Sucker for Mom Chapter 3

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Sucker for Mom Chapter 3Chapter 3″You gotta be k**din’! We can’t do that! Jesus Christ, Wendy! I can’tfuck a girl in my mother’s bed! I’d feel … kinda …” Terry stammered,feeling a strange stirring in his nuts when he thought about hersuggestion.”Don’t be silly, Terry. I think you’d like to fuck me in your mother’sbed. I’ll bet Sheila’s bed is softer than yours, more comfortable. Iprefer nice silk sheets, Terry. And besides, doesn’t it turn you on justthinking about it? Wouldn’t it be nasty?”Terry wanted to deny the odd feeling of excitement and sexual heat thatstirred in his balls when he thought about fucking Wendy in his mother’sbed. But he couldn’t.”Yeah … well … okay … I guess we can do that…” he managed tosay, still working the skin up and down over his bulging cock.”And doesn’t it turn you on? Doesn’t it?” Wendy smiled.”Yeah … I guess it does! Okay, it turns me on! There! Now are yougonna let me fuck you yet, baby?” He had tried to sound annoyed in aneffort to cover up his embarrassment.”I might just let you fuck me now, Terry …” she said. “So your motherturns you on, eh? You nasty boy!”Wendy rolled over on her stomach and propped her chin up on the arm ofthe sofa.”Shut the fuck up!” Terry said, grabbing her in his arms and carryingher away. “Let’s get this show on the road! My cock’s gonna shoot off ina minute whether it’s in your cunt or not!”Wendy kicked and giggled playfully as Terry carried her away. When hedropped her on his mother’s silky bed, she spread her legs andluxuriated in the incredible softness of the sheet around her nakedbody.”This is more like it, much more like it, Terry!” she laughed. “This iswhat a lady like me deserves! Maybe we should get married or something,Terry! Then I could have a nice bedroom like this, or a nice fuckroomlike this!””Married my ass! I got a lot of fuckin’ to do before I do that, Wendy!”Terry replied, a bit too seriously.”I was only playing, silly!” Wendy laughed. “Shut up and fuck the shitout of me!”Wendy reached between her naked legs and spread open the lips of hercunt.”Put it right there, Terry!” Wendy said lasciviously.Terry fell on her and rammed his hard-on into her sucking cunt. Hegrabbed her tits and squeezed lovingly while he fucked her with everyhard inch of his fuck-hungry cock. He felt the head of his slipperycunt-reamer spreading the lips of her pouting cunt and entering herfuck-hole, felt her eagerly working twat-muscles squeezing the shaft ofhis cock. She was a honey-fucking babe all right, and she was all his.”Oh God! I’ve waited all day for this, Terry! All I’ve done all day isburn between my legs for you! I love having hot hard meat in my cunt! Ilove the way it stretches me! God the way your cock stretches me!””Work that cunt on my cock!” Terry screamed. “Work that cunt! Squeeze mycock in there, baby! Squeeze it! Grab my nuts! Yeah! Yeah! Grab mygoddamn nuts!”Wendy raised up and reached between Terry’s tense legs, taking his hairysperm-filled balls one at a time in her hand, caressing them while heslowly gyrated his pelvis, grinding his cock into her hot twat. Her armswere crushed between his chest and her warm body, her tits mashedagainst his muscles, her nipples pressing hard and hot against his skin.”I wanna put it in from behind now!” Terry growled at his sweet-fuckinglover.”Oh Terry! Terry! I love it that way! I love a cock stuck in my cuntfrom behind! Let’s do it, darling! I can’t wait!” Wendy struggled to herknees on the bouncing bed.Terry positioned himself behind her and pointed his prick at her furrycunt. The light blonde tuft of hair between her legs beckoned him, drewhis cock against her creamy snatch. His balls tightened when he felt hercunt-lips spreading and accepting his cock-head. Her pussy seemed tosuck his hard cock into it all by itself.Breathing heavily now, Terry reached beneath the girl’s warm body andstroked her belly, running his hands over her until he reached herpendulous tits. He grabbed big handfuls of tit-flesh and kneaded herknockers until she felt dizzy inside.He felt