodgy looking guys with large unattractive women. The four of us were the standouts in this place. It didn’t improve. A Scandinavian couple arrived, hot – but left about 2 minutes later. They must have known good clubs from bad.An hour later we too left. Waiting 30 mins for a taxi we walked a km or so to a highway to wait an hour for another taxi. The night sucked… It was our last night too. It was close to 4am when we got back. We enjoyed beers on our friend’s balcony as we stripped off to let the cool breeze wash over us all.Before we knew it, we were in bed together. It was the last time we’d likely see this amazing couple. Emma that sweet, bubbly, attractive and impish looking darling that she is. But a cock and pussy loving slut all the same! Andy, a good mate I’d call him. Always with a funny story, and quip about some thing. Carefree and easy going. They really made us welcome and made our whole trip to Europe I think. Tessa felt the same; I think she really fell for Emma in a why. When we walked about, they often held hands and hugged all the time. She was her first real female lover and she’d struck big time with Emma I think. We both did. Andy too, with his biog and powerful cock that Tessa adored so much!In bed it was more passionate this time. More kissing and holding. I never realized how good a kisser Emma was. Her mouth on mine really made me hard. I could see the same effect on Tessa as she lay beside me with Andy on top of her kissing her deeply while he squeezed and sucked her big firm tits.Tessa had her legs open wide for him. ‘No condom’ she said. With that Andy drove his big hard raw penis into my girlfriend. I did not mind one bit. I felt he deserved it, earned it for being such a good friend.I said nothing to Emma as I too slid my rock hard cock into her wet smooth pussy. She was so very wet and open, wanting my unwrapped cock. Her pussy felt wonderful. So smooth and slick. I’d not had unprotected sex in ages with anyone else but Tessa. Emma was worth the wait.The girls had their legs intertwined as Andy and I drove into each others partners. ‘Swap’ Emma said. So we did. I took my wet cock out of her beautiful pussy and replaced it into Tessa. She too was wide open and begging for cock. Andy looked very at home screwing his pretty wife. I took my wet cock from Tessa and leaned over to Emma for her to suck Tessa’s pussy juice off my cock. Seeing this Tessa bent down to take Andy’s cock and do the same. She then sucked her girlfriends pussy hard before guiding that big cock back in. While Tessa was bent over, I got behind and began to slam into her from behind. Needing to take a break, I went to the toilet for a pee. When I returned the girls were in a 69 with Andy fucking Tessa, Emma over her sucking her clit. Needing no encouragement, I got behind Emma and got back into action. Taking our cocks out from time to time, Andy and I fed our partners our juice covered cocks. Tessa looked so good sucking Emma’ clit while my cock drove into her right next to her mouth, locked tight on her wet lips.We swapped over a few times, Andy and I going around the bed to change girls. We are all covered in sweat and juice, it was raw and hot. The girls swapped over too, Emma on her back and Tessa over her. I was ramming Emma hard, her legs spread wide as Tessa licked and rubber pussy right there in front of me. She looked at me intently asking when I was going to cum, and asking how good her pussy felt wrapped around my cock. Tessa in heaven while she wound me up, her own pussy being plowed from behind by Andy’s big cock. I couldn’t take it much more; I pulled out of Emma and came hard into Tessa’s mouth and over Emma’s pussy. Tessa instantly started to lap up my cum from her pussy and legs. Andy saw what was happening, pulled out of Tessa, came around and fed Tessa his load too, also splashing globs of sperm over his wife’s pussy which was eagerly licked up by my slut’s tongue. Emma scooted out from under Tessa and sucked our cocks clean, licking off any extra cum. I felt bad for her and wanted to cum in her mouth one more time. So I had her keep sucking me. I lay on the bed, spread my legs wide and let her get to work. She sucked like her life depended on it, working my balls well. It took 5 minutes or so for her sexy mouth to bring my second cum shot. She ate it all, but I felt it was a much smaller load. I was so tapped out by this stage, my cock on fire with over use! When we’d finished, Andy was hard again. Tessa went to work on his cock, down on her knees. Emma and I watched the show. He was in heaven, knowing how much of a great head giving slut she it. She stood, went on the bed next to us, and sat on the black dildo, before instructing Andy to fuck her arse. He oiled up and guided his dick into her anus. It was not long before he was hard at it. Tessa screaming in pleasure as she was DP’d. Hard. She worked that rubber cock into herself violently. Andy