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VisitationFollowing the directions I had found myself at the front door, I took a breath and was about to knock when the door opened. There she was, the woman I had been corresponding with for months, wearing an almost see through shirt, a barely there skirt and a pair of high heels. She greeted me with a passionate kiss, sliding her tongue into my mouth, I reciprocated with a kiss back and a quick cupping of her breast. She then took my hand, led me into the living room and we sat down on the sofa embracing once again.It was at this point that I heard the front door close, we weren’t as alone as I thought. A man walked into the living room, he was dressed in a suit and was holding a tray with various items on it. ‘This is the surprise I was talking about’ she said with a twinkle in her eyes, ‘he doesn’t give me what I need, so I told him he has to watch us and give you whatever you want.’ I now knew who this man that seemed to be dressed like a butler was, this was her husband. I stood up and looked at the contents of the tray; a bell, some lube, a vibrating rabbit, buttplugs of various sizes, a ballgag, nipple clamps, a pair of fluffy hand cuffs and a remote control that seemingly went with nothing. She stood up next to me and picked up the remote ‘Oh, that one is for me to use.’ After placing the bell on the coffee table, the husband left the room and closed the door after him.Dropping to her knees, she began kissing my crotch through my trousers. I could feel the blood starting to rush to my cock. I moved my hands down, placing one on the back of her head and used the other to unbutton my trousers. She looked up at me, licking her lips in anticipation of what was about to enter her mouth and unzipped my trousers and let them drop to the floor. I wasn’t wearing any underwear so my cock made an instant appearance, not even a few seconds later she had taken me into her mouth. Her lips gave a nice tight seal, her tongue massaging my shaft as she pumped my hard cock. With her mouth full she grabbed the bell from the coffee table, not a second later the husband entered the room urfa escort with the tray. Taking my cock out of her mouth, letting saliva drip on the floor ‘Stay and watch, do not leave the room’ she ordered while she stroked me. He acknowledged her and stood in the corner, his eyes fixed on her form.Still stroking my cock, she stood up smiling at me. I noticed her nipples poking through her shirt and began unbuttoning it. ‘No need to be delicate’ she giggled suggestively. I grabbed her shirt with both hands and tore it open revealing her pert breasts and those very excited nipples. She kissed me once again and moaned into my mouth as I firmly grabbed her left breast, feeling her nipple rub against the palm of my hand. Letting go of my cock, she slowly teased her shirt off letting it drop to the floor. After I released her breast I gestured for her to get back on her knees, once she was I didn’t waste any time, I forced my cock past her lips into her mouth and hit the back of her throat. I pulled back a little so she could recover to which she responded by taking a quick breath, grabbing me by the waist and pulled me back to her throat. Both my hands were now holding her head in place, not that she had moved it, then I remembered what she had said. I firmly took grasp of her hair and began thrusting into her saliva filled mouth, hitting the back of her throat each time.Taking one hand off me and putting it between her legs, she began to play with herself. Not even a minute later, she lifted up her hand showing her husband who had not moved from where he was stood and then rubbed something on my leg. I stopped thrusting and realised what it was, she was soaking wet. I took a step back, releasing my cock from her mouth to the sound of her panting. Standing up, she smiled at me with drool dripping down her face ‘Now what?’ I smiled back at her as she started stroking my cock again ‘We’re going to need some items from the tray.’ Squeezing my cock firmly she ordered her husband over ‘…and tell him what you’ve got inside you.’ The husband nodded, holding the tray out escort urfa in front of me ‘I have a large vibrating buttplug wedged inside my arsehole and Miss has set it to constantly vibrate while I watch you both.’ Looking at the tray I now realised what the remote control was for. I took the handcuffs and the largest buttplug from the tray, looking back at her ‘Now you turn around and give me your hands.’ With a beaming smile she released my cock from her grasp, turned around and put her hands behind her back. I handcuffed her and sat down on the sofa, she bent over and began kissing me. I grabbed hold of her shoulders to steady her for what was about to happen. ‘That buttplug needs to go in the arse’ I told the husband. He put the tray down on the coffee table, picked up the lube and began to approach his wife. ‘Oh, no’ I said shaking my head, ‘You won’t need lube, you’re going to lick her arsehole till that can go inside her.’The husband dropped to his knees and began to lick his wifes arsehole. She began moaning under her breath. She lowered her head towards my cock, teasing the head with her tongue before talking it in her mouth once again. She pushed her arse against her husbands face, wanting his tongue to penetrate her hole to which the husband obliged. This went on for 10 minutes before the husband backed away and slowly pushed the buttplug into his wifes now lubricated arsehole. I helped her to her feet and spun her round ‘Now sit on my cock.’ She lowered herself down and I guided my cock to her waiting pussy, parting her lips and teasing her clit along the way. Grabbing her hips I pulled her down with one thrust, she let out a gasp and a wince as her pussy took all of my cock. It was at this point I noticed the husband was trying to hide a bulge in his trousers, I pushed her down so her face was level with his cock ‘Look your husband is excited, what should he do about it?’ I asked her sarcastically. ‘He can go in the corner and have a wank because he’s not fucking me with it’ she answered brutally as she started to slide up and down my cock. Taking the urfa escort bayan answer as an order the husband walked to the corner, lowered the zip on his trousers, pulled his cock out and began wanking to his wife taking me inside her. I told the husband to let me know when he was going to cum as I began thrusting up into his wifes pussy, he nodded in response as he continued wanking.With the wife squealing and moaning as she rode my dick, I plucked out the buttplug and began fucking her arsehole with my thumb. Hearing his wife sent the husband over the edge, I could tell he was ready to blow ‘Come over here and let your wife take your cum.’ The husband walked over clutching his cock, I pushed her down once again ‘Open your mouth and suck your husbands cock like a good wife would.’ Letting the pleasure wash over her she wavered to my authority and took her husband in her mouth. Not long after, the husband has expended his load in his wifes mouth and she had swallowed every drop. The husband put his cock away and zipped up his trousers and went back to waiting like he had done before. With the husband out of the way, the wife focused more on riding my cock ‘Now give me yours,’ she panted. I could feel my balls twitching and I’m betting she could feel my cock throbbing like it was ready to explode ‘Oh you’ll get it’ I answered as I started thrusting upwards to meet her pussy. Before long I started shooting my cum inside her wet pussy, I grabbed her hips harder and pulled her down harder. I felt her pussy tighten up around my cock as she let out the loudest moan yet, my orgasm had triggered hers, I thrust into her until I had given all the cum I had. I unlocked her handcuffs and put them next to me as she turned around, still with my cock inside her. She leaned forward, kissing me as passionately as before and then collapsed onto me panting to catch her breath. Looking at her, I wrapped my arms around her and asked ‘So when’s the next visit?’ Looking up at me, she smiled ‘When your cock’s hard again.’Truth be told I stayed the entire weekend, we had sex at every opportunity and in every room of the house. Two months later during one of our usual conversations she told me she was pregnant and that it was mine, she hadn’t let her husband fuck her and she wanted to know when I’d go to see to her needs again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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