To Catch a Cheating Wife

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To Catch a Cheating WifeThe Lemanns:Jeff and Wendy Lemann had been married for nine years. Both were 33 years old and both had worked for the same corporation, Hamilton Electronics, for the last eight years. Although employed by the same firm, their job responsibilities were very different, and consequently, they worked in different divisions of the firm. Jeff was the vice-president in the Advertising and Marketing Division while Wendy was a Group Leader in the Manufacturing Division. As a group leader, she was two levels below Jeff in pay grade and responsibility. Even so, she had a substantial amount of administrative and technical responsibility, and, therefore, commanded an excellent salary not much below that of her husband. Between the two of them, their yearly household income was slightly over $300,000. With no c***dren as yet, and having made excellent investments, the Lemann’s had no financial problems and were well on their way to becoming independently wealthy. Best of all, they both loved their job.On a personal level, their mutual interests outside their job made them a near-perfect match for one another. Both were in excellent physical health and attractive. Jeff had told his wife many times that she was easily the most beautiful and sensuous looking woman he had ever dated. He often reminded Wendy that she was so sexy and beautiful that it had taken him a month to get up enough nerve to ask her out to dinner.Jeff had long since become accustomed to men staring at his sexy wife whenever she entered a room. The more adventuresome and confident men frequently hit on her hoping to get lucky. Jeff often wondered if any of them ever had gotten lucky with his wife, but he knew better than to play the role of a jealous, insecure husband. Early on, he had realized that he had to trust his wife, and to the best of his knowledge, she had never betrayed his trust.For her part, Wendy considered her husband to be an incredible catch. He was ambitious, smart, intelligent, confident, ruggedly handsome, virile and sexy, and had a great smile. Wendy knew that a lot of women envied her and some made their availability quite obvious to Jeff.She knew that a woman’s level of desire and lust exceeded that of a man, but it took longer and more stimulation to excite her. All a woman had to do to give a man a raging erection was just show him more of her breasts and thighs than he was supposed to see. That simple biological fact made her husband a lot more vulnerable to the advances of a woman than she was to those of a man.At first, she had secretly kept a close watch on her husband’s actions when they were at parties or gatherings where a lot of sexy women were openly flirting with Jeff. Without exception, he always declined their thinly-veiled, sexual invitations, but somehow, he always managed to do so without offending. Soon, word spread along the female g****vine that Jeff Lemann was deeply in love with his wife and that needed to be respected. When Wendy’s best friend, Doris Andrews, told her about this, she beamed with pride and love for her faithful and devoted husband.Of course, both Wendy and Jeff had some secret complaints about their spouse’s performance in bed, but those complaints were rarely, if ever, voiced. Sex was frequently and passionate, but Wendy wished that occasionally Jeff would be less than the perfect gentleman and husband. Basically, she wished that he would sometimes fuck her like she was a hot whore instead of making love to her. Several times, Jeff had asked her if she would like to try some kinky things… like anal sex or sexy role-playing in public. She just couldn’t bring herself to do those things. Without exception, she had always declined, but secretly, she wished that he wouldn’t give her a choice… that he would exercise his masculine prerogatives and just do it to her.For his part, Jeff wished that his wife would be more whorish on occasion. He kept making suggestions to that effect, but she kept rebuffing every suggestion. He knew he had a very passionate wife, more so than most men. She was always ready and eager for sex, day or night. The only times she ever refused was when she was sick or her period exceptionally heavy. In the latter case, she always provided oral sex. Nevertheless, Jeff thought it would be wonderful if instead of saying “I’m almost there, Darling. Do it to me harder, Honey.” she would sometimes scream, “Oh god! I’m about to cum, Baby! Fuck my hot cunt harder, Stud! … ram that big cock up my hot hole… Shoot in me!” or something along those lines. In nine years of marriage, he had never been inside Wendy’s ass nor had she ever agreed to try anything that she considered “kinky and perverted”.All things considered, both Wendy and Jeff considered that they had a good life together. Neither had any intention of doing anything that would jeopardize their marriage. Or so they both thought.================================A Lucrative but Dull RoutineThe work had piled up on my desk during my site inspection visit the previous week. Although I had been working steadily since 7:45 AM, skipping lunch in the process, I wasn’t halfway through the backlog of work and it was nearly 4 PM. The problem was that the Advertising and Marketing Division of the firm had an enormous amount of responsibility for the health and progress of the firm’s business, and as the Vice-President of the Division, a great deal of that work and decision making fell on my shoulders. “It’s like this every time I have to go on a site visit of some kind,” I muttered to myself.To make matters even worse, Wendy had to travel on the firm’s business just as I did. Her position as a group leader in manufacturing didn’t require as much travel as mine did, but, nevertheless, she was usually gone several days each month. Two or three times each year, she had to attend a major conference at the firm’s central headquarters in Chicago. Those usually lasted a week. The next such conference for her was just three weeks away, and I was trying to schedule my travel to correspond with hers to reduce the total amount of time we were apart.The bright spot in my dull, boring day was that I had a date with a gorgeous woman tonight, and I was certain that I was going to get lucky. Wendy and I had dinner reservations at Maurice’s at 6:30 PM. At 8:00, I had tickets to what all my colleagues had said was a great stage play, and finally, at 10:30 I had reservations for a table at “The Hot Spot”, which was rumored to be THE place to take a date if you wanted to get her ready for hot, wild sex afterwards. I was hard just thinking about the upcoming evening.I left work early at 4:45 PM to allow plenty of time to drive home, shower, change, and enjoy watching Wendy getting dressed. Before I left for work that morning, I had arranged for a dozen American beauty roses to be delivered to her at her office. The card I sent read, “Twelve beauties for a real Beauty! This was followed by a brief agenda for our evening and finally with the comment, “I can’t wait to take you out. Please wear something sexy. Love, Jeff, XXXOOO”As soon as I entered our house, I raced upstairs intent on kissing and fondling my sexy wife and then watching her dress. Unfortunately, my plans were thwarted when I found our bedroom door locked. “Wendy. It’s me, Jeff. Can I come in?””No. No way! I’ll never get dressed in time to make our dinner reservations if I let a randy stud like you into my bedroom. Your clothes are laid out in the guest bedroom. I’ve given you two choices. Pick one. I’ll meet you in the den a little before 6 PM.”Inside the guest bedroom, I saw that Wendy had laid out an expensive, tailor-made suit with matching silk tie. On the other side of the bed, she had placed a pair of slacks and an open collar, sports shirt. Obviously, the slacks and sports shirt would be more comfortable for me, and, left to my own devices, it was the selection I would have chosen for myself. However, it was equally obvious to me that Wendy would like for me to look really sharp tonight in a $1,500 suit. Since I was hoping that she would please me with her outfit, I put on a pair of tight briefs and then the suit after showering and shaving. Of course, I was waiting in the den for my wife for 15 minutes before she made her appearance.When she entered the den, she looked drop-dead gorgeous, as I expected. Wendy could wear anything and look that way. She wore a pair of tight black slacks that molded her body perfectly. The matching top was equally tight revealing the contours of her large breasts that were just underneath. The 4-inch black heels were both fashionable and sexy. Her long, blonde hair was a perfect contrast to the black of her outfit. There was no doubt that she would be turning many male heads during the evening.Nevertheless, I was somewhat disappointed. Wendy always wore attractive clothes that turned male heads. I was very accustomed to that. I had been hoping for something less gorgeous and sophisticated and more erotic. I would have enjoyed having the male strangers whose heads she turned to think that I was out with a high-class, expensive call girl. But there was no way I was going to throw cold water on our evening by complaining.”Damn, Wendy! How did I ever get such a fantastically beautiful woman as you?”My wife beamed at my comment, but at the same time, she was looking intently at my face. She could see right through me, as always. I had long ago realized that I could never have sex with another woman… not even once… without having Wendy know immediately. So, I never did. No man I know has that kind of sensory perception and the ability to pick up on subtle clues. Women are incomparably good in that arena.”I’m sorry, Honey. I know you wanted me to wear something more erotic and sexy, and I did buy two outfits to wear, but when I put one of them on, I looked like whore. I just can’t bring myself to wear something like that in public. Please don’t be mad.””I’m not mad. I could never be mad at you. I’m just a little disappointed. You said one of the outfit was too much. What about the other one?”Wendy was obviously very pleased with my response to her refusal to wear something hot and sexy. “How about I model them both for you right now. I’ll put on the slutty outfit when we get home and wear it to bed tonight. You can choose between this outfit and the other one for which one I wear tonight. The other one makes me uncomfortable, but I’ll wear it if you want me to.””Sounds like great deal to me. Hurry up or we’ll be late for our dinner reservations.”A few minutes later, Wendy came in wearing something out of one of my wet dreams. The top was a skin-tight white blouse whose last button was below her big tits. Underneath, she wore a red bra that exposed at least half of her breasts. The black, pleated skirt was no more than two inches below the crease of her ass. She was bare-legged above the wicked, red fuck-me sandals whose heels had to be at least four inches. It was obvious why she wouldn’t wear it.”What do you think?” she asked.”I think you look like the most beautiful, desirable whore in the state. I love it… absolutely love it!””Of course you do. You’re a man and you’re not the one who has to display their body in public. Let me try on the other outfit so you can choose.”There was so little to what she had on, it only took a couple of minutes before Wendy was back in the den wearing the other ensemble. This one was a black sheathe with a “V” neckline. The skirt ended about halfway down her thighs. She was again bare-legged and again wore a pair of hot heels. “I choose that one, ” I grinned.”Surprise… surprise!” Wendy commented. “I hope I don’t get arrested wearing this thing.””Well, if you do, I’ll be there to bail you out, Sweetheart.”—————————————————Dinner at Maurice’s was outstanding, as usual. Wendy was self conscious in her sexy dress even though several other women were wearing even more revealing outfits. The fact that I kept telling her great she looked combined with all the male attention she was attracting made her feel a lot better.The stage play was erotic and well acted. We both enjoyed it, and I felt Wendy snuggling against me during some of the sexier parts. By the time we left the theater, she was more than ready for sex. When we reached the sidewalk outside the theater, I deliberately let my car keys fall to the pavement next to Wendy.”Damn! I dropped the car keys. Did you see where they went, Honey?”Since they were right at her feet, she saw them immediately, “Here they are. I’ve got them,” she assured me as she bent over to retrieve the keys. When she raised up to hand them to me, I and three other men had big grins on our faces. Realizing what I had done, Wendy turned red and growled, “You did that on purpose!”At that point, the wife of one of the men who had been treated to a great view of my wife’s sexy ass in her nearly transparent bikini panties intervened, “Don’t be too hard on him, Dear. I wish my husband thought enough of me to trick me into showing off my butt.”As the couple walked by, the husband turned and said, “Thank you. That was much better than the play.” Wendy blushed five shades of red, but I could tell she loved it.———————————–“The Hot Spot” lived up to its name. The place was dimly lit with red lights providing most of the illumination. The dance floor was even less well lighted, and it was packed with couples, some of whom were dancing while others were standing in one place grinding their bodies together in time to the music.I ordered a bourbon and water on the rocks for myself and a screwdriver for Wendy, which was her favorite drink. As she made short work of her drink, she leaned over and whispered, “Why did you bring me here? It looks like a pick up spot for singles and a make-out spot for couples.””It is. That’s why we’re here. I want you hot and ready when we get home.””I’m already hot and ready, Honey. Let’s go home and have sex.””I want you even hotter and more ready, Wendy. So hot and so ready that you stop talking about ‘having sex’ and start saying that you can’t wait any longer… that you need to be fucked!””Why do you always want me to talk dirty when we have sex? Isn’t the sex enough?””Do you have to ask. We’ve been married for nine years, and I’ve never even considered hitting on another woman. Sex with you is more than enough, but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve on what’s already great does it?””Mmmmm… I guess so,” my wife cooed as she started on her second screwdriver.I tried to get her out on the dance floor, but with some of the couples essentially dry fucking out there, I couldn’t persuade Wendy to dance with me. Nevertheless, it was obvious that she was getting hotter just from watching the other couples doing it. She was now on her fourth screwdriver and already half drunk. “Maybe one more, and she’ll let her inhibitions drop enough to dance dirty with me,” I thought.She had just finished her drink when a handsome man in his mid-thirties came over to our table. His thin, dark moustache and van dyke gave him a sexy, devilish appearance. All that added to his confident, sexy smile got my wife’s attention. “Hi. Please excuse my intrusion,” he said to me. “I could not help but notice that your lovely wife hasn’t been on the dance floor yet tonight. For someone so lovely, that’s a shame. My I have you permission to ask her for a dance? I’m Ramon, Ramon Mendosa. May I know your names?””I’m Jeff, Ramon. And this lovely lady is my wife, Wendy. And I’ve been trying to get her to dance all evening without success. If you can persuade her, I would be very pleased.”Ramon didn’t ask my wife. He simply smiled, put his hand under her arm, and firmly pulled my wife to her feet. “It is so very rare that I have the pleasure of dancing with such an exquisitely beautiful woman. Thank you, Jeff. You are very generous. Come, Wendy. o I cannot wait to dance with you.”With four screwdrivers, Wendy was somewhat unsteady on her feet, but with Ramon’s arm around her waist she had no further trouble. She put up one feeble protest: “I don’t think I should be dancing with you when I’ve already turned my husband down several times.””SSsshhh… that is of no consequence. You can dance with your husband any time. This may be our one and only opportunity. Come, Now! I cannot wait to hold you in my arms. To feel you moving against me.””I don’t think that…””Be quite. No more feminine protests. We will dance together.”At this point, Ramon moved my wife onto the dance floor out of earshot, and I couldn’t hear what else he was saying to her. At first, she kept his body several inches from her own. Even so, the tips of her big breasts occasionally brushed against Ramon’s chest. The more often that happened, the less the distance between them became. Finally, I saw Wendy move closer still and Ramon’s arms immediately circled my wife’s body and pulled her tightly against his own.For the next three songs, Ramon would not allow my wife off the dance floor. Finally, she gave up trying to escape and let her head rest on his shoulder as he moved them around the crowded dance floor. By third song, he had Wendy’s mound pressed firmly against what I assumed was now a very hard erection. I could also see that very gradually he had pulled her bodice open even wider so that her nipples were close to being exposed. Occasionally, I saw him whispering in her ear. Sometimes she would just laugh… other times she would shake her head and try to pull away, but his arms held her body firmly in place and her struggles seemed to me to be more for show than for effect.When the fourth song began, I lost sight of them. The dance floor was so crowded and the lighting so dim, I had been lucky to keep them in sight for as long as I had. I spent a few minutes scanning the dance floor until it became obvious that Ramon and my wife were no longer dancing.I was wandering around the club looking for