Two firsts – a dogging evening I will never forget

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Two firsts – a dogging evening I will never forgetI have to get this adventure down while it is still fresh in my mind although I can’t imagine ever thinking about anything else!My wife and k**s went to the grandparents for a week this weekend past and I was left alone for the first time in several years. Alone and no-one to notice me missing for an evening…if I was going to play out a fantasy this was the opportunity.For years I had been intrigued by the thought of watching other couples playing and fucking and the thought of watching strangers in a car park was at the top of my ‘bucket list’.I had always been intrigued by a car park that is set back from the main road in the Bucks countryside, surrounded by woodland. About 10 years previously I had pulled up there for a lunchtime snooze ( i was a delivery driver at the time)and when I awoke I noticed several men also sat alone in their cars and all seemed to be sat about waiting for what seemed like nothing in particular. Well this had spooked me at the time and i drove off but as I became more worldly wise I suspected that this had been a dogging spot…so this is where I imagined I would have the best chance of acting out my fantasy.Well I arrived at about 7pm Subday evening and the car park had a few empty cars which over the next hours were arrived back to by ramblers and dog walkers. I sat and read my book trying to look natural. By 8.30pm the car park was deserted except for my solitary car. i sat and read some more but by 9pm I was starting to think that this might be a stupid waste of my evening. Just then a white van turned up and a middle aged man parked up and pulled out a newspaper. My heart started beating faster…could this be the start of my ultimate fantasy?We both sat in our respective cars for about 15 minutes, me sheepishly trying to catch what he was up to out of the corner of my eye, then about a quarter past 9 another car pulled up with a couple inside, early to mid forties I would guess.The light was starting to fade as they parked on the opposite side of the car park and to my right.The passenger door opened after a few minutes and stayed wide open, and after a minute or so the male driver of the car climbed out and walked around the car. He looked over towards both myself and the van diver and then crouched around the other side of the open car door. I couldn’t see a thing…damn. My casino siteleri heart was beating so hard I could hear it in my ears, my fingers were shaking with the adrenaline..but what should I do?! I was numb with fear and excitement.Suddenly the van door opened and the single guy walked across the car park as if this was just an every day occurrence. I watched him draw closer to the couples car and then walk around within 10 metres of their open door. He must have exchanged conversation as I could see him laugh and then I watched him reach to his trouser zip and without hesitation unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock.He was hard and i watched in the dimming light as he exchanged a couple of words with the couple and slowly started to wank his cock.In my 43 years I had never watched another man wanking his cock and I was mesmerized. Suddenly he looked over to me and with a nod of his head beckoned me over. I couldn’t believe that this was happening, my heart was trying to beat its way out of my chest. I waited what seemed an eternity and then found myself opening the door of my car. In an almost trance like state I climbed out and slowly, timidly walked toward the open door. What would I see behind the door that was getting this guy so aroused.As I rounded the door all my hopes and fantasies came true. There sat on the passenger seat was a pretty middle aged woman in a flowery summer dress hitched up around her waist with her middle aged partner busily fingering her hairy and sopping wet pussy.I stood about a metre to the right of the van man as he slowly squeezed and pulled on his quite short but fat cock. He would pull his foreskin right back with every stroke and then push right back up his shaft as if to get every little bit of satisfaction from each stroke.’First time is it love?’ the woman asked in a seductive and gentle manner.I nodded and muttered an ‘Uhuh’, almost dumbstruck and then not wanting to sound rude followed it up with’this has to be the horniest thing I have ever seen…ever’.All 3 laughed at this which put me at ease a little and then her partner said ‘feel free to pop your cock out, the Mrs would love to see how hard she is making you…hasn’t she got the most gorgeous pussy’. ‘my tits aren’t too bad either, fancy a look’ and then ‘why not show me how hard I’m making you’.Her hand pulled the flimsy summer dress down and out popped canlı casino a large and naturally floppy milk white