Sixteen Hours after Prom

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“My what?!?!” I asked.

“Your butt,” Vincent replied. “The KY is for your butt. And this, too.” He pulled out a drug-store enema box. “And, this…” He tossed a small felt bag to me. I caught it and wondered what it could be. It felt heavy enough to be metal. I untied the string holding it closed and pulled out a shiny steel plug with a jeweled flat end. “Is this a butt plug?” I asked.

“Yep.” Vincent answered.

“Your idea?” I asked.

“Nope.” Vincent answered, as he continued emptying the contents of the paper bag.

I knew about butt plugs, thanks to Sherry’s older sister. I wondered if my mom would have approved of Sherry’s older sister, Trish, as adventurous as she claimed to have been in her early twenties. Sherry showed me a similar butt plug at a sleepover at Jenny’s a few months earlier. A gift from Trish. She said it didn’t take long to get used to, but Trish swore by them if you ever thought you might want to try butt sex.

I didn’t have a problem with the idea, but I thought that was something older women did after having a few kids. Maybe when their pussies weren’t as tight as they used to be and they wanted to give their guys something a little tighter. Trish, however, hadn’t had any kids, yet. She was still enjoying her adult youth, as my mom would say.

I met Trish when she was stilling living under the same roof with Sherry. We were really young when we moved to the area, so I barely remember what any of Trish’s boyfriends looked like. I knew she dated a lot, though. Sherry would tell me all about the heavy petting she could hear through her bedroom wall. I wondered who Trish ended up marrying. Now I wondered who was in her pool of fuck buddies that they invited into their bed on a regular basis. Mike, maybe? He was certainly old enough. Definitely not Vincent.

I wasn’t surprised when Sherry told me about Trish’s lifestyle choice. Trish could have been a model. She was tall, athletic, long dark hair, long legs, nice C cup boobs that looked great with or without a bra, and super sexy eyes. When I watched the girl on girl porn on Sherry’s brother’s computer, I wondered who I might experiment with if I wanted to try being a lesbian for a day. Maybe Jenny. Definitely Trish. Now that I knew what if felt like to have my pussy licked, I wonder what it would be like to lick a pussy, myself. Maybe Trish’s pussy. It was no wonder that she always had at least two boyfriends while she was still in high school, and how she continued having at least two boyfriends at the same time until her second year of college. She oozed sex appeal. I did wonder, though, how her husband kept it together when she was being passed around a room full of guys like a bag of popcorn at a Super Bowl party. I’m sure Trish thought it was great, from what she told Sherry.

I definitely wanted to try butt sex some day, but I thought that was a few years away. I certainly found a tongue in my butthole exhilarating, and Vincent’s pinky felt fantastic while he fingered my pussy. But the thought of being butt fucked by either Vincent or Mike had me a little worried. Correction, being butt fucked by Mike had me a lot worried.

Besides, maybe this was what my mom meant by overdoing it.

“Vincent, I don’t know about this,” I said, holding the shiny object in my palm.

“You’ll figure it out.” Vincent said, matter-of-factly. “Really. Don’t worry about it. Nobody’s going to hurt you, at least not permanently.”

He wasn’t being mean, but he did seem a little detached.

We both ate a surprisingly delicious bag brunch in silence. When he finished, he stripped down to his briefs, closed the curtains, and slid under the covers in bed. I cleaned up the little table, took off my terry cloth hotel robe, and got in bed next to him.

“You okay?” I asked, reaching down his body for his manhood.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s sleep for awhile, okay?” he answered. “Get some rest.”

Before I knew it, Vincent was sound asleep.

I decided to get up and take the enema box, butt plug, and KY into the bathroom. I closed the door, turned on the light, and read the instructions. Was I really going to get butt fucked by Vincent or Mike today? I have to admit, I was curious about it. I had been worried about getting fucked for the first time, but it turned out I had been worried about nothing. I loved getting fucked. Maybe butt sex wouldn’t be that bad, either.

I wasn’t sure how immediate canlı bahis the cleanse would be, or how long it would last, but I decided to go for it, anyway. The KY made the insertion easy. A good sign.

I don’t know how long I was in the bathroom. It felt like forever. Once that emotional event was over, I decided to take another shower, but this time when I finished, I didn’t bother with the make-up . I was just as pretty without it, and who did I need to seduce at this point? I had two attractive guys that really wanted to fuck me, and they both seemed okay with each other doing it. What more could a girl want?

I went back to the tube of KY and decided to try fingering my butt hole. One finger was nothing. Two fingers were a little more difficult, though. Vincent was as thick as my wrist. Mike was as a little thicker. How was this not going to hurt?

I pushed the KY against my anus and squeezed in nearly half the tube’s contents. Another first, I supposed. I had lost my oral and vaginal virginity, and both experiences had turned out to be incredible. I wondered how I was going to like losing my anal virginity. I lubed the butt plug and tried several times to push it past my sphincter. Eventually, it popped in and I shuddered from a moment of pain, but then relaxed.