them when our waitress came over to me. “Looking for your wife?” she asked.”Yeah. How did you know?””Two ways. First, the way you’re wandering around the place looking here and there, makes it pretty obvious. And second, she’s with Ramon. Guys usually end up looking for their dates or wives when they’re with Ramon.””Do you know where they are?””Parking lot. There are benches by the pond. If I were you, I wouldn’t waste time. Ramon is a very, very fast worker, if you catch my meaning.”She didn’t have to draw pictures for me, but frankly, I couldn’t believe that Ramon had the slightest chance with Wendy even when she was half drunk. Nevertheless, I hurried toward the door intent on making my way to the pond. The waitress stopped me at the door and pushed a small wooden bat into my hands. “He’s bigger than you are. You may need this.”Just as the waitress had predicted, Ramon had Wendy on one of the benches beside the pond. There was very little light but there was enough to see what was happening. When I approached, I saw Ramon kissing my wife as she struggled to push him away. I thought about rushing to her assistance, but I wasn’t sure if her resistance was real or for show as it had been on the dance floor. I decided to wait a little longer to see what she would do.Finally, Ramon broke the kiss and moved back as Wendy tried to hold him back. His gaze fell on her big tits, almost completely exposed from his work while they were on the dance floor. My wife tried to keep him back, but he was just too powerful and too aggressive. I heard my wife gasp when his head moved into her cleavage and over her nipples.Wendy was now yelling for him to stop. Just as I started toward them, Ramon moved back and pulled my wife’s dress wide open releasing both of her big tits. Even in the dim light, I could see how swollen and erect her nipples had become. Immediately, he sucked one pulsing nipple into his lips. Simultaneously, my wife howled and groaned. Then, she thrust him away with all her strength. Surprised, Ramon’s body tumbled off the bench to the ground. Wendy was on her feet immediately. I had reached the bench at this point and folded her in my arms.Ramon started to get up, but stopped when I raised the bat and said, “Stay on the ground. If you get up, I’ll put your worthless ass in the intensive care unit.””Ok. Calm down. No harm done. I thought she wanted it. I was wrong. My apologies.”I nodded and Ramon scurried away as I led my wife to our car. Once inside, she pulled her dress up to cover her big tits. A moment later, she turned to face me.”Thank you for saving me, Darling. I don’t even know how to begin to apologize for letting that man go as far as he did. I was half drunk and thought I would be safe inside the club so I didn’t stop him when he was feeling me up on the dance floor. Then before I knew what was happening, he had me outside leading me to the pond. I tried to resist, but he was just too strong… too powerful… too.. “”Yes? Too what?””Ooohh god! He was just too confident, too aggressive. Then he got me on the bench and began kissing me. I tried to push him away then, but he just overpowered me.””I know. I saw you struggling to push him away.””You saw?””Yeah. Before I could reach you, he already had your breasts out kissing them. That’s when you managed to push him off your body, and then I and my trusty baseball bat finished the discussion.””Can you ever forgive me, Darling?””Forgive you for what? You didn’t do anything except be a passionate woman, which I love. You were just unlucky to end up with a potential r****t. But if you want full and complete forgiveness, you’re going to have to fuck me tonight…not have sex with me… but fuck me.””Take me home, Stud. Take your slut home and fuck her. Hard!”——————————————————From my point of view, the sex that night was the best Wendy and I had had for years. She was wild and hot… even vocal to some extent. She even used the F… word several times, which she had never done before. However, when I asked her for anal sex, she refused. After I had put two huge loads inside her pussy, I tried to go down on her. Again, she refused to allow oral sex after her vagina was full of cum. She also refused to suck my cock for the same reason… it was coated with cum and her sexual secretions. Nevertheless, even with all the refusals, it was the best sex I had had in years.==============================More Dull RoutineAfter their one wild night of sex and adventure, Wendy settled back into her old conservative self and nothing Jeff did seemed to have any effect on changing the situation.Work at the office was important, but routine. Basically, all a good vice president had to do was make certain he hired the right people for the right jobs, then gave them what they needed to succeed. When they did succeed, Jeff always retired to the wings and became the invisible man while his subordinates took all the bows and received all the kudos. And when they occasionally failed or got less than the result everyone anticipated, Jeff stepped to the front and took all the blame. No one in the firm was at all surprised that Jeff Lemann was the number one man in the organization in terms of accomplishment and value to the firm, and no one was surprised that the Advertising and Marketing Division had the best record of accomplishment in the corporation.Wendy’s trip to corporate headquarters in Chicago arrived, and she was gone for a full week at the conference and another day for travel. Without his beautiful wife, the days were long and boring for Jeff.To make matters even worse, when Wendy did return, she seemed totally preoccupied, out of sorts, and tired most of the time. After a week, Jeff took her to see their internist who did a large battery of tests and examinations only to conclude that Wendy was suffering from exhaustion, lack of sleep, and nervous indigestion that was preventing her from keeping food down. He prescribed a diet of apples, bananas, and other fruit until her system got back to normal. It took another week but she had gradually returned to normal.=============================== Transformation: A few days after Wendy’s recovery, I was having some wine after dinner as I looked through the TV Guide to see if there was anything worth watching. Wendy sat opposite me for over an hour. She never took her eyes of me, but she never said a word. Even when I would look up and smile, she seemed deep in thought. Finally, I began to get nervous. Wendy was obviously deep in thought and I couldn’t keep from worrying about what shemight be thinking.After an hour and a half, she finally spoke. I couldn’t remember ever being this nervous around my wife of 9 years. “Darling,” she began, “how long has it been since you fucked me?”To say I was shocked would be a gross understatement. First, I could never remember Wendy asking me how long it had been since we had had sex. And she certainly had never called it “fucking” before.Finally, I replied. “It’s been a long time. Two days before you left for your Chicago trip, I think, was the last time. You were gone 8 days. Then you were sick for another week after you returned. We saw your internist, and it took you another week to regain your strength. Three days ago, you went back to work… so, it’s been about 27 days since we had sex.””That’s my count too. I’ve been counting while watching you tonight. We haven’t had sex for 27 days, but you haven’t fucked me since that night I let that bastard feel me up at “The Hot Spot” and then take out my tits and play with them. That makes it almost two months since I’ve let you fuck me. That’s disgusting and shameful. You do every thing in the world any woman could ask, and I don’t even spread my legs for you. I’m so… so sorry.””There’s no need for you to feel bad, Honey. I love you, and I love having you as my wife. When you wouldn’t speak tonight, I was so damn nervous that you were going to tell me you’ve found someone else.””That is never… I repeat… NEVER! going to happen. I’ll be back in a moment.”Ten minutes later, Wendy strolled back into our den. She had obviously changed clothes as she now wore a terry cloth bath robe over what looked to be 4-inch platform heels.”From now on, you are never going to go 2 months without fucking me… you are never going to go 2 weeks… and I hope that you never go 2 days. If you liked your old conservative, prim and proper wife, that’s too bad, because I’ve relegated her to the trash heap of history where she should have been years ago. I hope to hell I can make up for the 9 years of hell I’ve put you through. Just please give me a chance.”With that announcement, Wendy dropped her robe, sat down directly in front of me, and spread her legs wide open. She wore a purple teddy, short, black skirt that was hiked up around her hips, a brief purple thong, black stockings and heels. She looked like $1,000 a night call girl. I loved it! I just fucking loved it!!”Oh my god… oh my god,” was all I could stammer. Finally, I managed to gasp, “You have no idea how long I have fantasized and hoped for this.””Yes, I do. I know how long you have wanted a real woman for your wife. That’s why I feel so damn bad. I knew, but I was too stupid and hung up on being proper to care enough about you to be your wife. Well, that is over! If you want me to wear this in public, just tell me. If you want my cunt naked, just inform me that my cunt is going to be naked. Please give me a chance to make it up to you. Please!”I saw a tear running down my wife’s cheek. A moment later I held her in my arms, tenderly kissing her eyes, her cheeks, her lips telling her how much I loved her. Her tears eventually stopped. I drew back from her, smiled warmly, and whispered in her ear, “I’ve never ever heard you use the word ‘cunt’ before. Just hearing you say that has me hard as steel. Take your big tits out. I want to see them naked.””Oooohhhhhhhh god yes! That’s what I want! I want my husband to be in charge just like that.”With one quick motion, my wife pulled the teddy down and exposed both of her big mounds. She cupped them toward me. Pulled her nipples… twisted them, moaning. “Ooohhhhhh…. use my tits, Lover.”I did just that. As I sucked my wife’s nipples, she moaned continuously, thrusting her breasts hard against my mouth. Her hips were undulating, hunching back and forth. After switching back and forth between her nipples several times, they were both red and swollen. She was gasping for breath.”Jezz… I never realized how sensitive your nipples are and how hot you get when they’re sucked and pulled.””Oh shit! That’s all my fault. I would never let you play with them, suck them, pull and twist them because it made me so hot, I was afraid I would lose control.”I began squeezing her large mounds as my mouth and tongue worked back and forth between her nipples. Wendy was groaning, helpless in the throes of passion. “I’m going to cummmmmmmmm… ooohhhh make your slut cummmmmmmmmm…AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG! SUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!”After a couple of minutes, I eased off and let her come back to earth. Her chest was still heaving as she desperately tried to pull oxygen into her tortured lungs. The fact that my hands were still on her big tits, hefting them, flicking my thumb over her nipples wasn’t helping her in her efforts.”I want to see your hot ass. Bend over the table and show it to me.””Oh yes… oh fuck yes!” Wendy yanked her black skirt up around her waist and bent over the table, spreading her feet far, far apart. The she bent over and arched her hips high in the air. “Can you see every thing, Darling. Can you see how wet my cunt is for your cock now?””No. Your thong is in the way. Would you like to sit on the table, steeple your knees, spread wide open and pull that damn thong aside and show me your hot fuck hole?””Oh Darling. I want that more than anything. Why…oh why did you let me behave like such a prudish bitch? Why didn’t you take off your belt and whip my ass until I learned how to be a woman and a wife for you?””I thought about it, but truthfully, I was afraid that you would leave me on the spot if I did something like that. Even without that, I couldn’t bring myself to hurt you.””Well, from now on, Darling. If I ever… ever… start behaving like a selfish prude again, I want you to drag me into the bedroom, take off your belt and whip my ass until I can’t sit down on it. Am I spread wide enough now, Darling? Have I got the thong pulled far enough to one side so you can see how hot and wet my cunt is for you?””You know I’m going to fuck you, don’t you?””Oh I hope so. You can fuck me anytime now, Lover. Anywhere. I don’t care who’s watching you giving it to me. Fuck me anytime you want.””Get up! Take off the thong and bend over the table again. I’m going to fuck your ass and you’re going to hold it open for me.”Wendy’s body trembled in anticipation as she bent over the table and spread her ass cheeks. “Don’t move. I want that asshole on display while I get some lubricant.””Fuck me dry, Lover. I deserve it!””You do, but I intend to use your asshole a lot and I want it in good shape.”Wendy never moved while I got the astroglide. She arched her butt higher when I squirted in a generous amount. As soon as my cock head pressed against her starfish, she began to wail and scream. When I pushed into her, she had an intense orgasm. She came twice more before I poured the first load of my life in my wife’s delicious ass.——————————–After that incredible night, which I didn’t understand in the least, Wendy was a changed woman. She rapidly became the wet-dream wife I had always dreamed of having. She had no end of erotic things to titillate me into having wild sex with her. I spent hours trying to figure out what I haddone that had produced the change without any success. In the end, I just decided to enjoy it and not look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak.The weekend following the “transformation” as I had come to think of it, Wendy suggested we have another evening at “The Hot Spot”. This time, she wore a white top that left half of her breasts exposed, a tight, black skirt and a black thong.As soon as we entered, every male eye in the place were locked onto her big, almost totally exposed tits, and her long, dynamite legs. There wasn’t a man in the place who didn’t think I was with a $1,000-a-night call girl.We ordered drinks, again bourbon with water on the rocks for me, a screwdriver for Wendy. “I have no intention of getting drunk again, Darling. I want to be fully aware of every delicious thing you decide to have me do or do to me.”When we danced, Wendy plastered her body all over mine, gyrating and grinding her pussy up and down the length of my very hard erection. “Put your hands under my skirt and play with me, Darling.””Everyone will see.””I know. I don’t care if you don’t.”A moment later, my fingers were inside her thong sliding back and forth over her gushing slit. Several men watched.When we were back at the table, she whispered, “See the man at the next table.” When I nodded, Wendy said, “He’s staring right at my tits. Should I pull my blouse open so he can see more?””Yes! Do it,” I whispered in my wife’s ear.One after the other, the buttons of her blouse opened until only two buttons below her tits were still fastened. Her big breasts forced her blouse wide so that the only thing covered her chest was her small bra.”Is he looking?” I asked.”What do you think? Of course he’s looking. And he’s squeezing his cock too. I’m sure he would like to see my legs.””Why don’t you sit sideways to the table so that your sexy legs are not concealed under the table?””MMMmmmmmm… Do have any idea how excited this is making me. Are you sure?””Do it. Do it now!”Wendy pushed her chair back and turned so that her legs were facing the other table. She crossed her legs causing her skirt to ride high on her thighs. “He’s looking at my legs now, Honey. I think he’s having trouble deciding whether he wants to stare at my tits or my legs.””What else?””I think he wants to see your wife’s cunt, Honey. And I’m not sure my thong is covering it any longer after the way you played with me on the dance floor.”Now I couldn’t keep from squeezing my cock through my pants. “Damn. That is so hot,” I moaned.”I know it is. I just love being slutty for you like this!” “Do you want me to spread my legs so he can see all the way up to my panties, Honey?”I was torn between my desire to have an erotic, sensuous wife and my reluctance to tell my wife to show her panties and maybe her cunt to a stranger in a club. “I don’t know,” I whispered to her. “I’m just not sure.”I think my wife immediately realized my problem, and she knew the solution. “I think it’s time for you to make a trip to the men’s room, Honey.” When I hesitated, she smiled, “Go on. Just keep an eye on me and be sure you come back in time to save me, Lover.”I nodded, got up and walked toward the men’s room. I could feel the man’s eyes on me as I moved past his table. I was certain that he watched me until I was out of sight. Once inside, I relieved myself, washed my hands and face, then took my time combing my hair. After nearly ten minutes, I ventured back into the club area.I was somewhat surprised to see the man still sitting at his table, but I wasn’t at all surprised to see that my wife now had her legs wide open under that table. Even from my position, I could see the wet, black small strip of cloth that covered her cunt between her wide open legs. The guy at the next table wasn’t more than 10 feet away. I was pretty certain that he could see the wet slit of Wendy’s cunt through the thin material of her thong.When she saw me coming, she closed her legs to alert the guy that her husband was returning. I sat down, and she grinned at me.”What happened?” I whispered softly.”I opened my legs so he could see to the tops of my thighs. That wasn’t enough to satisfy him so he motioned for me to spread my legs even wider. I did, and then he wanted even more. I know you saw how wide open he had me just before you came back to muğla zenci escort the table.””Did it turn you on?””Ooohhh fuck yes! I’m about to cum. Take me somewhere and fuck me, Jeff. I need it! Now!””You sure you don’t want to stay and show off even more?””He wants see my cunt. Do you want me to show it to him?””Do you want to?””I’m already about to cum, Honey. If I show him my cunt, I will cum… hard! Just tell me to take off my thong and spread wide open for him so he can see my hot, wet fuck hole, Darling, and I’ll cum right here in front of everyone. Just be certain to take me out of as soon as I do it. I don’t want anyone in me except you. Ok?”Yes! Oh yes! Go to the ladies room and take off your thong. Come back and show him your hot, wet cunt.”It only took my wife a few minutes before she was back at the table. “Did you take it off?””MMMmmmmm… Did I ever… my juices were seeping down my thighs as I walked back to the table.””Are you showing it to him?””Not yet. I have my legs crossed. Is he looking?””His eyes are right on your legs, Honey. He’s also squeezing his cock.””Tell me when to do it, Jeff. Tell me!””Uncross your legs, Wendy.””Ohhh yes. They’re uncrossed. Is he looking up my skirt?””Oh yeah. He’s even bending over a little to get a better view. Spread wider but not enough for him to see it.””I’m throbbing, Honey. Sooo close.””Show him your cunt and cum, Honey.””AAhhh gawd! AAhhh gawd! AAhhh gawd! AAhhh gawd! I’m cumming… sooo damn hard! I’m cumming.””He’s looking right at your open cunt, Honey.””AAAHHHHH… AAAHHHH… AAAHHHH…”My wife snapped her legs shut and pressed her thighs hard against her clit as it pulsed and danced in and out of its protective hood. I didn’t wait any longer. Dropping $40 on the table for the bar tab and the tip, I pulled my wife to her feet and quickly led her out the side door to the parking lot.Naturally, the guy followed us hoping to get lucky, but after getting my wife inside the car, I quickly drove away as she finger fucked herself beside me on the front seat. We weren’t halfway home when she moaned, “OOOHHH… I can’t wait. Stop somewhere and fuck me! NOW!”I pulled into a dark, deserted park, parked, pulled my moaning wife outside where I bent her over a picnic table and drove my raging cock up her soaked, throbbing cunt. She came instantly, and then three more times before I emptied my balls inside her pussy.