The Amazing Holiday

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The Amazing HolidayIntroductionThis is the story of the amazing holiday I took earlier this year with my girlfriend and her family. It was a one week stay at a little island off southern Spain. Let me introduce the cast. I’m Jack 32 from Yorkshire and this is my story. My girlfriend Kelly is 27 really pretty, long blonde hair, fit and toned from her 4 nights a week gym visits with very pert and firm 34c boobs. I was lucky to pull her as I would class her above my league but my wit and charm (and bank account) paid off. We have been together 3 years. Also on the trip were her mum and dad, her sister and cousin. Her mum Penny was in her late 40’s but still looked after herself and looked younger than her age would suggest. She went to the gym with Kelly so kept herself in good shape she was definitely what you would describe as an older hot milf. Her sister Katie was sixteen and almost a mini me of her sister. They had the same looks and hair style just a bit shorter, thinner and only about a B cup at best. It was nice to see what Kelly must have looked like when she was that age. Her Cousin Gemma had been invited to keep Katie company. She was 17, short around 5”5 sort of chubby but not over weight. She had a big curvy bum that you couldn’t help notice and big 36D boobs which again you couldn’t help but admire. This was our 1st holiday with all of Kelly’s family and I just wanted to get it over with, get a nice tan, drink some beer and hopefully see some T & A along the way. Day OneWe flew from Manchester Airport and touched down mid afternoon. We took the shuttle and arrived at the hotel soon after. We took all our luggage to our rooms. Me and Kelly in one, Katie and gemma next door to us and penny and Steve (Kelly’s dad) were around the corner a few rooms down. We unpacked our things and began to have a kiss and cuddle on the bed. I was just working my hands down Kelly’s body when I heard gemma shouting us from the balcony. I sighed and Kelly went to see what she wanted. Our balconies were joined together with just a short wall acting as a divider. Soon it was time to go down and meet the hotel staff and the reps so we all headed for the bar got some drinks ad found some seats at the back of the room. We were all still in the clothes that we arrived in apart from gemma who was now wearing a tight white t shirt showing off her impressive tits and hot pants which showed off a bit too much but I have to admit looked good and got the attention of the two male reps who gave her a proper good look up and down when we were all stood at the bar. The two female reps were both stunning. Both around 19 or 20 very tanned and just oozed sex appeal. they came round and introduced themselves to all the tables a gang of 5 lads with London accents were all throwing the charm at the girls but they just laughed and gave some banter back at them. They introduced themselves to us as Sam and Jaime they were both Geordie girls (a dirty accent I just love) and I too gave them a good checking out as they chatted away to us. Late afternoon soon turned into night as we had been sat just eating and drinking having a laugh. Katie and gemma had been sneaking vodka into their drinks and were both quite tipsy which amazed penny and Steve as they couldn’t work out how it had happened. I smiled and laughed as the two girls swayed off towards the toilets arm in arm as I finished off my latest bottle. After ten minutes or so I noticed the girls had not returned, I needed the toilet myself so I told Kelly I was going to round the girls up and get them back to their room or they may end up sleeping on the beach. She laughed and said she would be up soon. I came out of the toilets and looked around for the girls. I even asked a lady coming out of the female toilets and she said no one else was in there. I walked away and down the side of the hotel just to see if they had wandered off or gotten lost in the dark trying to find the side entrance to the hotel. As I walked a bit further I heard voices towards some trees off the path. The silly bitches have wandered off and got lost I thought. As I passed the last tree I was stopped dead in my tracks. There just round the corner was Katie and gemma both on their knees sucking away on the two reps. I could only see the backs of their heads bobbing back and forth as the 2 reps moaned and gave them words of encouragement. It was such a horny sight my dick was hard immediately. Watching the girls suck you could see gemma was much more experienced as her head was bobbing much faster as she worked the reps dick deep into her mouth. Katie was much slower but was still going for it taking as much as she could. Oh yeah that’s it baby gemma’s rep groaned I’m gonna cum, gemma sucked down deep as the rep bucked his hips as he unloaded down her throat. When he’d finished she pulled her head away, mmm tasty she laughed licking her lips. She looked at Katie who she could see was struggling, come here let me show you how it’s done