The Retrieval. Chapter One

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Amy Anderssen

The Retrieval. Chapter OneJulia “Jules” Bradford glanced at her watch, sighed and then gently leaned her head back against the wall. She was ready to do just about anything to ease the throbbing headache she’d been battling ever since her alarm clock had gone off. She closed her eyes. Ugh. Nope, closing her eyes was not a good idea as her stomach let her know that yes, it was still in fact very nauseated. She sighed again…this was starting to look like it was going to be a long day. Trying to deal with a hangover in her own little cubicle sucked bad enough, but sitting in her boss’s waiting room in one of these stupidly uncomfortable chairs for over thirty minutes? This was starting to feel like some new form of torture. Jules glanced over at her superior’s administrative assistant who was busy typing on her computer. The woman had pretty much ignored her for the last half an hour. She would give Jules the occasional glance when she paused to answer her phone via one of those fancy headsets, but otherwise…nothing. Huh, Jules made a mental note as she continued to surreptitiously check her out. She’d never really noticed before that Atwood’s assistant had that conservative, sexy librarian look going on. Jules waited until the woman glanced her way again and when she finally did, Jules flashed one of her patented “hey, since we’re both sitting here, why don’t we take a few moments to chat” smiles. The secretary didn’t even crack a smile. She just politely ignored Jules and went back to typing. Jules shrugged to herself and sighed again. It’s not like she was at the top of her game this morning anyway. A moment later the assistant’s phone came to life with a slightly different sounding ring. The woman punched a button and listened to her headset for a moment before turning her attention to Jules. “Secretary Atwood will see you know.”Finally. Jules stood up and began to stretch, but had to put her hand on the wall to stave off a sudden bout of dizziness. She’d been sitting too long and she had consumed entirely too much alcohol over the weekend were the only two things she was absolutely sure of right at this moment. She steadied herself and then popped a breath mint in her mouth before pushing on the door that led into Atwood’s office. Jules missed the disapproving little shake of the secretary’s head.As Jules entered the expanse of her boss’ private sanctum, she tried not to grin. It never failed to amuse her that Henry Atwood seemed to have followed the blueprint for a government office right out of the DC handbook for government offices. There was the massive oak desk that was obviously the centerpiece of the room. On one side of that monstrosity stood the matching bookshelf with all of the appropriate American history volumes and autobiographies crammed onto the shelves. Above that was the obligatory framed American flag. On the opposite wall were various degrees, achievements and certificates perfectly hung in wooden frames that matched the rest of the furniture. And of course on the wall directly behind the man were about a dozen framed pictures of Homeland Security’s Deputy Under-Secretary for Analysis Henry Atwood shaking hands with the President, the Homeland Director, foreign dignitaries, world leaders and any other VIP that was worthy of a photo op. “Have a seat, Jules,” Atwood instructed as he hunted and pecked on a keyboard that sat off to the side. She sat down as instructed in one of the much more comfortable leather chairs facing Under-Secretary Atwood’s desk. She took a deep, steadying breath and fought the urge to throw up in his trashcan. She mentally made a note that tequila was not her friend as she politely waited for him to finish typing whatever super-secret national security communication he was working on. Or he could have been updating his Facebook status for all she knew. Whatever, Jules concentrated on ignoring the feeling of nausea by studying the photos behind her boss’s head. “So,” Atwood turned away from the flat screen monitor and keyboard combo that sat on one side of his desk on a little pull out shelf and faced forward in his chair towards his employee. “How many times have I pulled your ass out of the fire, Jules?””Is it bad?” Jules winced.”Yes, it is,” Atwood confirmed with a solemn nod and then continued. “But I’m curious – do you actually know the number?””I guess I’ve never thought about it.””Take a guess.””Um,” Jules tried to read his expression, “I’m going to go with…three?””It’s six, Jules,” Atwood said flatly. “I’ve come to your rescue and somehow figured out a way to salvage your career on six different occasions.””Oh…wow…” Jules was literally surprised by the number. She really hadn’t kept track. “Uh…I’m not exactly sure what the proper response would be at this moment, but I’m going to go with thank you. I mean, seriously, thank you, sir.””I’m going to be honest,” Atwood looked at her with a grave expression. “It probably won’t be seven.” “It won’t?” Jules sat up straighter. “Am I being fired?””No, it isn’t that simple,” Atwood explained. “I did what I could, but…well, we’ll get to that. But first I need to understand – what the fuck were you thinking?””I, uh, I can’t honestly say that I was, sir,” Jules admitted miserably and then grimaced as she stifled a burp and tasted tequila…this was definitely shaping up to be a long day.”So you had no idea that she was the youngest daughter of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics and Material Readiness?” Atwood was starting to show some irritation.”The Assistant Secretary of…Defense for – what?””The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics and Material Readiness,” Atwood repeated.”I can say in all truthfulness that I had no idea,” Jules replied.”Okay…I believe you. So let’s set aside the fact that she’s the daughter of somebody important from the Secretary of Defense’s office,” Atwood went on. “Were you aware that it was the night before her wedding? That she was at her bachelorette party?””I think I remember something about a party,” Jules mumbled quietly as she studied her shoes. She probably shouldn’t mention that the young woman had been wearing a sash that said ‘I’m the Bride, bitches!’ “Un-fucking-believable,” Atwood laughed harshly, but there was no humor in it. “I swear, your reputation as a womanizer is not only well-deserved, but underestimated – and that’s saying a lot in this town.”Given the current circumstances, Jules chose to remain silent on that particular topic of debate.Atwood just sat there and looked at her.”I…uh…I mean, in my defense, she came on to me.” Jules offered hopefully. She vividly remembered the young blonde pinning her up against the bathroom wall and then being kissed by those incredibly luscious lips. That bride-to-be had been so ripe for a woman like Jules that she had been practically ready to burst. “Shouldn’t that at least make a difference or something?””Not even a little,” Atwood answered truthfully.”Shit,” Jules mumbled. “So…what happens now?””I did what I could,” Atwood shrugged. “You know the drill – if we had a Siberia, you’d be headed there. I did manage to keep your banishment in house, so you’ll still be technically working for Homeland.””So I’m not fired?” Jules perked up just a little.”You may wish you were,” Atwood raised an eyebrow. “You’ve been assigned out into the field. You’ll be working for the Logistics Group.””What?” Jules couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Me?””I’m afraid so.””But…why? I don’t know the first thing about logistics.””It’s simple,” Atwood continued. “He wants you to quit. It’s the prick’s way of getting around all the red tape and bullshit paper trail of building a case and firing you for something that happened while you were off duty on your own personal time.””But that’s not fair.” Jules complained.”Are you serious?” Atwood looked at her like she should have known how the game was played. “What did you expect, Julia? The Assistant Secretary of Defense for LMR’s daughter cancelled her wedding…on the morning of her fucking wedding – because of you.” “You can’t blame me for that shit!” Jules replied defensively. How could this be her fault?”There’s a video, Jules,” Atwood replied through clenched teeth, “of you and her on top of the bar and then she declares her undying love for you right into the camera.””Someone took a video?” Jules asked quietly almost as if she were questioning herself.”Of course someone took a video – it was a public bar,” Atwood almost spat.”I – ” Jules began and then stopped. “As if that video wasn’t bad enough,” Atwood continued, “The next morning – which if you’re taking notes was the morning of her wedding, the young lady locked herself in a bathroom and refused to come out while she hysterically called out your name over and over.””She did that?” Jules winced. “Yes, she did,” Atwood nodded. “And she never did come out. Hell, maybe she’s still in there, I don’t know and really don’t care. But what I do know is that her father – her very important, very powerful father – lost over a hundred grand in non-refundable deposits alone not to mention the social and political scandal he’s having to deal with.””Oh,” Jules replied miserably. “I didn’t know. I’m sorry.””Sorry?” Atwood barked that humorless laugh again. “You’re lucky you didn’t disappear in the middle of the night!””Like that was going to happen,” Jules snorted and then caught herself and suddenly felt like she might throw up again when she realized that by the look on his face, Atwood might not be k**ding. “As I said before,” Atwood resumed in a calmer tone, “I did what I could. You’ve been assigned to the Retrieval Team. Those guys work alone, so you’re basically in control of your own destiny.””What the hell is the Retrieval Team?””They’re tasked with a lot of different…assignments,” Atwood seemed suddenly hesitant, but then caught himself and quickly continued. “But you will be delivering Congressional subpoenas and then escorting those individuals being called to testify back to DC.””Just great…lucky me,” Jules rubbed her temples and then realized how that must have sounded. “Shit, I’m sorry, Hank. I didn’t mean that towards you. I really do appreciate you going to bat for me.””Don’t worry about it,” her now former-boss replied gruffly, but then softened his tone. “Look, you’re one of the best analysts I have. Besides, you know I went way back with your Dad. I promised him a long time ago that I’d always try to look out for you.””I know,” Jules nodded and the little crack in her heart that constantly reminded her of how much she missed her father hurt a little more than usual. “Thank you. I think Dad would agree that you’ve more than lived up to that promise.””Well, I probably would have thought twice about making that promise if I’d have known how much of a challenge you’d be,” Atwood tried to joke. Jules forced a polite smile and her boss knew it had been a mistake. “Look, just keep your head down and do your job.””Okay.””If you’re successful on this first assignment, there’s a chance that this thing might eventually blow over,” Atwood offered hopefully. “Keep a low profile and I’ll try to pull some strings and get you back over here in Analysis where you belong.””Wow,” Jules was shocked. “I haven’t even reported for duty yet and I already have my first assignment?””That is correct,” Atwood nodded grimly and grabbed a manila file folder off the corner of his desk and handed it to her. “Needless to say it was handpicked just for you.””Perfect,” Jules mumbled as she accepted her fate in the form of file folder. Yeah, this was going to be a very long day indeed.****Leah Hartsall kept her head down as she stood in the express lane of the grocery store, patiently waiting her turn. She had her money in hand so she could quickly pay for the three bottles of water, three cans of tuna and a pack of gum that were sitting in her basket. To the untrained eye she was just another shopper minding her own business, but a keener observer might have noticed the way her eyes constantly moved and assessed, gauging the position of everyone and everything around her. In fact Leah was acutely aware of the exact position of the other eleven shoppers who were also waiting to check out at the three open registers. More than just aware of them, Leah knew their exact positions and could have given a basic description of each one of them including their clothing, distinguishing features and what they had in their buggies. This high degree of situational awareness wasn’t something Leah did intentionally – half the time she wasn’t even completely aware that she was clocking exits or mentally marking the position of everyone and everything around her. It was just something she did. It was more than a habit, it was instinct that had been born from long months of grueling training and then etched into her DNA from years of real world experience. It was a way of life for her, but she didn’t like to focus on it. Whenever her mind went down that path it was too easy to think about the details of the how, why and where she honed her skill-sets – and those were memories that she wasn’t particularly fond of dwelling on.At the next register Leah could overhear the cashier giving the woman she was waiting on another exaggerated sigh of frustration as the young mother tried to console the crying baby on her hip. The c***d couldn’t have even been a year old yet and the woman would do her best to quiet the baby and then go back to counting out her change. It was the third dramatically passive-aggressive exhalation the cashier had unleashed to make sure this woman in front of her knew she was not happy with her for holding up the line. The only two items the young woman was trying to buy were c***dren’s Tylenol and diapers. The young woman kept quietly apologizing to the cashier who wouldn’t respond to her with anything more than an annoyed smack of her lips. Leah paid for her items and as she was receiving her change she heard the man who was next in line after the struggling mother say something derogatory about her under his breath. Leah turned her head slightly and out of the corner of her eye saw him share a knowing look of disgust with the irritated cashier. The young woman had been counting out change and dealing with the fussy infant ever since Leah had gotten in line. She had a pretty good hunch that it was going to be a financial stretch for the young mother to pay for her items. Leah grabbed her meager plastic bag of groceries and stepped away from her check-out lane. She turned towards the far entrance where she had parked her truck, took two steps and suddenly bent over to touch the floor near the young woman’s feet. Leah smoothly stood back up, stopping briefly to place a twenty dollar bill in front of the woman. Leah nodded once as she resumed walking and said, “Sorry ma’am, you must have dropped this.””I don’t think that’s– ” the young woman began to respond but stopped when she saw that the athletic looking stranger wasn’t going to wait around to debate the issue. “Yes, I believe it is,” Leah called over her shoulder and didn’t even pause as she walked towards the exit. The young woman paid for her items and had every intention of thanking the stranger, but by the time she got out to the parking lot, the tall woman was nowhere to be found.