———————–On Tuesday of the following week, I was working at my desk at shortly before the lunch break when the phone rang.”Lemann speaking,” I answered.”Hi, Stud. It’s your hot Slut.””MMmmmmm… which one?””Dirty cheating Bastard! The one with the hottest, wettest cunt. That’s which one.””Oh yes. Hi, Wendy. What’s up?””I hope you are, Honey. I parked my car this morning on the top floor of the parking garage. Right now, I’m in the back seat naked except for my stockings and heels. My legs are wide open and I’m going to fuck the first man who finds me here. Top floor… parking garage… better hurry, Honey or you’ll be having sloppy seconds.” She hung up.Racing through to the connecting walkway to the parking garage, I practically ran to the elevator. I was trying to decide if I should take the stairs or wait for the elevator. I was just about to take the stairs when the elevator doors opened. Jumping inside, I pushed the button for the top floor. There were four other men on the elevator. One got off on floor three, and another on floor four. The last guy went all the way to the top floor, and we exited the elevator together.I saw Wendy’s car and started toward it at the same time as the other guy did. Briefly, I wondered if my wife had called another man to race me to her wet, open cunt, but the other guy walked right past Wendy’s car and got into the one on the other side, with one vacant space in between.As soon as I opened the back door to Wendy’s car, I saw she was exactly in the position she had described, naked except for hose and heels, spread out wide on the back seat with one leg over the back of the front seat. If the other man had looked in the back window of her car, who knows what would have happened.As things turned out, I pulled down my pants and briefs to release my raging erection, mounted my hot wife, and nailed it into her waiting cunt on the first stroke. She wailed at the top of her lungs attracting the attention of the other man. He got out of his car and looked in the window. Wendy didn’t even slow down the wild fuck motions of her ass nor turn down the volume of her screams each time my cock slammed into the bottom of her cunt.When Wendy saw that we had an audience, I felt the hard contractions of her cunt around my driving prick. “Ooohh Baby, there’s a guy watching you fucking me… he’s got his cock out… he jacking off while you fuck me… ooohhhh give it to me. Hard. Ram that big whang into my hot pussy, Lover. Make me cum”The man outside the car heard every hot word my wife said. As Wendy exploded in her second orgasm, my cock erupted and spewed a huge load deep inside her throbbing vagina. When I pulled out, she spread her legs even wider and thrust her pussy high so he could see how stretched and open her cunt was. A thick stream of semen seeped from her gaping hole.”Oh Man! That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” the guy moaned, his cock jerking wildly in his hand. His seven-inch cock was sticking straight up with precum running down the shaft. “Can I fuck you?” he asked hopefully.”I’m sorry, Honey. I’m not cheating. This is my husband. I was just hot for his cock and couldn’t wait until he came home.”The man looked at Jeff and said, “You are the luckiest man on the planet to have a wife like her. I’d give my right testicle if my wife would do things like this.””I know,” I said. “And thanks. I’m sorry we got you all excited, but I don’t share my wife.””I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t either. He looked at Wendy and asked, “Would it be Ok if I jerk off and cum?” Then he looked at me asked me the same question.Wendy looked at me and I nodded. “My husband says it’s Ok. But it’s only Ok with me if you shoot that big load all over my cunt, belly, and tits. If you waste it on the ground, I’m going to be very, very angry.”The guy opened the back door, and I moved out of the way to give him some room. Kneeling between my wife’s gaping legs, he began to stroke his cock as Wendy arched her cunt high.”Ohhhhhh, I’m about to shoot it,” he groaned.In response, Wendy jacked her legs high in the air and pulled her knees back against her tits making her cunt hole an open inviting target for his sex gun. The first two huge streams fired out and drenched my wife’s cunt. When he moved forward to pump the rest of the load over her belly and tits, my wife’s hand replaced his around his throbbing shaft. Aiming as she jerked his rod, several more loads spewed over Wendy’s belly and tits. When it was over, her cunt, belly, and tits were covered with the monstrous cum load.====================================== Rumors: At first I was afraid that my new wife would revert back to her former self, but that didn’t happen. After two months, she was still the wife of my dreams. Every thing was perfect. That is, it was perfect until the golf game with one of my closest friends in the Advertising and MarketingDivision.Barton Coverly and I generally play golf every Sunday unless something arises and one of us has to cancel. On this particular Sunday, we were having a beer in the club house after the first nine holes when Barton fell silent for a protracted period.”What’s wrong?” I asked. “Something bothering you?””Yeah. There is something I think I need to tell you, but frankly, I don’t know how to start. It’s very personal and except for the fact that you’re one of the best friends I have in the world, I wouldn’t even consider mentioning it as it’s not really my business.””Well, go ahead. How bad can it be anyway?””It’s certainly not good. But, Ok. Here’s goes. Have you heard the rumors or not. If so, I’ll say no more.””What rumors?””I guess you haven’t heard. I don’t for a moment believe them, but they are circulating all over the Division and by this time, I would guess to other divisions as well.””Oh, come on Barton. Out with it! What are these rumors?””Ok. There are several different rumors circulating that your wife, Wendy, is cheating on you.””Are you serious?””Jeff, you know me well enough to know that I would never, ever joke about anything like this. And you know that I would never circulate rumors. When others tell me these things, I say that’s bullshit! That there’s no truth in any of it. But the rumors persist and get wilder.””Such as? Tell me specifically what the rumors are.””Ok. One rumor is the one I just told you. Wendy is cheating on you… having sex with several different men when you are out of town or even occasionally when you’re at work. Another rumor is that she’s having an affair with someone in the firm. a third is that when she goes out of town, someone, different guys, are in her bed every evening. I think you get the picture.””Well, there’s no truth in that shit! There can’t be. Wendy and I are having the best sex of our marriage now… the best ever! She’s a wild woman in bed and we’re doing it at least once a day and often more than that. It’s just fabulous… my hottest fantasies all coming true. If she were fucking all those other men, there’s no way she could hide it when we’re having that much sex.””Hey! I never ever believed any of the rumors. I just thought someone needed to tell you what some people are saying. Apparently, you’ve angered somebody who thinks this is a way to get back at you.””Would you mind telling me who told you these rumors?””Well, at least a dozen different people. About half men… half women. Most of the persons who have told me say they don’t believe any of the rumors. I have no idea who started them, when, or why. The only thing I can do is let you know they exist so you can be prepared to deal with the situation.””Ok. Thanks, Barton for giving me a heads up.”—————————-Although I didn’t believe a word of the rumors, there was no way I could keep myself from thinking about them and casually checking on my wife’s actions to see if anything pointed to her cheating on me. There really was nothing. She was home when she was supposed to be home; she was incredibly hot and responsive in bed; she never flirted with other men unless I asked her to do it.Of course, I was aware that if she were doing it when I was out of town or when she was, there would be nothing for me to catch. But, I simply didn’t believe it. Wendy was deeply in love with me and me with her. Even more than ever since her “transformation.” After a day of thinking about the situation, I dismissed it as the work of a disgruntled employee.The next week, Wendy had to be out of town on firm business for Thursday through Saturday evening. Around 7 PM, Thursday evening the door bell rang. When I opened the door, Faye Cantlin said, “Hi, Jeff. Are you busy? Can I come in?”What could I say? Faye was one of our most effective sales reps partially because she knew the business and was very knowledgeable about the product lines and partially because she was a beautiful and sexy woman. Her dark complexion made her look even more desirable and sultry. Besides all that, she was divorced and, therefore, available.”Sure. I’m just having a snack. Wendy is out of town on firm business. Would you like something to eat or drink?””A glass of wine would be nice if you have it.””No problem. Red or white? Dry or sweet?””Red, sweet, but not too sweet.””Coming right up.” A couple of minutes later I brought in a bottle of zinfandel, poured her a glass, and set the opened bottle on the table.When I had returned from the kitchen, Faye was sitting in one of the lounge chairs in the den with her legs crossed showing a wide expanse of thigh. When she leaned over to pick up her glass of wine, I was treated to a very generous view of her breasts. She was one gorgeous woman, no doubt about it. And although I deeply loved my beautiful and sensuous wife, I’m still a man, and men get hard when they see shapely legs and tits on a hot, sexy woman. I was no exception.”Well, Faye, What’s up? Is there a problem I can help you with?””Jeff, I don’t see any point in beating around the bush, so let me come right to the point. Is that OK?”When I nodded, Faye continued. “I’ve heard all about how Wendy is stepping out on you, and I think you’re very well aware of the fact that I’ve been attracted to you for a long time. I know you remember my attempt to seduce you a couple of years ago. You turned me down because you didn’t want to cheat on Wendy, but you were a perfect gentleman about it. I know that you’ve never told anyone about my hitting on you. Well, now that your wife is cheating on you, I want you to know that I’m still more than just a little interested. And I want you to know that I can be just as discrete as you’ve been. How about it? Are you interested?”Faye crossed and recrossed her legs allowing her skirt to ride even higher on her thighs. I stared at her legs and smiled, “You are an incredibly gorgeous woman. And I do love your legs. Wow!”Faye smiled seductively. “Would you like to see more of them? I’m wearing very sexy, sheer black panties. Want to see them?”My cock got even harder, and when I told her that, she beamed. “But,” I continued, “I want to be as open and as honest with you as you’ve been with me. Ok?”Faye shook her head in agreement. “If my wife is cheating on me with several other men as the rumors suggest, then I am definitely interested. I’m a virile, lusty male and I would love to fuck you… a lot. But only if Wendy is cheating on me, and I don’t think she is, but I can’t be certain. Before I go off and do something foolish, I have to be certain, one way or the other.””That’s reasonable and fair,” Faye responded.”Good. I need some information from you if you don’t mind.””Certainly. How can I help?””Can you tell me where the rumors started? And can you be more specific about what Wendy is supposed to be doing?””I don’t know where they started, Jeff. Really. I have no idea. The secretaries were all gossiping about them one morning and I asked what was the hot gossip that had them all so excited. That’s where I first heard them. Since then, I heard the sales reps all talking about Wendy… mostly talking about how they would love to fuck her since she’s spreading it around now. I’ve also heard it mentioned by the vice president in Wendy’s division, Marlon Hawkins.””Ok. It’s seems that the rumors are all over the firm now. What is the substance of them. Anything specific?””A little. The scoop is that Wendy has several men who fuck her when she’s out of town, like she is right now. I heard the secretaries speculating this afternoon about who was most likely to be the lucky guy tonight. Another rumor is that Hawkins is screwing her. One rumor has her visiting clubs when either you or she is out of town and letting strangers pick her up for sex.””Faye, right now, Wendy and I are having the greatest sex we’ve ever had in the nine years we’ve been married. She is a ball of fire in bed… I mean wild and hot and always ready. We have sex usually twice a day. It’s just impossible for her to be having sex with all those other men and still be that wild when we’re together.””That’s not correct, Jeff. I’m sorry, but it’s just not. It would be absolutely true if you were the one cheating. If you had several women on the side and were fucking them 4 and 5 times a week or so, you wouldn’t be able to satisfy your wife, and she would figure out what you were doing very quickly. But a woman is a lot more sensual and sexy than a man. She can have multiple orgasms during sex and can satisfy multiple men every day. Men like to think they are the ones with the huge sex drive, but in reality, a woman’s sex drive is much greater. It’s just harder to excite her initially, but once she’s excited, watch out!””Well, do you have any suggestions?” As I asked the question, I was not unaware that Faye was gradually spreading her legs so that I could see more and more of her thighs.”Have you searched her dresser drawers and her closet for a diary or maybe for erotic clothing that you’ve never seen before… or checked for cum stains in the crotch of panties when she comes back from a trip?””No, none of those.””I suggest that you do. And you might talk to the guys in the physical plant.””Why?” Faye’s legs were now wide open, her sheer black panties on display. My cock was hard as iron from staring into her luscious sex saddle.”One of the other rumors is that they have a DVD taken with a hidden camera of your wife with a guy. They don’t know you so maybe they’ll let you see it… if the rumor is correct. If you see her getting laid on camera, you’ll know for certain.””There’s really a film of Wendy being fucked?” I asked, the shock obvious in my voice.”That’s what I’ve been told. A guy in the physical plant said the woman on the DVD is a sexy, long-haired, platinum blonde. Don’t know for sure as I haven’t seen the DVD. You should consider either hiring a private detective or setting up your own surveillance system. You’re got the money do to all that.””Thanks, Faye. I won’t hire a private detective to spy on my wife, but I will definitely look into your other suggestions.” I stood up to suggest that she ought to take her leave, but Faye had other ideas. Instead of getting out of the chair, she reached down and pulled the crotch of her sheer panties aside exposing her wet pussy.”Jeff, your wife is probably being fucked right now as we speak. I’ve been hot for you for two years, and right now, my pussy is wet and throbbing, as you can see. Are you certain that you wouldn’t like to go to the bedroom with me? If you find out that Wendy’s not cheating, it will be our secret forever. If you get bad news about her behavior, I’m here for you if you want me.””Damn you, Faye. You’ve got me so hard it hurts. But I’m not going to cheat on Wendy until I find out about the rumors. Jezz… what a body you have! I would love to see your tits so I can think about you when I masturbate tonight.””Will you really masturbate tonight thinking about me?””You’ve got me so hard and hot, how could I not?””Oohhh Fuck!” she moaned as her fingers moved over her clitoris. Her body shuddered as she stripped off both her skirt and top. Once the top and skirt were lying on the floor, she yanked her bra down and posed for me. I felt like I might cum in my pants.