The back Story Of Lee From The Bar

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The back Story Of Lee From The BarThe back Story Of LeeIn the time that I was a bartender, there were only two girls out of the close to 20 I slept with that I actually really liked. April was one, and near the end of my 2 year run Lee was the other.As if a gift from the sex gods, Lee showed up at the bar right around the time I was getting ready to dump Sarah. If you’ve read Sarah’s story, or seen any of her videos you know that she was a fuck machine. She’d complain a TON, but you could fuck her whenever or however. Well, at least until the last month or so. By then she was just a bitch.So I had to cut her loose, and it sucked because although I was still fucking Laura every now and again, and one or two other girls as they came and went, none of them were as easy as Sarah in the anal dept.Meet Lee….I have no videos or photos left of Lee, so let me try and describe her to you. She was…. A bit odd looking. Hey! not in a bad way really, she just looked….Different She was taller than most of the girls I banged, at least 5’7 and had dark hair and features, maybe some Italian in her. She wasn’t ugly or fat, but she wasn’t skinny or beautiful either.How can I put this…. She was…. great at 10 feet. Not fat or plump, just husky, and had an odd voice. Almost a Fran Drescher nasle voice with out the long Island accent. She had some large B cups, or small C cup tits, and long slender hands. I will always remember her long fingers.AnywayShe came in with 2 guys one night at the bar and like damn near every woman that came to the bar, I flirted with her here and there for most of the evening. I learned she was not a student, she was a local that worked at one of the local grocery stores, she was 24, older than me by a bit, and that the two guys with her were co-workers, not fuck buddies. After I learned that she had no boyfriend, I started to drop hints about hanging out, but at about 10 or so LONG before I got off, she was gone.3 days later, and still pissed about having to kick Sarah to the curb, I’m actually going a few days in between fucking. Chicks can pick up on that sort of shit and will avoid you like a plague when you need one the most. I’m working a double shift at the bar. I’d go in at 11 for the lunch crowd of business folks out at 11 about the time the college k**s stopped tipping. A long day, but it was good money. So in walks Lee, and she heads straight to the Bar. To be honest, I had forgotten about her, but since I flirted with any piece of ass that walked in the door, I was able to fake it till I figured out who she was again. She was alone, and sat right at the bar. That’s right, a girl, at 8pm in a bar by herself. The boys hovered around her for hours buying her drinks and making fools of themselves. But for all the beers spent, and BS wasted, I was the one who had her ear.In between interruptions from the college guys and my work, we talked about her job, and how she shared a place with 2 of her sisters. I don’t remember much of the conversation, but I was convinced I should at least try and fuck her once. At 11 when my shift finally ended, I clocked out, grabbed my shit and dropped by the bar again to say goodnight to her. I wished her luck and told her I hoped to see her again.She asked me where I was going, and I told her I was headed home to “shower,drink beer, and pass out.” Then as an ice breaker I asked “Why, you want to join me?”Guys, I don’t remember what I said most of that night leading up to this moment, but it worked. She said “sure.”Fucking good enough for me. She was a bit strange, but I was going to try and fuck her silly.She had her own car, so she followed me back to the apartment. Once inside, I offered her a drink, and we both sat on the couch drinking beers and watching reruns. I remember being starving, so I got up and got some munchies. When I came back, Lee was lighting up a joint.Now I was never into d**gs, I like 3 things. #1 is sex, #2 is booze and #3 at the time was Newport’s. I mean sure I had smoked a bit freshman year in the dorms, but it just wasn’t my thing. So here is this girl I’ve known about 5 hours lighting up on the couch. Pretty manisa escort ballsy I thought.She offered me a hit, and I figured fuck it, so I took a few puffs.. Man, it threw me off my game. I was so tired, and now stoned that I couldn’t really think straight. I decided to skip fucking her and just hang out and watch TV.That was the beginning of Lee and me. She crashed on the couch that night, and was gone when I got up. No sex, just a little kissing and fondling. VERY different then I was used to at the time.As I slowly came back to fully awake I saw she had left a note with her number, and as I was sober now, I was really disappointed I hadn’t fucked her the night before, so with in a day or two I called her.This is when I found out how cool Lee was.I asked her if she wanted to hang out, and she said “sure!” I asked her what she wanted to do, and ….. She was like “whatever” That would become a very important thing in future. I asked her this and that and it was always “whatever”. Finally I asked “you want to just come over and chill?” Again she was like “whatever” So I gave her directions again, and told her to head on over. Within an hour of her arriving, I was fucking her silly.It turns out she’d pretty much do anything. Not just sex wise, but if you asked her anything or wanted to do anything, she was pretty much up for… well… “Whatever”When she arrived we both drank a few beers and watched TV, but