****”Hank, they can’t be serious,” Jules was on her cellphone pacing back in forth in her kitchen. “Did you even read this file?””I did,” Atwood replied calmly into his phone. “Keep in mind that I really didn’t have much say in the matter.””This woman is a trained killer, Hank!” Jules raised her voice. She didn’t feel like anyone was listening to her. “Hello? Did you hear me? She’s a fucking assassin!” “No, she isn’t, Jules,” Atwood kept his tone firm and quiet. “You know as well as I do that per Executive Order 11905, no employee of the United States shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, political assassination. By policy this country doesn’t condone nor employ assassins.””Oh, we both know that’s utter bullshit,” Jules stopped pacing.”And we both know this is an unsecured line!” Atwood shot back angrily. She could hear him clear his throat and regain control over his breathing before he continued. “Your assignment is to retrieve a former covert operator. I stress the word former. Yes, she worked on the dark side for a long time, but she’s been out for over a year. She’s a civilian now.””Civilian my ass,” Jules mumbled to herself as she stared down at the open file on her kitchen table. “So if she’s so former this and former that, why exactly am I bringing her back in?””She has to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee,” Atwood explained. “If I’m not mistaken, it states that in the details of the assignment, does it not?””Why yes, yes it does,” Jules confirmed. “But what doesn’t it say?””Excuse me?” “What isn’t in the file that I need to know, Hank?””I don’t know what you’re talking about, Jules.””Hank,” Jules paused and let her voice grow quieter. “Please?””Hypothetically,” Atwood sighed heavily. “And I do mean hypothetically, Jules…a certain former covert operative might be subpoenaed to testify if, hypothetically, that testimony might be crucial if it were to dispute the hypothetical testimony of this hypothetical operative’s hypothetical former team leader regarding the collateral damage of civilians. That is if such a former operator hypothetically existed.””Does she even –“”Jules,” Atwood sternly warned. “Sorry…does this hypothetical operator know what he or she is hypothetically testifying about?””Doesn’t matter as in that’s not your concern. Retrieval only – you’re basically just her ride back to DC,” Atwood replied dismissively dropping the charade. “I have to go, Jules. Goodbye.””That’s just perfect,” Jules laughed as the Deputy Under-Secretary for Analysis disconnected the call. She paused to blow an auburn curl out of her eyes and looked down at the file again. She started chewing on her thumb nail as she stared at the picture of the blonde woman she was supposed to bring back to DC.****Leah was in her zone as she pulled her last order of the day. She saw the 10 digit part number on the pick-sheet, visualized where it was on the shelf and then she’d automatically go to that aisle, pull the requisite number of parts and box them up for the customer. She went about finding each line item deliberately and methodically, letting her mind focus on the task rather than think about anything else. She liked it when she didn’t have to think too much and she was able to let the part numbers consume her thoughts. Leah found the repetitiveness and physicality of it soothing. She wasn’t the fastest order puller, but somehow she managed to consistently pull more orders day in and day out than almost all of her coworkers. The old adage of “slow is smooth, smooth is fast” served her well doing this detail-oriented job.It was blazing hot outside even this late in the afternoon which was typical for North Carolina this time of year. Inside the stuffy warehouse it was at least ten degrees hotter. She had shed the light-weight, long sleeved shirt she wore over her sleeveless t-shirt hours ago once the heat began to build and sweat had started to soak through it. Now at the end of the day after almost 9 hours in this oven she could literally have wrung a puddle of water out of her shirt and sports bra. Leah didn’t mind it all that much. It was honest work, it gave her a chance to burn off some of her physical energy and everyone she worked with pretty much left her alone. The novelty of being the lone female warehouse worker had worn off months ago, so now she was just another employee. She liked the anonymity.She finished off the second pallet of the order and then double-checked her work to make sure she hadn’t missed any of the part numbers that this customer had ordered. As usual, her order was 100% correct. Yep, slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Leah used a pallet jack to pull it around to the staging area and dropped it with the first pallet of the order. She proceeded to wrap both sk**s in shrink-wrap and marked them with the customer’s name and 1-of-2 and 2-of-2 accordingly for the driver. She put her paperwork in the tray on the shipping desk and gave her supervisor a questioningly look. He nodded at her and gestured towards the time clock. Leah walked over and went through the process of punching out and then stepped inside to the front office area. She stood inside the door for a minute to soak in the almost artic chill of air conditioning. Just as she was about to head for the break room to grab her backpack and lunch box, she made note of one of the company’s drivers who was standing too close to the desk of the last biller on duty this late in the day. All of the schedulers and billers worked staggered shifts to make sure they could cover all of their customers without incurring overtime. The driver seemed to be talking to her quietly as she concentrated on entering an order into the system so that it would generate a pick list. Leah’s instincts kicked in and the little hairs on the back of her neck stood up. She had no idea what the large, burly driver might be saying, but in just the few seconds she was able to observe the interaction she could tell by the woman’s body language that the biller was uncomfortable. Her posture was hunched, tense. She was also slightly leaning away in her seat from where the driver was standing. Leah could also tell by the driver’s furtive mannerisms that he more than likely wasn’t discussing company business.Leah tried to remind herself that it wasn’t any of her business as she turned and went on through the swinging door to the break room. She grabbed her little cooler from the fridge and stuck it in her backpack. As she shrugged the pack onto her shoulders, she returned a few polite hellos with a nod from a couple of guys who worked on the second shift and then headed back out. She paused as she was about to turn right and go back out into the warehouse. The driver was now sitting on the corner of the biller’s desk, crowding in on her personal space so that the woman actually had to lean to the side to try and type.Leah just stood there, mentally going through the arguments. Low profile, remember? Don’t get involved; don’t draw attention to yourself…remember? You like it here, so don’t blow it by getting involved. She heard the billing clerk politely ask the driver to please stop, she was trying to work. Leah sighed heavily. The one thing in this world that Leah hated with every fiber of her being was a bully…especially a bully that targeted a woman. She turned left and walked slowly towards the biller’s desk, trying to remember the woman’s name. They had never been formally introduced, but she remembered coming in the front entrance on her first day on the job…and as she had passed by the biller’s work station she remembered there was a name plate on the woman’s desk. Cheryl? No, it was Sheri with one r and an “i”.”Excuse me, Sheri?” Leah’s quiet voice interrupted the driver just as he was leaning over to try and whisper something in the woman’s ear.”Yes!” Sheri said a little too quickly as she stood up and turned around. She took a full step away from her desk to create some space between herself and the driver. The driver grunted and cast a glance over his shoulder to give Leah a dirty look. “What can I help you with – it’s Lisa, isn’t it?””Leah,” Leah corrected her and realized now why she had remembered the name plate. Sheri was a very attractive woman. “Uh, can you double check that last order I pulled for Parsons? I think there was a bad part number on it.””Of course,” Sheri smiled up at the quiet woman from the warehouse. She then looked at the driver sternly. “Excuse us, please.””No problem, Cherry,” the driver laughed at his own joke and stood up. He smiled at the billing clerk and then gave Leah another scowl before telling no one in particular, “I’m off to Asheville. Catch y’all tomorrow.” The two women stood by the short filing cabinets next to Sheri’s desk and watched the driver leave through the warehouse exit. Leah folded her muscular arms across her chest and stared at the door while Sheri rifled through copies of the day’s orders. She finally pulled the office copy of the pick list from all of the other papers and turned to Leah. “Is this the order?”Leah glanced at it and nodded her head. She turned her gaze from the warehouse door and looked down at Sheri’s expectant face, making an effort not to let her eyes move further down to the woman’s fitted top that accentuated a pair of very nice breasts. Sheri just stared up into Leah’s eyes and then smiled. Leah knew that most people thought her blue eyes were rather striking. “Um,” Leah nervously cleared her throat. “I, uh, I think I was mistaken, so…never mind, sorry for bothering you.”Leah was half way to the warehouse door before Sheri spoke up. “Thank you. Leah.”Leah stopped with her hand on the warehouse door. She didn’t turn around. She simply nodded once in an unspoken acknowledgement and then pushed on the door and disappeared into the hot, noisy environment of the warehouse.****Jules stopped by her new supervisor’s office to formally introduce herself. The Retrieval Team fell under the umbrella of Homeland Security’s Logistics Branch, so at least she wouldn’t have to move or find new housing since the office was located right here in DC. After wandering around the building for twenty minutes, she finally managed to find the suite of offices her new department operated out of. She was actually kind of relieved that her new boss wasn’t in, but his administrative assistant had been expecting her. The older woman gave Jules a package containing all kinds of forms that needed to be filled out. After explaining what each form was for and how to complete it, she went on to present Jules with the official file for her first assignment. Of course Hank had already given her a copy of the file, so there was nothing in the original that she hadn’t seen before with the exception being a voucher for the use of a government issued vehicle.Jules asked the assistant about it and was dutifully informed that the logistics for any assignment that fell within 400 travel miles was taken care of by automobile rather than airline. The assistant proceeded to point out that the distance from DC to Charlotte, NC was 396 miles. The older woman instructed her that she could pick up her assigned vehicle from the Logistics Car Pool and if Jules was going to keep to the assignment’s schedule, she would need to get on the road within the next two hours.Jules tried to keep reminding herself that she was being “punished”, so she wasn’t too surprised when they gave her a set of keys to an older model Crown Victoria. Seriously? She thought they quit making these a couple of years ago. With a shrug, Jules went about adjusting the seat and mirrors and then tried the radio, but it didn’t work. Awesome, just what a girl needed for an eight hour road trip. Then as she pulled out of the lot she also found out the air conditioning didn’t really work other than blowing warm air in her face. She shrugged and rolled all of the windows down. She smiled to herself as she slipped on her sunglasses and the wind began to blow her auburn locks everywhere. Jules paused a moment to consider how in the hell she had even ended up in this situation and instead, ended up savoring the memory of lying on that bar with the crowd cheering as that bride-to-be lowered that gorgeous shaved pussy down onto her waiting mouth. Jules could almost still feel how strongly those former cheerleader thighs had gripped the sides of her head as the girl sat on her face and took the ride of her young life. Had it been worth it? At the time, you bet your ass it had been worth it. Now? Well, Jules would just have to play this one out and see. Either way, these vindictive bastards were going to have to do a lot better than sticking her with a crappy car to get Jules Bradford to quit. ****Leah slowed down to a jog as she came to the last little stretch of road that in a quarter of a mile led to the employees’ parking lot. She continued to slow down until she was half a block away and began walking as part of her cool down. When the weather warmed up she liked to run the almost five miles to work and then she would either run home or take the bus if she was too tired after her shift. When she reached the actual drive of the parking lot, she shrugged off her backpack and bent over with her hands on her knees to get control of her breathing. She had really pushed herself this morning running 4.9 miles in just over 30 minutes. She stood back up and pulled a refillable water bottle out of her bag and drank half of it down in one long drink. She walked around for a few minutes with her hands on her hips, stopping to take a sip of water every few minutes until her heart rate was back to normal and she had cooled down enough to head towards the warehouse entrance. As per her normal routine, she would grab a quick shower in the employee locker room before her shift started and then relax for a few minutes with a cup coffee. She had just rounded the corner at the far edge of the parking lot when she saw the same driver from yesterday. Leah apparently spotted him well before he intended for her to see him. He actually looked pretty ridiculous as he tried to maintain his somewhat hidden position by the trash compactor. With his chain-wallet and key chain combo jangling from his nervous movements and the way his cowboy boots sc****d against the pavement as he shifted from foot to foot, a toddler would have noticed him from thirty yards out. Leah shook her head. This jackass didn’t have the first clue about being still and fading into his environment.Leah stopped ten feet short of where she thought the driver figured was going to be his element of surprise opportunity. She set her backpack down at her feet and bent over to begin stretching her legs as she patiently waited, taking the occasional sip of her water bottle. It took the driver another sixty seconds before he leaned out to check on her progress and was startled to see her there stretching her hamstrings. He scowled to himself as he stepped out into the open, but then a grin broke out on his face that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Well, ain’t you about as quiet as a mouse.”Leah said nothing as she stretched.”C’mon now, don’t be rude,” the driver warned her in a friendly – not so friendly way. “It ain’t