============================= Investigations: As soon as Faye left, I sat down at my desk in the study and began making a list of things that I needed to do. The first item on the list was to check Wendy’s closet and her dresser drawers for a diary or otherincriminating evidence.Wendy wasn’t due home until late Saturday night, so I had plenty of time to do a thorough search. I began by removing every thing from her closet. One-by-one I checked all her clothes and found nothing. I had seen all the clothes before. Next I checked the drawers and shelves inside the closet, again finding nothing. I even got a small ladder and opened the entryway to our attic that was in the ceiling of her closet. A cloud of dust greeted me. It was obviously that no one had been up there in years.It took almost an hour to replace every thing in the closet as I had found it. Next on the search agenda was her dresser drawers. They were full of bras, panties, hose, a few slips, jewelry, and make up. While some of the lingerie was very sexy, it wasn’t new and she had worn every thing for me at one time or another. There were no cum stains on anything.The bottom most drawer of her dresser is almost flush to the floor. As such, it’s very difficult to reach. If anything is stored there, a person has to get on their hands and knees to retrieve it. For this reason, I knew it was only used for storage of items that are rarely used.I had almost decided to ignore that drawer when it occurred to me that its very inaccessibility would make it an ideal hiding place. So, getting down on my hands and knees, I opened the drawer and began to search. I had to remove a lot of junk before I found it.In the very back part of the drawer, I found a box with the Victoria’s Secret logo. I opened it and saw a wide array of sheer transparent bra and panties. Some of the bras had holes cut out for the nipples. None was large enough to cover more than a third of Wendy’s large tits, and at least half were demi bras that did nothing but push the tits up and out without covering either of the nipples. I had never seen her wear any of the items.If the bras were erotic, the panties were obscene. Over half were thongs that completely exposed her ass. When I looked closer, I realized that the tiny triangle of material in front wasn’t close to large enough to conceal all of Wendy’s cunt. Just a little movement would cause the tiny triangle to slip into her cunt slit and expose everything. Like the bras, I had never seen Wendy wear any of the panties in the box.All of the stockings were of the thigh-high variety. Some were fishnets; others were seamed; still others were patterned. A few pair required a garter belt, and the box contained three belts, all small, all sexy, all slut wear.There were two teddies, one black, one red. Both left the wearer’s tits and cunt completely exposed. Wendy had never worn either of them for me.At the bottom of the box was a sales slip from Victoria’s Secret dated two weeks previously. To say I was upset and worried would have been a gross understatement. But in spite of that, I realized I had a very hard erection.—————————–I kept my word to Faye that evening and jerked off twice thinking about her while trying to put the image of my wife being fucked out of my mind. I had just started stroking my cock for a second time when the phone rang. It was Faye.”Hi, you sexy stud. Did you do it? Are you doing it?””Yes. I’ve done it once and have started a second time.””Ooohhh fuck! That’s just too wild. Just a moment. Don’t hang up. Please.”I waited a few minutes as I continued to slowly stroke my rigid erection. Finally, Faye was back. “Sorry to keep you waiting, Honey. I had to take off my clothes. I’m naked now except for my sheer panties. I like getting myself off while wearing them… It’s so sexy and hot. What are you thinking about? Tell me… every thing.””I thinking about your hot pussy, Faye. About sinking this big hard cock into you … fucking you… filling your hot pussy with a huge cum load. Are you on the pill?””Mmmmmmmm… yes… on the pill, but for you, Jeff, I’ll go off of it so can screw my unprotected cunt, Lover. Anytime you want.””What are you doing now?””I’m fucking my pussy with two fingers and rubbing my clit. It’s so hard, Honey. I’m imagining that the two fingers are your cock fucking me… now breeding me that I know you want to cum in my unprotected cunt. AAAaahhhh… my clit is throbbing… did you search the Wendy’s closet? Drawers? Tell me, Lover.””Searched every where. Nothing in her closet, but a huge box of hot lingerie… bras, thongs, panties, teddies, garter belts, stockings none of which I’ve ever seen her wear. All from Victoria’s Secret.””Ooohhh Baby. You gotta know she wearing some of those things in bed right now while some hard cocked stud is plowing her hot throbbing cunt. OOoohhhh… I’m about to cum, Honey. Are you jacking off hard now?””I’m almost there, Faye. How do you think she’s being fucked?””What’s her favorite position?””Doggy or missionary with her legs up and back…cunt wide open.””Wendy’s on the bed in her hotel room… wearing fuck-me heels, garter belt, stockings… nothing else. Her head’s on the bed, her ass is arched high in the air. Some stud with a 9-inch cock is slamming it into your wife’s hot fuck hole… aaaahhhhhhhhh… I’m cummminggg…. Jeff… I’m cumminggggg!!””I’m between your legs, Faye… ramming my 8-inches of hard man meat into your throbbing cunt hole… deep… hard… ooohhh Man… I’m going to cum…. gonna breed your cunt, Faye… HERE IT CUMS, SLUT… TAKE MY LOAD!”Nothing but moans could be heard on both ends of the line.——————————-On Friday, I delegated a lot of the day’s business and took off around noon. My first stop was the Physical Plant. I knew a guy named Hank Carlisle, so I looked up his office number and had the secretary call to see if he had time to talk with me.”Mr. Lemann, Mr. Carlisle says he’s free and to come on back. It’s all the way down the hall and then to your right. Room 468.””Thank you. I appreciate your help.”It was easy to locate Hank’s office. As soon as I entered, he got up to greet me and offered me a cup of coffee, which I accepted.”So what’s up, Jeff? Anything I can help you with?””Maybe. I have an unusual request, and I need to know if we can regard this conversation as private… just between you and me?””Not a problem, Jeff. And you know me. I keep my word. Don’t talk out of school.””I know. That’s why I came to you. Here’s the deal. I have some information that suggests that some guys in the Physical Plant have a really hot DVD of a sexy platinum blonde getting fucked. I’ve heard that the woman is either with the firm or is fucking some guy who is. Is that information correct?””Yeah, it is, at least partially. I know. I’ve seen the DVD, and she’s really built and fucks like a hot whore. But I don’t know the guy who’s giving it to her. Listen, you’ve been a good friend to me the guys in this unit over the years, but I think I need to tell you that the woman in the DVD looks like your wife. Now remember, I’ve only seen your wife a couple of times at parties, so there’s no way I can be sure, but she certainly looks like her. And you know there’s a lot of rumors circulating that she’s playing around.””Can I get hold of that DVD so I can see it? I would need it for one evening.””I know the guy that has it. Not sure if he would be willing to part with it though.””How about if you vouch for me… letting him know that it will be returned early the next day. To help persuade him, I’m willing to provide a rental fee for the DVD and a finder’s fee for you… say $100 for each of you?””No… not Ok. I don’t want to take your money, Jeff, when you need some help. You’ve helped plenty of my friends in the past. How about I offer the guy $100. If he takes it, we’re cool. If he hesitates, I escalate the offer slowly up to a maximum of $200 for one evening. And I will vouch for you.””That’s great, Hank. And thanks. I won’t forget this.””I should have it for you early Monday morning. I’ll talk to the guy today. Come by around 9 AM.”———————————Later that afternoon, I paid a visit to the firm’s audio-visual department. By the time I left, I had a dozen miniature digital cameras and audio microphones along with the computer equipment required to record and play back the results. I didn’t even have to rent the equipment, and I had it checked out for a month. Being a vice-president opens a lot of doors.I spent most of the rest of Friday afternoon and evening hiding the cameras and microphones in various locations in our home. Obviously, my first target was the master bedroom. Then I covered the guest bedroom in case my wife had enough feeling for me not to fuck another man in our bed. The couches in the den are hot, erotic places to fuck… Wendy and I had used them many times, so I placed several cameras and mics at strategic locations in the den. Finally, I put a few in unlikely, but possible, places like the kitchen, the garage, the whirlpool bath in the master bedroom’s bathroom, and living room.Each unit was capable of recording continuously for 24 hours so all I would have to do was check the results each day, save them to a DVD disk if I wanted to, or just let them be erased by the recording from the next 24 hours.Later that night, I thought about calling Faye for another phone sex session, but decided against it since I doubted that I could resist if she just came over, stripped, and asked me to fuck her.—————————-Wendy came home a little after noon on Saturday, as expected. I was waiting for her when she came in the door. Without hesitation, she dropped her bags, and rushed to my arms. We were still kissing and feeling each other’s body 10 minutes later.”God, I’ve missed you, Wendy,” I moaned into her open mouth.For an answer, her hips thrust against my erection, and then up and down as she rubbed her slit against my entire length. “I want this in me… deep inside me… Let me take a quick shower. Give me 15 minutes and then let’s spend the rest of the afternoon in bed.”Wendy pulled herself out of my arms, picked up her suitcase, and headed into the master bedroom. “Need some help with the suitcase, Honey?” I asked.”No. I didn’t take much. It’s not very heavy, Honey. Give me just 15 minutes. Don’t be late, Lover,” she hissed seductively.I waited only until I heard the shower running. As soon as I entered the bedroom, I saw that Wendy had unpacked her suitcase. Wasting no time, I pulled out the bottom drawer of her dresser, removed the items in front, and looked at the back of the drawer. In addition to the box from Victoria’s Secret, there was now a plastic bag beside it. When I pulled it out and looked inside, I saw four pairs of panties, two sexy bras, and two pair of stockings wadded up inside.All the garments were like the new ones in the box from Victoria’s, except these had been worn. And the crotch of every pair of panties was stained and crusted with dried semen and my wife’s cuntal juices. The bras and stockings also had some cum stains on them where the man or men had ejaculated over my wife’s tits and legs. The sexual aroma was unmistakable. Judging from the amount of dried cum present, Wendy had either been screwed by several men each time she wore one of the pairs of panties or she had gotten laid by an incredibly randy stud who had pumped huge quantities of cum up her cunt and ass.Quickly, I held up each item so that its image would be recorded on the hidden cameras. After that, I replaced every thing as it was, put the bag back into the drawer beside the Victoria’s box, closed the dresser drawer, and went back to the den to wait until 15 minutes had elapsed.When I came in naked after 15 minutes, my wife was waiting for me on the top of the bed, stark naked except for her heels, which she knew I liked for her to wear when we were going to have a hot fucking session. As I approached the bed, she jacked her legs high and spread them.”See anything you’d like to fuck, Stud?”Her hot cunt gaped open, wet and ready. Even though I was certain that she was cheating on me and that she had probably fucked by several cocks during the last two days, I was still wild to have her. When I moved into her sex saddle, her legs wrapped around my waist like a vise, her hips thrust her cunt up against my raging erection, and she yowled, “YES! OH FUCK ME WITH THE THING! THIS IS ALL I’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT FOR TWO DAYS… GIVE IT TO ME, JEFF. OH HURRY! I’LL CUM AS SOON AS YOU FUCK IT INTO ME!”I fucked my rigid rod into her wildly contracting cunt, and she did cum on the first stroke. Her vagina literally erupted in hard, repeated contractions around my pounding cock. Wendy screamed and hissed over and over each time I stroked her throbbing cunt.I came in a huge gush in less than five minutes… like a school boy in his first pussy. But amazingly, she was so hot and I was so excited by her body that my rod didn’t even get soft. I just kept fucking her through a series of orgasms.Wendy lowered her legs onto my shoulders, and I leaned into her, driving my prick deep into her squishing sex hole. Every time the cock piston hammered into her sex cylinder, my first load and her juices were being churned into a thick white fuck froth that coated my cock and balls and her entire pussy. The feeling of her vagina pulsing and throbbing around me was indescribably delicious.When I could hold the load no longer, Wendy tightened her cunt around me and literally milked the load into her hungry cunt. This time, my cock did soften and slowly slip from her pussy.We rested for a half hour, laughing and playing with each other. She teasingly asked me if I had gotten any pussy while she was away. I thought of the phone sex with Faye but decided that didn’t count and said no. “How about you? Did you get any?””Well, Honey, a woman can always get laid if she wants it, but no, I didn’t get any either so you need to get that big cock up again, I still need more.””I’m still shot down, I’m afraid.””Not for long, Lover. Not for long.” With that statement, my wife moved down and took my cock in her mouth. For the next 15 or so minutes, she sucked and licked every square inch of my rod, deep throating me again and again. After 10 minutes, I was hard as stone, and she was having trouble deep throating all 8 inches.Pulling her mouth off my cock, she moved to the edge of the bed and let her head hang over the edge with her mouth wide open. “Stand by the side of the bed, Darling, and mouth fuck me.”In this position, her mouth and throat formed a straight tube and it was simple for her to let me slide my entire length into her throat again and again as she sucked and used her tongue all over my organ.”God! Get on your knees, Honey. Head on the bed. Ass up! I’ve got to fuck you again. Wendy got in doggy position and arched her ass high in the air. I nailed my hard shaft into her. The feeling of her wet, cum-filled vagina sliding down my length almost made me cum, and it did make her begin to moan. Ten minutes of hard fucking into her waiting cunt drove my wife over the edge.It was music to my ears to hear her screaming, “Oooohh SHIT! WHAT A COCK! WHAT A MAN! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE… OOOHHH PLEASE…DON’T STOP…DON’T STOP… I’M CUMMINGG…. CUMMINGG…”We stayed in bed fucking and sucking each other until after dark. I had four orgasms, and Wendy must have cum 10 or 15 times. It seemed like she was always in the midst of another orgasm. Finally, I could take no more.Rolling over onto my back, I moaned, “Got to stop, Wendy. You’re too much woman for one man tonight.””Bull shit! You’re the only man I’m ever going to need, Lover. Nobody… ever has rung my bell like you do. Like you just did 15 times.”Even with the evidence right in front of me in the form of those cum-stained panties of hers, it was hard to believe that my wife was screwing all those men and could still produce the incredible sex we had both just enjoyed.———————————More Evidence:As soon as I reached my office on Monday morning, I placed a call to Hank Carlisle. “Good morning, Hank. Jeff here. Were you able to close a deal on the item we discussed?””Got it right here, Jeff, and I’ve viewed it to be certain that it’s the same DVD I saw previously. It is. And I’ve good some more good news, the guy took the $100, didn’t even hint that he wanted more.””Fantastic. Is your source comfortable with my returning the item tomorrow morning?””Absolutely. He even suggested that you could keep it longer at $20 a day.””Even better. I don’t think the extra time will be needed, but it’s good to know that I have it if necessary. I’ll come over right now to pick up the item. And, thank you, Hank. I owe you one. Big time!”