Sharing her like she always wanted

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Sharing her like she always wantedIt seemed my wife Dee and I had picked a good weekend for an overnight stay in town. It was a lovely hot sunny Saturday morning as we drove in and both were in a relaxed and playful mood. Dee was feeling quite flirty and contented so even wore a nice thin cotton dress to travel in and, as I discovered within the first ten minutes, no panties! I had slipped my hand up onto her bare thigh, which I could never resist, had a little stroke upwards and felt the soft bareness of exposed pussy on the outside of my hand. Dee had eagerly permitted my intrusion by silently looking straight ahead and opening her legs for me to obtain a good feel.This was a pleasing development so as I teased Dee to wetness with my strokes and nudges, I made sure to discuss what mischief we could get up to in the evening. Maybe a meal and while away a few hours in a nightclub so Dee could chat up a few guys and dance, tease them into having an erection by rubbing herself against them in the slow dances and all the while let me sit as if a stranger and keep an eye on things. Dee loved this new flirting game of ours so I knew I would be getting her excited when we just talked about the options!However, I already had made plans for the afternoon, unbeknown to Dee! I was tossing up in my mind whether to tell Dee or surprise her, but once we had got half way, I had resolved to really get her juices flowing and confess what I had lined up.“Well.” I announced in a matter of fact manner, “I’ve actually got the afternoon all planned.”Dee could tell by the cheeky grin on my face that I was up to mischief.“Oh?” Dee asked, trying to hide the eagerness to know what. “Yes” I continued, “there’s someone I have been eager to introduce to you and they are going to come and meet us at the hotel.”“Who is it?” Dee asked excitedly as her mind started racing. Dee were wondering what this was all about and why the mystery.I pondered again whether to just keep her guessing.She was going through scenarios in her mind and based upon my cheeky demeanour and the way I had been idly arousing her with my touching, concluded that it was going to involve a great deal of sexual pleasure… Could it be a couple we had encountered online? Maybe it is another woman? Or, Dee wondered, even maybe a guy?Dee started asking me, like a game of twenty questions and I was economical with the clues. In fact, what I had planned had taken me a few weeks and if Dee had known what I had already arranged and the exchanges of facts and information, she would have probably been cross with me!This was going to be my finest hour. I was filled with some trepidation because I had such mixed feelings about it, but I knew it would be the ultimate idea to pleasure Dee and my love for her and love of pleasuring her were the key elements in my decision to proceed.I had scanned different people online specifically looking for one particular guy that I thought might provide Dee with the ultimate experience. I had contacted a few and settled on this one guy, been to meet him, talked with him about Dee and found him to be a really nice guy. Physically, he would be everything I knew Dee would enjoy the most. Just to whet his appetite I had shown him pictures of Dee naked in all her glory. Described her lovely skin, the softness and fullness of her breasts, Her wonderfully sensual kisses and every little detail of the woman I knew. He was certainly keen to help me with my quest and was eager for us to make it happen.Her excited questioning and badgering me for an answer finally took their toll.“Ok.” I said flatly. “I have arranged for a guy I met to come and meet us. I’ve spoken to him at much length, met him and he’s a lovely bloke. In his early thirties, very good looking and he had an amazing big cock that, after telling him about you and showing him pictures of you naked, he now desperately wants you to have it!”There was a stunned silence. Her mind stopped racing through alternatives and the reality of what was on offer began to sink in. Also, the fact that I had shared so much about her with some stranger including erotic images of her naked!“So you’ve arranged for this guy to join us?” Dee asked in a way that was as if she were struggling to believe it to be true and also put an emphasis on the word “join” to express it in a sexual way rather than a social connotation.“Kind of…” I replied. “In fact, what I have in mind is that you and Kane, that’s his name by the way, are going to spend some time alone together this afternoon in our hotel room and also in our bed.”I chose the words carefully because I wanted to make sure I used the key words and phrases that I knew would excite and arouse Dee most. “Alone together,” “hotel room” and “bed.” More than this, he had a big cock in my judgement and I was going to leave Dee alone with him to have sex!Suddenly, Dee felt filled with a mixture of blind panic and excitement. The anxiety was outweighing the excitement as soon as I had told her my intention, but my words started to dance in her mind and her sensual side started to surge. This was a ‘fait a complete’ being presented, my tone told Dee it wasn’t negotiable and she was now feeling a hotness and buzzing between her legs as her nipples hardened and she felt herself blushing with arousal.Dee turned to me and gave an ironic smile.