Vicious Rumours Pt. 01

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The grand hall was packed, with mahogany, with pictures of old men with stern faces, and with students attending their first assembly of the new year at St. Bernard’s Boys Boarding School. An imposing matronly figure walked behind the walnut lectern on the grand stage and stared down at the students. She cleared her throat getting ready to tell the gathered boys to quieten down, but her imposing form carried that message long before she could open her mouth.

“Thank you.” She curtly admitted. “For those returning for a new school year that have not yet heard, Headmaster Bittenbinder has retired, we all wish him the best in the future. This is why I am addressing you as your new headmistress.”

“I can’t believe they made her headmistress.” One student whispered. “I heard she’s a total slut.”

“I bet she got the job by screwing all the governors.” Their friend whispered in reply.

“Many of you will be used to calling me Mrs. Hardwick from my six years as an IT teacher. I will allow some time for adjustment but my new title is Headmistress Hardwick, is that clear.”

“More like headmistress hard-dick.” A stocky boy mumbled under his breath.

“When I first started teaching IT, many counselled against it. The jury was still out about whether the internet would be a passing fad or our new future. But I followed my passion and now I am the headmistress at the most prestigious private school in the country. You too can follow your dreams, regardless of adversity. So stay focussed and learn all you can, you never know what doors could be unlocked from learning hexadecimal code.”

“Unless hexadecimal code will get me a ticket to that ass, I don’t care.” A laid-back boy quietly joshed to his friend.

None of the students whispering to one another knew that Gladys Hardwick was catching snippets of their comments and was loving every one of them.

Gladys returned to the on-campus house the headmaster was given as part of their pay and benefits, she was not expected to stay there all the time but had opted to move in for at least the first year. Her husband was head of the local business forum and didn’t mind the long stints away as he had done similar on some of his international trips when he was building his first company up from the ground. She locked the door behind her and squealed with pent up joy at her new situation.

Being a female school teacher at an all boys school always meant the inevitable childish sexualisation and mocking from her students, the hushed whispers of deviation when they thought she couldn’t hear them, the nasty comments written on bathroom walls, the rumours of her sexual proclivities that varied from one week to the next. It didn’t help that her larger imposing frame was somewhat undermined by whopping E-cup tits and an ass to match. She was not petite, some even thought her fat, although her figure was far from it and she carried most of her weight in her breasts and butt. However what the students didn’t know was that Gladys had the hearing of a bat, for as long as she could remember hushed conversations were never quiet enough for her to not overhear them.

At first she hadn’t let them get to her, then she had found them funny, then over time they wore away at her like a river cutting through rock, until her new response to each schoolchild commentary on her was to retreat into the fantasy of wondering what life would be like if she were the person they said she was. Aged 36, and now in charge of a school, Gladys felt all that power rush to her and felt tingles at the prospect of how she could use it. She didn’t know if it was just that she now had power and freedom, or maybe some form of midlife crisis, but she became eager to see what she could do and get away with.

During one of the interviews for the headmistressing job, she had mentioned some flaws in the school’s website, and the governor’s had agreed the most cost effective solution was for her to fix it in her own time given her IT qualifications. When fixing up the browser extensions, she decided to leave a little Easter egg, on the page “about the headmistress” she made the browser extension “/57686f7265.” To the untrained eye, a string of random numbers a letters, but to Gladys, hexadecimal code that spelled out “whore.”

It was from there that Gladys discovered the joy of “leaving breadcrumbs.” She had always liked the childish conspiracy theories of her being a secret slut, and now she was going to thrill herself by creating a conspiracy of her own and sitting back to see if anyone figured out the simple hexadecimal code she left in her wake. On the front page of the school website she added “the headmistress is a dirty slut” in hexadecimal writing at the bottom of the page where it would be mistaken for errant code by the tech illiterate.

While she had an office in the school for dealing with the kids, she also had a home office as part of her campus accommodation. She christened her office mersin escort by writing “If you order me to fuck you, right here and now, I will become your slave” in green coding style writing and hiding it in a computer screen on a stock photo of children in class that she had in a frame on her wall.

