Turkey Day Reunion

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Turkey Day ReunionSO, In the latest of “odd” encounters my life has had, this one I can rank up there with the rest of them. This past holiday of Thanksgiving, I must admit that I was thankful very much! We had a family get together whereas most of the extended family was sitting at one table for the traditional feast of turkey and what-such. We haven’t had a get together like this for years, even longer for me since I moved cross country a couple of decades ago, but moving back this year affords me to get with family a whole lot more. But, being in the “always in the gutter” mindset, I was sitting at the dinner table reminiscing about sucking and licking my sisters Kellys pussy and ass, fucking my, still hot, cousin Deena,(even pushing 60, she is still smokin!), and remembering my jack and jill sessions with my adorable sweet sixteen niece Heather when I was twenty or twenty one, I had a raging rock hard boner throbbing in my slacks. I should of been mindful of the conversation, when, out of the blue, I felt a hand on my thigh. Before I could even register who it was, it slid up and discovered my erection and abruptly stopped on it. I looked to my right(I always seems to “list” to the right), in which my other cousins daughter, Kayla was sitting. As I looked at her, I’m sure with an expression of “WHATTHEFUCK!” on my face, she said “I love bird!” as she squeezed my hard cock. I choked. Obviously the rest of the table was under the assumption she was talking about turkey, but I knew different! LOL Almost the entire time at the dinner table, she would reach over and stroke my member, almost till I came a few times. I have no idea of the conversations that occurred, or even what I was replying. All I wanted to do was NOT cum in my pants. Sweat was rolling down my forehead and someone noticed. I made some remark about how warm it was in the house, and Kayla said “Yea, I’m really really hot!” I looked over at her, and much to my amusement, I noticed her other hand was under the table, and between her legs, fiddling with her pussy. I giggled when her father got up and checked the thermostat and went and cracked a window open. Dinner finished up, and I excused myself from the table and headed for the bathroom. Twenty people in the house, so I figured there was NO chance of Kayla finishing what she started, and my balls were hurting so fucking bad, I needed to stroke one off to relieve the pressure. No sooner then I got inside, a knock was on the door. “One minute! I just got in here!” I yelled. I heard Kayla whisper thru the door, though I could not make out who it was or what they were saying. So I cracked open the door and said “What?” She was smiling ear to ear, “You better not waste it!” she half whispered-giggled, then she reached in with her hand, “Here.” she said, I reached for it and she opened her hand to let it fall into mine, then she closed the door. I looked at it, curiously, until it dawned on me that what she gave me were her panties! I was frustrated enough, now, I have a pair of her tiny, blue, thong that is soaking wet with some of the sweetest smelling juice I have ever sniffed! As I buried my nose into them, I thought I would blow my load right then and there. But I remembered what Kayla had said, I better not waste it. Uuummm, I wonder what she was up to. I waited a few minutes, adjusted my hard cock as best I could, I left the bathroom and headed downstairs to the living room. People split up among the rooms to chit chat, get caught up with each other, you know, normal family reunion shit. I roamed from room to room for a while, engaging in small talk, but my main purpose was making sure that I would brush/press up against my sister, my cousin and my niece, just to let them know that I have not forgotten about them, LOL. My cock bilecik escort was still rock hard and throbbing, so they would have no doubt that it wasn’t “accidental”. Best part is, none of them knew about the others. So when one of them saw me “brushing” by the other, a few eyebrows raised in a “What is going on?” sorta way. It was glorious! LOL I found a box of my brother in laws cigars, and decided that a good smoke and a stiff drink might quell my stiff prick a bit. I made a Jack and coke and headed out to the deck. It was a brisk night. Unusually warm for late November, with a gentle breeze. I sat alone for a few minutes when Kelly came out, “Everything OK?” she asked. “Yea, fine, just enjoying a cigar.” “Oh” she said, “Well, I thought you might of needed a hand or something.” I looked at her with a sarcastic puzzlement look on my face. “With what?” I said with a chuckle. “With this.” she said as she reached over and started to stroke my hard penis thru my pants. “Well, I might, if you still can suck a cock, you know, now that your married and all and don’t suck cock anymore.” “What?!! I still suck, not the way I did with you, but i suck Harry off, at LEAST weekly!” “Ah, still need to guzzle some cum do ya?” I jokingly said. “Yea, but it not as good as yours was, GAWD I loved it