matching that with his own power direct 9 inches into her anal passage.His balls were slapping hard as he yelled out he was cumming. I was expecting him to pull out, but kept inside Tessa, unloading himself deep into her anal passage. She looked in heaven as she felt that warm surge deep into her body. Emma was there to his cock as he pulled out before she latched onto Tessa’s arsehole with her mouth to suck her mans sperm from my pretty girlfriend’s anus. It just so sexy. I never thought I’d see another guy cum into Tessa, let alone his sexy wife suck his cum out of her.Tessa was in heaven and loving pushing hard to get all the cum out for Emma to eat. We were all in a bit of shock really. Shocked at how good all our fucking action could be, but also shocked that this may be the last time we’re all together. It was very late now and we needed sleep before our drive away from the coast. We’d planned to take two days to drive to Lyon where we were flying out of to get to Frankfurt and flights back to New Zealand. After packing, we went next door to say our goodbyes to our friends. It was tough. Tessa and Emma cried as they hugged each other for a long time. It was tough for us all. We exchanged details, promising to keep in contact. Seeing them wave us off at their door was sad. What’s more sad is that we never saw them again. We emailed for a while but slowly lost touch.At the check out I found a flyer for a swinger’s hotel in the hills between Agde and Lyon. It was about 200 km away and looked good with a pool and old style villa stone buildings. Tessa liked the look of it so we decided to stay there for our last night. The reception called them for us to make a booking for the night.The drive through the countryside was lovely, and only took as few hours to reach the hotel. It was a small, old stone building that was a monastery years ago. It had 8 rooms and was set in a small valley between two small rivers.The owners, an older very friendly French couple checked us in and showed us our room. All the room looked over a beautiful pool, which was crystal clear, deep blue. There was an older couple sunbathing naked at the far end of the pool. There was a pool house opposite our room with an apartment above it. The owners explained the way things ran. Dinner was at 6pm if you wanted it, clothing in the dining room, but naked everywhere else if you chose. Sex only by the pool, gardens and rooms. That was about it.We never really saw the owners again after that; it was early week and very quiet. They said it was just us and the other couple by the pool staying this night. All good, so we made our way to the pool, waving to the old couple at the other end, they didn’t really pay much attention to us.Tessa and I were both pretty tired from the last week, so a relaxing and warm day was just what we needed.We’d been by the pool a couple of hours when I noticed movement in the apartment above the pool house. Then a very pretty blond girl opened the shutters, waving to us when she saw the two of us lying naked opposite her window.A few minutes later she came down to the pool, dropped her towel on a lounger opposite and dived in. She had an all over tan, early 20’s, not really tall, but a slightly plumpish, although sexy curvy figure with large, full, round breasts. Her pussy was a slight blond strip. When she popped up out of the water she was on our side and said hi in a thick German accent. She got out and sat with us. We asked the usual questions, where your from, what your doing, where you been, where to next etc etc. Her name was Leiza and from Hamburg. She and her girlfriend were dental students there and spending the summer traveling and working through France. They were woofing, or volunteer workers. They worked at the hotel a few hours a day cleaning and helping in the kitchen for free lodging above the pool house and food etc. she and her girlfriend Fransie were to be there 2 weeks, but had stayed 4 weeks already. She said they loved the freedom there and the relaxed atmosphere. They also enjoyed the weekends when there were more people staying.We all swam for a bit, splashing and playing about. The older couple got sick of our noise and left after a while, so it was the three of us.Lying in the sun, I coated Leiza and Tessa in sunscreen, coating a good layer into their backs, bums and legs. After this the conversation turned to sex. Knowing we’d come from Agde, Leiza wanted to know what adventures we got up to. I told her about Andy and Emma, Heike and Amy. Tessa told her about being gang fucked in the club and being DP’d by me and Andy etc. We all laid close on sun loungers. I was in the middle on my back with the two girls on their sides beside me. I got hard telling this quite sexy German girl about our time the week before. ‘Do you mind?’ she asked Tessa as she stroked my hardening cock. Tessa told her to do anything she wished. Leize looked at my