Vacation Paradise

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Vacation ParadiseFantasy and reality are lines that can easily become blurred when the right mix of elements are combined. When chemistry and passion mix with pure unadulterated lust, add sensuality with a touch of sweltering Jamaican heat, top off with downright uninhibited fun and the results are downright explosive. Such was the case when Lisette and Phillip got together for a much-needed vacation to Jamaica that would leave them scorched by the flames of hedonism.Leaving the damp and rainy weather of Seattle behind, Lisette and Phillip headed off to the sunny shores of Kingston to revel in decadence and pleasure. It was the first time to visit the Caribbean for both of them and Phillip could barely wait to get to the hotel to get the fun started. Lisette was intent on igniting passions even before they left the runway. As they slid into the seats she leaned over to Phillip and whispered, “Honey, I’m so absent minded today. I think I forgot to put on my thong.” Phillip tried to remain as calm as possible but he was visibly moved by her naughty revelation. He glanced down at her smooth, butterscotch colored legs and ran his eyes up to the bottom of her floral-print silk sarong. Lisette, feeling particularly bold and empowered, shifted in her seat and spread her legs ever so slightly. She raised the hem of her skirt a little more to expose more of her sexy thighs as Phillip glanced around to get an idea of who was around and get his bearings. No one was directly across from them, thank goodness, but across the aisle and one seat in front of them was a guy who was already harassing the stewardess about a pillow and had three empty little bottles of JD rolling around at his feet. Phillip, always one to be in control of his environment, was at a loss. He hadn’t expected such a bold move by Lisette so soon in the game so he conceded to her that she had the next move. He was going to enjoy the ride, literally and figuratively, and with any luck, it would be an extremely bumpy one. Lisette leaned closer again; this time whispering in his ear of how wet her pussy was, of how she couldn’t wait to have his big hard dick pounding in and out of her pussy. Phillip was feeling light headed and they hadn’t even begun to taxi on the runway. If she wanted to play, he was going to make her work for it. He leaned in closer and slid his hands up the silky smooth skin of her inner thighs. Lisette held his gaze firmly as she spread her legs just a bit more. As his fingers explored her legs, as he began caressing her silky folds, he discovered that Lisette had recently gotten a bikini wax. Electricity shot through his body as his fingers felt the baby smooth skin and the slippery juices of her wetness. “Okay, enough of that sweetie, let’s wait until we land.” Lisette was being playfully coy and flirtatious but Phillip had other plans in mind. He gently pushed her legs apart more and began softly circling her clit with his index finger. Lisette hadn’t planned on things getting so public so soon, her plans were to pace themselves, and let the tension build. Phillip had other plans in mind. In a smooth, commanding tone, he whispered, “Spread your legs for me.” Lisette felt powerless to do anything but comply. She began nervously looking around, to see who could see their goings on. She tried to push his hand away but the way he was touching her was causing her mind to be clouded. Her pussy lips felt so good and the wetter she became the more her inhibitions were washed away. She regretted her rather flimsy plan almost immediately, being willing to concede that Phillip was far more gregarious in his behaviors than she had ever been. He was the quintessential man’s man, friend to all, adored by the masses. His personality lit up a room wherever he went and he certainly had the confidence and charm to schmooze with the best of them. Of course it was nothing for him to think that he could get away with the most obvious of public displays with little or no repercussions. The stewardess was making her way down the aisle with lunch and Phillip’s fingers got more adventurous. He pushed Lisette’s legs open wider and searched for her sweet spot. Lisette, practically panicked by the thought of being discovered, was doing her best to dissuade Phillip’s antics as quietly as possible. She began making negotiations, bargaining, whispering whatever she could to get him to stop what she was sure was going to cause a very public and embarrassing scene. Phillip would not be denied. He spread the lips of her sweet pussy and began his digital assault on her aroused clit. Lisette squirmed and waged a battle in her own mind about