Sirs Submissive Quean

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“Thank you, slut. I’m having a girl over later today. Shes going to suck my cock and I’ll look at that pic before she gets here.”

I reread the message again, regretting trying to get Sir worked up. It never worked and he always knew what to say to leave me the one wet and wanting more.

“I wish I was the one there with you.”

“As you should.”

“You can think about her getting to swallow my load as you drift off to sleep.”

There was no way I would be able to fall asleep thinking about that, at least not comfortably. Sir had given me a bed time and he still hadn’t given me permission to cum. That meant uncomfortably damp panties for me. I pushed my fingertips hard against my clit hoping it would help my situation subside a bit.

“I’m jealous”

“Good. I want you to rub your pussy while thinking about us. Put your hand in your panties.”

Oh good. Maybe Sir will let me cum before bed after all. I pulled my panties away from my wet pussy with my left hand. Then I slid my shaking right hand in, gently brushing two of my fingers over my clit.

I released my panties and picked up my phone to continue messaging Sir.

“I wish I could be there to take care of you afterwards.”

I continued to rub myself waiting for a response. With the hand I had in my damp panties, I began slowly rubbing circles on my clit, as I thought about the lucky woman who was getting what I wanted. She was getting the load I’d been thinking about all week. It was frustrating for me, but I was glad someone was there to take care of him. I let out a quiet moan as my legs began to shake. I needed to slow down because I was getting too close and, I still wasn’t given permission to cum. It was almost midnight and I knew Sir would be reminding me soon enough.

“Are you enjoying yourself over there slut?”

“Yes, Sir. It feels so nice. I can’t stop thinking about how good she’s going make you feel. How she gets to be the one to taste your cum. I’m so close.”

“Please Sir, can I cum?”

“Good girl. It’s time to take that hand out of your panties though. It’s getting late there, and midnight is bedtime.”

I let out a frustrated groan. He couldn’t stop me now. I was so close just a couple more flicks over my clit would send me over the edge. Regrettably, I slowly pulled my hand from my panties and began licking my fingers clean. Sir liked when I did that. He told me to imagine it was his cock I was cleaning off.

“Yes Sir”

“Good girl. Make sure you clean those fingers well.”

“I did Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“Sleep well, slut.”

“Good night Sir. I hope you enjoy your company today.”

“Oh, I will. I’ll send you a message after and you can read all about it when you wake up in the morning.”

I let out another frustrated growl. I never understood how I could be so turned on and jealous at the same time. Why did thinking about another woman kneeling between Sirs powerful legs turn me on so much. I wanted to be the one there running my hands up his thighs and around his waist. I wanted to be the one burying my nose in his soft smooth balls breathing him in. I wanted to trail kisses in the crease of his thighs telling him how beautiful his cock was and begging for just a taste. I wanted to lick the precum from the tip, and savor every drop.

I moved my hand back on top of my panties. I could just continue what I started, it’s not like Sir would ever find out anyway. I didn’t want that though. I craved his control over my orgasms. Just thinking about him denying me had me bucking up into my hand hoping to find some release. So, I pulled my hands away from my panties. I wouldn’t be able to lie to him if he asked anyway, and then I would end up regretting any orgasm I had.

Sir izmir escort and I met on a fetish blog site catered to our particular interests. I wasn’t necessarily there to meet people, just to browse through people’s blogs and share posts that turned me on. Maybe I was secretly hoping someone would see my blog and strike up a conversation with me. I knew I would never be the one brave enough to message anyone though.

When Sir did message me I was reluctant to respond. The chances of finding a decent guy on a fetish site catering to submissive women who got off on sharing their men were slim. When I did eventually message back, I tried to keep our conversation impersonable, but he was genuine, and easy to talk to.

Over a couple of days, we shared a bit about ourselves. I don’t think we shared nearly enough yet, but we knew some of the important things. I knew he was a doctor and he knew I worked odd jobs hoping to one day become a writer. He had traveled all over and landed in a different country where he went to school and stayed to work. I had done little traveling but hoped to one day visit his homeland.

We talked a little about our interests outside of our kink, and after a couple days we found ourselves exchanging pictures. Every new photo he sent had me wanting to crawl into his arms and worship his perfect body.