polite not to return a good morning.””You didn’t say good morning,” Leah quietly corrected kıbrıs escort him and took another drink of water.”Pardon?”She let out an almost imperceptible sigh before continuing in a clear voice. “You didn’t say good morning. You said ‘well, ain’t you about as quiet as a mouse’ to which I chose not to respond. You’re attempting to goad me into some half-assed apology for an imagined slight. I’m really not in the mood for whatever little psychological game you’re trying to play.””Look at you then, catching all that like you did,” the driver stepped out into the middle of the walkway effectively blocking her way as he gave a low whistle. “I am impressed.””I literally don’t care whether or not you might be impressed,” Leah replied evenly. She picked up her backpack and closed the distance between them until she was standing right in front him. The man was only an inch or two taller, but easily outweighed her by at least a hundred pounds. “Now please excuse me.””I believe you and I need to come to an understanding,” the driver smiled as he eased forward and rested his beefy hand on top of Leah’s shoulder and took a half-step into her personal space.Leah looked at the hand on her shoulder and fought to keep control of her breathing. “Why are you touching me?””Oh, c’mon now darlin’, I’m just being –” the larger man began to explain as he took another step closer and started to slip his arm around Leah’s shoulders. He suddenly found himself being propelled face first into the side of the trash compactor with his arm pushed painfully up behind his back. He was stunned into silence and his lips were wet with blood from the impact.”What the hell!” the driver finally managed to roar as he fought to regain his balance and push off of the dumpster. For some reason he couldn’t get control of his balance or the arm behind his back. “Don’t ever put your hands on me again,” Leah said quietly into his ear before letting go of his arm and taking a few steps back.”You crazy bitch!” he wheeled around on her and shook his arm out a few times to try and get his shoulder to stop hurting. “You have no fuckin’ idea what you just started.”Leah didn’t respond as she just stood there silently looking at him.He was breathing hard and his face was mottled red. Leah recognized the first physical signs of the adrenaline dumping into his system. The driver clenched and unclenched his fists at his sides. “I tried to be reasonable, but –“”You sure about this?” Leah asked in a calm voice. She didn’t give any ground as the driver took another step towards her.”Oh, I’m damn sure,” the driver nodded and spit a stream of blood and spittle at his feet. The man’s voice was loud and his hands were shaking. “You wanna act like a man, you’re gonna get treated like a damn man!””You realize there’s no going back, right?” Leah asked him in a steady voice.”Huh?” the big man pulled up short unsure of what he was hearing. “What’s that?””Think about it,” Leah explained. “You’re overly hyped up right now from the adrenaline which is normal. The only thing hurt so far is your pride. No one was here to see this…no one has to know about it. I’m not going to mention it. Are you?””Nah, too late for that,” he growled and took another step towards her. “You fuckin’ cunt,””Whatever,” Leah shrugged. “Can’t say I didn’t warn you.””What?” He pulled up short again almost stumbling from his momentum. “You? Youare warning me?””I’m giving you a chance here,” Leah eased her feet a little wider apart and let her arms hang down loosely in front of her body. “This isn’t some beef at your local bar or some truck stop bullshit. I can guarantee this isn’t going to go like you planned.””Are you listening to yourself?” he demanded, trying to make it sound as ridiculous to her as it did to him. “What are you gonna do? Huh? You gonna whup my ass?””No, I’m not gonna whup your ass,” Leah shook her head and kept her voice calm and steady. “I’m going to put you in the fucking hospital.””The hospital?”Leah shrugged one shoulder and gave a single nod of her head.”You really think so, do you?””Nope,” Leah shook her head. “I know it for a fact.””Bull-fucking-shit,” the scowl on the driver’s face grew even deeper and his nostrils flared. “Bitch, I’ll put my fuckin’ hands on you like you ain’t–“”Do you honestly think I haven’t dealt with guys like you before?” Leah raised her voice to interrupt him with just the hint of a smile at the corner of her mouth. “Do you really think this is a first for me? I’m trying to be nice here because you think you know what road you’re about to go down. Trust me – you don’t.””Is that right?””Yeah, that’s right,” Leah nodded. “But I really don’t want this. That’s why I’m asking you to just walk away.”The heavyset driver grinned at her like she was making a joke, but then his grin faded and his expression slowly morphed into one of suspicion. He looked around as he rubbed his jaw and considered what this gash was saying. She has to be trying to run some kind of game. Yeah, she’s just bluffing, stalling for time. Isn’t she? Fuck it, what’s the worst that could happen? It’s her word against his. She’s just some dock chick for crying out loud. He’s worked for this company for f******n years.”Just let it go,” Leah looked hard into his eyes, “and walk away.””Shit,” he suddenly smiled, becoming the all-too-friendly good ol’ boy. “I was just foolin’ around anyways. You know, just givin’ you a hard time.” Leah didn’t move or say anything.”C’mon now,” the man smiled and extended his arm towards her. “No hard feelings?”Leah looked at the offered hand. She looked back up into the man’s eyes and then slowly brought her hand up as if to shake even though she knew what would happen next.The driver telegraphed his sucker punch from what felt like a mile away.****Leah had just finished pulling the last part number and was stacking the box neatly on the pallet to complete her first order of the day when she caught movement over by the first dock door, the one with the walk-up ramp. It was used for customers who came to the warehouse to pick up their orders rather than have them delivered. Leah took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she watched from the corner of her eye as two police officers paused at the top of the ramp and then walked over and began talking to the warehouse manager. Her supervisor went from inquisitively friendly to frowning and crossing his arms and then he became animated and began shaking his head and gesturing in Leah’s direction. Leah sighed again. She knew that a couple of the driver’s buddies had found him u*********s and bleeding. They thought he had either fallen off the dock or been run over. She had sipped on her coffee and watched everyone run around in a panic until the dispatcher had finally ended up taking the injured man to the hospital. Leah knew it was only a matter of time before the driver eventually regained consciousness and started running his mouth. Leah laid her paperwork with all of the part numbers neatly checked off on top of the sk** so that whoever the warehouse manager chose to take over her assignment would know the order was complete. She picked up her long sleeved t-shirt and slipped it on and then grabbed her backpack which she had kept with her rather than putting it in her locker since she already knew this was going to happen at some point this morning. She paused to take a final look around the warehouse. This wasn’t her first job nor would it be her last, but she had actually liked it here. The other workers had started to come out from the aisles and shelves of inventory to gawk and whisper among themselves. What a day, first the u*********s driver and now this? Having the cops show up was not an everyday occurrence. Their whispers grew quieter as they watched Leah gather up her things and walk slowly over to the where the warehouse manager and the police officers were still talking. They all wondered what the heck was going on and by this time word had spread to the front office so now the billing clerks and schedulers had started gathering outside of the door to the office watching and whispering as well. They continued to observe as Leah approached the little huddle. The warehouse manager paused when he noticed Leah and went through the process of introducing her to the police officers. The cops focused all of their attention on her as they took turns asking her questions. Leah said a few things and nodded a few times and then handed over her backpack to the male cop. She turned around as the female police officer pulled out her handcuffs and began the process of pulling Leah’s arms behind her back and cuffing her wrists together. Leah looked over at the entrance to the office as the cop went through the process of reciting her Miranda rights. She saw the woman named Sheri standing off to the side of the other office workers. She wasn’t participating in all of the whispering, she just stood there looking at Leah with real concern in her eyes. Leah just gave her a little half-smile and the slightest shrug of her shoulders as if to say “shit happens.”As they escorted Leah back down the ramp towards their cruiser, she took a little bit of comfort in knowing that the asshole driver wouldn’t be bothering Sheri again for a long, long time. ****Jules rolled over with a small groan at the incessant beeping of what she thought was the alarm on her phone and tried to pry her swollen eyelids open. She blindly felt around until she apparently hit the right button to silence the offending technology. She groaned a second time as she rolled back over and the first wave of pain indicating another wicked hangover began to settle over her head and stomach. She fought the feeling of nausea that seemed to be one of her constant companions in the morning these days. She winced as she gently nestled her head deeper into the hotel room pillow in search of that magical cool spot that would alleviate the throbbing in her head. Okay, Jules reasoned with herself…So maybe it is time to cut down on the drinking a little bit. You think? The little voice in her head responded sarcastically. You act like you can just pick up a new liver at Walmart.Whatever, Jules mentally responded to the little voice. It’s not like I’m an alcoholic or anything. Tell you what, the little voice countered. I’ll bet you a week of sobriety, and that means absolutely no liquor in any form, that you don’t even remember her name. What the fuck? Jules eyes shot open as her senses cleared a bit more and she felt the unmistakable soft roundness of an ass cheek pressing against her hip. She gingerly turned her head to look at the little tangle of brunette curls that were peeking out from beneath the comforter on the pillow next to her. She racked her brain trying to remember what all had transpired last night. The only thing she could pull out of those murky depths of tequila soaked memories was something about a bartender. As Jules tried to piece together the details of last night’s activities, she more out of habit than anything else reached down and rested her palm on the plump ass cheek. This apparently was enough to awaken the b**st as the body next to her stirred and then rolled over and turned into her. “Morning, Jules,” a sleepy smile appeared through the jungle of unruly bedhead and what was meant to be an affectionate gesture had Jules seriously fighting not to throw up right then and there. That simple greeting had blown a cloud of foul, alcohol tinged morning breath right into Jules’s face. Jules held her breath and mumbled good morning as she discreetly turned her head. The brunette smiled and took this as an invitation as she leaned over a little further and feathered kisses along Jules’s neck. Jules kept her head turned to the side in case her bedmate moved up for a kiss, but her tension eased a little as the woman continued kissing down to her collarbone and then teased wet kisses all around the tops of her large breasts. Jules sighed as the brunette kept on kissing and licking her way down Jules’s stomach until her trail of kisses brought her to the inside of Jules’s thigh. Jules started to actually relax and leaned further back onto the pillows of the hotel bed as the brunette stuck out her tongue and traced it along the crease of Jules’s groin next to her pussy where her upper leg ended and her torso began. Okay, so this wasn’t so bad, Jules thought and let out a soft sigh as the woman continued licking her way over until she was running that long, soft tongue up and down Jules’s labia. When that tongue moved in and parted Jules’s slit to take a long lick of her now swollen inner folds, Jules closed her eyes with a murmured moan and her hangover was suddenly not so bad.The brunette had just moved up to let her tongue gently touch Jules’s clit when Jules’s cell phone began beeping and vibrating again. The rhythm of the beeping made her realize in a panic that it was the ringer not her alarm. She struggled to reach the phone and push the eager head away from her pussy at the same time until she finally managed to grab it off the night stand and answer it. “Hello?” she replied breathlessly.”Code in.” A professional sounding voice greeted her bluntly. “Excuse me?””Code in, please.””Shit,” she cursed under her breath as she closed her eyes and tried to remember her employee assigned pin number for this assignment. It took her a few seconds, but it finally came to her and she rattled off the correct series of digits and numbers and then had to repeat herself more clearly. “Hold one,” the voice announced as it verified her information. The brunette bartender had sat up when they were interrupted and now ventured closer as Jules waited on hold. She leaned over and started flicking her tongue back and forth across Jules’s now erect nipple. Jules closed her eyes to enjoy the pleasant sensation radiating from her breast and then was pulled back into reality by the suddenly too loud voice of a professional sounding male in her ear. “We have an update to your assignment, Bradford.” The man announced and proceeded to fill her in on the current status and location of one Leah Hartsall. The man then started to repeat himself and Jules struggled to focus through the fog of her headache and her bedmate’s effort on her tit that at this point was becoming more annoying than arousing. Jules rudely pushed the woman’s head away again as she moved her lips silently, repeating the information back to herself to commit it to memory. “Okay, thank you,” Jules replied into her phone but the call had already been disconnected. Jules put her phone back on the side table and then looked over at the woman next to her. The brunette was now sitting up with her knees drawn up to her chest and was staring out the window through the little part in the curtains, her feelings obviously hurt. Jules took a deep breath. “Hey, sorry about that…it was work and kind of important.””Whatever, its fine,” the brunette sniffled and proceeded to wipe her nose on the sheet. “I understand.”Jules cringed a little, but then reminded herself she’d be checking out shortly anyways. These sheets were housekeeping’s problem now. She reached out a hand to affectionately stroke the tanned skin on the part of the woman’s lower back that wasn’t covered by the sheet. A name suddenly floated across Jules’s brain and she mentally stuck her tongue out at the little voice in her head. “Come here…Anna…let me make it up to you.”The brunette abruptly stood up and Jules’s breath caught as she got her first really unobstructed view of her bedmate. Wow. This girl was hot. She had long, toned legs that flared into wide hips and an almost perfect upside down heart-shaped ass. Jules could also see as the woman bent over to look under the bed that her breasts weren’t huge but looked quite nice and perky with long nipples sticking out proudly. Mmmm, but those legs and that ass…very nice, Jules thought. She also really liked the all over tan and that mop of long, curly black hair. Jules’s overall impression was this woman seemed just built to fuck. No wonder she had ended up in bed with her last night.Jules could feel her pussy start to tingle as the remnants of her hangover officially moved into the background. She smiled and lowered the sheet to expose her ample chest. The smile on Jules’s face faltered as the woman straightened back up with an armful of her clothes and headed towards the hotel room door without bothering to get dressed.”My name is Sonya, not Anna,” she practically hissed before slamming the door. From out in the hallway Jules could hear the brunette yell, “Asshole!” Uh-huh…the little voice in her head reminded her. So that would be seven alcohol-free days starting right about now then?