“I love you baby! What a wonderful thing to give me. I’m sure I shall love it.”Dee said it in an almost reassuring way but tinged with reluctance as if to assuage my own doubts and jealousy.“I have no doubts you will.” I stated and drove in silence and allowed her mind to get to work on anticipating the experience. Was he good looking? Would Dee actually fancy him? How big IS his cock and if I liked him then Dee probably would too.Once at the hotel we checked in and went up to the room. As arranged, there was a king sized bed which dominated what was essentially a standard arrangement for hotel rooms. It was a large open plan room with a bed, two armchairs and round coffee table and a nicely appointed bathroom off the hallway as you entered, plus luggage rack and small fully stocked fridge and shelf with kettle and various hot drink sachets. There was a large dresser with huge mirror installed at the end of the bed. As soon as we had unpacked, I sent a text to Kane, which was his signal to come on over in exactly one hour and gave him the room number and floor.“You’d better get a wiggle on and shower and change” I instructed. “He will be here in exactly one hour.”Dee threw her arms around me and gave me a lovely warm kiss.“I’m scared!!” Dee confessed.“Well don’t be” I reassured. “He really is a nice guy and very good looking. Besides, he fancies you something rotten!”I took the time in our embrace to gently unclip her bra behind her back as we kissed a long, lingering and loving kiss. I slowly slid my hand up under her dress to between her legs and gently stroked her pussy, which was now soaking wet. I noted just how soft and smooth Dee felt, having given herself a shave and moisturise that morning. I unzipped her dress and let it gently fall to the floor around her feet exposing her nakedness, then I gently suckled her engorged nipples sensually and lovingly, my hands stroking her neck, back and buttocks.I desperately wanted to fuck her there and then, but didn’t want to maybe spoil the anticipation Dee held regarding events that were going to take place in an hour or so.I slipped out of my clothes and led Dee by the hand to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and once the temperature was right, stepped into the shower cubicle with her and we washed each other lovingly. Dee washed her hair and conditioned it and stepped into the fluffy towel I held open for her when she finished rinsing.“No need for you to worry about what to wear” I stated. “You are going to be wearing this…” as I grabbed a big white fluffy towelling robe from behind the bathroom door.Her pretty eyes looked up at me and suddenly she looked vulnerable, beautiful and loving. Her nails were all painted. She was clean and soft and all that was the difference between her looking like a sex goddess was a hairdryer and some mascara!Once she had brushed her teeth, I led her wrapped in her towel and sat her on the stool to the dresser and she used their hair drier to start drying her hair.Whilst Dee got herself organised, I grabbed one of the two bottles of Merlot we had brought from our case and opened one, pouring her a glass and placing it alongside her on the dresser.“Get this into for Dutch Courage” I insisted. Dee gulped a couple of mouthfuls and I sat watching her get ready and apply her eye make-up. Every now and then I fussed over her whilst keeping an eye on time and refilled her wine glass.Once Dee had finished and applied perfume (a swift squirt to her pussy too, I noted!) I took the towel and slipped the robe over her shoulders as I stood behind her standing naked assessing herself in the mirror.================= oOo =================I checked my watch.“Ok. I’m going down to meet Kane. He will be here in five minutes so I shall send him up when he arrives. Ok?”Dee gave me a worried look and feigned a cry.“I’m not sure I can go through with this” Dee pleaded.“Well too late. No choice” I stated. “I love you baby, don’t ever doubt it! I want you to have a wonderful time. I will be back in a while to see you.”With that, I kissed Dee and stroked the side of her face and neck. I needed to make the break clean as I was having second thoughts too and fighting to quell my jealousy and self-doubt, so I simply walked to the door. I turned and gave her a smile and she forced one in return, then I opened the door and left her.The sound of the door slamming brought on a brief moment of panic. Five minutes. And then a stranger will be knocking on the door!Her feminine sensuality took over. Dee studied herself in the mirror, adjusted the robe to conceal her nakedness beneath as far as possible and secured the belt with a firm bow. Dee checked her hair, make-up and all the details