Wendy moving her ass against his groin, bahis siteleri canlı grinding his swollencock against the walls of her sensitive pussy, making slurping sounds asher wet cant sucked at his slippery cock. He began punching in and outof her, ramming his prick in and out of her with ever-increasing forceand urgency.His swinging balls slapped against Wendy’s damp crotch with each forwardthrust. His nuts felt ready to explode at any minute. He knew that hecould shoot off at will now, knew that he could fill her with sperm andfeel the bliss of ejaculation any time he wanted it. But he wanted to goon fucking her forever, wanted to push both of them slowly to the brinkof orgasm.Wanting to prolong their pleasure, he reluctantly pulled his cock out ofher with an audible slurp and leaned back, his rock-hard erectionpointing straight at the ceiling.”I wanna put it in your ass, Wendy! Want it up your ass?” Terry moaned,trying to stop his dick from shooting all by itself just at the thoughtof fucking her ass.”Oh Jesus, Terry! Up my ass? It sounds wonderful! But won’t it hurt? I… I don’t know … We’ve never done that! Your cock is so big … sobig…””You mean you’ve never had a cock up your ass? What’s the matter withthose other guys you’ve been fuckin’?” Terry grinned.”Don’t be silly, Terry! Of course I’ve, taken cocks up my ass before!But none of those boys were so big! My God, Terry, yours is huge, and sodamn hard! I … I don’t know if I should …””Come on, Wendy, give it a try! I won’t hurt you too much! You knowthat! Don’t you trust me, baby?” Terry said softly.”All right, Terry. You know I’d do anything in the world for you. Butyou’ve got to try not to hurt me! Let me take it slowly!” Wendy said.”It might feel wonderful stretching my ass once I get used to it afterall …””Damn right, Wendy! You’re gonna love it! Jesus Christ! I can alreadyfeel my fuckin’ cock up your ass! I’ll bet you’re tighter than hell!”Terry slowly jerked himself off, staring wide-eyed at his chick’supturned asshole.”Try not to hurt me, Terry! Please!” Wendy begged.”Are you ready, baby? Hold on now! Here it comes!” He grabbed his cockand pushed it up tightly against her puckered asshole.Terry forced his huge bulging cock-head harder and harder against hertight asshole, trying desperately to work the head of his hot prick intoher. He grabbed her ass-cheeks and spread them apart, working hisfingers against the yielding flesh of her pretty butt.”Damn you’re tight! I can’t get this fucker in!” Terry grunted, pushingagainst her until his prick was almost bent double.”Please put it in! Put it into me! I don’t care how hard you do it now!I want it so bad … so bad!””Here, baby, let me get a finger in there first. Maybe that’ll stretchit a little,” Terry said eagerly.Terry rubbed his finger up and down the slippery shaft of his cock andwetted it with pre-cum. He pressed his slickened finger against thepuckered ring of Wendy’s asshole and twisted it gently until it .slidinto her. He felt her shiver slightly when his finger entered her analpassage. He pushed his finger in farther and farther until it was buriedall the way to his knuckle. When he began moving it in and out, he felther shiver again with pleasure and excitement.”I’m gonna try it again, baby. Hold on!” He pulled his finger out of herasshole and pushed his cock against her asshole again.Terry grunted and pushed with all his might, but to no avail. He wasafraid he would break his stiff erection if pushed too hard against herasshole. He had to get into her, and he had to get into her fast.”Fuckin’ thing still won’t go, Wendy! Let’s see if we can find someVaseline or somethin’!” he said, jumping out of bed and heading for thedoor.”Maybe there’s something in your mother’s dresser, Terry!” Wendy saideagerly. “I’m sure she has boy friends too.” Wendy smiled teasingly.”Oh … well … I don’t think so, Wendy …” Terry answered weakly.Terry had almost forgotten that he was fucking his girl on his mother’sbed. Now that she had mentioned his mother again he was filled once morewith canlı bahis a strange dizzying excitement that he found difficult to trace,although