The Begining

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The BeginingThe good lady of the house quietly lets me know in that she a short while ago had made the necessary arrangements for two former associates’ to call round and basically give her the fucking she desperately needed. She did add although I was ok she wanted more satisfaction and therefore had spoken to two former special friends who knew exactly what she needed. As a special treat I was going to be allowed to sit and observe also that these two friends would be here very shortly. Surprisingly I said ok dear then thanks for letting me watch and finally asking if there was any thing I need to do or get. The two guys arrived shortly afterwards both dressed in long black coats. I lead them to the lounge offered them a drink then sat down on an old wooden stool You appeared a few minutes latter dressed in a very bright yellow body stocking. Your nipples very hard and your pussy cleanly shaved clearly visible as you walk into the room. Your bottom has that lovely wobble as you walk into the centre of the room … Without saying anything you do a quick spin around then drop to your knees. The two men get up and unbutton their coats and both are naked underneath. You take both cocks in your mouth one by one and suck on them and they soon get very hard. With both hard you then get the two of them in your mouth and continue to suck. Coughing as they slip deep into your mouth. They slide back and forth one at a time … (this is such a nice site I got a hard on watching.) One of the men breaks the silence (well you do have your mouth full. as both are now basically fucking your face … Ok lady H time to really play. Lets still see if you can take it … they both pull there cocks out and the other ones lifts you to your feet then makes you stand up right. Open your legs and stand still we need to feel the goods first. He says. Both men pass round you, one squeezes your nipples. (Always loved these beauties. he says). The second runs his hands around your pussy. Oh yes. Getting wet. , He then rips the bahis siteleri canlı front of the body stocking open. Your pussy is now on full view and he slips two then three fingers straight into your pussy and begins to finger fuck you. You squirm a lot then just after you cum he waves then in front of your face / nose then licks them. Oh so sweet. Oh yes. Dripping and wet already I can see we are ready for the real fun. Now remember you did ask us to come here and service you … well we are here and you are going to get well and truly fucked … you clearly are still that old slut we knew so long ago.They both turned and looked at me then back to you before one said. She told us she needs a real cock, you’re ok but she needs something bigger and harder so we are here. You just sit back and watch. wank if you want but just watch.. We are here to fuck her .. both pussy and arse are both going to get used .. if she can take it at the end we are going to try two cocks in her pussy . You have gathered we are old friends , yes we have fucked before it was a long time ago but we have fucked her .. Next to talk was the other guy he told you bend over the chair and stick your fat arse in the air .. You did as he said .. he got behind you then ripped the remains of the body stocking .. He pulled you arse cheeks apart and began to finger your arse hole . He worked 3 fingers into you .. slipping them in then out .. then got behind you and with one push .. slipped his cock right up your arse .You let out a little screech as he slipped in then out .. slowly at first but after a little while he sped up with his balls banging against your arse … He was now fucking hard .. you were panting loudly as his balls banged against you … with one final push he was really deep in you arse ,, he shot his cum deep inside and very slowly pulled his cock out … you let out a very loud moan and it was clear to see you had come as well .. the chair has a very wet patch .. The other guy then told you to lie down canlı bahis on your back and open your legs wide .. Again you did as told. The guy who had just fucked your arse grabbed your legs and held them wide apart .. Those lovely thick lips were fully exposed .. My what a fucking nice sight … they both said .. I don’t think we will have any problems getting both cocks in her it just needs some lubrication first ..The second guy then got down on the floor and just pushed his cock straight into your pussy .. straight up to the hilt no messing and then began to fuck you .. no gentle in and out .. just forceful fucking .. Your whole body shook as he drove his cock deep into you … you just kept moaning as he fucked away …. He shouted out as you could not control yourself any longer and just let your pee go .. This lasted several minutes before you both came .. oh what a sound and sight … cum and pee everywhere .. he also slowly pulled his cock out of your well-fucked pussy .. You both just laid on the floor for a few minutes .. your pussy did look rather red with cum still dripping from you .. ( you looked so hot ,horny and well fucked ) Both cocks were now soft as they helped you up then walked you over to the settee .. Ok whore you know the score open wide and start eating … as before you did exactly as they said .. you then went from one cock to the other .. the scent of cum and wee filled the room .. both cocks had a mixture of both their own as well as your cum all over them as you just went from one to the other It only took a few minutes before both were rock hard again and both were now in your mouth just like before .. Right lets see if we can slip both these into that fat pussy ( you know you want it … dirty little whore that you are ) .One gent sat on the settee next to you , the other stepped to the side .. you then moved over , straddled the guy and lowered your pussy onto his nice hard cock .. (No get up and turn around we want the boy to see the look on your face as we fuck bahis siteleri you .. so get up and sit facing him .. ) You did as they said without any questions and sat down on the hard cock again .. ok now start to fuck it .. get that pussy going .. I want it nice and relaxed so I can slip this into you .. ( he waved his cock In front of your face) … very quickly you were riding the cock .. ( your face a picture .. if only I had my camera ) … It was very clear to see you were enjoying this . lots of moaning with a red glow over your face .. The second guy now moved in front of you , his cock just inches away from your mouth however as you opened it ready to take it he slapped you across it which stopped the riding motion .. Oh no .. this is going in that pussy .. with that the gent you were ridding grabbed your arms and pulled you back .. In one very quick movement the other guy whom had just slapped had manoeuvred between your legs .. His arms pulled them wider apart as he got his cock into position ,, Ok enjoy this he said .. I know we will .. you were still held tightly by the first gent as the second gently forced his cock deeper into your very wet pussy however with a minute or two both were deep inside you and slowly with a combination of your movement and the two gents you were ridding two cocks .. See I knew this would work .. they both smiled at each other .. you could really speak you face a mixture of slight discomfort as well as enjoyment.. Your pussy was being stretched and pulled as never before however it was clear that you were now enjoying the whole experience .. the moaning now replaced with very heavy panting and you now taking control .. Come on boys .. Do I have to do all the fucking work here .. come on starting fucking this pussy … I want it harder .. with that the guys were off … both ridding you in tandem .. It was impossible to see who came first and in truth you probably all came together , the sound deafening with a mixture of grunts and groans along with lovely white cum all over the furniture , all three of you collapsed in a heap … Slowly the first gent slipped out of you then you got off the second guy .. You stayed seated, as the two gents got dressed then left; you had the look of one satisfied lady.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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