The New Neighborhood Ch. 04

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Big Ass

Note to readers: The story below and subsequent chapters involves open relationships between consenting adults, including incest. Everyone involved is 18 or older. If you don’t enjoy stories that involve incest then you should probably find something else to read. Thanks to Daddsgirlfl for editorial support!

The New Neighborhood

Hi, my name is Tom, Tom Brostwin.

I’m 40 years old, 6’1″, I workout to stay in shape, so I’m a strong lean 200 lbs.

My family consists of me and my 20 year old daughter Heather. I’ve been a widower and single parent since Heather was 12. Helen, her mother, and the love of my life, left our lives suddenly, 8 years ago, when her car skidded out of control in a blizzard.

Heather is a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair, electric blue eyes, and an ever-present smile. She is 5’6″ tall, has lucious soft lips, 36C tits, a narrow waist, an amazing ass, and a cleanly shaved soft plump pussy that tastes like pineapple. It also swells and blossoms when she is aroused.

Heather tricked me into having sex with her when she turned 18, and since then we have been passionate lovers. Perhaps I’ll write that story some day.

I’ve been blessed with a cock that most women consider “large”. When fully erect, it is 8 inches long and nearly 2 inches in diameter. I believe that a healthy sex life is essential to the happiness of all humans. Heather feels the same, and she and I ensure each other’s happiness whenever we can.

Here is a list of the four families in the neighborhood. It may help until you get to know them:

Howard, Hannah, Holly, Hugh

Paul, Kristen (Krissy), Patricia (Trixie), Daniel

Tim, Melissa, Victoria (Tory), Rick

Keith, Suzie, Katherine(Kate), Sam

Please read Chapters 1-3 first – and Thanks to all who made me a Favorite and especially to those who took time to comment.

Chapter 4: I Fuck Kate and Tory’s Moms

Before lunch on Wednesday, I decided to go for a run. After some warm-ups, and stretching, I donned a t-shirt, my spandex shorts, athletic socks, and running shoes.

It was a wondrous day; not too hot; a beautiful bright blue sky, and a gentle breeze blowing through the leaves of the trees lining the road. I turned left as I exited the house, and left the cul-de-sac behind.

I’d managed to find several loops on secondary roads, which gave me the opportunity to avoid the monotony of running the same route, on each outing. I was feeling good after completing a 10 mile run and took a cool-down walk up through the neighborhood.

Krissy was out in her yard, doing some light yard-work, dressed in chocolate colored yoga pants, and a tan tank-top. She came bounding over, and it was easy to tell that underwear was not part of her attire. No panty lines, and the pants were form fitted to her pussy, legs and ass. Her bouncing unfettered breasts immediately caught my eyes..

“Hi Krissy, it’s good to see you,” I winked. “How’s Paul doing?”

“He’s doing great. He’s enjoying work and getting more exercise,” she winked back and giggled.

“That’s good news,” I smiled as the twinge in my groin and the increased blood-flow to my cock became a clear sign that I enjoyed the mutual flirting.

“Yes, one of his favorite activities is watching me do yoga, nude, in the privacy of our bedroom,” as she emphasized the word “nude.”.

“That sounds like fun, but not much exercise.” I laughed.

“Well one of his favorite poses is Happy Baby”

“Sorry, I’m not that familiar with Yoga,” I admitted.

Krissy lay down in the grass and rolled onto her back. She lifted her legs, bent her knees and reached up to hold each of her feet. She spread her thighs wide and rolled gently from side to side. “Of course it’s better when I’m naked,” she quipped.

“Paul finds this visually stimulating and it often leads to him eating me out, and fucking.” She smiled.

“When his body is pounding into mine, it helps to stretch out my legs and my hips too!” She added while looking at the lump growing in my shorts.

I watched as her breasts rolled from side to side, and as the yoga pants hugged her ass and her slightly parted pussy lips.

She dropped her legs and rolled onto her hands and knees. “He likes this pose too, but it’s called Table, not Doggy!” She laughed and licked her lips, while continuing to stare at my barely concealed erection.

“I’m beginning to understand why Paul likes yoga,” I quipped, as I repositioned my cock in my shorts, to prevent it from poking out one of the legs.

“Also there is downward dog, which is great when I want him to eat out my ass and pussy, but the angle isn’t great for fucking,” she admitted.

Krissy demonstrated downward dog, and twerked her ass. She knew that her teasing was arousing me. “When was the last time you got laid?” She asked with genuine concern.

“”It’s been a few days,” I admitted.

