The Making of an Exhibitionistic Masturbator

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The Making of an Exhibitionistic MasturbatorI\’ll admit it. I\’m shameless. I like masturbating for an audience even if it\’s just for an audience of one. If there\’s someone else there watching… well–then–that\’s even better!As a teenager, the only masturbation shows I gave were more for educational purposes. I showed my boyfriends how I masturbated so they could learn how to finger me. I don\’t think that there was this understanding that I was doing it to get them off and get my exhibitionistic self off even though it was plenty exciting for both me and them. It was more a \”here, let me show you how to do me\” kind of teaching deal.My first unabashed masturbation show didn\’t take place until just about a year ago even though it\’s been one of my fantasies ever since I consciously fantasized about sexual things. I was traveling for work at a professional conference. These events are sometimes interesting and sometimes useless and boring. Well… this conference was the latter kind. I got to know this nice man about my age, \”Gavin,\” who agreed with me about the boring aspect of the conference, and we decided–to hell with it–we\’re going to ditch the conference and just party in the city.We hung out at a Japanese restaurant eating sushi, drinking sake, and flirting over the course of an entire evening. Then… feeling buzzed from the sake and flirting, we went back to his hotel room. Gavin had told me that he was in the process of finalizing his divorce from his wife. They had been long separated and were living two distinct lives, but I still felt gross about doing anything with someone who was technically, legally married.I don\’t remember exactly how it happened, but we decided that we would watch each other masturbate. Gavin went first. He got undressed, and began stroking his proud cock. He told me to come closer for a better view which I gladly did. I was sitting right next to him on the bed watching him pump his cock up and down while clear drops of precum oozed from it. He pumped with one hand and held his balls with the other hand. All of a sudden, Gavin scrunched up his face, made some soft grunting sounds, and speeded up his pumping as dribbles of cum gushed down his cock like lava from a volcano. When the eruption was over, he sighed and asked me to get him a handtowel from the bathroom.Then it was my turn! Needless to say, I was plenty turned on by what I had just seen, and getting up from the bed to get Gavin the towel had caused several warm dollops of cunny honey to fall into my panties. But even as I was very aroused, I was still nervous. I undressed slowly and relaxed when Gavin told me that he liked my body.Then I was the one to lie back in the bed. I opened my legs which I always love doing. Just the act of spreading my legs–either by myself or in front of someone else–kicks up my arousal to another level. I lowered my hand down to my well-moistened pussy and began stroking it.I was still somewhat shy, but Gavin put me at ease. I could tell that this was not the first masturbation show Gavin had seen. He was not bashful about watching me and telling me exactly how much he was enjoying it. As I rubbed my clit, he gave me some hot verbal encouragement:\”Mmm… nice. Oh, yeah… look at you. Come on, give it to yourself good. Yeah… just like that….\” And on and on….When I got close to climaxing, he could tell that I was almost there, and his hot verbal encouragement got really intense:\”Go for it! Yeah! Let\’s go for it! Good girl! Go for it!\” And on and on… until I came. When my orgasm arrived, I cried out louder than usual since this was no usual climax. Ohh… it was sooooooooo good! And knowing that someone was witnessing it made it even better. Again and again I cried out with each exhale until my body came to rest.Gavin and I would each give one more show before we parted ways.After Gavin and I watched each other masturbate, we laid back in bed and talked–mostly about sexual things.I told him that I had been masturbating since I was 5.I told him about finding sex books at the public library when I was 11.I told him about reading a masturbation book there cover to cover over several weeks and trying everything in the book that appealed to me.I told him that I did it in front of mirrors.I told him that I liked looking at women in porn.When I told him that I usually fantasize about receiving cunnilingus while masturbating, he offered to service me, but I reminded him of our agreement that we touch only ourselves and not the other person.We talked for what seemed like a very long time, and later that night, Gavin and I were juiced up for a second round.From the conversation, I was feeling more comfortable and all the more bold, so I suggested that I give him something nice to look at while he stroked his cock for me. Arranging myself at the foot of the bed while he sat propped up with pillows, I spread my legs, spread my pussy, and gave him a live beaver shot while he masturbated.There\’s something about a beaver shot that really gets me going. I remember seeing porn for the first time during my first year of college. It was \”v******e Against Women Week\” or something like that, and a campus group had put together a collage of images from porn on large pieces of posterboard to educate people about how objectifying porn is to women.Well, I got quite another message from the exhibit. Instead of feeling disgusted at all of those images of women holding their pussies open, I got aroused. I