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T&LLexi represented everything deplorable about a human being, or so Terri seemed to think. He ardently disliked the girl for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was her disposition towards other people. Rich, snotty, bratty, entitled, selfish, sanctimonious, and overly vain, she acted in the manner that only one confident in their superiority over all others could. She believed herself prettier, smarter, and more moral than everyone else. She played the role of the pious, innocent girl very well, and she never missed a day of church and at her Catholic School she was considered all but a saint by most faculty and the majority of the popular k**s.Most people, however, did not know the girl anywhere near as well as Terri. Saintly and pious? Terri needed only recall their catholic middle school where she had slept with five guys over three years, and in each case for material profit over anything else. While she seemed to have settled down by now, the beginning of her sophomore year of high school, Terri made a strong note about her previous history. The only true thing Lexi seemed to believe about herself related to her beauty. While not entirely true, as one could hardly call her the prettiest of all the girls at school, Lexi definitely radiated elegance and beauty.Her long hazelnut nut hair flowed seamlessly and perfectly past her shoulders, and she always managed to smell of vanilla and roses. Nature had also gifted Lexi with fairly flawless skin and the features of her smooth, thin, round face needed very little augmentation save for lip stick and mascara. Her C-cup breasts accentuated a rather fit body that held enough muscle to seem athletic and just the right amount of fat to seem healthy. In that manner her body managed to paradoxically combine the most perfect aspect of the average woman and the athletic woman. Her finely shaped legs and firm, but sizable, bottom rounded out an equally perfect body. Terri found himself slightly attracted to Lexi, and not for his hatred of her, he might have developed some kind of desire for her.“Hey! Are you listening?” Terri nodded quietly, dreading the next few hours. “I’m glad you came today though! Our church does this kind of thing all the time, and what could be nicer than helping the needy? Plus–” The naivete in her voice astounded Terri who, unlike Lexi, had not been blessed with plenty throughout the entirety of his life. “–But . . . hey, now that I think about it, I never really see you at church. Do you got to a different church or something?”Terri simply shook his head and responded by saying, “I’m an atheist.” As the last word left his lips, Lexi’s face began to distort and form a shocked scowl.“A what?” her voice dripped with disgust.Terri repeated himself, his hand still in his pockets, “An atheist.” He shrugged as he said this and after a brief moment her face slowly reverted to its normal, happy – and condescending – smile.“Ohhh, okay. I’m sorry, it’s just a bit rare. Especially at a Catholic school…” He began to explain himself but, by the virtue of Lady Fortune herself, the soup kitchen appeared from the next corner and a small welcoming party cut the conversation short. Lexi ran off first, and as she did he found himself unable to look at her ass, and felt his dick harden as it shamefully lusted after the body of the person he hated most in the world.Terri found himself disheartened by what he saw. Torn and stitched clothing, fabric too tattered to serve as even reparation cloth for hand-me-downs, disheveled and hungry faces accompanied by the smell of garbage, liquor, and the streets. He found himself moved, recalling his home country where many lived in equally harsh conditions, and while spared from the immense cold of the United States, remained vulnerable to the extreme heat of his native country.Most of the people at the soup kitchen were nice people, and that each of them had, as he and Lexi had also, chosen to work from dusk till dawn (or rather 6 AM to 5 PM), showed the value of their character. They all smiled and laughed and they spoke to the homeless men as equals. Lexi, on the other hand, seemed unable to get rid of the condescending tone in her voice, nor could she watch her mouth and would unwittingly insult the homeless men time after time.“They’re nice people, these bums.” He turned to face her, appalled by her choice of diction.“Bums?!” Terri whispered, outrage lurking beneath his voice. “Can’t you show any respect?!”