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step daddy’s girlHi let me fill you in on few things, my mum Katy had me at a young age I’m Sophie I’m now 18 and my step- dad George joined us and got married but sadly my parents split when I was 10 mum wanted to have fun and dad caught her having it so to speak, dad moved out but I got to see him every day as he used to pick me up for school and up from school and take me back to his place, for tea had me all week end every 2 weeks and a Saturday or Sunday my choice. Mum got a new fella Paddy I didn’t like him always looking at me funny when I was 15 I moved in with my dad, mum was ok and I was happy as I saw dad 7 days a week , he was rather a cool dad, didn’t mind me having my music on and my room was my space I was responsible for it and I loved it that way, I moved out of mum’s as her fella was trying to get a peek at my tits I was rather gifted in that department and he was always accidentally bumping into me and coping a feel, he even tried touching my pussy one day. I was now 16 and had a boyfriend Jack he was real Mmmmmmm opps sorry Lol. He got on well with dad as both were into footy and supported the same team; personally I think Jack liked the team for the sake of impressing dad. Jack and I were in my room having a kiss and a cuddle, Jack was a great kissed and made me rather wet below, I wanted him to finger me but was to scared in case I couldn’t be quiet when I cum, Jack run his hand over my tits making my nipples hard as I whispered to him un do my bra and play with them, Jack didn’t need asking twice and had my bra undone in seconds. Lifting up my jumper Jack played with my nipples making me sigh, I could feel Jack’s cock hard as hell in his trousers rubbing the front of his trousers I un zipped the fly and out shot a lump in his boxers, after a bit of fiddling about I got his dick out and started to rub it.I looked down seeing a nice hard cock with a purple colour like head I rubbed it slowly as I felt it pulse, Jack slipped his hand up my skirt onto my very wet panties, I gasped as he touched it, my pussy hair was soaking wet, I rubbed Jack’s cock a bit harder as he lay back all of a sudden he groaned and he shot his cum it poured over my hand as I rubbed it until it was all out, cleaning up I lay back so jack could play with my tits, he rubbed them slowly lowering his head he sucked my nipple softly, again I gasped it felt fantastic, he sucked it softly flicking it with his tongue, I sighed with pleaser and felt funny inside, Jack slipped his hand up my skirt onto my panties and rubbed my pussy, I was groaning louder and louder I grabbed a pillow pulling it over my face. Opening my legs wider Jack slipped his fingers under the leg of my panties and into my wet pussy I screamed through the pillow thank god it was muffled, Jack slipped his fingers in and out hard, I shook had a huge orgasm, Jack slipped his fingers out as I breathed heavily, covering up I kissed Jack “did you really like that Sophie” “did I ever I been wanting you to do that but didn’t want to force you, why? did you like me wanking your cock you cum a fair bit” Jack nodded his head smiling, “it’s a nice size too” we got cleared up and said bye to Jack and sat in the living room with dad.“He a nice lad Sophie what was you up to in your bedroom” “oh the usual dad listening to music chatting” “Kissing cuddling” dad said I blushed “yer just a bit” smiling and laughing “well just be careful hunny and don’t let him do stuff you’re not ready for” “I know dad I won’t” “look Sophie he a guy and will want you but never give him anything unless you’re totally ready and always take precautions” I could feel myself going red was I going to get the bird’s and the bee’s chat I hoped not dad was cool but talking about sex with your father, was a total no, no.“I know dad I’m ok I’m still a virgin” laughing I got up and said I was going to bed. The following morning I decided as it was Saturday I was going to have a lay in I heard dad moving about and lay in the bed thinking of Jack, I couldn’t hear dad so decided to go for a shower, opening the door I saw dad in the shower with a huge hard on and he was wanking it like mad, I slammed the door and went back in my room, I sat on the bed with the image of how big my dad’s cock was I mean, it was massive I had never seen one that big. I heard dad go into his bedroom quickly and shut the door, I went had a shower and then get dressed. Coming down stairs there was a awkward silence between the 2 of us, I looked at dad in a different light, had not had a girlfriend in years, he must get frustrated, “sorry dad I walked in on