and she nudged Katie to the side and started to suck the 2nd reps dick. She really went for it sucking and slurping all over his cock as mine ached in my shorts begging to be set free. Maybe a minute or two later the 2nd rep was ready to blow. I hadn’t noticed but the 1st rep had taken out his phone and was recording gemma suck his mates cock. Yeah that’s it mate he laughed now cum on her face and with that he pull out of her mouth and jerked his cock a couple of times before unloading his cum all over her face. I couldn’t see how much he covered her with but she did yell out that it was in her eye. The reps then helped the girls up and cleaned gemmas face up with his t shirt. I then realised where I was and what I was doing so made my retreat back towards the hotel and then called out for the girls like I was just looking for them. They appeared a few seconds later from the bushes but the reps had gone like batman and robin into the night. What the fuck you doing in there I asked? Nothing laughed gemma just looking around. I escorted the girls up to their room and must admit I had a smile to myself when they turned and said goodnight in the door way and I saw gemmas face properly in the light and she still had some cum on the side of her face. I bid them goodnight and went into my room next door. I was still horny and hard after what I had witnessed in the gardens so I crashed out on the balcony in a chair with a bottle and closed my eyes. Not five minutes after I sat down Kelly came staggering in thru the door. Did you find them she asked? Yeah there in their room now they were in the gardens lost I think. Kelly came over and sat on my lap and kissed me. She was truly beautiful, I had noticed that most of the guys round the bar all took most notice of her as we sat around drinking. As she wiggled her bum into my legs she coughed, mmm what do we have here she asked grinding down into my erection. I just want to get my hands on you I moaned softly. She then slowly slide down off my lap onto her knees and began tugging at my shorts. I couldn’t believe it after what I had just witness earlier now my normally blowjob shy girlfriend was going to suck me off?? Ever since we have been going out Kelly has never been a big fan of giving me a blowjob, don’t get me wrong we’ve fucked for England and done just about everything you can think off but I really have to beg her to go down on me. In the 3 years we’ve been going out I’ve only ever cum in her mouth twice and once on her face and that time she was so drunk she never really knew what we were doing. Now here she was pulling out my rock hard dick and sucking on it. Because she never goes down on me very often her BJ technique isn’t that great but soon I was laying my head back in the chair running my hands through her hair as she worked her tongue over my dick. I don’t know why but something made me open my eyes and when I did I did well not to jump up in fright, Katie was stood at the balcony wall watching us. My eyes darted down at Kelly and then back at Katie. She put her finger to her lips in a ssshhhh motion as Kelly continued to work my cock for all it was worth. Jesus I thought how can I get away with this without getting busted. I kept my eyes on both girls and soon Katie was sliding a hand down into her panties and began playing with herself. She was rubbing between her legs as her older sister was working my cock for all it was worth. You getting close babe? She asked between sucks, oh yeah I said before looking back at Katie who still playing with her pussy. She mouthed the words cum for me and smiled which tipped me over the edge AAHHH I groaned as I unloaded my first rope of hot sticky cum into my girlfriends willing mouth. A few more followed and Kelly gagged as she swallowed it all down. I Ran my hands through her hair as I helped her back to her feet still keeping her back to her sister, Katie slipped backwards into her room and disappeared.Day 2I’m not sure what time it was when I awoke the next day. Kelly was up getting ready. I going shopping with my mum and the girls babe we will be back soon Kelly said as she finished sorting her hair. There was a knock at the door and Kelly let her mum into the room. Those two are still dead to the world next door so it’s just you and me Penny said. She looked as me still laid in bed sleep ok dear she asked? Like a log thanks Penny I smiled back. I then noticed as she talked to Kelly she kept looking back towards me but not towards my face. I had woken with a decent morning glory shall we say and the thin bed sheets were not covering it up very well. I could see Penny kept moving around the room to get a better look. Right mum lets go and with that they bid there farewells and left. I lay back in bed and thought about last night which did nothing to get rid of my morning wood. Around 20 minutes later there was a knocking at the door which I assumed would be Steve wanting to hit the pool or the bar. I pulled on some shorts and opened the door to Gemma in just a towel asking me to help work the