was fascinated by how these women proudly canlı kaçak iddaa displayed their goods–and so shamelessly, too! They smiled enticingly for the camera as they spread their pussies with their hands. I decided right then and there that my fantasy job would be a porn model so that I could do beaver shots all day long and spread my pussy for untold numbers of men who would masturbate over my picture.So here I was, spreading my pussy for this handsome man who enjoyed beaver shots as much as I did. As his eyes sat glued to what was between my legs, he pumped his cock up and down. The arousal was too much for me to bear, so I began self-stimulating, too. I took my right hand and started rubbing my clit while my left hand continued to hold the left labia spread out.Gavin made a sound, and when I looked over at him, trickles of cum were sprouting from his cock. Seeing him orgasm like that while I was diddling set me off, too, and the beginning of my orgasm coincided with the tail end of his.It was a nice end to a long day, and a nice end, too, to a conference that wasn\’t worth attending.You know that common wisdom that if you fulfill a fantasy, especially if it is one that you\’ve lovingly nurtured for a long time, it will no longer be nearly as hot? Well… this wasn\’t the case here!When I returned from my out-of-town trip to that really boring conference where I met Gavin, I was horny as hell. My first day and a half after returning home was spent in an extended state of masturbatory bliss. I was insatiable. I rubbed my clit like a girl crazed and thought about nothing but what I had done and how much I enjoyed it. Yes, pruney fingered bliss!I thought up a new fantasy during those hedonistic 36 hours. I remember seeing a news story some time ago about a landlord who was arrested for having put a hidden camera in a tenant\’s bedroom. Well! What if that were a hidden camera in that light fixture up there?! Oooo… nasty! I\’ll just have to make my fingering extra hot for him!* * * * *A few weeks after my first experience with Gavin, I started dating Jeff. Jeff was a really easy going guy who was 3 years younger than I was at the time (he 28, me 31). One day, on the way to a nice restaurant, I told him that I didn\’t have any panties on under my skirt. He was driving and gave me a sidelong grin.A few moments later, I took off my shoes, hiked up the front of my skirt to my waist, and put both of my feet up on the dash. I just went at my bubblegum pink and moist pussy right there in the car. Dipping my index and middle fingers into the pool of cunny honey, I then slid my lube up between my inner labia to my clit and back down to my cunt. Up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down I went.\”Oh… this feels amazing. Oh… just amazing…\” I moaned.Those familliar moist, gurgling noises accompanied my self-pleasuring, and Jeff turned off the radio so that he could better hear my cunt sing. He could barely keep his attention on the road ahead. My pleasure was overwhelming. I let out soft gasps and cries that got more and more urgent as time wore on. The entire length of my second and third fingers was coated in my nectar.Up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down.\”Ungghh… ungghh… ungghh…\” I groaned. My cunt smacked and gurgled as I fingered harder and faster. Jeff pulled over to the shoulder and directed his full attention on all of the attention I was giving to my eager clitty. I switched from the less-intense up and down, cunt to clit stroke to my sure thing stroke… round and round in circles on my clit.\”Oh… it\’s not going to be long before I cum… Not long at all… Ungghh… ungghh…\”\”OOOOOOO!!!\” My orgasm exploded. My feet pounded on the dash of Jeff\’s car and my eyes rolled back. I rubbed and rubbed my clit like crazy.* * * * *We entered that nice restaurant with a dark wet spot on the back of my skirt.After Jeff and I got back to his place that night, the sweet tension was almost unbearable. We entered through the front door of his apartment rather hurriedly and stumbled over each other in our haste to get to the couch. The bedroom was way too far away. We needed this now!I unbuckled Jeff\’s belt and unzipped his pants. Then, with his pants and shorts down to his knees, we crashed onto the couch… him with erection already in hand and me with my dress up to my waist. He pumped his cock up and down, hard and fast right from the onset. No warm up… no teasing…. Just a rapid pull and push that slid his foreskin up and down. His red-purple cock head popped in and out as he pumped his sheath back and forth over it.I admired Jeff\’s technique for about a minute before I laid back against the opposite arm on the couch and went to work on self-made orgasm #2 for me that night. I maneuvered my clit expertly with my fingers and watched Jeff watch me. I don\’t know what was more arousing for me… watching his hand work his cock or watching his eyes as they focused on my pussy play. He was transfixed, and it turned me on to know that he loved watching just as much as I loved being watched.To make the show that much more exciting for him, I tightened and released my cunt muscles rhythmically while I massaged my clit. I usually do this anyway while I\’m receiving any kind of pussy pleasure (from myself or from someone else), since it really enhances the stimulation. But knowing that I was doing it for someone\’s viewing pleasure, I worked those cunt muscles that much harder. I watched Jeff watch my gaping, güvenilir casino clenching cunt.Here we were, almost fully clothed… and masturbating like that because we were too horny to get undressed properly.All of a sudden, Jeff started beating off extra hard and fast and got this expression on his face that made him look sick. But I knew it wasn\’t sickness that he was feeling…. I had seen it before. It was unspeakable pleasure. He really was going to blow.