Larry (who was moving out) came home and that was my excuse to get her into the bedroom. Once in the room, it was just a matter of a few not so smooth moves, and I had her clothes off, and was eating her very meaty pussy. I mean it, this chick had a set of lips on her snatch like I have never seen before or since. You could tug on them and pull them out like an inch or more! I ate her out until she came, but when she came, she never made a sound. She just tensed up, and then you could feel her vagina contracting over and over. When she was done, I moved up, my face wet with her juices and went right for her. Boom, I started to fuck her fast right away while kissing her tits and neck. After a few minutes I motioned for her to turn over and it turns out Lee was another girl who had only had sex in the missionary position. She didn’t know what I wanted! I told her I was going to fuck her on her stomach and she was like “why?” I cracked up. I told her something to the effect of “Sex is just more fun if you do it in different ways. Ok?”She just looked at me and said “whatever.”Well, that was it for poor Lee, I fucked her in every way I could put her, and every time I moved her, she was like “whatever”. After an hour of putting her through the paces, I pulled out and with 4 days of cum inside me, blew a large load right on her ass and back.I decided I wasn’t done with Lee by a long shot. During the hour or so I fucked her, making her do all kinds of strange shit, she never complained. I mean when I would stop fucking her and told her to suck my dick, she hopped right on it, sucking it and her own juices until I was ready to fuck her again. She was like Sarah without the bitching! I was already planning a way into her ass, and decided the shower routine would work great.I needed an hour or so to recover, after a little clean up, I asked if she wanted to take a shower with me. Well, you guessed it, she was like “whatever” When we walked out into the hall, Larry was giving me one of his shit eating grins, no doubt having watched the whole fuck session unfold on the TV in the living room. Once in the shower I started to fondle her again, grabbing her tits, soaping them up and just rubbing down. It was nice, she was a bit awkward in the way she was, I can’t really describe it other than she was kinda dorky. No matter though, her firm little tits, and the thought of fucking her ass made my dick start to wake back up. I decided to try my luck on her ass, and with a little maneuvering I had her bent slightly so I could start fucking her pussy again.Ok, so here is an anal shower trick. I had used it before, and it worked two out of the three times I had tried it so I figured why not. manisa escort bayan Worse thing that can happen with the shower trick is you get to put your dick in a girls ass for a few seconds, and then no more! But, you still had your dick in her ass.So here’s how it goes.Get your girl all soapy before you start fucking her pussy, you know be slick, give her a good sensual rub down with the suds, cleaning her head to toe, and soap her up, especially on her back. Now, make sure that before she can rinse off all the soap suds on her back and sides, turn her around from the shower head, and bend her over slightly so you can start to fuck her pussy. Next it’s time to do what I called the slip and bang. Fucking her slow at first, and all the while watching the soap suds slowly drip down from her bent back down to the crack of her ass and down onto her pussy and onto your dick. As everything gets really slick with all that soap, you then start fucking more forcefully, pulling almost all the way out and ramming it back in. Now this is the tricky part. You’d have to get a finger down there to guide your cock so when the “OPPPS!” happened, it would have the proper aim. You’d let your one hand drop to your belly, and the other to the center of her ass. Then you’d move your index finger down to push on the shaft of your cock so you could aim it when the time was right.All this has to happen pretty quickly or you’ll miss, or she’ll pull away.So I’m fucking her with long forceful stokes, watching her ass and my cock getting lubed up with all the soap suds, and I decided to go for it. I move one hand from her ass to my belly and stick my finger down on the base of my cock to act as a guide. Once it’s there, I let my cock come out just a little too far, and Pow! I plunge it right into her soaped up ass at 100 miles per hour. Later in life I’ve heard this move is called “The Shocker”, but to me it will always be “The slip and bang”She jerked up so fast I thought my dick might break off in her ass, but then she turned around, pulling my dick out, and I thought she’d be pissed and freak out on me like the other girls I’d played this game with, but all she said was something to the effect of “sorry, you surprised me.” I was stunned, but played off of it telling her it was ok. I put my hand on her shoulder and turned her back around.And this is when I took my second chance. I asked her something to the effect of “haven’t you tried anal? I thought everyone did that” She just stood there in the shower looking at me for what felt like forever. Then she finally spoke, she said, “ok”.This shit never worked out like that! Usually I used the slip and bang to start the Anal sex thing moving. I’d “slip” and then after freaking out, I’d bring it up again later. This had let to anal sex twice, but never right at that moment!So, Without another word, I turned her back around, and put my cock it right back up her ass. And thanks