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taxi rideMe and my fella went to a couples club one night. We rented a room in a hotel so we wouldn’t have to drive after we got drunk, as we knew we would. We have never been to these clubs before and were nervous We aren’t swingers but have often fantasized about being watched flashing and my guy wanted to see other guys fondle me from time to time I dressed in a very short, black dress. It was a halter style dress that tied behind my neck and was very low cut, showing off my lovely new 34D tits. The hem of the dress was probably a good 6″ above my knees…meaning that it came down barely enough to cover my ass and pussy. Underneath I wore a tiny black, sheer g-string that did little to cover my shaved crotch and the string in the back was so small I looked naked.We arrived at the club around 10, there were a few couples there but it was not full. We got a table near the dance floor, which was raised with a rail around the floor. The club was larger than we imagined The majority of the couples in this club were about 30 – 40 There were 1 or 2 mixed couples and a few black couples, and the rest were white. We had been there around an hour when the place began to fill up. Our waitress was doing a great job keeping our drinks coming. We were both drinking pretty fast, must of been nerves I thought to myself. Or dutch coourage We got up and danced to a couple of tunes. The dance floor was crowded so everyone was bunched together. A young black couple was dancing practically on top of us and I began rubbing my ass against the male as there was no room to move.. As I did, he began to turn toward me and now we were dancing together and his wife and you were dancing also. Soon, a slow song came on and we wrapped our arms around each other. During the dance we moved to where we weren’t side by side with you and his wife.We danced a couple more slow dances and when the music got faster the couple invited us over to their table. I was worried by this stage and said maybe laterI went to the toilet and left you at the table After several minutes a lady came over and sat down with you. She asked if you wanted to dance but you told her that you was waiting for your wife, she told you not to worry her husband was going to see to me. Then told you that I was sitting with her husband at their table bahis firmaları As you walked up you could see he was kissing the back of my my head leaned to one side giving him access. As he kissed me his hands were busy as well. His right hand was inside the top of my dress playing with tits. His left hand was between my thighs. My legs were only slightly separated but his hand was all the way up to my crotch.We decided to leave the couple here and go on with our night and onto this adult bookstore, which was more famous for its gloryholes. We made sure we downed a good few more as we waited for our cab. As the cab pulled up I jumped into the back seat and you got in beside me and behind the the passenger seat. We began kissing and you put your hand up under my dress and I noticed the cabbie adjust his mirror so he could see us better. As we kissed you pulled my leg toward you. I spread my legs apart and you reached under and started playing with my pussy. you had pulled my dress up so my pussy was plainly visible to the driver. The bookstore was only about 3 miles away but it took us about 25 minutes to get there. The cabbie drove slowly and never missed a thing, I know because I watched him all the time you played with my pussy.We spoke to the lady at the till and ordered an X rated private movie. The booths were lined up in a row with a curtain to close for privacy. We went inside one and a video began playing, we had just started to mess around. We could hear people walking around going into other booths and a little bit of talk I pulled away for a minute. This was our first time ever in a video booth at an X rated bookstore, though we’d been in the main area of them in the past. I noticed a hole in the wall on 1 side of us and asked you what it was for. Anything you said take a peep, l did and watched for a minute I told you there was a guy in there playing with himself! we laughed and I looked again. I turned back to you, you were sat on the bench and I stood in front of you as you put your hands on my hips. then slid them up under my dress and began rubbing my ass, I bent over and kissed you. You had my skirt up to my waist and was playing with my pussy while we kissed. I could feel myself getting very wet. You looked over toward the “glory hole” and saw someone tipobet güvenilir mi peeking through the hole. You stood up while holding onto my ass and slowly eased me closer to the hole. We were right up against the wall when you felt someone’s hand reaching through the hole. The hand went straight for my now very wet pussy, but I was still unaware. The man in the next room was slipping his fingers in and out and you had my ass in both hands and was pushing me harder toward the wall.I stopped kissing you and leaned my head back against the wall, with my eyes shut I was lost in the ecstacy of it all. Within a minute or 2 I was starting to cum, you stepped back and undid your jeans and pulled out your cock I leaned over and began sucking that beautiful shaft. I was struggling to focus on the blowjob because of the waves of pleasure coming from my orgasm. After a minute I stopped altogether as I stood there bent over like that. Feeling the last remaining ripples subside. You looked over and the man from the next booth was still rubbing my pussy. He had 2 fingers inside and 1 on my clit. I finally sat down beside you and my her head back against the wall. The movie had long since stopped so you put another token in the slot and it started up again. As we sat there you noticed movement in the room where the glory hole was and a minute later a thick cock popped through the hole.I was unaware as I still had my head back and eyes closed. You picked up my hand and moved it over to the cock. I opened my hand and wrapped it around and began to stroke it. He was already very hard and I was facing him now and still stroking him slowly. you watched for a minute and then whispered you needed the loo and walked out, you left the curtain open slightly. When you came back the curtain was completely closed. You came in and seen me standing up facing the wall. with my hand on the fat cock through the hole but someone else was inside the room with me now. A tall was standing behind me, my top was untied and he had both hands on my tits. I was grinding my hips against him as I gave a slow hand job to the man in the next booth. The tall man sat down and pulled me onto his cock facing away from him. You knelt in front of us watching his cock going in & out of my pussy you pushed bahis siteleri me back onto the guy and as his cock rammed in and out you opened my lips apart and licked my lips and clit at the same time as I was being fucked. I came in a matter of seconds followed by a succession of squirts causing a puddle on the floor.You sat on the bench and pulled me to your cock, the guy from under me was now in front of me whilst I bounced up and down on your cock you wet your finger and gently circled my clit The tall guy pushed past my lips with the head of his cock and began to slowly fuck my face. The curtain pulled open and someone walked in. I looked over and it was the taxi driver from earlier. His pants were already open and he quickly pulled out his cock. He was the one in the booth beside us. As I worked hard to fuck you, give the tall one a blowjob I used my other hand to give the cab driver a wank.Finally after everyone had cum I sat up and said, “I’m sorry…but I can’t fuck you all right here! I need to go to sleep.”. Everyone zipped up and helped me put my top back up, even though there was plenty of fondling by all during the process. As we left I told the cabbie, “We’re not paying for the ride home!” and laughed. We all went to the cab and I sat between the tall man and you and the cab driver watched as he drove. You watched whilst this guy kissed and fondled and fingered me. Even pulling one leg onto you and my other leg was on the other guy so my pussy was wide open, you watched everything he did to me occasionally kissing me licking my nipples and asking me do I like it and telling me how sexy you thought it was. I stroked both your cocks through your jeans and could feel how hard you were, this went on all the way to our room You laughed at the cabbie as he went a good 10 miles out of the way as he was enjoying the show.When we arrived at the room, we all got out. You told them you was going to go in and grab some beer and ran over to the room. They had me sandwiched between them. my dress was once again hiked up above my waist and both of them were working on me, front and rear. Everyone separated when you came out and you all stood there drinking your beer.I said I needed the loo and you stayed outside with the two new friends. They both asked if they could come in, but you explained that we aren’t really swingers, we just like to play around. This is the first time I have EVER let anything go this far, you explained to them. After finishing the beer you told them goodnight and came inside. I was already asleep on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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