———————-After I left Hank’s office with the DVD safely locked in my brief case, I made another stop at the audio-visual group and used one of their DVD copiers to make two duplicate copies of the DVD. Naturally, with people all around, I didn’t take the chance of viewing it there.Before I got away that morning, Barton Coverly came by my office. “Got a moment?” he asked from the doorway.”For you, anytime. What’s up?”Barton closed the door and sat beside my desk close enough that he could speak softly and still be heard. “Have you done anything about the rumors I told you about?””I’m investigating. I’ve found some evidence… no, more than some… I’ve found a muğla escort sex hikaye lot of evidence that the rumors may be true. But I’m not certain yet.””Well, you know that Wendy was with Hawkins and the rest of the staff on a site visit to Kansas on Thursday and Friday. The word is now circulating that she spent the night both evenings with two men in their motel room. According to the rumor, it was the same two men both nights in the same motel room. One version is that they were college students from the University of Kansas. Another is that she picked up two guys at a club Thursday evening who took her to their motel and then spent all night and the next day and night screwing her. As usual, there’s no evidence, just rumor.””Any idea of the original source of the rumor?””Actually, in this case, several people told me that they first heard it from Curt Steers. He’s Hawkins’ assistant.””Yeah. I’ve met him a few times. Impresses me as a yes-man toddy for Hawkins.””I’d say that’s a pretty good five-word description of the man. That alone should make you think more than twice about believing any of this.””Thanks, Barton. I’m not taking any rash actions.””Good. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.”—————————-Driving home early that afternoon, I considered Barton’s new information. Having two men screwing her both night in their motel room would certainly explain the four pair of cum-soaked panties Wendy had hidden in the bottom drawer of her dresser. I decided if the DVD showed Wendy being fucked, there wouldn’t be much doubt any longer.It was 2 PM when I arrived at our home. Wendy wouldn’t get in from work until slightly after 5:00, so I had at least two and a half hours. Before viewing the DVD, I decided to take a look at what was on the surveillance cameras from Sunday and today.With the motion sensors I had installed to activate the system, there wasn’t a huge amount of recordings that I had to scan. Turning off the sound, I put the play back on fast forward and started. It took a little over 30 minutes to scan every thing. Except for the wild fucking sessions Wendy and I had had Saturday afternoon and then twice more on Sunday, there was nothing of interest. If Wendy had seen someone on Sunday when I was on the golf course or any other time, she hadn’t done it on our house. In fact, she hadn’t done anything in our house, not even masturbate a little.I was about to return to the den to view the DVD when I realized that the fact that there was nothing on the video recordings was itself odd. Changing directions, I went into the master bedroom and again examined the contents of the bottom dresser drawer. The box from Victoria’s was in the same location and so was the plastic bag with the cum-soaked panties and cum-stained bras and stockings. Looking inside, I saw the dirty lingerie was still inside.Of course, I knew that the plastic bag would still be where I had found it Saturday afternoon. If Wendy had taken it out to wash the clothes and put them back into the Victoria’s box, that would have been on the video recordings. When it wasn’t, it was obvious that the incriminating evidence was still in the drawer.I sat down to think. Why was that evidence still in the drawer? Wendy had had almost five hours on Sunday while I was playing golf to wash the clothes and remove the evidence, but had not bothered to do so. Now, my wife didn’t advance to group leader in manufacturing by being stupid, and leaving that evidence where I might accidentally find it certainly qualified as “stupid”. After 10 minutes or so of thought, I still had no clue. Giving up for the moment on this mystery, I returned to the den to watch the DVD.The opening scene on the video recording showed the inside of a motel room somewhere. The furnishings made it clear that this was certainly not a room in a four- or five-star hotel. It was also clear that this was not to be a professionally made film. The lighting was poor, not only in magnitude but also in direction.As I watched, I realized that the camera must be hidden like those that I had placed around the house Saturday morning. This was obvious from the fact that the field of vision shown by the video was fixed and there was no motion of the camera itself. Whoever was on the film didn’t realize that they were on “candid camera”.There was about five minutes of video showing nothing but the empty motel room before the principals arrived on the scene, one man and one woman. From the rear, the woman appeared to be about Wendy’s height and weight. She had long, platinum blonde hair exactly like my wife. When she reached the bed, the woman turned to show her profile. The huge 38D breasts stood out like twin cannons on her chest, exactly like Wendy’s do. She was wearing a short skirt with a top that exposed half of her large breasts. I had seen it many times on my wife. Her legs were bare above the 4-inch fuck-me heels that I loved seeing Wendy wear.The man with her was somewhere in his late 20s or early 30s, about 6 ft in height, 180 lbs or so, with a muscular, well-toned body. His dark, wavy hair and dark complexion gave him a devilish look that I knew Wendy really liked. I thought back to Ramon that night at “The Hot Spot”. He wore tight jeans with a substantial bulge. As far as I could remember, I had never seen him before.Finally, the woman turned toward the camera and, although the lighting was very poor, I could see her face. I had seen the narrow, Scandinavian nose and blue eyes many times. Wendy looked gorgeous with half of her tits and most of her thighs exposed.The guy wasn’t satisfied with seeing just half of her big melons. Although somewhat raspy, there wasn’t must problem hearing him say, “Take out your tits, Baby. I can’t wait to see those big jugs of yours.” On the screen, the platinum blonde lowered the top of her dress exposing both of her large breasts. Even on the poor quality video, I could see that her nipples were hard, swollen, and excited.The stud walked to the side of the bed, his crotch level with Wendy’s mouth. “Take it out, Babe. Take out my big cock and suck it!” He unbuckled his jeans and waited.The blonde unzipped him and pulled the tight jeans down his thighs. As he wore no underwear, his thick cock surged out… rigid, throbbing, precum seeping from its large purple helmet. Wendy wrapped her hand around him and began to jack off the shaft as she slid her lips over the head. She gagged and then grunted as the man began face fucking his cock rapidly in and out of her mouth.After several minutes of sucking, the guy pulled what looked like a seven-inch cock out of my wife’s throat and ordered her to get naked. Both of them rapidly removed their clothes. As soon as Wendy was naked except for her black thong, the guy shoved her onto her back on the bed. “Spread wide, you hot Bitch.”She spread-eagled herself on the bed but that didn’t satisfy him. “Come on, Slut! Show me your hot cunt and ass. You know the position. I’ve fucked you in it often enough. Get those legs up in the air and pull those fucking knees back toward those big fuck jugs!”She didn’t hesitate. Her legs flew up and her hands pulled them back until her cunt and ass holes were fully exposed. Even then, he wanted it opened wider. ‘Get those fingers down on that hot fuck hole, Baby. Open it up for me. Show me where you want my big cock!”My wife pulled open her cunt and groaned, “In here, Stud. Up my married cunt hole. Please, Baby. I need it. Stick it in my pussy… please. Make me cum!”She didn’t even sound like my wife she was so hot and wild. The man moved to the edge of the bed and she arched her hips high… “OOOOoohhhhh fuck me! FUCK IT IN HERE, STUD… UP MY CUNT!”By this time, I had my own cock out stroking it as I watched the man move between my wife’s thighs deep into her sex saddle. Wendy frantically reached between her thighs and aligned the sex spike with the opening to her cunt. “AAGGHHHHHHHHH…. YESSSSSSS… RIGHT THERE! RIGHT THERE, STUD! FUCK IT INNNNNNNNNN!”Seven inches of cock drove into my wife’s waiting cunt. She howled when it bottomed out against her womb. For the next ten minutes, he rammed her cunt with rapid hard thrusts that had Wendy screaming as her feet jerked in the air and her big tits flopped back and forth on her chest in response to the fierce fucking she was receiving. I thought she had two orgasms before the guy pulled his cock out and ordered her to mount him.Once on top, Wendy’s ass went into overdrive… hammering up and down the rigid spike again and again. When she began to cum, she let him know it. “OOOOhhhhh shit… you big fucking bastard. You’re making me cum again… oooohhhhhh gawd, my husband would kick my ass out if he knew how much you were fucking me. Give it to me…harder… faster… I’m cumminggggggggggggg!!”——————Halfway through the DVD, the guy had already shot one huge cum load up my wife’s cunt and now had her on her hands and knees working his whang up her asshole. She howled and begged him to go slow… easy. He ignored her of course. As soon as he had forced the big head past her sphincter into her ass, he rammed it forward and sank his entire length into her butt in just a couple of hard strokes. She screamed and bucked, but there was no possible way for her to dislodge the rutting male who now had his cock buried to the hilt up her ass.Gradually, her wailing turned to passionate gasps… then to the hissing noises of a female about to cum. Her fingers were working frantically over her clitoris and in and out of her pussy. All my wife could do as she took the hard, unrelenting ass fucking was make unintelligible grunts, grabbled noises, and cum.”I’m almost there, Slut. You ready to suck out my load?””No… please, cum in my ass. I don’t want to suck it after you’ve been in my ass.””Too bad, Baby. The cock’s going in your mouth hole. Get ready to suck!”The man held my wife’s hips and slammed a series of hard strokes all the way in and then all the way out… back and forth. Suddenly, he ripped his throbbing, hugely inflated cock out of Wendy’s asshole and moved up to her face.”Open your fucking mouth hole, Slut. Wide open!”He pushed his cockhead against her lips and my wife’s mouth dutifully opened and sucked in six inches of hard ejaculating cock. After a couple of minutes of sucking, I saw the man’s buttocks clenching as he poured in his load. Several streams ran out the corners of Wendy’s mouth forming viscous rivers of semen that slowly made their way down her cheeks.The last ten minutes or so of the DVD showed my wife in doggy position with the man’s cock deep inside her stretched out cunt. He held her hips as he fucked her so hard her dangling tits were flopping back and forth like overheated pendulums.”Gonna cream your face with this load, Wendy. Your face and your big tits. You ready for the load, Baby?”My wife nodded and the last scene on the DVD showed my wife cupping her big tits for her lover as he shot stream after stream of semen all over them. When his sex gun was firing blanks, he rolled onto the bed on his back. My wife joined him a moment later and soon fell into a deep sleep.In the final scene, the guy got up, retrieved the hidden camera and while my wife slept, took close up shots of her cum-covered tits and then finally a close up shot of her widely stretched and slowly throbbing cunt.When the screen went blank. I needed a drink. A big drink.—————————-I was nursing my second drink still stunned by what I had seen. It was extremely hard for me to believe that Wendy would do the things I had seen her doing on the DVD. The way she screamed didn’t sound like my wife when she’s cumming. The way she gave the man her ass shocked me. It had taken me years to get her to allow anal sex. But the most unbelievable thing was that she sucked his cock when it was fresh out of her ass. Wendy wouldn’t even touch my cock until we had showered and cleaned up after anal sex.It certainly looked like Wendy in the DVD, but then the picture wasn’t the highest quality and the lighting was poor. Since the camera was hidden and fixed, there was an understandable lack of close-up views of the woman’s face. In fact, as I thought about it, I realized that there weren’t many views of her face at all, some certainly, but not many. Then, my thoughts returned to the unwashed, cum-stained lingerie in the dresser drawer that Wendy couldn’t be bothered to wash and remove the evidence.Mentally, I replayed the video in my mind. No matter how I tried to rationalize the scenes away, it was almost certainly my wife who had been getting every one of her holes thoroughly fucked in that motel room. I didn’t know what to do. I loved my wife deeply even if I had to share her, but what if she no longer wanted me? Shit!I was about to pour myself an unheard of third drink when I remembered that there was one close-up shot in the hour-long DVD, a shot where someone had held the camera and moved closer so that the lighting was good. Replacing the decanter of bourbon on the bar without pouring the drink, I put the DVD back in the player, brought up Photoshop on my computer, and looked through my private, encrypted files of Wendy until I found what I wanted.Thirty minutes later, I was looking at the results of my work on my dual-screen computer. On the left screen was an enlargement of the only close-up, well-lighted shot on the DVD. On the right screen, was an enlargement of a similar digital photograph I had taken of my wife when we were having fun roleplaying as foreplay to a hot sex session. I was playing the part of the sleazy porn producer, my wife the part of the whorish model.The image on the left screen was a digitally enhanced, enlargement of the one close-up image on the DVD, the close-up shot of the woman’s throbbing cunt at the end of the session. The right screen showed a similar enlargement of a digital photograph of my wife’s pussy taken during our roleplaying. Both photos showed the woman lying on a bed with her legs gaping open, the camera aimed directly at her cunt, which filled at least half of the screen. I can truthfully say that I had never before or since been so intensely excited and pleased by gazing at pictures of a woman’s pussy.The image from the DVD showed a beautiful pussy with large labia that flanged open on both sides like the petals on a flower. The cuntal slit in between was elongated, perhaps three inches. At the top of the slit, the labia abruptly pinched inward to form the clitoral hood with the clit buried within. Above the hood, the labia essentially ended and the mound began. At the bottom of the cunt slit, the image clearly showed the woman’s anus, which appeared as a sexy, fully exposed starfish. It was truly a gorgeous cunt and ass that every man on the planet would love to fuck.The image on the right screen also showed a beautiful pussy with slightly smaller labia that were pinched inward at the bottom, flared open into a sexy, inviting hole in the middle, and then pinched inward again to form the hood. Above the hood, the labia continued upward for an inch or so before the flattening out into the mound. Below the slit, the anus was darker and recessed inward, as if the starfish had closed up for the night. My wife’s cunt and ass holes were delectable and hot… I was certain that any man would love being inside either one or preferably, both.BUT THE TWO CUNTS AND ASSHOLES WERE NOT THE SAME! The woman in the DVD was not Wendy.I made copies of the two images and could hardly keep from jumping up and down with joy. When I did manage to calm down, I realized that the hidden lingerie from Victoria’s, the rumors, and now the DVD couldn’t possibly be accidents. The woman in the DVD had to have been chosen and made up to look like Wendy. She was even wearing her clothes that they must have gotten from her closet and then replaced. The presence of the lingerie from Victoria’s indicated that they had access to our house. Someone was clearly trying very hard to convince me that my wife was an unfaithful slut. One mystery was solved only to be replaced by two more. Who was doing it and why?============================= Enlightenment: That night I fucked my wife like I hadn’t seen her for weeks. I was so happy and elated knowing that she loved me and loved having me fuck her, I just couldn’t stop. She was having intense, repeated climaxes from the hard, nearly desperate screwing, I was giving her, and even after I had poured two huge loads of cum deep inside her throbbing vagina, I wantedmore.After my second load had drenched her womb, I stayed on her, kissing her lips, caressing her anus with my fingers, grinding my pubic bone against her clitoris, and sliding my semihard organ back and forth inside her overflowing vagina. I couldn’t stop moaning and grunting. I was fully hard again within ten minutes and once more fucking her like a man possessed. Only when she began to cry, “Oooohhh god, Jeff… You’re killing meeeeeeeeee!!” did I manage to get myself under control and change the hard fucking into gentle love making until we both had a deep and satisfying climax.It was nearly thirty minutes before either of us could speak. “My God! That was just fantastic!” Wendy sighed. “What got into you anyway?””What got into me? Nothing, that I know of. What got into you, Beautiful?”She snuggled close, kissed me, pressed her big tits against my chest and whispered, “One incredibly hard and exciting cock owned by a virile, devilish satyr just got into me. And anytime he decides to put that thing in me, I’m ready!”—————————–Before leaving for work on Tuesday morning, I put two things in my briefcase, the DVD to return to Hank and the sales slip from the Victoria’s Secret box. At 11:00 AM, I was inside Victoria’s asking to see Ms. Beverly Higgins, the clerk whose name appeared on the sales slip.An attractive woman about 40 appeared and said, “Hello. I’m Beverly Higgins. Mrs. Johnson said you needed to speak with me. How can I help you?””Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I have a minor problem about credit card charges that I hope you can help me clear up.””I’ll try. What’s the problem.””I recently purchased some … how should I put this… some.. eh.. sexy lingerie for my wife as a present. Here’s the sales slip that bears your name.”Beverly inspected the slip and nodded. She looked at me with a questioning look, not knowing what the problem was.”I just got my credit card statement, and I can’t find this charge listed on the statement. Given the date of purchase, it should have appeared, but it didn’t. I wonder if by some chance two credit cards were mixed up and my purchase charged to someone else? Given the nature of the purchase, if that happened it could be embarrassing for someone. Could you check for me?””Oh, Absolutely! Thank you for coming in. Most people would just ignore it since they weren’t charged. Let’s go to the computer and check.”Five minutes later, Beverly and I were staring at a computer screen showing all purchases made on that date that were paid by credit card. It was simple to match the invoice number on the sales slip with the computer print out. I saw it before Beverly did. Beside the invoice number was an entry showing the amount of purchase, the credit card and its last four digits, and the name Curt Steers.”We charged the purchase to Mr. Curt Steers,” Beverly informed me. Is that correct?”Yes. Yes it is. I guess the credit card people are just running behind. I’m delighted that there was no mix up. Thank you and I’m sorry I wasted your time, Ms. Higgins.””No. Not at all. I’m delighted to be of help. I hope you’ll come back again when you want something nice for your wife.””I will, absolutely. And next time, I’ll ask for you specifically.”——————————-Driving back to work, I reflected on what Steers had done. Obviously, the scumbag was acting on orders from Hawkins. The obsequious toddy didn’t take a piss without checking with Hawkins first. What was not clear was why Hawkins would want me to think my wife was an unfaithful slut. Wendy was his most effective group leader, which was why her attendance at the Chicago meetings was always mandatory. What did he expect to happen if I became convinced that my wife was cheating on me?Slowly, the answer took shape. Most husbands would demand and get a divorce. Wendy would then be single again, and Hawkins would be waiting in the wings to console her… console her and provide her sexual gratification, of course.The next question was who was the woman in the DVD. It had to be someone Steers knew, someone he realized already looked a lot like Wendy… someone who, with some professional make up, could pass for her in a DVD with poor picture quality.I knew that Steers was the weak link in their plan. He had all the spine and gumption of a sheep. I just needed someway to put enough pressure on him to get him to fold. Now, it was time to see a private detective… but not to spy on my wife.—————————Mr. Victor Margrave was a man around 50. He had been in the detective business for over two decades with a substantial record of success. I had not selected him at random. With my contacts as VP, it was not difficult to get recommendations on a highly competent, effective sleuth. When I told him that, Victor beamed.”Thank you, Mr. Lemann. I appreciate your passing those nice comments on to me. Everyone likes their work to be appreciated. How can I help you?”It took over an hour to fill Mr. Margrave in on all the details including my analysis and conclusions. When I finished, he summed up the situation nicely.”Amazing! Haven’t come across anything quite like this before. Usually, it’s just some guy or gal wanting evidence of their spouse cheating. Frankly, with the DVD you’ve provided and the information you’ve given me about this Steers guy, I don’t think it will take long to found out what you need to know. By the way, my fees are $1,000 per day plus any unusual expenses. Is that acceptable?””Absolutely. The best always comes with appropriate fees.””I like your attitude, Jeff. By the way, you have done a hell of a job as a detective yourself. If you get tired of being a VP, let me know. I’ve got a position for you.”We both enjoyed a good laugh.——————————Thursday morning my office phone rang. It was Margrave.”Hi, Jeff. Victor here. I’ve got what you need. Can you stop by my office this afternoon? If you prefer, I’ll come to yours.””No. I’ll be there at 1:00 PM. Ok?”——————————As I left the building housing the offices of “Margrave Investigations”, I held a large manila folder containing the name, address, occupation, and dossier on a Ms. Maxine Cossel, a platinum blonde who had held numerous jobs that included stripper, paid escort, porn model, and call girl. She had been arrested twice with no convictions.There were also photographs of Ms. Cossel and of Mr. Curt Steers entering and leaving her apartment at different hours. For good measure, Margrave had bugged her apartment and put in a couple of video pickups that showed Steers fucking Ms. Cossel in a variety of positions. These were of no interest to me, but I felt certain they would be of interest to Margo Steers, Curt’s wife.The audio was of much greater interest to me. During one segment, Steers and Cossel had laughed about how they were playing me for a grade A dunce.—————————-“Just a little more push and that schmuck will hand Wendy her walking papers and Marlon will have a clear playing field. The short excerpt from the Chicago video will certainly finish the job.””I don’t really see what his problem is. Didn’t he already nail Wendy when they were in Chicago?””Yeah, he did. The guy Marlon had hired, Marcus, had gotten her dead drunk and then later in her hotel room, gotten into her pants the first night there. Marlon told me that he could hear him screwing her through the adjoining door of their rooms. On the second day while she was at the meeting, he bugged her room with video and audio pickups.””So, that’s how he got the DVD of her?””Yeah. The second night, Marcus screwed her several more times without her being drunk, and the camera caught most of the action. The third day, he kept her naked in her hotel room essentially all day and all night. Apparently, he fucked her a dozen times or more.””So how did Marlon get a piece of her ass?””Marlon had instructed Marcus to leave town after the third day. Since Marlon was paying him, he did as he was told. That evening, Marlon told Wendy that he knew what she had been doing. According to Marlon, Wendy just came apart. She cried and begged him not to tell Jeff. She told him the first time, she was too drunk to stop Marcus, and after the first time, he was so dominant and aggressive that she couldn’t resist him.””Marlon spent two hours comforting her. He told her she shouldn’t be alone, and Wendy ended up sleeping in Marlon’s room that night. Naturally, she didn’t make it past midnight before Marlon was fucking her. She was apparently so grateful to him for not telling her husband and not ruining her reputation and her career with the firm, that he told me that it was a snap to get his cock into her. He said he fucked her three times that night.”What about the last day of the meeting? Did he fuck her again?””Oh hell yes. They cut the meeting Friday afternoon, and he spent the entire after with his cock buried in one of Wendy’s hot holes. They went out to dinner and then back to bed by 9 PM. Before morning, he told me had nailed the hot bitch three more times.””That’s what I don’t understand. He’s already screwing her, so why are we having to go through all this stuff with rumors and DVD’s?””Because after she returned home, she realized that she was still deeply in love with Jeff and that what she had done was terrible. She was apparently so distressed over what had happened, she got sick, couldn’t eat, and had to seek medical care. Jeff told everyone that she had spent most of the next 10 days or so in bed recovering.””Well, what about after she got better? Marlon’s pretty smooth. Wasn’t he able to get into her again?””No. He tired, but no luck. She met him one more time and said that she appreciated him keeping her dirty secret quiet and that he had been wonderful. But she also said that she was so deeply in love with her husband, she couldn’t see him outside of work or have sex with him ever again.””Marlon tried to persuade her otherwise, and she did tell him that he was a wonderful man and a great lover, and if she weren’t so deeply in love with Jeff, he would certainly be the one she would want. So now do you understand? When Jeff kicks her cheating ass out of the house, she’s be back in Marlon’s arms and in his bed very quickly.””Yeah. I understand,” Maxine said. “She’ll be back in his arms, and he’ll have his hard cock back inside her hot cunt very quickly.””You grasp the essentials of the situation perfectly, Maxine. Now speaking about a hard cock inside a hot cunt, spread your legs wider, Honey.”————————–I had paid Victor his $2,000 daily fee plus $500 in expenses for the equipment he had purchased. Finally, I added another $2,000 as a token of my appreciation for a job superbly well done. At first, he said it was too much and refused to accept it. I was finally able to convince him to take the money as an advance payment for his services in the future, should I ever need them.Before I left, he gave me an hour’s worth of advice as to the best way to use the material he had provided to exert the maximum possible pressure on Steers and Cossel.================================= Confrontation: I didn’t have to wait long for the “Chicago video” to arrive. Friday morning, an urgent FedEx envelope arrived in my office addressed to me. Iknew what was going to be inside before I opened it.As expected, there was a DVD inside along with an anonymous letter that read:————————————Jeff,I really hate to be the bearer of such terrible news, but I know you’ve heard some of the rumors about how your wife is screwing around on you. When she was in Chicago a couple of months ago, she apparently entertained a couple of guys in her hotel room every night she was there. Apparently, someone suspicious of Wendy’s late night activities had video cameras installed. The DVD contains a short excerpt of what’s on a much longer, more extensive DVD. I’m truly sorry. You’re a wonderful guy and deserve much better treatment than this.A Friend————————————As I left the office that afternoon just after lunch, I couldn’t help but think of the old adage, “With friends like this, who needs enemies.”I had a feeling of deja vu as I inserted the new DVD into the player. The only saving grace was that it was apparently a lot shorter than the fake one-hour DVD concocted by Steers and Cossel. Also, I now knew what had happened and why. Grudgingly, I had to give that slimy bastard Hawkins credit for being clever. Most men who were inclined to take advantage of Wendy’s indiscretion would have attempted some crude form of blackmail. His scheme was far more devious with a far greater payoff if it succeeded… he would gain access to my wife’s cunt for as long as he wanted it.I started the DVD. This time, the lighting was excellent and with several cameras, the views and perspectives almost equally good. The material had obviously been edited to provide the best views of all the action. The only surprise was Marcus. He turned out to be a very athletic, well-built, handsome black stud around 25 or so. I now knew how much my wife craved dominant, aggressive men. With a lot of alcohol in her, this stud wasn’t going to have any problem at all getting into my wife’s cunt.It turned out that the DVD was a series of short cuts from the video showing all the action. In the first of these, Marcus and Wendy were entering her hotel room in Chicago. That was obvious from the large, attractive hotel logo on the wall. Marcus was speaking:”Damn, Honey, I’ve been going crazy waiting for you to finish those meetings. Just thinking about your hot body has had my cock hard stone all day. You’re gonna be taking care of my hard black cock all night tonight, Baby.””Honey, I can’t do that. Last night was different. I was so drunk I could hardly stand up. I’m married and …”My wife never got the rest of the words out of her mouth. Marcus’ large mouth closed over hers shutting off any further protest. She struggled briefly and ineffectively in his arms as his tongue demanded and received entry into her mouth. Her hands pushed against his shoulders trying to move his body away from hers, but her head did not move back to escape his kiss.When his hands moved under her skirt to her ass, she shook her head indicating he should stop, but she put up only token resistance as her mound was crushed against his engorged cock. Finally, he broke the kiss leaving her gasping for breath while he pulled down the zipper of her skirt.”No. Don’t please. Please don’t.” she moaned, but she didn’t scream and yell for help.”Don’t what?””Don’t take off my skirt… please.”Her skirt fell to the floor, and his hand moved inside her panties. “Nooo… I can’t do this… I’m married… until last night when I was drunk, I’d never cheated… please stop.””Stop what?””Ooohhhh what you’re doing… playing with my pussy… don’t. I can’t do this with you. Ooohhhhhhhhh!””Take off your panties, Wendy. Or do you want me to take them off?””NO…No… Don’t.””Don’t what?””Don’t take off my panties… I just can’t… oohhhhh stop… please stop.” Marcus pulled my wife’s panties off in one smooth motion. She stepped out of them without being told. Her naked ass was now slowly moving over his rigid shaft.”I can’t believe how big and firm your tits are, Girl. How big did you tell me they were last night?””I don’t remember,” Wendy groaned.”Tell me now. How big are they?””Please… Ohhh Please. Haven’t you done enough to me. I’m practically naked and you did it to me last night. Won’t you please stop.””Did what to you last night?””You know… you fuc… you… you fucked me!””You remember don’t you?”My wife shook her head. “How big are your tits?””They’re 38D,” came her whispered response.”Take them out. Both tits. Now! Out!””No… I don’t want … AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH…. UUNNGGHHH… OOHHHHH GOD!” Marcus had slipped three fingers into my wife’s vagina shutting off any further protest about her tits. As his fingers slowly fucked in and out of her hole, my wife abandoned any and all pretense at further resistance. Her hips hunched sensuously on the fucking fingers. At the same time, her own fingers opened her blouse and removed it. The bra fell to the floor soon after that. Her naked body began to gyrate and thrust wildly against his muscular male body.”Get on the bed. On your hands and knees. You know what I want to see, Baby. Show it to me!”In the video, the scene jumped and next I saw my wife on her knees and one elbow on the bed, apparently looking back at Marcus as she held her cunt wide open with her fingers. Her large melons hung down with the hard nipples almost reaching the bed.”Finger fuck your hot hole, Baby,” The camera showed my wife turning onto her back and thrusting her finger in and out of her pussy as she rubbed her engorged clitoris. She groaned louder and louder as the fingers moved faster and deeper.Before she could cum, Marcus ordered her to open her legs wider. “Spread wide open for me, Wendy. Show me the position you’re going to be in when we fuck tonight.”Again the scene jumped, and I saw my wife on her back on the bed. With her knees bent, she had one leg out to the side flat on the bed’s surface. The other leg was steepled with her 5-inch heel pressed into the bed covers. She pressed her tits upward with her arms folded beneath them while she again opened her cunt with her fingers. In this position, both I and Marcus and anyone else viewing the DVD could see at least two inches into the depths of her vagina. Her hips pumped in fuck motions as she posed for him.Again the scene jumped. On the screen, my wife now had both knees steepled and wide apart while she used both hands to spread her cunt wide open. I could now see at least three inches into the depths of her fuck hole.From off camera, I heard, “Are you ready to suck my big black cock, Baby?”When my wife didn’t respond, he repeated the question. This time I heard, “I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t suck it. But I can’t help it. You get me so damn hot… I should be whipped but come over here and stick that big thing into my mouth, Stud.”The scene jumped and I watched my wife sucking first four inches of thick cock into her mouth. Marcus held her head and pushed in another two inches causing her to gag. She tried to pull away, but his powerful arms and hands held her head down on his organ. After her gagging subsided, another inch of cock entered her throat. There was no more gagging so Marcus pushed in the remaining two inches of hard cock. I could see her throat bulging where the big helmet was lodged firmly in her throat. Her fingers were frantically rubbing her clitoris. The scene gradually faded to black as Marcus mouth fucked my moaning wife and her hips arched upward in orgasm.Before the next scene showing Marcus and my wife started, an introductory message appeared on screen:————————————Jeff,With about 15 hours of near continuous fucking over two days, it was hard to choose which scenes to put on this brief summary video. Finally, we just gave up and put on a collage of selections. Our apologies for missing some of the hottest scenes.Best regards, A Friend.