We Met at the Gym

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We Met at the GymThis is my first story. Feedback is appreciated.When I woke up this Saturday morning I was hornier than usual, but I had to suppress my urges in order to make a 5:30am group fitness class. I put on my normal workout clothes, Gray/ White Stripe Shimera Boyshorts panties, Nike loose leg shorts, t-shirt, hoodie, socks and New Balance cross trainers. I like wearing the boy shorts for two reasons, one- they are very comfortable and two, sometimes I like to have my balls hang down on either side of the crotch. About 5:15am, I walked into the gym, swiped my membership card and walked past the rows of treadmills and elliptical machines and made my way upstairs to the group exercise room. I walked into the room and it was about half full. I went over to the rack and got an exercise mat and dumbbells set them down in the third row. I left to go the bathroom and on my way back filled up my water bottle. When I walked back in to the room and over to my spot, I noticed that an attractive woman was in front of me and behind me on the left was a blonde and on the right was a brunette and they were both attractive and both looked to be around 25 years old. The woman in front of me was probably 140 lbs, 5’9”, nice breasts ( not too big and not too small), flat stomach and a beautiful ass. The instructor got class started with some stretching and I could not keep my eyes off the ass of the woman in front of me. She wore navy blue spandex tights and a sweatshirt. Everyone then spread their feet wide and bent at the waist to touch the floor. In this position, I could see an outline that was definitely not a vagina and so I stared more intently and realized she was a transsexual. I felt my cock immediately get hard and I tried to conceal my arousal by pulling my sweatshirt down as far as it could go. For the rest of class, I was so focused on watching this woman in front of me that I totally forgot that I was wearing my loose fitting shorts, panties and that my balls were hanging out. Towards the end of class, we did static push up and holds and my loose fitting shorts provided anyone who looked, an un-obstructed view of my balls and panties. Class ended and I struck up a conversation with the woman who was in front of me and found out that her name was Heather. The blonde and brunette who were behind me walked up to us and we all began to chat. After a couple of minutes, the blonde and brunette suggested we move to a section of the gym that is used for doing sit-ups, working with dumbbells…. We four were the only ones there and the two women told me that they loved my panties and hanging balls. I felt my face turn red with embarrassment and I noticed that Heather was also blushing. The two women said my secret was safe with them if I agreed to go back to their house (they were roommates). They atakum escort told me that they love to peg men. They must have noticed that I did not understand what they meant, so they said, we like to wear strap-on dildos and fuck men in the ass. I told them that I would go back to their house as long as Heather would come with us and she agreed. We left the gym and Heather I followed them in our separate cars. It was about 15 minutes until we arrived at their house. We walked in and the women told me to make myself comfortable in the den while they and heather got ready. About 10 minutes later the brunette came to where I was sitting and she was wearing a strap-on that was about 8” long and probably 6” thick. She introduced herself as Karen and told me to follow her to the guest bedroom. I walked into the guest bedroom and the blonde was wearing a strap on about the same length but a little thinner and she introduced herself as Susie. I guess they discovered that Heather was a transsexual because they told me that they had an extra surprise for me. They told me to take off my clothes but leave my boy shorts on. I asked why Heather was not wearing a strap-on and they told me that was part of the surprise. They said I would kneel in front of each of them and suck their cocks, Susie was first and Karen was second. I crawled over in front of Susie and started to suck on her strapon. She grabbed me by the ears and told me to take it down my throat. She fucked my throat for about 5 minutes then pushed me off and told me to suck Karen. Karen was equally as aggressive. Then Karen pushed me off and told me to crawl over to Heather. Susie and Karen were on either side of me and told me to close my eyes and pull down heathers spandex tights. Then they told me to keep my eyes closed and pull down her panties. Then they told me to open my eyes and I was staring at Heathers cock. It was about 6” long and 5” thick with a set of large hanging balls. Susie and Karen said, you know what to do. I started by sucking on Heathers balls then moved up to the head of her cock and then I took her down my throat. After a couple of minutes, Susie told Heather to climb on the bed with her back against the headboard. They told me to climb on the bed and get on all fours facing Heather. Karen walked over and told me that she wanted to watch me suck Heathers cock while Susie fucked my ass. I felt Susie pull my panties down and spread some lubricant over my asshole and then she pushed in one finger followed by two fingers. Susie announced that I had a nice tight hole. I felt Susie rub the head of the dildo over my asshole and start to push it in and I realized that the dildo had a real big head. Susie was feeding the dildo into my ass and it filled me up. I knew she was all the way in when I felt her body against escort atakum mine. She grabbed my hips and started to fuck me slowly at first