“Okay,” I whispered. “That wasn’t so bad.” I turned around and looked over my shoulder into the mirror. I wondered if anyone would be able to tell I had a butt plug in my butt through my clothes. It could definitely be seen while wearing a thong bikini. I wonder what people would think if they saw that. Is it a turn on for them? Does it announce to the world that I like sticking things up my butt? It didn’t hurt. It wasn’t even uncomfortable.

I turned out the bathroom light, put the tube of KY on the nightstand, and slipped under the covers next to Vincent. He stirred, slightly, but continued breathing deeply. The sound lulled me to sleep almost immediately.

I woke up about two hours later, feeling as if I had slept all day. The covers had been pulled down and Vincent was sporting a two-thirds erection as he slept on his back.

The sight of it stirred something in my sex that I didn’t remember feeling before. I was getting turned on just by the sight of his erection. That hadn’t happened before, even while watching the porn videos at Sherry’s. I’ve felt urges before, but now, having actually had someone inside me, and knowing the feeling, and knowing what its like to have someone make me come hard, I felt myself wanting that feeling again. And again.

I carefully slid between his legs and pulled down his briefs until his cock sprang free. I admired it for a few moments before slowly putting my mouth on him.

He groaned just a little, probably thinking he was having a great dream. I gradually licked his shaft, wetting it with my saliva before taking half his length down my throat. His pre-come had been as delicious as ever, and I was really starting to wonder why that was.

I felt his hand come up behind my head, forcing more of his cock down my throat. I wasn’t sure if he was awake or if he still thought he was dreaming.

“Mags, you’re a natural cocksucker,” he said, definitely awake, now.

I pulled my head back, letting his sex pop out of my mouth for just a second while saying, “Thanks” and then went back to sucking him.

Somewhat unexpectedly, he pulled his cock from my mouth and pulled me up to kiss him on the face and lips. His hands were all over my my body, feeling the firmness of my legs and butt, and eventually sliding his fingers toward my butt hole. He seemed surprised to find the butt plug there. What else was I supposed to do with it?

We kissed for a long time, and I was really getting worked up. I thought I was going to hold out for him to come in my mouth, but at the moment, I just wanted him inside me. I broke away from our French kissing and turned around and straddled his hips. He had a great view of my backside, and of course, my jeweled butt plug. I stroked his cock from between my legs as if it was mine.

I leaned forward, letting his shaft move behind me, and then guided it between my lips. I eased back and allowed his full length inside me.

“Do I still feel good?” I asked over my shoulder. “Not too loose?”

“You feel incredible.” he answered.

I rocked fore and aft, fucking myself on his beautiful cock for about five minutes, feeling an orgasm bahis siteleri welling up inside me. He grabbed the end of the butt plug and gently pulled it out of my ass. My legs shuddered as I rode several waves of orgasm.

“Wow, well if that’s all it takes, I want to be the first in your butt, too!” Vincent said.

I slowed my thrusts as I came down from my orgasmic high. I leaned forward and let his dick spring up from my pussy.

Vincent guided the head of his shaft up and down the crack of my butt until settling on my semi-virgin butt hole. I was shaking in anticipation.

I moved back, just a little, and felt the pressure of his head against my sphincter, but he didn’t penetrate. It hurt, but only a little.

“You have to breath, and relax your butt. Once I’m in, it’ll feel better,” Vincent explained.

I moved forward and backward again, taking deep breaths every time his head pressed against my little butt hole.

He spit in his hand and then rubbed his saliva over this shaft and tried again. This time, when I eased back, I exhaled very deeply and felt the head of his shaft slip past my sphincter.

He was in.

He was in my butt.

Who was I kidding? He was in my ass. I was officially getting ass fucked.

The pain was incredible, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep going. But, I continued to breath deeply, and continued my little fore and aft bouncing movements. The KY finally started doing its job and I found myself taking his cock inside me a little easier. I had been straddling his hips with my shins on the bed, and he allowed me to set the pace – and do most of the work.

“Am I doing it right?” I asked as I looked over my shoulder.

“How does it feel?” he asked in return.

“It hurt pretty bad at first, but its feeling better,” I answered.

“Then I guess you’re doing it right,” he said as he put his hands on my hips.

I reached down and found my swollen clit with one hand while squeezing my own breasts with the other. He was right; once he was in, it did feel better.

I carefully adjusted my position, moving from kneeling to squatting on his cock. I brought my feet close to his hips as I leaned forward and held his knees. He held his hands on my hips as I road his cock like a jockey. My butt farted around his shaft as more of him went in, but he didn’t say anything. The KY worked it’s magic as I eventually impaled myself on his shaft with almost no pain at all.

I was starting to work up a sweat. I had no idea sex could be such a workout.

Vincent moved back toward the headboard, bringing me along with him. He pulled my arms back and placed them at his sides and had me put my feet on his upper thighs. I relaxed against his chest as he reached down and found my clit. He rubbed my nub until bringing me to the brink of orgasm, but stopped before I could come.

He spread my pussy lips with his fingers and commented on how wet I was. Then, he reached down with both hands and pulled my legs back, spreading my knees wide while he bounced me on his cock. My pretty feet flopped around uncontrollably while he fucked me up the ass as deep as his cock could go. How long could he keep this up? Five minutes? Ten?