“Would you like to come in, and get off while fucking me?” She asked casually, almost like offering me a cup of coffee. “I’ll text Paul and let him know,” mamak escort she offered.

“That’s a difficult offer to refuse, but unfortunately I have to get back to work. Can I get a rain check?” I asked, while kicking myself, and scanning her amazingly hot body.

“Tom, you don’t need a rain check!” She smiled. “I love Paul deeply, but there is also a place in my heart for you. I love fucking you! So please stop by again when work is less demanding!”

I had planned to walk through the whole cul-de-sac, but the time I spent with Krissy allowed me to cool off, and then I had to get back to work.

I returned home with just enough time to splash through the shower and throw on some shorts and a polo-shirt. The afternoon meeting didn’t require me to be on cam, but I had to be prepared. It also gave me time to eat the lunch that I had prepared before my run.

After finishing all of the work that I had planned for the day, my mind drifted to Krissy and her offer. My day dream was interrupted when there was a knock on my door. It was Tim and Melissa, Tory’s parents, and Keith and Suzie, Kate’s parents.

“May we come in?” asked Melissa timidly.

“Sure, please make yourselves comfortable in the living room.”

“Oh there’s the pool!” Exclaimed Suzie. “Kate had a great time here on Sunday. When she came home, she seemed very happy, excited to be going back to school, and looking forward to spending more time with the other neighborhood girls.”

“Tory was the same, it made me happy to see her so energized!” Added Melissa.

Tim and Keith were quiet, but smiled and nodded.

My mind briefly drifted to Kate and Tory, the Catholic girls. I wonder how the priest reacted to their confessions that they had sex with a friends dad.

“We’ve noticed a change in Howard and Hannah, and also with Paul and Kristen,” noted Suzie.

“Can you tell us what has changed, what have you done?” Asked Melissa pleadingly.

“I’ll tell you what I told them. I don’t want my presence in this neighborhood to cause drama or to disrupt families.” I began.

“Melissa and Suzie, you got together with Hannah and Kristen and apparently decided that the new guy on the block, me, might add some spice to your lives.”

Both women looked a little shocked and embarrassed.

“What? What are you talking about? Questioned Suzie defensively.

“I’m talking about the four women drawing straws, and having Kristen invite me to dinner to seduce me.” I explained.

“You did what?” Asked Tim and Keith, as they clearly had not heard this story.

“Wait! Before anyone gets too excited, it was a bad idea, and Kristen failed,” I explained.

“I talked to Paul and Kristen, and later with Hugh and Hannah, just as I’m talking to you.”

“What did you tell them?” Asked Suzie.

“I didn’t tell them anything. I asked them questions.”

“Suzie, are you happy in your marriage to Keith? And Melissa, are you happy in your marriage to Tim?”

They both nodded.

“So why did you jeopardize that happiness by drawing straws with the other women of the neighborhood?”

At this point Tim spoke up. “Melissa was just looking for excitement, to find the spark that hasn’t been in our marriage for years. Yes we are happy, but the passion is missing.”

“I think the same is true for us, isn’t it Suzie?” Added Keith.

The woman nodded, as their faces dropped, clearly not seeing a solution to this predicament.

“Melissa and Suzie, do you enjoy each other’s company?”

“We do spend a lot of time together,” answered Melissa with a slight crooked smile.

“OK, why don’t each of you go hug your husbands,” I suggested.

I watched and saw two very disconnected couples. “Now kiss, and make it a passionate one!”

Now they seemed to be warming up. The couples did as instructed, and it was clear that all were suitably aroused.

“Now, Melissa and Suzie, have you ever kissed each other?” I asked.

Both women blushed and nodded.

“Keith and Tim, would you like to watch them kiss?”

The wide-eyed husbands nodded as well.

Suzie, the more dominant of the two, approached Melissa, brushed her hair back, slipped her hand behind her neck and pulled her into a very passionate, and very wet kiss.

“Wow!” Gasped Tim and Keith.

“Does this bother you?” I asked.

“No, it’s wicked hot!” Replied Tim

“It’s amazing!” Agreed Keith. “I’ve never seen Suzie like this”.

The women stopped, and smiled at their husbands. They made a point of scanning lower to their obvious erections.

“Is kissing all that you do?” I continued to probe.

Melissa looked at me and winked. Clearly she had figured out why the other couples were so happy. She reached for Suzie and started to unbutton her blouse. Both women removed their blouses and bras. They caressed each other’s breasts and leaned in closer to suck each other’s nipples.

Tim and Keith were even more enthralled.