————————————When the message faded, it was replaced by one of Marcus leading my wife to the bed.”Get on your back, Baby. Spread wide and show me that hot fuck gash. Big Marcus is coming in.”The scene showed Wendy, now totally naked, getting onto her back, bending her knees, and pulling both legs back so that her knees were just outside her large tits. The position totally exposed her cunt and allowed me to see her gaping stretched hole. It was obvious that Marcus had been in her numerous times before this particular video had been taken.The black stud moved between her thighs and fitted his thick, 9-inch shaft into her hole. Even as stretched as she was, he had to work it back and forth several times before the head popped into her receptive vagina. Wendy howled with intense female pleasure as the male organ started sinking into her cunt.Even before half of the prick was buried, her hips were already thrusting wildly against his shaft trying to force more of it into her hungry hole. Marcus pulled four inches out of my wife causing her wail and beg him to put it back. The next thrust sent those four inches plus two more into her cunt. Again, Wendy groaned with intense pleasure.”OH god! That feels so fucking good, Baby. You’re so damn big… aaaahhhhhhh… put all of it in me, please!”After two more thrusts, his balls were resting on her ass with the entire shaft buried out of sight inside her throbbing vagina.”OOOHHHh fucking unbelievable! You’re just HUGE! Uuunngghhh… Now fuck me, Stud. Fuck my cunt with that big black cock, Honey. My husband has an 8-inch dick, but you’re in places he’s never been! AAAAHHHHHHHHHh…. yesss… like that… LIKE THAT!”The fierce fucking continued on screen for several minutes. It ended with thick streams of semen erupted from my wife’s vagina every time the cock withdrew for another thrust. The scene again faded to black with the last view being a close-up of the thick rivers of cum running over my wife’s ass and between her buttocks.—————————The next images to appear were obviously taken at a different time. They showed Wendy on a couch, again naked, with Marcus holding her legs up and back. The first brief scene was taken from behind and showed the penetration of Marcus’ thick cock as it fucked in and out of my wife’s pussy. Her inner lips hugged the thick organ every time it withdrew from her hole. As in the previous scene, my wife was moaning continuously, her hips thrusting against the huge shaft each time it sank into her depths.There must have been two cameras because the viewpoint abruptly switched to the side so that I could see Wendy’s legs spread almost into a 180 degree angle. She was grunting each time the thick organ stretched her open. Her grunts changed to screams and howls of pleasure when Marcus shoved her legs back against her tits and plowed it deep and hard into her wide open pussy.”Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Oh fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she begged over and over as the thick male piston drove in and out of her throbbing cunt.Once more the image on the screen abruptly changed. This time my wife was mounted on the thick black shaft with her tits crushed into his chest. As before, she was naked. The first images showed close-up views of the black piston pumping in and out of my wife. Even though I had already seen it several times in previous scenes, it was still amazing. Easily thicker than my wrist, the black snake hammered my wife’s cunt with hard, rapid strokes bringing screeches of pain/pleasure from her mouth.”Oooohh don’t… not so hard! OOohhhh shit… you’re killing meeeeeeeee… too big! too hard! aaahhhhhhhh… noooo… noooo.. don’t.. please… don’t!”And then a moment later: “Don’t… OOohhh god… Don’t stop.. DON’T STOP! FUCK IT HARDER! AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!! I’M CUMMINGG… I’M FUCKING CUMMINGGGGGGGGGG!”The scene shifted again. Wendy was still mounted on his cock her legs splayed wide on either side of his, but now Marcus had her on the bed slamming his rod in and out of her pussy. Loud squishing noises accompanied each stroke of the cock into her hole as her juices and Marcus’ previous cum loads were being churned into a thick white froth. More howls of female pleasure filled the sound track.Once more, the scene faded at the moment my wife began to cum. It was replaced with one of my wife on her knees, her head on the couch with her ass arched high. The camera angle was from the back and close. My cock surged to another erection watching Marcus plow his huge organ in and out of my wife’s cunt.It seemed impossible that all of it could possibly fit into her vagina, but it obviously did as he was driving it all the way into her on every single thrust. And on every single thrust, my wife was screaming for him to fuck her harder.There were several more brief scenes of Marcus mounted deep in my wife sex saddle between her wide-spread legs. In each scene, the camera showed his organ pounding in and out of her vagina as Wendy screamed and howled with each thrust.At the end of the DVD, there were several scenes of Marcus unloading his balls into my wife. In one, he was ass fucking her. I could have guessed that without even looked at the screen. My wife was screaming that he was too big… that he was killing her… to please not fuck her so hard. Naturally, he ignored all her protests and drove his thick shaft all the way into her ass again and again. Finally, he began to ejaculate inside her. After he had spurted once or twice in her ass, he pulled out and spewed the rest of the load all over her buttocks and into her ass crease where the thick streams of cum ran down the length of her cuntal slit.As the cum ran down Wendy’s cunt slit, the screen again faded to be replaced with her somehow deep throating Marcus’ monster cock. She held it in her throat until his sex gun had fired the load straight into her belly before she slowly pulled the dick out of her throat.That was the final scene on the DVD. If I had had any doubts that my wife had been fucked while she was in Chicago, the contents of the short DVD had completely erased them. Surprisingly, I was now more in love with my wife than ever before. Her actions after Chicago made it very, very clear that she not only loved me, but she also preferred sex with me than with Marcus and his huge cock or with Hawkins.================================A Visit to Chicago:I used the two hours I had left Friday evening before Wendy returned from work to put every thing into my brief case and a traveling bag. The items included the box of lingerie from Victoria’s, the plastic bag with the cum-stained panties, bras, and stockings, the sales slip from Victoria’s and the associated computer print out from the store, the fake DVD I had obtained from Hank, the photographic evidence of the fake, the report from “Margrave Investigations” along with the audio and video discs Victor had given me, and finally, the DVD containing the excerpts from Wendy’s Chicago grip. I was ready.It was only 4 PM so I knew the Head of Operations, Jack Lansing, would still be in his office. I placed the call. The call was immediately answered by his secretary.”Operations Headquarters, Mr. Lansing’s office. How may we help you?””Hi, Gloria. It’s Jeff. Is Jack available? It’s important.””He always has time for you, Jeff, whether it’s important or not. I’ll connect you.”A moment later, I heard Jack’s familiar voice. “Hi, Jeff. Gloria says you have something important to discuss. Hope I can help.””You can, Jack. You can. First, I need to have some time with you away from the office. Can you meet me at Carl’s Pub, ASAP?””Absolutely! I’ll leave right now.””One more thing, Jack. I need for you to call Chicago and set up a meeting with J.T. either for me alone or for both of us early Monday afternoon, preferably right after lunch around 1 PM. Tell them it concerns improper actions by a vice president that requires attention of the CEO. That’s what I want to discuss with you at Carl’s, but since this is Friday, I would like for you to schedule the meeting now.””I’ve known you for a long time, Jeff. And I trust you and your judgment absolutely. I’ll schedule the meeting and then head out for Carl’s.”————————That night, over dinner, I told Wendy that I would be gone on Monday to Chicago and that depending upon the length of the meeting, we might fly back Monday evening or if not then, Tuesday morning. Naturally, she wanted to know what the meeting was all about.”There are some internal problems in the firm that J.T. wants to discuss, so I and Jack Lansing have to go.””Who’s J.T.?””Oh. I’m sorry. It’s John Thomas McCormick, CEO and President of the firm. He invites some people, not all, to call him J.T. It’s a mark of respect for the job those people are doing for the firm. Have I forgotten something that creates a problem?””No. Not at all, Darling. I’ll be waiting for you when you come home with both open arms and open legs.” She gave me a devilish grin, which I returned with my best rakish leer.———————–Promptly at 1 PM, on Monday, Jack Lansing and I were greeted by J.T. who came out of his office to escort us inside. I reflected on the fact that such a small gesture of regard for the individuals who have made the firm what it is today is one excellent reason why John Thomas McCormick is, and should be, the firm’s CEO.”I have my entire schedule for the rest of the afternoon cleared, Gentlemen. What’s the problem?” J.T. announced leaning forward in his chair.I, of course, deferred to my administrative superior, Jack Lansing, to take the lead.”The situation is such that I need to speak frankly and openly J.T.””Of course. That goes without saying, Jack.””As I have informed you many times, J.T., Jeff Lemann is the number one VP in the firm. When I retire in a few years, I’ve already recommended that he be made the next Head of Operations for our division. When he tells you something, you know he has researched the matter with the utmost care and given all the facts careful thought. That’s why I’m here with him today. I’m going to turn the meeting over to Jeff now with my recommendation that you give what he has to say serious consideration.”Jack turned to me and said simply, “Jeff, please tell J.T. every thing you told last Friday afternoon.”It took two hours to go carefully through the entire sequence of events that had led us to this point. As I spoke, I laid each piece of evidence before J.T. after laying the proper foundation to support the facts I was relating and to put the next piece of information into its proper perspective. I spoke factually and logically, putting emotion aside. J.T. took a few notes but never once interrupted during the entire two-hour presentation. That’s why he’s the CEO.When I finished, J.T. nodded and said, “I think we now need to see both DVD’s and listen to the audio recording Mr. Margrave has obtained.” At this point, he turned to me, “Jeff, I realize this is going to be difficult for you, even embarrassing. If you would prefer to wait outside, I will fully understand.””Thank you, J.T. But I need to be here to provide cogent information about how I deduced the first DVD to be bogus as well as any details about how the material was obtained. I would like for the two of you to understand that I consider myself the luckiest man on the planet to have Wendy as my wife. She got drunk and was guilty of a marital indiscretion… her one and only in our marriage, I would add. I have no intention of letting her go. So, it will not be a problem for me to again see the evidence of my wife’s one and only slip in our marriage. I’ve made some myself, so I’m in no position to cast stones. Let’s see the material.”We first watched the bogus DVD after I had provided J.T. with a glossy photograph of Wendy so he could see how clever and good the deception was. Halfway through, he stopped the DVD and asked, “You say this DVD was circulated throughout the firm and accompanied by rumors that Wendy was an unfaithful slut?”Jack answered for me. “That’s correct, J.T. I had heard all the rumors myself but I didn’t credit them and, in any case, it was Jeff’s personal business so I didn’t comment.””Amazing!” J.T. started the DVD again. When it was finished, he turned to me again. “You say this DVD is bogus? That woman looks exactly like Wendy. How can you be so certain, Jeff?””Two reasons, J.T. You’ll hear one of them when we listen to the audio recording of the conversation between Steers and Cossel. The other one is a little embarrassing, but to hell with it! There’s one and only one close-up shot in that entire DVD. You saw it at the end. Do you remember it, J.T.?””Yes. Not something a man forgets.” J.T. stopped himself. “I’m sorry, Jeff. That was a terribly insensitive thing to say. Forgive me, please.””Of course. It’s not a problem. I made a screen capture of that image, enlarged it, and made a comparative image of my wife’s vagina from a digital photograph we made while role playing a few months ago. Here are the two photographs one above the other. The one on top is from the DVD. The one below is my wife. They are clearly not the same vaginas.”J.T. studied the two images for a moment and nodded. “I see why Jack says you’re careful, considerate, and certain of your facts before you speak. Shall we listen to the audio recording now?”Before the audio recording was finished, J.T.’s face was red with rage. He controlled himself only with difficulty. When he had himself under control, he asked, “What’s on the last DVD, Jeff?””It’s excerpts from the two days worth of video from the hidden cameras that Hawkins placed in Wendy’s hotel room. It shows her having wild sex with a handsome, 25-year old, black man, Marcus, whom Hawkins hired to seduce my wife. He did an excellent job. That’s her one indiscretion in all the years we’ve been married. Hawkins used that to ingratiate himself into Wendy’s confidence and seduce her himself. It was all a very devious plot. And it worked, but not as well as he hoped because he didn’t count on Wendy’s love for me and on her integrity at correcting an error she had made.””All right. I’m going to watch the first sexual encounter. That’s all. I don’t want to pry into Jeff’s private affairs any more than necessary, and I certainly don’t want to embarrass our best VP.”It only took five minutes before J.T. turned off the DVD, extracted it from the machine and handed to me. “This is your personal property. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t exist.””Thank you, J.T.””Ok, Jeff. Bottom line. What do you suggest be done to clean up this mess?””I see two options, but before stating them I want to make it clear that under no circumstances will I or Wendy ever mention this affair or the decision you make outside this room. There will be no lawsuits for harassment, no criminal charges or civil suits filed by either of us for extortion or defamation of character against either Hawkins or Steers and certainly not against the company. Those actions would be extremely detrimental to the firm, we will not be party to them.””Having said that, the two options I see are as follows: First: we let the matter die. You and Jack say nothing and do nothing. Wendy and I say nothing nor take any legal action. I’m sure Hawkins and Steers will give up quickly when I do not divorce Wendy. If we proceed in this fashion, Wendy and I will resign without rancor or prejudice against the firm. I simply cannot and will not permit my wife to work as a subordinate under men such as Hawkins and Steers.””The second option is to allow Hawkins and Steers to resign from the firm under whatever conditions you deem appropriate. We will say nothing. The Manufacturing Division will then need a new VP. I would expect that individual to be Wendy Lemann.”J.T. did not speak for a full minute. Then he said, “Jeff, would you step out to my waiting room for bit. I need to get Jack’s recommendation privately.””Certainly. Take your time, Gentleman.”As I walked toward the door, J.T. stopped me. “Two more questions, Jeff. How long did you work on this investigation?””About two months, Sir.””And how much out-of-pocket expense was there for you?””About $5,000, Sir. Most of that was to pay for Margrave’s fee and expenses. Some went for the ancillary components to the audio and video equipment I installed in my home.””Thank you, Jeff. We’ll call you back shortly.”————————“Shortly” turned out to be five minutes. When I walked back into the office, J.T. said, “Sit down, Jeff. I want you to hear what my Head of Operations had to say. I won’t ask him to repeat it as that might be embarrassing with you in the room, so I’ll repeat it for him.””First, he informed me that if I took your Option Number One, I needed… how did he put it… I needed a brain transplant. We would be keeping two worthless people and losing two gems. Secondly, he suggested that your Option Number Two was the best deal the firm had ever been offered. We clean up a potentially devastating mess cleanly and without expense; we get rid of two pathetic administrators; we retain the services of our best VP and probably the next Head of Operations; we promote the best group leader in the firm to a VP position.””Jack’s a good friend of mine. You have to take his effusive comments with an appropriate amount of caution,” I responded. “But thank you, Jack, for that marvelous vote of confidence. It is deeply appreciated.” Jack just smiled and nodded.”I have.. I have,” J.T. said. “There is one glaring flaw in your Option Two that I cannot and will not tolerate.”We were both shocked, but said nothing.”It is totally unacceptable for you to have to work for two months to clean up a mess made by the firm’s administrators. It is also unacceptable for you to endure a $5,000 expense. That is not… I repeat… not acceptable.”At this point, Jack interrupted. “That’s also my view, J.T., but there really isn’t any way to reimburse Jeff for his expenses without running the risk of having someone find out what those expenses were for. That’s the reason he hasn’t requested reimbursement.””I am fully aware of that, Jack. And that’s even more impressive. This man really does consider every thing before he speaks or acts. Most men would have thrown his wife out of the house. This man is cut from a different mold. However, they didn’t make me CEO by random draw.”J.T. turned to me. “As our future Head of Operations, I have an assignment for you and the new VP of Manufacturing. We are thinking about expansion of the firm into other locations. These locations need to have enormous recreational facilities, beautiful hotels, every thing we will need to attract top flight people. So next summer, I expect you and my new VP to select some suitable possible locations and investigate all of their entertainment and hotel facilities plus anything else you deem vital to the firm. I want this task done carefully without undue haste. I would expect it take no less than two weeks. Naturally, since this is firm business, all expenses… first-class airline tickets… suites in the best hotels so you can properly see what they are like… tickets… etc. will all be paid by the firm. When you return, I will expect an extensive and full report running to at least two typed pages. Understood?”As I have often said, J.T. is the best CEO any business has ever had.