“Oh please, it was a joke…” her voice trailed and for a moment Terri thought he picked up on a bit of hurt behind it too. “By the way,” she grabbed his arm playfully, “wanna hang out later?” She winked at him, smirking widely. “It’ll be a ton of funnnnn.”As her turned away from her he shook his head, “I’ve got better things to do.” He heard her open her mouth, but the voice of the supervisor quickly silenced them both. “Hey,” he said, “go get lunch Terri.” Terri nodded and went inside to serve himself food. Behind him he could hear Lexi asking for her lunch break as well, but to Terri’s comfort the supervisor put her down gently.After serving himself a portion no greater than what the homeless men were being served, Terri walked out from the staff’s dining hall and instead sat in the main caffeteria with the less fortunate. As he approached the table he had decided to sit in, he heard grumbling complaints about one of the staff and as he got closer it became more and more evident who it was.“That rich bimbo has no respect,” muttered one of the men.“I would agree,” Terri cut in as he sat down besides them. “But look at this way, you only have to put up with her at lunch time, think about how hard it is for those of us who have to see her every day at school.” A few laughs broke out amongst the table, most especially from the man who had previously been complaining. “Although, antalya escort I think that calling her a bimbo is a bit harsh.”“Oh?” Terri nodded, adding, “I’ve met plenty of nice bimbos.” More laughs. They made small talk and ate. One-by-one the men began to leave until finally only the Terri and the man who he had first heard complaining remained.“So how are you gonna deal with her?”Terri smirked, “Well, I think I’ve got a plan, but I’ll need your help. It’d be nice if you could also bring some friends.” The other man laughed heartily and the two conspirators began to plot.“Boss, we’ll stay late to finish cleaning up.” Five-thirty had rolled around and the majority of the staff had left after a good day’s work. Only Terri, the supervisor, Lexi, and about two other volunteers remained. “We’ll clean the last few dishes and then lock up. Lexi can give you the keys at church tomorrow.” The supervisor contemplated the idea for a moment before and nodding and handing Terri the keys. He cackled, “Okay, we’ll see you two soon then. God speed.”Terri continued to wash the dishes as Lexi returned from the cafeteria section, holding a hamper full of dirty rags and table cloths. “A day of hard work,” she sang it rather than spoke it. She smile at Terri who decided to not bring up how little work she had actually done outside of simple carrying tasks and somehow managing to offend dozens of people an hour. “Soooo…” her arms slipped around Terri’s waist, and he jumped slightly at the sudden movement. Lexi pressed her lips close to his ears and whispered, “Whacha wanna do? Now that we’ve got this place all to ourselves…”Against his will he found himself unable to resist her smell or her voice or her allure. He felt his dick start to harden and enlarge. She added, “Eve can stay here all night if we wanted to, really. Even most of tomorrow…” Her arms tightened around him and he felt his fully erect penis begin to urge for her even more.“Stop joking damn it,” he muttered, his hands no longer moving, just sitting in the dish soap. She replied, “I’m not joking.” Her hands began to run along the band of his jeans as she pressed her body closer to his, pressing her chest and groin tighly. against him. “I know you. Want. it.” She smiled widely. “I know you. Want. Me.” She giggled a little, letting go slightly. After several more seconds she let go completely and left the kitchen giggling as Terri gripped the sink tightly, trying to make his raging erection die down instead of continuing to pulse.He wanted to jump on her, pin her to the ground, and ride her roughly to satisfaction. He could only watch Lexi’s tight, ample ass sway from side to side provocatively as she headed out. A few seconds later he heard multiple voices arguing silently from the cafeteria and smirked as his plan began to fall into place.“You guys can’t be here, the soup kitchen’s been closed.” She smiled sweetly, “but feel free to come back next Saturday and we’ll be sure to-”“Drop it you little cunt!” the leader of the five men group seemed to be the one Terri had conversed with earlier. “We’re sick and tired of this bullshit. We come in every Saturday and you mock us and talk down to us like we’re nothing, but you know what? We’re done! We’re gonna report you to your supervisor and your pastor.”Lexi’s normally calm and playful facade crumbled, as her face distorted into a nervous mess. “N-no! The supervisor said that if I get in trouble one more time then I’ll get kicked out and I’ll lose all the hours I’ve already done” She seemed on the verge of tears, but none of the men seemed to care. “And then I won’t be able to get into the college I want!”The leader of the men’s face softened, and he gently placed his hand on her shoulder. Then, copying her condescending voice, he chided, “And?” They all burst into laughter. “We don’t care, we’re tired of being treated like shit.” They turned to walk away but she quickly grabbed the leader’s arm and pulled him back to face her.