****After two hours of flashing her Homeland Security credentials and showing the Federal subpoena to enough people, Jules was finally allowed to escort Leah Hartsall out of the containment area of the police station. Getting through enough bureaucratic red-tape bullshit to drown in had done nothing to ease her aching head. They made one final stop by the sergeant’s desk so Jules could sign off on some final forms stating that she was now fully responsible for Leah Hartsall and transporting her to the Senate building in the District of Columbia, blah, blah, blah…She had her copies of everything and would read them later. Right now, she just wanted to get back on the road and be done with this whole trip.Jules stole some glances at her charge as they walked down the final corridor towards the lobby of the police station. The first thing Jules had noticed when Leah Hartsall was sitting on that concrete bench in the holding cell was the woman’s eyes. They were such a vivid blue color that it was almost unnerving. That and the woman had a nice looking face. Even with no make-up, she was very, very pretty. But now that they were walking side by side, this person was actually quite intimidating close up. She was tall, taller than Jules by at least 4 or 5 inches. The woman’s baggy, wrinkled t-shirt didn’t do a whole lot to hide the fact that she was also really well built like on the verge of professional athlete level built. Jules hadn’t met many women with shoulders as broad as Leah’s or whose arms looked that strong even when they were cuffed in front of her. Damn, so far this chick’s physical presence was living right up to the scary stereotype that had been in Jules’s head from the moment she had read Leah Hartsall’s file. Jules held the front entrance open so Leah could step outside ahead of her. The tall blonde paused a moment to squint against the bright sun and held her manacled hands up for some relief. Jules followed her out and after putting on her sunglasses just kind of stood there watching Leah, not really sure what she was supposed to say. Jules noticed that Leah’s eyes were never still, constantly moving all around their surroundings as if she was taking everything in. Jules politely stepped aside as a couple of uniformed officers passed them by and started digging around in her purse looking for the keys to her government issued shit-mobile. Leah put her hands in front of Jules’s face and rattled the handcuffs.”Would you mind taking these off, please?””Why should I?” Jules tried to sound tough in effort to take control of the situation. Leah sighed and shrugged. “How about because they’re uncomfortable?” “We’ll see once we’re on the road,” Jules snapped as she finally produced the keychain from her bag. Her head moved around as she tried to remember where she had parked. “What’s the big deal?” Leah asked as they walked down the steps. “Are you trying to prove a point?””I don’t have anything to prove to you,” Jules informed her as she tried to remember if she had approached the police station from the left or right. She had been distracted and the only thing she could remember was how ridiculously far she had had to walk to get to the main entrance. She stopped at the bottom of the steps and looked left and then looked right.”Don’t worry,” Leah quietly chuckled as she misinterpreted Jules motions. “They’re still here.””What?” Jules stopped and looked at her. “Who’s still here?””You’re team,” Leah rolled her eyes at the Fed’s innocent act. “Matter of fact, you might want to tell them not to be so obvious next time.””What the hell are you talking about?” Jules was now suspicious that this woman was trying to set her up and divert her attention somehow.”Just stop,” Leah shook her head. “The whole naïve, inexperienced thing is getting old. Trust me, I’ve seen them all done before, more times than you can imagine. You weren’t half bad up until we stepped outside and your boys practically tripped over us.””What?” Jules was trying to decipher what this woman was saying and none of it was making any sense. “Are you trying to set me up or something?””Seriously,” Leah acted like she was growing annoyed now. “Just stop, okay? You can turn it off now.””Listen up,” Jules reached into her purse and put her hand on the grip of her weapon. “I don’t understand what you’re saying and I don’t like it. You’re starting to make me nervous.””Hey, take it easy,” Leah knew exactly what Jules was doing and held her manacled hands up in front of her in a gesture of submission to placate the Fed. “Not a big deal, okay? I was just making an observation.””Well, I don’t like it,” Jules voice had gone to a slightly higher pitch and for a second she tightened her grip on her standard issue Sig Sauer P229. It didn’t matter that Jules had never fired it outside of the Academy shooting range. Or that she literally had to dig around in her closet for over forty-five minutes to even find it before this trip. For some reason, it made her feel just a bit more secure right now. “Explain yourself.””Okay,” Leah still held her hands out in a non-threatening gesture. She had quickly picked up on the fact that the Fed’s anxiety and uncertainty were genuine. “Just take it easy, alright? I was mistaken, no big deal.””Mistaken about what?” Jules’s voice was still tense, but her posture relaxed a bit. “What are you talking about?””I just noticed your support team seemed a little closer than they probably should have been,” Leah’s voice was calm and soothing and she let her hands fall back to rest in front of her. “Not a big deal. I’m just used to a more covert approach, that’s all.”Jules frowned and looked around as if she would be able to know what in the world Leah might be referencing. She actually surprised herself when she noticed the blacked out Chevy Suburban sitting half a block away. Was that what this woman was talking about? She could just make out the silhouette of the driver, but that was about it. “Are you talking about that Chevy?””Yeah,” Leah smiled to herself. Could this Fed be any more obvious? “That’s the one.”Jules stood and stared at the vehicle. The more she looked at it the more she began to realize that this scary woman was sort of right. It really didn’t fit in among all these other civilian cars and trucks. The Suburban suddenly pulled out with a squeal of tires, hung a quick U-turn and accelerated rapidly in the opposite direction of the station. Okay, that was weird.”Subtle.” Leah looked in the direction of the retreating SUV. “You’re mistaken,” Jules looked at her with a scowl. “I don’t have any back-up.”Leah turned and looked back in the direction the Chevy had gone. “Not anymore.””That’s not what I meant,” Jules slowly blinked and pursed her lips. “I just got transferred to this job. There is no back-up. We work alone on these assignments.””Maybe that’s what you were told,” Leah shrugged. “Maybe you just don’t know you have babysitters.””No,” Jules shook her head and suddenly remembered where she parked. She took a couple of steps down the sidewalk that ran in front of the station and then turned right down another sidewalk towards the back parking lot. She stopped and turned around and waited for Leah Hartsall to follow her. “That’s not the…that doesn’t fit my current situation.””Okay, whatever,” Leah shrugged again, but her situational awareness was now on high alert as she kept casually swiveling her head to keep an eye on traffic and the nearby pedestrians. She was now pretty well convinced that it wasn’t an act as everything about this Fed told Leah the woman was inexperienced. They followed the walkway that ran beside the station to the rear parking lot and Jules raised her hand up to point it at the Crown Victoria to unlock it with the remote fob. Most of these older models didn’t have that feature, but this one had been retro-fitted. The headlights seemed to blink a couple of more times than they normally did and the security chirp sounded funny.”Down!” Leah growled and as soon as she said it Jules felt herself being tackled to the pavement from behind. She felt a sharp pain near her elbow and then in her hip which took the brunt of the fall, but Jules was more concerned with getting to her purse to make sure this woman didn’t get to her service weapon. Jules struggled to wriggle away from Leah’s body, but the woman stayed on top of Jules without much effort and shielded her with those muscular arms. “Get the hell off –,” Jules was trying to say when she felt the heat and managed to look up. It wasn’t like the movies where the car went up in a huge explosion. There actually hadn’t been any real noise at all other than a kind of hushed whooshing sound. She couldn’t do anything but stare as both the driver and passenger sides of her Crown Vic were engulfed in flames. Was this real? How could this be real? The fire was consuming the interior of the vehicle. “What is that?” Jules was stunned and went kind of limp as she stared. “That’s…That’s my car.”Leah’s weight was suddenly off of her and then she was dragging Jules to a standing position by grabbing her under her arms. Of all the incomprehensible details she was trying to take in, of all the overwhelming stimuli around her that was so utterly foreign and out of her comfort zone, the fact that the woman was no longer handcuffed caught Jules’s attention first. “Where…” She looked at Leah dumbfounded as the woman started to pull her in the opposite direction of the burning car. “Where are your handcuffs?” “Here,” Leah stuffed the handcuffs into Jules’s palm as she kept walking and dragged the Fed with her by the arm. The woman acted very calm, but also moved very purposefully as she led Jules back towards the front of the police station but suddenly took a short cut across another adjacent parking lot and then cut through a small park area with grass and trees until before Jules realized what was happening, they were stopped in a crowded little alcove type of an alley at least a full block from the police station. Jules looked around at the dumpsters and recycle bins. “That was…what was that?””Someone rigged your car.””They…what?” Jules couldn’t understand what this Leah Hartsell person was saying. “Rigged my car? How? Why? Are you sure that wasn’t some kind of leak or something?””Uh, no,” Leah smirked. “That was very intentional.””It was? I guess…wait, if it was intentional, wouldn’t there have been I don’t know…a boom or something?” Jules asked suspiciously, but jumped when a loud, muffled whump shook the dumpsters and the nearby trees. Plumes of thick black smoke appeared in the sky coming from the direction of the parking lot they had just left.”Fuel tank,” Leah explained as she looked around the corner from their little hideout. All this excitement was overwhelming and caused Jules’s hands to shake and she suddenly felt really dizzy so she bent over and tried to take deep breaths. When she stood up she began to say, “We have to go back–“Leah Hartsall was gone.”Oh no…no, no, no,” Jules began to mutter rapidly under her breath as she quickly walked to the corner of the little alley. Jules came to an abrupt halt as she almost ran face first into her assignment. Leah’s hand planted solidly on her chest had prevented the collision. “Calm down,” Leah advised and guided the Fed gently back into the alcove by the dumpsters. “Coming down off adrenaline can be bitch, so just keep breathing…nice and easy.””Okay,” Jules said shakily. She could hear the wail of sirens off in the distance but they were getting louder.Leah turned her head so she could continue to watch the street, but paused to check on the Fed for a moment and seemed almost embarrassed as she quickly took her hand off of the redhead’s upper chest. Jules hadn’t noticed where Leah’s hand was either, but the tall blonde’s obvious embarrassment actually made her smile a little despite their circumstances. Jules smile quickly faded and she looked nervously up at the taller woman. “I thought you left me.””I know,” Leah nodded once as she continued to watch the traffic on the street warily. She turned to look at Jules in all seriousness, those blue eyes seemingly even brighter. “But just so you know – I would never do that.””I…” Jules started to say automatically but as she looked deeper into the woman’s eyes, she completely believed her. “Thank you.” Leah continued to stare at the Fed for another couple of seconds and then gave her that little half-smile before turning back around to watch the street. They needed to get out of this part of town so Leah could think and come up with a plan. Jules just stood there, her mind blank. She knew she should be doing something, but couldn’t seem to think clearly as she kept glancing over in the direction of the police station. That part of the skyline above the little stand of trees was dark with smoke.”Come on,” Leah reached her hand out behind her and held it open for the Fed to take. “We need to keep moving.”Jules hesitated as she stared at the open hand. This was a mistake…possibly the worst mistake of her life. She was in enough trouble as it was and she knew that by taking this woman’s hand it would be going against every rule and protocol she was supposed to follow. Jules should have been the one taking charge, leading the way and giving directions. This was supposed to be her job, but she could honestly say that she was scared to death right now…and for some odd reason that she really couldn’t explain, she trusted this woman. She put her hand in Leah’s and they started walking. ****It seemed to Jules like Leah dragged her all over the Queen City as they walked down backstreets, cut through the lobbies of various buildings and parking decks, backtracked, zig-zagged and moved in a random pattern for what felt like hours. The only time they stopped was when Jules suggested she should probably call into her office back escort kıbrıs in DC. That was when Leah had demanded her cell phone. After she