her conflicting emotions. güvenilir bahis On one hand, she loved how her man was making her feel, on the other, she was too conservative, too scared to be discovered. Her body was winning the war as her pussy was leaking and her juices were actually running down her ass. Phillip stepped up the pace and inserted a finger in her pussy and Lisette actually had to bite her lip to keep from moaning out load. He leaned in close, brushed his soft, sexy lips against the nape of her neck and whispered, “Don’t fight it, cum for Daddy.”Lisette closed her eyes. She was about to take a trip, literally and figuratively to a place she had never been before. The stewardess was only one seat away, helping the tipsy gentleman with that damned pillow he had been screaming about when she turned to Phillip and Lisette. She froze momentarily. Phillip, ever in control of things, gave the stewardess a seductive look that said, “Don’t say a word, just acknowledge and enjoy,” and she did a quick double take and calmly asked if there was anything she could do to make her passenger’s trip more enjoyable. Phillip shoved another finger in Lisette at that very moment and she was helpless to do anything but surrender to the exquisite sensations he was giving her body. Phillip never took his eyes off the stewardess as he continued to finger fuck Lisette’s hot pussy. Beneath the rumpled folds of her skirt, he was thrusting his hand between her legs and Lisette shut her eyes tight to shut out the world. Phillip was truly beside himself as he held the two women captivated and frozen with his aura. The woman seated beside him was fighting an orgasm in a very public place and the woman standing inches from him in the aisle of the plane was obviously very aroused by the scene before her and the command Phillip had over his environment. The stewardess’ breathing was becoming labored as she held her eyes fixed to the spot between Lisette’s legs. It was all Lisette could do not to scream right then and there. She was grinding on Phillip’s fingers, trying to get them deeper, trying to get them to hit her magic spot, trying to be quiet. Phillip grabbed Lisette’s hand and placed it on his dick, which could was clearly outlined through his pants. She started stroking it, afraid to open her eyes, hypnotized by the sensations she was feeling, her body aching for release. She could feel the warming sensations traveling her body. He could feel her muscles tense up as she was climbing towards her peak. The stewardess was in a daze, hypnotized it seems by Phillip’s presence. Lisette could hear herself saying, “Oh shit . . . Oh shit,” over and over again, but she wasn’t in any sort of position to stop, she was feeling too much pleasure.Without notice, Phillip stopped; he pulled his fingers out of her pussy abruptly and left both Lisette and the stewardess breathless. The entire scene probably only lasted a few seconds but it seemed like an eternity; like there had been a glitch in time and space that made seconds seem like hours. He began casually chatting with the stewardess about the options for lunch as Lisette was trying to regain control. He held his fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply; even taking the opportunity to lick away some of the sweet juices there as he repositioned his dick and went about his business. Lisette was still aroused and tingling with sensations. She pushed her seat back and gave herself over to the feeling that it was going to be a memorable trip.Jamaica was everything that they had hoped it would be. It was a glorious Spring day, clear, sunny, and HOT, the perfect climate for steamy and passionate play. Lisette reveled in the sensuous nature of the hotel lobby as Phillip checked in. The Shore Club was the hottest, most exclusive hotel in on the beach and only the high rollers played there. Phillip, ever the worldly statesman, had the Penthouse suite reserved for their vacation. It was a 6,000 square foot, triplex suite with a private elevator accessing all three floors, two spiral staircases and a private terrace, a rooftop pool, a steam room, sauna, an outdoor shower and a 360-degree panoramic view of the city and the ocean. He’d called in a few favors and been the recipient of some special gifts that had been able to garner them accommodations that would make Paris Hilton’s suite seem like the quarters for the pool boy. Anything and everything that they wanted was to be theirs, all they had to do was merely think it, and it was theirs to be had. Well, a thought and a call to Martin, the hotel concierge, who could make anything happen. Decadence was the theme of the day as they türkçe bahis luxuriated in The Spa. Lisette opted for the Multi Media Massage and