tit. The light was fading but I could make out her nipple growing as she played it between her fingers.With that my hand slide hurriedly down to my crotch and I scrambled to unleash my cock which was pushing so hard against the denim of my jeans that I couldn’t get my fly unzipped so with both hands I quickly unbuckled my belt, popped the top button and released the zip allowing my cock to spring out and my trousers to fall down to my knees.’MMM nice’ the couple said in unison and then her hubby as I assumed he must be set about slipping two fingers inside the most sopping pussy I thought I had ever seen. Even above the rustle of the leaves in the trees and the cars in the distance I could hear her gaping pussy slurp and gurgle with every stroke of his fingers. Her legs spread as wide as I imagined they would go and I found myself wanking my cock out in the open next to another man for the first time in my life. I couldn’t believe that this was happening and my smile must have reached from ear to ear as I found myself pulling my cock slowly but firmly to the beat of her partners fingers pushing in and then slowly pulling out, as if to tease her and the audience.The woman’s eyes were closed and she moaned softly with each stroke, at this point I looked down and noticed that the van man next to me had his arm outstretched and his palm hovering outstretched abut 6 inches above my wanking hand. I turned to him and with a movement of my eyebrows as if to say’In for a penny in for a pound’ I released my hand and felt his has settle on my cock. His palms felt different to my wife’s which are smooth and slender. His palm was rough and his fingers fat and coarse.’Oooh yes, that’s very fucking horny’ said the woman whose eyes were open and staring intently at my cock being slowly and actually quite sensitively wanked by my new wank buddy. ‘You naughty boys’ and then turning to her hubby ‘ fuck me hard with those fingers, I want to see them spunk hard for me’.Her hubby didn’t waste anytime and using both hands both fingered her and played with her clit, getting harder and rougher with every movement.This new sensation of a man wanking me off while I gawped at the sexiest experience of my life was making me throb, pre-cum dribbling over his fingers and I guess kaçak casino that he could tell from the way that I started to thrust my cock into his hand that i hadn’t long to go. His fingers gripped harder which sent me over the edge and great globs of spunk shot from the end of my cock splattering the ground in front of the couple. I shuddered and laughed and groaned at the same time.My cock started to shrink and the cum oozed down over van man’s fingers as he pulled them away. ‘Mmmmmmm, wipe it on my legs she gestured to him and with one hand pulling on his cock he wiped the traces of of ejaculation over her legsMeanwhile hubby was working doggedly at his wife’s swollen and dripping pussy and her quiet moans increased in intensity and volume. Van man was working away at his cock just inches away from her face like a man possessed as the lady pulled both tits out and moaned ‘blow your load over these’, pulling hard on her own nipples and then kneading her lovely large milky mounds together.Van man took no time to obey her instructions and let out a moan so loud I looked around to check for anyone in the vicinity.His first wad of white explosion missed her tits altogether and ended up hanging from her hair, then the second and third explosion landed in between her beautiful mammories and with this she actively ground down on her hubby’s fingers and with a shriek came with an intensity that I thought could be heard in the village up the road.Watching her cum with such intensity made my cock twitch with excitement and I wished that I could raise another hard on just so I could cum at the same time.Hubby withdrew his fingers so that they just sat gently on her swollen pussy.’God I love you’ he said staring at his wife.’You horny bastard, you love my sopping, horny snatch, but that’s ok’.At this point I turned to see van man tucking himself back into his trousers and with a ‘see you soon you two’ walked back to his van.Suddenly i felt a little embarrassed stood there with my trousers around my knees and started to pull them up.’I’m going to fuck her now’ if you want to watch’ chirped up the hubby.’Mmmm, give me a few minutes and let me catch my breath’ came the response from his wife.It was quite dark now in amongst the trees and the only light was shining from the interior of the car.’I think I’d best be off’ I said, knowing that i wouldn’t be able to perform for a while and not wanting to detract from this perfect experience….’but I would love to meet up again sometime’.And that’s where we left it….until this Thursday when they suggested that i drop by the car park…if its not raining.

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