Surreptitious Love Ch. 109

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Chapter 109 — Warm Family Bonds

About ten days ago, my mature friend Mrs. Yen had joined our orgies at the vintage hotel, bringing a healthy dose of dignity and new élan to the rumpus: After Thuy, a petite, 32-year old real estate broker, had blown us three guys in close succession, Yen had subsequently taken each of our cocks between her marvelous breasts, while my long-term affair Nguyet, who was Thuy’s boss, had offered her snatch to complete the satisfaction conveyor belt. After a sluggish beginning, Mrs. Yen’s swift action and poise had proven to be the catalyst for a rousing sensual drama.

For the second round, Yen had caught the formidable load of sperm that had been oozing out of Nguyet to massage Thuy’s substantial tits, before Thuy had taken the second half of the cum in her mouth to blow Hoang and Vu, the two young guys who completed our round. I will never forget how our cum had foamed in Thuy’s mouth and on the two tight youthful rods. In turn, Mrs. Yen and I had rolled around rhythmically on the other bed, after which she had let both young buffaloes ride her, albeit protected by a rubber wall. All in all, this had been so tantalizing that we agreed to meet again this week.

And there was even another positive development: Anna, my all-time favorite former student, had finally been released from her quarantine at home. Her dad was a doctor who was working with Covid-19 patients daily, but now he was staying at the hospital overnight, which released his family from tight regulations. Anna instantly promised to ‘party hard’ to celebrate her new-found freedom, but there was a small caveat: Hoang said he wasn’t going to be there, since he–as a plumber and electrician–had gotten a pretty good gig remodeling the local train station. Or perhaps he just wanted to be loyal to his girlfriend Thanh, who was quarantined at home, just like Anna had been. Her mom was a doctor, too. Unlike the previous week, Thuy had to work at her office at a model home that her and Nguyet’s real estate company was selling in the newly-emerging ‘burbs to the aspiring Vietnamese middle-class.

Of course, I tried immediately to forge plans for a rousing beginning, at least in my head. When I shared a few ideas with Nguyet, though, she cautioned me, as the girls had already thought up something which they didn’t want to divulge, however. Well, that was fine with me, as it was a novelty, which also took the responsibility of finding a nifty beginning off my shoulders. Nguyet and Anna were surreptitious when I still tried to get a detail or two of their plan, until the latter told me, at least, that she had been to Hanh’s massage parlor where she had met Mrs. Yen. They had clicked so well that our beautiful mature friend had even helped Hanh massage Anna’s snatch. My tender favorite girl seemed truly impressed by Mrs. Yen’s classiness and sophistication and ended our conversation by saying that they had ‘thought up a sublime, yet titillating role-play which I’m sure you’ll love.’

Well, ok then. The ladies knew my proclivities, and so I drove over to the old hotel by myself just before lunch-time–with a briefcase, as the ladies had told me. Perhaps I was going to be their English teacher or something, although that would be odd, as the students would be more than 30 years apart: Anna was 19, while Mrs. Yen was around 50. But whatever they had come up with: I appreciated the effort to not just clap one’s hands and say ‘Ok, everyone, now we’re going down on our knees and fuck!’ Although: I had actually always loved that whenever it had happened. Well, perhaps next time again! Interestingly, today we would be more girls than guys for the first time, which should almost automatically lead to a different dynamic, shouldn’t it? As the ladies all knew and liked each other, they might actually engage in some rousing sensual play among themselves to compensate for the loss of Hoang’s cock.

When I arrived at the old hotel, Nguyet pushed the large metal harmonica door open but what she said then caught me by surprise:

“Mister Garland, thanks for being on time. The food is ready to be served, and your daughter has already arrived as well…”

Ha! ‘My daughter’! Oh, boy. That could only be Anna, as Nguyet was 33, and she hadn’t referenced herself. And Mrs. Yen, like I just said, was my generation and, consequently, probably Anna’s mother today. Boy, oh boy! So that was what the ladies had thought up! I had never spent much thought on incest but then, on the other hand, had found the tête-à-têtes with my niece Giang rousing to the utmost, albeit not because she was my niece but simply hot. And we weren’t related by blood, anyway. On the way upstairs, Nguyet was talking to me like she was our maid, telling me about all the chores that I had, purportedly, asked to complete and what she would do in the afternoon. She also mentioned that my son Vu–certainly Anna’s brother, today–had gotten into an argument with his sincan escort sister, which had turned the atmosphere around the lunch table ‘rather sour’.

