Surprising my wife and daughter…3

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Surprising my wife and daughter…3On my plate that evening, when I came in from the grill with the chicken, was a little blue pill.  Heather just smiled at me and said, “Consider it an appetizer for us all!”  I was not certain where it came from since I did not have a prescription, but after the afternoon, I was glad to have some assistance for what I anticipated. I went to the bath to wash up and rinse off some of the smoke real quickly and met Alex as she was just stepping out of the shower.  Prior to that afternoon I would have averted my eyes and headed to the other bath.  Today, I smiled, grabbed the lotion bottle from her and squeezed out a generous amount and said, “Here, let me help with that.” She had been right.  And she had been wrong.  I had been fascinated by the sight of her from the time she was born.  Having grown up in a family of all boys and where Mom was so uptight she could not even say the word “sex”, I was fascinated by her development.  When her mother died of an allergic reaction to some food on a trip to France, I was the one who had to help her learn how to be a woman.  So I had helped her get fitted with bras, helped her deal with feminine hygiene.  Fortunately, Heather entered the picture before things got really crazy.  But she was right that I had gotten a lot of pleasure sneaking looks at her in the pool, as she darted to the restroom, when she was lying around the house. Now her body felt so good in my hands.  Her shoulders were strong, her back tapered nicely down to hips that swelled out nicely.  Her ass was not huge, but God was it nice and round.  Rubbing the lotion down lower, I ventured to rub some into the top of the cleft of her ass.  As if to answer the question of whether that was going too far or not, she bent forward onto the sink, and I found myself looking at a puckered pink button of an ass hole!!  I was thinking of bending down and seeing what she would do if I bit a cheek or ran my tongue down her cleft, when from the doorway a voice cleared. “If the two of you don’t stop, the chicken will get cold.  And Mister, NO SAMPLING DESSERT before dinner!”  Heather said to me in a matter of fact, stern voice.  I stood up straight and started to protest my innocence, when she just pointed at my rising cock.  My shoulders slumped and I turned to the shower and reached for the soap.  That was when I saw Heather fill her hand first with more lotion and then begin massaging the breasts of Alex!!!  I put some extra shampoo in my hand and stroked my cock a little.  They moved together and kissed and touched.  At first I watched their hands move so lovingly and tenderly across each other’s curves.  But then the site of them kissing, biting, tonguing sucking and looking güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri into their eyes made me nearly forget to even breathe!! “We better stop, or he is going waste even more cum down the shower.” I heard Alex say.  My cock was fully erect and ready for business; I was both surprised and delighted to see.  “Would the two of you care to join me?” I asked innocently.  But before Alex could do more than turn toward me, Heather said, “No, now finish your shower, and if you touch yourself again, I will put you back in your cock cage and you can do without for a very long time.”  With that, she took Alex by the hand and they walked quickly out of the bath and into the hallway, from which I heard their laughter a moment later.  There was nothing to do but finish rinsing out my hair and making certain all parts were clean, so I could join the ladies in the dining room. As I walked into the dining room, still toweling my hair dry, I stopped in my tracks.  The ladies were seated on either side of the table, completely naked and looking absolutely ravishing.  Both had applied a little makeup and sat there as if dressed in their finest, sipping a bottle of wine as if everything was as it should be.  My own place was set as normal for a holiday dinner.  But it was the other end of the table that gave me pause.  A couple coils of rope were lying over the corners of the chair back.  Some scarves also adorned the chair back.  But where the plate and dinnerware would have been for a guest, there were instead, a collection of adult toys, vibrators, dongs, paddles, whips, handcuffs and lotions, many of which I recognized from the stash that Heather and I had in the bedroom. , Some of the items however were not familiar and I looked at Alex, whose cheeks reddened just a touch. Tossing my towel into a pile on the floor, I took my seat and asked Heather, “Would you like some salad?”  We all laughed and giggled a little and then the rest of the dinner went on as normal…only we were all naked and each of us kept looking at the items at the other end of the table. Finally the dinner was over and the ladies cleared the table, as I picked up my towel and took it to the hamper and drained my soldier.  We had polished off the whole bottle of wine and as I made my way back to the dining room, I poured myself a brandy and walked back into the dining room.  The table was cleared except for the items at the far end.  Heather was wrapping a length of white rope around the wrist of Alex as they just laughed and giggled like teenagers.  I watches as the first wrist was tied and then the second. “Tonight, for dessert, we will be feasting on split peach pie drizzled in white sauce and a meat tipobet güvenilir mi stick!”  