shower. The towel bahis firmaları barely covered her big tits and I couldn’t help but stare at them. Sure Gemma let’s take a look at it. I went into the girl’s room and Katie was still asleep on the bed she was naked but face down and half covered with a bed sheet so nothing could be seen. Shame I thought. I went into the bathroom and messed with the shower a little and got it working. Gemma asked me to show her how to work it so as I showed her she reached up and her towel dropped away to the floor. Wow I thought to myself as her huge tits bounced free. Oh I’m sorry she laughed but made no effort to pick the towel up so neither did I. She moved towards me out of the shower and as I backed away from her I bumped into the toilet. That’s far enough she said and dropped to her knees and pulled down my shorts. MMM she smiled I can see why Kelly keeps you around and pushed me down so I was sitting on the toilet. She grabbed some lotion/cream type stuff from the sink and squirted it onto her chest. You going to rub it in for me? To which I started to massage the cream into her tits. When her tits were all oiled up she leaned forward and wrapped my dick in-between them and slowly started to rub them up and down my cock. What an amazing sight my cock in-between those big teenage tits as she squeezed them together I began to fuck in and out. So what’s going on gemma? I asked as I pumped my dick between her tits, what do you mean? she looking up at me with a mischievous look on her face, with you? why are you doing this? Not that I mind I groaned as I felt the cum starting to build in my throbbing member. I’m just getting warmed up she laughed why do you think I got invited on this holiday in the first place and why do you think uncle Steve paid for me to come? You mean you and Steve are….. fucking? She laughed, no not yet I’ve been sucking his dick for months now but I told him if he brought me on this holiday ill let him fuck me. Just hearing her say it tipped me over the edge oh yeah that’s it and I erupted all over her tits. I pumped four or five big globs of spunk all over her tits and even wiped off the remains onto her nipples, god she did have amazing tits. MMM thanks babe now I best take that shower before I go see Uncle Steve. As I left the bathroom I looked over at Katie who was still laid out on the bed but had rolled over and I made a mental note of her pert little boobs before I left. That night we all got drunk again in the bar but I did make a note of batman and robin the reps chatting Kelly up every time she went to the bar or toilet. That night I fucked Kelly long and hard as she lay drunk beneath me but I must admit I was thinking about Katie and her dirty cousin the whole time.Day 3We all met up downstairs around the pool area the next day but I noticed penny conspicuous by her absence. Where’s penny? I asked Steve oh she’s feeling a bit under the weather so she was gonna try and sleep if off ready for tonight. After a few hours of drinking and lazing by the pool I told Kelly I was going up for a shower and to change my shirt as it was all hot and sweaty. Ok babe but will you just check in on my mum see if she is ok? Sure I thought no problem. I knocked on penny’s door and she seemed a little flustered when she saw me standing there. Hi Jack come in, are you ok penny I asked not like you to miss a day by the pool. I’m fine just feeling a bit under the weather. As she poured herself a drink offering me one I noticed what looked like a toy sticking out from under the pillow on the bed. Fuck it jack I thought go for it you know she wants it. I moved over and pulled the toy which turned out to be a pretty big rampant rabbit out from under the pillow. You know penny these are all well and good but there no substitute for the real thing. My god I’m so sorry you saw that jack I’m just feeling frustrated Steve hasn’t touched me for months now and I miss the intimacy so much. You think in still good looking don’t you jack? She asked as she sat next to me on the bed, I sure do penny you’re a very attractive woman. With that we both leaned in and kissed, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. My hands soon began to wander over her robe pulling it open to reveal a very sexy pair of matching underwear. I lay her down on the bed and slowly pulled off her knickers. I began kissing between her legs working my way towards her pussy. It was neatly trimmed and I was soon kissing and licking her clit making her twitch and grind her pussy up into my face. The deeper I worked my tongue into her the more she moaned, oh yeah jack that’s amazing I’ve not been touched like this for years. I began to work a couple of fingers into her now gapping wet pussy, three easily fit as I worked them in and out while really going to town on the clit sucking down on it hard she really began bucking her hips and shacking to a loud orgasm oh fuck yeah she moaned. Before she could catch her breath I quickly flipped her over and brought her arse up into a doggie style position. I slid my shorts down and my hard