cock and squeezed it plus my balls as we shared stories. Her girlfriend Fransie was in the nearby town working for a place doing some part time computer work she was good at. They were bi and loved to show off and had learnt to be real exhibitionists at the hotel. They had slept with lots of male and female guests, most married partners and some female guests staying alone.While she stroked me I put my hands between her and Tessa’s legs and began to massage their pussies at the same time. Tessa began to suck my rock hard cock while Leiza massaged my balls.Soon after this we heard a car arrive. Leize said that Fransie was back. We saw her walk up the stairs to the pool house apartment. Leiza calling something out in German to her. In a few minutes we were joined by Fransie. Another very cut German blond, similar figure, lovely smooth round bum, tanned and big firm full tits. Her pussy was shaved with very sexy lips showing. She had very large and long nipples. Fransie came walking towards us, before she jumped into the pool splashing us all with water. It was pretty funny.We hit it off with her right away. Both girls were very flirty, fun, goofy and natural.Tessa really liked Fransie, her long nipples where in her constant sight. I liked them too, but loved Leiza’s smaller rounder breasts with smaller firm nipples. We all swam and played in the pool for a while. Tessa and Fransie were at the shallow end giggling and chatting for a while before they went quiet, locked in a deep kiss. Seeing this I turned to Leiza laying next to me, kissing her too. Sucking and squeezing her breasts kept my cock hard while she jerked it hard while playing with her pussy. I looked at my girl with her sexy new friend to see that Tessa had Fransie sitting on the pool edge with her face deep in her pussy. Her legs were very wide open, leaning back with her head back and her big full sexy breasts sticking out in all their glory. This end of the pool was shallow so Tessa had her backside sticking right out.I told Leiza I wanted to fuck. We got up and walked over to the other two. I put my cock into Fransie’s mouth for a moment letting her and her girlfriend taste my dick. Then I got behind Tessa and slid into her warm wet pussy. Grabbing her shoulders I rammed it home while she licked and sucked. Leiza stood next to us, rubbing Tessa’s body, tits and clit while she got fucked.A few minutes later Fransie suggested we all go to their apartment. We were all there in a flash. Lucky for us, the girls were not working this day as the hotel was quiet and they’d had a busy weekend. The girls had a very smart and comfortable setup. Two single beds had already been pushed together to make a double. Seeing these three tanned, sexy, full breasted and horny girls together was a real turn on. I knew I was in for a good time. The girls had a stack of condoms next to the beds. Pulling one on, Fransie lay on the bed in front of me and spread her self wide, masturbating hard looking at me. I guess she was first.She was a very tight girl, but managed to work up a fast pace. Her large tits swaying about while I drove into her.Tessa played with her tits while she licked Leiza’s pussy beside us. Taking a hint we swapped, Tessa latching back onto Fransie’s pussy while I got on top of the other German girl to begin fucking her. Leiza hugged me tight, pulling me in close while I humped her wet pussy. Both girls lay on top of each other while I began to fuck Tessa again from behind. She was in her own world as she licked those two dental students beautiful pussies at the same time while I slammed into her.Fransie turned to 69 with Tessa while I kept screwing her. My balls hanging on her face while she sucked my girls pussy. She loved tasting her juice off my cock as I alternated between pussy and her mouth. Leiza was helping Tessa on Fransie’s pussy, the two of them attacking it with their tongues. For an hour after this there was constant sucking, licking, fingering, swapping, and fucking. I went through several condoms until the last one when I was powering into Leiza, ripping off the condom before leaning up to cum on her tits. After the last week or so, there wasn’t much cum there. Both her and Fransie laughing as they have met plenty of males with low sperm amounts after a stay at Agde.Relaxing in the bed we went to the pool shower and cleaned up before diving back into the pool. By now it was getting dark. We got dressed, all the girls in loose fitting summer dresses and no underwear. The four of us drove into a nearby town to get pizza and wine. The girls loved the open top car. We found a picnic spot by a small river. The girls biked here sometimes to swim and relax in the sun. After the pizzas we drank wine from plastic cups. It was such a warm and still night. We all stripped and played in the shallow river. All the girls looked like goddesses under the moonlight. I soon got hard. Bending Tessa over I