When Teasing Takes a Turn

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When Teasing Takes a TurnI sit straddling his hips, laughing as I swat him around the head with a cushion. He laughs back at me, tryng to fend off my pathetic blows. Looking down at him sheepishly, moving my hands to his ribs ready to tickle him. His mood changes, his chocolate brown eyes seeming to grow deeper as he gazes up at my downturned face. “Are you sure you want to do that honey?” he’s challenging me, I know how much he hates to be tickled. “Why wouldn’t I want to?” I shoot back at him, eyebrows raised grinning wildly. He lifts his hips up to meet mine, the seam of his jeans pressing into my crotch. He looks calmly back at me, knowing what he’s doing to me. “Baby…thats cheating” I gasp as he presses harder against me. “But just think, instead of tickling me, how quickly you could release my cock from your favourite jeans, slips your panties to one side and take my hard throbbing length inside you,” he knows what he does to me. I shift uncomfortably in his lap, feeling my pussy getting wet at his words, him pressing against my clit. Leaning down towards him I take his face gently in my hands… “I think you’re very clever. You know for a damn fact that I cant resist you, I cant help the way my body responds to yours. You use my own sexual nature against me. Its not fair”, he waits patiently for me to quieten whilst running his firm hands gently down my back, over my hips to my ass and back up again. “I wanted to play but I want to play with you instead,” I lick my full lips at him suggestively. “You’re the one on top, I’m at your pleasure,” he purrs at me, his deep eyes once again challenging me. I decide to accept… Leaning forward I tug his shirt over his head with no resistance from him exposing his broad wide shoulders and that beautiful body. His stomach taut, his muscles flexing. Kissing him on his neck from the front up along his jawline to that little sweet spot behind his ear, my lips lingering on his skin making him shiver. Running my hands gently down from his shoulders to his wrists, I guide them up to my mouth and bite gently, suckling at the spot where his life blood is closest to his skin. He closes his eyes and leans his head back against the sofa moaning softly. I drop his wrists into his lap and stand, motioning for him to wait I leave the room returning a few minutes later dressed in his favourite outfit, a naughty schoolgirl with hold ups and high stilettos. Setting down the cuffs and glass of ice I brought back I twirl letting him look me over. He rakes his eyes over me, drinking in my full breasts over the hips that he loves to cum across and past the short skirt showing off my long toned legs. Straddling him once again I bend to kiss him slowly, my tongue running over his bottom lip, gently taking it in my mouth and sucking it slowly. He moans into my mouth and while hes distracted I seize the opportunity, running my hands from his broad strong shoulders down to his wrists and cuff with the restraints I brought back with me. He pulls away, looking down at his wrists surprised. Biting his lip and smiling he looks up at me, the excitement evident in his eyes..”I guess this means I’m at your mercy missy”. I move one hand down to his crotch and unbutton his jeans, “It does angel, it does. I have you right where I want you”. I kiss him softly, dipping my tongue into his mouth, eager to taste him, fondling him through his jeans. He bahis siteleri moans into my mouth, tugging my bottom lip between his. I pull his hard cock from their denim prison, pulling and stroking whilst showering his body with kisses, from his neck to his shoulders, nipping and suckling at his hot skin. His muscles are tense and I can tell hes fighting with himself, hes so used to being in control of me. “Please baby, lower. I need your mouth, those beautiful lips. I kiss the shell of his ear, “You want to control me baby?” I breathe in that voice that drives him crazy. I slide to my knees between his denim clad thighs, leaving a trail of hot lingering kisses down his chest, abs and across his hip bones. Looking up at him, his hard cock throbbing inches from my mouth he groans “I want to feel myself inside you, every part of you”. He shifts restlessly. I lick my lips slowly, gazing up at him “Every part of me angel?” I put my lips to good use, kissing around the base of his shaft, caressing his balls with one hand and gently scratching his chest and stomach with the other. He pushes his hips up to meet my mouth moaning “Every part of you baby girl, every part”. I moan softly and focus on making his cock even harder than it is. Lowering my lips down onto the head, sucking my cheeks in and swirling my tongue around and around the tip. I move my head away just long enough to pull his jeans and boxers down and settle back down between his legs. Running my tongue around his balls, pulling them into my mouth and sucking slowly while fisting his cock so so slowly, teasing him, driving him out of his mind. Hes moaning more freely, his cock throbbing and twitching as I suck, nibble and tease. I stand up and straddle him again, my now wet pussy just inches from his shaft. Taking an ice cube from the glass I hold it between my lips and rub it all over his mouth as I kiss him again. Trailing it down from his lips, over his chest and hip bones and rubbing it over the head of his shaft. He groans deeply..”Baby girl…honey…don’t tease me…please” he begs me lifting his hips up to meet me. I plunge my ice cold lips over the tip and take as much of his rock hard cock in my mouth as I can. The ice stings and my tongue sears his skin as I work the shaft with my mouth taking him to the edge as I suck and pull, tongue dancing over over his glands. Lifting myself up back up over his body, teasing him again with my wet slit just above him he begs me to lower myself onto him. “Please, I want to feel how wet you are, how good your pussy feels squeezing my cock.” his glands. Lifting myself up back up over his body, teasing him again with my wet slit just above him he begs me to lower myself onto him. “Please, I want to feel how wet you are, how good your