took the battery out of it and the sim card, she handed it back to Jules and they started walking again. After another few blocks, Jules finally spoke up that her feet were out and out killing her and she had to rest. Without a word, Leah guided her for another half a block to some kind of retro diner that looked like it was straight out of the 1950’s. Leah got them situated in a booth and then starting asking questions. At first Jules was reluctant to be honest, but thinking about the way her car had burned made her finally just start from the beginning and tell this abnormally calm woman with short blonde hair everything. Jules even included a few details about the bride-to-be and the bartender even though they weren’t really relevant to their current situation. She wasn’t sure why she felt she needed to share that part of the story. It wasn’t appropriate, but maybe she did it to gauge the reaction of the woman sitting across from her. Leah didn’t seem phased by it. She sat and listened with the same neutral expression. She asked a few questions every so often so she could clarify some detail or another, but for the most part she just listened intently. When Jules’s story finally ended at the police station, Leah was having a hard time suppressing a grin.”What?” Jules demanded. “What’s so funny?””Nothing,” Leah held her hands up in mock surrender but couldn’t help the girlish giggle that escaped. “Okay, I’m sorry. It’s not funny.” “Then why are you laughing at me?””I’m not laughing at you,” Leah corrected and giggled again. “I just got tickled is all.””And what exactly tickled you?” Jules asked and made exaggerated air quotes with her fingers when she said the word tickled.”It’s nothing,” Leah insisted and then rolled her eyes. “I just had this thought that struck me as funny.””Oh, for Heaven’s sake,” an exasperated Jules threw her hands up. “Forget it, I don’t want to know.””Good idea,” Leah mumbled and slid out of the booth. She announced that she was going to see about another vehicle and told Jules she’d be back as soon as she could. Before Jules could protest or insist on coming with her, Leah was gone. Jules sighed and ordered a cup of coffee. Sheesh…she wondered just how much more this assignment could not go the way she had thought it would. She sighed. She didn’t think she was saving her career by any stretch of the imagination.Two hours later, Jules was coming out of the ladies room after her fourth cup of coffee and looked up to find Leah sitting in the booth. Jules slid into the booth and looked at the blonde woman she was supposed to be escorting back to DC. Jules held her hand over her coffee cup as the waitress carrying the pot slowed down near their table. She looked at Leah steadily. “That took long enough.””Oh…sorry about that,” Leah replied as a shadow of irritation flashed across her face. “I don’t know why I tend to dawdle whenever I’m out finding another vehicle for a federal agent who had her car blown up. My bad.””I just…,” Jules stopped and took a deep breath. She paused to rub her fingers into her temples. “You’re right, I’m sorry. I have a headache and I think I drank too much coffee.””Next time you should try decaf or maybe tea,” Leah suggested. She turned her head and got the attention of the waitress and proceeded to order a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, grits and orange juice. She looked over at Jules who just shook her head. “You should eat. We won’t be stopping for a while once we get on the road.””Fine,” Jules sighed. “A bagel, please, toasted and lightly buttered.”They sat quietly until the waitress reappeared with their food and then the silence continued as they ate. Jules picked at her bagel, but Leah neatly and efficiently consumed everything on her plate until she was sopping up the last little bit of egg yolk, grits and bacon grease with her last piece of toast. After swallowing the last bite with a satisfied sigh, she drained the remains of her orange juice and then sat back with a hand on her stomach.”Not hungry?””Not really,” Jules shrugged. She picked up her coffee cup but set it back down without taking a drink.”It would probably help your hangover if you ate the bagel,” Leah quietly commented. “Look,” Jules leaned over the table, changing the subject. “What exactly are we supposed to be doing right now? Other than not calling my boss and not reporting what happened?””Shouldn’t you be the one telling me what we’re doing?” Leah asked. Before Jules could answer Leah continued. “I get it – you don’t have a lot of experience in the field, so you really aren’t sure what we should do.”Jules frowned and started to say something, but Leah held her hand up. “Its fine, I won’t hold it against you. Basically, you have two options. One, you can call your office, announce your location and wait for whoever it is you work for to send the cavalry.””Which is what I’m supposed to do,” Jules nodded and then added. “But I can tell you don’t like that option.””No,” Leah sat up straighter. “I don’t.””Why?””Well, from what you’ve told me,” Leah explained, “you pissed off someone with some juice. Just my opinion, but I wouldn’t feel real comfortable if I were you.” “I don’t now…but let’s say you’re right,” Jules replied slowly. “What’s the second option?””Stay under the radar,” Leah said simply. “Keep a very low profile and head back to DC. You said you trusted this Atwood guy, right?””One hundred percent,” Jules confirmed. “He’ll know what to do. I should call him.””Bad idea,” Leah shook her head. “You have no idea what resources some people have access to. It would scare the shit out of you if you knew what the NSA was capable of.””You’re serious?””Look, Agent Bradford,” Leah leaned forward and put her forearms on the table. “I’m not going to tell you what to do, but I’m sure you’ve read my file…you know I’ve had a lot of experience with work like this. Once upon a time I used to do stuff like this for people in Washington. My personal opinion is you should get off the grid and stay off the grid until you can walk into Atwood’s office in person and tell him your story.””Wow,” Jules slumped back in her seat. “You honestly think this is that serious?””Whoever’s out there tried to burn you alive in your car in the parking lot of a police station,” Leah shrugged. “What do you think?””Okay,” Jules nodded almost to herself. “Okay…I guess you’re right. I mean, you are right. So…what do we do?””We start driving,” Leah replied. “Take the long way back to DC and I mean the long way. No phones, no computers, no credit cards. We pay cash for everything and use fake names when necessary.””Wow,” was all Jules could manage.”Like I said – off the grid.””Can I ask you a question?””Sure.””Why are you so willing to help me?” Jules asked quietly. “I mean, you could have just taken off. Why did you stay?””I guess,” Leah took a deep breath and let it out slowly, “because you need my help.””That’s…” Jules hesitated and looked puzzled before finishing, “very kind of you.””Well, don’t forget I was going to be in that car too,” Leah added and looked around the restaurant. “I really don’t appreciate being collateral damage.””Oh,” Jules replied with just the slightest trace of disappointment in her voice. “Yeah, I can see that.””I also really, really don’t like it when someone tries to victimize a woman,” Leah added as she looked around the restaurant again and then almost mumbled, “I detest bullies.””So what, are you like some kind of knight in shining armor or something?” Jules tried to joke. “Going around and rescuing damsels and all that.””No,” Leah said flatly and looked back at Jules with those almost disturbingly bright blue eyes. “I’m definitely not the good guy…not by a long shot.”For some reason, Jules shivered.****After paying their tab, the two women loaded up into the used Jeep Grand Cherokee that Leah had procured. Jules didn’t bother asking where or how she got it. Jules got behind the wheel, but didn’t have a clue as to Leah’s strategy other than her original comment that they would be taking the “long way back to DC.” Leah gave her directions to the interstate and they headed south. Again, Jules didn’t say anything about the fact they were headed in the opposite direction of DC. She trusted that the tall blonde knew what she was doing as they kept driving until they were a good thirty minutes into South Carolina.She soon found out that the long way meant going south to Columbia, South Carolina and then over to Florence before heading back up into North Carolina via Rockingham. At that point they stopped for gas and Leah took over the driving duties while Jules tried to nap. She managed to doze for a little while, but the smell of the ocean soon woke her and she realized they were almost to the coast. Shortly after waking up they stopped for gas, a restroom and a burger in Wilmington. Jules thought it would be nice to actually go down to the beach, but knew it was a silly urge and didn’t have the nerve to say it out loud.Back on the road, the day seemed to just drag on endlessly as they drove through the unbearable heat and humidity of the Carolinas. Jules was feeling marginally better from her hangover, but was bored out of her mind as her traveling companion wasn’t all that talkative. It also wasn’t like they were heading towards a specific destination in a straight shot. Every now and then Leah would decide they needed to detour off onto back roads just to be on the safe side. Finally, hours later, Leah pulled the Jeep into a town called Goldsboro, NC. Jules shook her head. What should have been somewhere around an eight hour trip with the normal stops for gas and restroom breaks had actually taken them eleven hours. Both women were utterly exhausted as Leah drove around the city of Goldsboro looking for just the right place to stop for the night. Jules was a little disappointed when they passed several nice looking chain hotels and Leah finally pulled into the parking lot of a rundown looking place that proclaimed itself to be a “motor lodge” by the sign out front. When Leah put the Jeep in park and shut off the engine, Jules just sat there looking at her. “What?” Leah finally asked.”What – what?””I don’t know,” Leah shrugged as she opened her door and got out to stretch. “What are we waiting for?””Really?” Jules sighed heavily as she leaned over into the driver’s seat a little so she could scowl up at Leah through the open driver’s side door. “You had to pick the creepiest motel you could find?””Well,” Leah started to explain as she leaned on top of the car door, but paused and arched an eyebrow at the Fed. It was pretty hard not to notice the lightly freckled cleavage that was practically spilling out of the redhead’s blouse as she leaned over. Leah cleared her throat and looked away as she continued. “I picked a place that will probably let us pay cash with no questions asked. Not many hotels will let you book a room without a credit card.””Oh…right,” Jules finally nodded when she realized that Leah was correct. She sat up and with a sigh got out of the Jeep and followed Leah to the front office. She decided to wait outside of the cramped little front office and let Leah handle the check-in process. Jules watched through the big plate glass front window as the desk clerk handed Leah a room key and then looked up at the darkened sky as the first few raindrops were beginning to fall. It seemed that as soon as Leah let the door to the front office close behind her the clouds just opened up as the sprinkle of raindrops quickly turned into a downpour. Leah didn’t bother saying anything as she grabbed Jules’s arm and they practically ran down the walkway to the first grouping of rooms. Leah unlocked the door to the room on the end that was close to the Jeep and pushed it open for Jules. The two women got themselves out of the rain and into the room as quickly as they could, but unfortunately couldn’t avoid getting soaked in the process. “I hope you don’t mind sharing a room,” Leah announced as she tossed the room key on the cheap little table that was by the window. “I guess I should have asked first, but we really need to conserve our cash.””No, it’s fine,” Jules smiled as she looked around the dingy room, but her eyes kept returning to the bed. The one queen sized bed. Sharing a room meant sharing a bed too. “I don’t have a problem with it if you don’t.””Okay, good,” Leah nodded. “Do you want to take a shower first and get cleaned up?””No, you go ahead,” Jules insisted with a smile. “I just want to sit down for a minute.””Works for me,” Leah nodded and put her backpack on the bed. She proceeded to pull both her soaking wet long sleeved t-shirt and her undershirt off at the same time over her head. Leah kept her head down as she unbuckled her belt while she kicked off her work boots. She then quickly slid her equally wet workpants off so that she was standing there in her sports bra and boy short panties. Jules realized she had just been standing by the door watching Leah take her clothes off, so she quickly walked around to the other side of the bed and sat down as the blonde placed her wet clothes in a neat little pile on the floor. Jules continued to watch from the corner of her eye as Leah bent over and started digging around in her backpack. Jules mentally shrugged – how in the world could anyone expect her not to look at that spectacular of a physique? Jules didn’t want to get caught staring at the woman’s firm butt or her long, lean legs or those amazing six pack abs so she busied herself with rummaging around in her purse until Leah disappeared into the bathroom. The tall blonde spent all of 15 minutes in there before emerging in a fresh, dry t-shirt and a loose pair of men’s boxers with her short, damp hair slicked back. Jules quickly smiled and kept her eyes averted as they traded places and Jules closed the bathroom door. Leah’s body seemed such a stark contrast to her own which was definitely softer and much curvier. Jules shook her head. She needed to get her mind off of anything remotely like that so she concentrated on her present physical state which for her was a complete mess. She stripped off her navy blue Ann Taylor suit jacket and pants which were dirty and wrinkled and set them on the lid of the commode. The white button down blouse followed which was just as dirty and wrinkled. She turned on the shower and her Victoria’s Secret matching bra and panty set went on top of the pile and she stepped under the warm spray of water. The cheap shower head and mediocre water pressure felt like a five star spa as she let the water run over her head and body. Jules was so grateful to get out of those clothes and get clean that only now did it register in her brain that she didn’t have a change of clothes. She didn’t have anything. Her bag had gone up with the Crown Vic…she closed her eyes and took a deep breath so she wouldn’t scream out of sheer exasperation. This was just great…no deodorant, no toothbrush, and ugh, she didn’t even have clean panties to change into. She took out some of her frustration by vigorously scrubbing her body with the miniature bar of soap and by the time she was rinsing the last of the soap suds off she felt a little better. She used the entire little bottle of complimentary shampoo to wash her hair and then did the same thing with the little bottle of