Ha, awesome! This could only turn out well. While we were ascending to the third floor, where the kitchen was, I looked at Nguyet, wondering if the two of us had had sex yet in our role-play. It didn’t seem like it, but she looked kinda cool in her woman-of-modest-means outfit: a simple skirt and a pair of those cheap, thick, mustard-colored stockings that Vietnamese women wear in winter. She was also wearing a kind of red bandana, while her grey blouse was plain and pretty non-descript. The hottest thing was her apron, which was signifying her as some sort of helper in the house who would continue cleaning and scrubbing as soon as the lunch would have been eaten and the dishes washed. My briefcase was probably indicating that I was the breadwinner of the family and the head of the house, who was coming home for lunch every day, before I would go back to work at one-thirty.

When I wanted to turn into the hall on the third floor to get to the kitchen, though, Nguyet pointed one more floor up, advising me:

“We’re eating in the room today, Mr. Garland!”

‘Mister Garland!’ For the love of God. I didn’t even recall the last time someone had called me by my last name. But she was right: if the roles were distributed the way it seemed, Nguyet had to be formal. And, true: Nguyet could neither play my daughter or wife, as she was too young for one and too old for the other. Well, I guess ‘wife’ would have worked but what would we then have done with Mrs. Yen?! And Nguyet was not much more than a dozen years older than Anna; too young to be the latter’s mother. Ha, family! Friggin’ unbelievable! I imagined ourselves fucking and caught myself smiling as a result, but suppressed it in the end, as, like Nguyet had just told me, my children had gotten into an argument, which I probably needed to sort out now. I still wonder how the ladies would initiate sex today. And who would do it with whom? Under what pretext? Was I having an affair with our maid Nguyet? Or was that Vu? Or my ‘wife’, Mrs. Yen?! In the end, it could even have been Anna, but right then we were turning into the fourth floor hallway, and I was going to find out in a minute.

Was my son the typical teenager, though, who played video games incessantly? Or was he, like in real life, after each girl he saw? And what about our marriage: Were we frustrated and sexless, or fulfilled and cruising happily through the vicissitudes of life? Sexually repressed or liberal? Nguyet woke me up from my reveries, however, when she said that ‘Thank God, this isn’t going to last much longer…’ When I gave her a puzzled look, she explained that ‘our new house was going to be ready to move in soon’.

“Are you still upset that your wife insisted on selling your old home? Bevor the new one would be finished…” she whispered.

Ah, we were here at the hotel only temporarily, for perhaps one or two months, while we–as a family–were waiting for the last touches on our house to be completed. I instantly knew that we were going to play family a few more times, which seemed a great idea at that moment. But now I had to find an answer to Nguyet’s query regarding the housing situation:

“Well, upset… what’s that going to do?! It is what it is… you know, my wife wanted to sell our old house, and we got a good price for it,” I finally replied. “And, like you just said, our new dream home is almost ready… we’ll pull through,” I smiled at her awkwardly, playing the problem down once more.

Nguyet nodded and remarked that it didn’t seem to be easy for the ‘children’ to be sleeping in the same room as their parents. I nodded but asked myself instantly what exactly the problem could be, but then we arrived at the only semi-furnished room here at the old hotel. Mrs. Yen, my ‘wife’, Anna, and Vu were sitting at the longish table and staring at their phones, but Anna, at least, got up enthusiastically, ran around the table and hugged me. She then pecked my cheek and said:

“Daddy! It’s so good to see you… I’m glad you made it in time for lunch…”

Okay, Anna and I hadn’t seen each other for five or six weeks but ‘daddy’?! Well, I guess this was our natural role in a family role-play, but I still couldn’t believe it. Anna was even wearing an older school uniform to underscore her role, but Vu had only looked at me sullenly and uttered a barely audible ‘hi’, like some prototypical teenage boy. Ha, I loved it! My wife Yen was wearing reading glasses and, at least, put her phone down now, like any good, responsible adult would do in such situation. She smiled when she saw that Anna was still clinging to me. I felt an erection, partially since I still had my hand on Anna’s supple, tiny 19-year-old ass, but now I moved my hand upwards on her back, like I had caught myself in the indecent sincan escort bayan act. I stopped at her little bra-fastener and read the name tag on her uniform blouse. Apparently, this was her sister’s shirt, who was bigger. Well, as slim as Anna was, her own uniform from a few years back would probably not have fit her anymore.

