Teacher, Teacher Ch. 03

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Teacher, Teacher Ch. 03I slept well Wednesday night, my first threesome having exceeded my wildest expectations and building my sexual confidence to a zenith I would never have thought about two weeks ago. My anxiety about the night was now gone and my muscles had been quick to relax and allow me to fall into a deep sleep. I don’t remember dreaming but I awoke Thursday morning with full-blown erection and was humping the mattress. This was not just morning wood or a piss hard-on. I was already in a state of full arousal with no recollection of why.I thought back to last night and how easy it had been to pick up Tina and set her down on my eight-inch monster. I remember the charge going through my dick while I watched as Tina and Linda were kissing like lovers who had been apart for weeks. It was so sensual watching two beautiful women kissing that I had hated to interrupt it. But I was glad that I had been a part of that magical night.I thought about jerking off, but then I never knew what to expect when I went to school now, so I didn’t want to waste a load. I threw the covers off and rolled over onto my back, allowing the cool air to help calm down the wooden pole between my legs. As my prick began to shrink, I could feel a large amount of precum ooze out the softening head and I reached down to capture it. I thought back to Lori after she had played with her pussy in class and then rubbed a finger across my lips as we were leaving, teasing me with the delicious nectar of her pink orchid. I brought the large dollop of my own juice to my lips and tasted it, letting it float on my tongue for a few seconds before swallowing. It was a little salty but not an unpleasant taste and my cock started to rise again. I quickly put the thought out of my head and got out of bed.I turned on the light and looked around my room, still slightly disoriented. It was earlier than I normally got up, but there was no going back to sleep now. I pulled on my bathrobe and decided to shower and get ready for school. The house was quiet and I was doing my best to keep it that way after having run into my scantily clad mother a few times recently.I felt a little more refreshed and clear-headed after the shower and was looking forward to going to school and hopefully attending every class. I looked in the mirror one last time, now more concerned about my appearance than I had ever been before. The face looking back at me seemed older and more serious than the young man that looked back at me just a couple weeks ago. Was I growing up too fast?Hell no! I was having fun and growing up, not growing old. I thought I was keeping my head on straight and making mature decisions about my relationships, even if I hadn’t really had any relationships before. The three girls my own age that I had sex with were all friends that I had known for several years at least. And the teachers were older and wiser than me, I thought, so why question their judgment about our relationship. I wasn’t looking for love from them. I was happy to be their fuck-toy.I smiled at my reflection as I thought about fucking all these beautiful women in the last two weeks and I started to get a rise again. I stroked it a few times and looked at the reflection again, amazed that such a large, firm cock actually belonged to me and using it came so natural. After that first incident a few years ago when I lost my virginity, I thought I would never be able to control this monster that created the uncontrollable urges in me. It was still hard to control, erections happening without any help from me, but around the right women, I could be a man among boys.My mind now occupied again, I exited the bathroom with my robe open and of course, there was Mom again, almost bumping into me as I walked out with my head down in thought and a shit-eating grin on my face. She was wearing a long, light-blue negligee that was totally transparent with the bathroom light streaming onto it. Her large round orbs had very little sag to them and the dark brown areolas seemed to glow as my eyes feasted on them. Needless to say my swelling manhood began to stiffen even more and my mother was watching in fascination.”Good morning sweetie. I think we need to have a talk,” she said, taking my hand and pulling me into the bathroom with her. She was so nonchalant, like she was going to ask me what I wanted for breakfast.Her entire body was now clearly on display as the bright bathroom lights illuminated her skin through the sheer blue material giving an angelic sort of glow. The stretched skin around her nipples glistened like brown velvet. I could see her well defined bush and the swollen lips peeking through the blonde jungle.”I do have to pee first sweetie,” she said, raising the gown and spreading her legs as she sat down. It gave me the briefest unobstructed view of the glorious opening from which I came into this world. And then I heard the light spray followed by quiet tinkling as the steamy droplets fell into the cold water of the bowl. Through it all her eyes stayed transfixed on the monolith between my legs, the head now engorged and a deep purple, aching for some action. My penis didn’t care if the woman before me was my mother; my penis only cared that the woman before me was beautiful and desirable and obviously attracted to it. “You know honey, there is nothing wrong with a boy your age masturbating so that you don’t go around with that problem all day. If you’re not sure what to do, I can teach you a few ways to relieve yourself,” she stated quietly as she reached for my tool and began to softly stroke it, her electric fingers running from the head to the base and back again.”Mom, I know how to take care of this. I’m not a ….” I paused, thinking twice about telling my mother that I wasn’t a virgin. Besides, her hands felt so good on my prick, I wasn’t sure I wanted her to stop. There was a charge building in my stiffened member, partially from my previous thoughts, but mostly because of the delicate touch of my mom’s soft fingers as they continued to stroke me. I remembered the feeling of those same soft fingers as they would gently rub my back when she put me down for my nap. There was something different in the feeling of her fingers gliding gently up and down the sensitive skin of my hardened shaft. All those years of love were channeled through her fingers now. That is what was different from every other woman who had touched me. They may have liked me or lusted for me, but my mother loved me and I could feel that difference in her touch. It wasn’t just about the sex. She genuinely wanted to help me feel better.Her thoughts seemed distant as her eyes remained glued to the monolith before her. As a large dollop of lubricant escaped the engorged head, she easily spread it the entire length of my prick. Her delicate touch suddenly becoming a tight grip as the lubricant allowed her to speed up her stroking with the reduced friction. It started feeling more like fucking than a hand job as her fingers wrapped tighter, her left hand now coming up to cradle and then gently tug on my balls. She was a pro at this, probably from doing it the last twenty years with my father.”You know honey, your father and I did a lot of sexual experimenting when we were younger, even after we were married. We did some swapping and enjoyed sex. You shouldn’t be afraid to get out there with some young women and try sex as long as you are careful and smart about it.” Her voice was soft and sweet like she was reciting poetry instead of seducing her son. Could I really be seduced if it was something I had craved my entire life? I grew up listening to that soft, sexy voice emanating from this goddess that I called mom.She continued to stroke me as we both started breathing deeper. Young women, older women, even my own mother, I wanted sex with all of them. I couldn’t believe how incredible her hands felt as she continued to stroke and caress my swollen cock and sensitive ball sac. I was about to blow my load on my mother and wasn’t even thinking or caring about any consequences. I was fairly sure the forbidden nature of our act was responsible for the increased sensitivity of the nerve endings in my swollen rod. I had fantasized about this since the first time I had seen her in a bikini and rubbed suntan lotion on her soft, pink skin, but I had told myself that it could only be a fantasy and never really expected my dreams to be realized. Now I could feel the cum churning deep within me as my mind fought the battle between fantasy and reality. Up, down, and around she stroked my over-stimulated pecker never breaking her rhythm as she sought to satisfy the needs of her son.I was mesmerized by how beautiful and sexy my mother was as I stepped closer to her while she slowly stroked my burning rod. It was like I was watching a movie as she leaned forward and sucked the glistening purple head between her full moist lips. She slowly swallowed half my length while her hand squeezed and I felt that last sudden expansion in my cock as I exploded, feeling the burning hot liquid as it travelled the long road through my monstrous prick until it splashed against the back of her throat. She continued to suck and swallow and I continued to spurt forth more seed, my head spinning as the lights flashed in my brain and the nerve endings tingled from my cock to my toes and back again.Her hand tightened and nostrils flared as she searched for air, her mouth full of cock and cum. Her skin turned pinkish and her left hand was digging into her thigh like she was trying to stop any stimulation she felt. I found out later that I had read her reaction wrong. She finally released me after swallowing the entire load, a small smile forming on her lips as she felt she had done her motherly duty by helping her son through a ‘hard’ morning. She calmly grabbed a wad of toilet paper and dabbed her pussy dry, standing and flushing the toilet. She looked back at me and down at my still hard member, and the smile slowly faded.”Don’t worry mom. It seems to be normal for me. He’ll calm down at some point.” I paused, bringing my right hand to her cheek. “But thank you. That was fantastic.” And I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. I could feel the electricity again as she kissed back with a passion I hadn’t expected. She reached for my prick again as if she was the one now mesmerized, her delicate fingers sending that same charge the length of my steel rod. My nostrils flared as I tried to suck in more air while my tongue slid between her lips. My right hand came up to cup her ample breast, rolling and squeezing the mound until I felt the nipple elongating, begging for attention. The sheer material of her gown reminded me how it had felt when I ran my fingers along the red nylons leading to Linda’s thighs. I wanted nothing more now than to make passionate love with my mother, but she came to her senses and broke the kiss.”We need to talk more about this, but not now. There is a lot I have to tell you and it’s hard to explain and may be hard to hear, but you’re old enough now to hear it and make your own decisions. I hope I haven’t scarred you and I hope you will understand when I explain everything to you. Now go get ready for school.” She reluctantly released my hard-on, her eyes staring down at the burning red flesh, afraid to look me in the eyes.I closed my robe, taking one last, longing look at my mother in all her beautiful slutty glory. The outfit was obviously chosen for my seduction. The dense but light colored bush couldn’t hide her now very swollen pussy, the long wings spreading it open, a sign of how sexually agitated she really was. I wanted to return the favor and give her release, but I knew it wasn’t what she wanted right now. Dad could take care of her after I left for school. I turned and left the room, shutting the door behind me to give her time to compose herself.Well, if I wasn’t sexually confused and fucked up before, I certainly was now. My mom had just given me a blow job and I felt like it was the most natural thing in the world. The woman who had given birth to me and nurtured me, who had cuddled me when I was afraid, who had taught me reading and arithmetic when I was four, was now one of my sexual conquests. She said I would understand when she explained it so I would just have to trust her judgment and wait for “The Talk”. Being around the other beautiful women in my life at school might help keep my mind off my mother for the rest of the day.I didn’t eat breakfast, just dressed and headed to the bus stop. I was early of course and the first one there. The crisp morning air felt good as I tried to clear my mind and the visions of my lovely mother and her shapely, womanly body. Those long wings that had spread open her blonde forest were far larger than any of the girls (or women) I had been having sex with these last two weeks. I was pretty sure that a boy’s sexual attraction to a beautiful mother was not uncommon, but consummation of those feelings was considered deviant behavior. I thought I should feel guilty, but it had felt so right that I had no feelings of guilt.I didn’t have long to dwell on it as another vision of loveliness approached. Ione was also early and her gorgeous smile and bouncy walk quickly chased away thoughts of my mother. She was wearing a short, navy blue skirt with no stockings and a tight, light blue pullover top and short white jacket. Obviously wearing the sports bra, her boobs were large but fairly still, yet those hips were bouncing from side to side in exaggerated fashion as she approached me. She hopped the last step up to me and planted a sweet, warm kiss on my lips. She wasn’t wearing any lipstick and had just a light amount of eye make-up knowing she would just mess it up in first period gym class. Her full red lips looked just as kissable and she tasted just as sweet as our first kiss. Her 18-year-old skin didn’t really need any make-up but I knew she would put it on after gym class anyway just because that’s what girls do.”Hello beautiful. You’re here bright and early this morning,” I said, trying to sound as normal as possible after what happened to me this morning.”Well, I wanted to make sure we had a few extra minutes. I have an away game this afternoon and then I have to clean the house and do homework tonight so I won’t see you again after lunch.” Her hand was on my waist as she pulled me close for another kiss, a little more passionate this time. My rise started immediately and I wrapped an arm around her as well, pulling her close enough to feel the bulge as it expanded in my pants. I ground my hips into hers and she pushed back, anxious for her pussy to make contact with the swelling in my pants. She then broke the kiss, looking around to see if anyone was watching as she realized we were out in the open where anyone could watch us.”I guess I better calm down,” she said. “I have a big game today and I need to stay focused. They’re the number two team and we can lock up the championship and go to the states if we beat them today.””Hey, you guys are a lock. You have Betty pitching today. Nobody hits her. And when you make the states, you’ll play on a weekend so I’ll be able to come and watch you play. You’re right. You just stay focused.” I backed up a little bit and smiled, looking deeply into those emerald eyes and thought about our plans for the weekend.As the other k**s started showing up, we just continued talking about today’s game. It was the same on the bus with everybody excited that the