Sometimes the Urge is Too Much

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Sometimes the Urge is Too MuchI was driving home the other day when the urge got too much. It was not the urge to pee. It was the urge to rub myself between my legs. I spread my legs as I came to a stop light. My gym shorts were already wet as I pushed my finger past my panties. As my finger felt my clit, I gushed.As I began to have a wonderful orgasm, my right foot slipped off the brake and I bumped the car in front of me. I did not move as I continued to gush. My mind kept telling me that I needed to get out of the car.As I moved my legs, I had another orgasm and someone tapped on the window. I opened my eyes to see a blond 25 something woman, smiling as my white gym shorts soaked through.Opening the window, she said that I should follow her to her place.She leaned in and said that if I followed her home, she would forget the little dent on her bumper.She smiled again as she reached into the car and pinched my nipples.I came again.She said that I had better follow her because she wanted to see what I tasted like now and when she was done with me.I composed myself as well as any woman who had just had several earth shattering orgasms at a stoplight could.I watched as the blond’s BMW pulled out of traffic.I followed as closely as I could, one hand on the wheel and the other pressing on my clit.As she turned into her driveway, I almost overshot her place when I had yet another orgasm.She stopped in front of a rather large garage.The three doors opened and she pulled into one space.I drove to the other space.I was still shivering from my last orgasm when she opened my door.”Why don’t you come inside and we can get you out of those wet clothes?”Stepping out of the car, I followed her into a kitchen large enough to land a small plane in.She turned and smiled as her hands reached for my shorts.She helped me out of my shorts and my soaked panties.I pulled off my tee shirt and stood there as my nipples reacted to the cooler air.”Turn around and put her hands behind your back,” she commanded.I did as she asked and as I was facing away from her, I felt something cold on my wrists. I felt and heard the handcuffs close around my wrists.”Now, I am fethiye escort going to teach you a lesson. If you don’t agree to my teaching methods, you are welcome to leave at anytime and I will see you in court.My gf’s a lawyer and she will see that you are charged with leaving the scene of an accident!”I moaned as I felt her fingers touch my firm ass.’Spread your legs,” she said.Who was I to object?”I did as she asked.I felt her rub her hand from my ass to my pussy. She lingered at my clit and then quite out of the blue, she pinched my clit with her thumb and finger.Today was going to be my day for orgasms.As I shivered and my love juice flowed down my legs, she pushed me to the granite counter.She pushed me so that my clit was against the cold stone corner of the counter.Then she pressed against my ass so I was being fucked by stone.My breasts were against cold stone as my clit was rubbed by stone.She stopped pushing and began to spank me.I do enjoy a little spanking now and again.And being cuffed and not able to move, I was feeling very much not in control.”Stay there,” she yelled.I turned my head as best as I could and saw her open the frig.As she closed the frig door, our eyes met.She licked her lips and I came.She came back to me and began spanking me harder.She would stop every once and awhile and press her finger against my ass hole.Then the spanking would continue.She stopped and as I was expecting a finger, I was surprise with her tongue.I so wanted to have my hands out of the cuffs so I could at least be pinching my nipples.She had one heck of a talented tongue as I went over the edge again.She slapped my ass and then stopped.Then she really slapped my ass.Although my breasts were smashed against the cold stone, my nipples were hard and really needed some attention.”I want you to stand up and come over to the dinner table.”I did as she requested.”I’m going to slide this zucchini first into your pussy to get it all lubricated.Then it is going into your ass.”I looked at the two foot long zucchini with the diameter of at least three inches.”I’m making a salad today and need special seasoning.””Stand with your legs spread.”I did escort fethiye that.She held the zuck below my lips, first rubbing my clit until this body was shaking like a paint mixer. Rather than slowly slipped the spike into my pussy, she pushed hard. I thought I was being split in two as she continued pressing it into my pussy. I was filled to say the least.”Hold it in,” she said.Before I could ask her how, she said I should lean against the edge of the table.She moved to my ass and I heard the cuffs being removed.”Now stand up and hold the zucchini deep inside your pussy with your fingers. Don’t try to take it out or else.”I don’t like someone else saying Or Else.She left the room and returned holding a box.”To make sure that your zucchini is marinated properly, I need you to keep it in you for a couple of hours. And to do this, you are going to wear this.”She opened the box and there in the box was a chastity belt. She helped me into the belt and locked it shut.I was standing with a tree trunk splitting my pussy and my clit rubbing against something protruding on the belt.”Now, lets have some fun,” she said as she dropped her clothes to the floor.”My name is Lacy,” she said.”And I am going to make you pay for hitting my car.”‘You are going to pay with more orgasms than you can count.”I wondered what she was going to get out of this.”And you are going to pleasure me as well. If you do not pleasure me correctly, you are going to be sorry.”Just as I was wondering what she was going to do, I felt her fingers on my ass cheeks. Her fingernails stroking my cheeks made me weak in the knees and I felt the beginning of another orgasm. She pushed one cheek back and touch my back door with a fingernail. Then she began racking her fingernail over my ass hole. God, I do love that sensation!As she stroked my ass hole with a finger nails, she scratched the back of my legs with her free hand.Then she stopped pressing against my back door and reached around and placed a finger nail on either side of my nipple and pressed her nails into my tender flesh.I shivered and began to cum.Then out of the blue, I felt a thousand sparks on my ass.She had shocked fethiye escort bayan me with some kind of personal safety device.It was not a little shock like you might feel when you cross the carpet and touch something like a lamp.This was a “I think if have your attention now, shock!”The orgasm which I was having, vanished.She turned me around and led me by a nipple to her living room.”Kneel, bitch,” she yelled at me.I got down on my knees.”Put your wrists back near your ankles.”I did as she asked.Instead of handcuffs, she pulled from the box, a couple of hardware cable ties.He secured my wrists to my ankles with very little room to move.She put a pillow down in front of me.Then she pushed me over so that my face was on the pillow and my ass was open to her.As I was trying to get comfortable, she swatted my ass with something really hard.The shock and pain were a bit distressing.Then I felt her fingernail on my puckered hole and she was pushing into me.As she pushed, she slapped my cheeks.She pushed a bit harder and I yelled that it was hurting. She pulled out her finger and I felt something warm and wet being dribbled down my ass hole.Lacy pushed into me again with one finger and her other finger found my nipple.The two sensations were perfect as I began to feel the all too familiar feelings in my cunt. My body wanted to stretch out but I could not.The orgasm was building as she probed my ass.I felt myself approaching the sweet spot of no return.Lacy sensed it too.As I was beginning to see start, she stopped pinching my nipples and pulled her finger out of me.My body said that something was wrong.I craved that orgasm but now there was no further stimulation.I tried to squeeze my vaginal muscles to bring me over the top.Yes, it was working as I concentrated on tightening and relaxing my muscles.I was so close I could taste it.I felt something spreading my ass cheeks and prayed that she had changed her mind was going to assist me with my pleasure.I felt her fingernail on my ass hole and as I approached Heaven, she placed her personal safety device against my wet ass hole and fired a thousand volts into my skin.My first thought was that I was going to go into cardiac arrest.As the current flowed into my ass, my orgasm became super charged.Everything below my waist was having an orgasm.My nipples were having an orgasm.And I think the zuck was having an orgasm, too.

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