She was like a little sister to me…

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She was like a little sister to me…”Im turning 19 you know…” Said Claire, poking me on the shoulder.”Congratulations!” I told her, grinning. “Want a cookie?”Claire & I sat on the couch right beside each other, both of us watching whatever was playing on tv. She was a petite girl, standing at about 5’2″, blonde, and had a slim figure. I knew Claire since we were k**s. She was the younger sister of my best friend Mike so naturally, she was like a little sister to me too. Mike reentered the living-room a few minutes later, having just ended a call he had received.”Whelp. I gotta get to work.” “I thought you weren’t working today?” I asked him.”I thought so too.” Said Mike frowning. “Claire, Come on, I’ll drop you off on the way.””I think I’m gonna stay…””What for? Besides, you know I wouldn’t be able to come back for you.””I really, really wanna see the end of this movie.”Mike stared at his sister with an irritated look on his face.”It’s okay.” I intervened. “I could drop off her off.”Claire smiled at her brother, “Guess that problem’s solved then.”Mike glared at me, then at his sister, as if contemplating whether or not he should leave his little sister alone with me.”Fine then.” He said at last, opening the door. “But make sure she’s home by eight.””Will do.” I said reassuringly. And mike left.”I swear, he treats me as if I’m still a c***d.” Said Claire, staring at the door Mike had just shut. “As if I need another father in my life.””Yeah well, I’ll have to be your father for now until I drop you off home, and right now, daddy says shut up. I’m trying to watch this.””Ha ha, very funny.” We sat on the couch for another hour or so watching tv until Claire tried to grab the remote from me and her hand accidentally brushed against my crotch.”Oh, sorry!” She said hastily.”Don’t worry about it.” I told her.She was starring at me for a few seconds until I caught her eye then she quickly aimed her attention at the tv again. Several minutes later I felt her hand brush against my crotch again. I started to think she might be doing it on purpose now. Several more minutes after that, she put her arms in the air to stretch and when she let her arm fall back down, her hand ‘coincidentally’ landed on my crotch again, but this time she didn’t remove it. I glared at her. She seemed like she was just watching tv, but then I felt her hand pressing down on my crotch and somehow my limp cock started to stiffen as illegal bahis I realized what she was doing. She started rubbing my cock through my jeans, still acting like she was watching television. “So uhh… You enjoying yourself?” I asked her.”I just wanna make my new daddy feel good, is that so bad?” She said, looking up at me. She then undid my pants, stuck her hand in boxers and pulled my dick out. She wrapped her little hand around my black cock, gripping it tightly and slowly started jacking me off. She lowered her head and licked the pre-cum that was oozing out.”Claire, I don’t think we should-” But before I could finish my sentence, I felt Claire’s mouth slide down my shaft, she engulfed half of my cock in her mouth.”Good God…” I said quietly, looking down at her. She was bobbing her head up and down as my cock slid in & out her mouth, going as deep as she was able to, gagging every time my cock hit her throat. She pulled my cock out her mouth and jacked it off with both her hands. She then lowered her head and stuffed her mouth with my cock again, this time trying to swallow the entire thing. I put my hand on her head and pushed it down, she was gagging like crazy as my dick slowly slid farther down her throat but I didn’t let go, I like how that felt. Her hot breath coated my cock, her tongue twitched and squirmed as my cock pressed against it, it was almost entirely in her mouth now. I held down for a few more seconds, enjoying the feeling her wet little mouth gave me before letting go, and as I did so, she quickly slid her mouth off my cock, gasping for air. The mixture of saliva and pre-cum all over her mouth.”You were choking me daddy, my throat is too small for that.” She said, looking up at me. I sat still on the couch, my wet cock throbbing while Claire’s spit was sliding down my prostate. I stared at her as she stood up and slid her sweatpants & panties down, her little white pussy was shaved, nice and smooth like a little girl’s. She took a step forward, stood up on the couch and positioned herself above my face, I gaped at her pussy which was inches away from me. She parted her pussy lips with her fingers and I noticed liquid gleaming around inside it, I couldn’t wait to taste it. She slowly lowered herself down to my face and I stuck my tongue out as her pussy rested on it. Claire put both her hands behind my head and pushed it against her pussy. My tongue wrestled illegal bahis siteleri with her clit; I licked, sucked, and slurped it repeatedly, swallowing all the juices her