conditioner. While she let it soak into her auburn locks, she actually scrubbed her body again to try and get some of the imaginary travel grime off of her. Finally feeling marginally better and after using all of the hot water, Jules climbed out and dried off with the coarse hotel towel. She wrapped it around her, tucking it in at the top and then took the time to hand wash her bra and panties in the sink before putting them over the shower rod to dry. Jules stepped out of the bathroom in just her towel and just stood there looking sheepishly at Leah. The tall blonde was reclining back on the queen sized bed flipping through channels on the TV with the remote. Leah moved her eyes to Jules for a moment and went right back to looking at the television. In that glance Leah had taken in the fact that the motel towel wasn’t doing a whole lot to contain the redheaded Fed’s large breasts and the bottom edge ended high up on her thighs. As much as Leah had been mentally avoiding it, she had to admit to herself that her traveling companion was very attractive.”Hey,” Jules smiled awkwardly. “Do you have like an extra shirt or something I could borrow?”Leah turned her head and looked at Jules again, longer this time.”I, uh, don’t have anything,” Jules shrugged. “I mean my bag with all my clothes and everything was in my car…so, I don’t have anything to sleep in.””No problem,” Leah nodded once. She swung her legs smoothly off the bed and stood up in one fluid motion. She took a step over to the little table and reached into her backpack and pulled out a t-shirt that was folded and rolled into a compact little tube. She also grabbed a small case that was zipped closed. She tossed them one at a time to Jules and resumed her position on the bed. “There’s deodorant, cleanser and an extra toothbrush in the case. The shirt might be a little snug.””Thanks,” Jules replied as she held the items to her chest and went back into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She came back out a few minutes later feeling almost human again and very grateful after being able to apply deodorant, clean her face properly and brush her teeth. The borrowed t-shirt ended up being a good length to sleep in as it came down to mid-thigh, but Leah had been on the money in her assessment about the fit. The lightweight khaki colored shirt hugged her large breasts like a second skin. Jules walked over to the table by the door that seemed to be serving as their make shift dresser. She didn’t really know what to do with her things so she started to fold her dirty, wrinkled clothes. Jules turned her head and Leah was suddenly standing beside her. Jules looked up into Leah’s bright blues eyes with a questioning expression. “Let me show you a little trick,” Leah actually smiled a little as she took the jacket and pants from Jules. Leah set them down on top of her bag and then quickly removed all of the pillows, blankets and the top sheet from the bed. Without much effort she flipped the mattress up and off of the box spring to lean against the far wall. She then laid Jules’s jacket and pants out flat on the box spring and then carefully smoothed all of the folds out of each one before putting the mattress back up on one edge of the box spring. The muscles in Leah’s arms and shoulders bunched and rippled as she carefully set the mattress back down. Jules’s clothes were now pressed flat between the mattress and the box spring. “This won’t get them any cleaner,” Leah explained as she started to put the blanket and comforter back on the bed. Jules immediately went to the other side of the bed to help her. “But it’s the next best thing to an iron.” Jules smiled gratefully at the blonde as they finished putting the last of the pillows back on the bed. “Thank you.””No problem,” Leah nodded and climbed back on the bed. “If you hang your shirt up in the bathroom, the steam from the shower will help it some.” “Oh, okay…thanks,” Jules did as Leah suggested and hung her blouse up on the curtain rod next to her underwear and then shut the bathroom door. She hesitated for a moment before walking around to the empty side of the bed. Jules kept pulling the hem of the t-shirt down self-consciously as she carefully climbed up on the bed next to Leah. Jules was unaware that by pulling on the edge of the borrowed shirt in an effort to keep her lower half covered since she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it caused the thin cotton material to pull that much tighter across her large chest. Leah didn’t move as she continued to watch the TV, but it was hard not to notice the vague outline of Jules’s nipples and areolas through the thin shirt as the redhead wiggled around a bit to get comfortable. The two women continued to watch some mindless sitcom for a few more minutes and then Leah announced that they had quite a bit of driving ahead of them tomorrow so it would be best if they tried to get some sleep. She clicked the remote to shut the television off and then leaned over to kill the switch on the bedside lamp. Leah simply resumed her position of lying flat on her back above the bedspread with her hands folded on her stomach as Jules curled up on her side facing her. The rain wasn’t letting up and provided a constant backdrop of subtle white noise that added to the hum of the air conditioner unit below the big picture window that struggled to keep the room cool. Leah lay perfectly still in the same prone position, breathing easily with her eyes closed while Jules fidgeted around for a while. The last thing Jules remembered was looking at the profile of Leah’s sleeping face in the dark. ****Before Jules knew it she was scrunching her eyes tightly shut at the sunlight that was streaming in from the open motel room door. She managed to crack one of her eyes open and immediately held her hand up to try and block out the dazzling brightness. She mentally took in her surroundings as the last remnants of sleepy confusion slipped away. Jules realized she must have been warm last night and kicked the covers off in her sleep. Leah shut the door and set down a couple of paper bags and a pair of to go cups as Jules yawned. She straightened her legs out and put her arms out to the side in a big stretch that felt so good it actually elicited a groan.”Morning,” Leah said quietly and then quickly turned around to start concentrating on the contents of one of the bags.”Good morning,” Jules yawned and stretched again. She hadn’t slept that well in a long time. So would this show be considered the matinee or what? the little voice in her head asked. Jules craned her neck up and to the side so she could see over the rise and swell of her boobs. Her t-shirt had ridden up from all of the stretching and her naked pussy was on full display. Jules could feel her face blush as she sat up and pulled the shirt back down so she was covered. “Yikes,” Jules mumbled with a slightly embarrassed smile as she got out of bed and padded across the room to the bathroom. “Sorry about that.””No worries,” Leah shrugged as she unwrapped her breakfast. “It’s not like I’ve never seen one before.””Right,” Jules laughed through the partially open bathroom door as she stepped into her panties and pulled them on. She came back out and sat down in the empty chair next to Leah at the rickety table. Her stomach audibly growled.”Eat up,” Leah instructed and slid the unopened paper bag in front of Jules. She put her elbows on the table as she took another bite of the monstrosity of a breakfast sandwich she was holding. It looked like whoever made it had tried to put as much breakfast food between two slices of toast that they possibly could as egg yolk began running over Leah’s fingers.”Thanks for getting breakfast,” Jules smiled and took the lid off of her cup of coffee and hazarded a sip. She sighed. Caffeine, exactly what she needed. Jules took another sip and set the cup down and opened up her bag and found one of the monster sandwiches inside. She unwrapped it and picked a piece of bacon off of it to nibble on. “And thanks for loaning me the shirt last night.”Leah nodded in acknowledgement as she chewed and washed the bite of sandwich down with a gulp of coffee. “You’re welcome.”Jules ate a bite of hash-brown that had fallen out of her sandwich. “Are you going to take another shower?””Already had one,” Leah replied simply and polished off the last of her sandwich with a final bite. She chewed and drank some more of her coffee before saying, “You go ahead, but let’s hustle up, okay? I want to be on the road as soon as we can.””Oh, okay,” Jules replied and started to stand. Leah’s arm shot out and her hand was on Jules’s hip right above her ass cheek before Jules had even straightened her legs out. Without hurting her in any way, Leah gently pressed down until Jules couldn’t do anything but sit back down. There wasn’t anything really out of the ordinary in the gesture other than it was something a very close friend or maybe even a lover would have done. It sent shivers up and down Jules’s spine. “After you finish breakfast,” Leah insisted. “Right,” Jules smiled and gave Leah a strange look before picking up another piece of bacon off of her sandwich and taking a bite of it. Jules wasn’t exactly sure why, but Leah insisting she eat before getting ready struck her as very endearing. It made her feel good in a way that she hadn’t felt in a long time. ****The second day of travel went much like the first, but the mood between the two women had taken on a more comfortable feel. The seemingly endless hours spent in the SUV felt easier than the day before. For Jules there were times when it started to feel more like a college road trip adventure (minus the alcohol) rather than a clandestine route back to DC. The sobering reminders came when Leah would suddenly divert them off onto backroads and roundabout patterns of travel including backtracking as she studied the traffic behind them in the mirrors. When that happened Jules would grow quiet and start thinking about the reality of their predicament. Leah would sense Jules’s discomfort and did a good job of getting the auburn haired Fed to talk about other things by asking her questions. Leah was a very good listener. The miles and hours flew by as they drove up to Raleigh, NC and then on into Virginia by way of Richmond and then Staunton before detouring over into West Virginia and finally stopping for the night in Morgantown, WV. Just like yesterday, the trip which should have been 10 hours with stops ended up taking over 13 hours and they were still at least another three and a half hours from DC. The one major difference was Leah had stopped at two different Good Will stores along the way to buy Jules some additional clothes. Not that Jules had been thrilled with the selection, but she was grateful to Leah for even thinking about it.Leah found another motel of the type that would more than likely take cash with no questions asked and the two women went through the process of checking in. Without discussing it, they again went with one room only this time there was a king sized bed to share rather than a queen. After settling into the room, Jules went first in the shower this time while Leah helped herself to a slice of the pizza they had picked up on their way into town. Leah was finishing her second slice when she looked up as Jules came out of the bathroom.”I may have to burn these,” Jules announced as she set her old clothes down in a pile on the floor.”Or you could just take them to the dry cleaners,” Leah suggested and arched an eyebrow at the redhead.”True,” Jules agreed and then stopped and smiled at Leah when she noticed the look on the blonde’s face. She already knew what that look was about. “What?””Um,” Leah cleared her throat as she stood up and grabbed her things for the shower. “My shirt?””Sorry,” Jules looked down at Leah’s slightly too small t-shirt and then back up and gave her an exaggerated shrug which caused her large breasts to jiggle a little. “But it’s really comfy.” “Its fine,” Leah shook her head, but Jules thought she saw that familiar little half-smile on the woman’s face as she shut the bathroom door. Jules crawled up onto the bed with the remote and the pizza box and wiggled around to get comfortable before helping herself to a slice of pizza and opening a diet coke. She giggled a little to herself as she toasted the air. Being on the run was definitely one way to take a break from drinking. She was just starting to munch on her second piece of pizza when Leah came out of the bathroom awkwardly holding a towel in front of her. She was wearing the same loose boxer shorts from the night before. She walked across the room to her backpack and when she turned to open it, Jules saw that her roomie was topless. Leah didn’t say anything as she moved the towel away from her body and laid it across the back of the motel chair. Jules tried not to stare but realized she was holding her breath as she watched the well-defined muscles of Leah’s back move. Jules’s hand floated self-consciously to her own soft, ever-so-slightly rounded tummy as she continued to watch Leah. The woman practically oozed strength from almost every pour. Her toned body was sleek and feminine. As Leah turned to the side, Jules saw that the woman’s small but perky breasts were perfectly shaped just like every other one of her body parts. Jules thought they looked amazing on her tall, muscular frame. With her back to Jules, Leah finally slipped a t-shirt over her head and pulled it down. Jules quickly moved her eyes back to the television screen as Leah turned around and gracefully climbed onto the bed next to her.”What are we watching?” Leah asked and helped herself to another slice of pizza.”Huh?” Jules replied as she tried to process the question and ignore the start of that tingling feeling in her panties. “Oh, uh, nothing, I was just flipping.””We have some time if you want to watch a movie or something,” Leah replied between bites. “We do?””Yeah,” Leah nodded. “We’re only a few hours from DC. Since we want to make sure we hit Atwood’s office when you know he’ll be there, we don’t need to leave as early.””Okay,” Jules nodded. She didn’t want to think about tomorrow right now. Whenever she did it made her stomach flip-flop. Tomorrow and everything that came with it would be here soon enough, so she just wanted to be here in this motel eating pizza with Leah right now. “What do you want to watch?””Whatever you do,” Leah shrugged one shoulder as Jules began flipping through the channels. “I really don’t watch much TV, so whatever you decide is fine.”They ended up watching an episode from some series on one of the cable channels that of course just had to include a pretty graphic – but Jules thought really hot – sex scene between two of the female characters. Neither woman dared look at each other during or immediately after the scene played out on the screen. It was pretty obvious to the ultra-perceptive Leah that the way Jules’s large chest heaved up and down as her breathing grew both shallower and quicker indicated that the redhead next to her was aroused. It wasn’t hard to see why since kıbrıs escort bayan Leah was just as guilty as evidenced by the wet spot she could feel in the crotch of her boxers.What Leah couldn’t have known was that it wasn’t the sex scene that had made Jules