so!” she heaved as she pulled my cock out of my pants. I looked around quickly, saw no one around, “Open your fucking mouth my sweet little sister slut.” I grabbed her by the back of the head and shoved her mouth down onto my rock hard meat. She gagged even before it was halfway. Taking a breath, she said “Harry is much smaller then you, so take it easy dammit!” “Fuck that.” I said and shoved her head back down onto my member. She took it all this time, as I pumped into her mouth, I could tell the old times were coming back to her, she fell into the rhythm that she was so good at. We spent a few minutes face fucking like that, when she finally broke, gasping for breath. “Holy fuck, I haven’t done that in a looonnnggg time. I forgot how fucking hot that makes me!” “How hot?” I asked as I reached under her skirt and sunk a finger into her bare pussy. I could tell she was still smooth, her lips were still huge and dangling, and so fucking wet! “Where the fuck are your panties?” I said. “Right here.” she replied and took them out of a pocket in her skirt. She stuffed them into my face and I inhaled deeply. She smelled exactly the way I remembered! Jesus! If I smell any more pussy…..someone was coming out onto the deck. I hurriedly stuffed my cock back into my pants just as Kayla came around the corner. “Hey!” she exclaimed, “What’s up?” in that annoying teen-i’m-rudely-interrupting-but-don’t-care way. “Hun, can you do me a favor?” Kelly asked. “Go get me a drink, please? Ask Harry to make one for me. Thank you dear.” Kelly said in a very matter of fact tone of voice I heard her talk to Harry and her k**s with. Kayla went back in, but not before shooting a “you bitch” look at Kelly. “Well, better talk fast, since we don’t have much time.” Kelly said as she looked toward me, “I want to see you again Jimmy. I want you to finally fuck me the way you wanted to when we were k**s. I know it has been a long time, but I have never forgotten how bad you always wanted to fuck me, but I was always too afraid. first I was afriad because of the size, then I was too scared to get pregnant. But now, I can’t get pregnant, and…………I want that big fucker in my pussy!” The look on my face must of said it all, “Ok, so, call me and I will tell you when to come over, k**s and Harry won’t be home so we’ll have plenty of time. So call me tomorrow! She took her panties from my hand and said “Save these so you can edge for me, I want one of your huge loads to swallow!” and she stuffed bilecik escort bayan them into my pants pocket. When her hand hit the other pair that were already in there, she shot look at me. “Wha…is…..this??” She slipped them out of my pocket, “Who’s are these?” she asked in a devilish way, big grin on her face. She sniffed them. “Ooooooo, sooooo sweet!!” I stammered a bit, “Umm, errr, umm Well, they are….ummm…oh shit.” “Who?” she demanded. “Umm….Oh God…..DON’T freak out!” I said, grabbing them from her and shoving both pair of soaked panties into my pocket. I whispered Kayla’s name and Kelly’s face went blank. “Your fucking shittin me!” she said. “Your fucking Patty’s daughter?” “NO!!” I exclaimed. I related the events of earlier tonight to her. Kelly said “Holy fuck, your going to fuck her aren’t you! Still after that young pussy?” she laughed. “Damn, I would fuck her too if I had half the chance, she is soooo fucking hot! I went camping with them last summer, she has an awesome body, I masturbated more then once thinking about her! Well, you fucking better call me when you fuck her, to tell me all about it, you dirty fucking pervert you!” she laughed hard. With a huge smile on her face she said “You BETTER call me!” and grabbed my dick and squeezed hard, “Or you’ll definately regret it!” She let go and walked to the door to the house, Kayla was coming thru and handed off the drink Harry had made for her. She turned to me and raised her glass up in a toast, nodding towards Kayla, smiled, and turned and walked into the house. Kayla asked “What the hell was that all about?” looking back at Kelly. “Nothing” I said, taking a huge draw on my cigar. I blew it out in an attempt to blow off some of the stress I was having. First, my sister ORDERED me to go fuck her(Ok, so that not a problem), I got about five minutes of outstanding head where I didn’t blow a massive load, NOW, my sixteen year old, neice, second cousin, whatever the fuck she is, hitting on me, driving me bananas!!! I’m waaaayyyy to old for this shit. LOL”Watch your language little one.” I said. “What the hell were you doing in there! Why would you do that! Holy Mother of God, you are going to get me into a butt load of trouble gaddamn it!” I kinda yelled at her. Looking totally dejected and sad, she sat down on one of the deck chairs. It was one of those “Adirondack” styles that leaned way back. She replied “Well, I have been watching you a lot lately, and, I thought you were pretty hot, being my “uncle” and all, and well, I just thought that maybe, you thought I was attractive or something, well, but you smelled really really yummy tonight, and I am like, well, way super horny, I am like