I told him plenty of times I imagined straddling his lap and running my hands through his full head of curly brown hair. I wanted to hear him moan in pleasure as I relaxed him after a long day at work. I wanted to wrap my hands around his muscles and massage all the tension away. I imagined rocking back and forth on his lap, while his strong veiny hands held on to my ass. He would squeeze it hard as I sucked on his neck and trailed kisses down to his smooth broad chest where I’d nip and suck on his stiff pink nipples, until he grew tired of that and pushed me to my knees where I belonged.

I would beg to pull out his cock and lick it from root to tip, and then I would until Sir told me that was enough. Afterwards I would take it into my mouth savoring the taste of his salty flesh on my tongue as he ran his hands through my long auburn hair. We would relax just like that until he was ready for me to work for a load.

Eventually I fell asleep to the images I was creating of myself serving him.


When I woke up in the morning the first thing, I did was look at my phone to see if Sir messaged me about his date as he promised.

“Had a nice afternoon slut — Just enjoying my evening now”

“Will you please tell me about it, Sir?”

A part of me was hoping he would tell me no. The part of me that was jealous that another woman was getting to worship what was mine. The more depraved part of me was hoping he would share every dirty detail.

“Her name was Avery. She came over after work and we sat on the sofa chatting for a while. It didn’t take long before she was scooting closer to me as I began to play with her tits. They’re nice big tits, Slut.”

I started wiggling around in bed turned on, but not willing to touch myself without permission. I loved when men played with my tits. I loved having my nipples twisted and pulled until they were on fire. I imagined sir doing that to his date and then cooling them off with soft flicks of his tongue when the pressure became too much.

“We were kissing for a while before I told her to take my cock out. She was eager and crawled across my lap with her ass in the air, as she took me out and began working on me.”

I’d seen Sir’s cock in one of the photos he sent me. It was rock hard and smooth. I wanted to be the one getting to worship it. I wanted to run my tongue from the base to the tip, izmir escort bayan running the tip of my tongue through his slit. I would suck the head in and run my tongue around it in circles. Then I wanted to worship his smooth hairless balls. I wonder if his date had shown his cock the appreciation it deserved?

“She worked it for a long time getting me close and then slowing down. I had my hands in her panties caressing her bottom and dipping my fingers in her tight pussy the whole time.”

I was beginning to think it was possible to cum without being touched. If only Sir would tell me I was allowed to touch myself I could take myself over the edge within seconds.

“When she was ready to swallow my load, I told her to play with my balls.”

Can you picture it, slut?

“Yes perfectly. I wish I didn’t have to get up for work soon. Thinking about this is going to keep me wet all day.”

“Good girl. I was still turned on after she left. I jerked off looking at that picture you sent me.”

“I wish I was there instead to take care of you after.”

“Yes, you would clean me up and then I would allow you to cuddle with me. I would have you running your hands all over my body. I’d want you close where you’d still be able to smell her on me.”

“I would love to rub my hands all over your body while curled in to your side. I would place tiny kisses all along your neck until you turned your head to capture my mouth with yours. Then I would be shaking with need after tasting her in your mouth”

“Good girl. Once I was turned on again, I’d fill you up.”

“Even if you didn’t want to it would be perfect. I would be wet and ready, but just holding you and taking care of you after would be perfect. Whatever you need Sir.”

“Sounds amazing.”

“Now don’t you need to be getting ready for work slut?”

“I do, but I’m so wet and ready. It would only take seconds to send me over the edge Sir. Can I please touch myself?”

“Get ready for work, slut”

“Yes, Sir.” I pouted; lucky he couldn’t see me.

“I won’t be around tonight, but I’ll allow you to cum. You can reread our conversation and get off knowing another woman got to swallow my load.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I want you to tell me about it afterwards. Tell me how good you make yourself feel while thinking of me and my date.”

Feeling frustrated that Sir wanted me to wait until tonight I responded without thinking.

“Oh, I will tell you every dirty detail. Hopefully it’ll leave you hard and aching for hours before you can take care of it. Just as hard and aching as I am wet…”

“Haha, I won’t have to wait. ..and careful slut or I will only allow you to edge yourself.”