\”OH GODDDDDDDD!\” he exclaimed, and then let out a series of staccato \”Ah\’s\” to the movements of his fist which pumped in a blur. Droplets of cum launched from his cock and landed on his shirt.His orgasm set mine off, and there I was with him… rubbing my clit like I was having a seizure… my whole forearm jerking maniacally. I opened my mouth wide, making it gape like my cunt, and then I cried out. \”AHHHHH…. Oh yes! OHHHHH YESSSSSSS!…. AAAAGGHHHHHH!\”Jeff\’s pumping slowly got softer and slower as his climax subsided. The liquid shine of his cum made his hand and cock glossy. A look of utter relief and relaxation passed over his face.My orgasm look a little bit longer to come down from its high. I frigged and frigged my clit furiously for what may have been a full 60 seconds, and then I followed Jeff\’s lead by doing a cool-down rub… nice, slow, and gentle to get those last few contractions out. My clit got tender and my touch got softer. Slow, soft circles… slow, soft circles… until \”ahhhh\” done.This was only the beginning of our relationship.Over the course of our 7-month relationship, Jeff and I had quite a few mutual sessions. It helped that, although we both loved to watch and be watched, I tended to prefer being watched and he tended to prefer watching.Jeff and I were compatible, too, in that we both loved nature and outdoor activities. There\’s a state park nearby where there are miles and miles of hiking trails and a camping and boating section. We would often go to the park for some hot action.During day trips, at least one mutual session would always be in order. Throughout the park\’s trail system, there would be wooden benches along the paths for hikers who wanted to take a break.This is how we would take our breaks during hiking. Jeff would stand across the path facing the bench, and then I would drop my shorts down to my ankles and place my bare butt on the bench. I would then open my thighs, lean back, and begin to finger my clit. Jeff would watch me do myself, and he would also act as a lookout since he could see if someone was coming from either direction on the path.Masturbating for Jeff in a public place gave me such a thrill since there was always the risk of being caught. I would get really into the act, becoming more and more aroused… wondering if someone came down the path whether I could stop. When my orgasm was near, just knowing that there was no way that I could stop even if I really needed to got me revved up. On and on I went uncontrollably–fingering like mad–until a cry of release could be heard through the woods.Having Jeff watch me masturbate while I sat at these benches was our favorite way to enjoy each others\’ company while at the park. After every time I had an orgasm, I would get up and show Jeff the dark, shiny spot I left on the wood of the bench. One time, Jeff took a picture of the wet spot, and that sent us both into a case of giggling hysterics. I never let him take pictures of me masturbating, but there was something about that picture of the wet bench seat that aroused me to no end… possibly because the picture itself looks so innocuous unless you knew what it was about.* * * * *One time, Jeff and I took a rowboat out on the lake of the park. This was on a Saturday afternoon, so there were families with their k**s all around, but we got far enough out on the lake to get naughty. I sat in the seat facing him, and as soon I could, I spread my legs, reached in my shorts through one of the leg openings, moved the crotch of my panties to the side, and gave him a diddle show.Jeff stopped rowing to watch me masturbate. I massaged my clitty in slow, arousing circles for a while before I picked up the pace. Round and round and round my fingers went. Since my shorts were not pulled down, Jeff only had a partial view of my pussy, but the movement of my hand underneath the fabric told it all.Right before I had my orgasm, my entire right arm was working like crazy. I was rubbing my clit with everything I had in me. When I climaxed, I did everything I could to stifle the sounds of my orgasm since there were k**s only about 200 yards away from us… maybe even closer. \”Ungh… ungh… ungh… ungh… ungh…\” I grunted, wishing that I could have muffled my release even more.* * * * *The most delightful experience of all was when Jeff and I checked out a campsite at the park one day. The campsites are located fairly close to one another but there\’s enough vegetation between each so that the campers can have privacy.When Jeff and I went camping, we didn\’t take a tent with us. We just took some ground covers and put our sleeping bags on top of that. It wasn\’t hard to predict what we would do with each other once we got our campsite set up.Stripping completely naked, Jeff and I had ourselves a hot mutual session. We both got onto our opened up sleeping bags. In broad daylight, I spread my pussy apart and tended to my clit. He wasted no time in grabbing a hold of his cock for some good stroking. I fingered, he jerked, I fingered, he jerked, I fingered, güvenilir casino he jerked…. Our mutual pleasure was raunchy and intense. When I got close to orgasm, I lingered a bit for him to catch up. Then–WHOA!!!