dick sprang out. In one thrust I entered her from behind and slid all the way in. I began pumping in and out slapping against her arse as hard as I could really ramming into her. Fuck it I thought she’s not going to tell you to stop now, fuck this milf for all she’s worth. As I fucked into her penny was ramming back into me just as hard really going for it. She came again soon after collapsing face first into the bed using her pillow to muffle her own screams. I rand my hand under her pussy and got as much of her cum and juices onto my fingers and began to slowing work them into her tight little ass. Soon I had 2 wet fingers working her arse in and out. Penny reached back and spread her arse cheeks for me, come on then jack do it fuck my ass for me, do it. I pulled out of her pussy and inched my cock into her ass. Her ass resisted at first but soon I was slipping deeper into her butt. I pushed as deep as I could then held it inside of her while she accommodated me. Then I began to slowly thrust in and out of her arse, penny still had her face in the pillow moaning and groaning as I fucked her tight little arse faster. Soon penny collapsed flat on the bed exhausted so I moved on top of her in a press up position and continued pumping away my balls were getting really tight so as I kissed the back of penny’s neck I unhooked her bra and pulled it away. I continued fucking her for another few minutes until my balls couldn’t take it anymore, I need to cum now sexy I groaned in her ear, pulling out and rolling her over I knelt at the side of penny and unloaded my cum all over her tits as she pushed them together for me. You dirty bastard she grinned look at the state of me, I best get out of here I laughed pulling my clothes on, I kissed penny and left the room as she laid there naked on the bed still covered in my cum rubbing her pussy.Penny never appeared until late in the day and we passed the night away drinking in the bar. I was sat talking with Jaime and Sam at the bar and they told me they were off tomorrow night and going into the town with the 5 London lads for some fun. Can you handle 5? I enquired ha-ha no problem they giggled back. When I went back to the table I moved in next to Katie, I had not talked to her about watching me us on the balcony but I could tell she was looking at me in a different way but I was not sure what I could do about it. That night in bed with a very drunk Kelly I asked her what her holiday sex fantasy would be and she replied after a few moments thought with a threesome with strangers, wow I thought that’s pretty hot and got my mind working as I drifted off to sleep.Day 4Me and Steve went out on a boat trip for most of the day and it was evening by the time we got back. Me and Steve talked on the trip and he sort of in a roundabout way admitted that he was fucking gemma, good man I thought good but you should be fucking your hot wife too not just the teenage slapper. When we arrived back at the hotel the girls must have been hitting it hard most of the day as they were all pretty drunk. Steve took Katie and gemma up to bed and I piled more drinks into Kelly as I wanted her passed out in bed when the girl reps got back just in case. It was very late when they arrived back at the hotel crashing and banging out of the taxi. The bar was shut and me and Steve were just finishing off our last drinks. Two of the lads had pulled themselves and they disappeared with their ladies which left just three and the two girls. One of the lads was so pissed he could barely stand do you need a hand getting him up stairs I asked? Yeah mate thanks one lad said neither of them would have been able to hold him up. Sam and Jaime looked amazing, they both had party dresses on which just covered their boobs and bums. We all moved into the hotel and finally got to the lads room after quite allot of laughing and falling down. We all piled into the room which was empty, thank god I thought the other two lads must have gone into the other girl’s room. We dropped the really pissed lad onto a bed and cracked open a vodka bottle from the fridge. Soon music was playing from one of the lad’s phone and the girls were dancing for us as we all sat in a sort of circle around them. They danced really slow and sexy running their hands all over each other, not the first time lads have seen this show I thought. Next they began kissing and fondling each other’s breasts, I could tell that the two lads were getting hot under the collar and I was also pretty hard. Sam turned round and Jaime unzipped her dress and all three of us groaned in unison as the dress dropped to the floor. Sam had a nice body but it was Jaime who I had my eye on and a few seconds later I nearly exploded in my shorts when her dress dropped to the floor. Jaime had bigger tits than Sam and as they both wiggled there bums in their thongs Jaime had a much nicer arse. One of the lads couldn’t take it any longer and stood up dropping his perabet güvenilir mi shorts, Sam was the first to react and dropped to her knees in front of him, his