The Babysitter Pimps My Wife At A Party

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The Babysitter Pimps My Wife At A PartyIt was a few days after the gloryhole incident. Danielle had “babysat” for us again tonight and I was dropping her home afterwards. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand as she raised her face from my crotch and asked, “Do you and Kim want to come to a party with me next weekend? I’ve promised to provide the entertainment, if you know what I mean.”“I think I do know what you mean, but why don’t you spell it out for me, just in case…”“Well,” she said, with a coyness that was almost convincing. “There’s gonna be a lot of my college friends there, and I’ve told em that I can provide a slut for their amusement. I’ll charge a fee per hole, and we’ll set a limit of cocks she take in each. There’ll be some young pussy for you too, if you want it?”“You sure you won’t be jealous?” I asked. “You’re not gonna go nuts if you see me fucking your mates?” I was teasing here, I knew as well as she did that she didn’t give a fuck where my cock went. “I’ll run it past Kim later, she’ll not say no.”The party was at Kim’s friend’s place, a student house share a couple of towns over, not far from the gloryhole where my little redheaded wife had swallowed ten loads last week. We’d got a taxi so we could drink if we felt like it, and as I followed Kim to the door I watched her cute arse swaying under her short skirt. Dani answered the door, kissed me deeply and grabbed my wife’s hand, dragging her into the living room. Some shit music was blasting out, a bunch of teenage student types were in various stages of drunkenness. A door led off into a wreck of a kitchen and a staircase headed off to a second floor. Some sketchy looking guy in a beanie hat shoved a warm bottle of lager into my hand as Danielle shouted something about the entertainment being here.People trailed into the room, which was soon crowded with about thirty bodies, and wolf-whistles and not-so-subtle suggestions were directed at Kim, who blushed beetroot red.“Right lads,” Dani called. “She’s taking two in the mouth, a tenner a pop. Three of you can fuck her slutty little cunt for twenty quid each. And one lucky bastard gets to fuck her virgin arse for forty.”Her arse wasn’t exactly virgin, I’d been in there once but she’d not liked it and never let me again, but no one chose to enlighten the crowd.“Right, I get to choose two of you,” said Dani. “Steve, here, gets to pick two and this little redhead cock-slut gets to pick the last two for herself. Then the six of you can decide who’s doing what to her.” Dani slipped behind Kim and ran her hands up my wife’s front, eventually cupping her nice titties, bringing more catcalls from the lads.Dani quickly picked her two, pointing to a tall black guy and the bloke who’d given me the beer earlier. I looked around the room, trying to decide who got to fuck my wife. This whole situation was crazy now I was here, but fuck it. Dani leaned across and whispered in my ear, “That tall guy in the red hoody. His girlfriend is the fit little brunette, she’s a right slag. She’ll be up for fucking you while he’s shagging my pet. And that little ginger dork is a virgin, give the k** a break!” I took her advice and pointed out the two lads, the ginger fella getting high fives all round at his surprise inclusion.Kim looked nervously around the room, eyes darting from one eager face to the next. A voice said, almost quietly enough not to be noticed, “I hope she picks me, she’s fucking hot!” Kim pointed to the guy, a tubby young man about eighteen of nineteen.A biggish girl shouted out “Do me a favour will you? Fuck this tosser, save me a job later.” This raised a laugh, and for lack of a better option, Kim shrugged and agreed.“Right, decide who’s doing what, and what order and follow us in five,” Dani instructed. “Oh, and bring your girlfriends if you’ve got em.”The babysitter led us upstairs…The bedroom the three of us ourselves found ourselves in had been cleaned in a cursory manner at best, but at least the sheets had been changed. Dani chucked a box of condoms on the bedside table and pulled a bottle of Sambuca from her large handbag. A quick rummage found us three cleanish glasses and a shot of the horrific stuff was downed just as there was a knock on the door. I sat in a swivel chair in the corner near a desk with Kim perched nervously on the edge of the bed. Dani opened it, and the guy with the beanie came in. Dani took the offered tenner and turned to Kim.“Looks like you’ve got a blowy to get you started, get your kit off and let Dave see what he’s paying for.”Kim slipped her little black dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, standing there in her lacy black bra and panties, red high heels and black hold-up stockings. She looked a little nervous but nowhere near as bad as I’d expected. Dave looked more worried, glancing at me. I nodded to him and gestured towards the near-naked woman who was about to suck him off.He approached hesitantly and Dani pushed him so he was sat on the bed where Kim had been. Then our babysitter put my wife onto her knees between his legs, pert little arse right in my eye line, lacy gusset doing little to disguise how wet she was türkçe bahis getting. “Right slut, unzip him and get to it.”Dave’s zip came down and Kim’s little hand reached in and fished his knob out. It was pretty average, and as her hands worked on their magic, he grew to a solid six inches. Her lips parted and her tongue darted out, licking the tip. She took the head in her mouth and went to work properly. Dave leaned back, one hand taking his weight and the other controlling her rhythm by gripping her auburn hair. He groaned and tensed, thrusting upwards as he dumped a load in her mouth.