–we both let it rip!We did it again that night by the light of the campfire.Whenever Jeff and I made plans to visit each other, I would go around during the day in an increased state of arousal. Pussy juice would seep in between my cunny lips, and I could feel that faint, but ummistakable, trickle all day long. I knew that later that night, we would have a long, lazy session of lovemaking which would probably include all kinds of things… intercourse, oral, mutual masturbation. It was all good.We had been tending to each other in bed for a while…. I had just gotten a session of cunnilingus… when I suggested, with a glint of naughtiness in my eye, that we move to the bathroom. Hmm… the bathroom? Jeff wondered. What could I possible have in store there for him?Once in the bathroom, I put the cover on the toilet down, put a towel on the seat, and told Jeff to sit on that. Then, drawing away the shower curtains from the bathtub, I began to run the water. I filled up the tub with a few inches of warm water and then reduced the flow of water to a faint trickle.I turned and looked at Jeff before I got into the tub. I paused and smiled. The gleeful anticipation on his face indicated that he knew what I was about to do. The sound of the trickling faucet was all that could be heard.I lowered myself into the tub, laid down, and put my feet up on the tile on either side of the faucet. Then I scooted my backside so that my just-orally pleasured pussy was once again getting stimulated… right underneath the faucet!Ahhhhh… heaven! I allowed the warm, enticing stream of water to lap at my clit. I laid back and breathed deeply… closing my eyes and forgetting that Jeff was there watching me. I relaxed as my pussy received a water massage… working my way up to my next orgasm. The slight, faint trickle brought me there very gradually.After a few minutes, I felt that tightness in my lower abdomen and my pussy pulsed eagerly. I opened my eyes to look at Jeff. He was wide-eyed and smiling boyishly. I used both hands to reach down and spread open my pussy lips so that the trickle of water could hit my clit head directly. \”Oh, yeah…\” I whispered huskily as my orgasm drew near. \”I\’m really close.\”I closed my eyes again (but kept my pussy open) as I flexed my cunt muscles to help the orgasm along. \”Ooo… Ooo… Ooo… here it comes….\” And then it went off. I kicked my feet in the air erractically as the water on my clit took me over the edge. The thrash of my body in the water created waves that lapped along the sides of the tub.Right after orgasming under the faucet, my clit gets really sensitive so I blocked the flow of water with my hand to keep it from falling on my clit while I recovered from my orgasm.Jeff enjoyed our bathroom session as much as I did, and afterwards, I toweled off, and the two of us went back into the bedroom. Since the water washes away the pussy juice, we had to stall a few minutes for my cunt to replenish itself before he slid his cock into it. From there, it was a nice, nasty fuck the entire way.Jeff and I would eventually part ways, but I will always remember him fondly. What a wonderful thing it was to have someone who would indulge me in my most secret wish! My moist pussy opens like a flower from just the thought of us together.As I look down the road of life, I see it full of more opportunities for me to indulge in showing off my pussy while I stimulate it. This is what I fantasize about now:I want someone to give me the nastiest, dirtiest talk possible while I give a masturbation show. Gavin did a little bit of this for me, but it was more of the tamer variety: \”C\’ mon… do yourself. Give it to yourself…\” and so on. Jeff didn\’t talk while I was masturbating, and I was too shy to initiate it with him. I want someone with a truly filthy mouth to take me over the edge while I work my glorious clit.The owner of the filthy mouth would tell me that I was a nasty girl with a big, meaty pussy. He would tell me how wet I was. He would tell me how much he loved seeing my meat curtains glisten. He would tell me to rub my clit like the nasty girl I knew I was. He would tell me to make my pussy gurgle and smack. And more, and more….I also want to have a mutual session with a woman. I\’ve only had 1 female partner–it was a long-term relationship, too–and we never did that. I want to watch my girl open up her lips like I love doing for myself and go to town on her lovely pink clit. I want to watch the fluids ooze out of her cunt drop after drop while she makes herself feel oh-so-good. And I want her to watch me give myself the magic touch as she\’s doing it to herself. The sound of–not one–but two wet pussies being pleasured in one room will be unbelievable.I have the fantasy all laid out. My girl and I will put two armchairs together facing each other. She will sit in one with her legs apart and d****d over the armrests, and I will be in the other chair in the same position with our legs interlocking in that spread position. Our pussies will be less than a foot from each other while we finger ourselves into abandon.I don\’t think I will ever do a show for a group of people, but it sure makes for good fantasy material. Wouldn\’t it be nice to have more than one voyeur in the room? I would let them all take turns coming in close with their face to get an ultra close-up view. I would ask them to tell me what they thought of my aroused pussy. I would ask them if they\’ve ever seen a pussy this big and wet before.Oh… the possibilities that lie ahead of me![The end]

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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