mate moaned that he had not done it first and was soon stood next to his mate as Sam took turns to suck their cocks while wanking the other one. I looked over at Jaime and she rubbed her hands over her tits and moved towards me. We kissed, long and slow our tongues licking and working into each other mouths she was such a hot kisser my dick was aching in my shorts which I’m sure she felt as she wiggled on my lap which just made it worse. I ran my hands over her big tanned tits as she turned to face away from me so she could grind into me more in a stripper style while watching her best friend sucking off two guys. I lowered my hands down between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her thong, she was really wet and I was soon sliding a couple of fingers into her at which he started to move her hips and began fucking my fingers. Sam was now on the floor naked having her pussy licked by one of the guys while she sucked the other one as he stroked her tits and played with her hard nipples. I was rock hard and as Jaime stood up she bent over in a touching her toes motion and pulled down her thong, I think that was the most amazing sexiest thing I have ever seen I’m my life I said to her with my jaw wide open. I pulled down my shorts and she sat back down and in one smooth motion I was inside her up to the hilt, we both gasped together as I held her hips and she began bouncing up and down on my dick. Jaime was really going for it like shed not be fucked for years which I knew was not true because batman & robin had told me all about their exploits with the girls from just the other night. Sam was now on all fours being fucked from behind while still sucking the other guys cock. I dint fancy Sam but I couldn’t stop watching her taking two dicks at the same time even though this stunning girl was riding me like it was our last days on earth. Jaime did soon tire and as she stood up she fell forward onto the bed, I immediately moved in behind her and was soon fucking her from behind. You could help him out Sam moaned pointing to the passed out lad on the bed as the guy fucking her was really going hard pounding into her making some very loud slapping sounds off her arse with every thrust. Jaime obliged and took out the guys dick and began wanking him. We all sort off stopped and watched as the lads dick got hard in a matter of minutes even though he was totally passed out. I noticed that Jaime was the same as Kelly in that she must not have been fond of the old dick in the mouth because I got no oral relief and the lad on the bed was just getting wanked even though her mouth was just inches from his now throbbing cock. I carried on fucking Jaime trying to build up a hard rhythm that the guy fucking Sam was doing but he was really going to town on her spanking her ass and really pounding into her so much she had to stop sucking the other lad and just put her head back and take what she was getting. Jaime looked back at me oh by the way Sam is the cum bucket not me so don’t be cumming on me or in me please she smiled a fake sort of smile which immediately put me off her, I slowed to a snail’s pace and then pulled out fuck you then I thought I’m going to finish off with her moving away towards Sam. Going for three I asked? Ha-ha she laughed back I’ve had more this week and with that she pushed the guy off her ok she said wanking race first one to cum on me gets to do whatever they want with me. We all lined up in front of her and began franticly pumping our dicks in her face, she moaned words of encouragement like oh yeah that’s so hot and come on guys cover my face porno style she then opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Boom the lad to my left reached critical and fired off into her mouth 5 ropes of cum and everyone went straight in her mouth MMM good boy what you got planned for me she giggled almost at the same time me and the other guy both hit our marks at the same time and began firing hot streams of spunk into her mouth and over her face. She was covered when we had finished white blobs of cum dripped from her nose and mouth she looked so hot I must admit. She scooped up most of the cum and again asked the winner well what would you like. He smiled fuck him he said pointing to his mate on the bed I’ve never seen someone fuck a dead person before. Jaime had carried on wanking him so he was still hard and Sam just jumped on cowgirl and began riding him while she wanked the other two lads trying to get them hard again. I said my goodbyes and left the room watching Sam still working the ‘stiff’ for all that he was worth, best fuck of his life and he doesn’t even know it I laughed.Day 5I wandered down to the pool area mid morning and saw Kelly and penny talking with Sam and Jaime, oh fucking great I thought and immediately detoured towards the pool. Katie and gemma were in the water swimming about so I thought I’d take a dip with them. We were soon splashing about and play fighting when as we were all wrapped up together I felt a hand take hold of my dick. Gemma you