“No! I’ll do anything!” she yelled as she pulled him back to her. Her face softened up a bit, and she smiled weakly, “Anything.”“Anything?” the leader asked with a furrowed eyebrow. She nodded slowly and the leader’s lips spread into a devilish smile. “My name is Bob, and – from right to left – these are my good friends Mickey, and Donnie, and Luke, and Rob.” He waved over to them and they all waved back to her. “And you, Ms . . . ” he looked at her name tag for a moment, “Lexi, are going to give us ‘anything.’”She nodded slowly as she felt his arm grab hers and pull it towards him. “Then do me a favor,” copying her condescending voice again, “and do ‘anything.’” She noticed for the first time that his fly was undone and she let him guide her hand through the hole and pull out what was inside.She stroked the semi-erect penis gently, a little surprised by its size. It must have been at least seven to seven and a half inches and quite a bit in girth, maybe as much as one of the cheap plastic salt-and-pepper shakers that had been on the tables. She looked at him warily, stroking his dick very gently and extremely slowly, as the smell hit her nostrils. They really did stink, but she still found herself getting excited despite the stench and the disgusting manipulation at play.“Well? What the fuck are you waiting for?” He grabbed her head and pushed it a bit closer to his fully erect dick before letting go. “Suck on it, you little cunt.” She nodded slowly and moved her mouth to it slowly as her hands fought to undo his pants. They fell off as her mouth had just nearly reached the tip and with the pants fell the extremely torn underwear. As the tip of her tongue touched the tip of his dick, the man cooed, “it’s been yearsss since I’ve gotten to do this, especially with such a young one.” She smiled weakly, finding herself turned on a little by that. She ran escort antalya her tongue down his dick, from head to base, and then ran it from base to head on the opposite side, finding herself increasingly turned on by the situation. The other men quickly undid their pants and underwear, and revealed four more rock-hard cocks of about the same size as Bob.As the leader, however, Bob got special privileges, and he intended to cash on it and use Lexi as much as he could all by himself. She pressed her lips against his cock’s head and began to kiss it, every kiss followed by a quick and thorough and forceful licking of the area between her lips. She again kissed her way down his dick and then back up the other side. Bob groaned gently at the teasing while the other men carefully pinched and pressed on the heads of their dicks. Lexi then pressed her lips against his head and slowly took his dick inside her mouth, savoring it inch by inch.Bob’s groans drove her wilder and wilder, and every breath of his made her wetter and wetter. She kept going until she couldn’t go any further, and after she couldn’t swallow any more of his prick she began to run her tongue around his shaft. As she gagged on his prick, Lexi began to pull her mouth off halfway and started thrusting her head up and down his thick dick. Her hands drifted to her crotch and as she brought them up and under her skirt, she could feel how drenched her panties had become. One of her hands slipped underneath her panties and she began to brush her fingers across her pussy lips, slowly teasing herself and feeling her finger becoming wetter and wetter. Muffled moans escaped from her lips as she thrust her head faster and harder. Bob’s groans grew louder and louder, his hand grasping her by the head and making her suck him off faster. Feeling himself coming close he pulled her off, and with a loud groan, managed to just barely keep himself from cumming.After a moment for each of them to catch his breath he smirked and said, “Not yet baby…”Lexi continued to touch herself, inserting her fingertip just inside her pussy but not any deeper than the tip of her finger. She muttered the word, “More.” She continued to mutter it, feeling herself on fire. For the first time since 8th grade she was about to feel a man inside her and seeing the other men stroking themselves only made her feel hotter. “All over me… Inside me…” She swallowed his cock whole again and began to suck him off again. The other men moved closer and she pulled her lips off of Bob’s cock and swallowed Mickey’s prick while her hand stroked Donnie off.