The day before the first day of school, Gladys spent the night lost in fantasies about the whole student body engaging in the usual speculation about her sex life, then one day, one of her former students, now older and smart enough to crack the code, will suddenly start seeing her code everywhere and begin to realise it was all true. But as she was fantasising, she realised so far all she had done was contribute to childish name calling, albeit in stranger places. As far as she was concerned it wasn’t true yet. That’s when she decided there must be a goal, something infinitely impossible to get to that nailed down, without a doubt, that she was a sexual deviant.

It took her a bit of searching to discover “SkankBank”, the latest in a series of pay to access porn modelling websites, but one the internet assured her had the worst reputation. It was a bright pink monstrosity of a site, but sign up was easy. Gladys made her username 476c6164797320486172647769636b, her full name in hexadecimal code, anyone who cracked her codes and got lucky searching around porn websites could find it. But setting up the account was only the first step.

SkankBank asked her to set up two profiles, the first was for people who had not paid and the other for her fee paying fans. Gladys kept her free profile generic, using the only place-holder photos and not filling out any details, then she switched to her premium page and saw it awaiting her content.

Gladys took a deep breath, the video ahead she hadn’t planned per se, it had just been spinning around her head, fully formed, keeping her from sleep. She went to her bathroom to prepare, a process speeded along through familiar routine, she was making sure she looked exactly as she would look on an average school day. Her long black hair was styled into a sensible bun, her face was smoothed and contoured with subtle makeup, not enough to draw attention or get accused of being too sultry, but more than necessary to look professional. Next her work clothes, a black knee length skirt covering thick black tights, white blouse with a tie in school colours, and finally a heavy grey blazer. It was exactly as she would wear to school with the exception that she didn’t have on any underwear.

She propped up her phone against a table in her bedroom, facing the bed that all the previous heads had slept in, and pressed record.

“Hello!” She giggled. “If you’re seeing this then you have solved my clues and found my shame. Well I guess you’ve earned this.” Gladys took a couple of steps back and began to sway as she removed her blaser, staring at the light on the phone that illuminated her silent striptease and reminded her she was being recorded.

“Can you tell already that I don’t have a bra on? I couldn’t bear to contain these humongous breasts a moment longer.” She moaned, tracing herself through her blouse, letting her stuff nipples stand out against the fabric. “Do you want to see them? Do you want to see the tits that students of my school have wet dreams over?” She pulled off the school tie with a single practiced motion and began to undo her top button. With her hands shaking so badly, Gladys struggled, dancing on the spot and eventually gasping at the effort as her blouse loosened. When she noticed she was facing slightly away from the camera and still had six buttons to go, Gladys tried a different approach. She sighed, walked a bit closer so her torso was directly in front of the camera, and ripped her top open.

Buttons pinged everywhere as Gladys’ breasts burst free, she gasped and then, having caught her breath, peeled off the remains of her blouse and fondled her exposed tits.

“Aren’t these just the biggest, sluttiest tits you’ve ever seen? Don’t you just want to shove your cock between them and jizz all over my face.” She crooned before stepping back to unbuckle her skirt, she turned sideways so the camera could capture the full curves of her ass as she pulled the hem of the skirt around and down.

“Oh dear, these tights don’t hide very much do they? I bet if you look close enough you can already see my pussy.” Gladys acknowledged as she pulled the tights tight against her, framing her camel toe clearly for the camera. “Better take them off, they’ll only get in the way while I play with myself.”

Gladys sat on the bed and peeled her tights down her legs, letting out a little squeal with the full realisation that she was fully naked in front of a camera recording her. She stood up again running her hands around every exposed contour, driving herself into a frenzy.

“I hope you like big asses.” She almost screamed, bending over and pulling her cheeks mersin escort bayan apart. “I’ve got this huge ass that’s perfect for swallowing cocks.” She walked forward, seamlessly traversing from bending over facing away from the camera to crawling on all fours on the bed. She collapsed forward as her hand traced a path down between her legs.