horny bitch I thought as I grabbed both girls and splashed around. The hand then slipped inside my short and squeezed my cock making it stir to attention, next thing gemma pushed off and moved away but the hand was still gripping my dick, Jesus it was Katie’s hand I looked at her and she smiled a knowing smile and stuck out her tongue at me. Katie I’m not complaining but we can’t do this someone might see, so it’s ok for gemma to have fun but not me? She asked with a sad puppy dog look on her face, what do you mean fun? I enquired, I heard you and her in the bathroom the other day and I think it’s my turn I want to fuck you, I swallowed half the water as my mouth hit the bottom of the pool before I could think what to say gemma came back over and dragged Katie away so I had some time to think what I would do next I wanted to fuck Katie so badly but it was dangerous ground I needed to think things through. As day passed into night I still couldn’t decide what I was going to do about Katie so I just put it to one side in my mind and thought whatever happens. We had all been drinking allot as per every other night and soon Steve and penny went to bed. Kelly was over at the bar talking with batman and robin so I was left with gemma and Katie. Soon the talk turned to sex as it always did with gemma and she was soon revelling the story of her 1st time and 1st blowjob. When I asked Katie about her first time she shocked me again by saying I’m still waiting for the right guy I’m a virgin, Oh yes that settles it I’m going to take my girlfriends k** sisters cherry I just had too. It was then that I noticed my very drunk girlfriend had disappeared from the bar she had probably just gone to the toilet but then I thought oh wait batman and robin had gone too….. Shit I jumped up and told the girls I would be back soon and made my way out towards the back of the hotel where I had found the girls on the first night. Sure enough I heard muffled voices and moved around the clearing but staying hidden in the shadows. There was Kelly bent over with her skirt round her waist and knickers at her knees getting fucked by batman while she sucked robins dick. Batman was rubbing his hands all over her ass and grabbing her hips as he pounded away into my girlfriend robin held her head as she sucked and wanked his cock. She was moaning quite loud every time his dick came out of her hot little mouth she looked amazing getting fucked like this I was rock hard and jealous of what they were doing to my pissed up girl but couldn’t stop watching. Fuck me your hot babe batman said wiping the sweat from his forehead as he fucked her harder and faster. Kelly just moaned and carried on sucking robin wanking the base of his dick while kissing and licking the tip, oh fuck yeah that’s it cried out batman he grabbed hold of Kelly’s hips in held his dick deep inside her as he was obviously cumming. The dirty bastard had just spunked in my girlfriends pussy, I want some of that laughed robin he lay down on the grass and batman helped Kelly squat down over his dick and begin bouncing up and down on his cock. Batman had to hold her steady as there was no was she could have been able to fuck in that position on her own. Robin reached up and rubbed his hands all over her tits as his mate kept her upright as she continued squat on robin’s dick and fuck him with all her might. Next thing I knew two hands were round my waist grabbing at my hard dick, enjoying the show? asked gemma why don’t you leave them too it and put that to good use? I can’t leave her like that I protested, oh yes you fucking can and with that gemma grabbed my dick and pulled me away towards the beach away from the hotel. Soon we were at the deserted beach in the pitch black no one was within ear shot and I was going to take all my horny frustration out on this bitch whether she want me too or not. Gemma sat on one of the recliner beds that were all laid out at the top of the beach as I stood in front of her and released my raging dick into the night air. Gemma wrapped her hand round it and pumped it a few times then began to work the tip with her tongue. She ran small circles round the tip then lifted it up and licked it all the way down to my balls as she began to expertly suck each one into her mouth while still jerking my cock with her free hand. I began rubbing her big tits through her tight top, her nipples were already hard so I guessed she must be pretty wet. As much as I was a fan of gemma’s oral skills the anger was still bubbling inside and I just wanted to destroy her. I laid her down on the recliner and pulled off her skirt and knickers in one motion. I ran my hand over her pussy and it was indeed wet and ready for a fucking. I positioned my dick at her entrance and pushed inside her. Oh yeah jack that’s it fuck me, harder,harder treat me like tipobet they treated Kelly fuck me up gemma moaned from beneath me as I grunted away pounding into her tight wet hole. She wrapped her legs around my back forcing me to fuck her harder and deeper, I kissed her and followed