Heather announced officially and she positioned Alex, face up on the table, legs dangling on one side of the table and her head so it almost was off the table on the other side.  My wife nodded for me to take Alex’s wrist closest to me and tie it to the leg of the table nearest me.  I did so as I watched her secure the other wrist at the other end of the table. When finished, Heather stood up, picked up a very thin vibrator, barely larger around than a pencil, and some lube, and then proceeded back to her seat at the table where she then took each foot of Alex and put them on the chair arms to either side of her.  “Please, feel free to enjoy your dessert.  In 30 minutes we will change places, my advice is, be nice!”  With that, she spread the fleshy mound of Alex’s sex and starting near the rectum, flickered her tongue here and there all over the exposed pink flesh!! To be honest, I almost sat down and started wanking off right then!!  By the way that Alex was squirming and moaning, no further stimulation was going to be needed by me to have her reaching into the stratosphere in well under 20 minutes time!  But then a quick glance from my dark haired and darker eyed she-devil of a wife let me know that I was not behaving appropriately.  So I moved down to the other end of the table to examine my options. A pair of large envelope rubber bands caught my eye, and I picked them up and leaned over Alex and grabbed a big handful of young breast and began working the tight rubber over her flesh until it was snugged back to the base or her breast where it grew out of her ribs.  It made the puddle of flesh suddenly stand up firm and boldly.  There was a lot more flesh there than I had realized!!  Having accomplished the task once, the second band worked itself into position even more quickly and as I finished, I saw Heather staring up across the girl’s flat stomach at the pillars of breast meat pointing up and I knew I had chosen well. Then Heather lifted her face from Alex’s groin and quickly coated the vibrator with lube.  As I watched, she then aimed the stick too low to go into Alex’s pussy and there was only one other option available.  Alex moaned and squirmed, so as I picked up two more items, I bent down and attempted to make her feel better by sucking on her now fully erect nipples.!  Then very slowly, I tightened the “tweezers” nipple clamps onto her fully extended nipples!!! “God, the two of you are killing me!!!” Alex screamed.  “The French call it, Petite morte or the little death my dear.  So prepare to die!”  With a wicked laugh, Heather dove into the already wet gash of my daughter tipobet giriş and I began just running my fingers all over her body,  From finger tips, to armpits to navel to neck and breasts, my fingers and mouth explored every bundle of nerves I could search out on her body as Heather barely paused long enough to come up for air! With 5 minutes left and Alex pleading, Heather stood up and said, “Damn it, you may not be willing to use this young bitches mouth, but I am not going to miss out on the chance.  Trade me places!”  I moved around the table to where the chair was pulled out.  Fascinated, by what I saw, Heather grabbed a handful of Alex’s hair and yanked her head over the edge of the table and then without any further preamble, shoved her dripping wet pussy onto the bound woman’s face!!  I was mesmerized, and maybe a little drunk, because I was just staring when Heather said, “Fuck her!  Give her your cock!!  Her pussy is on fire!”  I shook my head and realized what needed done.  I rammed my cock into her slit and heard Alex scream into the other woman’s pussy!  I then held my cock deep in her and picked her ankles up and put them on my shoulders.  With everything perfectly situated, I proceeded to pound in and out of the young pussy that was before me like I had not done since I was that age!!! Heather yanked off the nipple clamps to a whimper from under her and then began slapping the breasts that were beginning to discolor.  Every blow caused Alex pussy to tighten on my rod as if to break it!  There were lots of “Oh my gods” and “yeah, that’s it!!” and “Fuck yes!!” being screamed when a bell sounded and Heather, who was on the brink of an orgasm screamed.  “STOP!!”  I froze in midstroke.  She stumbled back a step and fell into a chair.  “Time’s up.  Help me let her go.  Then you will have 10 minutes to position me and have me for dessert.”  She said and then she shuddered.  I pulled my glistening cock out of Alex and walked around and slapped the wet cock on her bare chest.  The ladies laughed.  “You might as well suck it clean while it is fresh.”  I said.  We all three laughed, then she popped me into her wonderful mouth and deep throated my cock for just a couple seconds before backing up and disgorging my cock. “Untie her and the two of you can plan what you want to do with me.  I need a drink she said, as she stood up and wobbled to the bar to pour herself a seven and seven.  I released Alex who immediately took the bands off of her breasts.  “Damn, Daddy, you sure know how to take a girl to heights never before dreamed!!”  She then wrapped herself around me and kissed me passionately.  I looked past her to where Heather watched us with a wicked smile. That was when I knew this night was far from over!!!! I am loving this story!!!  It seems to write itself as I watch it unfold in my mind.  I hope you like it as well.  Please take the time to become a member and vote and comment on my stories.  It is the only way I know how to improve and hit the spots YOU want to read about!!! 

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