school could have its first championship team. The school had only been around 5 years and the closest we had come before was the boy’s basketball team finishing third two years ago. When the bus got to school, she went right to the gym while I sat around with George and Jeff and talked sports until we went to the computer lab. It became a typical mundane Thursday start and then I headed off to English class, visions of last night with Tina and Linda quickly coming back to me. Mom and Ione had temporarily pushed the visions and actions of last night into the deep, dark recesses of my mind, but they were now front and center as I stared at Tina in her black leather outfit. The clothes and her demeanor seemed to scream “I am sex. All bow down to the queen of debauchery.” She had a look of control in her eyes today. She had taken control last night and orchestrated our every move even though she was the younger female. The smallest one in our group also had the most dynamic personality and she reveled in that control that she wielded over us. The devious grin she shot at me said that she enjoyed last night and I had no doubt that I had missed out on quite a bit of action, but I had been sated and knew that I had to be alert for classes today.Her expression changed as Ione came into class and plopped down in her chair next to me. Her hair was slightly damp from her after gym shower, but it only added to her sensuality. Tina’s eyes were smoldering as she openly stared at Ione, and I could see the slight intimidation on Ione’s face as she eyed the sexy nymph standing in front of her. Their eyes locked and I knew then that the lioness had selected her next prey. I didn’t know if I should be jealous or turned on at the possibility of these two beautiful women having sex. Ione had a hungry but confused look in her eyes, almost like Linda had that day in the school parking lot when Tina first started the suggestive glances and intimate touches. I placed my hand on top of hers and squeezed, breaking the trance she was in and eliciting a slight frown from Tina. Tina’s voice was terse as she started the class and the irritation in her voice lasted the entire class, as if she was mad at the world now. When class was over and she dismissed us, she asked to see me up front. I told Ione to wait outside and I would walk her to her next class. As I approached Tina, that seductive smile I had seen last night returned to replace her frown.”Did you enjoy last night, Joey?” she asked innocently. “You left rather early.” There was a bit of sarcasm and teasing in her voice now, as if she was treating me like a little boy she could bully. I didn’t know how she could change intonations so easily.”It may have been early for you, but I have a test today and need to be alert. Besides, you seemed to want some alone time with Linda.” It was my turn to sound irritated. “Don’t be jealous,” she smiled. “I’m not trying to steal anybody away from you.”I wasn’t sure if she was referring to Linda or Ione now. That sexy, impish face could hide so much and at the same time bend you to her will. I didn’t know how to respond so I just turned and left. Ione was waiting for me.”Everything OK?” she asked, obviously concerned about the look on my face.”Sure sweetie,” I said, giving her a soft peck on the lips as a smile returned to my face and masked my true confusion about the situation. “She just wanted to be sure you were feeling okay for the big game today.””She’s one of our biggest fans,” she beamed. “She hasn’t missed a game all year. Coach lets her ride on the team bus with us and she even helps clean up the locker room after games.”If she had been a man, she would have been locked up as a pervert. But being a bi-sexual woman gave her free access to all the lovely naked, young bodies in the girl’s locker room without raising suspicions. She could easily pick out her prey based on their reactions to her innuendos. She had easily been able to read the desire in my eyes, a desire that all men had for her. But recognizing and fostering that desire in an older woman like Linda said that she had been doing this for a long time now in spite of her young age.I didn’t know if she was really a predator looking for conquests, or was like me, someone with an overactive sex drive that was looking for like-minded people to enjoy it with. I knew I would have sex with her again no matter what I thought her motives were. The sex with her and Linda last night had been fantastic, the excitement partially fueled by the kinkiness of my first threesome, but also by my desire for her and that petite body that hid the sex-hungry woman inside her.I took Ione’s hand and we walked to her next class. We slipped around the corner by the stairwell and I kissed her deeply, knowing it would be the last time today that I would see her. She returned the kiss with equal passion and used her free hand to caress my crotch, my manhood quickly lengthening and reaching out for her delicate touch. I raised my hand from her hip to caress her boob through the tight confines of the sports bra. The way it was pushed up made it feel huge but the material was sheer enough to allow her nipple to swell between my fingers. The bell rang and she broke the kiss and hurried around the corner into the classroom. I jogged down the hall and went into my history class a few seconds late but she hadn’t started class yet and didn’t seem to notice my tardiness.I had trouble concentrating in class as my mind drifted to thoughts of the diminutive Tina and the strong, athletic Ione locked together in a sensual embrace. Their tongues mingling as Ione pushed her down on the mattress and began opening her clothes. But just as quickly, my mind saw what would really happen as Tina took charge and mesmerized her younger prey as she moved her naked pussy over Ione’s salivating full lips. I became aware of my hard-on lifting my pants and snapped out of the dream and back to the dullness of a mundane class.At lunch, the guys were hammering me about my plans for the weekend with Ione. I couldn’t tell them much since we had only discussed which movie we were going to see. If the unthinkable happened and they lost the game today, she would be in a real downer mood and probably not want to party. However, if they won as I expected, it was going to be a party weekend and I had every intention of taking her out and showing her off Saturday night. I just didn’t want the guys to know where we would be, because sure as hell they would show up and gawk.I stopped to talk with Linda after math class to see how she was holding up after what I knew was an exhausting night for her. She looked a little tired but had that similar glow from our first day of sex.”So, Tina says you two had a late night. How are you holding up?” “Well, I have to admit that it exceeded my expectations. My first threesome and it didn’t include my husband. I was feeling a little guilty. But I wish you had stayed. That young lady is insatiable and it would have been nice to have had a little backup.” She hesitated before continuing, “It was different and it was enjoyable, but it wasn’t anything like what I feel with you, or my husband.” I thought she was going to kiss me, but then students started filing in and I smiled and left her to teach her last class. The way she said it got me thinking as I walked to my last class. It sounded as if she was developing feelings for me and that was the last thing I wanted. She was beautiful and intelligent and a sexual dynamo, but as much as I was sexually attracted to her, there were no feelings of love involved from my perspective. Plus she was already married and I certainly didn’t need that kind of hassle.I then realized that Lori hadn’t been in class today and that I hadn’t seen her all day, which was highly unusual. She made it a point to make out with her smug boyfriend every chance she could when others were around. Besides being an exhibitionist, she wanted to make sure every girl in school knew that he belonged to her. She wanted to marry into money and he was the target whether she loved him or not. I would have to call her tonight and make sure she was okay. I walked home alone after school. It was another warm spring day and by avoiding the bus, I could avoid the prying from my friends. It was only a couple miles so it would give me time to sort things out in my head. Now that I was away from everybody, my mind went back to this morning and the fantastic blowjob my mother had given me under the pretense of helping me out.Did she really think I didn’t know how to masturbate? Did she plan her actions this morning? She was rarely up early but ever since that first morning when she saw my swollen manhood, it seemed that she was awake early every day. I had to admit to myself that I had truly enjoyed it. Of the few blowjobs I had in my young life, I had never cum so quickly before. My mom was gorgeous and I had looked at her “that way” before, but she had only started to pop up in my masturbation fantasies in the last year.This was quickly going from a boy’s normal curiosity about the female body to an i****tuous infatuation. And I was beginning to feel that she might have a similar infatuation with me. Then there was her cryptic “we need to talk” that at first I thought was going to be that stupid birds and bees talk, but now realized that there was something that they had been hiding from me. My walking home was just another way of avoiding that talk and hearing something that I may not want to know about.I came out of my reverie to find myself standing in front of my house. I decided to face the music and started up the stairs when I heard some noise out back. I walked around the house to find mom bent down placing some seeds in her flower bed. She was wearing tight black shorts that allowed the cheeks of her ass to peek out the back. She was also wearing a tight black t-shirt with no bra and her ample bosom was pressing down and threatening to burst through the thin material. “Hi mom,” I said trying not to surprise her. “Planting flowers already?””Oh, high dear,” she said standing to face me, her smile beaming like a beacon in the night. “Are you okay? You look a little down,” she said as she stepped closer and removed her gloves, bringing her soft hand up to caress my cheek. Her nipples were well defined against the dark material and I’m sure her gentle caress was meant in a motherly fashion, but in my current state, her touch was electric. My eyes closed and my cock stiffened and guilt flowed over my body. I could smell her sweet perfume in the fresh spring air and my cock got stiffer, pushing out the front of my pants. When her lips touched mine, I thought I would explode. It was just a soft kiss, but seemed to linger and promise so much more.”Perhaps this would be a good time to have our talk before your father gets home,” she said, stepping back away from me. As I opened my eyes, I noticed how beautiful she really was and how hot she was. The guys were right. She oozed sex without even realizing it. Those bright blue eyes and pouty lips surrounded by the short blonde hair belonged to a goddess, and her curves were the kind that artists yearn for. But right now, those pools of blue were locked onto the swelling in my pants just as they had been several times in the last two weeks. I didn’t say a word as I walked into the house through the back door. I could hear her soft footsteps behind me as I tried to will my manhood to go down, but it definitely had a mind of its own and was staying stiff as a board. I walked straight to my room and set down my books before plopping onto my bed on my side, trying desperately to hide my embarrassment.I could hear mom wash up quickly before she came in my room and lay down on the bed next to me, her face just inches away. Her perfume began to overwhelm me again, providing more fuel to enrage the steel rod in my pants. Even if she were Venus or Aphrodite, she was my mother! I shouldn’t be feeling like this.”Look, you know your father and I got married right out of high school. We were like rabbits when we first got married. We had sex every day and sometimes more often when he could manage it. But I have a very large sexual appetite and it was only a year before he started feeling the strain of trying to keep up with me.”This was way more knowledge than any k** should have about their parent’s sex life. Was she so sure that she should be telling me this and how was it pertinent to what happened between us?”So we started to experiment sexually. We tried a threesome but it didn’t seem right to us so we started swapping with other couples our own age. That was when we met Bill and Martha, Kathy’s parents.” She hesitated for a minute now, allowing that point to sink in. What was this leading up to? Now my manhood started to shrink, as a feeling of dread came over me about this conversation. It was already leading into a direction that I had never seen coming.”We all got along so well, that we stopped swapping with other couples and started having group sex with the four of us.””Mom! Do you really think you need to tell me all this? Are you trying to scar me for life?” I was really getting scared now. Were my parents perverts or just way ahead of their time?”Look sweetie, you need to understand why we did what we did. The four of us loved each other and we would do anything to help the other. When we decided to have a family, we took a break from all our group sex and concentrated on just getting pregnant. But Bill and Martha weren’t having much luck while I got pregnant with you right away. To get to the point, Bill was shooting blanks and was never going to get Martha pregnant.”That gave me pause since it meant that Bill wasn’t Kathy’s father. Was she adopted? Why couldn’t they just tell me that instead of going through their whole sexual history?”Anyway, Bill and your father got drafted for the Korean War and were given orders to ship out. And I decided that Martha needed to get pregnant before they shipped out.””But you said Bill could never get her pregnant.” I was getting more confused.”That’s why I had your father have sex with Martha before they left. You and Kathy have the same father. She is your sister.” She blurted this last part out as quickly as she could.It took a minute for all this to set in. Kathy and I had always been close but I never sensed that we were that close. Oh my God! We had sex. I fucked my sister! I took my sister’s cherry! No wonder she was upset.”How long has Kathy known about this,” I asked. “A few months now. They felt that she should know now that she is eighteen.”That explained why she had been pushing me away the last few months and why she reacted differently when we were together. We had been like kissing cousins growing up. The physical attraction was still there, but now she felt it was wrong. Or did she? Was she still attracted to me and just started dating Jack to push me farther away and remove the temptation?”I know this is a lot to digest, but there are a couple more important things you need to know. I took a new medication when I was trying to get pregnant and it caused a problem. You are sterile. Like Bill, you can’t father a c***d. I feel terrible about it, but you need to know before you get serious with any girls.”She was crying now, the tears slowly running down while the murky fluid dimmed her normally bright blue eyes. She had been bearing this cross for eighteen years waiting for the right time to tell me and thinking that it would break my heart and ruin our relationship. Quite the contrary, it awakened a new sense of freedom