that were going to form the güvenilir bahis first impression and started to try and visualise the coming face to face with a stranger. What to say, how to act. Dee felt herself blush and, noticeably, her nipples hardened and sent shocks of pleasure down her tummy to her pussy. Dee quickly rubbed her hand over her pussy to make sure it wasn’t too wet and rushed to the bathroom to have a wee, being careful to douche afterwards and wash her hands. Then she brushed her teeth yet again and patted her tingling pussy dry with a towel, then readjusted the robe in the bathroom mirror.Suddenly there was a gentle knock at the door.Dee jumped, startled from her gaze in the mirror and took a couple of deep breaths. She gently padded to the door and peered through the spy-hole. There was stood a good looking guy looking down below the viewing hole as if trying to hear movement. Her heart jumped. “Wow! He’s very nice!” Dee thought to Herself and felt the excitement surge within her stomach.With a final deep breath, Dee reached out and took the door handle and gently opened the door and peered at the visitor around the half opened door with a soft smile.The first thing Dee noticed was his piercing blue eyes and a nice set of teeth in a broad smile. He was over six foot and therefore taller than me, athletic build and wearing a loose checked white and blue shirt, grey chino style jeans and casual brown loafers.“Hi! I’m Kane!” he announced. “Dee isn’t it?”“Hi Kane. Yes! I’m Dee.” She opened the door and Kane stepped past her into the hallway.As he passed Dee noticed he smelled clean, kind of soapy and fresh with a hint of a pleasing aftershave. He had short mid brown curly hair and he was very nice indeed!! He was about six foot two so towered over Dee barefoot and he had a good build, slighter than me but looked very athletic.Kane stopped as he entered the main room and turned to Dee as she followed.Offering his hand he said “Your husband has told me a lot about you. I’m really pleased to meet you at last.”Dee put her hand in his and noted its size and softness as he gently grasped her in a hand shake, returning his smile. Not sure what to say and somewhat overwhelmed at how sexy this guy was, Dee blurted “Can I get you a glass of wine?”“That’ll be nice” Kane confirmed and Dee filled the empty glass for him and topped hers up again. As she did so, she could feel him eyeing her up and down, looking at her bare feet and legs and gazing at her breasts cosseted within the towelling robe but with nipples totally erect and by now tingling in anticipation.Handing him his glass he returned her eye contact and simply said “Thank you.”Her nervousness was clear during these opening moments and she wasn’t quite sure what she felt about the situation.Kane broke the awkward silence.“You know” he stated. “It has always been a fantasy of mine to meet a woman who is as attractive as you are but older than me and to be alone with her like this. Women I usually meet don’t seem to be as relaxed and as confident as you are.”Dee emitted a chuckle at the irony of his statement. She felt anything but confident and in fact, found him to be very open and confident, a trait she rather liked about him as well as his good looks.“I can assure you that I’m not as confident as you think!” Dee blurted.“Well, you seem more confident than I am” observed Kane.“I can assure you that I’m actually shaking like a leaf inside right now!” Dee offered.“Oh? Well please don’t be nervous” Kane assured her and reached out and placed his hand on the side of her face, cupping it in his hand. He gently stroked her hair and tucked it behind her ear with his finger. His touch was electrifying. Dee felt shivers run down her spine and her pussy ached with arousal. She wanted this man and her body was betraying any sense of calmness she was trying to portray.================= oOo =================Kane placed his glass on the dresser and stepped toward Dee. Still with his hand cupping the side of her face he stooped from his position towering over her and gently kissed her on the lips. Dee raised her face to receive it, placed her glass down on the dresser and closed her eyes to enjoy the warmth and softness of his lips, breathing in his scent and feeling her heart thumping in her chest. Her legs were shaking by now too, as Kane put his arm around her waist and pulled her to him in an embrace, which Dee returned by putting her arms around him and hands on his back.Dee continued the kiss and felt Kane’s tongue gently probe her mouth and toy with her own tongue. The kiss deepened and his hands were now exploring her through the robe, stroking her back and bottom, holding her against him as he kissed her and she felt his groin pressing urgently against her belly. Her excitement and arousal at the feel of his cock swelling against her were becoming too much to bear. She wanted to know this man. She wanted to see and feel how big he was but she wanted to make the anticipation last. But the swelling that was evident was definitely large.As Kane kissed her, he held her bottom with