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I finished up at the gym and headed to the restaurant. I was early since my wife would be another thirty minutes getting her hair done, so I grabbed a beer and settled into a corner table towards the back. I mostly just people-watched.Sometime later, I noticed a woman come in alone. Initially, I was drawn to striking red hair but then was curious about what was under the layers of clothing worn against the freezing temperatures outside. As she placed her order and then waited for it to be poured, she was removing those layers and I discreetly watched and enjoyed the strip show. It was, unfortunately, family-friendly and she stopped well short of what I wanted her to do, but the sweater she was wearing revealed some generous curves that brought a smile to my lips and some heat down below. The yoga pants she was wearing also allowed me to see those curves extended to generous hips and an ass that made my hand involuntarily start to reach out.She got her glass of wine and started looking for a table. As she turned toward me, I could see the sweater had a plunging neckline. And surrounding that neckline were too sizable breasts that really got my heart racing. This bundle of curvaceous desire saw me and headed my way.She walked straight to my table and reached in to give me a kiss. “Hi, honey. Sorry to make you wait.”I reached out and pulled my wife in for another longer, lingering kiss. “Worth the wait.””Mmm, thank you.” She put wine on the table and unloaded her excess jacket, scarf, and purse on a chair. “Sweet of you to say that. And that’s before you saw my camisole.” She adjusted her sweater. I hadn’t realized, but the plunging neckline went much further than I thought, nearly down to her belly button. And beneath the sweater, she was wearing a very sheer red satin camisole. This left the viewer with no doubt that her breasts were ample, a pleasure to hold and caress. Since I had bursa escort decades of personal experience with those breasts, the view caused my briefs to get uncomfortably tight.We chatted about this and that through dinner. More importantly, she continued to adjust her sweater throughout the evening to show off her camisole. Since she was sitting with her back to the corner, everyone and anyone passing by noticed the flash of red and large bust they were covering. My wife was usually very shy in public, so to have her in this exhibitionist mood was a rare treat for me.We caught a movie after dinner. It was enjoyable, with talented actors, a pleasant plot, and generous amounts of humor. I’ll admit, after a very long week and a few drinks, the comfortable chairs of the theater had me in a mood to just get home and curl up in bed. The metro ride and walk home in the freezing cold didn’t help with my motivation, and when we finally arrived home I was ready to crawl under the blankets and have a nice sleep with no alarm in the morning.She talked me into curling up together on the couch and we cuddled under the blanket. I had mixed myself a glass of Gatorade and she was drinking tea. She was warm and soft in my arms, and my eyes were already drooping. She put on the tv, and I heard Australian accents chatting and laughing. Opening my eyes, I realized she had selected a reality show. Basically, they put a group of extremely attractive twenty-somethings in a tropical resort, dressed them in the skimpiest clothes they could find, and had them play dating games. It wasn’t uncommon for us to watch, but I suspected my wife had an ulterior motive tonight.I wasn’t against the idea. Getting an eyeful of the displayed tits and ass on the screen was slowly raising my energy level and making me appreciate the real-life tits and ass in my arms. My hand wrapped around altıparmak escort her back and began stroking slowly up and down her side, and my other hand found its way through the blanket and robe to her bare thigh. I wasn’t so crass as to tell her exactly which of the many perfect female bodies I was watching was my favorite, but I’m sure she knew the effect the show was having as my hand on her thigh slowly moved higher on her leg. The bulging biceps, pumped pecs and 6-pack abs on all the guys probably weren’t hurting her libido either.After a leisurely time enjoying the show, my hand moved a bit higher and I felt a soft fuzz on my fingertips. “Hmm, I think you forgot to put on pajama bottoms,” I whispered in her ear.”Oh, did I?” she not-so-innocently whispered back. Then her breath caught as I plunged my fingers through her bush to boldly wrap my hand around her pussy. Her legs had already been casually spread, but now she opened them wide, inviting me to explore more. I kissed her cheek, then turned my gaze back to the screen which was currently zoomed in on a perfect tanned ass accentuated by a pink thong walking next to the resort pool.I was enjoying the treat for my eyes, but not as much as the feelings coming in through my fingertips. I slid my fingers through her wispy bush to find her clit. It was not yet swollen, so I spread her skin to find the nub and then gently massaged. I tuned in to her breathing and the slight motion of her hips to find the right rhythm. I mixed it up by feeling along the edges of her pussy lips, down the right side, up the left side. I gently pulled her lips, then massaged them, then dipped my fingertips into her cleft, then cupped her whole pussy with my hand.I pulled my hand out and put my fingers up to her mouth. “Oh, I’m wet. You just need to find it.” I put several fingers in her mouth anyway, and görükle escort she obliged by coating them with a generous helping of her saliva. She sucked suggestively for good measure before I moved my hand back down between her legs.Her lips and clit were still dry, but I believed what she had said. So I spread her pussy lips and slid a finger deep inside. She was right, the well was filled with her juices. I plunged my finger deep in her hole, just enjoying the intimacy of plunging my fingers as deeply inside her womanhood as they would reach. She sighed happily and rested her head on my chest as my hand stroked in and out, not only bringing her pleasure but spreading her juices all around her lips and up to her clit.Once I had her properly lubricated, I really began working her knob. Knees flopped wide open, pussy exposed, head rolled back, panting heavily, she gave herself to the sensation of my fingers spreading her, my thumb rubbing her. My arm around her back held her close, keeping her firmly in position so that my other hand could work her pussy. I found the spot and just stayed in the groove, stroking and rubbing. After the long buildup, it didn’t take long for her to cum.It was a light orgasm and she hadn’t even finished when she was asking to go upstairs to the bed. We quickly gathered ourselves and shut the door so the dog wouldn’t interrupt. Her robe was off instantly, and my clothes went who knows where in my haste to get naked. I hesitated with the camisole. It was sexy. But not as sexy as her bare breasts, so it went on the floor too.I tossed her on the bed and she landed in her favorite place; on her back underneath me, legs spread. I dove face-first between her legs, lapping up the now-freely flowing juices between her legs. My tongue went as deeply as possible into her pussy, flicking and pulsing to maximize her pleasure. She moaned and I moved to nibble and lick along her lips. Then I focused on her clit. My mouth is a much better tool than fingers, allowing me to suck while my tongue probes and my lips massage. Again her orgasm came, but this time more powerfully and she clutched my head with her hands as her body thrummed with the throes of her passion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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