in me. These last few years tuzla escort bayan I had stayed away from girls for fear of getting one pregnant and now I find out that it was impossible. I was going to have to make up for lost time.”Mom, don’t cry. That’s nothing you should feel guilty about and certainly not the end of the world for me.” I reached up to wipe away a tear, then leaned in and kissed her softly, lovingly on the lips. I let it linger until she started to kiss me back, the passion replacing the regret and guilt inside her. I inched closer to her on the bed, our bodies now touching as my dripping cock had returned to erect status.”Wait. There is one more thing,” she sobbed. “About this morning, I have a medical condition. It’s very rare but it causes me to get sexually aroused without any notice. I don’t even have to touch myself and I can have an orgasm. It can even wake me up from a sound sleep. But I can’t control it and when I get excited, I want to have sex because an orgasm is the only way the stimulation stops. I’m sorry I did that to you this morning, but I couldn’t help myself.””Mom, you should have told me this before. I would have understood, about you and about Kathy. Did you have an orgasm this morning while you were sucking my cock?””Yes. That’s why I didn’t need you to do anything to me. Just the stimulation of touching your hard cock was enough for me. I had to learn how to hide my orgasms because they can happen in public, but I prefer to really let loose and make a lot of noise. Waking up this morning all hot and bothered and then running into you in the bathroom with that beautiful, hard poker sticking out, I just lost control.”I kissed her cheek, licking away the salty tears and slipped my right arm around her neck and pulled her even closer as I kissed her again, deeper this time. My left hand went down to her ass and pushed our crotches together, flattening my solid prick between us.”Mom, I love you. You are smart, caring, beautiful, and sexy. If I can’t get you pregnant, then I don’t see any reason for us not to help each other out occasionally. I won’t tell dad if you won’t,” I smiled.She smiled back at me and kissed me hard. Her hands came up under my shirt, her nails softly digging into my skin and sending quivers throughout my body. I started to let myself go, thinking of her as a desirable woman and not just my mom. While the thought of i****t was certainly responsible for the extra jolt of electricity I was feeling, it would not have been nearly so strong without her beautiful face and hourglass figure. My hand left her rounded cheek and slid up softly across her large breast, the nipple once again trying to burst through the material. I began to massage the soft melon as the kiss became even more passionate. Her perfume was once again intoxicating me and I felt my head spin as I pushed her onto her back and lowered myself on top of her. My left leg was now between her legs and she was humping up to meet it. She grabbed my hand from her breast and moved it inside her shorts.”Please, I need another quick release and then we can start again,” she panted.My fingers struggled against the tight material but I finally found her moist slit between the damp, matted hair. My middle finger pushed down on her stiff little nubbin as she closed her eyes and gave in to her inner demons. Her breathing was labored as she grit her teeth and forced her hips up to increase the pressure. This was more than just a spontaneous orgasm; she was getting turned on by having sex with her son and the feelings had been building up since that first time she had seen my stiffened cock.I quickly diddled her hardness and she let loose with a loud, low moan as her legs locked around my hand and held me in place. Her back arched as her hips left the bed. All the air was leaving her lungs now as the moan continued. She had not started inhaling, concentrating on releasing all of those pent up feelings from the last few weeks.When she did start breathing again, her hips crashed on the mattress and her eyes popped wide open as she gasped for air. I removed my finger from her clit and cupped her hairy mound with my hand, knowing it would be too much of a struggle to try to remove it from her tight shorts right now. As her breathing slowly returned to normal, she smiled up at me. There were no feelings of guilt or remorse now.She pulled my hand from her shorts and then started to lift my shirt. I took the hint and finished the job, tossing my shirt into a corner. I started to undo my belt when she began to peel the tight, black top from her body and I had to stop to watch as those lovely breasts were finally exposed to me close up with no encumbrances. They were even lovelier than this morning when they had been covered in blue chiffon. The wide, dark areola glistened as they stretched the skin to its limit. The stiff nipples rose proudly above them and begged for my lips to surround them and suckle them as I had as a c***d. But first I needed to get my damned pants off and allow my cock to breathe. I pulled my briefs off with my pants and they met a similar fate as my shirt, the coins fleeing the pockets and rolling around the room. My socks quickly followed as mom pulled off her shorts and showed off the beautiful blonde bush that I had glimpsed this morning.She lay back down with outstretched arms to welcome me as I positioned myself above her. I didn’t think twice as I rubbed the purple head of my monolith between her slippery crack. A large drop of pre-cum oozed out of my hungry cock and the head easily popped inside her. A look of surprise and extreme pleasure hit each of us simultaneously and I could feel my balls tightening. There was no way I was going to repeat that night with Kathy and I concentrated as I slowly pushed forward and slid balls deep into her eager pussy.As I bent down to kiss her, she locked her legs on my ass and took the lead in setting our rhythm. As her heals released the pressure, I raised my hips and when they started to press down, I slid back in. After a few pumps, she started pushing harder on my ass and I started slamming into her with unbridled abandon. She was cumming again but kept shoving her hips up in tempo with the pressure from her legs. We went on like this for over ten minutes, sweat now pouring from our bodies. I lost track of how many times she came. A puddle was developing on my bed from our combined body fluids and I could feel that familiar tightening in my balls as my cock began that final swell. This was it. I was going to have the ultimate orgasm and spill my load inside my mother.”Wait!” she screamed. “Don’t cum inside me.”Confused, I quickly pulled my cock out just as a stream of milky fluid shot out of the bulbous head and landed on her neck. The next blast coated her left tit with the subsequent squirts landing on her tight, flat belly. Still confused, I looked down at my gorgeous mother with my thick semen covering her soft skin. Her hand reached up and squeezed my cock, draining more drops of fluid on her beautiful body. For some reason, I felt the need to laugh and when I started, she followed suit.I lowered myself down to kiss her smiling face, our bodies sliding effortlessly from all the semen I had spilled on her. My still hard cock was enjoying the feeling of sliding back and forth across her soft stomach. But then she broke the kiss and pushed me up, still smiling. I flipped over onto my back, my rigid pole still standing proudly and waving in the air. She scooped up some of the cum from her belly and then let it drip into her mouth. I watched in awe as she swallowed it and then went back for more.She then sat up and leaned down over me, licking more from my body. My eyes locked onto a gob that was stuck on her left boob and she looked down to see what I was looking at. Still smiling, she lowered the tit slowly to my mouth and I swirled my tongue around the stiff nipple and then sucked the nipple and cum into my mouth. I swallowed the cum and continued to suck gently, lovingly at the breast that had first fed me as a c***d. She pulled back again, staring down at my rod, still poking straight up with no sign of weakening.”When does it go down?” “I don’t know, to be honest. I know I can do it two or three times before I need a few minutes rest.” I said it matter-of-factly, not like a braggart. I’d only been fucking a couple weeks and I didn’t think masturbation counted.”Well, we’re going to have to find out one of these days. But your father will be home soon so today is not going to be that day. Can you make him go down?””Yeah, but…why didn’t you want me to cum inside you?” I asked, that hurt, puppy-dog look in my eyes.”Oh, I’m sorry sweetie. It’s just that sometimes I need a little diddle at night and I didn’t want your father finding your cum inside me, at least not until I can explain to him why we’re having sex.You’re going to tell dad we’re having sex?” I blurted.”Don’t worry sweetie. He’ll understand. He’s had to help me battle this condition for years. I’m sure he would rather it be you than have to find another couple for us to swing with. Everything will be fine. But we have to clean up before he gets home. You throw the bedspread in the washer while I clean up.”And just like that she got up and went to the bathroom, leaving my manhood throbbing and begging for more. I yanked the bedspread off and walked naked downstairs to the basement and placed it in the washer, dumping some powder in and turning on the washer. I went back up to the bathroom as mom was finishing up, running the warm, soapy washcloth between her moist slit. My stiff pecker led the way into the bathroom as I walked up behind her.She was rinsing the cloth off as I ran my cock across her slit from behind. My hands came up and cupped her generous mounds, massaging gently. I kissed the back of her neck and could feel her quiver at my touch. I knew she was still as turned on as I was, but she also realized we were on a deadline.”Stop that. I just cleaned it.” But she didn’t push me away or remove my hands from her breasts. I brought my cock between her cheeks and tickled that tight brown hole. She closed her eyes and inhaled sharply before she twirled around. “No, not there. At least not now. Maybe never. I don’t know. I’ve never done that.” She seemed embarrassed that there was something she had never tried.She took the cloth and soaped it up some more and started to wash me off like I was still her little boy. When she got down to my stiff pole, she got that mesmerized look again and just opened her mouth and took me in. I worked it in and out of her delicate lips but we were running out of time. Dad would be home any minute now and we needed to get dressed. “Mom, it’s alright. We need to get dressed before dad gets home.” I grudgingly pulled away from her. She looked up at me through those glazed eyes, recognition finally starting to set in, and then stood up. I heard dad’s car pull in the driveway and quickly took mom back to my bedroom and handed her the shorts and top, which she quickly threw on and left the room. I shut the door and put on clean clothes, setting at my desk pretending to do homework just in case.I opened my history book, thinking I could go over today’s chapter that I had missed while daydreaming in class. But again my mind drifted. So many things my mom had just told me and none of them were easy to digest. I wasn’t surprised that my parents had been experimenting sexually. They had always been fairly open about sex and were very touchy-feely around each other and close friends. When we would get together with Bill, Martha, and Kathy it seemed that dad hung as closely to Martha as he did around mom. I now thought that the feelings between me and Kathy were fostered by our parents’ relationship since we would mimic their hugs and touches which eventually led to our make-out sessions. It had felt natural when we were k**s to hug and kiss each other. It wasn’t until after puberty that the awkwardness had started to set in. She had started to notice other guys and they certainly noticed her. And my eyes had always strayed towards beautiful females of all ages. But our one sexual encounter had now driven a brick wall between our friendship.Knowing that wall was due to our being siblings oddly eased some of the awkward feelings I had. Maybe now that we both knew the situation we could patch things up and at least be friends again. I still had the desire to make love to her again and do it right instead of the wham-bam-thank-you-m’am from a couple weeks ago.There was a knock on my door and it quickly opened. I turned to see my dad standing in the doorway and I tried to stay expressionless, hoping he wouldn’t see the just fucked look on my face.”Hey son, you’ve got a phone call and dinner is in five.” And then he was gone.I went to get the phone and it was Ione telling me they had won the game in a rout. They had stopped for dinner at a diner and she was using the payphone so she couldn’t tell me much but she had nailed two HR’s and Betty had only given up two hits. She was so excited I wished I could have been there, but these victory moments are best shared with teammates anyway.I hung up the phone and went to the table for dinner. I told them about the game, dad talked a little about work and mom talked about starting the garden. An outsider would never have guessed the secrets that we were all concealing. I helped mom clean up the dishes after dinner while dad went into the living room to read the evening paper and watch the news. I resisted the urges to reach over and fondle her while she was washing the dishes though my cock was still semi-hard as it strained against my blue jeans. I was reminding myself to check on Lori when the phone rang again. I was closest and went to answer it.”Hi Lori, I was just going to call you. Are you okay? I didn’t see you in school today.””I’m fine. I just fell down this morning and hurt my ankle. They took x-rays but said it’s just a sprain. Um, dipshit just left so I thought maybe you could come over for a while. Maybe help me with, um, math homework … or something.” “Sure, I can do that. I’ll see you in a few minutes.” The “or something” had me intrigued. It might be just what the doctor ordered for both of us. “Going to celebrate with Ione,” my mother grinned.”No. It was just Lori. She sprained her ankle and is going to be laid up for a couple days and wanted some help with the math assignments. I won’t be long.” Mom looked down at my crotch, “Oh, I wouldn’t say that.” She chuckled and I went over and kissed her. “Well, looks like you and dad will have a few minutes to get frisky,” and I did a little Groucho Marx with my eyebrows. I grabbed my math book and went out the back door. I took the shortcut through the backyards and was at Lori’s in a matter of minutes. I went to the front door and rang the bell keeping the math book in front of my crotch.Her father answered the door, a smile quickly coming to his face. He was a big man in both height and girth and was the kind that could scare off young men if he was so inclined. “Hey Joey. Long time, no see. How you been? How’s that gorgeous mother of yours,” he whispered. “Glad to see you. I thought “brainless Billy” had forgotten something again. I’ll never understand how that k** is such a good quarterback or what my daughter sees in him.” “I’m fine. Mom is as beautiful as ever. And … I can’t argue with you about Billy.” He slapped me on the back and the laugh bellowed out of him from deep in his diaphragm. “She’s up in her room but I don’t know how much you’ll be able to teach her tonight. They have her