his hand and freed the other to raise each foot in turn and untie his shoes and slip them off along with his socks. Dee remained engaged with his kiss and felt his firm muscular body through his shirt, stroking up his back to his broad shoulders. Once he had removed his shoes he moved back from her with his chest, still pressing his arousal against her and slipped a hand into the fold of the front of the gown seeking out her bare breast with a soft, strong hand. It found its target and brushed over her nipple, which sent shocks like static electricity to her clitoris which throbbed and ached for touch as she rubbed against his thigh.Dee decided she needed to investigate; to know this man with her hands. She slipped a hand between their bodies and sought out the big bulge that was pressed against her belly. Dee stroked the palm of her hand over it and it was immense! Her hand wouldn’t fit all the way round it and as she stroked down to his balls and up along its length her excitement almost peaked. Dee could feel an orgasm welling inside of her at the sheer excitement and anticipation of having this immense cock pulsing and throbbing in her hands, her mouth and penetrating her…Kane broke off the kiss and looked Dee in the eyes.“Time to give you what your husband wants you to have” he stated and stepped away from her. Dee immediately gazed at the focus of her recent attentions, a massive cock that was bulging rudely and straining against the front of his trousers. He stared Dee in the eye as he unbuttoned his shirt in an instant, discarding it with distain then retaining her gaze, quickly removed his trousers and boxers in one fail swoop. He was totally naked there stood in front of her in his magnificence and he calmly went and lay on the bed….Reaching a hand out to Dee as he reclined, he beckoned her to join him.“I need your help over here to deal with this” he stated, glancing at his magnificent erect cock that was propped upwards off of his belly by the fingers of his right hand for her to admire.Indeed, it was an incredible sight. There was this amazingly handsome man reclining naked on the bed with the most beautiful cock Dee had ever imagined, there presented to her for her enjoyment and inviting her interaction.Dee couldn’t take Her eyes off this magnificent sight and her first orgasm swept through her as she untied the gown and slipped it from her shoulders seductively, causing the material to stroke across her nipples and down her back triggering her body into climax. Dee gave out a sigh and moved almost stealthily, cat-like and crawled onto the bed between Kane’s legs and knelt there taking in the vista, she reached for him with her right hand and stroked its length almost like she would pet an a****l, from the top of the shaft down to his large, masculine testicles. Dee felt his cock pulse powerfully and jump as she stroked him and felt the softness of the taut skin and his huge balls. Taking his magnificent cock in her right hand she grasped the shaft and gently tugged downward. Kane sighed loudly and closed his eyes, throwing his head back onto the pillows he had propped himself up with. Dee placed her other hand on him and with one hand near the base and one near the top gently jerked his erection seductively.Immediately, the thought crossed her mind; how would this feel inside of her? Could it fit inside her? Could she possibly ride this magnificent cock?Dee leaned forward and licked the trickle of clear pre-cum that oozed from its tip, up over and all around the ridge of the purple, swollen head and took it into her mouth as far as it could go. Kane moaned with appreciation. Dee held her breath and took the head deep into her throat as far as she could and with it jammed in her throat it was only still half in!Kane gave out a moan of pleasure and submission to her attentions. Dee gently sucked and licked the head of the cock in and out of her hungry mouth and felt the shaft twitch and pulse with every flick of her tongue. Her pussy was now so wet that her juices were running down her inner thighs and her calf was soaked with her sweet juices where she had settled onto it to kneel in comfort as she worked this beautiful organ.Dee wanted no more foreplay or attention, just to have him inside of her, so she crawled up and over Kane and straddled him grasping his stiff cock in her right hand and steadied herself with her left hand on his chest. Slowly she backed up onto the head of it, guiding the tip to her waiting and slippery gaping pussy and lowered herself so the head was inside her. Her pussy stretched painlessly to accommodate it and she felt a second orgasm overtake her. “Oh My god!”Just the sheer girth of his swollen head as it slipped into her was enough plus the fact Kane had placed his right hand around her waist and his left stroked her breasts and toyed with her nipples in turn. He was rubbing his thumb over them and gently squeezing them and that sent her into oblivion. güvenilir bahis siteleri Dee allowed herself a brief moment to adjust and placing her other hand on his