Just when they thought it wouldn’t get any hotter mamak escort bayan Suzie unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor. Melissa approached and kissed one of Suzie’s nipples while reaching down and caressing her pussy through her very lacy, nearly transparent thong.

Suzie unhooked Melissa’s skirt and let it drop as well.

They kissed as their hands caressed each other’s wet panty-covered pussies.

They moved to their husbands and led them to chairs in the living room. Each woman sat on her husband’s lap. They were grinding their nearly naked asses on Tim and Keith’s concealed cocks.

Tim reached around to caress Melissa’s breasts, and Keith did the same with Suzie.

“Would you like me to leave?” I offered even though the voyeur in me enjoyed watching both the lap dancing and the groping of breasts.

Tim and Keith deferred to their wives to answer, and Melissa said, “No, please stay, having an audience makes it more exciting!” She smiled

The women stood, kissed each other and then switched partners.

Both men froze, looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and smiled. The women pulled the men’s hands to their breasts and continued to grind on their best friend’s husband.

The men enjoyed groping, caressing and tugging the nipples of their neighbor’s breasts for the first time.

Next they stood, helped each other out of their soaking wet panties and dropped to their knees. They kissed again, and then Suzie lay back on the floor, with Melissa straddling her head, in a hot sexy pussy-licking 69.

The men were watching and taking deep breaths to control their own arousal.

Melissa and Suzie licked each other to mutual orgasms. They looked to their husbands, and approached their chairs. They helped them out of the chairs, had them kneel and each of them demanded, “Lick my pussy baby!”

Each husband caressed his wife’s ass, pulling her close as they licked, sucked and swallowed her delicious nectar.

Melissa and Suzie looked at each other, wondering how far they could push their husbands. They smiled, pulled back and switched. Tim and Keith were dizzy with arousal, and followed the women’s leads. Soon they were groping and licking each other’s wives.

The women had the men stand and then knelt before them. They unbuckled the mens pants, helping them remove them, and their boxers as well. Grasping their hips, Suzie sucked on Tim’s cock while her husband’s cock disappeared into Melissa’s mouth.

When she sensed that he was getting close. Melissa pulled back, grabbed his cock and smiled. “Are you ready to fuck me, Keith?”

Without waiting for an answer she turned around and dropped to all fours with her back arched, her legs spread her pussy presenting an invitation that he couldn’t resist.

Suzie had given Tim the same treatment and soon both men were watching their wives being fucked by their best friend, and neighbor.

The women both came again, and the men followed shortly, filling their already dripping pussies with streams of cum!

The men sat back and watched as the women licked their husbands cum from each other.

Both women are attractive, and seeing them naked, licking each other was incredibly hot!

It made me happy to see all four of them so vibrant and connected.

I went to the kitchen, brought out a tray with ice water and wine for all.

“Is everyone OK?” I asked the group.

“That was wild and crazy, and I loved it!”, smiled Tim.

“I never would have imagined it, but it was terrific!”, added Keith.

“I think we’ve found a way to get the passion back!” Proclaimed Melissa.

“Oh yeah! I can’t wait to have a party with Hannah and Kristen!” Shouted Suzie.

Suzie looked at me and then at her husband and Tim. I think they knew what she was thinking before she opened her mouth.

“Somebody here is overdressed! Are you fellas up for watching another show?” She asked.

Without waiting for an answer, Suzie and Melissa were kneeling at my feet.

“Stop!” I shouted – not in anger, but to get their attention.

Suzie, Melissa, Keith and Tim all looked at me.

“Tim and Keith, Suzie just asked you a question but didn’t wait for an answer. Do you want to watch?” I asked.

“Ummmm, sure,” replied Tim hesitantly.

“I want to be part of the action!” Smiled Keith enthusiastically.

“I do too!” Added Tim.

Melissa quickly understood what I had done and realized that they should not only have waited for an answer from their husbands, but also they should have asked me.

“Tom, Suzie and I would like to get you naked, suck your cock, and have you fuck us too! But, what do you want?” She asked with a smile and looking hopefully into my eyes.

“Thanks everyone. I didn’t want to put the brakes on our fun. I know that we are in uncharted territory, and as long as we communicate openly, ask questions, and listen to each other, nobody will get lost.” I smiled and winked at Melissa, while thinking that she escort mamak has some of the same perceptive traits as her daughter Tory.

Suzie and Melissa resumed helping me out of my shoes, shorts, and shirt. I was naked except for my tented boxers.