“Er, thanks,” he said shyly as he stuffed himself back into his jeans.“Thank the man, pet,” instructed Danielle.“Thank you for giving me a load to swallow sir,” said Kim from her knees.“Er… it’s okay,” Dave sounded confused again.“Right mate, get out and send the next one up,” said Dani.Another shot of Sambuca and another knock at the door. Again Danielle opened it and this time it was the tubby guy Kim had picked for herself. He grinned broadly at the sight of my wife in all her lingerie-clad glory. “Wow. Just wow!” he exclaimed, fishing in his pocket for a twenty, which he passed to Dani.“Ok, Kev. It is Kev isn’t it?” He nodded. Dani handed him a condom. “You have to rubber up, no kissing. She isn’t here to enjoy it, just to serve you.”He dropped his pants and his cock sprung up like a jack-in-a-box, girthy enough but not very long. As he rolled the rubber on he asked, “Can I fuck her from behind?”“You heard the man slut, on your knees, head down, arse up. You want her knickers on or off?” Dani queried.“Leave em on, just pull em to one side!” He looked ready to shoot at any time.Kim positioned herself on the bed, head down, eyes locked on mine as she reached between her legs and moved her panties out of the way for this teenage student to slip his cock into her soaking gash. He got behind her and clumsily pushed in, her little hand with the red-pained nails guiding him. He started pounding quickly, no finesse, in the way of inexperienced young men. Kim’s mouth opened in a silent moan as he pumped away vigorously, gradually shoving her up the bed and following her on his knees. Eventually, she could slide no further and Kev banged away for a few seconds more before blowing his spunk into the rubber. He half collapsed across her back before recovering and pulling out, the filled johnny hanging off his flaccid dick. He pulled it off and looked around for somewhere to dump it, settling for an ashtray.“Wow, man!” he exclaimed to me. “You get to fuck this every night? You’re the fucking man!” He actually shook my hand before getting dressed and leaving.The next customer was the tall guy who I’d picked at Dani’s suggestion. As predicted, he’d brought his girlfriend. She was a cute little brunette with a really innocent look about her.“Alright Dani,” she said, passing over £20. “I’m buying Greg a fuck with that bitch. You mind sharing yours with me?” She gestured in my direction. “Don’t see why he should get all the fun.”“Yeah Kirsty, go for it. You can get him warmed up for me.” Dani grinned at me over Kirsty’s shoulder as the petite girl crossed the short space to me. She was swaying her hips outrageously, twitching her skirt, bottom lip caught between her teeth as she straddled me and pulled my face into her cleavage. I pulled her top down and caught a rosy nipple between my teeth. Her tits weren’t big, but they were firm and pert. She bent down and took my face between her hands, kissing me hard as she ground her crotch against my erection. I looked over her shoulder and saw my wife with this Greg bloke pounding away between her legs, Dani encouraging him to “fuck the slut harder, use that bitch!”My hand slipped between Kirsty’s legs, stroking her little pussy through her panties. “Put some fingers up me,” she breathed in my ear. I tugged them to one side and slipped my index and middle fingers up there. She was tight and shaved, and as I rubbed her clit with my thumb she got increasingly wet. She reached between us and unbuckled my jeans, pulling my stiff cock out. She encircled it with her fingers, slowly tugging it as I fingered her. This whole episode was taking me back to my teenage years, I only hoped it didn’t stop here as it so often did back then!“Dani, give us a rubber will you?” Kirsty called over her shoulder. Dani passed an unwrapped condom over to her and she expertly rolled it down over my cockhead and down to my pubes. With one hand on my shoulder, she raised herself up, grabbed my dick and lowered herself back down onto it, guiding me expertly inside her tight wet hole. She gasped as my cock stretched her out, I moaned as her cunt threatened to make me blow instantly. She flexed her tanned thighs and slowly bounced up and down, sliding down until I was in her up to my pubes, raising up until just the tip of my cock was in contact with her lips.Watching my wife get fucked over her shoulder whilst I was balls deep in her tight little twat was amazing, Kim’s hands clutching at the young man on top of her, pulling him deeper into her by his arse cheeks, head thrown back, eyes closed. I failed güvenilir bahis siteleri to notice that I couldn’t see Danielle until I felt her lips and tongue on my balls. It was as if I’d died and gone to heaven, one teenager riding my cock and the other tonguing my swollen sack and Kirsty’s hole.