The Back Story Of April A Waitress From The Bar

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The Back Story Of April A Waitress From The BarThe back story of April a waitress from the bar.If you’ve read any of my stories or seen any of my videos, by now you know that I was a VERY luck SOB back in the early 90’s while working as a bartender and (sometimes) going to college.I would like to say that there were 2 times that being the luckiest guy around in regards to pussy wasn’t as great as it sounds. April was one of those times.For a few brief moments during the 2+ years I was busy being a fuck machine, I did find two girls that were actually nice, the type you would like to marry someday. Unfortunately for me (and them) My dick did all the thinking at that time and they ended up being just another number in the list of pussy I slayed.April was one of those girls. She showed up in late 1993 as a waitress in the bar I worked at. She was young, cute, and level headed. I moved right in for the kill with her because I knew if she worked around me long enough she would figure out the game. I had slept with 3 of the waitresses in the year or so before she started, and although 2 of them no longer worked there, it was a good bet someone would be tipping her off about me.So I began the quest, and its a LOT easier when they are working with you every night. I don’t remember the exact amount of time it took to get her back to the house, but it was less than a week of flirting, and drinking to get the job done.Now this was mid-way in my days as a bartender, so I had many girls that had come and gone, and a few that were current. I was also knee deep in both my anal quest, and about to start the sloppy second’s game that Laura would inadvertently invent days later. Poor April would get to have fun with both, full force for almost 6 months before she figured me out.The first night was like so many others. Half-drunk after staying past close to drink a few with the wait staff. I had been warming her up to this for the whole week, and when I made the suggestion that she come back to my place to have a few more beers and watch TV, She was all for it.She had her own car, so she followed me back to the apartment. My Indian roommate (the perv) Could hardly contain himself when we arrived knowing that he’d be getting his free peep show tonight, and I’m sure his creepy looks helped to move April and me to the bedroom quicker as it almost always did.Once there we drank another beer or so a piece and watched some TV, all while laying in my bed (Dear got that bed must have smelled like pussy,ass and jizz SOOO bad)It had to have been close to 4am when I finally made my move. April was a very willing partner that night; I heard no complaints as I pulled off her panties and started to finger her pussy. She was already pretty damn wet, and as I slid 2 fingers in and out of her snatch, I remember her grabbing my cock from my boxers and her giving me a pretty danm good hand job.After a few minutes I took off the rest of our cloths and turned her around. We 69’ed for at least 20 min. Me having to think of about anything other than Cumming to…Well not cum.She came hard however and then just stopped blowing me. I took it as a signal to fuck her, and that’s what I did!Her 5 foot something frame and generous manisa escort C cup tits were great, and she had a fantastic oversized ass. Her little 110 pound frame has the ass of a 150 pound girl! As they say, Baby got back. I lay her in the missionary position and slid right into her. Slowly at first, then working my way up to a furious jack hammering of her pussy. I never really moved her around that first night, and no anal either. I guess the blowjob had been enough to meet my needs, So when the time came to cum, I almost missed the pullout point, and ended up spraying her light blond bush and her belly with my load. I Guess the 20 minute blowjob must have primed my balls because there was a surprising amount of jizz. I was having a LOT of sex back then so small loads of cum were kind of normal, but this was full size. I remember that she even commented on it saying something to the effect of “well I guess you didn’t leave any in me” or something like that. If she only knew how close to wrong she had been… Anyway, the days went by. I was fucking Laura the Milf, and one or two other girls from time to time so I didn’t fuck April every night. I did however hang out with her a bunch at work, and after hours, and she turned out to be pretty fucking cool. She could drink with the best of us and swear just as loud. I could have her over to watch TV and drink beer. It was like hanging with friends. I fucked her without anal, but with TONS of blowjobs/hand jobs for the first month or two, and really started to like her.But, My dick was always in charge. If you read about Laura, you know that one day Laura started a new trend in my conquests. The night before April and I had fucked like crazy for at least an hour. The works…. Blowjob,Pussy, more blowjob, and pussy, and then Cumming on her furry little blond bush.Afterword’s she had gone home and I had passed out. The next day, Laura calls me at like 10am and wants to come over. I’m still half awake and am just like “yup”. I never got up, I just laid there until she showed up. She comes in, and heads straight for my cock. No small talk, just “I’m in a hurry.” Before I can process what’s happening she has my dick in her mouth to warm me up for some sex. As my brain comes out of the fog, I realize I’ve got April’s pussy juice all over my dick from the night before.Laura just heads straight for it and starts sucking away.Guys, at that moment I felt shear panic… I was sure I was busted, and was about to get reamed out, or worse. But as the seconds turned into minutes, that panic turned to something else. It was a HUGE thrill. I mean the thought of it all was crazy. Banging April, and having Laura not even realize that she was tasting a bit of it the next morning was nuts. My fear soon turned to adrenalin, much like the first time I fucked a new girl in the Ass, this was something Taboo, and exciting.If my roommate had invented the video idea, and Mandy had kicked my anal fetish into maximum overdrive, Laura had placed upon my dick a new game. Sloppy seconds!I started doing it all the time. Laura at lunch, April at night. April In the Morning, Heather at night. I swear these 9 or so girls I did this with could be considered honorary manisa escort bayan lesbians from all the pussy juice they sucked! I started