chest, Dee gently sat back and his cock slid into her until she felt the head pressing against her cervix. “Oooh! My GOD!”Looking down at the sight of herself impaled on this monster, Dee could see she had taken all but about an inch inside of her. Dee rotated her hips round and round as she was completely filled and the feeling was just of immense pleasure and elation. Her body was alive, nerve ends electric and she could feel herself glowing with perspiration and arousal, uttering guttural moans of pleasure.Dee wanted to take it all and gently, gingerly sat right down on him. She felt his cock pulse and throb as she did so and this again triggered an orgasm, coinciding with the feel of his pubic bone on her now twitching and swollen clitoris. “Ahhh!”Dee sat hard down and started to buck with her hips forward and back, rubbing her clit on him and feeling the delicious sensation of being completely filled and the head of his cock pushing up into her, jammed against her cervix. “Yes babe, fuck that cock. Do me!” Kane gasped. His girth was amazing and Dee felt stretched to the limit but without pain, only pleasure. Her orgasms continued to overcome her in waves and she was clamped onto his thick shaft milking his cock with all she could muster. The look of sheer ecstasy on his face with eyes half open looking at her groin as Dee rode him was an arousal in itself.He had now grasped her waist with two hands and was pulling her down hard onto him. She could feel the massive head of his cock circling her cervix and he was bucking his hips up at her.“I need to fuck you! I need to fuck you!” Kane pleaded.He lifted her from him and she felt the huge suction as his cock left her, tugging at the walls of her vagina.He quickly got round behind her and positioned her so he was stood at the side of the bed and she was on all fours presenting to him. With one hand on the small of her back he guided the head of his cock into her as she still gaped from his penetration.Grasping her waist with both hands he pressed into her fully until she could feel him pushed on her cervix. Then he pulled out and then pushed back in. He slowly started pumping it into her, immediately causing her to cry out as a massive orgasm racked her and her head collapsed forward onto her arms. This just encouraged Kane to pump harder into her and faster, which made Dee ride a wave of continuous orgasms as this b**st of a cock plundered her exposed womanhood.Kane reached the point of no return and pulled out of her with a loud cry. “Oh God! I’m cumming!!” Dee quickly flipped onto her back and propped herself up to see Kane jerking his cock with head thrown back and suddenly it exploded a huge jet of cum onto her neck. Another spurt and it was on her breasts. The spurts continued to deposit hot semen over her breasts and down onto her belly and she grasped his cock in her hand to feel it throb and spasm. Dee leaned in and took the last remaining pulses in her mouth and sucked for all she was worth, draining him of every last drop of hot, salty semen as he pulled her mouth onto him. As his climax subsided his cock became less rigid and Dee sucked as much of him into her mouth as she could.Dee held his now flaccid cock and slowly stroked it and looked up at Kane. He returned the gaze, smiled at her and said “Wow! Simply, wow!!”================= oOo =================“Seems you may have needed that” Dee remarked, smiling up at him and enjoying the passionate, yet spent look on his face as his blue eyes gazed down at her. She was enjoying the feel of his hot semen on her neck and breasts, lazily rubbing it over her nipples with one hand whilst her other hand felt the weight and thickness of his turgid penis, cupping it in the palm of her hand.“Let’s have a quick shower and clean up. I’d love to have more of this..!” Dee said enthusiastically nodding at his cock and stooped forward to kiss the shaft with butterfly kisses all the way up to the head, pulling the foreskin over it and licking at the final drop of his cum that pooled there. Taking Kane by the hand Dee led him to the bathroom and ran the shower, stepping in the cubicle as temperature reach warm with him climbing in behind her.Kane took the bar of soap and started to gently wash her down, rubbing up a thick lather between his hands and softly rubbing his hands over her wet body. She marvelled at the strong yet soft hands on her and felt him pressing against her as he stood behind, both soapy hands stroking up and down her body, over her breasts and down between her legs. Dee could feel him growing, the presence of his swollen cock pressed along the valley between her buttocks as he started to gently rub his turgid cock onto her.