“Hey, Pops, sit down!” my daughter told me enthusiastically but then snapped at her older brother in Vietnamese.

Of course, I couldn’t be sure what the argument had been about, but Vu reacted like a mistreated dog, before he stared back at his phone. I scolded him for his phone addiction to get the role-play going, which made my wife put her contraption away in her purse on the floor. I put my prop-briefcase down near my chair before I sat down, and then Nguyet appeared with a tray full of food. I absolutely loved the scenario and couldn’t wait for the sexual part. This was insane! Nguyet put all the food between us, but when she wanted to leave, I asked her to stay and eat with us. Our ‘children’ looked at their mother, like they were hiding a secret, while Nguyet said that she had already eaten downstairs in the kitchen.

“Dad, she probably doesn’t want to eat with us as the mood is so foul here,” Anna explained after Nguyet had left.

I sighed, and we began to eat. I looked around the room and noticed a few differences: there was a mattress behind Anna on the floor, where perhaps Vu slept, while Anna had the single bed, and my wife and I spend the night on the larger double bed, I assumed.

“Why is the mood so awful?” I inquired.

The only structural or practical problem in our role-play was that Mrs. Yen’s English was even worse than my Vietnamese, so that Anna or Vu had to carry the conversation and slip some explanations to her about what I had said once in a while. It felt a bit like she was hard of hearing or so. At least, Vu had put down his phone now as well, while I noticed that Anna had a notebook, a textbook, and even crayons next to her seat where no one was sitting. Vu was to my left, while my daughter was placed across from me. My wife was sitting around the corner from me to my right, and now I placed my hand on her elegant slim wrist to reestablish our marital bonds. She shot me a benign smile, and I saw that she was blushing. Or was that her make-up?

When I looked at Anna, I noticed that she had put on some make-up, too, which was actually forbidden at high schools in Vietnam, as far as I knew.

“Ok, tell me what happened!” I demanded.

“Well, pops, that hard to explain… there’s more than one thing…” Anna said with trepidation, blushing.

I looked at Vu here next to me, but he didn’t seem to want to help his sister. But, looking at my beautiful mature wife, I noticed that she was apologizing to our children. But what for?!

“Well, Vu and I won’t be able to stand this much longer… this all feels like prison,” Anna continued.

“Well, that’s just how it is right now, because of that Corona virus…” Vu chimed in impatiently. “At least, you get to go to those school competition meetings three times a week,” he said to his sister somewhat reproachfully.

Oh. Well, I guessed Anna was preparing for some regional or even national school subject competition, which were pretty popular here in Vietnam. Yeah, her English was excellent.

“But you fuck our maid more than three times a week!” she blurted out now.

Aah, now we were talking! Okay, Vu was banging Nguyet, just like in real life. I wondered if my wife was aware of that and what she thought about it.

With mock-disgust, I exclaimed: “What? No way?! Really?”

Vu denied it, of course, trying to tell us that he found her ugly, because of her hairy legs. And that she was too old for him. He added that he didn’t like it when her upper lip snapped up and rested on her gums when she laughed–all things I found endearing, actually. His mother, my alleged wife, just kept eating, yeah, like she was hard of hearing. I found the acting and the propositions great, however, and Anna fought back:

“Stop lying! You don’t find her ugly at all! Every day when she is done around five o’clock, you two go upstairs to her little chamber on the sixth floor, and then you do it for half an hour, so that you are done before dad gets home… am I right, mom?” she was fishing for support.

Anna leaned over to Yen and quickly translated what she had said and asked. Yen then nodded.

“So what?!” tried Vu now to defend himself. “I’m almost 20 and Ms. Nguyet is divorced.”

My wife nodded once more, but my son didn’t seem to realize that he had implicitly admitted that he was banging her, hadn’t he? Oh, how I loved all of it.

“Well, if you like Ms. Nguyet…” I defended him half-heartedly. “I mean, I think it’s healthy if you are garnering experience with women, especially if they are older than you… that’s way better than playing escort sincan those stupid video games…” I added.