fucked her standing up in the river with our two sexy German girlfriends taking turns in sucking me before reentering my Tessa. Fransie opened her mouth when I said I was cumming, getting a nice tongue covering of sperm before she swallowed it up. We drove naked back to the hotel, Fransie up front with me, playing with each other as we drove, Leize and Tessa in the back seat kissing and fondling one another’s breasts.We carried on drinking wine at the pool side. Joking about and telling more sexy stories. The girls told us that they had boy friends before they met at Dental school, dropping them soon after they met. They’d both never been with a girl before, but soon started a relationship, then living together. They fucked some of their female class mates and a few guys, including a few group sex sessions with classmates, and a tutor!They loved their sexual freedom knowing that they could do and try anything. Tessa and related to this, agreeing it gave a new dimension to life. We really enjoyed the girls company, but sad it was for only a night. By midnight I was tired and went to our room. Tessa stayed by the pool with the girls and the wine.Next morning she was not there. I went to the apartment to find all three in bed half covered by a sheet. They all looked wrecked, with empty wine bottles about. I squeezed into bed beside Leiza, cupping her lovely firm breasts as I began to masturbate. She soon woke, before sucking my cock without saying a word, bringing me to a lovely morning orgasm.Leaving the girls was a sad moment. I told them I’d leave a message for Andy and Emma; maybe they could come to stay somehow before they went back to the UK. They said they would love to meet them. This was especially when Tessa told them about his big cock. We hugged and kissed goodbye from the front of the hotel before driving off. At the reception Leiza called the hotel at Agde to leave a message for Andy and Emma. The following week, Andy emailed me to say they stayed there for 3 nights, having a great time with the German girls and a few other guests staying there. He suggested we meet there the following year. But sadly this never happened.We dropped the car at the airport in Lyon to begin the long flight to NZ. Tessa and I had a whole row of seats to ourselves from Frankfurt to Singapore. We slept well, and fucked in the toilets. A young flight attendant knowing what we were up to kept an eye on us.She watched from the isle as Tessa gave me a blowjob in the seats. She said she often caught people on quieter flights fooling about and liked to watch before getting back to her base and telling her boyfriend what she’d seen while he fucks her.On arrival in NZ it was like time stood still. It was cold and nothing had changed. We’d spent a few weeks on a different planet it seemed. We were both totally drained.I went back to work the next day, Tessa back to English school. I saw her in the hallway after a couple of days; we smiled at each other, not wanting to give anything away to her classmates. That weekend, she stayed with me; we fucked like crazy, reliving the events of our holiday.We met some girls and couples on line who were fun, but nothing like our friends from Europe. Our sex life was altered somewhat after Tessa met another Czech girl living in the city. They moved in together beginning a lesbian relationship. I lost touch with her for a year or two, bumping into her one day at a supermarket. The attraction was still there. Within 10 minutes we were back at my place (a new apartment) where she sucked my hard cock, taking a huge load in her mouth.From then on we started to fuck again. She loved having cock again once in a while. We were only able to fuck every couple months, as getting free time away from her partner was tough.We met after her work in the early hours, driving to a secluded car park in the central city to fuck. At the beach on our days off together. She gave me blowjobs in the car when I picked her up from work some days. Eating my sperm in a sports ground car park close to her flat, with people walking their dogs and exercising close by. We fucked at her place sometimes when her girlfriend was working. For about 5 years we kept this going. Excited to see each other when we could. Sadly we knew it would not last. I got married a couple of years ago, and my meetings with Tessa became less frequent. Then early this year she left NZ to live in USA where her partner got a job with a big internet company as a lawyer. We email often, but we don’t know if she’ll return to NZ for a holiday or to live..? We both have very fond memories of our time in Europe and the special friendships we made there. It was the best time of my life so far, nothing else could come close and I would not change a thing.Tessa will receive a copy of this letter and I hope she keeps it close to her. She is one heck of a girl.

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