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The Best SonGreg watched as his mom fucked man after man when his dad walked out. She was heart broken and brought home a different man each night and fucked them all night. Greg was eighteen and had not moved out because he was concerned for his mom. One morning when she got up she was hung over and looked a mess. She had gotten drunk and brought a man home and fucked him most of the night. Greg grabbed her and said “Mom, I am going to clean you up and make you stop this fucking around. You are going to get hurt.” He d**g her to the shower and pulled off her robe and shoved her naked body under the water. She was an attractive sexy woman. She had nice full tits and a nice round ass. She kept her pussy shaved and she looked so hot. Greg washed her hair and soaped her body and washed her clean. As he washed her tits he noticed the nipples getting hard and also felt a twinge in his cock. Then he washed her ass cheeks and used his bare hands to soap her. He did the same with her pussy and scrubbed her pussy clean. He then washed again her tits with his hands and let then run over her now hard nipples. His cock was now hard and he wanted to stick it in her cunt so bad. He decided he would play with her while he had her naked and really out of it so he soaped her pussy and began to rub her and play with her clit. She did not seem to mind so he then began to finger fuck her cunt. He then stripped naked and got in the shower with her and bent her over and shoved his cock in her cunt and began fucking her hard. He grabbed her big tits as he rammed his cock deep in her cunt. He was sad that he came so fast so he washed her cunt clean and took her from the shower and dried her and put her naked in his bed. He then dried himself and got in beside her. He sucked her tits and felt like a baby nursing her again. As he sucked on her big nipples he fingered her pussy more. He felt her cum several times and then he spread her legs and began to lick her pussy and suck her clit. He had her cumming and moaning as he moved his mouth to her fuck hole and began to lick it before he pushed his tongue in and tongue fucked her. Even though she was his mom she tasted very good. He tongue fucked her making her cum for quite a while.He then got on top of her and fucked her again. This time he could fuck longer and he loved the feel of his cock in his mom’s cunt. It was the feeling of it being wrong that made it so exciting. He also was going to make her his slut daily and fuck her all the time. bahis siteleri canlı No more men for her she now was getting his cock daily. He would suck her tits and eat that pussy and fuck her keeping her in his bed. He filled her full of cum then rolled off her and grabbing a tit he fell asleep. His mom woke several hours later and she began to get upset and woke him and asked why she was naked in his bed. Then she felt her cunt full of cum and got scared. Greg told her “Relax mom. From not on I am the only cock you will be fucking. I am taking dad’s place. I already showered you and fucked you twice. Now I can fuck you every day and eat that sweet pussy. You may be shocked but you will get used to it and get to want my cock a lot. I have a nice man size cock and I saw how it fit in your cunt.” She tried to get up and he pulled her back. He threw his leg over her and held her down as he sucked on her tit. Then he grabbed her arms and held them as he finger fucked her cunt. “Now doesn’t that feel real good? Get used to it or I will have to tie you up. I want you to want me as much as I want you. Think of how much fun we can have fucking any time we feel the urge. You have a great set of tits and a perfect cunt. Now are you going to let me fuck you or shall I tie you to my bed? It is your choice.”She tried to get up again and he ended up tieing her to his bed with her hand and legs spread wide. He then began to suck on her nipples as he finger fucked her. “Now doesn’t that feel good mom? You will soon get used to it and be grabbing my cock to be fucked a lot. See how big and hard my cock can get. You will love it in your cunt. I also can fuck a long time as I have a lot of stamina. Now I am going to keep you tied today and fuck you many times. You are going to be my whore and obey me. Get ready to enjoy this.” He then slid down and began eating hr pussy sucking her clit and then tongue fucking her cunt. “You do taste so good.” As he tongue fucked her she came several times and he sucked it out of her wet cunt. Then he got on top of her and stuck his cock in her hole. “Now doesn’t that feel real good? You are going to get a good hard fuck. Then I will rest and let you rest then fuck you again. For the rest of the day you will have either my finger , tongue or cock in that wet cunt. You will feel well fucked today. I am going to keep you cumming for me till you crave my cock.”He fucked her hard till he filled her with cum and he could hear her moan canlı casino siteleri as his cock was doing a number on her fuck hole. He slid his cock out of her then began to suck his cum