that all the time, horny, really horny, and well, talking with Heather, she told me that the two of you use to fool around a little bit, but, not all the way, well, sorta, well, you used to jerk-off with her, so, well, she told me you have the most beautiful cock in the world, and well, that it’s big, and all, well, I just wanted, I don’t know…” I sat there for a few minutes. I contemplated my life and how much it would change if I got arrested and all. “Well sweetheart, umm, yea, I did fool around with Aunt Heather, but we both were young, it is different now. You know, I am older then your father, so, all that happened in there, was, really really inappropriate. I am flattered you did that, you are extremely beautiful! But, I don’t think it’s right.” The look on her face was one of total disappointment. I felt horrible. I wanted to dive deep into that sweet fresh pussy and do terrible injustices to it! But, the responsible part of me reared it’s ugly head and stood up for what was right. “Really?” Kayla said. I started to speak again, when she spread her legs wide open escort bilecik in front of me. She pulled her dress up and in the light of the dining room chandelier, her pussy was glowing, yes, GLOWING!! It was glorious. All shiny and smooth, large pink labia jutting out in a perfect butterfly, her clit was large and swollen, just begging to be sucked. FUCKBefore I realized, I was on my knees sticking my tongue deep into her fuck hole. The sweet aroma of her essence made me completely drunk. My head was spinning. HOLY FUCK!! I bolted up. “Oh my God!! No, we can’t do this…..no…I can’t!” Once again, I heard “Really?” and she reached down and started to play with her pussy. I sat down across from her. Fuck it. “OK, but not here, not now.” “When!” she quipped. “I don’t know, umm, we have to find a place, and work out a time, you know, this won’t be easy!” I said. “Maybe….” as she slid two fingers into her goddess-like pussy “Maybe not….with the right incentive!” she giggled. I told her to stop before we got caught and this whole thing would end before it even began. She pulled her dress down and closed her legs. “One thing, tho, before we stop.” she asked “I want to see your cock.” I said I don’t think so, she said please and started that whole little k** begging act. I looked at her directly in her eyes and said “Listen to me, if you seriously want this to happen, and I mean seriously, you will go at this at MY direction. You WILL obey my every word to. the. fucking. letter! Do I make myself clear!!” “Yes” she said. “Yes, what?!” I leered at her. “Yes sir!” she stated. “Better. Give me your number,” as I handed her my phone “and text me when you get home.” I directed. “Now, I know I don’t have to tell you to keep quiet, right?” I said. “No Sir.” Kayla replied. “No, go in there and act like the perfect little lady, text me when you get home and we will chat some. We will discuss the possibility of us getting together, that is all. Ok?” I said “Yes Sir!” she bounded up, grinning again from ear to ear. “Maybe this will workout after all.” I thought.I went back in to the house, and after the normal chatter and a couple of drinks decided to head home. As I made my goodbyes to the family, I kissed Heather on the cheek and whispered “Payback is a bitch” and smiled at her. She smiled back, and gave me a wink. “I hope so Sir!” she said. Driving home, I had to release my cock from it’s confines. I edged the entire drive home. So I was looking forward to a great jerk off session with a huge payoff for me. Getting home, I undressed and was sitting in my chair to watch some internet porn(yes of course it was XHamster!) when my phone went off. Checking it, I saw it was a text from Kayla. I opened it, and there was a picture of her, taking a selfie of herself in her room, naked with the text “I’m home”. My cock jumped! I replied back to her “Very nice!! Lay down on your bed and play with your pussy”. Logging on to my favorite website, I paged thru the porn, stroking my cock and edging some more. Between the sexting with Kayla and the porn, my cock could of punched thru a steel plate. My balls were aching to release their load and when Kayla sent me a pic of her beautiful pussy, I set up my phone to record me shooting my load. I stroked in front of it, my cock was swollen and purple, stroking it with some oil, I hit the record button, eased back and stroked my cock a few times before it started to pulse with its ejaculation. Rope after rope of cum flew up into the air and landed on my stomach, chest and face. Twelve or thirteen times it spewed jizz. I was covered. A few times, jizz hit me in my face and mouth, so I licked it up. I did taste wonderful. My cock was still hard and twitching when I turned off the record. I uploaded it and sent it to Kayla. But I also sent it to Kelly and Heather! LOL My phone blew up a few minutes later. All three of them told me that they will or would be cumming to the vid tonight. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the “cumming” weeks! Stay tuned!!!

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