on pain meds and she’s pretty loopy.”I headed up the stairs, the pain in my back from his slap at least partially allowing my manhood to subside. Lori’s door was open and I walked in and shut the door behind me. She was lying on the bed with her foot tightly wrapped and iced and propped on a pillow. She was wearing a short yellow cotton nightie and her eyes were glazed over from the meds. The soft, inviting smile on her face told me right away that we wouldn’t be opening any book tonight. I went over and sat on the edge of the bed next to her.”That stupid little dipshit had me give him a blowjob and then just got up and left without reciprocation,” she sputtered. “Recipro…reciprocal. That can be a math word, can’t it?” she chuckled.She reached for my pants and undid the belt and pulled down the zipper. My hard-on was sticking up above my briefs and she smiled. As she took hold of my cock and started stroking it, I reached under her nightie and shouldn’t have been surprised to find she wasn’t wearing any panties. She was dripping wet as my middle finger slid inside her and my thumb found her swollen clit. Her hips were moving and she started to moan, so I kissed her to keep the noise down.She started to kiss back with a passion as her arms wrapped around my neck, leaving my cock unattended. There was more feeling in this kiss than there had been during our quickies. I guess the d**gs were having a special effect on her. I slid my tongue between her soft lips as my fingers continued to work her nether regions. She was sucking hard on my tongue and her nostrils flared as they tried to inhale enough air. Her hips started bucking quickly and her arms tightened like a vice as she came, our lips locked and still while she tried to get more air. As the euphoria wore off, she started kissing me again. Softer now and with less urgency. Her fingers ran through my hair and I felt those familiar tingles as my nerve endings awoke.”You know, for a nerdy guy, sometimes you can be really dreamy.” She was softly biting that lower lip as she had done in class a few times. Her gaze drifted down to my prick, now dripping like an old faucet. She pulled her nightie up all the way, exposing that trimmed bush and those full melons. She placed my hand on my cock.I stood up, my jeans falling down and then lowered my briefs. She didn’t have to say anything. She wanted to watch me jerk-off in front of her. The ultimate exhibitionism for her. She played with her swollen nipples as I started to stroke my lathered cock. After the session with mom, I knew it wouldn’t take that long. I studied her lovely body. I started thinking that this was what mom’s body probably looked like when she was a teenager.The skin was soft and had a pink glow from her excitement. The areolas of her large tits were swelling and puffing out as the nipples rose to sit high and proud on top of them. I knew those tits would continue to grow as her body matured. Her bush had been thinned out a little and was a shade darker than mom’s. Visions of my mother started to flash before me and the similarities in their bodies became clearer.Lori slid one finger down to her clit and started working it hard. Those long, butterfly lips were a deep red as she worked the hard nubbin. Her left hand was tweaking a nipple and offering her boob up as a target for my cannon. That was all I needed as my breathing deepened and my grip tightened on the hunk of meat between my legs. I stepped closer to her, pointing my enraged cock straight at those wondrous tits and spewed forth copious amounts of semen for the third time today. The first splash landed squarely on her right breast, so I aimed and nailed her left breast with the next spurt. More splashed down in the lovely valley between her mounds and slowly trickled down to her belly.Her fingers were a blur as she bit her lip to hide the noise from her second climax. When she had calmed down and opened her eyes, I leaned forward towards her head and she rose up to meet me. Her mouth opened and took my stiff meat between her lips. Her right hand came up and squeezed the last drops out and she swallowed willingly. I started to reach for the tissues to clean her up, but she stopped me.”Lick it off me,” she pleaded. It wasn’t a command, the d**gs obviously having some effect on her behavior.I got down on my knees and swirled my tongue around her right breast, just as I had done earlier with my mother. I sucked and swallowed and then sucked again, harder this time. I bit down softly on the nipple and she moaned her approval. My tongue whipped the rubbery tip while my hand massaged the mound. After a few minutes, I moved over and repeated the process on her right boob. I was getting used to the taste of my own cum. It was slightly musky but not nearly as distasteful as I had heard others describe it. Maybe every guy was different or maybe I was just enjoying it because of the bodies that I had sprayed it on. I moved to that valley between the mountains of flesh and started to suck up the remaining liquid. It was more watery than the first globs and had a more salty taste to it, almost like the pre-cum I had tasted this morning.I licked her entire body like it was an oasis in the desert. A large pool of cum had filled her naval when she sat up and I was now sucking that out and poking my tongue in and out of the wrinkled indentation. I kissed her belly softly and continued my descent to her thin, blonde bush. My tongue worked through the wiry hair and found that moist slit that harbored the stiff button that gave her so much pleasure.I licked the entire length of her opening, my tongue sliding inside her briefly before coming back up to diddle her clit. My tongue slapped back and forth before I sucked it between my lips and then flogged it again. Her hands were gripping my head as she bucked up to meet my tongue. In her heightened state I knew it wouldn’t be long before she came again. She held my head still as the orgasm exploded within her.”Oh shit! Yes, yes, yes.” She hadn’t held back this time and I was pretty sure her parents had heard that. As soon as she started to release her grip, I stood up and pulled my pants back up and fastened my belt. I yanked her nightie back down and covered her as I grabbed the math book and a notebook and sat back down on the bed next to her. The fear of being caught had allowed my pole to shrivel up like a dried out string bean. There was a quick knock on the door before it opened and her father peaked inside.”Is everything okay here? It sounded like she was in pain.””She’s okay,” I said, looking up at him. “She just moved wrong. But I think you were right. She’s having trouble concentrating on math. I should probably leave and let her get some rest.” I was hoping he couldn’t smell the sex in the air. I had licked up all of my evidence, but after three orgasms, that pussy was getting a little funky. He smiled knowingly and left the room but also left the door open. I closed up the books and bent down to give her a kiss. She sucked my lips and ran her tongue across them.”Hmm, I love the taste of me,” she whispered. Her eyes were totally glazed over now and I was pretty sure she was slipping into dreamland. I was hoping my mouth hadn’t been glistening too much when her father was looking at me. I took out my hankie and wiped my lips dry just to be sure. I kissed her softly on the forehead and then got up and left. I yelled a “Goodnight” to her parents as I left the house. I went straight to the bathroom when I got home and scrubbed my face and rinsed off my cock again. Back in my own room, I stripped down and hopped into bed. As I lay there thinking about all that had happened and all I had learned, I couldn’t help but wonder how this would affect my relationships with the women in my life. Would I have the same desire for Ione tomorrow night or would visions of mom, Kathy, and Lori continue to break my concentration? Or would I be passive like I had been with Linda and Tina who had orchestrated my relationships with them?I had different kinds of feelings for Ione than the others and it was the closest thing to a normal relationship that I had. I really wanted the date to go well but I didn’t want to over think it. I would just see how it played out during the movie and we could take things from there. A warm sense of calm came over me as I pictured Ione’s smiling face, fresh from her softball victory, as I drifted off to sleep. I awoke Friday morning feeling refreshed and alert, the usual morning wood told me there was still plenty of gas left in my tank. I slipped on my robe and went to shower, paying special attention to my appearance and making sure nothing was out of place. I wanted tonight to be perfect. I was almost disappointed when I opened the bathroom door and mom wasn’t waiting there. My b**st was at half staff and pushing out the front of my robe but no one else was there to see it.I ate a bowl of cereal in my room while reading my history chapter again, this time soaking up the highlights. I looked at the clock and saw it was time to go so I laced my sneakers and grabbed my gym bag with my clothes. That was when it hit me. I was going to spend an entire night, and maybe a weekend, with a girl for the first time. The nerves started to set in. What if we can’t find enough things to talk about after the sex is done? What if she doesn’t like the movie? What if, what if …I took a deep breath as I headed out the door towards the bus stop. When I got there, there was already a crowd of people, most of them congratulating Ione on the big win. Even Kathy and Jack were standing next to her and smiling. I guess sports and school pride will cure all ills. I walked up to her and gave her a quick kiss.”Congratulations slugger!”She just smiled and then more k**s were coming up to her and I slowly backed away to allow her that moment in the spotlight. She had earned it and was clearly enjoying it. I stood back and enjoyed the view. She was wearing a pink mohair sweater and red slacks, which was unusual for her. She had great legs and loved to show them off. But her curves filled out the slacks nicely and the pink sweater was just plain hot. You could see the flesh bounce as she laughed and I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra under it. The mohair would prevent her nipples from showing but the sweater was tight enough that the soft material would be teasing those little peaks all day.Kathy said something to Jack and then came walking over to me, still smiling. Maybe this was my chance to patch things up between us.”Hey handsome. You must be pretty proud of your girl after that game.” “Hi beautiful,” I said softly. It seemed like ages since I had greeted her that way even though it had only been a few weeks. “I am proud of her, but I can’t say that she’s my girl. I don’t think she belongs to anybody right now. Or maybe she belongs to everybody,” I laughed, looking at the crowd around her. It would only get worse at school.”Everybody seems to think you two are an item except you.” Her smile had now changed to a quizzical look.”Look, right now it’s a blossoming friendship. I may have known her almost as long as I’ve known you, but we’ve only been close in the last couple weeks. It’s nothing like our friendship and truthfully, I doubt it will last as long. Right now it is going great, but check back in a month or so for an update. I have a feeling our college plans won’t be compatible.”Kathy got a light grin, then bit her lip to suppress it as she looked up at me. She placed her left hand on my arm and gripped it tightly as she tried not to smile.”Look, if I’m not the girl you’re with, Ione would be my next choice for you. She’s a great person and she’s certainly easy to look at,” she said, glancing back at our bubbly friend.”This may not be the right time, but my mom told me about our parent’s relationship. Or should I say our relationship?” Her face went pale. “It’s no big deal to me. A little kinky maybe, but you should know that I’m shooting blanks so you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. If you were worried about that I mean.””I guess I should say I’m sorry you can’t have k**s, but I have to admit that I am relieved that I don’t have to wait out my period to find out. I’m on the pill now, but being a virgin at the time, I really wasn’t planning on losing my cherry like that.” There was a certain amount of regret in her voice and I started feeling guilty.”I didn’t come over that night planning on taking your virginity,” I said, somewhat annoyed. “I just lost control and, well, I never even thought about you being a virgin. I don’t know who I thought might have been the lucky guy, but I was as shocked as you when I realized what we had done. I’m glad now that it was me, but I wish I had done it a little better that night.””Knowing I’m your sister, you still feel that way? Doesn’t it feel wrong to you now that you know the truth?She was trying to be quiet, but her voice was getting higher and louder. Then the bus pulled up and k**s started piling on.”Kathy, we need to sit down and talk about this rationally. Maybe we can get together next week some time. And no, it doesn’t feel wrong to me. I still love you and I always will. Ah, you better talk to Jack. I think he could tell we were having a serious discussion.”We got on the bus, Kathy with Jack and me sitting down next to Ione with my gym bag on my lap until everyone else was seated. Ione turned and kissed me, her right hand slipping under the gym bag and roaming my crotch, only to struggle to find something firm. Her tongue slid between my lips and Old Faithful started to come to life.”Is there a problem here mister?” she asked, cocking and eyebrow at me. Her hand continued to move between my legs as my cock started growing down my pant leg.”No m’am,” I replied. “Locked and loaded and waiting on your command.””Well, at least you didn’t say phasers on stun or something really stupid. I can handle locked and loaded. In fact, I think I’ve found an elephant gun.” And she kissed me again and all was right with the world. Discussions with Kathy could wait. Ione was going to have my full attention this weekend.In an effort to calm us both down, I had her tell me about the game. She was just finishing up as the bus pulled up to the school, with a few other k**s listening intently which at least forced her to keep her hands to herself. Most of the k**s had filed off as she finished but a few hung back to congratulate her again.When we walked up and sat on the steps, a crowd started to gather around again as more of her teammates joined her. I eased myself up and quietly moved from the crowd to find the guys. I walked over to them feeling exhausted instead of the refreshed feeling I woke up with this morning.I barely listened to them as they talked about scores from last night’s professional games. My mind was locked in to how good her lips felt on mine and how totally wicked I felt with her hand on my crotch while we were in public. Sex in private was great but this public sex on the bus or in the classroom had a charge to it that I didn’t quite understand. It was like that first moment my mother’s lips touched my hardened cock. It was an indescribable pleasure because of how forbidden it was, going against all the social mores of our society. I was still in somewhat of a daze as the bell rang and they opened the doors for us to enter. I was in the computer lab typing up the keypunch cards for my program, trying to stay focused on that and not succeeding. I finally tuzla escort bayan gave up and wrapped everything up for Monday. I