wet or caused her nipples to harden – it was watching those images while being in such close proximity to the tall blonde lying next to her. As the episode ended, Jules handed the remote to Leah and excused herself to the bathroom. Jules brushed her teeth and relieved her bladder and then after washing her hands came back to find Leah had cleaned up the remains of the pizza and soda cans and turned the TV off. They went through the process of trading places so Leah could take her turn in the bathroom to get ready for bed. Jules walked over and checked to make sure the A/C was on high before climbing under the covers and getting comfortable. She took a breath and let it out slowly as she lay there, vividly remembering the image of the tall blonde woman dropping that towel and rummaging for a shirt. Jules had been trying to keep her mind off of the obvious signs that she was really horny all day, but the way Leah’s body had looked when the woman moved had tapped deep into her libido. Not only did she think Leah was fucking hot, but Jules also wasn’t used to going this long without at least giving herself an orgasm. In fact it was usually part of her nightly routine to masturbate if she wasn’t otherwise engaged with a partner. Jules sighed again and just as she let her right hand idly wander down to run a fingertip along the waistband of her panties, the bathroom door opened. She willed herself not to jump and act guilty as Leah walked out. Instead, Jules just laid her hand flat on her lower stomach so that the very tips of her fingers were resting on the top part of her mons as Leah puttered about the room. Jules watched the blonde woman’s long legs as Leah moved around putting her little travel case back in her backpack, checking the lock on the door and taking one last drink of water. She gave Jules that little half-smile smirk before turning out the bedside lamp and climbing into the bed next to the redhead. Leah actually got under the covers tonight as the air conditioner of this motel was working just fine and the room was nice and chilly. She laid down flat on her back and took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she relaxed and as Jules expected, simply folded her hands on her stomach and closed her eyes. Jules had never been in bed with another woman – and she thought to herself with the slightest of grins that she’d had more than her share of “sleepovers” – who slept without moving or changing positions all night. After Leah had settled in, Jules lay quietly next to her and closed her eyes as she waited. Jules didn’t want to think about what tomorrow was going to be like or how it would play out, so she mentally began making a playlist of her all-time favorite classic rock songs. She figured if she went all the way to fifty songs then that should be long enough. So she went through the list in her head until she came to the end. Let’s see… at 48 I think I’ll put Foreigner’s Long, Long Way from Home. I’ve always liked that song. 49 is going to be…hmmm… yep, The Boys are Back in Town by Thin Lizzy…and bringing up the rear at number 50…oh yeah, I got have some Tom Petty in there – American Girl. Such a classic. Jules actually smiled a little in her faux sleep at what she thought was one kick-ass mental mix tape. Jules partially opened one eye and let it adjust to the dark as she studied Leah’s face. The longer she looked at the tall blonde’s refined nose, sculpted cheekbones and rather delicate mouth the more Jules had to admit that she wasn’t just horny for the sake of being horny…the real cause of her internal fire was the fact that she was more than just a little attracted to Leah. She continued to wait. Her traveling companion looked quite relaxed and peaceful as her breathing continued slow and steady. Jules waited for another couple of very long minutes of being still and just watching Leah in the dark to make sure her bedmate was asleep before she ever so slowly and quietly rolled over onto her back. She forced herself to lie still and hold her breath while she strained her ears, waiting to see if Leah would stir. When she judged enough time had gone by and Leah hadn’t moved Jules very slowly brought her hands up to rest on her chest. She again waited a few moments, listening for any indication that her movements had disturbed Leah’s slumber before finally rubbing her palms slowly along the outsides of her breasts. She did this a few times and then brought her hands down and under her breasts to try and cup them. She gave each of her large boobs a gentle squeeze even though they were much too large to fit into her hands. Jules felt her nipples grow even harder against her palms and then froze as she thought she detected just the slightest movement of Leah’s arm. She tried not to move at all as she lay still with her hands full of tit and waited. Leah remained as she had been, eyes closed and breathing easily. Jules knew that what she was doing was really immature and could easily put her in a very awkward and embarrassing situation if Leah were to wake up unexpectedly…but she was so incredibly horny right now that she honestly didn’t think she could stop herself even if she really wanted to. Besides, right now in this cheap motel room, lying in the dark next to this exceptionally alluring woman who had constantly been in her thoughts for the last twenty four hours…well, Jules decided that she had no intention of trying to stop herself from getting off. Inwardly, she knew it was that very risk and the thrill of possibly getting caught that was driving her to go ahead and indulge her desires.Tapping into a reserve of patience that she never even knew she had, Jules inched her borrowed t-shirt up at a painstakingly slow pace so that her movements were minimal. She’d stop every few moments to be still and check on her bedmate, but soon enough she finally had the t-shirt pulled up high enough to expose her breasts. The shock of the cool air from the air conditioner made her gasp and she had to bite her lip from letting out a little moan. The flesh of Jules’s rather small areolas immediately puckered and swelled and her nipples stiffened even further from both the sudden chill and her excitement. She gently squeezed the heavy globes and then took her pencil-eraser-sized nipples between her thumbs and fingers and gave them a light pinch. Again, Jules had to restrain herself from making any sounds. Jules’s breasts were ultra-sensitive and she had experienced orgasms on several occasions from just having them sucked and played with. When she masturbated she always started by giving them lots of attention and could easily spend thirty minutes or more just caressing and massaging them until she was good and wet. Even when she was done teasing her boobs and was ready to take herself over the edge, her preference was to keep playing with her breasts with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. She was pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to do that tonight considering the need for discretion. That was okay because she knew it wouldn’t take much with the way her pussy was literally throbbing with a delicious ache right now.With her left hand pulling and lightly pinching her nipples, first one and then the other, she let her right hand slide down her belly. Her skin was soft, but pebbled with goosebumps as she moved lower to finally cup her mound. She gasped quietly at just how wet her panties were and closed her eyes at how good it felt to do nothing more than apply a little pressure and gently squeeze her sex. She gently pushed her thighs together and then let them slowly fall apart as she pushed down with her palm to put some pressure on her clit and then squeezed her hand again. Damn, that felt good. Jules was just about to repeat that same motion as she brought her thighs together and then froze as her senses sounded the alarm and her eyes popped open. Leah was right there beside her. The blonde was on her side facing towards Jules with her head propped up on one of her arms, watching the redhead intently. Jules didn’t even turn her head as her eyes looked to the side at the gorgeous woman staring at her. Her brain was cringing as she desperately tried to think of what to say.Leah reached out her hand and gently laid it on Jules’s forearm, the same arm that she currently had between her legs. That cute little half-smile played across Leah’s mouth before she whispered, “Don’t stop.””I…um…I just–” Jules started to whisper back, but was cut off when Leah softly ran her hand down from Jules’s forearm to rest on top of the hand that Jules was cupping her pussy with. “It’s okay,” Leah whispered again and then blessed Jules with a full blown smile. “Don’t stop.”Jules swallowed hard and finally turned her head to look at Leah’s face. She was a little surprised as she stared into those amazing blue eyes that looked almost grey in the darkness of the room. She didn’t see any judgement or condemnation. All Jules saw was the same thing she was feeling right now – full-blown lust. Jules smiled back at her, but then hesitated again as confusion clouded over her face when Leah withdrew her hand.”Please,” Leah encouraged in a quiet voice as she rested her hand on top of her own hip. “I want to watch you.””Okay,” Jules’s smile returned and then she bit her lip as she became just a little self-conscious. She could feel her cheeks growing hot with a blush as she took her hand away from her pussy. She decided that she would just kind of start over since she now had an audience. Jules pulled her t-shirt off completely before starting to slowly rub and massage her breasts. She shivered as with each tickle and quiver of pleasant sensation, she became less and less inhibited. She moaned softly as she pinched her nipples. If Leah wanted to watch to her then Jules was determined to give the tall blonde a show.”Wow,” Leah breathed as she watched Jules pull on her nipples and moan again. To see the redheaded Fed’s chest in a button down blouse or encased in a tight t-shirt was impressive, but to be able to watch Jules touch and play with those magnificent porcelain globes without being encumbered in a bra or clothing was like looking at a piece of artwork.”Do you like them, Leah?” Jules asked her in a seductive whisper as she pushed her boobs together. Leah nodded her head as she continued to stare.”Do you like it when I play with them for you?””Yes,” Leah whispered and couldn’t help but bring her hand up to her own breast. “It’s really fucking hot.””Mmmmm,” Jules purred. “I like you watching me.”Leah didn’t respond and couldn’t take her eyes off of Jules’s hands that were rubbing and squeezing those amazing tits. Jules gave Leah a wicked little grin as she pushed one of her breasts up towards her face. Leah’s breath caught and she grabbed her own breast and gave it a hard squeeze as she watched Jules stick her tongue out and flick it across her own nipple. She looked at Leah and whispered, “Do you like that?””Yes,” Leah whispered as if she was hypnotized by the redhead’s breasts. Now it was Leah’s turn to moan as she watched Jules’s pull her head up a little and take the nipple she had been licking between her lips and begin sucking on it. Leah was actively pinching her own nipple through her shirt as she watched in amazement as Jules suckled her own breast. She began to pant when Jules opened her mouth so Leah could watch her tongue swirl over the swollen nub. Jules stopped and rolled onto her side so that she was facing the blonde. Jules matched Leah’s position by propping herself up on her arm. She looked at Leah and pouted out her bottom lip and then looked back down at her chest and used a finger to poke herself in the nipple. She left her finger in place and looked up at Leah again. “I think this one is getting jealous.””It is?” Leah asked hoarsely.”Uh-huh,” Jules smiled playfully and then took the nipple in question between her finger and thumb and gave it a little pinch. “I think it needs some attention too.”Leah still had her hand on her own breast and grew very still as she stared at the hard nipple that capped the tip of Jules’s amazing breast. Her eyes went to Jules’s face and then back down to the nipple the redhead was still lightly pinching and pulling on. Inwardly Leah wasn’t too sure this was the best idea. A little playfulness was one thing, but taking things a step further could be complicated. She stared at the swollen bud that was being manipulated. Leah slowly leaned forward and Jules moved her hand. Leah stopped with her mouth inches away from Jules’s nipple and looked up through her eyebrows at the sexy scowl that was on the redhead’s face. Any further indecision or hesitation was lost when Jules reached up and grabbed Leah by the back of her head and pushed the blonde’s face into her boob.Leah allowed Jules to pull her head closer. The moment she felt Jules’s hardened nipple press against her lips was when she knew that right or wrong, this was going to happen. Leah pushed the redhead onto her back and rolled with her so that she was now lying on top of her. Leah brought both of her hands up to firmly grasp as much of those heavy orbs of perfect flesh as she could. She began running her palms along their firm, rounded smoothness as her mouth opened and she stuck out her tongue to make a lazy circle around Jules’s areola. Very slowly Leah trailed her tongue down into the deep valley of cleavage and then over to Jules’s other breast to make the same circle around the other areola.Jules began to gasp and squirm as Leah kissed and licked every inch and curve of her breasts except her nipples. The blonde seemed very content to tease Jules with her explorations by coming tantalizing close to the redhead’s stiff little summits without touching them. Jules was starting to move her hips in anticipation of Leah’s mouth eventually suckling her and the added stimulation of grinding herself against Leah’s pelvic bone did nothing but turn up her internal heat. Jules felt like it wouldn’t take much to take her over the edge of her pent up orgasm. It was definitely going to be a big one.Jules wasn’t the only one feeling it as Leah’s arousal level was climbing by the second as well. She was thoroughly enjoying herself as she continued to kiss and lick as much of the flesh of Jules’s breasts as she possibly could. Jules suddenly stopped her by pushing on her shoulders. She looked into Leah’s eyes again. Confused, Leah thought maybe the redhead was having second thoughts, but then Jules began pulling and tugging at Leah’s t-shirt until Leah sat up and helped her take it all the way off. Jules smiled as Leah eased back down on top of her and went right back to teasing and licking her tits. Jules closed her eyes. The feel of Leah’s muscular body against hers was incredible. Jules began to wiggle around so that she could rub as much of her skin against Leah’s as she could. Leah was busy thoroughly enjoying the exploration of Jules’s amazing breasts, but as the redhead squirmed around, it just seemed natural to flow with her movements. Before long Leah was nuzzling and kissing her way up towards Jules’s throat. Leah became lost in the moment as her trail of kisses continued upward to Jules’s neck. With her eyes closed and her mind shut down to everything but the pleasure she was feeling, Leah found herself