you” “sorry you saw what I was doing” we laughed hugged but my mind was consumed with how big and thick dad’s cock was. Over the next few months I was unable to get the image of dad’s weapon out of my head, even with playing with Jack’s cock I imagined it was dads, it was driving me crazy I did try to spy on him but to no success, until one evening I was in my room hearing dad go into his I crept out and, sneaked along the hall way, bending down I peeked through the key hole and watched, dad got undressed as he turned his limp cock hung down, it was a beautiful sight to see any women would be proud to have that in them, he started to rub it making it hard, within moments it stood rigid, and a lot bigger.I could feel my pussy getting wet with what I could see putting my hand down my panties I started to rub, dad now lay on the bed and was wanking like mad I could hear him groaning as I watched the cock head disappear under the fore skin then re appear, my nipples where solid Omg I was about to cum and wanted to see what happened, I stopped as if I had cum he would of heard me. I carried on watching as he rubbed his huge cock all of a sudden güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri he groaned gave his cock one last rub and out shot a huge stream of cum, it shot everywhere huge streams dad carried on rubbing more and more cum bubbled out like a volcano.I rushed back to my room pulled my panties down lay on the bed and finger fucked my pussy hard I was dripping wet as I arched my back and cum twice, omg I was so fucking turned on by what I had seen, cum shooting from a huge cock I could feel my nipples getting harder and harder getting naked I lay back down playing with my naked body until I cum again. That late evening we sat in the living room I had still got this image of dad wanking his log and shooting that thick cream into the air. I got chatting to my best mate Candy her mum had split from her dad and she was feeling lonely.The following day I phoned Candy again saying we should get her mum and my dad on a blind date, Candy agreed even if it was for a bit of company, I told Candy I had spied on my dad wanking and how big his cock was, Candy called me a perv and laughed like mad, we made arrangements for a blind date and hung up. That evening I said to dad she was hoping he would take me to the movies with her mate Candy, dad agreed and got up going upstairs, I phoned Candy telling her all was set after hanging up I went into my room and chilled for a while, later on I went and had a shower and decided to shave my pussy as a surprise for Jack, it felt funny shaving but as I did it I was getting turned on feeling my slit I finished off and lent against the shower wall opening my legs, and started to rub my clit, groaning like mad I didn’t hear dad and he came in, he stood staring at me as my fingers slipped in and out of my pussy, “you know that is a real turn on Sophie” I stopped and looked in horror as I saw dad looking at my naked body.He walked closer as I tried to cover up, “ your body is amazing baby I hadn’t realised you had grown into a beautiful women, I looked down and saw a huge lump in dads trousers pulling the shower door open he started to get undressed “what are you going to do to me” “your see” pulling down his shorts and out sprung his weapon, I gasped at seeing it up close so much bigger that before I licked my lips as he stood behind me and rubbed my back the hot water splashing down on us he moved his hand to my front cupping my tits and playing with my nipples, I groaned and had a orgasm, I reached round and grabbed his cock my hand wouldn’t even go round it properly not like Jacks, I started to rub it as dad groaned, he lowered his hand onto my pussy slowly rubbing it in a circular motion. I turned round dropping to my knees and started to suck his cock. He groaned placing his hand on my head I had seen films of women giving head so I had a fair idea, dad’s balls where big hung down, fondling them softly, he groaned.He helped me up and kissed me it seemed weird, kissing your dad but in real he wasn’t playing with my tits he made me groan, he lifted me up as my legs wrapped around his waist, lowering me onto his cock, I could feel my pussy lips start to spread, lowering me onto it slowly it seemed for ever before I was totally impaled, moving slowly up and down it felt un real I groaned loudly as I felt his cock deep inside me, I know I was cheating on Jack but this was just lust wanting his huge cock deep in my pussy, I moved faster and faster as I built up a huge feeling all of a sudden I shook, screamed ,shouted as waves of orgasms ripped through my body, it