I started to feel the shudder coming on again. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Was I actually going to have an orgasm from anal sex, too? His thrusts into my butt were hard and fast. My butt cheeks smacked his thighs and his balls slapped my open, wet pussy. I let my head fall back and just let him fuck me. I didn’t even hear when the hotel room door beeped or when it closed. I didn’t even know Mike was in the room until he spoke.

“Dude, are you in her ass?” Mike said loud enough for the adjacent rooms to be able to hear.

“Mags, you likin’ it?” he asked.

“She likes it,” Vincent said from behind me, pulling my legs apart wider. Mike looked at my clean shaven pussy with lust in his eyes, and I felt even closer to coming.

He started quickly taking off his clothes.

“Uh… uh… aren’t you going to wait… for Vincent… to be done?” I managed to mutter.

“I’m not waiting for shit,” Mike replied, cock already bobbing in front of him.

Vincent put an arm around my waist and positioned us so our legs were off the side of the bed. With him more or less sitting on the edge of the bed, and me half standing, half sitting on his cock, Vincent brought my feet together and bent me forward, bahis şirketleri his sex firmly in my ass.

Mike positioned himself in front of me, and I didn’t need any prompting to take his cock in my mouth. I steadied myself with one hand on Vincent’s knee while stroking Mike’s shaft with the other. When I didn’t think Mike’s cock could have gotten any harder, he pushed me back against Vincent, bringing my legs back and spreading them wide enough to cause my pussy to open.

Vincent stopped for just a moment as Mike eased himself into my pussy.

“Oh fuck,” was about all I could get out. Could his cock have gotten bigger since last time? Or was it just that Vincent’s cock was already taking up space inside my body? The feeling of two impressive cocks inside me was unreal.

When Mike actually starting fucking my tight pussy, and when Vincent resumed bouncing me on his shaft, I thought I might pass out. Mike brought one of my feet to his face and kissed the sole of my foot, then licked and sucked each toe. The whole time, he was sliding half the length of his shaft in and out of me. He switched to the other foot and did the same.

“Anyone ever tell you that you have pretty feet, Mags?” Mike asked while continuing to fuck me.

“Uh-huh,” was the best I could get out. He continued his thrusts with a nice, even pace.

“Bet you didn’t wake up this morning thinking you’d have two dicks in you at the same time,” Mike commented, sweat forming on his forehead.

“Uh-uh,” I tried to respond, no.

Mike moved in closer, easing in more of his cock into my pussy with each thrust. I had been leaning against Vincent, but decided to put my arms around Mike’s neck for better support. He leaned in closer and kissed me while managing to get his full length inside me.

Then, the rodeo began.

Both Vincent and Mike started increasing their pace. Sometimes their thrusts were in sync, sometimes alternating. All I could do was hold on.

Mike came first, instantly filling my pussy with his seed and causing it to foam around his shaft while he continued to fuck me. That caused Vincent to release in my bowels, which triggered a chain reaction in me. My toes were definitely curling as my pussy spasmed around Mike’s shaft.

“Oh yeah,” Mike said while continuing to slowly pump into me. “You like that, don’t you?”

I nodded.

“Want some more?” Mike asked.

“Maybe in a few minutes.” I answered. “I need to catch my breath.”

“Good. Because, I think you’re going to get more, Mags. A lot more,” he said, finally pulling his half-erect cock from my open pussy. Come poured out and onto Vincent’s balls.

Vincent’s cock still felt hard in my butt, even though he had just unloaded inside me. I eased myself up and off of Vincent as Mike stepped into the bathroom.

Vincent looked into my eyes, but I couldn’t tell what he was thinking. His cock was slick with KY and come, but amazingly clean. The only smell was of KY and his come. I took his shaft in my hands, and gently stroked him while continuing to look into his eyes.

Without taking my eyes off his, I moved closer to his cock so he could feel my breath on it. I changed hands, wiping one off on the sheets while stroking with the other.

Without breaking eye contact, I took him in my mouth.

I sucked slowly, sensuously, and seriously. I wondered what other girls thought about when they had a cock in their mouths. At that moment, I was thinking how much my life had changed over the past sixteen hours. I was thinking about how I was a virgin a day ago, never having let a boy get to second base, and now I had just had two boys come inside me. And I was sucking on the boy that had just been up my butt. I wondered how that made him feel. I hoped it made him feel special, because he was special. He was my first in so many ways. I didn’t love him. I wasn’t in love with him. But, I liked him. I liked him if for no other reason than to fuck him whenever he wanted – or whenever I wanted. And his come tasted good.

I must look even better with a freshly fucked glow. The sight of my pretty face going down on his cock while looking into his eyes was too much for Vincent. He came hard, almost looking like it was painful. I made sure to hold a firm lip lock on the head of his shaft while he pumped his come in my mouth. I swallowed, and held the base of his shaft while I deepthroated him a few more times.

The toilet flushed and Mike stepped out of the bathroom in time to see me swallow the last of Vincent’s come.

“And a dirty cocksucker, too!” Mike hooted. “The boys are really going to have fun with you.”

To be concluded…

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