“Don’t be selfish,” Rob told her as he pulled on her arm and made her use her pussy-soaked hand to stroke him off. She pulled her mouth off of Mickey’s cock and began to give Bob head again. Luke watched on in frustration. He witnessed Lexi switching off between the four men, taking one into her mouth while she stroked off another two, constantly switching between them to keep them from cumming. He moved behind her and, with a swift movement, snapped her shirt open, tearing the buttons off as he pulled her shirt off.“Mmmm, I thought you would like my uniform.” she groaned as he undid her skirt and let it slide to her knees. “ Make m feel goooood.” His hand slipped underneath her panties and begun to finger her soaking wet pussy while his other hand slipped under to play with her clit. As she was switching off cocks, she groaned the words, “Mmm, rub your big prick against me….” As she swallowed yet another cock he began to rub his dick against her ass, feeling the smooth fabric of her panties tease his dick. He began to hump her faster as one of his hands left her clit and played with her supple breast. She sucked harder, she stroked harder, she felt their dicks begin to twitch and convulse as they approached orgasm. “Cover meee,” she begged, and they let loose on her. Donnie pushed his prick deep into her mouth and let loose into her throat, holding her down as deeply as he could as he emptied into her. Meanwhile, as Luke sprayed all over her back and panties, Mickey and Rob left thick loads all over her chest and face.Lexi, no longer feeling the finger inside her moving, took matters into her own hand and began to ride Luke’s finger, making it fuck her as hard as it could. She moaned and groaned loudly as Bob watched on, anxious to get to cum – unable to contain himself anymore, he threw her on the floor, the force of the fall forcing her thin panties to tear against Luke’s hand. No sooner had she hit the floor then she felt Bob force himself violently inside her. Lexi yelled out in ecstasy, Bob responded by beginning to push into her faster and harder. Lexi begged for more of Bob, but halfway through she felt Luke’s prick push deep into her mouth. She continued to stroke off another two, and as she did she began to crave more. She felt Bob stop deep inside her, and with a smirk he said, “Mmm, your ass looks good.” Luke pulled out of her mouth and groaned as he let a load loose all over chest, and Lexi moaned for Bob. “You want it there?” he asked?“Mmm, not since middle school…” Luke left, satisfied, as Bob smirked and pulled his dick out and pressed it against her ass. “I-” she gasped as he pressed himself in a little. “I-” another loud gasp as he pushed in a little more. “FUCK ME!!” He pushed down all the way. Lexi’s moan drove Mickey over the edge and he spurted another load over her supple breasts – he came so hard that afterwards he could only sit back and pant for breath.“I’m gonna tenderize your tight ass.” She screamed in pleasure, feeling him pound her heavily. He spread her legs as widely as he could and began to jump up with each thrust. Gravity forced him down faster, harder – this pushed him deeper into Lexi, and she hollered in pleasure. Suddenly, with a long, deep, thrust, and accompanied antalya escort bayan by a loud, long groan, Bob exploded inside Lexi’s ass. It was warn and thick, and Lexi felt like his cum was filling her up as he continued to cum hard for several seconds until he finally stopped, his dick no softer than before.“My ass is so full,” she squeed.She suddenly felt her hand empty and noticed that a man was in front of her. “Then how about we make another thing full? She panted for breath, trying to catch her breath as Donnie stood in front of her, waiting for her to beg. “Oh Donnie,” she moaned, “I haven’t been double-dicked since 7th grade.” She felt Bob’s hands spread her pussy wide, his rock hard dick still deep in her ass. Lexi giggled, “How about we change that?” She cooed as he inserted himself inside. They both sat still, as deep inside her as they could fit, letting their pulsing dicks drive her crazy.