felt like my head was going to explode, dad lifted me off and started to wank his cock telling me to bend over, I felt his warm cum splash onto my bum.The day after as we left for the cinema I said to dad could we pick up Candy he nodded his head smiled and carried on, as we arrived at Candy’s I went in and knocked on the door as it opened out came Candy and her mum Pam. Getting in the car, dad said hi as he feasted his eyes on Pam chatting all the way to the cinema we got our tickets, and sat in our seats watching the film I turned my head to see ad and Pam kissing running their hands over each other, only when I coughed, did they brake for air. Smiling we watched the rest of the film and left, Candy suggested we get a take away and go back to their place and have a few drinks, we agreed as the following day was Saturday and no one had to be at work, we arrived at Pam’s and sat eating, drinking and having a laugh, all was getting slightly drunk and Candy and I went to bed.Sharing the same bed on many occasions we lay chatting for ages “Candy have you ever slept with a women” “yer you stupid bitch I am now” laughing as she said it “no I mean had sex with one” “no but had always wondered what it would be like why have you?” “no but had wondered how it would feel” turning over I kissed Candy softly on the mouth, she reacted with a long lingering kiss running her hand over my breasts making my nipples go rock hard, I gasped as she broke the kiss. Sliding down the bed Candy got in between my legs and started to lick my pussy, it felt amazing her soft tongue worked my clit until I felt it throbbing I groaned and fondled my tits. Candy’s tongue slowly run up and down my pussy making me gasp, “oh god finger my pussy babe” as Candy slipped 2 fingers deep in my pussy as I arched my back and cum.Coming back up the bed Candy reached into her bedside locker pulling out a cute vibrator, turning it on it buzzed softly she slipped it into her pussy working it on her clit as I watched in amazement as it slipped in and out of her wet slit. I run my hand onto her pussy so smooth with a little tuff of hair on top of her opening “help me Sophie take hold and fuck me with güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri this” I nodded my head and gently gripped her vibrator, it felt funny as this pleasure stick slipped in and out of her pussy, Candy groaned as she arched her back, I stared at her beautiful shaped pussy and her body I lowered my head and sucked on her ripe hard nipples, gasping like mad she groaned louder and louder before she sighed and had a orgasm, I pulled the vibrator out it shone in her juices and turned it off, cuddling up close we drifted off to sleep. After about a hour I was woken to some real loud moaning and groaning I woke Candy so she could hear it as well dad and Pam had made it to bed, all we could hear was Pam shouting for more and the head board banging like mad, all of a sudden Pam shouted she was Cumming as she screamed and dad groaned loudly, Candy said “OMG is he that good Jesus have never heard a orgasm like that”, all of a sudden the head board started again as Pam moaned begging for dad’s huge cock to split her tight cunt Candy looked in amazement at how my dad had fucked her mum making her cum and then fuck her even harder, it felt like he was trying to fuck her into our room.We tried to sleep but the two fucked for most of the early morning before it all went quiet, later that morning Candy and I went downstairs to see Candy’s mum walking slowly around the kitchen we sniggered at Pam. “Are you ok mum” Candy said “do I look it” Pam laughed “your dad Sophie is a a****l and very randy a****l” I blushed at what she said “is he big mum” Candy asked “well I can’t close my legs my pussy is to swollen he is huge” we all laughed loudly as dad appeared on the scene. “What you laughing at” “nothing George just a little private joke” “oh ok well come on Sophie we need to go home do some stuff” Pam said “why don’t you come back later and stay over I’ll cook”!