“God my pussy is so fucking wet, I bet I’m going to cum so hard. Do you want to watch me cum?” She asked, not waiting for an answer before allowing her hand to start a frenzy of movement against her clit, not controlling her moans of delight, using her other hand to pull a cheek to one side to make sure the camera caught every inch of her show. It did not take long for Gladys to bring herself to a squealing orgasm, gushing over her bed before collapsing for a moment. She gathered her wits and walked back over to the camera.

“The rumours are true, Headmistress Gladys Hardwick is a horny bitch, and you just watched her cum.” She said by way of a sign off before turning off the camera and collapsing on the bed to review the footage.

Gladys watched the video three times, and masturbated each time before steeling her resolve and uploading it to SkankBank.

Finally, SkankBank asked what price she would like to set as the fee to see her profile and the video she just uploaded. She thought about it carefully, no amount of money was beyond pocket change for some of the boys at her school, she needed a way to dissuade them from paying. Suddenly she had an idea, she set the value to £2047, the maximum SkankBank allowed. Then she went back over to the free profile and uploaded her picture from the school website, for her bio she copied and pasted the one from the school website into translation software, translating it to Polish then back to English so it was broken and not quite right. She had made sure the first lesson new students had in IT was how to spot an internet scam and she channelled her knowledge to make sure this page ticked every box. Then she screamed with adrenaline as she clicked “submit profile” and watched her page go live.

It was a very long shot, but now it was no longer impossible that someone she knows could find proof of her sluttiness.

Gladys tingled as she walked the school grounds, she still maintained the stern exterior that solidified her authority and kept the sexual harassment to snide comments in quiet hallways. But whenever she overheard the latest comment on her body from the hormonal monsters she was in charge of, it cast her mind back to the video she had made.

Gladys continued to leave breadcrumbs when she could, “492068617665206120766964656f206f6e20

536b616e6b42616e6b” was her confession, a string of hexadecimal code that read “I have a video on SkankBank” and was placed at the end of the small print in her email signature. She delighted that a confession of her slutty nature was sitting in the inboxes of all the governors, the parents, even a funny attachment she had emailed her husband from her work account. Nonetheless she was also able to remain calm as long as she received no sudden payments in her bank account from SkankBank.

After a bit of time, Gladys wanted to try something, she wanted to make every rumour about her come true, to be the school slut they all speculated, but at the same time the idea of screwing a student made her retch and the teenager pocket miners only ever talked about her begging for schoolboy cock. She wondered if it was possible to direct the rumours, exert a modicum of control to guide them in the right direction but also leave them free enough to gather the chaotic momentum she loved. All it took was a subtle but deliberate alteration to a cafeteria supply order, mixed with a clever drafting of a morning announcement and Gladys was ready to see if she could steer minds.

“OK, before we move on to the results of our intramural rugby tournament, I have a couple of announcements. Firstly I’d like to remind all boys that masturbating in the showers is strictly forbidden. It is disgusting and we have had a series of clogged drains because of it. Secondly I’m afraid that the school has run out of cucumbers, so all canteen items with cucumber in them have been discontinued until we can order some more.” She saw the horny minds in the audience giggling at what they thought would be a unique revelation, she was certain by the end of the day, every boy would think of her as someone who used up all the cucumbers with her constant masturbation. Sure enough that same day she overheard a boy whispering to his friend.

“I bet the canteen ran out of cucumbers because she shoved them in her pussy.”

“Girls only need the one cucumber for that Dennis.” His friend replied.

“Not if she used one after another. Horny bitch like that, I bet she could spend the whole weekend fucking herself silly.”

“Alright, if you want a moment alone with that thought, I’ll be over escort mersin here not being gross.”

Gladys thought ahead to her shopping trip Friday night and hoped the nearby supermarket sold cucumbers by the case.

Gladys awoke Saturday morning with a plan. She got the milk out of the fridge for her morning cereal and shuddered with delight at a vegetable drawer full of cucumbers. Her local store didn’t sell cucumbers by the case, but did have display boxes and Gladys decided to take all the cucumbers in the topmost one home. She had resolved that by the end of the weekend she would have fucked every cucumber in her fridge.