================= oOo =================I’d been glancing at my watch almost every five minutes, it seemed. I felt pangs of anxiety, jealousy and desperation that Dee was up in our room with a good looking guy who had an amazing cock and athletic body, yet I had arranged with Kane to allow Dee to be alone with him for an hour to get properly acquainted without my crowding them and preventing Dee from relaxing and being herself. I had sat alone in the bar having a couple of drinks to try and calm my beating heart and found it hard to concentrate on anything aside from visuals of what Dee might be doing right now.I set off back up to the room 55 minutes after I had left. I couldn’t stand the waiting any longer. As I approached the room I felt myself creeping stealthily on tip toes so as to avoid any advanced knowledge of my return.. Pressing my head against the door I strained to hear any sounds of lovemaking that would betray what I might walk in on. I couldn’t hear anything, so gingerly and silently unlocked the door with the electronic swipe-card and slowly pulled down on the handle…With the door now unlatched, I gently and slowly pushed open the door and could hear the sound of the shower running in the bathroom and the tell-tale splash of water as it hit the floor caused when a body (or bodies) move in a shower. I saw her discarded robe on the floor at the end of the bed, so I gently closed the door behind me by pushing the handle down so that there wasn’t a sound to alert anyone of my arrival and peered through the opening of the bathroom door, which was about a foot ajar.There they were, both naked in the shower, with Kane stood behind Dee and his hands running all over her body. She was arching her back and pressing her bottom outwards at him with head held back resting on his shoulder. I watched as he was washing Dee, caressing her and he bent his knees and kissed her on the neck and shoulders, He was bending and straightening his legs with legs together and rubbing his groin against her from behind and I couldn’t tell from my position whether he was inside her, fucking her in an upright position or not…I felt pangs of jealousy surge through me, the adrenaline coursing through my veins, yet I also felt arousal at the beautiful sight of her naked body, arched and presenting, with a man a foot taller than her and bigger in stature attending to her feminine desires.I continued to watch. What was I to do? I was tempted to just barge in and spoil the moment but decided that was not what Dee would want. With the feelings of excitement and arousal I was experiencing, nor did I.================= oOo =================I continued to watch, fascinated, as Dee continued this dance of passion oblivious to my observation; a slow motion performance that was both erotic and exciting. I watched as Dee reached behind her back toward his cock and realised he wasn’t inside her, but was rubbing against her. Placing one hand outward on the wall of the shower cubicle, Dee turned forty five degrees to her left to face the corner of the cubicle and Kane shuffled around to follow from behind and moved slightly away and off of her. Now I could have a clear, almost sideways view of what was happening. I saw his cock hanging heavily between them, it was truly a very thick and long penis and her right hand reached behind her back and grasped the turgid shaft, pulling it upwards to lie against her lower back and started to gently stroke him up and down. Kane responded by grasping her waist with his hands and leaning back with his chest as Dee gently teased him to make his enormous cock swell by slowly stroking the shaft up and down.I felt my heart pumping in my chest and my breathing becoming deeper and louder and there was ringing in my ears. Thankfully, the sound of the shower drowned out any noise I was making and they were totally oblivious to my gaze as I watched with fascination when Kane’s hand moved in under Dee from behind. I could see his fingers rubbing her exposed pussy as she arched her back to present it to him. As he rubbed, I saw his middle finger go inside her, in and out, several times, lubricating and arousing her as his cock grew remarkably to a solid, stiff and impressive erection.I stood mesmerised. I knew what was going to happen next. A part of me didn’t want to watch, to turn away, indeed to flee. Silently leave and return downstairs to the bar. But it was such a beautiful sight to see Dee naked, aroused, being adored and enjoyed by this man, his arousal plain to see and the biggest cock I had ever seen in the flesh about to be pushed inside of her.Dee raised herself on tip-toes as I watched Kane back away slightly whilst she guided the huge swollen head of his cock to her. I watched her hips rotate and wriggle to position him as he gently grasped both her hips and looked down to admire the incredible sight of himself entering her. He bent his knees to lower himself to the right angle and I watched him enter Dee very slowly, about two inches pressed into her, then pull back slightly. Dee moaned loudly “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” as he went into her and pull out again, the inner lips of her sweet, stretched vulva pulled outward as güvenilir bahis they were clamped around the ridge of his swollen head. He worked at her patiently and gently which pleased and aroused me as he started to fuck her with the first four inches of his long penis, Her moans