started thinking about tonight. I had planned on the movie and then stopping for a beer and pizza after to make it feel like a real date instead of just going back to her place and fucking all night. The bell rang and it was time to go face her again.I got to English class and Tina, Miss Raphael, looked as scrumptious as ever. Instead of her normal black outfit, she was wearing a red skirt suit with black trim. It fit her small curves perfectly and looked terribly expensive. A couple of buttons were undone on the pink silk blouse but the skirt went almost to her knees, which was very unlike her. It was still a very sexy picture. Ione came in just before the bell as usual but Tina was waiting for her. “Ah!” she yelled, running over and pulling her into a bear hug. The class applauded and I looked on in fascination as I noticed that Tina’s head was resting just slightly above Ione’s generous mounds. The hug went on for a full minute and then Ione released her and Tina put her arm around Ione’s waist as she talked about the game. I was confused. I was supposed to be proud of Ione’s accomplishment, but there was a bit of jealousy creeping in as I watched Tina’s hand on Ione’s hip. I was probably just imagining it because I had seen Tina with Linda, Mrs. Taylor. But still, Tina had that I-want-you look in her eyes again just as she’d had with Linda. What bothered me was that Tina usually got what she wanted.As class settled down and Ione returned to her seat, Tina passed out our last book for the school year. It was called The Learning Tree and she was giving us two weeks to read it and then write a 3-5 page paper about the changes in society between the 1920’s discussed in the book versus the 1960’s. The rest of the class was just her expounding on what she expected and didn’t expect our papers to be. Blah, blah, blah, I just wanted the school day to end. My fresh morning start had quickly turned sour as I was bored by everything. I suffered through lunch, with George and Jeff kind of leaving me alone knowing that I was nervous about tonight. I was getting myself worked up about how I should start things when we got back to her place. Should I put on some soft music and then make-out for a while or just get her out of her clothes as quick as possible? Should I let her lead and just go with the flow? What kind of a man would I be if I let her call the shots? Would she think me less of a man? Shit this adult stuff got complicated. I decided not to worry about it anymore.Whatever happened, it would still be the best weekend of my life. Well, maybe. That Saturday with Linda had been fucking fantastic and she had taught me a lot. Would this day never end?I got to math class and there was Linda decked out in this gorgeous white dress that hugged every delectable curve of her tight body. We went over homework and then the assignment for the weekend and she dismissed the class a few minutes early.”Joey, could you stay for a minute so I can give you the assignment list for Lori for next week.” It was said innocently enough and everyone knew that Lori and I were neighbors so no one was suspicious. As soon as the last student was out of the room, she shut the door and I was waiting for her by her desk. She came over and pushed me back against the blackboard and I knew what she wanted, or maybe I should say what she needed. I kissed her deeply, picking her up by her ass and rubbing our crotches together. It was instant erection any time I was around her and her hand was inside my pants caressing it immediately. I sucked on her lower lip and her tongue snaked out just enough to wet my lips. I let my tongue follow hers back between her sweet soft lips. Her perfume and the taste of her lipstick were sending my cock into overload. I knew I didn’t have time to finish either of us off before the next class and I really wanted to save everything for Ione tonight. I reluctantly pulled her hand out of my pants and set her back down on the floor, our lips slowly separating. She was breathing deeply as she looked at me with a crazy how-can-you-stop-now look. And then the bell rang bringing her quickly back to her senses.”Shit. Good thing one of us is an adult here. Wipe the lipstick off your face,” she commanded as she grabbed her purse and quickly repaired her lipstick. “Okay, off you go. I don’t suppose you have any free time this weekend,” she pleaded.I looked her up and down, the monster in my pants saying yes, but my brain knowing there was no way to juggle two girls this weekend.”Sorry. Maybe some day after school next week. I’m really busy this weekend.” I didn’t know how to tell her I was spending it with Ione. “Maybe you and Tina could get together.” She looked disappointed but forced a smile. And I turned and left to go to history class. It went quickly and I was bored silly, my mind focused on what was going to happen next. Ione was waiting for me at my locker and I quickly grabbed my gym bag and threw my math stuff inside it. We had a quiet ride home on the bus and then walked hand in hand to her house. Her parents were truly gone and the house was ours.”I thought we could go to Antonio’s for a light dinner before the movie and then get a beer and pizza before we come home?” It was a question waiting for her response.Her green eyes were glowing as she pulled the pink mohair sweater over her head, revealing the bare breasts that had occupied much of my thoughts today. Every time I looked at her, that flawless skin sent tingles down my spine. My heart skipped a beat as I heard the zipper go down on her slacks. As they fell to the ground, I noticed a bandage on her left calf. It wasn’t enough to slow the mountain that was pushing out the front of my slacks, but I was concerned.”I thought maybe I could be your snack before the movie and we’d just do popcorn during the show. Besides, the movie doesn’t start until eight.” She was dead serious and she was certainly as horny as I was.”Are you okay? You didn’t say you got hurt.” “It’s just a scuff from sliding into second. It’ll be fine. Now get your clothes off and let’s get to the bedroom before a neighbor peeks in the window.” I pulled off my shirt and dropped my drawers. She grabbed my hand and led me laughing into her parent’s bedroom. She stopped short of her parent’s bed and I moved up behind her, my hands sliding up her body to massage those luscious melons. The nipples hardened at my touch and I could feel the areolas swell as she took a deep breath and leaned back into me. My turgid member had escaped through the front of my briefs and met the soft silky drawers that encased her sweet, round ass.I pushed my swollen rod between those sweet cheeks and she humped back against me. We got a slow rhythm going and she turned her head and I kissed her, softly at first, then harder as we sped up the pace. I tweaked her nipples between my thumb and index finger and she bit my lower lip, the mild pain inciting us both. I lowered my right hand into her panties, quickly finding her slick crevice and forced a finger inside her. The angle made it difficult to get my thumb on her clit and I was getting too close to continue humping her like this.I pulled my hand out and turned her around, pushing her down onto the bed. She raised her arms over her head and bent one leg, striking a pose like a model in a men’s magazine. She looked a lot better than any I had seen and I found myself wishing I had a Polaroid to snap off a couple quick shots. Maybe another time but now it was time to get down to business.I pulled off my briefs, the monolith standing proud and dripping wet, but she moved quickly off the bed. She grabbed one end of the bedspread and yanked it completely off with the blanket. Then she jumped face first back onto the bed, her round buttocks still encased in the pink silk panties. I crawled on top of her, dragging my stiff, wet cock between the firm hillocks of her butt once again as I placed my legs outside of hers.I began massaging her shoulders while slowly sliding my cock between her cheeks. I worked the muscles around her neck and she sighed as her body started to relax. After a few minutes of loosening up her upper body, I started moving down lower on her back, working the middle, then the sides where my fingers came in contact with that soft breast flesh again. She moaned, soft and low and I almost lost it.I stopped humping, not wanting to spill my load on her back, and continued going lower. I had to move down, my tumescence no longer in contact with her body. I lowered her panties bringing the alabaster flesh into view as I cupped both cheeks. I was dripping pre-cum like a faucet and got some on my hand to massage the bright white cheeks. My slippery finger found her crack and slid between the cheeks until I felt her soft brown hole.She sucked in her breath as I gingerly moved my finger against the tightness. She didn’t say anything so I continued to move up and down of her soft, brown bud, applying soft pressure at the opening. Up and down I went, then again and again.”Oh fuck! Push it in me. Please!” she screamed and I pushed slightly harder as the sphincter gave way and allowed my finger to slide in to the middle knuckle. “Holy shit that feels good. Nobody has ever done that to me before.” She was panting now, much like when she was near an orgasm, as I slowly and carefully moved my finger in and out of her rectum. She moved her hand under her belly, obviously wanting more stimulation. My cock felt like it was going to burst without any physical stimulation and I had to concentrate to keep myself from exploding.Ione’s fingers were working her clit hard now and I tried to match her hip motions with my finger’s motions. In and out, up and down. Her musky smell was billowing in the air now and I knew a finger wasn’t going to satisfy either of us. I pulled my finger out and quickly removed her panties. I pulled her hips back until her ass was arched high and proud. I moved closer and nudged her fudge pot with my slimy tool, up and down, the lubrication running down from her ass to her pussy and mixing with her own juices.Her breathing was ragged and her speech broken when she tried to talk.”Oh… I’m … not … sure…”But I surprised her when I pulled back and lowered my face so I could lick her greasy hole, my tongue trying to force its way into the tight cavern where my finger had been. She relaxed her anal muscles just enough for the hole to open and my tongue slid an inch deep into her forbidden hole. Her back arched and her fingers went still as she gasped.”Ohhhh…………,” echoed through the room as she came.Her hand dropped to the bed and her legs slid back down in exhaustion but my face was still close to its target. I kissed each cheek tenderly, my tongue slipping out ever so slightly. I slid my hands up along her thighs and she quivered at my touch. I moved lower and kissed the back of her legs starting behind her knees and then slowly working my way back up her thighs.She moaned softly as she spread her thighs open while I worked my way up. I kissed the inside of each thigh just inches from her moist pussy. I moved my nose closer, inhaling her womanly scent, and then pushed my nose between her pussy lips as a prelude to what my tongue wanted to do to her.I took her butterfly wings between my lips and sucked gently on them. My tongue eased out and grazed the greasy, musky flesh, her taste sending a new charge into the b**st that was ready to explode. She raised her hips slightly and I was able to slide my tongue up the entire slit to her clit and her moan became deeper and louder. I flipped onto my back and moved between her legs, pulling her juicy pussy down to my wanton lips. She pressed down rubbing her clit hard against my mouth. My tongue slid out and diddled the hard nubbin, whipping back and forth until she came again, groaning as she forced her pussy hard against my face and pinned me to the mattress.She collapsed on top of my face, her trimmed pubes still scratchy as I tried to breathe. She could hear my gasping but wouldn’t move.”How’s it feel not to be able to breathe, Mr. Wiseguy?” Then she rolled off me onto her back laughing. She propped herself up and was staring down at the tall timber between my legs as I gasped for air and tried to look back at her.”You know, you really need to do something with that wicked stick between your legs. That purple bulb on top looks like it is just gonna explode and make a mess everywhere.” She was still laughing as I rolled over and made my way up her body, stopping to suck on those long hard nipples. “That tickles now!” she gasped as she pushed my head away. My sloppy cock was sliding between her legs now and reaching for that bright red opening. My slippery pole met her slick crack and the head popped inside momentarily before she once again pushed me away.”Oh, poor baby. That thing won’t last two strokes inside me and then I’ll be watching that movie for two hours with your cream oozing out of me. I don’t think so.”She dropped down and slid lower on the bed, my cock straining to make contact with her skin. Then I felt those soft pillows mold themselves around my manhood and I instinctively began to hump between them just like I had done earlier with her butt cheeks. I was dripping plenty of cream to intensify the feeling and I knew it wouldn’t take long. I could feel the stiff nubbins on my stomach as I slid effortlessly between her lovely melons.I could feel my cock expanding, a sure sign that I had passed the point of no return. She apparently felt it too as she pulled my hips up and took my behemoth between her soft lips and sucked hard on the angry purple head. My cum shot out hot and hard, splashing against the back of her throat again and again. My body jerked forward sending my cock deeper towards her throat, still spilling even more cum into her hungry mouth. She swallowed it all, sucking softly as I slowly pulled back. She kept her lips locked around the swollen head, swirling her tongue around it as she swallowed more of the copious cream. She began to purr quietly as she sucked on my still hard tool, bringing a hand up to gently fondle my balls. She was enjoying this almost as much as I was.She began to softly sc**** that sensitive area of skin between my asshole and balls and it was my turn to quiver, my body shaking as a finger gently found my puckered hole. She teased me, sliding that finger back and forth while she brought the other hand up to squeeze my cock and force those last few drops into her mouth. I was doing my best to stay in a pushup position so I didn’t smother her as she had done to me. My arms were shaking and my legs were weak with all the blood feeding into that wood between my legs.She finally let the head plop out of her mouth, flattening her tongue and sliding it the length of my rod.”Jeez, does it ever get soft? A girl could get lockjaw working on you and you probably wouldn’t even care.”I turned and flopped onto my back and she quickly lay up on top of me, flattening the steel rod against her soft belly. We kissed softly in post coital bliss for several minutes. Then I tried to hump her supple belly but she bit down on my lower lip quickly ending any idea I might have had about a round two. She laid her head down on my chest, her hands gently caressing my torso. She eventually acknowledged the long wooden pole rising between my legs and gripped it tightly. She worked her hand up and down a few strokes and then abruptly stopped.”Don’t stop!” I pleaded. “You can’t just tease me and leave me in this condition.””You always seem to be in that condition. C’mon, we need to clean up before the