Submissive’s diary Ep. 3: Mistress Kate pt. 3

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Submissive’s diary Ep. 3: Mistress Kate pt. 3Part 3I could have kicked myself for losing that easily. And in front of Kate too… Then again, 20 hits in silence, how was I even supposed to do that? I convinced myself that round two’s only purpose was to make sure I wouldn’t end up with ten points. The blindfold was lifted and Kate stood in front of me.”Does it hurt bad?” She asked, this time gently stroking my face. Her voice sounded more like she was curious than concerned, so I forced myself to smile and said”Not at all. He just caught me by surprise.” She grabbed my throat and choked me while her other hand scratched along the whip marks. I tried to squirm away from her, so she rammed her elbow into my stomach. I gasped for air”Don’t lie to me, bitch. Mike might stay calm and just punish you a little more, but I’m a horse of a different color. I hate little liars and I love to teach them a lesson. Do you understand?” I nodded. It was all I could since Kate had closed her hand around my throat so tightly, it was getting really hard to breathe.Who was that in front of me? She looked like Kate, sounded like Kate, even smelled like her, but I never knew that side of her.Get grip loosened and I took a deep breath”I’m sorry, Kate. I won’t lie again.” She glared at me with an evil look in her eyes”Are you testing my patience?””What do you-“”Does it hurt? I rarely ask twice so you better answer this time.” Something in her voice ran shivers down my back. I was genuinely bahis şirketleri scared of her.”Yes it does…” I mumbled, avoiding eye contact. “Enough! Get a grip Kate.” Mike stepped in and pulled Kate away from me”You know the rules for tonight. One more step out of line and you get to know me from a whole new site. Understood? Look at me when I’m taking!” He sounded angry at Kate for some reason. But she had no intention of backing down.”What have I done? That little choke?” Mike stepped up to her. He was standing less than five inches away from her, looked down and said in a menacing tone”Do you think I’m stupid? Or do you think that you covered that elbow with your body?”Kate’s expression changed. Now looking to the ground, she answered almost mumbling”I’m sorry, I lost my cool for a second.” Mike took a small remote out of his pocket.”No, please Mike, it won’t happen again!” Kate backed away. He somehow scared her with it. What in the world was going on here?”Get her down.” He said and Kate immediately replied. She walked over to me and untied my feet, then opened the cuffs, all without a word. I stumbled forward and she caught me.”Don’t think I’m done with you.” She whispered, “He won’t always be here.”I stood there, not sure how to react. She took me by the hand and we walked towards Mike. He looked st me silently, shooting a shiver down my spine. The cold wind amplified the feeling tenfold.”One win, one loose. Not to shabby, missy.” He sad, youwin inspecting his work on my body. Then he looked to Kate”Dark skin really isn’t the best visual when it comes to whip marks, is it?” His hand ran across my breasts, softly touching the burning mark. “I can barely even see it. Maybe I should have hit you harder… Well, there’s a next time for everything.”They took me by the hands and led me over to the table. It was a long, rectangular wooden table. About the perfect height to”Bend over.” Mike said, pushing me down. His feet pushed my legs apart, and I knew he would want me to open my cheeks. My hands reached back, but Kate grabbed them and roughly bound them behind my back.The wet wood felt cold against my skin. it was damp and uncomfortable, but the same time great because it cooled the whip marks.”Test number three: Endurance. Kaye and I will do to you whatever we want until you stop us. Depending in how long you take it, you will loose your point, gain no point, or you can win several points. If you withstand us long enough, you could theoretically make it to ten points at this station.” He chuckled”Although you never will.” Kate gagged me with the leftovers of my nightgown. I was afraid and excited at the same time. What would they do now? Ungh!Mike shoved his entire length into me with one thrust! At the same time I could feel a cane, resting on my ass. After a few seconds it was lifted andWHACK!I groaned into the gag and youwin giriş closed my eyes.This. Was. Amazing. I had been slapped on my ass during sex before, even flogged, but this was something else. Mike kept thrusting, every time almost pulling out, then pushing all the way in again. WHACK!The pain intensified every feeling to a point where my mind went almost blank. I wanted more. So much more. I don’t remember if I moaned, but I must have. Kate put her hand over my mouth to keep my volume down. WHACK!Her hits were hard and precise. She the same spot every time. It felt like a jolt every time she hit me. My muscles tensed up and firmly grabbed Mikes dick, craving for him to make me cum. WHACK!”Isn’t she enjoying this a little too much?” Kate asked. Mike picked up the pace and answered”I told you she would. But let her enjoy this as long as she still can.” Something in his voice told me that he wasn’t joking.WHACK!Mike grabbed my hips and didn’t hold back anymore. He impaled me with everything he had and I came. I love the moment when the orgasm washes over me, blending with the pain, creating something new. WHACK!My body convulsed, but Mike held me down. I began to shiver, being driven deeper and deeper into that blissful abyss. In that moment, nothing mattered anymore. Once I was done, he pulled out. I was still gasping for air when I felt Kate spreading my cheeks. In one go Mike pushed a buttplug in. I groaned from the sudden pain. Kate laughed and I headed a latex glove snapping onto Mikes hand. Something cold entered my pussy and slowly spread me wide open. The sound of a cable plugging into the speculum. I had a really bad feeling all of a sudden. “Now… Let’s begin the real challenge, shall we?”

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