up my licking and kissing her neck running my hands over the sides of her body. Her pussy tightened around my cock and her whole body began to shake as she came her legs pinning me in place so hard I could barely thrust in and out any more. Wholly fuck she panted in my ear that was intense releasing her legs so I could continue fucking her. When gemma had got her breath back I withdrew from her pussy which was really soaking I think she must have squirted when she came because it was everywhere, I told her to get on all fours to which he obliged I got behind her and ran both my hands over her wet pussy covering my fingers in her wet sticky juices, I then entered her from behind sliding my dick all the way in right up to her ass as I began to slowly slap of her big sexy butt with every thrust. I then began to tease my sticky wet fingers round her arsehole just rubbing the entrance at first then just the tip of one then the tip of two. Gemma tightened her arse at first denying me access but as I began to thrust my dick into her harder she relaxed and let my fingers slide all the way in as I began to open up her tight little arsehole. Gemma was now face down on the recliner her legs were shacking as I pounded in and out of her pussy while I still had two fingers in her ass working them deeper and deeper, this slut is getting her ass fucked whether she wants it or not I thought the horny anger was still built up inside me and she was my release. I released my fingers from her ass and then my dick from her pussy which was still soaking and had lubed my dick up nicely, I placed my dick at the entrance to her tight brown hole and slid the tip inside. For some reason gemma hadn’t realised what I was about to do until my dick was in her arse, she let out a scream and tried to get up but I forced her back down with my forearm while holding her arse still with the other. She writhed and protested telling me to stop, please jack not my arse it will hurt I don’t want too she begged, don’t act like a slut if you can go through with the actions I growled, but I’ve never been fucked like that before it hurts she wailed beginning to cry slightly. Just relax your ass and rub your pussy and you will love it I hissed, she stopped struggling as my hand gripped her hips tight she knew she was not getting away and I felt her asshole un tighten and her hand moved towards her pussy and she began to run her fingers over her wet pussy and clit. As she relaxed I slowly began to inch my cock into her virgin ass, gemma screamed and moaned as I went in deeper and deeper stopping at about 5 inch deep inside her. I held it was a few seconds to let her get used to the sensation of having a cock up her ass then began to pump in and out building up a nice rhythm. I could tell by her groans and the look on her face every time she kicked her head up if I thrust too hard she wasn’t enjoying it and was in pain but that just made me want to fuck her even harder. My dick was now sliding in and out of her tight little hole at a good pace and I could feel my balls getting tighter, in one fluid motion I withdrew from her ass and in the next thrust I re-entered her soaking wet pussy and a couple of pumps later I exploded deep inside of her. I held her hips and really jammed my cock as deep into that slut as a could go firing string after string of cum deep inside her. Gemma collapsed onto the bed and I with drew and sat on the bed next to her. She wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to fix her clothes. I smiled to myself thinking I bet Steve never fucked you like that you little whore. We walked back to the hotel in silence. When I got to our room Kelly was laid naked in bed passed out. I moved between her legs and her pussy was still covered in cum some had even leaked out onto the bed, those bastards really did a number on her. Tomorrow was the last day and I was going to make Katie mine, I just dint know how.Day 6Kelly was in the shower when I awoke and was quiet for most of the morning. Gemma dint really speak much either as we all sat around the bar. Katie joined us from the pool and said she was going up to get a shower. The others decided as it was the last day they would get a taxi into the town to do some shopping. I waved them off at the taxi and decided to make my move on Katie. I got to the door of her room knocked and walked in. She was sat on the bed drying her hair wrapped in a towel. I never said a word and walked straight up to her, standing her up and passionately kissing her first on the mouth then on her neck. Her towel dropped to the floor and ran my hands on her pert little tits still kissing round her neck. I laid her down on the bed and began working my way down her naked body her shoulders, her tits making sure I got her nipples hard with my tongue, I ran my tongue down her stomach I could see the goose pimples all over her young body as I worked down between her legs. I kissed every inch around her hips and between her legs without actually touching her pussy. Running my tongue around just above