and sighs growing louder, which caused my cock to throb and swell in my trousers.From my concealed position, I continued my secret vigil and rubbed my hardened cock through my trousers. Kane leaned forward with the end of his cock inside her and turned off the shower. I saw him kiss Dee on the neck and she twisted her torso to kiss him in a sensual lingering kiss as he was gently fucking her from behind in a standing position, with Dee straining on her toes to meet his gentle thrusts.Suddenly, I felt a surge of panic. Dee had turned toward my vantage point and might notice me there. What should I do to best introduce myself to the situation if I was discovered?I quickly moved away from the door and into the room proper and sat on the armchair to wait for them to finish.================= oOo =================Kane broke off the kiss and kissed Dee on her neck beneath her ear.“Let’s take this to the bed. I want to fuck you properly” he offered and withdrew from her. Dee felt his cock leave her with a gentle “Pop!” as the vacuum caused tugged at her vaginal walls.Kane grabbed a towel from the towel rail and handed it to Dee and she wrapped it loosely around herself as he dabbed himself dry with a hand towel and left the bathroom.As soon as he turned to face into the room he saw me sitting in the armchair.I immediately smiled and raised my hand in a silent wave of “Hello” and raised my thumb questioningly as I raised my eyebrows in anticipation. Kane returned the smile and raised a thumb in reply as he stood naked at the end of the bed, his full erect penis pointing rudely upwards.Dee soon followed and stepped out of the bathroom and spotted me sitting and leaned sideways to look past Kane. I gave Dee a reassuring smile.“Hi baby! Everything ok?”A sudden guilty look came over her face and I could see her blush as her eyes met mine. Dee noticed my reassuring smile.“Oh yes!” Dee reassured me gushingly and put her tongue out in a simulated pant, smiling broadly.“Well” I insisted. “Don’t mind me. You carry on!”I was tempted just to leave it at that but added “I’ve been watching you guys take a shower!”This caused Dee to blush further, but thankfully, she also smiled broadly and gave out a playful chuckle.“Oh you have, have you? You cheeky thing!” With that, Dee looked me straight in the eye and let the towel drop to the floor and brushed both hands up her body and over her breasts, then cupping them to point at me and wiggling her hips.“We will do just that. Why don’t you lend a hand? I’m well and truly ready…” Her sentence dropped away and she turned to Kane, who by now was stroking his cock to maintain his erection and standing ready at the end of the bed.“Like I said baby, you carry on” I insisted flatly.Taking Kane by the elbow Dee led him alongside the bed farthest from my position and gently pushed him onto it. Dee glanced at me as if to check I was paying attention.Kane lay on the centre of the bed on his back and continued to slowly stroke his cock. Dee stared straight at me and climbed onto the bed beside him on her knees. She glanced at his cock and took it in her left hand and he released it into her care.Kneeling and looking straight at me Dee gently masturbated it and stroked his hair with her right hand, then stooped and took the head of his cock in her mouth and took his cock as deep into her throat as she could, causing her eyes to close.“Umm!” Dee emitted an exaggerated series of hums and started to give Kane a good sucking, now taking his enormous shaft in both hands and all the while looking at me when it was possible to keep her eyes open. Clearly, she was absolutely enjoying the moment and even started show-boating, masturbating Kane who by now was moaning in appreciation with just her left hand and rotating it round the huge shaft like she were revving a motorcycle throttle.The sight of Dee with her hand grasped on his huge cock, sucking it and adoring it was too much to bear. I stared in amazement and started to rub my cock along its length through my trousers as I feasted on the sight of my beautiful woman pleasuring this man. She was giving me satisfied and cheeky grins as she watched my reaction and by now, Kane was squirming with pleasure.“Like I said” growled Kane menacingly, “I want to fuck you properly” and he immediately sat up. Shuffling, he turned to his left with his back toward me and pushed Dee onto her back to lay with her head on the pillows. Dee looked up at Kane and saw the passion in his eyes and knew what was coming.