he knew it had something to do with his unusual and confusingfeelings for his mother.”She doesn’t have boy friends? But you said she divorced your fatherthree years ago!” Wendy said interestedly.”She says she’s through with men, at least for a while …” Terryreplied. “I mean … uh … well … we haven’t exactly talked aboutthat very much … but I don’t think she’s had any men.””Well, Terry, I think we should look in her drawers anyway. She mightkeep some Vaseline on hand anyway. I don’t think I can stand to be allby myself while you go to the bathroom, not as hot as I am.” Wendysmiled.”I don’t think you should,” Terry said softly as he watched her open hismother’s top drawer.”Does it bother you to be so close to your mother’s private things?”Wendy asked.”Maybe. I mean … well … a guy doesn’t fuck his girl in his mother’sroom every day!””I wish you could fuck me in that nice bed every day. It makes me feelas soft as the sheets!” Wendy said.”Softer. A lot softer!” Terry agreed.”My goodness, Terry! What on earth is this? A … a dildo! A dildo! MyGod! A big electric cock!” Wendy said excitedly, her twat itching to trythe hard thing.”I … I think you’d better put that back …” Terry said nervously, asinking feeling in his stomach.”Not a chance. Look at that thing! Oh God! Listen to that hum! I have totry it! Now we know what your mother does in her spare time, don’t we,Terry?” Wendy laughed. “No wonder she doesn’t need men! I’ll bet thisthing stretches her cunt as far as any real cock would!””You … you can’t use that … I … I mean…””Because it’s been in your mother’s cunt? It’s been in your mother’spussy! Doesn’t it make you feel nasty inside? Come on, admit it!Ummmmmmmm!” Wendy rubbed the humming thing against her wet cunt-lips.”Jesus Christ, Wendy! Do you read minds or somethin’? You always knowwhat’s goin’ on inside me!” Terry said, staring at Wendy.”A girl has a way, you know,” she smiled. “This feels wonderful. Andthere is some Vaseline after all! This thing makes my clit feelwonderful! I could come with this dildo any time! I might not even needyou any more, Terry! I could come off all by myself!””Hell if you will! I’ll show you how much you need me, baby!” Terrygrowled, grabbing the jar of Vaseline, opening it quickly and dippinghis fingers into it.He smeared a big wad of the slippery stuff all over the shaft and headof his reddish-purple cock and made Wendy bend over. He smeared more ofthe stuff on her asshole and the crack of her butt, pushing his fingerinto her and slickening the inner walls of her anal opening.”Now get back on the bed, Wendy! I’m gonna come in your damn ass!” heordered.”Do you mind if I stick this in my cunt?” Wendy asked timidly, crawlingonto the bed and getting on her knees.”You do any damn thing you want with it, baby! You stick that in yourpussy and turn it up all the way! With that dildo in there and my cockin your ass you’re gonna come pretty damn good!” Terry pressed hisVaseline-smeared cock against her asshole. “Now try to loosen up alittle! This might hurt at first, but you’ll get used to it!”Unable to stand the tension in his balls any longer, Terry closed hiseyes and rammed his cock against Wendy’s asshole and forced his bulgingcock head to push into her tight ass. He almost knocked her over withthe sheer force of his forward thrust.Wendy cried out loud when she felt his huge cock jab into her butt.Terry had buried his cock in her ass in one mighty thrust, had buried itin her all the way to the hair of his groin. He waited patiently whileshe accustomed herself to the monstrous intruder.”Oh Terry! Terry! It hurts! Don’t move it yet! You’ll kill me!” shecried in pain.”Okay, okay, but I can’t wait much longer, baby! Your asshole’s drivin’me wild! I gotta come in your hot ass!” the boy rasped, reaching downand rubbing his sperm-filled nuts. “I’m gonna shoot your sweet ass fullof sperm, baby!””Yes! Yesssssss! Shoot it into bahis siteleri me! This vibrator is driving me crazy,Terry! No wonder your mother uses it! It’s so huge and hard! And justimagine! It’s been up your mother’s pussy! It’s made your mother comejust like I will