to make it a habit to start any fuck session with a blowjob, or if it didn’t look good, I’d move them to a 69 position so it would happen that way. I busted many a nut in the mouth of April, Laura, Heather, Sarah, Kim and others not so much from the great blowjobs, but from the thought what they were doing, and the thought of not getting caught. It was like a long distance 3 way!Now, I know that after all these years, what I did was some fucked up shit and , fucking sick, but at the time, It was the shit. I was caught up in the moment. It was like the lube thing with Sarah and some of the others. I know now what a dick move that was, but at the time it was hilarious. I guess that’s youth…So anyway back to April. By Month 3 or 4 I’m playing the game with these girls, and realize that I haven’t even fucked her ass yet. We had plenty of sex, but I figured it was time to find out what her big butt was like.One night after a few drinks and some foreplay. (I believe it was 69 with Heather’s leftovers) I put her in the spot. I was fucking her doggy style with the long stroke. Slow long pounding, just killing time…. Sure it felt good, but I was focused on her pretty pink hole just an inch above the one I was in. I’d spread her ass cheeks open to get a better look, all the while feeling the throbbing in my cock getting louder and louder. It was all consuming. Every stoke I took I imagined it was already in her ass.As I fucked her slowly I started to talk with her about past boyfriends (This always caught them off guard, as no one really wants to talk about ex’s especially while having sex, but it always seemed to lead to Anal.) I had perfected the talk by this time. Basically you start off asking about what’s the freakiest thing you’ve done with your previous lovers. You work your way past strange places, and weird moments to the ass. It always ended with the ass.She told me stuff, like the time she did it in her car in the high school parking lot, during school. (I wish I had known her then! ) and about various groping/ hand jobs under the table at a restaurant senior year, But when the topic of anal came up, she said she had never tried it. Apparently no one had ever asked. I not only acted surprised, I really was. Anytime I met a 20 plus year old girl that hadn’t had anal sex I really felt bed for all their ex- boyfriends .There are a surprising amount of girls that age that may have been with 10 guys, but had never been fucked anyway but missionary.! Well, needless to say, that was all It took for me. I said “well, let’s give it a try”. I’m sure she was trying to stall, But I don’t remember how. In a flash, I had my rock hard dick out of her pussy, and its throbbing head right up to her butthole.It always seemed the first time I fucked a girl in the ass my cock was made of rock. It would get bigger and harder as it prepped itself, and tonight was no different. Using her pussy juice as my only lube, she tensed up big time, as my cock started to force its way in, and even though her head was right up against the wall giving her escort manisa very little wiggle room, she still squirmed quite a bit as I pushed the head of my cock into her ass. I was about an inch in, and just stopped. I remember how quite she was, and asking her if it was ok. She mumbled something about it hurting a bit, and to make be quick. That may have been a mistake on her part! I figured if she wanted me to be done quickly I would have to go quick!I pushed my cock all the way in, and started fucked her as quickly as I could, I reserved plunging my cock all the way in until the end hammering her ass as hard as I could and cumming deep inside her. She made a hasty retreat to the bathroom, and I followed asking if she wanted to join me for a shower. Not the best first ass fuck, but my balls were drained, and she said she was a little sore, and embarrassed, but fine.After the shower, we both passed out, and in the morning when we got up, I was determined to do it again. This time, she was much more vocal about not wanting to do it, but with time, I was able to convince her to try again.I skipped most of the regular sex, ignoring her tits as I was totally stuck thinking about her ass, and wanting to finish what I had started the night before In to time I went right back to her in the doggy style position, with me right at her ass. I had lube, but you don’t show lube to a girl that thinks you’re the only one, so i had to use spit. First I fingered her ass a bit to loosen it up, and then I went right to work. This time without issues!I fucked her ass that way for a bit, hitting it doggy stlye, while spreading her ass cheeks to get a good view of her ass as I fucked it. After a good 10 minutes I was ready to really break it in, and put her face down on the bed so I could get some really good drilling. If you’ve seen any of my videos, you know that I can really jack hammer in that position, and friends, I did! I hammered her ass balls deep at a pace I could never keep up at this age. It took a while but once again my balls swelled up and I let my jizz flow right into her tight ass. I was spent from the fucking, and asked her how she was. She said she was fine with it if it turned me on, just as long as we didn’t do it every time.From that moment on till we “broke up” two months later, I’d fuck her ass at least once a week. She never really liked it, but other than when I first put it in, she was ok with it. I mostly fucked her ass in the shower, as she was always worried about a repeat of the first night. One time, I fucked her in the ass at work. I told her it would make for a great story someday. We fucked in the storage closet, during work hours with employees and customers less than 20 feet away. I’m sure one of the cooks heard us, but no one ever said anything. The rest of the night I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I kept picturing her walking around from table to table with a load of cum in her ass. It was fucking nuts!Now, I should have spared her ass, and not played the sloppy seconds game with her, because like I said, she was actually cool, But like all of them she figured out I was fucking customers, and called me out on it.I tried to lie, but it was pointless. Not only did she freak out, she also quit and I never saw her again. If you’re out their April, Sorry about being a dick.I remember hate fucking Laura a lot after that one ended. Then I met Sarah, and started hate fucking her almost every night.But that’s another story.

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