============================== Reconciliation: Tuesday evening, I left work at noon without telling my wife, who still knew nothing of all that had happened since she had returned from Chicago. When Wendy returned from work a little before 6 PM, she found the dining room table set with our china, linen table cloth, and candles. The centerpiece was a dozen American Beauty roses. She also detected the delightful aroma of the veal Marsala, asparagus, Minestrone soup, freshlybaked bread, and Tiramisu.She was aghast, and I was beaming with pleasure. “My god! Jeff. This is amazing.”I pulled her chair out for her, kissed her softly on the lips, and then poured the wine after testing myself in the manner of the great chefs of the world. Dinner was fabulous… not surprising… since I had consulted the chef at Luigi’s in advance. Wendy couldn’t stop gushing and praising every thing.When I finally served the Tiramisu and coffee, she couldn’t stand the suspense any longer. “All right, Jeff. What’s all this for?””Patience, Honey. Patience. Don’t spoil my surprise. Let’s enjoy the marvelous Tiramisu and later, as we sip our coffee, the mysteries will unfold and be solved.” Wendy giggled like a school girl and dug into the dessert.Later in den with the lights all turned low, I handed her my gift, a flat, rectangular package that seemed unusually heavy. Her eyes were wide with curiosity as she undid the ornate wrapping. When she lifted the lid of the box, she saw a gleaming brass name plate with gold trim and highlights. The words were simple and to the point. They readMrs. Wendy LemannVice-PresidentManufacturing DivisionMy wife was speechless… totally unable to speak. She knew I would never joke about something like this. After a bit, she managed to ask, “How? How did this happen?””There’s a lot you don’t know. Settle back and enjoy your wine while I tell you the wildest story you’ve ever heard.”It took over an hour, but not the two that I had spent telling J.T. because I left out the part about the DVD that Hawkin’s had made in hotel room. I concluded by saying,”So, when J.T. found out about the deceptive lingerie from Victoria’s and the bogus DVD in which you were presumably having sex with a young, black stud in some motel room, and all the rumors he and Steers had circulated, he decided to give Mr. Hawkins and Mr. Steers the opportunity to resign. That left him without a VP of Manufacturing, so I suggested he promote the experienced and best of the group leaders, someone by the name of Mrs. Wendy Lemann. Congratulations, Mrs. Lemann.””My god, Jeff. You’re not only a genius fucking… you’re also a fucking genius. You’ve also got more will power than man I’ve ever seen or heard about. There are rumors all over the place that I’m fucking dozens of men. Faye Cantlin, comes over here, strips naked and asks you to take her to bed, you turn her down? Unbelievable!… but I do believe you. Absolutely.””It wasn’t that hard. Faye’s a sexy woman, but you’re drop-dead gorgeous, and I’m so hopelessly in love with you that it wasn’t a problem to say no to her. But I have a confession to make. To get her to leave, I had to promise her that I would masturbate that night while thinking about her hot body.”Wendy burst out laughing. “Really?” When I nodded, she asked, “And did you keep your word to the woman?””I did, and what’s more, she called me on the phone while I was doing it to see if I had kept my word.””Oh. Now that is interesting. And what happened?””What do you think happened?””The two of you had phone sex?””We did. I shot off a huge load. I’m sorry. I was too turned on to resist the phone sex. Are you furious?””That’s your confession? You had phone sex with Faye Cantlin.””Yes, that’s it. I didn’t plan it. Sometimes such things just happen. You don’t plan them. You just get caught up in things.”Wendy poured herself another glass of wine and was silent for several minutes. Then she looked me in the eye and asked, “Have you told me the whole story? Do you know the rest?”I thought about lying but decided the truth was needed. “Yes. I know the rest.””How did you find out?” Wendy’s eyes were now on the carpet.”Hawkin’s set you up in Chicago.”My wife’s head snapped up and she gasped, “What? How? What did he do?””He carefully selected Marcus, an experienced gigolo with a huge cock who specialized in seducing women turned on by dominant men. He hired him for three days and told him to seduce you. He also told him that he would have to get you very drunk, at least the first time. After that, his powerful sexual magnetism, his huge cock, the fact that he was the forbidden black, and my failure to take the occasional role of the powerful, dominant male that you desired and needed pretty much did you in for the next two days.””Oh fuck… I had hoped you would never find out what a total slut I was in Chicago. There’s no excuse… none. You must be totally disgusted.””Wendy, be quiet. There’s no way in hell I’m disgusted as you will see if you let me finish. Hawkins had placed hidden video and audio pickups in your hotel room. His original plan was to blackmail you into having sex with him. But when you became so distraught when he told you that he had heard you and Marcus having sex and then were so grateful to him for keeping your secret, he suddenly came up with a better plan… he would be your protector, your savior so to speak. He persuaded you that you shouldn’t be alone and you gratefully trusted him and spent the night in his room. Naturally, he seduced you and before morning had had sex with you several times.””How do you know all that?””It was on the audio recording of the conversation between Steers and Cossel that Margrave obtained. I told you about the recording but not every thing that’s on it.””What else do you know?””I know that after you came back from Chicago you deeply regretted what had happened. You saw Hawkins one more time, told him you loved me, and that you would never see him or have sex with him again. You were so distraught that you got sick and took over two weeks to recover. Then came what I call the transformation. You decided to give me the chance to be a real lover to you as well as your husband. I will never be able to thank you enough for trusting me enough to give me that chance.””Well, at least there’s one thing you don’t know… one thing you have wrong.””What’s that?””Oh damn, Jeff. I’m so ashamed. I’m never going to be able to make this up to you.””You already have, Wendy. You already have. I’m the happiest man on the planet. Bar none.””Well, you probably won’t be when I tell you the part you don’t know.””I’ll make a deal with you, Honey. You make your confession to me… then I’ll make mine to you. Afterwards, we’ll see where we are, Mrs. Vice President.”That brought a big grin to my wife’s face. “Ok. Deal. Here’s what you don’t know. It isn’t true, as you said, that I saw Hawkins only one more time when we came back from Chicago. I saw him five more times. That first week back when you noticed that I seemed tired all the time… that was because Hawkins was fucking me several times a day at work… everyday.””Finally, I woke up. I saw the incredible difference between your loving concern for me and his naked lust. He didn’t care for me… he just wanted to fuck me. That’s when I broke it off. But by then I was so disgusted with myself that I couldn’t bear to look at you… I felt like a worthless whorish slut. It took weeks and nothing but tender, loving care from you to change things and make me realize that if I had been a real wife to you in the first place, none of this would have ever happened.””So that was the genesis of the ‘transformation’?””Yeah. And let me tell you, you rang my bell like it’s never been rung before. I mean I was suddenly having orgasms at work just from thinking about the way you were going to fuck me later that night. You’re just a magnificent man, and you’re out of this world when you’re between my legs.””That’s it? That’s your big confession?””Yes. Isn’t that enough?””Well, let’s summarize and then I’ll tell you mine. You got drunk in Chicago while a professional gigolo was hitting on you. He got you in bed and amazingly, you found out that you really liked hot, erotic, kinky sex. So you enjoyed it for two more days. The one and only time you’ve ever slipped in our entire marriage even though I was failing to give you what you needed. Then you fell for the devious scheme of your boss. And it took you about one week to figure out he had deceived you after which you stopped and did every thing in your power to make amends. Is that a fair summary?””Yes, except for the fact that it wasn’t you fault. You tried. I just wouldn’t act like a real woman for you.””That’s very generous of you, but it’s still my fault. I should have been more assertive with you. Now for my confessions. I hope you’re in a forgiving mood.””First: Remember Ramon at “The Hot Spot”. I saw him taking your breasts out before he ever took you outside. I told you I got there as quickly as I could, but the truth is that I got so incredibly excited watching him playing with your tits and sucking your nipples, I just stood there and let it happen. I only took action when I saw you trying to push him away. I have no excuses. The truth is that I got hard as iron and was too sexually excited to stop him. Now what do you think about your wonderful husband?” “I think he’s even more erotic and sexy that I ever realized. My god, Jeff. That just makes my pussy gush to hear you say that. You know why? Because I was boiling hot when Ramon was sucking on my nipples. But when I saw you, I pretended to struggle so you wouldn’t know how turned on and hotyour wife was.””I’m not done yet, Wendy. I told you about the bogus DVD. When I watched it, I got hard as stone. Remember, at first, I thought it was you being fucked on that DVD, and it made me hard, not mad. I even made two copies of it. Are you totally disgusted with me yet?””Disgusted? Feel my cunt, Honey.” She pulled my hand between her thighs and I felt an absolutely sodden, drenched pair of panties. “Oh shit. Did you say you made copies of that DVD? Fuck! Let’s watch it together tonight. Please. Can we?””I’m still not done. I told you that Hawkins made audio and video recordings of all the sex you had with Marcus in Chicago. Their last effort to get me to divorce you and clear the field for Hawkins was to send a DVD containing excerpts from those recordings. This time, it really was you on the DVD screaming and moaning for that hugely hung, black stud to fuck you harder. Any good husband would have been infuriated. I just got hard and fell even more deeply in love with you. Disgusted with me yet?””You have a DVD of some of the sex I had with Marcus in Chicago?””Yes. But I’ll destroy it. I promise.””Like hell you will! You’re going to fuck your slutty wife while we watch it together. Is that all of your confessions? I hope so because I want to get you in bed and watch one of the DVD’s.””I have one more.””Ok. Tell me. What is it?””I want to go back to ‘The Hot Spot’ and see if we can find Ramon again.”Wendy threw herself in my arms and kissed me with wild abandon, her tongue thrusting in and out of my mouth as she hunched her cunt against my erection. I felt her body shuddering. She was very close to an orgasm.”If we find him, he’ll want to get at me again.””Yes.””He’ll want my tits out again. You know he’ll suck my nipples until I’m going crazy.””I know.””He’s going to want to fuck me.””Any man would.””Can I fuck him?””Do you want him to fuck you?””Oh Yes! I wanted him to fuck me that first time, but was afraid I would lose you.””This time, I’ll watch but won’t interrupt.”====================================The Hot SpotOne week later, I was sitting alone at the bar in “The Hot Spot”. I was alone because my wife was out on the dance floor with Ramon. He didn’t know I was present so with my wife having obviously come here to find him again, he wasn’t the least hesitant to take liberties with Wendy.This time it didn’t take him three songs to have Wendy’s mound pressed firmly against his very hard erection. He rammed it against her as soon as they were on the dance floor. He also didn’t hesitate to pull her blouse open so that her nipples were completely exposed. As before, I occasionally saw him whispering in her ear, but this time, my wife was not pulling away. Instead, she was rubbing her cunt up and down his erection.After a couple of songs, he took her out the side door toward the same parking lot where the benches and the pond were. I followed a discreet distance behind, this time without the baseball bat I had had before.When I approached, I saw Ramon kissing my wife. Her mouth was wide open and their tongues where exploring. When he broke the kiss and moved to open her blouse, she helped him. It only took the two of them ten seconds to get her blouse off. Her big tits bounced and heaved from her excitement. When Ramon’s mouth engulfed one of her already swollen nipples, she moaned.With his head buried in her tits, she looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back as she pulled his head deeply into the large valley between her mounds. She began to moan. Her moans changed to gasps when his hand thrust under her short skirt and quickly found her naked cunt. I had persuaded her not to wear panties. I saw Ramon’s head jerk upward in surprise when he felt the wet, naked cunt beneath his hand.Again, he leaned over and whispered something in my wife’s ear. She nodded her agreement eagerly. Wendy raised her hips and allowed Ramon to unzip her skirt. She held them up letting him pull the skirt off. Her bra quickly followed, and Ramon had my wife naked save for her heels. I was so hot there was no way I could keep from extracting my cock and stroking it as I watched him stripping off his own clothes.My wife laid back on the bench, raised her arms over her head, and spread her legs. Ramon hooked them over his arms so he could lever them back and open my wife’s cunt fully. When her feet were high in the air, he moved deep into her sex saddle and nailed his rigid 7-inch cock into her waiting cunt. I could hear my wife moaning as he began fucking her.Her feet jerked wildly in the air as did her big tits on her chest. Raman fucked her slowly at first, and then began to pick up speed. Wendy grunted every time the cock slugged into the bottom of her excited cunt. I heard her gasp, “Hurry, Ramon, Fuck me faster… harder. Give it to me… I’m about to cum.”Then from Ramon: “Take it, Wendy. Can I cum inside your cunt?””Of course, Lover. That’s what a cunt’s for, Baby. Shoot it in me. Cum in my hot cunt. Fuck it. Hurry… aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…. shit… I’m cummmingggggggg!!”My wife wailed in orgasm as the stud in her slammed his meat deep, hammered in his short strokes and pumped her cunt full of hot cum.As they dressed, I heard Ramon say, “I want to fuck you again. I’m still hard.””Oh…I like that. Let’s go to my house and you can fuck me in my bed. My husband won’t be home until after midnight.””Ok. I’ll follow you. Don’t lose me in traffic, Honey. I can’t wait to screw your hot cunt again.”I was already lying on the back seat when Wendy got in our car. When she pulled out of the parking lot, Ramon’s car was right behind us.”Are you Ok, Honey?” Wendy asked. “I would just die if you felt badly or were jealous.””The only thing I am is hard as stone. That was unbelievably erotic.””MMMmmmmm It was, wasn’t it. I’m sure Ramon is going to fuck the shit out of me when we get in our bed. You ok with that too?””I can’t hardly wait. I’ll watch from the patio. Just leave the blinds open enough.””They’re already open. Next time we do this, it’s your turn.””My turn? What do you mean?””I mean you’re going to pick up a hot woman for us both to enjoy or if she’s not bi, I’ll watch and play with my pussy while you fuck her. How would you like to nail Raye Cantlin?”——————————————Thirty minutes later, I was on our patio watching Ramon getting ready to mount my more-than-ready wife. She had put on stockings at his request. Once he had her on her back, he moved his head between her gaping thighs and ate her pussy. As soon as his tongue flicked over her engorged clitoris, my wife howled and exploded in an intense orgasm.That was too much for Ramon. His cock surged and he quickly mounted my wife. She reached between her thighs and guided his rampant prick into her throbbing cunt. They both groaned as it sank into her depths. Having already cum once, Ramon fucked my wife for 15 or so minutes before he poured his load into her cunt.They rested and later Wendy sucked his cock until he was hard and once more he turned her onto her back and drove his newly hardened prick into her vagina. He got her off once and then turned her onto her knees, hoisted her ass high, and nailed his cock into her gaping cunt. Wendy loves doggy and immediately screamed for him to fuck her like a bitch in heat… which she was.At 12:30 AM, Wendy told him he had to leave because I was due home soon. As soon as he was out the front door, I was in our bed between my wife’s thighs. Her cunt was literally awash with semen and her secretions.”Want me to wash up before you fuck me, Honey?””What do you think?””I think you want to fuck your slutty wife’s cum-filled cunt. Do it to me, Stud. Don’t ever stop fucking me!!!”=================================

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