“Dad agreed and we left not saying much on the way home, when we got in I shot upstairs and got some stuff sorted for the sleep over and got changed, as I pulled down my panties I remembered what Candy, had been doing the night before, making myself feel horny I laid on the bed and started to rub my pussy, feeling very wet I pushed 2 fingers deep in rubbing my G spot, my body jerked with pleasure, as I shook and moaned Cumming hard. Relaxing after I got dressed and went downstairs, dad was busy sorting some stuff before we went, getting in the car we drove back to Candy’s as Candy and I went upstairs and went to her bedroom to listen to some music.Dad and Pam where downstairs chatting well that’s what we had thought, coming out of Candy’s room all we could hear is moaning and sighing, slowly going downstairs we could see Pam bent over the table and dad fucking her hard, Candy gasped as she saw Dad’s huge cock sliding in and out of her mum’s pussy “omg your dads cock is massive Mmmmmmm” as Candy started to rub her pussy under her skirt, I pushed my hand on to hers helping her finger herself, she was soaking wet her juices felt sticky, as Candy started to breath heavy hearing Pam moan louder saying she was Cumming all of a sudden dad rammed his cock deep in Pam gripping her hips he unloaded into her pussy, making Pam cum as well, Candy sighed with pleasure as she pulled her fingers out of her pussy, and watching dad slip out of Pam seeing his limp cock hang down. We made it known we was coming down the stairs as the other 2 scrambled around getting sorted, Dad decided we should stay another day if it was ok with Pam she agreed and we all relaxed. That night when Candy and I got to bed we started to kiss and fondle each other I started to rub Candy’s clit, making her moan her juices started to flow from her beautiful pussy opening her legs it made it easier to rub her clit harder and faster, I could feel myself getting wet as Candy and I kissed all of a sudden Candy groaned arched her back and cum, pulling my fingers clear I sucked them tasting her juices, it was a amazing taste only tasting my own before, this was rather erotic.Laying in bed we could hear Dad and Pam having it off they didn’t give a toss if we heard them as I heard dad groaning and begging Pam to suck it harder, Candy and I giggled at what was being said, we decided to spy on them if we could getting out of bed we crept along the hallway to see if we could see what the 2 where up to peeping through the key hole I could see Pam sucking dad’s cock slowly sucking the full length I told Candy to take a look, she put her eye to the hole and gasped “omg” she whispered she sucking the full length “I know” whispering so they didn’t hear us “how big is he Sophie” “well I would say about 12” and thick I mean my fingers didn’t go around the shaft opps” Candy looked up saying “you what; you have wrapped your fingers around his cock” Sophie nodded “and fucked him as well” “Omg Sophie you filthy bitch you actually fucked your step dad” Yep and to be honest it was amazing”.“You never told me any of this” going back to our room we chatted about it “well come on tell me” “well it wasn’t planned it just happened I even giving him a bj and he come in my mouth his cock is fantastic, jack is nice and even fucked him but George is well you can’t describe it except huge”.The silence was broken by Pam begging for more cock as the headboard started to bang against the wall harder and harder “OH FUCK ME WITH THAT COCK RAM IT IN MY PUSSY YOU BASTERED FUCK YOUR SLUT O YES, YES, YES I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGG AHHHHHHHHHH” as Pam screamed out loud, and then silence, the rest of the night was quiet as Candy and I was woken up to Dad and Pam fucking again, Pam was moaning and begging for her pussy to be filled full of cock before she groaned güvenilir bahis şirketleri again Cumming a few times. After a while we went down stairs to find George and pan chatting “sleep well girls” Pam said to Candy “yer mum we did; did you mum or was George up all night”? Pam blushed bright red “mum you weren’t quiet” “sorry girls I couldn’t help it”. Dad smiled as Pam said she would take the girls shopping Candy said she had to study but if Sophie wanted to go it was fine, Sophie asked her dad and all agreed, waving the two off George and Candy say having coffee.“Your very pretty Candy I remember you when you used to come to the house, you sure have grown up”, “hmmmmm well how about you and I having some fun then George, how would you like to make me scream like you make my mum, Sophie said you have a huge cock” opening her top George saw 2 beautifully rounded breasts with nice hard pink nipples, getting up George undid his trousers pulling out a huge lump of limp cock, “fucking hell” Candy shouted “opps sorry that is massive you’re going to destroy my pussy” reaching out and wrapping her fingers around it she started to rub it softly, sucking the head to keep it wet. Leading Candy over to the sofa George sat her down and pulled her bottoms down and panties, kneeling he lowered his head and started to lick her pussy, “Mmmmm oh that feels good Mmmmmm oh yes make me wetter” as George played with her clit and making her sigh.His cock now was hard, thick and throbbing as he sucked her nipples whilst rubbing her clit, Candy’s pussy was puffed and slightly open George grabbed his cock and slowly guided it into Candy’s pussy, making her gasp “oh god it is massive oh please more please I beg you, fuck me hard make me cum, oh please daddy fuck me” pushing a bit more his cock slowly disappeared into Candy’s young hole, sucking on her nipples George made Candy cum as she wanted the full length in her, re adjusting it finally slipped all the way in his balls nestled against her cute bum, Candy wrapped her legs around his waist as George started to move slowly, Candy could feel her lips stretch with every thrust George made.