rising up and moving forward until she was lying directly in between Jules’s legs and her face was hovering right above the redhead’s. She opened her eyes and found Jules directly meeting her gaze. Without a word they began to slowly move in sync and grind themselves against each other. They were both breathing heavily and even propped up on her arms, Leah’s breasts would come into contact with the redhead’s generous boobs with every inhalation. After another moment of staring into each other’s eyes, Leah slowly lowered her head and pressed her mouth against Jules’s. At first the kiss was tentative as they softly pressed their lips together. Jules wasn’t sure who moved first, but they each cocked their heads a little to the side and their mouths opened slightly. Jules liked kissing. She actually considered it a vital part of foreplay, but when her lips touched Leah’s, something was different. She had never in her life felt the kind of spark that ignited when she and Leah began really kissing. Leah’s mouth felt so delicate and soft and seemed to mold to hers in a way that was almost magical. The kiss started off soft and slow and felt so intimate and sensual that Jules stopped grinding her hips as everything else just kind of faded away.Leah was also caught off guard by the power of that kiss. She wasn’t sure if it was maybe due to her lack of experience since she’d only kissed three other women in her adult life, but she was completely unprepared for the passion she felt when her mouth opened and accepted Jules’s. Leah’s eyes even popped open in surprise, giving her an extreme close up view of the pale skin of Jules’s cheekbone. The redhead had her eyes closed. The heat and passion of their kiss began to build and then Jules’s tongue tentatively slipped past Leah’s lips and began softly exploring the blonde’s mouth. Leah closed her eyes and reciprocated by massaging Jules’s tongue with her own in response. As their kiss deepened and tongues continued to tease and caress, Leah’s body suddenly flooded her brain with all of these incredible sensations at once. Jules’s right hand was inside the waistband of Leah’s panties softly stroking an ass cheek while the fingernails of her left hand ran gently strummed back and forth along Leah’s ribs. When the redhead bent her leg and began running the ball of her left foot up and down the back of Leah’s calf, the blonde though she might go crazy it felt so good. But that was nothing compared to the feeling in Leah’s nipples as they brushed back and forth along the under curve of Jules’s larger breasts. Leah pushed forward just a little so she could get her own nipple to sc**** against Jules’s nipple and the redhead moaned into her mouth. Both women were panting when they finally broke the kiss. Jules gripped Leah’s forearms with both of her hands so she could continue to grind her pussy against Leah’s pelvis. Leah looked at this auburn haired beauty lying beneath her. She had a little mischievous glimmer in her blue eyes as she adjusted her position and shifted her weight so that her groin was lined up directly against Jules’s. Leah pushed her hips forward and shifted them slightly until she was pressing the top of her pussy and thus her clit right up against Jules’s. This elicited a loud gasp from the redhead.”Fuck that feels good,” Jules hissed.Leah undulated her hips so that her lower body pulled away slightly and then quickly pressed forward again into the same spot. Jules closed her eyes and let out a groan as her hands gripped even tighter onto Leah’s forearms. Leah grew still and stayed in that same position for a moment until Jules opened her eyes again. Leah grinned at the pleading look on Jules’s face and then stole a page from the redhead’s playbook. “Do you like that?””Holy shit!” Jules gasped and then used Leah’s forearms as a kind of brace to pull her upper body up and off the bed far enough until she could reach Leah’s mouth. She mashed her lips against Leah’s, kissing the blonde forcefully before the awkward position of holding herself up was too strenuous to maintain. Jules collapsed back down onto the bed, her breasts bouncing and jiggling to Leah’s delight.”I’ll take that as a yes,” Leah grinned and then pumped her hips again, rubbing their pussies together.”You can take that as a definite yes,” Jules grinned back and then let out another moan as Leah repeated the motion. Leah was starting to really enjoy that reaction and smiled down at her, but then that sexy little scowl was back on Jules’s face. “Leah?””Yeah?””Fuck me,” Jules whispered as seductively as she could. She let go of Leah’s arms and grabbed her own breasts and gave them a squeeze as she looked into Leah’s eyes. “Please…fuck me.”Leah let her arms bend and lowered herself down so she could reclaim that wonderful sensation of her breasts pressed against Jules’s chest. She brought one hand up to the side of Jules’s face and tenderly kissed those soft, pouty lips. Leah’s other hand went down and dug into the sheets and blanket from the side until she was able to cup Jules’s ass cheek. She started to gently massage and squeeze the warm flesh of the redhead’s ass. She kissed Jules and then kissed her again before replying, “As you wish.”The rhythm began in Leah’s hips as she started rolling them, grinding herself into Jules’s pussy. She started the pace off slow and deliberate, each woman feeling the pressure build and then release. Build and release…over and over again. As she moved, Leah kept her face right up against Jules’s and continued to plant soft kisses on and around the redhead’s mouth, pausing here and there to take quick nibbles on Jules’s lower lip.Leah began to increase the speed of her gyrations which combined with the amount of fluid that was leaking from each of their now very wet pussies produced an unbelievably pleasant sensation of friction. Jules was gasping from pleasure and Leah was as well but some of her panting was also from exertion. Leah dug her toes into the mattress and began assisting her movements by using the muscles in her legs which just made the sensations feel even better.”Faster,” Jules panted and stretched her arms down to grab Leah’s ass, a firm cheek in each hand. Leah obliged her and increased the tempo, grinding her pussy into the redhead’s even harder. “Fuck yes,” Jules gasped. She spread her legs wider and moaned loudly. “Don’t stop, baby…please don’t stop.”Sweat was starting to stream down Leah’s face as she focused on maintaining the fast, intense rhythm of thrusting her hips and grinding her sex into Jules’s. Her lower back was just starting to ache a little and her leg muscles were threatening to start cramping, but she willed herself not to slow down or let up. Leah not only wanted the beautiful woman beneath her to cum, she needed her to. “Oh…Oh!” Jules’s voice went to a higher pitch and then she wrapped both of her arms around Leah’s neck and pulled the blonde woman down closer to her so that their breasts were pressed tightly together. Jules started wildly thrusting her hips into Leah’s as she moaned, “I’m cumming…I’m cumming.”Leah almost melted into the redhead’s embrace and had just started to slow down when Jules urgently whispered, “Don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m still cumming…” The rest of her words were lost in another low, drawn out moan. Jules held on to Leah tightly as her body shook and vibrated. Her back involuntarily arched and all of her muscles seemed to spasm at the same time and then suddenly relax as wave after wave of pleasure radiated from her pussy into every nerve ending of her body. After what felt like hours, Jules’s orgasm didn’t really end, but rather each wave of pleasure seemed to lessen in intensity as it receded. She finally collapsed back onto the bed with her arms flopped uselessly out to the sides with Leah still lying on top of her. Her body continued to twitch with the aftershocks. Leah eased herself off of the redhead who was gasping and panting as if she’d just run a marathon. Leah was breathing hard herself from the effort, a film of sweat coating her body. “Holy fucking fucks,” Jules’s voice was still a bit ragged. She blew out a large breath as her hand hunted around uselessly towards the night stand for Leah’s bottle of water. Leah stretched out and grabbed it for her. Jules took the water bottle from her and drank greedily before offering it to Leah.Leah finished it off and then used the back of her hand to wipe some of the sweat off of her forehead before it ran into her eyes. Leah sat up and leaned over again and grabbed her discarded t-shirt and used it to mop her face. When she went to toss the shirt aside, Jules was wriggling her way down lower on the bed.”Your turn,” Jules smiled wickedly and patted her upper chest. “My turn, huh?” Leah arched an eyebrow. She mimicked Jules’s motion by patting her own chest. “And what exactly is that the universal sign for?””Well,” Jules explained with a grin and reached over to lovingly run her near hand up Leah’s thigh. “In some culture’s it is an expression of thanks as in hey, thank you very much for the awesome fucking orgasm.”Leah couldn’t help but giggle. “Oh, well I didn’t know that. In that case, you are very welcome.””But that’s only in some cultures,” Jules went on and her hand moved up to pull on Leah’s arm until the blonde relented and let herself be pulled over. Jules brought her down and low enough so that she could tenderly kiss Leah’s lips before whispering, “In this particular case it means bring that pussy over here and sit on my face, you sexy bitch.”Leah sat back up and laughed, a full on belly laugh. “Is that what that means?”Jules bit her lip and nodded eagerly. “Well,” Leah continued chuckling, “I certainly don’t want to offend anyone in this culture by refusing.””Good decision,” Jules agreed. “Now move your ass, blondie.””As you wish,” Leah smiled that full-on beautiful smile again. The tall blonde rolled over and in one fluid motion stood up on the bed. Towering over the redhead, Leah slowly started sliding her panties over her hips until she was able to let them fall down her legs to her feet. Jules thought Leah looked like some kind of beautiful, naked Amazon warrior standing above her like that with her muscles gleaming with perspiration. Leah took two steps so that her feet were on either side of Jules’s shoulders. She looked down at Jules and arched an eyebrow. “Are you sure about this?””Mmmhmm,” Jules smiled and ran her hands up and down the back of Leah’s calves. She licked her lips as she stared hungrily at Leah’s pussy. “If you only knew how absolutely sure I am.””Okay, okay, I believe you,” Leah giggled girlishly and lowered herself down to her knees. With her long legs, her sex was still hovering several inches above Jules’s eager mouth. Jules craned her neck up and planted a soft kiss on Leah’s slick lips.Leah grunted softly at the unexpected contact and that was all the motivation she needed. She let her knees slide out to the side, lowering her mound down until it was almost but not quite touching Jules’s mouth. Jules adjusted her arms under Leah’s legs so she could reach under and grab the blonde’s ass. She used this leverage to force Leah a little lower and covered the blonde’s swollen labia with her mouth. Leah gasped and braced herself by resting her hands on her thighs.Jules adored going down on women. She considered herself an expert in the art of giving head because she truly believed she enjoyed it just as much as the woman she was pleasuring. She started by literally kissing Leah’s pussy as if she were kissing the woman’s mouth, savoring the sweet, tangy nectar. Jules gently massaged Leah’s labia with her lips while her tongue slowly explored the blonde’s inner folds. She then parted Leah’s lips with her tongue and began swirling it into Leah’s depths. “Damn,” Leah gasped as she looked down at Jules. “That feels good…really fucking good.” Encouraged, Jules enthusiastically delved deeper into Leah’s depths, using her tongue to fuck the blonde’s pussy. Leah brought one of her hands up to pinch on her swollen nipple, but then Jules did something with her tongue that caused Leah to bark, “Shit!” and she brought both of her hands up to plant solidly against the wall above the bed. Leah began rocking her hips, pushing her pussy down harder onto Jules’s mouth. Jules moved her efforts up to Leah’s clit and began by fluttering her tongue rapidly over the little nub. Leah was moaning with her mouth closed so that it sounded almost like she was humming as she continued to move her hips. When Jules took Leah’s clit into her mouth and started to gently suck on it while lashing it with her tongue, the blonde began to tremble.”Fingers,” Leah panted suddenly. “Use your fingers.”Jules slipped one of her hands down from Leah’s ass to the woman’s pussy, but from the awkward angle of her arm she ended up having to use her thumb. She slipped it inside the velvety entrance as she continued sucking and swirling her tongue around Leah’s clit. It took Jules a few strokes to match the rhythm of Leah’s hips, but soon Jules was rapidly finger or rather thumb-fucking the blonde. She quickened the pace of her thrusts into Leah’s pussy as well as the ministrations of her tongue on Leah’s clit and it didn’t take long before striking the proverbial gold. Leah’s humming turned into whimpers as she threw her head back. Her whole body suddenly tensed up and she squeezed Jules’s head between her thighs as she began to shudder. She had been holding her breath as her orgasm overtook her and she let out a short gasp. Leah tensed up again to the point where she grew almost still. She let out another loud gasp and then her body shook and shuddered again. With a final gasp that came out as a squeak, Leah literally threw herself off of Jules and collapsed in a heap beside the redhead. Jules rolled onto her side to face Leah who was now curled up in the fetal position with her eyes closed breathing heavily. She reached over to push some of the blonde hair off of Leah’s forehead. “Was that okay?””Okay?” Leah mumbled and opened one eye. “That was…incredible.””Really?” Jules teased. “Just incredible?””No,” Leah blessed her with that full-blown smile. “Fucking incredible.””Now that’s more like it,” Jules smiled back. She leaned up and adjusted the pillows behind her and then gently slid an arm under Leah’s head. Leah pulled back slightly and stiffened at the sudden intimacy. Confused, Jules wasn’t sure what had she done wrong as she could feel the blonde woman’s unexpected tension. Jules was about to remove her arm and scoot back over until Leah let out a small sigh and relaxed again. They were quiet and still for a few minutes and then Leah actually snuggled into the redhead, resting her head against a large breast.”You know,” Jules commented quietly after a few minutes. “I loved that movie when I was a k**.””What movie?””The Princess Bride,” Jules replied. “You know, that whole ‘as you wish’ thing?””Mmmm,” Leah agreed sleepily. “Me too.””But, um,” Jules continued softly. “You, uh…you know what Wesley meant when he said that, right?” Silence.”Leah?” Jules whispered as she pulled her head back slightly to try and look at the blonde woman’s face.Leah’s eyes were closed and she was breathing steadily, asleep.

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