in a few minutes! Doesn’t that make you hot and horny?Doesn’t that just do something to you deep down inside?”Wendy’s body was shaking with hot sexual excitement.”Yeah! Shit yeah! My mother! Jesus Christ! It’s weird, Wendy! I’m reallyfuckin’ you in Mom’s bed!” Terry gasped, dizzy inside.”Oh, God, God! Fuck me with that cock of yours! Dick me while I rub thisdildo against my clit!” Wendy cried.”Can I move it a little now? Are you ready for it yet, baby?” Terryasked, unable to control the tension in his balls.”Yes! Move it now! Hard! I don’t care how much it hurts! Stretch my asswith that monster! Fuck me! Butt-fuck me hard! In and out, Terry! Strokeit! Come in my ass! Come in my fucking asshole!”Terry pulled out until his long hard prick was nearly all the way out ofher butt-hole. With one mighty lunge he forced his huge cock into heragain all the way to the root. He felt her shivering buttocks crushingup against his groin, felt his big cum-filled balls slap up against hersilky crotch.He tensed his hard buttocks and lunged back into her again, fucking herass with ever-increasing force. There was nothing he could do to controlhimself. He was wild inside, on fire with lust, and he knew that Wendyburned with the same raging fire.Terry groaned as he felt Wendy’s tight ass gripping the impaled shaft ofhis bulging cock, grasping his meaty shaft. His cock made wet slurpingand sucking sounds as it pounded in and out of her tight asshole. Theelectric dildo hummed at a higher and higher pitch.Wendy could hardly stand the pain of her lover’s impaled prick, but sheendured it for the sake of the hot lust she loved. She felt as if herentire body had been suddenly filled with hot throbbing cock. Herinsides felt stretched and tight. Her cunt seemed to melt as theelectric cock hummed away between her shaking young legs. It was almostlike being fucked by two men at once, something even Wendy had nevertried, and the excitement of the new experience was too much for her.”I’m about to come, Terry! Shoot me full of sperm! Shoot it into me!Hurry! Come in my ass!” Wendy cried. “You’re so hard and big in my ass!I love it! Oh Terry! Terry! You’re the best boy friend a girl ever had!””Yeah, babe! I’m comin’ too! What a cunt! What an asshole! You’re toomuch! Your ass is so fuckin’ tight on my dick! I’m comin’! You’re gonnafeel this for a week!” Terry gasped as his balls tensed suddenly.Terry’s cock suddenly swelled to even greater proportions as his nutsexploded. His body lurched forward involuntarily, burying his hard-ondeeper than ever into Wendy’s sweet ass. His balls seemed to blow upbetween his legs, blasting their heavy supply of cum through the shaftof his cock and into the hot channel of his girl friend’s ass. He felther moving her ass against his hard belly, grinding his cock into herinsides wildly.”Terry! Terry! I … I’m … I’m coming! Coming … COMING!” Wendy criedas her sweet little pussy flashed.”Do it, baby! Do it! Flash off! Oh shit! This is too much! This isgreat! Comin’ in my mom’s bed! Oh crap! I can’t believe it, baby! Takeit up that ass! Take my fuckin’ wad!”Wendy felt her lover’s heavy load blasting inside her ass, felt itsearing into her like molten lead, spraying against her insides, fillingher with his hot sperm. She buried the humming plastic dick deep insideher pussy, holding it there tightly as her cunt tingled and flashed withlust. She felt rivers of cum running inside her rectum, washing away thetension their hot fucking had built up. It was beautiful.When the horny fuckers had finished their wild climaxing, they felltogether on the satiny bed and rested in each other’s arms, breathingsoftly and whispering little nothings.Later, as they slowly regained control of themselves, the fact that theywere lying naked in Terry’s mother’s bedroom began to bother both ofthem. It was so nasty, so depraved, so daring, that they had to leavethe room eventually, afraid that they might be discovered there. Theydressed silently.Terry walked Wendy home in the full light of the moon. Not a word wassaid about Sheila.

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