“Mmmm oh god this is amazing I feel I’m being split in 2” as she smiled at George “please daddy fuck your baby harder” as George started to fuck Candy harder and harder, George pulled out and told Candy to get on her knees, before George guided his cock back into her pussy, grabbing her hips George started to fuck Candy hard her tits swayed with every thrust He cupped her tits and rolled her nipples in between his finger and thumb as he felt her juices running out of her pussy, spanking her ass Candy screeched with pleasure George spanked Candy more making her ass cheek’s glow a bright pinky red “oh god I’m Cumming fuck me harder oh god yes, fuck me yes yes yesssssssssssss” Candy screamed as huge orgasm ripped through her young body, George fucked her harder as his cock twitched and exploded deep in Candy’s pussy over filling it with a huge load , slowly pulling out his cock he could see the white foamy cum seeping from Candy’s pussy.“Omg that was awesome” Candy gasped slowly standing up and getting sorted she kissed George passionately, as he run his hands over her tits her nipples went rock solid as she gasped, “well Candy how would you fancy more later, your mum and Sophie are not going to be home until later, I’ll see you in a while, smiling Candy went upstairs and George went about his business, about 3 hours had past and George had finished his work, walking upstairs he knocked on Candy’s door and walked in, “oh hi about time or I was going to have to start without you, you better come here and let me sort that monster out” walking over Candy sat on the edge of the bed, standing in front of Candy she pulled his zip down and reached in pulling out his cock “Jesus that is some cock, never had one like that until today, rubbing it slowly she sucked it softly, undoing her top and removing it she played with her nipples.George’s cock now was hard, his balls hung down still nice and soft Candy started to fondle them, sucking his cock deep into her mouth George groaned as more and more of his cock slipped down her throat, pulling his cock out Candy rubbed it hard before George pushed Cady back and ripped her panties clean off and pushed his face into her pussy and licked it vigoursly, until her lips parted slightly, George guided his cock into her pussy and then started to fuck her hard, Candy’s tits bounced up and down “OMG bang me harder” his balls slapped her ass making her groan, driving his cock deep into her sweet slit, Candy begged more and more shouting, she was Cumming begging for George to drive his rod deeper and deeper, Candy gripped George’s ass digging her nails into his buttocks, her pussy muscles tightened around his cock, before she groaned and shook as George blew another huge load, collapsing on top of her then rolling off Candy sat up and sucked his cock dry.Pam and Sophie returned that evening asking if we had a good day “oh yes mum we sure have had a lovely day George has kept me entertained all day” “oh yer in what way” Pam laughed as she said it “oh the usual mum chatting getting to know each other better” my heart was pounding at how Candy was acting, telling me her pussy was gagging for more cock, and how her pussy was so wet and open, just right for slipping 3 fingers in and having a good fingering. That night George and Pam where fucking as usual, making Pam scream louder than ever, it turned Candy and Sophie as they licked each other’s pussy having some great fun Candy, confessed to Sophie she George had fucked twice in the afternoon and had to agree with Sophie his cock was amazing.George and Pam got married and we all set up home in a bigger new place, George fucked Candy on some occasions I even walked in on them a few times and shared the fun, Pam was always on the end of a real good fucking at one stage she passed out during a huge orgasm and had some fun with George and a friend with benefit’sThe end…………………………………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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