movie.” And she was off the bed and into the bathroom. I quickly followed her, again coming up behind her but with no panties in the way, I took my cock in hand and directed it to her slick opening and pushed. I sank balls deep inside her and her loud gasp was part shock and part pleasure. It was about time for me to take control for once. I needed to cum again as badly as I needed to the first time.She leaned forward and planted her hands on the vanity, pushing her hips back to let me know she was ready. I started pumping her slowly, going deep on every stroke. Having just cum once, I knew I could drag this out as long as I wanted, but I wanted her to enjoy it as well. I sped up the pace and she easily matched my rhythm, the slapping sound of bodies mixing with our moans and groans of delight. Her knees were starting to go weak so I tried to hold her up by her hips. It wasn’t working.I turned her around and picked her up, setting her down on the edge of the vanity as I moved back between her legs. We kissed deeply as I shoved my steel pole inside her again and started pumping her. Her tongue darted between my lips as she opened her mouth to suck in more air. I sucked it gently and she pushed it deeper, sliding it across my own, the musky taste of our earlier encounter feeding the desire deep within me.I spread my legs a little to increase the upward motion of my strokes and this seemed to hit a very sensitive spot on Ione. Her cunt muscles had my cock in a clinch now as she squeezed hard and slammed her clit down with each stroke. She broke the kiss and started moaning loudly, her head tilted back as she continued to meet my upward strokes with her own downward slams. She leaned forward into me, her body leaving the vanity and trusting me not to drop her. She wrapped her arms around me tightly, her boobs mashing against my face, and I felt her pussy clench one last time as the climax hit her hard. “Oh FUCK! Oh … fuck, oh … yessss!” She was still gasping for air, but started to relax. I used the opportunity to grab one of her elongated nipples between my teeth and nibbled gently. Then, feeling the cum boiling inside me, I started my final assault on her pussy. My hands were on her cheeks and I controlled our movements as I shoved my cock deep up inside her. A dozen strokes and she was cumming again as I sent my cream splashing against her cervix. Spurt after spurt left my rod as the tingling sensations ripped through my body. Her cunt was milking my cock, squeezing out every last drop of cum. Every contraction of her pussy sent another charge through my nervous system during this seemingly never-ending orgasm. My knees were going weak now.I set her back down on the vanity, her hands reaching for the sides to hold on. We were both gasping for air, our bodies bathed in sweat and completely exhausted. My manhood, temporarily sated, began to soften but she kept squeezing, trying to hold on to it as long as she could. “Oh my God, Joey. That was … fucking fantastic,” she gasped.”Yes it … was. Shit … I’m still tingling.”I laughed as I leaned closer to her and kissed her again. Our lips melding in passion and our tongues dancing wildly, darting between open lips as we both gasped for air. I wrapped my arms around her sweaty back and pulled her closer. She started to nibble my ear lobe and dragged her long nails up my side, sending new shivers up and down my spine. I pushed back away from her.”Okay, okay, you win,” I laughed. “I can’t take anymore. And now we need a shower instead of a sponge bath.” “Fine. But we are not showering together. We’ll just end up doing this again and it’s going to be a long weekend and I don’t want that electric eel of yours running out of juice. And I get the first shower, just in case there isn’t enough hot water.” She laughed and hopped off the vanity. I heard the water start as I left the room. I walked naked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I found a pitcher of water and filled two glasses. I drank mine down, the cold helping to douse the flames within me. I refilled my glass and took both of them back to the bedroom. I could hear Ione softly singing while she showered and tried to picture her as she rubbed the soap over her supple skin, up and over the generous mounds on her chest, then sliding between that heavenly crack between her legs.My cock quickly started to come back to life, stretching out along my leg before finally starting to stand up again. I hadn’t noticed the water had stopped but I looked up to see Ione partially wrapped in a towel staring at me.”Really? Who are you thinking about now?” she queried, her eyes locked on the insatiable monster between my legs. She hadn’t washed her hair and her auburn locks had the look of an unmade bed, making her even more desirable.”I was thinking about being that bar of soap as you ran it over your luscious body,” I laughed. “Have I told you how beautiful you are?” I asked, more serious now. I held out the glass of cold water for her.She slowly walked to the bed and took the glass of water. Her beautiful skin was still red from the hot shower and it glistened where the water droplets still clung to her body. She sat on the bed next to me, a very serious look on her face now.”Please don’t get all serious on me now. There’s not much of the school year left, then a couple months of summer before we head off in opposite directions for college. I don’t want anybody suffering heartbreak, including me.””I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just seeing you standing there like that I realized how very beautiful you really are, as a woman and as a person. And I always kind of thought you were out of my league dating wise.””No you didn’t,” she insisted. “You had Kathy blindness. You two were such close friends you couldn’t focus on anyone else, even if she was dating someone else. I always thought you were cute, even if you were a little square. If you had asked me out, I would have gone out with you. So whatever spat you had that opened your eyes, I’m grateful because this little puppy is full of fun,” she laughed, grabbing my semi-hard cock and running her hand up and down it a couple times.I kissed her softly and went to take my shower, my rigid pole leading the way. I wondered if there could be something wrong with me that was related to my mother’s condition. The hot spray of the shower washed away all my worries though and I came out refreshed and ready to go to the movies.Ione whistled as I walked back into the bedroom, my prick finally flaccid. She was pulling a thin white sweater over her naked breasts followed by a short red skirt, sans panties. There was a short red jacket that matched the skirt and deceptively hid the fact she was braless.”You know, even soft that stick of yours is pretty impressive. And you’ve got a really cute butt,” she said with a mischievous smile.”Oh, don’t go getting all serious on me,” I mocked. I decided to wear underwear because it had a way of deflecting wet spots on the black slacks. A light green dress shirt with a French cut produced another wolf-whistle from Ione. We were both still laughing as we got out to the car.It wasn’t far to the movie theatre but we were running late. We got inside just as the previews were finishing. We sat in the back and there weren’t many people in the theatre because the movie had already been out for a couple weeks. We settled into our seats with her leaning against my chest and my right arm on her shoulder. She had already removed the jacket and the soft material of the sweater had my fingers determined to explore later on during the movie.We laughed a lot during the beginning of the movie while trying to munch on the popcorn. As Mrs. Robinson is seducing the rather dorky Dustin Hoffman, Ione looks up at me and says, “What is it with guys and older women?””What is it with guys and any woman,” was my reply as I thought about how great the sex had been with the more experienced Linda and Tina. It wasn’t much longer and Ione had finished the popcorn and set the bag on the floor. She raised her butter coated fingers to my mouth and ran them across my lips, that yummy flavor of butter mixed with the sensuous feeling of her slippery soft fingers sending tingles directly to my crotch. I sucked on her index finger, my tongue swirling around the flavorful digit until it was clean. One by one, the fingers took their turn getting cleaned off, each time the charge going straight to my crotch.Ione was getting a little antsy in the seat as I did my best to keep the finger cleaning a sensuous and not sloppy experience. When she looked up at me, I leaned down and kissed her, the slippery butter on both our lips causing our hunger to grow anew. Her right hand went straight to my crotch as my left went under her sweater and our lips hungrily devoured the butter we were sharing.I had never made out with a girl in the movies before and the threat of being caught added a new excitement to our make-out session. It was just as exciting as watching Lori in class or when we had sex in her bedroom when her parents were downstairs.From the way Ione had dressed tonight, I had expected more action but I wasn’t sure if it would be in the theatre or in the car. I felt her nipple harden as my fingers closed around it under her sweater. Her hand gripped my lengthening b**st through my slacks and then stroked it lightly. We continued to kiss, sucking the butter off each other’s lips and playing dueling tongues for quite awhile, forgetting about the movie entirely.Then I noticed some movement and saw some pervert get up and move into our row to get a better view of what he thought was happening. I broke the kiss and stared at him, causing Ione to turn and look. I expected her to be upset but instead she reached down and unzipped my pants, reaching in to release my eight inch pole for the pervert to ogle. She took my left hand from her breast and moved it under her skirt, my middle finger quickly finding her slit and slipping inside the moistened cave.Her breathing quickened as I slid my finger in and out, matching the rhythm of her hand stroking my cock. We started kissing again, ignoring the pervert and everyone else in the theatre. The kissing helped to mask some of her moans of pleasure as she was quickly building towards an orgasm. I brought my thumb up to find her clit and she bit my lip as her body was jolted by the sudden contact of her sensitive nub.It only took a few quick diddles and she was cumming, her body rising up and her hand tightening around my enormous pole. Her breathing was deep but uneven and her right hand was wrapped around my head to insure our lips stayed locked together until her moaning stopped. As her breathing calmed, I broke the kiss and removed my hand from her wet pussy, bringing my fingers towards my mouth to taste the musky sweetness of her young cunt.She intercepted my hand and instead brought the fingers to her own mouth, sucking the juice as her eyes locked onto mine challenging which of us was the more depraved. My cock was still dangling in the cool air of the theatre but we turned to check on our observer just in time to see him grip his cock as he shot his load against the seat in front of him. Ione started to laugh finally aware of what we had just done.I tucked my bad boy back into my shorts and zipped up my trousers wanting to save my load for later. Since we had missed most of the movie anyway, I got up and took Ione by the hand, leading her out of the theatre. She didn’t resist, still giggling about the perv who had jacked off while watching us. As soon as we were in the car, she grabbed my cock again and kissed me, her tongue quickly sliding in and out of my mouth.”It’s okay,” I said breaking the kiss. “I don’t need to cum right now.””But my God that was intense. It was better than what we did on the bus. Knowing he was watching me while he jerked off and not having to hide what we were doing. Shit, the adrenaline is still pumping in me now.””Let’s calm down and go get something to eat before everything closes,” I suggested. We hadn’t had time for dinner before the show and I was really starving.Ione gripped my cock tighter, then let out a loud sigh of frustration and let him go. She started up the car and drove to the pizza shop. I couldn’t help but eye her beautiful legs as she drove. The short red skirt rose high on her lovely thighs making me question my decision of food over sex. There was a slightly noticeable bulge in my pants as we went into the pizza joint. She was giggling again.When the owner told us they were busy and it would be at least a half hour, we paid for the pizza and then went back outside to wait. She was standing next to the red neon PIZZA sign and it gave a pinkish glow to her skin. When she crossed her arms, it moved the jacket to the sides and I could see her stiff nipples pushing against the soft fabric of her sweater. That was it for me.”C’mon, let’s go wait in the car,” I suggested. I took her hand and led her into the back seat. The parking lot was on the side of the pizza place and not well lit giving us some semblance of privacy while still giving Ione the rush of possibly getting caught. She climbed on my lap as soon as the doors were shut. I unzipped my pants and let loose the lengthy log that had been threatening to split in half. She grabbed it and moved it into position against her dripping pussy, then shoved her hips down and engulfed it in her moist warmth. My cock tingled but I also felt a feeling of relief being buried balls deep in this titillating teenager. I reached up under her blouse and played with her bountiful boobs, kneading and massaging them as I started to move my hips. She met my hip movement with equal enthusiasm and we were slamming into each other at a pretty good clip. I pushed her sweater up and engulfed an extended nipple, sucking voraciously, now hungry for more than mere sustenance. I nipped lightly on her stiff nubbin and she moved her hand down to her clit and started rubbing like mad as her body trembled in orgasmic bliss. I could feel her cunt tighten around my pole and I grabbed her hips and began shoving in and out of her, the pressure in my piston continuing to build. I could feel the head of my cock swelling inside her as the tingling started to spread throughout my body. My balls were tightening as the pressure was building, building, building until finally I exploded sending gobs of cum splashing into her crystal cave. Spurt after spurt splashed inside her as I gasped for air while she tried to squeeze that pussy even tighter around my rigid pole. She started to cum again, leaning forward to get that last bit of contact between her clit and the bone above my prick. She wrapped her arms around me, my face smothered in the softness of her breasts, while I slid my hands off her hips and up her bare back. We stayed clenched like that for several minutes, our breathing still ragged, and then she started to giggle again. She finally released her grip and I tried to latch onto a nipple again, but she leaned back begging me to stop as the laughter overtook her. I stayed hard inside her as she leaned back against the front seats, finding it hard to stop laughing.”What’s so funny?” “I was just thinking that if you ‘had’ been my first boyfriend, I would have been expecting better sex from every other guy I dated and I would have been sooo disappointed. I don’t know how the escort tuzla sex could get better.””Well, we’ve only been at this a couple weeks. I’m sure we’ll find a way to satisfy you,” I chuckled.The laughter left her face suddenly as she stared down at