“Oh, fucking hell Dan,” Kirsty moaned. “Still a dirty bitch then? Lick my arse! Rim me while I ride this big cock!”I looked over Kirsty’s shoulder again, down to her backside where our babysitter knelt. She had one hand on each buttock, pulling them apart so she could get to Kirsty’s bumhole more easily. The little brunette on my cock gave a cry that was almost a scream as she came hard, shuddering as waves of pleasure wracked her small frame. This caused my balls to twitch in Dani’s hand and she must’ve noticed because she pulled my cock out of Kirsty’s pussy, ripped the condom off and stuffed my swollen helmet into her mouth just as the first thick stream of jizz blasted from me. When I’d finished, Kirsty gave me another kiss and turned round on my lap, pulling Dani’s head into her freshly fucked cunt. Dani lapped at it whilst massaging my cock.“Does it turn you on, watching my boyfriend fuck your slut of a wife? What about watching this little tart eating my cunt after you’ve just fucked it? I bet it does!” Kirsty kept up a stream of such filth as we watched my wife getting fucked. Greg might be unimaginative but he did have staying power, I’ll give him that. I could feel myself getting hard again and Dani used my bellend to tease Kirsty’s little pink lips.“Oh no you don’t!” Kirsty exclaimed. “You’re not fucking my pussy without a rubber!”“How about he fucks your arse then?” Dani suggested.“Sounds like a plan!” she said, turning round to kiss me as she lifted up to allow Dani to place my spit-covered cockhead at her asshole. I stayed still, not wanting to hurt her, and she impaled herself on my knob, tight little sphincter gradually stretching to accommodate me. “Oh fuck yes!” she groaned, as she slid further down. “I love it in the ass! Fuck my dirty shitter!”Again she started slowly, working her clit with her fingers as she built up a rhythm. Across the room, Greg reached his climax buried deep inside my wife and turned to watch his sexy little girlfriend getting it up the bum from a bloke twice her age, clothes in disarray, hair plastered to her face with sweat. She groaned and twitched her way to another orgasm as I shot a huge load of jizz deep into her arse.It took them a minute or two to dress, and I lit a cigarette and had another Sambuca while we waited for another customer.“Are you enjoying yourself, my dirty little slut-pet?” asked Dani.“Yes mistress,” replied Kim, a little breathless. “Very much so. Thank you for allowing me to fuck your friends for cash.”“You’re making me quite a lot of money pet. I’ll have to think of some other uses for you.”Another knock at the door and the black guy came in. He tossed a tenner at Dani, walked up to my wife, grabbed her red hair and pushed her to her knees. He unzipped his fly and flopped out an almost comically small cock, exploding forever the myth that all black guys are hung in my mind. Kim actually looked disappointed as she wanked him to life, less than five inches of black meat totally at odds with his arrogant attitude. She took his whole cock in her mouth as he used her hair to regulate her speed. Despite his size, the contrast of black on white and his self-belief made it a surprisingly erotic scene, and I reached between Dani’s legs and started frigging her wet little gash as I watched my wife’s mouth being used. Some spit drooled down to her chest before he blew his load. He wiped his spit-shiny cock on the bed sheet and walked out, having never said a word. Even before the door shut, the guy who’s girlfriend had suggested he get a turn walked in, followed by his lass.“Well, that only leaves one fuck and this delightful virgin arse!” said Dani, giving the afore-mentioned arse a little squeeze. “Which is it for you Deano?”“I’m just gonna fuck her, Ginge really wanted to do her up the bum,” replied Dean, handing over twenty notes. His girlfriend was pretty average looking, a bit chubby, mousy hair and glasses but she was eying me speculatively as Dean dropped his pants and moved towards my missus. Why not? I thought, it’s not like I get loads of teenage pussy is it?I stood up and moved towards her, she didn’t hesitate and dropped to her knees and unleashed my cock yet again. I didn’t even know this girl’s name, and she didn’t know that less than half an hour ago my cock had been in a little slag’s arse, and here she was sucking it like a pro. It was a good job she knew what she was doing, with the abuse I’d already taken I’d have struggled to get wood, but as it was she had me stiff within a couple of minutes. I pulled her to her feet and bent her over the desk, reaching round to undo the belt of her jeans. I pulled them and her white cotton knickers down, exposing a big ass and a hairy pussy with meaty lips, already glistening with her juices. I shoved it up there, right up to the nuts in one swift movement, youwin almost lifting her off her feet. She squealed as I pounded away, alternatively encouraging her boyfriend to greater efforts with my slut of a wife and praising me. Danielle evidently got tired of the running commentary because she positioned her