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Teacher seduced by lesbian schoolgirls,… and thOver the next couple of days I hardly saw the girls, and I didn’t have any lessons with them. Partly I was relieved as I didn’t really know how I would handle the situation, but mostly I was disappointed. My frequent masturbation had almost totally been stimulated by thoughts of their sexy young bodies, and I have to admit I was desperate to repeat the performance, but maybe with this time the two of them spending time on my own arousal and orgasm. I was touching my pussy at every opportunity, I seemed constantly aroused, constantly wanting to slip my hand down the front of my knickers and finger myself as I thought of the taste of their juices and imagined them licking my pussy instead.However, first I had to deal with the parents evening, and I was wondering how I would deal with the two parents, I didn’t know if it would be mother or father who visited. I had seen both mothers before, and seem to remember them being easy to talk to, but nothing much else stuck in my memory.The evening came, and I was sat waiting as each parent came to the desk I had in the large school hall. Finally, I recognised Amy’s mother, and she came up and sat opposite me, a big smile on her face. Hello Anna, she said, I’m Amy’s mum Jenny. Hi Jenny, good to see you, I replied. Now tell me what you and Amy have been talking about, and what you expect to hear from me.”Well Anna, Amy has told me just how much she has been enjoying your lessons, you are definitely her favourite teacher. And she asked me to say that the extra tuition you did with her and Kim the other night was especially good. She wants you to repeat it but she would like to go into a lot more detail, and apparently there are many more things the three of you can do together. I have told her that if there isn’t time at school, you are all welcome to come back to our house and work together there. My husband is always back late, so you will be able to have plenty of time on your own, I’ll keep out of your way.”I struggled to retain my emotions, but felt the familiar desire arising between my legs, that lovely sense of arousal, and I knew I was becoming moist. It was all I could do not to put my hand down to my lap and gently press my fingers against my aroused slit.”Actually, there was one other thing I wanted to discuss, and I know Kim’s mum is interested too. Do you mind if she joins us after this has finished. There is something we both want to discuss personally with you.””Of course Jenny” I stammered. “I think there is only one other parent after Kim’s mum, so why don’t you wait. Perhaps we can go to that little bar just round the corner and talk privately there.”Kim’s mum Sue was next, and she too made a point of saying how much her daughter enjoyed my teaching, and also said how much she had enjoyed the extra time I had spent with them after school. She too said she wanted to discuss a personal thing, just the three of us, and I confirmed our meeting. They said they would go and wait for me in the bar, and 20 minutes later I walked in to see them aksaray escort sitting in a quiet corner, my drink ready on the table. I couldn’t help noticing that both mums were every bit as sexy and attractive as their daughters, and that desire started to increase again as I started to wonder if they were as horny and sexy as their daughters were.We chatted for a couple of minutes, then rather nervously I asked them what it was they wanted to discuss.”Well, actually Anna, it’s their mobile phones. They tell me they have been receiving pictures of boys cocks and have been asked for pictures of their pussies in return,” Sue said.”They tell me they have discussed it with you already, but we wanted to chat a bit more about this.””Have you seen any of the pictures?” I asked. “Mmm,” said Jenny. “Some pretty impressive cocks we both thought. But the things is, both our daughters prefer girls to boys, and we wanted to know what you thought.””I don’t know really,” I replied. “I mean, how do you feel about your daughters liking other girls?””Oh, we don’t mind, in fact we are quite pleased. We are both very bi-sexual ourselves, and indeed spend quite a bit of time with each other. It’s nice to know our daughters feel the same as we do.””I see, but I am not sure what you want me to do.””Well, it is about your extra session the other night. Our daughters have told us all about it, and even said how you tried to resist them, but in the end you gave way. However, they said you seemed a little inexperienced with other women, and they wondered if you should spend a little time with us first, then maybe you could help them with their extra lessons with more knowledge.”I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Did they want to have sex with me too? Were they every bit as randy as Kim and Amy?”Well, my husband is away tonight, and Kim and Amy are spending the night with friends, so we wondered if you would like to come back to my house and spend a little time, just the three of us. We could really get to know each other so much better,” Sue said, reaching across the table and gently squeezing my hand.How could I refuse, so we swiftly finished our drinks and I followed them to Sue’s home. I had one hand in my lap the whole journey, pressing my fingers hard into my aroused pussy. I had never had sex with any female before I had touched and kissed Amy and Kim. Now I was going to have sex with the two mums as well. We walked into Sue’s home, and immediately she turned and started kissing me. She was holding Jenny’s hand, and pulled Jenny onto us both. I swapped mouths and kissed Jenny, then back to Sue, our lips and tongues exploring and enjoying each feminine mouth, and all the while our hands were holding us tight together, our breasts pressing against one another.For a second we pulled apart, gasping for breath.”God, our daughters said once you got started you couldn’t get enough. How right they were. Somehow I think we are really going to enjoy tonight” Jenny said with a knowing grin. “Come on Sue, lead the way. Lets go and make the most of that aksaray escort bayan big double bed of yours.”We kissed and touched again as we got to the top of the stairs, then they pulled me into the bedroom. I was desperate to see them naked, to start touching them, tasting them, licking them all over, but they seemed to have other ideas.”You’ve got to prove to us you really want this” Sue said. “You have to undress us one garment at a time. We’ve got all night so there’s no need to rush. Which one of us are you going to choose first.””Well, I said, I chose Kim first at school, so I suppose it is only fair I choose you first this time Jenny, as Amy’s mum.””Come on then” she said, and walked closer to me.For a moment I kissed her, savouring the softness of her lips, and smelling her perfume and the scent of her hair. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Sue’s hand was between her legs rubbing her pussy as she watched us.Slowly I started to unbutton Jenny’s white blouse, touching her breast lightly as I did so. I glanced across at Sue and her hand was rubbing her pussy even hared now, the other hand squeezing her tits. God, what sexy women! Jenny’s eyes closed for a second as she moaned a little, and moved forward slightly to increase the pressure of my fingers on her breasts and nipples. I unfastened the last button, and her blouse fell open, revealing her lovely firm tits under a lacy cream bra. I had to touch them, and gently I stroked her breasts through the lace, enjoying her reaction as I did so, her increased breathing, her body stiffening as her desire increased. I gently squeezed her nipples through her bra, and I loved the way they hardened under my touch, her need ever more visible. Her blouse fell to the floor, and I stroked her shoulders, enjoying the feel of her bare skin.I was getting a little carried away, when Sue suddenly said.”Hey you two, it’s my turn now. I need some attention too you know.”I turned, and this time kissed her instead. Again I felt the thrill of a woman responding to my kiss, and we pressed our bodies tight against each other. Her leg pushed between mine, and I felt her rub it up against my aroused wanting pussy. She looked me in the eyes as she did so, and the lust was clearly visible. She had on a thin top, so I lifted this over her head, and again wondered at the sight of her lovely breasts. Slightly bigger than Jenny’s, but just as lovely, just as firm. The brown of her nipples was clearly visible through the white lace of her bra, and this time I just bent down and kissed them, biting each nipple gently and nipping them between my teeth. As I did this I stroked her breasts with my hand, and again I was rewarded by an instant response, as she moaned and pushed herself against my face.This time it was Jenny who was rubbing her pussy, and I could see how much she was enjoying the sight of her friend being aroused by me.”Skirts next,” Jenny said, and this time much quicker I removed both their skirts, making sure I ran my hands over their bums, feeling how firm they both were, and escort aksaray running my hands up their bare thighs, my thumbs just touching their pantie covered sex. Both women had little damp patches on the front of their knickers, and I could tell they were every bit as aroused as I was. I looked at them now, standing there in their high heels, wearing just their bras and panties. Oh how sexy, how lovely, how wanton they both looked.”Now it’s your turn Anna” one of them said, and this time together they started removing my top and skirt. This time they both kissed me, then touched my breasts and nipples, kissing and fondling me. I was incredibly aroused by now, and when the three of us were standing there admiring each other in just our underwear, I had never felt so desperate for sex. I need this so much, I wanted them so badly.Up and till then things had been fairly orderly, but not now, not any longer. We all wanted to fuck each other too much.In seconds our underwear was off and we were looking at each other, completely naked. Sue had slightly fuller breasts than Jenny, but they both had lovely sexy figures, and I immediately noticed their shaven pussies. I put one hand down to each smooth mound, and just savoured the smooth skin, one finger just touching the top of their aroused slits.They looked at my natural, slightly trimmed bush and smiled. “Perhaps we can give that a little attention one day if you like. You know how our girls like playing with shaven pussies don’t you?” But that was the last of the sensible conversation, as it then developed into lust and lewdity.We were kissing and licking, fingering and probing, two girls on to one, one girl on to two. They pushed me on to the bed, my legs wide apart, and I heard one of them say. “God, look at her cunt. It’s absolutely sopping wet, she’s desperate for it. Let’s not keep her waiting any longer, lets taste that lovely lesbian virgin pussy.”With that, I felt two mouths, two tongues, two sets of lips assault my wet and wanton sex. I needed to cum so much, and they wanted to make me. One mouth was sucking on my clit, one was poking a tongue between my swollen and aroused pussy lips, then two sets of fingers started to fuck me, I felt one tongue start probing my sweet puckered anus, but then I lost control as I started to climax. The pleasure was so intense, more intense I felt than any other sexual experience I had had. I had never had sex with two people before (apart from Amy and Kim), and as they worked together on my pussy I completely lost control, my whole body thrusting and bucking against their mouths and faces.”Oh fuck, yes, oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, I screamed. Don’t stop, fuck me , fuck me,” I shouted, not caring any more.This seemed to make them work even harder at my cunt, and with one final convulsion, I reached my orgasm, and for the first time in my life I came from the attentions of another woman, or women in this case.I lay there exhausted, and the two women smiled at me. “Don’t think you’re going to lie there for long” Sue said. “You’ve got two horny women to satisfy now, not to mention our demanding daughters. Can’t wait to tell Amy and Kim just how horny their teacher really is. Now Jenny, do you think this would be a good time to send them a picture of Anna’s satisfied wet pussy?”

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