me. She quickly got off me, our mutual juices leaking everywhere.”What now?” I pleaded.”I know you’re seeing other girls. You couldn’t have been a virgin and been this good already. Did you have a Mrs. Robinson to teach you? Is that how you will find other ways to please me?””And you’ve had sex with other people and it’s a safe bet you will have it with more people. You didn’t want to get serious so I’m trying not to, but you are very easy to get attached to. You think I only had a crush on Kathy all these years but I’ve always had a crush on you as well. It just manifested more with Kathy because our families were always hanging out together.” “You didn’t answer my question. Do you have a Mrs. Robinson?””Well, I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you,” I laughed. “Look, you seem to have it all figured out anyway, so let’s just leave this discussion for another time and enjoy our weekend together. Live for the day and don’t worry about tomorrow.”She found some old napkins and started cleaning up her crotch so I pulled my handkerchief out of my back pocket and started to clean up the slime off my cock and other places it dripped. “God, how do you still have so much juice inside you after what we’ve done the last few hours?””I think I read someplace that the testes produce semen and sperm while the male libido is excited. And since I’ve had a perpetual hard-on for the last two weeks, I think there’s still plenty more where that came from.”Cars had been pulling up to pick up their pizzas but no one had pulled up next to us in the only other slot in the parking lot. They just pulled up to the curb. It was dark enough that they shouldn’t have been able to see but our luck had been pretty good. Just then a small sports car pulled up next to us. I recognized the car right away and sure enough, Tina stepped out. She seemed a little tipsy but was as sexy as ever in her black leather mini-skirt and matching jacket. “Well, should we go say hello to Mrs. Raphael?” I asked. “She is almost as hot as you,” I joked, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her towards me. She giggled, but her gaze stayed on Tina in her sexy little outfit. Even in the dark I knew that look was the same one I had seen in class a few times.”No, let’s just wait until she’s gone and we can get our pizza and take it home. The beer’s cheaper at my house.” She was trying to smile but I could tell she was a little uneasy about having Tina find us together right now.”Anything you want to talk about?” I asked, concern and curiosity getting the better of me.”No, er, I mean…, it’s just awkward. After the game last night, she kissed me.” She was starting to cry softly.”Did you enjoy it?””What? What do you mean? How could I enjoy being kissed by another woman?” Tears were starting to run down her face, little black smudges appearing as she tried to wipe them away.”Hey, hey. It’s okay. She’s a beautiful woman and she feels close to you after helping out with the team all spring.” Boy, even though I suspected the attraction, I didn’t really think anything had happened yet.”Do you think she is a lesbian? Because I am most certainly not a lesbian!””Honey, calm down. Just because women kiss doesn’t make them a lesbian. She’s beautiful, you’re freaking gorgeous and you’ve been working close together for a couple months. She probably just got caught up in the excitement after you won the game.””How can a woman who enjoys kissing other women not be a lesbian?” There was panic in her voice now. I had to own up to what I knew just to relieve her angst.”Some people just enjoy sex with people they find attractive and it doesn’t matter to them if that other person is a man or a woman. Tina just happens to be one of those people who enjoys… pleasuring other people. And being pleasured by them.””Tina? You just called her Tina and not Mrs. Raphael. Is she your Mrs. Robinson?” Her face was just inches from mine now, and I knew I had to tell her the truth.”She’s not really old enough to be a Mrs. Robinson, but yes I did have sex with her. And there was another woman there too. So you see, she’s not a lesbian. She likes men and women.””You had sex with two women at the same time? What the fuck! Am I falling in love with some kind of pervert? Is sex with me not enough for you?”Oh shit. Maybe I shouldn’t have told her everything. File this away for future relationships; sometimes the truth is not as helpful as a white lie.”Look, it just kind of happened. It’s not like I planned it. And we weren’t really dating when it happened. I was just there when things started and kind of joined in. And as long as I’m being truthful, I’m not sure that sex with you will always be enough for me. You may have noticed that I get hard a lot and sometimes stay that way. I can’t always control it and sometimes I just have to have relief.””Oh, you can’t control it. And how long have you had this mysterious medical condition?””Ione, I’ve had to jerk off at least twice a day since I was twelve. Usually even more often than that. I always thought it was normal because I’ve always been like that. That’s why I can understand Tina being attracted to you. She has a high sex drive and she wants to share it with the people she likes.””And she likes you so she just forced you into this group sex thing. Maybe you’re all perverts.””Listen missy, you’re the one who just had sex in the movies while a grimy, middle-aged man jerked off while watching you. Perversions come in all shapes and sizes. Judge not …” I let it drop at that before it sounded too much like a sermon. She started to sob again. “Oh my God, I did. And it was fucking fantastic. I loved knowing he was watching. I loved the fear of being caught. Just like doing it in the car with you. I don’t understand what’s happening to me.I pulled her close. “It’s just biology. Our hormones are raging and we want to experiment with different things. It doesn’t mean that we will do all the stuff we try for the rest of our lives. Just don’t get too serious about the sex and try to enjoy it. Then decide if you want to do it again. And as my mom told me this week, be careful.””Your mom talked to you about sex? Mine get embarrassed if I catch them kissing.” “See, everybody is different. Your mom is so beautiful I don’t know how your father could keep his hands off her. It’s easy to see where you got your looks.” I ran my fingers through her hair as she calmed down.”Yeah, but your mom looks like Joey Heatherton. Your father is probably giving it to her right now.””Oh they are most definitely having sex right now. Of course, they don’t always care if I’m home or not. They try to be quiet, but sometimes my mom just can’t control herself.”Just then Tina came wobbling back out with her pizza. She had obviously been drinking, but being a Friday night, that was no surprise. She looked completely slutty tonight with heavy makeup to go with her short, tight skirt and that tight little body.”You think she’s okay to drive?” I asked, more than a little concern in my voice.”Why? Are you going to go help her into her car? Maybe run your hand into her tight little panties to relieve her tension? “”Hey, don’t be jealous. She’s a sexy woman but I would never choose her over you. You have your own ‘sexy thang’ going you know.” I was totally serious about that. Tina was beautiful and had a really tight twat, but her controlling and dominance was not attractive to me. She had to come in small doses.Tina left without incident and Ione seemed to be calmed down. I thought about the two of them together and I could picture them in a perfect sixty-nine with Tina on top controlling the action. It was a wonderful sight, but just my imagination for now.”Look honey, why don’t you wait here and I’ll go get the pizza. Nobody has to know you’ve been crying. We can take it home and eat it.” I kissed her softly and she sat back up, more composed. Her face had streaks and smudges where her mascara had run, but even that didn’t dull my desire for her. “Hmm, you look a little like that Alice Cooper character in that weird band.”She laughed again and opened the car door. She got into the driver’s seat while I went in to pay for the pizza. The short ride home was quiet and I didn’t want to break the silence and get her crying again while she was driving. But as soon as we were in the house, she had more questions.”Mrs. Taylor is your Mrs. Robinson. And she’s the one you and Tina had sex with. Am I right?”My stunned look said it all. I didn’t need to reply.”I knew those rumors were true. Somebody had to be building up your confidence and who better than an older woman whose husband is out of town. When the rumor started, all your friends said that you struck out and nothing happened. You didn’t even tell your best friends. Why would you tell me?””Because I have feeling s for you. Our relationship may be new, but we’ve been friends a long time and I think I can trust you. If anyone else finds out, Linda could be sent off to another school and have to answer some tough questions her husband would ask.” “First name basis with her too. How many times have you had sex with her? You going to sneak off this weekend for a quickie with her?””We’ve had sex a few times. She did ask if I was available this weekend but I told her I was busy. I think she took the hint that I have a girlfriend. She was a little disappointed but I’m sure she’ll get over it. It was strictly sex with her and nothing else.”I was on my third slice of pizza and grabbed two more beers. I was starting to get full and wanted to be a little agile for what I hoped would patch up the night and get us back on track for tomorrow. I came back with the beer and she had put some quiet music on and was standing in the middle of the room, the low light giving a soft glow to that tight, white sweater and the swollen globes it contained. She had washed off all the make-up, her skin a little pink from the scrubbing was now a closer shade to match her lovely auburn hair.”Dance with me,” she pleaded.She still had that tone of vulnerability in her voice like she was looking for me to share more intimate moments with her. I set down the beer and went to her, placing my hands on her hips as she wrapped her arms around my neck and lightly kissed me. It was a very romantic setting as we started to sway in time to the music. It was not something I was used to, most of my experiences having revolved around sex and not romance.She started to grind her hips slowly against mine and my hands went to those sweet buttocks and pulled her closer. Our lips met again, the kiss lingering this time but still soft. My pole was pushing up the front of my slacks as usual making contact with her taut belly. We continued the soft kissing and the intermittent contact of our groins caused by her hip movements until the song ended. I kissed her more deeply during that quiet pause between songs.The next song was faster with a Latin beat and she slipped her arms down to my hips and started to swing her hips in a more exaggerated fashion, her large breasts bouncing noticeably in the tight sweater. I held her waist just above those gyrating hips and tried to match her rhythm. It took more than a few seconds but I started to match her movements, my cock bouncing up and down in my pants.When she looked down and noticed it, she started to laugh. She pushed herself away but continued her bump and grind to the music and then suddenly pulled her sweater over her head and threw it into a corner. Her breasts were bouncing like crazy but it was extremely sexy. I stopped dancing and just watched her as she raised her skirt exposing that delicately trimmed pussy. She did a slow turn and pumped her cute ass back at me. I could understand now how men would want to go to a go-go club and watch young women gyrate.I undid my pants and pulled them off with my shorts, grabbing a beer and finding a comfortable seat on the sofa, my pole wagging away as it enjoyed the vision before me. I started to masturbate while I watched her and her eyes became glued to my motions like mine were glued to hers. She undid the skirt and yanked it down, tossing it at me. It had a damp spot on the front and I brought it to my face and inhaled her musky scent, another charge going through my prick.She moved closer, swaying her hips and shoving her crotch forward in a wanton motion. Her nipples were long peaks atop the giggling mass of flesh that bounced before me. I worked my shirt off while watching her and trying to stroke my cock. It felt so much better than when I had to jerk off alone. Every nerve ending in my body was alive as I watch this nymph perform for me. As all good things must end, the song stopped and another slow song started.”Take me to bed and make love to me,” she said in a kitten like whisper.I didn’t need to hear it twice, rising off the sofa and taking her hand as she led back to her parent’s bedroom. It was still unmade from our earlier exploits, the discoloration on the sheets more noticeable. She laid down with her back to me and I spooned her, my cock trapped between her long, lovely legs. I brought my hand up to cup a breast, massaging lightly while I kissed the nape of her neck softly. Her hips moved ever so slightly and she moved her hand down to capture the purple head that was exposed between her thighs. She rubbed my drippings around the engorged head and then rubbed some of it along her crack. She opened her legs slightly, pushing that purple knob against her crack and making contact with her clit, her hips now moving slightly to increase the frequency of contact with her most sensitive body part.We started to synchronize our movements with my hips coming forward as her hips moved back. Then mine pulled back as she shifted her s forward, my cock head making contact with her clit. It was like fucking a very loose pussy; just enough contact to keep you hard but not enough to push you over the edge. We continued our erotic motions while I planted soft kisses on her neck and upper back. She turned her head slightly as she stretched out and I captured and earlobe, sucking it gently between my lips. She moaned softly and I felt her hold my manhood still as her legs closed tightly, her body gently quivering as a surprising orgasm swept over her body. We stayed quiet and motionless for several minutes, my lips resting on her neck with my tongue occasionally slipping out to taste her delicious skin. Though most of it had worn off, there was still a faint smell of the light cologne she had sprayed on earlier. She released my cock from both her hand and her legs, rolling over onto her back. I looked into those soft eyes as I leaned down to kiss her, a gentleness and warmth creeping over me that I had only felt before when kissing Kathy. Was it possible to fall in love with one woman when you were having sex with so many other women? She pulled on my cock again, directing me over her, and placed it at her opening. We continued to kiss softly as I slowly entered her slick cavern and started a gentle in and out movement. There was passion in the kiss, but not the urgency we had felt the other times we had sex. She raised her legs and opened them wider as her hips started moving. I let her control the rhythm, matching her slow, sensuous movements. It seemed to go on forever, interrupted only briefly by her tiny orgasms that sent shivers throughout her body. I looked at the clock and noticed we had been at this for over an hour. She gripped my cock with those strong vaginal muscles, bringing my attention back to her instead of the clock. I closed my eyes, feeling that boiling sensation begin