“Mmm, so tell me Lexi,” Bob groaned, “last time you did this, how did it go?”She giggled, the slight movements of her body making her moan in pleasure as well. “I sat back with a boy in my ass…and then the other one pounded me where Donnie’s big boy is.” Donnie puckered her lips with his hand and forced a kiss on her. “Well then, baby girl, we’re gonna give you something completely new.”She felt Donnie and Bob both pull out at once, and she responded with yet another loud holler. “Shut her the fuck up Rob,” Bob commanded, and Rob responded by stuffing his dick inside her mouth, gagging her and muffling her. Bob pushed slowly into her ass, making her body rise as he did, and Lexi could only release gagged, muffled moans. After Bob could go no further, She felt Bob pull out as Donnie pushed inside her pussy, making her body fall. They continued to see-saw her, building up speed. Her eyes drifted to the side and she saw Terri’s eyes fixed on her, and her body grew warmer still. She hadn’t been this wet, she hadn’t felt this good, she hadn’t wanted someone in her entire life.They kept pounding her hard, see-sawing between her ass and pussy until they couldn’t take it anymore. Bob released his load inside her ass again, groaning in pleasure, but Donnie could still go a little further and continued to pound her hard while Bob’s softening dick stayed in her ass. Rob, also unable to go on, filled her mouth with his semen, but Donnie continued, grunting loudly.“Oh yeah, you little slut, I’ve still got lots left to give,” Donnie grunted, as Mickey pulled out of her mouth. “And I’m gonna make you keep coming back for more.” Suddenly he felt himself flipped over. Lexi was hungry, hungrier than ever before and these men just hadn’t given her enough yet. She had flipped them over, so that she sat on top of him now, kneeling on his rock-hard prick. The spot where they had been fucking her before had a large puddle of her pussy juice left behind, and his torso, as well as hers, was completely drenched in the same fluid. Cum dripped out of her ass, no longer plugged by Bob’s dick. She could feel the liquid dripping out of her anal hole, and the sensation felt wonderful.Her entire chest was covered in the cum of five men, and her face and belly had also become a prime target for their semen. She reeked of homeless men, she reeked of their semen, and she reeked of her own fluid as ample amounts of both fluids covered most of her body.“Oh Donnie,” she bent over, “I’m going to give you something real special.” She began to kiss Donnie, not like a lover, but like the sex-starved slut she was. “But, mmm, Donnie, I haven’t cum yet…so you have to make sure to use your big fat prick to make me cum.” She kissed him again, running her hands over his chest and playing with his nipples. “I want you to fuck me like a dirty slut…and I want you to make me cum…and I want you to enjoy my body….” She began to slowly stir his dick around inside her. “Mmm, Donnieeee, you feel soooo good.” She went from moving it from side-to-side to moving it around her in circles. “Mmmm, just sit back and enjoy me baby, and I’ll make you feel realll good….just hold on until I-” her sentence was cut off by an irresistible, deep moan of her own. She looked to her side again, noticing that Terri was still watching at the kitchen counter and she knew what she craved, and had craved for so long. Donnie’s hands played with Lexi’s breasts as she continued to stir him around, drawing louder moans as the seconds passed. Finally, she grabbed him by the arms and pushed them down, pinning him, and she began to ride him fast. The move was so sudden that it caught Donnie completely by surprise. Lexi took complete control and her groans became loud, pleasureful pants as Donnie huffed and puffed to keep himself from cumming – she was riding him too hard and he was so close now. “Donnie, yes! Like this!” She felt her pussy begin to quiver in pleasure, tightening up around Donnie’s cock – she wondered if she’d finally orgasm. She rode him harder, faster, her sloppy, wet pussy spilling more juice over Donnie.“Shit! I can-” He didn’t finish his sentence, his dick erupted a long, thick stream of warm fluid inside Lexi. Lexi savored the feeling, it made her hotter so she rode him harder, and for a moment she felt even better as his semen lubricated her insides even more and the warm sensation of Donnie’s cum inside her. Donnie’s dick, having cummed so hard, began to shrivel and she found herself more and more unable to draw as much pleasure from riding it.“No! No! Baby, don’t!” but Donnie was far gone, he went completely limp, and as he pulled out of her and threw her aside, his semen poured out of her. “I need more,” she begged, as she grabbed his leg, trying to keep him from leaving, but he did anyway.Her body burned, and her pussy still felt so warm… She still wanted more…and most of all she wanted… She crawled towards the kitchen, her pussy dripping even more than before as she fanticized about what she wanted most. She nudged the kitchen door open and groaned, lustfully, “Terri.” Terri was only a few inches away, a huge bulge in his pants, looking at her with desiring eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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