mixed with her out of her cunt. When he had her clean he then laid beside her and finger fucked her. He did this the rest of the day. He kept either his cock, finger or tongue in her cunt and he made her cum more than she ever had. He loved to finger fuck her cunt as he sucked on her clit and he would make her scream as he worked her over. She spent the day being ravaged and cumming hard and moaning and screaming hard. Greg loved sucking on her nice big full tits. He loved sucking a nipple almost as much as sucking her clit.He even put his cock between her big tits and tit fucked. As he was ready to cum he sprayed her tits with his cum then rubbed her down with the cum. Then he scooped some of the cum and rubbed it on her tongue. “I taste good don’t I mom? You are going to love swallowing my cum as you suck my cock. I can’t wait to tongue your cunt as you suck my cock and swallow my big load of cum.” Later he got her up and sat her on the toilet and let her pee. He took toilet paper and wiped her off keeping a hold on her as she was still his whore. He then put her in the shower and washed her body pushing a finger in her cunt and ass and cleaning them good. He spread her pussy lips and washed every fold. He took extra time washing her tits. Then he bent her over and fucked her filling her with cum that he then used his finger to clean her hole out.He then tied the rope from the bed around her waist and through her legs and cinched it tight through her pussy and ass and around each tit and then around her neck and tied it. He attached a leash to it so she could not get away and took her to the kitchen and fed her. She still had not said a word all day and only had moaned and screamed as he fucked her and ate her pussy. She had cum a lot and had a lot of cream running out of her cunt as he played with her or fucked her. After she ate he stood her up and told her “You look good with that rope through your pussy and ass. It is very sexy around your huge tits. Now get on your knees and show me what a good cock sucker you are. I want your to take my cock deep and suck me hard and then swallow my cum and lick me clean. Then I am going to bend your over the table and finger fuck your ass and your cunt.”She got on her knees and he shoved his cock in her mouth and and began casino oyna to face fuck her as she sucked on his thick cock. “That’s it mom. Suck that cock. You are doing good. Now take it deeper. Rub your tongue over it. You are going to love sucking my big cock every day. I am going to make you my cum slut and let you have a lot of cum to swallow. Now suck me hard like a two bit whore.” She sucked him hard and deep as he fucked her mouth. He then took her by the hair and rammed his cock all the way in making her gag but he kept doing it till she got used to his big member and could suck all of him. Sometimes he would hold her face tight to him as he could feel his cock in her throat then he would let her get a breath of air and do it again. Then when he was ready to cum he held her tight as he let the cum run down her throat and felt her swallow. “You are a great cock sucker mom. You make a great cum slut. Now stand up and let me look you over. I want to see your sexy ass and tits as they are all bound with the rope. Yes, just how I want you. Under my control. I am now your master and you will be my whore. You will do as I say or I will have to punish you and spank that sexy ass till it is raw.”Greg now had sex with his mom many times a day. The more he fucked her the more he craved her. He kept her naked with the rope around her neck so he could control her. She was his sex slave and he used her any way he wanted. He ordered on line several bondage articles. He had a gag ball, hand cuffs, a collar, a leash, lots of binding, a butt plug, to start with and a bottle of Viagra. He loved to make her suck his cock as she was so good now. She could take every inch down her throat and suck him dry and swallow every drop. She also was a good ass fucker. She would use her fingers or her tongue and fuck his ass till he screamed and shot cum way out across the room. One night after he had fucked her cunt for the third time as he had taken two pills that kept his cock hard for hours he put her on her hands and knees and drilled her ass with his cock. He had ass fucked her for over an hour and then he grabbed her and told her “Suck my cock down your throat. Grab my balls and squeeze them and ram your fingers in my ass and work me over. Make me scream. Then as you suck my cock and squeeze my balls shove your fist in my ass. Pound my ass with your fist. Show me what a cock and ass slut you are. I now how nasty you can be. I want it real nasty tonight. I want to play dirty with you. I need a wild whore and you are the best whore I could ever need. I just can’t get enough of your cunt and ass. Now ream my ass hard. I am going to order you a huge strap on to fuck my ass with. I can’t wait. Now fuck me you nasty bitch. Fuck me hard. “

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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