as she tightened and loosened those muscles without moving her hips. Our hips were still and yet it felt like we were fucking as she milked the turgid monolith between her legs.She had a slight grin on her face as I opened my eyes again, surprised at how wonderful this felt. Our hips stayed glued as she milked my pole, tingles starting to emanate from my cock head down the staff and outward to the rest of my body. The boiling cum exploded from my balls and shot out of my prick like a cannonball, splashing against her cervix as she held me tight. Stars exploded in my head as the second stream shot out and I felt my arms go weak as the third stream quickly followed it. I collapsed on top of her, exhausted from the long but excruciatingly delicious orgasm. Somehow I was still hard inside her, my body tingling from every place she touched. I could hardly breathe as the sensations continued to wash over my body. How could such a young girl learn to do such a seemingly advanced sexual technique?I rolled onto my side and she rolled with me, my cock staying buried in her warm, moist pussy. Our faces just inches apart, we kissed again then lay there without speaking. She let her fingers glide across my skin, my body still quivering at her touch. Eventually we drifted off to sleep, locked in a loving, sexual embrace.When I awoke Saturday morning, we were still facing each other with my limp prick stuck inside her soggy tunnel while beams of sunlight slid between openings in the dark d****ries. Ione was already awake and gazing softly at me as those vaginal muscles began that soft squeezing motion again. Our morning breath left something to be desired yet I had to kiss her, feeling that passion grow again in my brain as well as my hardening tool. That sour taste from our kiss was somehow stoking my fires but my first stroke deep into her pussy caused her to wince in pain so I quickly stopped.”Are you okay?” I asked with true concern evident in my voice.”I’m fine. It’s just a little sore from yesterday. Maybe you should go slowly.””Or maybe I should just kiss it and make it feel better,” I said as I slowly pulled out, gobs of our mixed bodily fluids oozing from her cavern. I quickly started down, stopping to suckle a swollen nipple that had been piercing my chest just moments before. My fingers found her pussy, crusty cum stuck to her swollen outer lips while the odor from our primordial ooze wafted northward and made me think twice about my previous idea.”Or maybe I should just jump in the shower,” she yelled, pushing me away and hopping out of bed before I could protest.I heard her on the toilet, a couple of quiet splashes followed by the hiss and tinkle as she relieved her bladder. Then she was brushing her teeth soon followed by the sound of the shower. She hadn’t opened the door to invite me in so I took the hint and grabbed my bag and walked naked down to the hallway bathroom, my solid eight inches bouncing up and down as I walked. I gave him a couple quick strokes remembering that we had all weekend.When I emerged from the shower all refreshed and ready for action, I returned to the bedroom to find Ione already dressed and placing the finishing touches on the light make-up she had decided on for today. I looked at her reflection in the mirror, her flawless skin glowing as she grinned back at my reflection that had just come into view.”Hurry up. We are not going to spend the entire day in the house you know.” She quickly hopped by me and bounded down the stairs. I reluctantly quieted the b**st and pulled on some clean clothes, the gurgling from my stomach reminding me that I was past my normal Saturday breakfast schedule. When I got downstairs I found her buttering some muffins she had just warmed up. “So what do you usually do on Saturdays?” she asked, obviously not wanting to start the day off with sex.”Well, normally I just go to the park and play baseball,” the disappointment evident as I sat down and grabbed the warm buttered muffin. “Do you think they’d mind if I played?” her eyes widening at the thought of embarrassing a bunch of guys on the diamond.I looked at the tight yellow t-shirt and the prominent spheres that stretched the cotton to its limit and knew that the guys would be ecstatic to watch her orbs bouncing around as she ran. I just shrugged and grabbed another muffin as I headed towards the door. Her enthusiasm was overwhelming as she grabbed a glove and cap that were by the door and then slipped an arm through mine as we left the house.The warm sunlight added an extra glow to the feelings from last night. The sex had been so different from the pure lust I had felt with Linda and Tina. Or even the intimacy I had felt with my mother. Was I falling in love or was it just a puppy love from my first intimate relationship with a beautiful girl my own age. Could an eighteen year old really know what love is?I would have to wait for an answer because we had arrived at the field and the guys had just finished the first game and were choosing up sides for the next one. They stopped to ogle Ione until they realized I was the guy attached to her arm and then pretended to act like they were just looking around for more players.”Hey, you guys going to join us?” George offered. He then proceeded to make sure we were on opposite teams, laughing at me as his team took the field and I went to sit down and wait for my at bat. I was amazed at how graceful she looked as she would glide under a fly ball, her ample bosom barely moving. Then when the inning was over and she ran off the field, those breasts would bounce up and down and I thought they were going to hit her in the face. She usually had them wrapped when she played but today she wanted to flaunt them in front of all my friends.The games dragged on into the afternoon. I was sweaty and tired and could think of nothing but wanting to crawl into a hot shower with Ione. But she was having a blast showing up the guys and looked like she could keep going all day. Her smile was still wide as she taunted her opponents with insults just like one of the guys.I noticed movement to my left and turned to see Linda walking towards us with an older man. I quickly recognized him as her husband from the pictures in her house, but he looked older than the pictures and she looked just as young and beautiful as the day they had been taken. She was walking straight towards me with a smirk on her face so I stood up to greet them.She did the introductions and we shook hands, his gripping mine like a vice, a determined look on his face. She explained how he surprised her by flying in on the red-eye last night. Guess it was a good thing I had plans with Ione or it could have been messy.”So you’re the young man that’s been helping my wife out while I was gone,” he said through clenched teeth. He obviously had suspicions that our relationship had been more than professional.The inning had ended and Ione came bounding in and right up to me, distracting him as he stared unabashed at her swollen melons. Linda looked a little jealous but I wasn’t sure if it was because of her husband’s reaction or the fact that Ione was with me. “I guess this means I’m out of a job now that you’re back to help your wife grade papers,” I stated, my grin meant to imply more than I probably should have. This guy was every bit of the douche bag that Linda had told me about during our after-sex talks. “Well, we should probably be going. Don’t want to interfere with your game. See you in school Monday Joey.” Linda looked a little perturbed as they walked away and was mumbling something at him as she pulled his gaze away from Ione.”You two did more than grade papers,” Ione whispered in my ear. “She has that same look in her eyes that I had the first time you fucked me. And your face is screaming it was more than a teacher-student relationship.” She said it matter-of-factly with no hint of jealousy in her voice.”Oh, and you just lost so maybe we can go home and get something to eat now before we go out for the night.” I turned and kissed her smiling, dusty lips never happier to have lost a game in my life.We said our goodbyes and all the guys made sure Ione knew she was welcome to join in anytime she wanted to. Then we walked back toward her house and I listened to her spout off about how much fun she had and how she thought the guys would have been much better players than her. I just had to laugh and pulled away from her shouting, “Race you to the shower!” She might be a great athlete, but there was no way she could outrun me. I had a half-block lead on her as I went in the back door, dumping my shoes and clothes by the kitchen door. I heard her footsteps on the porch stairs and ran up to the shower, turning the water on nice and hot before I slipped in and let it wash over my aching muscles. I let the spray hit my face and was working the dust off when I felt her soft hands wrap around my abs and her stiffened nipples scratched my back. My prick started to elongate as blood rushed to the engorged head. Her hand reached down to stroke my turgid member now fully hard and protruding out away from my body. She rubbed her soft boobs up and down my back, her nipples massaging the nerve endings and sending those familiar tingles along my spine.I turned to face her, the dust clinging to her soft skin, the unnecessary make-up long since disappeared. I grabbed a wash cloth and dabbed at the dust, gently washing it from her delicate skin. She closed her eyes as I ran the slick cloth over her forehead rinsing the last of the grit from her face. I leaned down and kissed her softly, a warm feeling emanating throughout my body. I didn’t know if she had the same feelings. She had been in so many relationships compared to me. Maybe I was just another guy to her, a sex toy that she just happened to like more than her previous beaus.Her hand was on my stiff prick again, rubbing the purple head against her clit, her eyes still closed while we continued to kiss softly, lips and tongues intermingling. Her long legs had her velvet opening at an almost perfect height and a slight shift of my hips allowed my mushroom to pop inside her eliciting a long, soft moan from her sweet lips. Her hand pulled my member out and she started using it to diddle herself again, her wanton desire taking over as she sucked voraciously on my tongue. With her controlling the tempo, it wasn’t long before her body began to stiffen and those low, throaty moans began. I could feel the goose bumps on her skin as the orgasm swept through her body, her hand grasping my dick tightly and maintaining the contact with her sensitive nub.As she calmed down, she loosened her grip on my manhood and I thought I was going to be left high and dry, but she surprised me by turning around and presenting me with her cute little tushy. She spread her legs as she leaned forward and placed her hands on the shower wall. That lovely pussy was gaping open and I slid in easily, grabbing her hips and starting a slow grind. Then I buried it completely inside her and held her still.I reached up and grabbed the soap and lathered her backside, working my hands gently but firmly from her shoulders down to her sweet little ass. I caressed her butt and then let my thumb slip between her cheeks to tease her tiny bunghole. She moaned softly, her body in a heightened sexual state. I ran my hands back up and along her sides, catching plenty of her ample breasts as gravity pulled them down. Then on my slow descent back to her butt I stopped and caressed the soft flesh of her buttocks while I removed my cock from deep inside her. I let the b**st slide along her opening, the swollen red wings trying to capture it and pull it back in. But then I slid it up and over that tiny opening and she moaned again. I pushed gently as the knob nestled into her cleft and she pushed back, unsure if this was really what she wanted to be doing. I got some more soap and lathered up my tool, placing it back at the forbidden hole and pushed with more force this time. Again she moaned and pushed back, the head popping inside her.”Oh shit that burns!” she screamed, holding her hips still while trying to get accustomed to the large invader.I held my prick still inside her tight tush and reached down, inserting a finger inside her larger hole. I then worked my thumb in and began to tickle her clit with my index finger. She started to relax and her hips began a slow motion roll that had my cock inching ever so slowly into her tight sphincter. I pushed harder on her clit and she responded by pushing back on my cock. I was almost half way in now, her ass feeling like a vise as it gripped my granite rod. I pulled back slowly, removing about two inches of cock before I eased forward again and got a little more inside her. The feeling was incredible and I wasn’t sure how long I could last. I didn’t wait this time, pulling back again and then pushing forward a little harder, my cock almost completely buried in her fudgepot. She was starting to moan again, either getting used to the pain or enjoying the way I was tickling her clit.I pulled back again and started to slam forward but she was ready this time and met my thrust, burying my entire rod in her tight bunghole and squeezed it as hard as she could. As soon as her muscles relaxed, I began to pull out and then shoved it back in. We got our rhythm going and it was just like fucking. The soap was working well as a lubricant and my frigging of her clit was offsetting any pain from the anal intrusion.We worked in unison now, cock and thumb pulling out of the respective holes when her muscles relaxed and then slamming back in as her hips thrust backward. My balls were slapping her pussy as my cock was buried deep in her ass and I could feel my joy juice boiling as the pressure continued to increase. The tingling started between my legs and Ione was really panting now, gasping for breath as another orgasm overtook her body. She slammed her hips back at me and I buried my cock in that lovely ass one last time, feeling the sudden swell as the cum began the rapid journey up my pole until it exploded like a geyser deep inside her tight little ass.I grabbed both her hips now as I slammed inside her forbidden hole, stroke after stroke while spurts of cum boiled over and creamed her insides. I wanted it to last forever and the way I was tingling I thought it would never end. I finally just held her tight and felt the last of my cum oozing out as I tried to breathe. I slid my hands back up again, taking hold of her boobs and massaging them while my cock stayed buried in her ass. I kissed her neck and she tried to stand upright, her hands covering mine and pushing harder on her tits.I slowly eased my cock out of her bunghole and she turned to kiss me. Our lips mashed and our tongues danced while my still hard rod slid up across her soft, flat belly. Every time I thought I could never be more turned on, a new experience happened and proved to me how little I really knew about sex. We continued to kiss passionately and I felt that closeness, that feeling I knew must be love; or just intense lust. I still hadn’t decided if I had enough experience to differentiate between the two.Ione finally pushed us apart and grabbed that wash cloth and soap to start the clean up. She was cursing under her breath as she cleaned the hard rod protruding from my body. “Damn thing never goes down. Never seen anything like it. Just not normal.” She looked up flabbergasted. “You better get this thing under control because you are taking me out dancing tonight!

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