Phillip decided to go for the more adventuresome Wild Zesty Scalp and Body treatment. Dinner at Ago was nothing less than superb and they were settling into the vibrations of the city as they dined on traditional ethnic creations and sipped Grey Goose Dirty Martini’s as they hours slipped by. Their first night there was to be punctuated with more play than relaxation as they headed back to the suite to change. Lisette was breathtaking in her sexy stilettos and red dress that hugged all her sexy curves in the right places. Phillip was ever the dashing figure, his 6’2” frame caring a cinnamon colored light weight sweater and black pants off like he had stepped off the runways of Milan. The partied the night away at Mansion, showered with VIP treatment all night long. Phillip was the type of man that never met a stranger and by 1 AM, he had invited three other couples back to the hotel to continue the party in the luxurious hotel suite. It was a multicultural mix, one Latino couple, a White couple, and an interracial couple; some sista had herself a white man that seemed to love her dirty drawers. All eight seemed to meld and mix quite well together. The men, sharing war stories of acquisitions and business deals they had masterminded and the women talked about celebrity sightings and shopping. It was all light hearted and fun and no one really pried about anyone else’s private details. Whatever happens in Jamaica . . . stays in Jamaica. Everyone could be free to just let their hair down and relax.Phillip watched Lisette from the corner of his eye all night. In fact, everyone watched Lisette; her sensuality was oozing from every pore in her body. There were more than a few times Phillip caught the guys looking at her sexy ass or staring at her nipples as they poked through her dress when they were admiring her cleavage. Lisette wasn’t totally oblivious to the attention as she did what she could to keep her man’s attention. She wanted to get him back for the little trick he had played on her on the plane but she had to be a bit more calculating in her maneuvers as to not have them backfire on her as they did earlier in the day. Everyone was settling down and listening to some jazz, relaxing. Lisette made a discrete exit into the tropical night air, overlooking the breathtaking view of the city. Phillip casually strolled out on the terrace behind Lisette. She settled back into his arms and laid her head upon his chest. His hands roamed freely over her body as he began grinding his erection in the crack of her ass. Lisette was enjoying the sensation as she bent slightly forward against the railing. His dick was getting heavy as he began sliding the material of her dress up over her sexy thighs. Lisette decided to take matters into her own hands as she whispered that she wanted some alone time away from their new friends. They made their way, hand in hand, to the master bedroom and closed the door. Lisette stood Phillip in the middle of the room, nothing for support, nowhere to hide. She slid her thong down her legs and tossed it to Phillip. He inhaled her fragrance as he watched her sit on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. She began rubbing her fingers over her wet slit, masturbating right in front of him. She closed her eyes and got more and more into her self-pleasure. Phillip was mesmerized and could barely swallow he was so turned on. Lisette began fingering herself, making herself cum, releasing all the pressure that had been built up from the earlier play they shared. Lisette stopped just before she reached her climax and she got on her knees in front of Phillip and lowered his zipper. She looked up at him with an incredibly seductive look in her eyes and licked her sexy lips. Phillip was outdone by her brazen display of sexuality and was hard as a rock. She began slowly and gently licking the head and shaft of his dick, staring in his eyes the entire time. Phillip took his dick in his hand and held it to her lips. He took the tip between his fingers and squeezed it causing pre-cum to ooze out. With that, Lisette stuck her tongue out and began to seductively lick Phillip’s solid erection. The sensation was enough to make Phillip’s dick throb and jump. He was stroking his dick, milking it, forcing more pre-cum out. Up to the challenge, she was licking it up like it was the sweetest honey. She stuck her tongue out and licked Phillip all the way from his balls to the head of his dick, even licking his hand as he continued to jerk off. Overcome with güvenilir bahis siteleri lust, he gently grabbed her head, pulled her by her long, curly hair, and slid his dick deep in her mouth. Her mouth felt like a hot, wet, tight pussy. Lisette was sucking