to the soap that was still lingering on her ass cheeks, I wasn’t slow about it. I pretty much rammed it in. She tensed back up, but said nothing. Guys, I went to town on that thing right there in the shower. Here is a girl that up till tonight had never fucked anyway but missionary, and I’m 2 hours into her, and now I’m plowing her virgin ass. The soap is a great slick lube to use for the slip and bang trick, but it stings, so I had to pull out and clean it off her ass and my dick. This made the stinging go away, but it also made her ass lube free! I went back to fucking her, and she’s just holding on to the shower hanger for dear life as I swear I was hitting it so hard and fast that smoke should have been coming out of it! Finally as the hot water in the apartment ran out I felt my balls tighten and a hot load of cum spray out into her ass. We both rinsed off in the cold water and crashed in bed.That was one of the best moments I can recall while working as a bartender.For the next 6 months I spent a LOT of time with Lee. Sure I was still fucking on the side, but not as much, because lee was cool shit. Most of the time if she was off work, and I was off work, She’d be up escort manisa for “whatever”I’d fuck her in the car, At her work, (You’d be surprised at how many hidden spots the back of a grocery store has! ) She always had a deer in the headlights look to her, and I think maybe the weed had made her stupid, but Fuck it! She was like my best friend and my favorite fuck all in one. I didn’t hang out with her for the conversation, I had her around to drink beer with, watch bad TV with, and to fuck over and over whenever I needed to.This was what Lee was like.I don’t know if she was naive or just whacked out, but she had no concept of ass to pussy problems, or the dreaded ass to mouth. The first one was great, because only Sarah had allowed switch fucking between the two with out to many complaints. Now, no one had done ass to mouth, and I wasn’t really into it until she did it by mistake.I’d fuck her a lot, and then stop, telling her to suck my dick for a while so I could recover. One day I’m switch fucking her from ass to pussy and back over and over. I mean for at least a half hour, just put it in, pull it out, put it in, and pull it out. It’s pretty cool if you ever get a chance to try it. Anyway I pull out not really thinking about the fact that my dick has been all up in her ass, and tell her to suck it. I shit you not, without a thought, she sits up and starts sucking. I realized about 30 seconds in what was happening, and never said a word! I also never kissed her again that day!Me and Lee went on for months. I used her up, but never wanted her to split. She was the only girl I fucked in the ass that I actually hurt. I didn’t think my very average size cock could do any damage, but one morning toward the end, I woke up to her, and decided to knock one out. I rolled her over and sat up to start the day right. Now from time to time with these girls I would play the lube trick, Squirting a big pile of lube on my finger, so they could see, and then wiping it on the sheets as I stuck another finger in there asses. It was fucked up, but I loved to do it to Sarah especially. She was always bitching that I’d just torn her open the night before or some such shit, so out of spite, and unbeknownst to her, I’d skip the lube and really try to “tear it open”. A few times, I thought my dick might have torn open from pushing so hard with no lube, not even a little spit, but I never hurt her ass.By the way, fucking a chick in the ass with no lube feels no different then using lube, I think I was doing it for the thrill of it.So on this morning, I’m half awake, and to get my blood pumping, I skip the lube. I think I wet the tip of my dick to make it a little easier to get in, but that’s about it.I push past her by now well-worn butthole and in I go. I fucked her pretty quick. Like less than 10 minutes, but i do remember trying to reach her skull from the inside of her ass so to speak. I was ramming it in as deep as my average pecker would go. Finally the urge to cum started to rise and I felt my balls tighten as my load shot out of me.But, when I pulled out, my cock was covered in Jizz and blood, A lot of blood.To make this already long story short, I had in fact torn Lee’s ass open on the inside, and that’s actually a REALLY bad thing to do. She had to take antibiotics for a month and her ass hurt for a LONG time. Needless to say, that was the last time I fucked Lee’s ass.Now its mid-1994, and school is about done, Me and Lee have been fucking for more than a few months, and my life is getting ready to change. I know the pussy train is rolling to a stop, but I’m still fucking Lee, Laura, and for a week or two Suzan. I think I may have been fucking April for the first 2 weeks or so I was fucking Lee, but I can’t remember. I can remember that I was REALLY into the sloppy seconds thing towards the end, and with Lee sucking dick on command, it was easy to do! I fucked Suzan for about a week, and one night nailed her in the ass on the fold out bed. I hated that chick, but I must say she was a pretty good fuck. Anyway, Lee caught me fucking that bitch, and that was the immediate end of me and Lee. She figured me out and was gone.I should have married her! She was the best. I could put an ashtray on her back and smoke a butt while fucking her’s and she didn’t care. I know, because I did. That was Lee. No matter what strange shit I wanted she was like “whatever”.

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