I didn’t know if they expected me to start some sort of tribunal now, but I inquired what the problem was for Anna, as I found that that had more potential for lewd talk. Obviously, we weren’t in an ethics seminar.

“Well, sure, Anna, this is unusual, but what exactly don’t you like about it?” I was keen to know. “Your brother’s growing up… just like you…”

Her tiny bosom was heaving under her school-uniform blouse, which turned me on like little else.

“See, I don’t even know…” Anna began. “But I see Ms. Nguyet with different eyes now that I know… I always think of her lifting up her skirt, folding it back under the waistband and then pulling down her panties… and then Vu gets naked and lays down between her legs… yuck!”

Oh, well, to be honest that was exactly what I imagined immediately, too, but I had to think for a moment where I wanted to steer our conversation. Just when the pause was on the brink of getting too long, Anna grew petulant and almost yelled:

“, too!”

Ha-ha. Awesome. I laughed inwardly, while Vu was cracking up and told her with a sardonic smile that she didn’t even have tits yet. Adding insults to injury, he reminded her that she was a girl anyway, who had just turned 18.

“You also want to have sex with Ms. Nguyet?!” I asked my daughter incredulously, playing dumb, of course.

I always thought that humor and sex were a great mix, even though it was hard not to burst out laughing, but I also found our sounding out of the human possibilities fascinating. Vu couldn’t contain himself, however, and translated for his ‘mother’ what I had just quipped. Even she was smiling now and pushed her open beer can towards me like a gift. Anna didn’t know what to respond, but I found her blushing cheeks utterly endearing.

“Nonsense, no, yes … with a boy… a man, of course,” she replied, still flabbergasted.

While I was admiring the thin plait of hair at her left temple, she quietly reiterated: “Anyway, yes, I want to have sex, too… soon… but not with Ms. Nguyet, of course.”

Now her mother addressed Anna in Vietnamese, and Vu translated. Apparently, Yen cautioned our daughter, as she was still young, that this whole sex thing wasn’t the same for men and women. Anna should be really careful whose penis she lets inside her sheath, her mother insisted. But when all those Covid-19 restrictions were history, she could find herself a boyfriend and if she’s sure that he was the one, have sex, although we, as parents would prefer it if she would wait, at least, until she had graduated.

Well, this all sounded almost too sensible and too normal for our role-play, but while I was still thinking about how to spice things up again, Anna dashed forward once more:

“And do you know what is definitely not helping, either?!” she looked at me challengingly.

She almost seemed infuriated. Oh boy, what could that be?!

“that you and mom do it every night! Right here, with us children in the room…”

Ha! Awesome. Well, I liked that, in our story, Mrs. Yen and I were still enjoying a decent sex-life. To underscore my unwavering love for her, I put my hand on Yen’s wrist again and nodded at her appreciatively. After she was done explaining herself to our daughter, I felt the need to chime in:

“But, Anna, look how attractive she still is… like on the day we met… I’m sorry, I didn’t know we were so loud…” I added, apologetically, but not without pride.

“Well, you aren’t really all that loud, to be honest, but I can still hear your aroused panting and the smacking noise of you penis inside mom… I actually started to diddle myself to the music… every night, I’m kinda waiting for you to start to bang her,” she giggled now, clearly in a better mood.

“Well, once we move to our new home, you and your brother will get your own room, of course, and then the problem will solve itself…” I tried to comfort her.

Like this was too mundane and trite, however, Anna figuratively reached behind her back and got another debauchery arrow out of her quiver, which she then shot in my direction:

“I often see you naked at night, dad, when you go to the bathroom, against the lightbulb in the bathroom. And then, after you’re done, you always stand on the threshold for two seconds before you switch off the lights again… and then I can see the silhouette of your dangling large penis…”

Jesus fucking Christ! Good salacious Lord! She had quite some imagination! Oh, my fucking God was that awesome! And then she threw another hand grenade right here on the table:

“Dad, I know that I’m supposed to wait, but can’t I watch you two once, at least? So that I know how it’s done…”

Wow! Holy mackerel! What she just asked was the killer question! Holy Moses! Well, in some way, it made actually sense: she was a young woman who was, like everyone else of her generation, curious about sex. But just when I wanted to reply, Nguyet showed up again, like on a theater stage, which in some ways this whole thing today was. Obviously, her entry kinda interrupted the flow of things, but I still don’t know what I would have replied to Anna anyway.

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