I didn’t want to apologize but there was no way my mood would improve if I didn’t get to cum. A little bit of edging would lead to a lot of edging, and me not cumming.

“Sorry, Sir. I just want you to feel how I feel when you tell me about your dates. I just want you to wish you were here with me.”

“Good Girl. Now, get ready for work before you earn yourself a punishment.”

“Yes. Sir.”


That afternoon when I got home from work, I got out everything I would need for the night after I took a shower. I placed my clothes on the counter and grabbed the small steel plug with the pink gem at end. I hadn’t told Sir yet, but I liked having my ass filled just as much as I liked my having my mouth and pussy filled. Maybe even more.

I took a long hot shower taking my time washing my hair, and running my soapy hands over my sensitive nipples. I made sure I was nice and relaxed. Afterwards I didn’t bother putting on much, I just worked the small plug in, and stepped into my favorite pair of lacy black escort izmir panties.

Once in the bedroom I climbed underneath the sheets to reread mine and Sirs messages from this morning. With one hand I reached down and started pinching and twisting my nipples as I thought about Sir playing with his date’s breasts. I imagined Sir beckoning me to them from the other side of the room. “Lick slut” he’d say as he’d push my head toward her breasts. I would lick and suck on her nipples as Sir and his date kissed above me.

When Sir was ready, he would pull me back with a handful of my hair gripped in his hands. “Sit, and watch as she takes out my cock and pleases me” he would say. I would kneel at his feet my hands behind my back putting my tits on display for him, as his date bent over and removed his cock from his pants.

I slowly moved my hand from my nipple down to my clit where I began rubbing it in slow circles.

Sir’s date would begin licking his cock and peppering it with kisses as I watched at their feet to afraid to touch myself afraid if Sir saw he wouldn’t allow me to cum for a week. He would look at me as he held on to her head setting the pace. He would tell her to look at me “See how needy my slut is? Shes rocking back and forth on the floor trying to get some friction on her needy little clit and she doesn’t even know it.” His date would pull off of his cock long enough to look at me and laugh at my discomfort before Sir pushed her head back onto his cock.

As she got back to work sucking him down Sir would grab ahold of my hair and push me into his balls. “I’m about to cum slut and I want my balls in your mouth while she takes my load”.

I let out a moan, as my hips involuntarily bucked up into my hand, and shuddered as my ass landed back onto the bed pushing the plug further into my ass.

I would start lapping at his balls, sucking one into my mouth as his cock would start pumping his load into hers.

Sir’s date would lean back and lick her lips clean as Sir removed me from his balls and told me to show his date how much I appreciated her helping us. I would crawl across the floor until I was kneeling between her legs. “Can I please thank you for helping me serve Sir?”

She would laugh and respond “I’m not usually into other women, but I think I’ll allow you to take care of me this time.”

“Thank you.”

“Get to work, Slut”, Sir would say as he guided my head to her wet pussy. After a few tentative swipes at her clit with my tongue, Sir’s date would take over holding my head, as she began to rub her pussy against my face. I would flatten my tongue and just enjoy her riding my face. Occasionally she would stop and allow me to dip my tongue inside her pussy, and it wasn’t long before her legs were squeezing my head as she rode out her orgasm.

I used one hand to shove some fingers into my wet cunt as I used the other to fuck myself with the plug.

When Sirs date was calm enough to relax her legs, I would lean back and look to Sir for direction. He would either be feeling generous and allow me to cum, or he would deny me and tell me to get them cleaned up and put back together before he showed her out.

“Go ahead slut. Show my date how wet you got while licking her pussy, lean back and rub yourself for us.”

I began rubbing circles harder and faster on my clit as I thought about how embarrassing it would be to masturbate for Sir and his date after she had just given him a blow job. Thinking about her watching me and laughing at me as I rubbed myself for them brought me to the edge and over.

I laid in bed gently running my hands over my body until I was calm enough to pick up my phone and message Sir,

“Thank you, Sir, for allowing me to orgasm. I hope you have a great day.”

“You’re welcome, Slut. I hope you liked it, because I don’t plan on letting you have another until I get to hear your voice.”

“Now I have to get to work. Get some rest. I expect you to message me tomorrow.”

“Yes, Sir.”

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