Once she had finished breakfast, she made her way to the shower, grabbing a cucumber from the fridge. She felt how cold it was in her hand and decided to take them all out and lay them on the kitchen table to warm up. In the shower she eased the first cucumber inside of her, gasping at her willingness to follow unseen directions from the ignorant and horny. At first it was a bit awkward to get the angles right, but once she resolved to lie on the shower floor and got into a good rhythm, she managed to bring herself to climax with the first of her sex vegetables.

When she went downstairs, with the hindsight of what fucking a cucumber entailed, the pile on the table became more daunting, if she worked her way through these her pussy would be dry and raw in no time. Her brain buzzed with ideas, the echoes of her suggested deviation ringing in her ears, before she had an idea.

“Hello.” Gladys said, stood in the middle of her kitchen, nervously twisting her exposed nipples, the light of her phone camera illuminating her naked body as it recorded. “It is October 9th, yesterday the school ran out of cucumbers, and the rumour going around the students is that I took them all so I could fuck them. Sounds far-fetched doesn’t it, however, as we both know, all the rumours about me are true.”

Gladys reached over the table and picked up a cucumber, showing it to the camera. She sat on her kitchen floor and eased the cucumber into her pussy, moaning with humiliated delight. She pushed it in and out of herself for a few moments before giving her camera a cheeky grin.

“I don’t need all the cucumbers if I’m just going to fuck them one at a time do I?” She picked up a second cucumber, smearing it with olive oil (she had googled beforehand and had found that as long as you wash it thoroughly afterwards olive oil made good sex lube in a pinch). “Do you want to see me shove this cucumber up my big, slutty ass?”

She kneeled facing away from the camera, and bent over, using one hand to hold a cucumber in her pussy she used the other to ease a second cucumber into her ass. Gladys was not a stranger to anal, she had been with her husband a long time and so they had tried a little of everything, but the pressure of having something in her pussy as she pushed another thing passed her rectum was new. She let out an almighty moan as her ass opened up and she felt thoroughly filled.

It was awkward work pumping both cucumbers at the same time and trying to keep her punished holes in view of the camera. She almost called it at that, but Gladys had one more thing planned for her video.

“Oh yes…” she moaned. “So you can tell I’m an anal whore as well as a pussy whore. But I also want to show you how good I am with a cock in my mouth.” She pulled herself back up to a kneel, using the floor to keep the cucumbers in her pussy and ass while she reached for another one. As this was less about her pleasure and more about the performance, Gladys took her time, sensuously licking the cucumber before wrapping her lips around it and pushing it down her throat.

Gladys pushed the cucumber further than she had ever taken her husband she pushed until her gag reflex kicked in and she began to choke on the cucumber. The thought of what she must have looked like at that moment, the pressure from her filled holes and the choking presence in her throat all came together to drive Gladys into overdrive. She bit down on the cucumber, forcing it to remain down her throat while her hands returned to plunging the cucumbers in and out of her pussy and ass, her whole pelvis thrumming in the rhythm as she orgasmed to the overwhelming stimulation.

She collapsed on the floor and coughed up the cucumber, shaking with the aftershocks of her successful experimentation. She gathered her thoughts and stood up, grabbing her phone.

“Mmmm… so that was three cucumbers, how many do I have?” She turned the camera to the kitchen table and the remaining ones, counting aloud. “Still six to go. I better get moving.” In that moment she had a wicked idea she knew she had to say out loud so she would be committed to it. “I bet I could be a cucumber slut in every room of the headmistress’ house. How many rooms are there? Besides the kitchen and the bathroom where I have already fucked myself. There’s the bedroom, the office, the hallway, the spare bedroom, the living room…” she paused, this was such a good idea but she had run out of steam one short until she realised, “oh there’s also the back garden, six areas, six cucumbers, I’ll alternate between my pussy and my ass. I better get to work.”

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