him with expertise and skill. Her tongue was swirling around the shaft as her lips kept up a steady rhythmic sucking. Her spit was all over him. Phillip was on the verge. The inside of her mouth felt like hot silk. The cum was boiling up in his nuts, the sack drawing up close to his body. Lights were flashing behind his eyes as he held them tightly shut, and he was thrusting in and out of her mouth. She had taken him deep. He needed more. “Yeah, suck my dick; suck that big dick like you love it.” Phillip closed his eyes and concentrated on the beautiful woman sucking, licking, and swallowing his dick. The sensations were incredible, indescribable. The suction on his dick felt like he would never get head this good again in his life. Just as he was about to orgasm, Lisette stopped. She stood up and smoothed out her dress, stepped back into her thong and said softly, “We have guests we need to get back to, let’s go.”Phillip was undone. He was proud of his baby for playing him just as well as he would have done her. He was proud but he was more horny than proud. Back in the living room, Lisette played the gracious hostess while Phillip did his best to get everyone to go home. “It’s late,” he would say and Lisette would counter with, “so everyone should get comfortable and stay.” One of the things he loved about her was she was this incredibly quick-witted woman housed in the body of a brick shithouse. They played the cat and mouse game well for a half hour more until Lisette’s hormones couldn’t take the torture much longer. It was nearly 3 AM when they ushered their last guests out the front door.No sooner had the door closed then Phillip had pushed Lisette against the door. He kissed the back of her neck and bit her shoulder. He filled his hands with her full breasts as she braced herself for the thorough fucking she was going to get. He undressed; he undressed her, leaving only her stilettos on. He pulled her soaking wet thong down and pushed her body forward so her forearms were pressed against the door. Lisette needed to get fucked and she was craving it the way only Phillip could give it to her. He smacked her ass, asking her, “You want this big dick in you?” He took his strong fingers and inserted them deep insider her. First one, then two, he watched as the third finger disappeared within her.Lisette nodded through her lust-filled haze. She gazed back at him. “Fuck me please. No more teasing. I need it” Lisette, no longer able to hold back, started moaning and begging to get fucked, no longer concerned if anyone saw or heard her get the dick she craved and deserved. She needed to feel that ebony column of flesh caress her walls, make her scream, make her cum. She wanted to get pounded hard and Phillip was the only one that could give her that sensation. Phillip was past his threshold for any more teasing. He grabbed his dick and held it at the entrance to her pussy. He looked at the head of his dick as it lay at the entrance to Nirvana. Lisette was like a wildcat, looking back at him begging to get fucked. He took skillful aim and shoved his dick in in one fluid motion. They began working together, to find that perfect rhythm. She was throwing that ass back; he had a handful of hips pulling her back to him. He was grunting like and a****l in heat as she was pleading with him to fuck her harder. The sloppy sounds of fucking filled the night as Lisette’s wet pussy gushed and dripped her sexy honey all down his balls and legs. Phillip was the first to lose his battle with pleasure. He was in a trance and he felt his orgasm hit him hard but he kept on fucking. He wanted to see Lisette cum and cum hard. He needed her to cum so hard she would practically pass out. He reached around and grabbed her nipples; he put his fingers in her mouth for her to suck. He began a relentless and pounding attack that would ram every inch of his hard dick deep, deep inside her. That was enough to push Lisette over the edge. She was alive with sensations and her body responded with wave after wave of pleasure. Her legs gave out as she gave way to ecstasy. The trip back to Seattle was a quiet one, no public displays, no outrageous behavior. It was back to the grindstone and the cold after a week of sensual exploration. Lisette laid her head gently on Phillip’s shoulder as she reflected on the week’s activities. He held her close and kissed her sweetly on her forehead. It had been a fantasy vacation steeped in lust and passion that had definitely brought them closer together and had opened the door to greater heights of intimacy. They would never be the same and that, ultimately, was a good thing. Copyright 2005 AfroerotiK

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