“I feel like a kid in a candy store!” Smiled Suzie while grabbing my ass with one hand and my cock with the other.

“It’s like Christmas!” Added Melissa. “And now we get to open the big present,” she giggled.

They caressed my fabric covered cock. They kissed it and even gave it some gentle bites. Suzie slipped off my boxers and they both just stared.

Suzie whispered to Melissa, “Wait till we tell Father Mulcahey about this!” And they both giggled.

“Melissa and I would love to suck and try swallowing your man-meat!” Smiled Suzie

I nodded and smiled back.

I sat down in a chair with my thighs spread wide. Suzie knelt and leaned closer. She licked from my balls to the top of the shiny purple head, She wrapped her fingers around and pulled it down to lick and savor a small amount of pre-cum.

Melissa moved beside her and the two of them shared my cock.

Suzie was the first to deep-throat my cock, pressing it deep into her throat and only pulling off when she needed air.

“Oh god! Haah Uhh Haah Uhh,” she gasped for air.

“My turn!” Announced Melissa, who not only swallowed my cock, but also massaged my balls while I was throbbing deep in her throat.

Tim and Keith had their erections back and moved behind their wives to grab their hips and impale them from behind. They each fucked them for several minutes while the women were contentedly sucking and licking my cock and balls, and swallowing a near constant flow of pre-cum.

Keith looked at me and asked, “Tom, do you want to switch?”

I smiled and nodded. The women applied their oral skills to Keith’s cock while I fucked Suzie for the first time. I couldn’t help but compare her to her daughter Kate. I will never tire of caressing a woman’s ass, while watching, and feeling, my cock sliding deep inside her slippery wet pussy.

I fucked Suzie a little harder, making certain that she felt my cock deep in her core while she was deep throating her husband. She moaned and wiggled her ass in appreciation.

Tim tapped my shoulder. We switched, and soon I was fucking Melissa for the first time, while Tim enjoyed fucking Suzie again.

The women both came hard – their bodies shaking and their tits swinging as Tim and I filled their spasming pussies with cum. Keith gave them each a mouthful of his creamy cum!

The women swallowed, as Tim and I stepped back to admire their attractive and sexually vibrant bodies!

“Would you ladies like to use the shower?”

Melissa stood up and smiled, “It makes me feel very naughty and very sexy to have your cum squishing inside me,” she admitted as she spread her legs, ran her fingers over the lips of her pussy; brought them to her mouth, and sucked them clean.

“You are such a cum slut!” Laughed Suzie. “I feel the same way about having Tim’s cum deep inside me!” She smiled; gathered cum on her fingers, and licked them clean.

We finished our drinks, and the two couples got dressed.

Everyone was energetic and smiling.

All four of them thanked me profusely for helping them.

“I’m glad that you all came over today. Maybe next time we can enjoy the pool. I look forward to seeing more of you,” I smiled

“I’m not sure that’s possible!” Quipped Melissa

We all laughed.

As they left, Suzie and Melissa hung back a little and kissed me on the cheek.

They both squeezed my cock and Melissa whispered, “Now we know why Kate and Tory are so happy too!”

I was pondering how well everything in the neighborhood was going. Thinking about all four women and their daughters. And also thinking about the changes in the men.

My cell announced a call from Paul. “Hi Tom, I hope that I’m not interrupting anything.”

“No, nothing at all, what’s up?”

“Kristen told me that you stopped by today and what she was wearing, and how she teased you.”

“I did see her out in the yard, we talked and she showed me some yoga poses. We flirted, but nothing happened.”

“That’s what she told me and that upset me. She said that she offered to fuck you, but I told her that she needs to do more.”

“I’m not sure that I follow you?”

“I told Kristen and she agreed that she can’t be a cock tease. She needs to deliver.”

“Hold on, there’s someone at the door.”

Paul laughed, “That’s Krissy, she’s yours for the night! Have fun my friend!!”

I quickly threw on my shorts and T-shirt and walked slowly to the front door. I was somewhat confused and upset by my short conversation with Paul.

I answered the door and invited Kristen in. She was smiling and bubbly

“Paul sent me over to spend the night with you. The whole night in your bed! I can’t wait!”

“Kristen, please listen, you are a beautiful, vibrant, sensual woman. Having you in my bed for an entire night would be a dream come true,” I began.

Kristen listened, and realized that something was wrong.

“What’s wrong Tom? What did I do wrong this time?” She asked as her face fell, her eyes filled with tears and several ran down her cheeks.

“Why do you think you are here Krissy?” I asked with compassion.

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