pussy provided for me. Her moaning grew louder and louder by the second.”Shit…Shit!” She whispered.I looked up at her, her eyes were clamped shut as she bit her lip. She held my head tighter and pressed it harder against her pussy then began thrusting her hips back and forth, rubbing her pussy against my mouth. She rode my face faster and faster. I tried to keep up with her pace as I ate her out. Her juices were now flowing down my chin. Her thighs suddenly began shaking intensely on either side of my face and she collapsed onto my lap, her hands dropping from my head to my neck and her entire body shook against mine for a good 10 seconds. Her ass was resting on my cock as she caught her breath, giggling at the same time. “Holy shit…” She said, between breaths.”First orgasm?” I asked her.She didn’t answer, she merely looked at me, got up, laid on the couch and opened her legs, rubbing her pussy with her fingers as she stared at my cock. “I want it inside me.” She said. “I’m your little girl for now remember? I want my tiny white pussy spread open by daddy’s fat, black cock.”I instantly got up and kneeled on the floor, positioning myself in between her legs, my cock leveled with her pussy. I rubbed the tip against it to tease her a bit, she moaned and slightly bucked her hips up and down, an eager look on her face. Claire had such a little pussy for her age. I wasn’t sure If my cock would fit, but I couldn’t wait to try. The look on her face told me she was ready and I proceeded to penetrate her cunt. I had trouble sliding the tip in and when I finally managed to, I wasn’t sure if the rest of my cock would be able to fit… but like I said before; I couldn’t wait to try.I could tell Claire hadn’t sex in a long while… That’s IF she ever had sex at all. Either way, her pussy was the tightest pussy I have felt in a long time but thank goodness it was so wet. She groaned as I pushed my way inside her. With much effort, it slid in little by little. I was barely halfway in before she whimpered “Daddy! Deeper, I want you deeper inside of me!”Hearing those words while my cock was stuffed inside her cunt almost made me cum. I thrust my way deeper insider her, my cock was nearly engulfed by her little pussy now, it canlı bahis siteleri was so wet and warm, the walls of her pussy compressed my cock, clenching around it as if it didn’t want to let go. I slid out, then in again, careful not to thrust too deep to hit her cervix, although I was tempted to. The look on her face: Pain mixed with intense pleasure, and her moaning made me even more exited, my cock and throbbed intensely inside her. What would Mike think if he found out what we were doing? What would he say if he walked in on us right now and saw me impaling his little sister’s tiny cunt? I didn’t know, and at that moment, I didn’t care. I thrust in and out slowly, making her tight pussy expand as it got used to the girth of my cock. Her perky tits flopped up and down with each thrust. I bent down and took them in my mouth, swirling the tip of my tongue around her ripe nipples. I then went up to her face and kissed her, still thrusting in and out of her pussy while our tongues played together. She then put her mouth near my ear and whispered “Fuck me like a big girl now daddy.” I obeyed. I began fucking her harder, her petite body jerked roughly as I did so. “My pussy belongs to you daddy! I’m your little whore! It’s yours! this pussy is yours!” She cried out.My cock felt like it was going to explode with cum so I pulled out. It was wet with Claire’s juices. She turned around and stuck her little ass out in front of me, her pussy was wet and messy.”Look at what you did to my pussy daddy, look how it’s opened up for you.” Said Claire, looking back at me. “But I didn’t make you cum yet daddy, my throat needs to be filled with your cum.”My cock instantly found it’s away back inside her. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back against me as I pushed my cock inside her, it slid in so easily now. Claire’s little pussy was so wet, there were squishing sounds with each thrust. It took every nerve in my body to stop me from cumming inside Claire. I quickly pulled out and shoved my cock in her mouth, holding her head down to make sure she didn’t take it out. Hot cum shot out with every twitch my cock made in Claire’s mouth. I made sure she received all my cum before letting her go and she certainly had a mouth full; Cum slid down the corner of it. I saw her throat move and she opened her mouth to say. “That tasted so good!” After that, I didn’t see Claire as a little sister any more, but as my little girl. We had a good time together on her birthday and we never lost an opportunity for some father-daughter ‘bonding’ whenever we were alone. Mike still doesn’t know what I’ve been doing to his little sister ever since that day, and it’s best it stayed that way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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