but then faster and harder. Karen pushed my face into Heathers crotch and told me to suck her cock. Susie got into a rhythm and started to smack my ass, then Karen said that she wanted a turn and they switched places. Karen smeared more lube on my asshole and easily put in two fingers, then I felt a third. Karen rubbed the head of the dildo over my asshole and it felt much thicker than Susie’s. Karen started to push into my asshole and ever though I was loosed up from the fucking Susie gave me, Karen’s fat head stretched me further and hurt a little. Susie walked over and told me to get back to sucking Heathers cock. Karen was all the way in and she began to fuck me hard and fast. Heathers cock was leaking precum. Karen said she was going to pound my ass until I made Heather cum in my mouth. After what seemed like 30 minutes, I noticed Heathers breathing sped up and she began to thrust her hips, then Susie pushed my head down until I had Heathers cock all the way down my throat. As I tried to pull up for air, Heather shot a huge load of cum into my mouth. Susie said, don’t swallow, show me the load, so I pulled off of Heathers cock and Karen was still fucking me. I opened my mouth to show Susie the load and she told me to swallow it. Karen announced switch and Susie moved to my ass and Karen moved over to the side. Karen said that Susie was going to fuck my asshole until I got Heather hard again. Susie put her dildo in my ass, grabbed my hips and started to pound me. I finally got heather hard again and Susie announced, “I think he’s loose enough” and I thought to myself, loose enough for what? Karen had Heather climb off the bed, then Susie laid down and had me sit on her dildo. Karen got behind me and pushed me forward and started to wedge her dildo into my ass. I thought I was being ripped in two. Karen stated to fuck me slow and then she picked up her pace. After a couple of minutes, Karen stopped fucking me and she pulled out. Susie pushed me off of her and she got off the bed and told me lay on my back. She told Heather to sit on my face so I could eat her ass. Susie climbed up on the bed and started to fuck me missionary style. Karen started to blow on my cock asking if I wanted to cum and I was pleading with her, yes, yes, yes. After a couple of minutes, Susie pulled out and said that I could cum after Heather fucked me and came in my ass. I stared to get on all fours and Karen said lay on your back. As I laid on my back, Karen said for me to raise my feet above my head. I lifted them as far back as I could then Karen and Susie each took a leg and pushed forward until my feet touched the headboard. Karen told heather to climb on atakum escort bayan the bed and straddle my ass. I looked up saw my cock above my face and then I locked eyes with Heather. She was so beautiful. She smiled at me as she stuck her cock in my ass. My ass was loose but I still felt Heathers cock in me. I did my best to tighten my ass to give her some friction. After a while her breath started to quicken and she came in my ass. As she dismounted me, Karen climbed into her place and kept my legs bent over my head and Susie started to jerk me off. Heather asked Susie if he could take her place and Heather started to jerk me off. I could not take my eyes off Heather, she was so beautiful. I felt the cum starting to build and my breath quickened and Karen told me to open my mouth. Susie told Heather to aim my cock at my tongue and I shot the largest load of my life directly into my mouth. Karen climbed off me and said that Heather and I could take showers. I asked where the bathroom was, then took Heather by the hand and led her to the bathroom. I locked the door, pulled Heather to me and kissed her. We made out for a couple of minutes then got into the shower. I was behind her and she started to wiggle her ass against her my cock. I wrapped my arms around her and started to kiss her on the back of the neck and lick her ear lobe. She spun around and our mouths met. After a couple of minutes, she said that she had to have me inside of her. She bent forward and placed her hands on the wall of the shower to steady herself. I knelt down and lubed her asshole with my tongue then stood up and rubbed the head of my cock against her ass hole and she said to stop teasing her. I pushed forward and slid balls deep into her beautiful ass. She tightened her ass and I thought to myself that I have never had my cock in something this tight before. I ran my hand up the side of her body then around to her breasts. I started to run the tip of my index fingers over her nipples. Heather started to fuck me back. I reached around and found her cock and started to jerk her off. I felt her body start to quiver then I felt her cum on my hand. I raised my hand to her mouth and she licked it clean. I felt the cum starting to build in my balls and I quickened my pace and came in her ass. My cock slipped out of her ass and she turned around and our mouths met. I took a luffa sponge and cleaned every inch of her body then she cleaned every inch of mine. I found a towel and dried her off first and me second. We stepped out of the bathroom, found our clothes, and thanked Susie and Karen for a fantastic time. They agreed that it was a good time and we exchanged phone numbers. As Heather and I walked out of their house, I asked her if I could make her dinner at my place that night and she accepted. I followed her to her house, she went in to change clothes and came out with a gym bag. As she got into the car I asked her what was in the bag and she said, change of clothes and my tooth brush. I said her, I guess we’re having a sleep over and then she kissed me.

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