her pussy then down the sides, Katie was twitching and moving her bum trying to get me to touch her pussy but I wanted to tease her to the point of no return first. Her pussy was completely shaved and I began to tease her clit with just the tip of my tongue she gasped and pushed her hips up off the bed and her pussy was now deep into my face. I sucked on her tiny clit hard and nibbled on it before entering her tight little slit with my tongue before moving two fingers into her pussy. She was so tight and my fingers were being squeezed tight by the walls of her pussy. I fucked myself with gemmas dildo and broke my hymen Katie panted so don’t worry about fucking me I want you in me so much, I stood up and removed my clothes, as I pulled down my boxers my cock sprang out hard and slapped upright against my stomach. I moved on top of Katie and began to rub my dick against her pussy. I slowly pushed in and she let out a squeal and a moan as her eyes rolled back in her head. I began to fuck in and out of her amazingly tight hole pushing in deeper with each thrust only going slow and not building up much rhythm. Unlike last night with gemma I wanted to make love to Katie and enjoy fucking my girlfriend’s virgin teen sister. I held Katie tight as I began to work up more of a rhythm going quite deep inside of her for a first timer. I held her tight and rolled over so she was now on top and I then pushed her legs up so she was now sitting on my dick. What do I do now? She asked, just go for it babe bounce away I laughed as Katie began to ride my cock. She went quickly at first really riding me hard her pert little tits bouncing with her as she worked my cock deep down into her pussy. She soon tired and slowed to a slow pace but still wiggled down hard every time she reached the base of my dick. I lifted her legs and spun her round so she was now in reverse cowgirl and as she leaned forward and gripped my legs I ran my hands over her sexy bum before grabbing her hips and began bouncing her up and down on my length. I could feel my balls getting tight and sat up so I could fondle Katie’s tits with her still wiggling her bum with me deep inside her. Have you tasted cum yet baby? I asked, no not yet Katie said she was looking tired and sweat was on her fringe and running down her back. I told her to jump off and she sat on the edge of the bed as I stood in front of her. She wanked my cock for me but she couldn’t get a good rhythm going so I took over stroking my cock at the tip while Katie rubbed my balls, I moaned and she opened her willing teenage mouth and stuck out her tongue AAAHHH my dick twitched and my cum shot out and landed straight in her mouth. Three more ropes for my sticky juice splattered into her mouth and Katie rolled it around her mouth and then swallowed it down. Mmm not too bad Katie said pulling a face which seemed to suggest she dint really like it, not that I cared. I’m soaked I need to take another shower laughed Katie and she walked off into the bathroom. I lay on the bed and began to stroke my cock getting some hardness back into it I was pleasantly surprised but after a bit of work I was hard again and ready for a bit more from my teen temptress. I waited for the shower to finish and then jumped up and opened the bathroom door. Katie looked a little surprised but then she looked down at my hard dick, oh my god already she said with her mouth open, I gently pulled her from the shower and bent her over the counter and ran my hand over her pussy before pushing my cock back into her pussy. Oh oh oh Katie moaned as I fucked into her she was trying to grab hold of something to keep her balance but everything was wet from the shower condensations and all she could do was grab the taps on the sink. I was really pounding into her this time slapping hard against her pert little ass, I wiped away the condensation from the mirror so I could see Katie’s face as I fucked her. She was pulling all sorts of faces and looked so hot like those porn clips of a teen girl being fucked by a porn star for the first time. I grabbed hold of katie’s wet hips and pushed deep inside pulling my cock nearly all the way out then slamming it all the way back in, then out of the blue I felt myself cumming, I held katie’s hips and rammed into her deep one last time before unloading into her pussy. We both moved back into the main room and I could tell Katie was worn out. I kissed her, admired her naked teenage body one last time dressed and left.That night we dint drink much and all seem tired and exhausted from the week’s activities. We all decided an early night would be the best bet as we had to be up early for our flight. As I slid my cock into Kelly’s pussy I thought about all the fucking I had done on this amazing holiday. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my mates about what had gone off, I grunted and came deep into Kelly’s pussy as she lifted her face out of the pillow and looked back at me I love you babe, I love you too sweetheart.

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