hairless little cunt in front of the girl’s face and demanded she lick it. She looked hesitant so I reached forward and shoved her head down, giving her a mouthful of pussy to shut her up. Danielle held her in place and after a few moments she stopped fighting it and got down to the task in hand. Every thrust of my cock pushed her mouth onto Dani’s soaking gash and she was eating it with evident enjoyment, cumming twice, her groans muffled. My balls gave a warning twitch and it was at this point that I realised I hadn’t wrapped up. I swiftly pulled out and gave my cock a final few strokes before unloading over her flabby white backside.She made to lift her head out of Dani’s crotch but a firm grip on the back of her head kept her down there. “I’ve not finished yet Tracy!” said the babysitter. I rubbed Tracy’s big clit between her meaty lips and she came again at the same time as Danielle. We all rearranged our clothing, watched by Dean and Kim who’d finished some time ago.Dean and Tracy made to leave but Dani stopped them for a second. “Tell Ginge to give us a few minutes will you, the slut could use a rest. Oh, and bring us three beers will you?”Tracy was back within a couple of minutes with three cans. She tipped me a little wink as she gave me a beer and said to Danielle “Ginge is gonna give you fifteen minutes.”Kim took advantage of this to nip to the toilet and I had another ciggy while we waited for Ginge. She came back into the room having cleaned herself up a bit and touched up her hair and make-up.“I’m not sure about taking it up the bum mistress,” she said to Danielle.“You don’t have a choice pet,” replied Dani, sternly. “But I thought you might feel that way. Here, this’ll help.” She showed Kim a lubed up red butt plug.Kim looked at it quizzically. “What do I do with that mistress?”“Bend over the bed and I’ll show you…”Kim obediently bent over and Dani slipped her thong down to her knees before working the pointed tip of the plug into my wife’s ring. Kim stiffened up, but Danielle soothed her, saying “Trust me, it’ll make it easier pet. Just relax.” She gently rotated it until it popped in and held there. Kim’s look of discomfort faded gradually as she held the position, the plug loosening her bumhole.Ginge tapped on the door and walked in, looking astonished at the sight of my wife bent over the bed in lingerie with a sex toy up her arse. He wordlessly handed some cash to Danielle and Kim turned round and helped him out if his clothes. His scrawny, pasty-white frame seemed wholly inadequate to support a totally disproportionate prick. It must’ve been seven inches on the slack, and it seemed to grow and take on a life of its own with every heartbeat, soon standing upright at eleven inches and as thick as Kim’s wrist.“Fuck me Ginge!” exclaimed Danielle. “Where’ve you been hiding that rascal?”“What? Is it big? Doesn’t look much compared to the fellas on the internet.” He seemed confused.“Ginge, it’s fucking massive. Word gets out you’re smuggling that in your y-fronts and everyone will be queuing up for a shag.”He grinned crookedly and my wife rubbered him up and wanked him firmly, squirting lube on his shaft. She had a strange look on her face, half terror at the size of the monster that was going to invade her arse and half determination to take as much of it as possible.At Danielle’s prompting, Kim bent over the bed, ready to take this weapon. Dani said to Ginge, “Mate, take it easy with that thing, go slowly or you’ll hurt her. Here, I’ll help.”She took his tool in her hand and positioned him behind her pet. Then she gently eased the butt plug out and guided Ginge’s cock in in its place. Kim’s neck arched upwards as he slowly inserted his meat, his speed controlled by Dani’s firm grip. Kim slipped a hand underneath herself and started massaging her cunt as he started to sodomise her, slow and shallow at first, gradually getting deeper and faster. Her face was contorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure as this scrawny ginger virgin screwed her ass, and she came hard. The contraction of her sphincter on his member was the tipping point for Ginge and he came too, panting from his exertions.“Right Ginge, get dressed and do one,” Dani instructed. “But I’ll be calling you soon.”A few minutes later, the three of us walked downstairs through the party and out into a waiting taxi. Kim had strode through the catcalls and suggestions as though she owned the place, ignoring all the juvenile comments in way she’d found impossible a few hours ago. Dani told her to get in the front and sat in the back with me. We made polite small talk with the driver until we got to back to our house. The meter read twenty quid and I started to get my wallet out to pay him but Dani stopped me.“Don’t worry about it,” say smiled. “The slut can pay him. Slut, pay the driver.”“But I don’t have any money mistress,” Kim protested. “I’m sure you’ll figure it out between you…”The driver took the initiative, unzipping his fly and moving his seat back. With a resigned sigh, my slut of a wife leaned over and took yet another cock into her increasingly experienced mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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