================= oOo =================Glancing across to me, Dee quickly raised her hips and shuffled herself so she was at an angle with her feet facing diagonally across the bed and past my right shoulder. Now Dee had made sure I could see everything! Kane reached under her and scooped her down the bed by her hips slightly, but her head remained propped up on the pillows.Kane crawled over her between her open legs and mounted her, with his now fully stiff cock laying up her belly and his legs open too, inside of hers. He supported himself on straight arms and lowered himself to kiss Dee sensually on the mouth and started to move his hips and rub his cock up and down across her exposed vagina. I marvelled at the sight. When his balls were nearing her exposed pussy, the head of his cock was up beyond her tummy button and I concerned myself that he was too big and might harm her.Whilst continuing the kiss, Kane moved his hips away and down so the head of his cock lay on her exposed vulva. Moving slightly away his swollen head dropped into position and he slowly started to ease forward and press the tip of his enormous cock into Dee. He broke off the kiss to look down at himself entering her and I stared in fascination at the same thing. Dee looked over to me with an almost shocked look on her face and I saw her eyes roll back in her head and she shook suddenly in orgasm.I felt it hard to contain myself as I watched Kane slowly push into Dee further then withdraw, pause then press his huge penis back into her further. I immediately undid my shirt and trousers and hastily undressed from my seated position and felt compelled to stroke my throbbing cock as I watched.By now, Her legs were wide open and raised, calves and feet round his back and her back was arching and her pelvis gently thrusting forward to meet him as he entered her stroke by stroke, deeper and deeper.He continued to hold himself above Dee in a position you would adopt for press-ups and I got a clear and very graphic view as his huge cock was gliding into her. Each time he withdrew completely, I could see her juices reflecting on the shaft and head of his cock and it trickled from her gaping cunt down over her puckered bottom and onto the bed. He pressed on and entered Dee again and again until eventually he was fully inside her and she was gasping loudly and moaning. He fucked her tenderly but sensually, with slow thrusts and I could see his balls slapping gently onto her anus when he reached full depth. Suddenly, Dee gave out an enormous moan and her body shook in an incredible orgasm. I stood from my chair and crawled onto the side of the bed and her face was a picture of complete ecstasy; Her eyes rolled in her head and her mouth was open. I placed my right hand on her breast and stroked her and my left hand stroked her hair. Dee looked up me with a loving and satisfied smile, as Kane withdrew and climbed off her and stood on the far side of the bed. He leaned over and pulled her hips toward him and rolled Dee onto her front, then pulled her hips up to present to him. Dee complied in an instant and got on all fours across the bed, so I slid myself into a position on my back with my cock beneath her face and legs open each side of her. She let her arms go so she was resting on her forearms and took my throbbing cock in her right hand. Kane now guided his throbbing penis to her opening as Dee took my cock in her mouth and deep-throated me. As he entered her, I felt her gasp and held still as she swallowed my erection. He started fucking Dee deeper and deeper and she timed each foray onto my now throbbing erection to coincide with his thrusts. I reached under Dee and kneaded her breasts and nipples and looked up past her to see Kane grasping her waist and pulling her onto his weapon with a frown of passion on his face as he watched himself bury it into her. Every third thrust or so, Dee had to release my cock from her mouth to gasp and moan and her eyes were rolling again as she reached climax. Suddenly Kane reached the point of no return and gushed his hot load inside of Dee, causing her to go over the edge and to orgasm again…His thrusting subsided, but Dee continued to ride the waves of her orgasm, gently rotating her hips onto his now rapidly subsiding erection until he popped out of her flaccid and let her hips go.She was still at the edge and riding waves of orgasm and needed to finish, so she crawled forward and straddled me. Placing her hands on my chest Dee lowered herself and slid backwards onto me easily, Her gaping cunt soiled and slippery from Kane’s load. Dee immediately sat forward and down on me with her hips and started bucking wildly at me so I could feel the head of my cock on her cervix. She was sweating and flushed and I pulled at her nipples with one hand and pulled her onto me with the other as she reached a crescendo of bucking and crying loudly as she fucked me.“Ah! Ah! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Dee cried and moaned loudly and I felt her vagina walls suddenly spasm and clench in orgasm, clamping onto me and milking my cock.I exploded inside her as she continued to ride me more gently, slowing and circling with her hips, head thrown back with eyes closed and mouth open.Finally, Dee collapsed forward onto me with head on my chest and I held her close and kissed her lips and face.“I know a little girl who will sleep well tonight!” I stated.I looked past Dee at Kane who smiled and raised a thumb in agreement, as he turned and went to the bathroom to shower….================= oOo =================

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