pussy feels squeezing my cock.” I stand and face away from him, bending low to give him full view of my ass and slit in red lace panties. Taking a fresh ice cube and rubbing it over my pussy through the material, moaning at the sensations and sliding my fingers over my swollen lips. Looking over my shoulder at him while I’m rubbing myself I watch him, his cock throbbing, straining to get inside me. He only has eyes for my ass and wetness, watching my fingers move and dance with the ice. Deciding to really tease I lay down on the floor in front of him on my back. Spreading my legs, and pulling my panties down. Using canlı bahis both hands to spread my lips open and touching my pussy, rubbing the juices across my thighs and mound. He bites his bottom lip and moans as I run the ice over my clit, down to my hole and slowly push it inside me followed by two fingers. Plunging them in and out slowly, all the way to my knuckle – fucking myself for him, putting myself on display. He leans forward to get a closer look groaning “Honey untie me…don’t you want me to push that it deeper with my cock?” He kneels down on the floor in front of me, watching my fingers slide on and out of my soaked hole, my other hand working on my clit as I buck and arch my hips. “Don’t you want to watch me touch myself over you angel?” I manage to sigh, my fingers working double time plunging in and out, my soft lips so wet and my clit aching under my fingers. He knows I’m getting close. “Then squirt for me babygirl, cover me from there. I want to feel your cum on my chest, my stomach. That’s it honey, fuck yourself for me. I want your cum”, his words drive me crazy just like he knew they would. I stand quickly, bring one leg up and balance a stiletto on his shoulder. Gripping him by his hair I pull his mouth forward and force him to use his mouth on my pussy. Taking my clit between his lips he holds it there, flicking it with his tongue. I moan louder and fist my breasts, squeezing my nipples through the material of the dress, pulling and rolling them between my fingers. Looking down at him, biting my lip, watching him lapping at my slit. He pushes the flat of his tongue against me then pushing the tip inside my pussy. I’m so close, needing to fall. I can feel my orgasm building inside me. He looks up at me, pulls away leaving me in the edge and says those four simple words, they work every time..”Cum for me honey”. My whole body tenses as I break, almost screaming as my orgasm breaks. Squirting, covering my thighs and drenching his chest and stomach, cumming hard. He moans loudly with appreciation trying to stroke my pussy with his cuffed hands. My legs buckle and I collapse to the floor, knees weak. Reaching up I uncuff him. Moving between my legs he dives down to my pussy, running his tongue over my cum soaked pussy sending shivers through my body. He kneels up, stroking my body, running his hands over my breasts, over my hips and down to my thighs. Pushing my skirt up to keep my slit exposed, he brings his hands to my lips and pulls them open. Taking his cock he runs it over my overly senstive clit, making me buck. Covering his shaft in my juices then leans forward pushing my legs up and wide, back to my shoulders. He grabs my hands and places them on my ass. “Open yourself up to me baby, I want to see those red nails, hold your open, I want to see what I’m going to pound”. I pull my ass cheeks apart as he slowly eases himself into my ass inch by inch. Arching my back, opening myself wide and moaning harshly I give him all of me. He pushes in slowly, gently bit by bit until his whole cock is buried deep in my tight ass, stretching me. He leans forward, his hips pressed against my thighs and moans deeply “You’ve got my whole shaft inside you honey, it feels so fucking good. So tight wrapped around me.” Taking my deep groan as a signal he pulls back and slowly begins to fuck my ass. Sliding in and out, he feels güvenilir bahis so damn big, so good there. I look up at him, catching his eye. “Take it baby, claim my ass, destroy me,” I beg him, biting my lip, needing more and pushing against him. He slowly increases his speed, the depth of his strokes until hes almost pulling out of me and pushing back in, all the way to his hips. Holding my thighs and moaning. I let go of my ass and move my fingers to my pussy. Spreading my lips wide for him so he can watch his cock slide in and out of me. Slipping two fingers inside me, thrusting against my g spot needing to cum. He sense what I need and reaches down and moves my fingers. Pulling out of my ass he rubs his shaft over my clit and then slam it into my pussy hard. I fall over the edge, squirting hard almost screaming with pleasure. Squeezing so hard as I cum, he holds me by my shoulders while he pushes deeper into me to stop my muscles from pushing him out. “Oh god, that’s it, gush all over my cock,” he grunts pushing into me deeper as my whole body shakes, losing control completely. I push away from him and kneel over the edge, pulling my ass open with painted nails offering myself to him. He rouches above me , taking his rock hard cock in hand and slams straight into my ass, pulling out and slamming in again. I let go and grab the sofa for balance screaming with pleasure as he hold my cheeks open, fucking me hard, destroying me. I can feel my pussy tighten and look back at him biting my lip so hard I can taste blood. He slows down slightly and leans forward, kissing my shoulder and whispering in my ear..”Yeah?”. I moan my reply “Yeah….yeah…..oh god….you’re the devil…..I cant….” He pushes my skirt over my hips and thrusts harder into my ass, “You can and you will baby, cum for me, cover me,” he leans down and bites my hip and I cum, drenching his cock, my juices dripping down our thighs and onto the sofa. He grunts with satisfaction, wrapping his arms around me and keeping inside me moves to sit on the sofa with me facing away from him. Resting my feet on the outside of his thighs and my arms on the back of the sofa, he pulls my ass cheeks open again and guides me further onto to him. As deep as he can get, his whole cock buried deep in my ass he starts to pound me hard, lifting me off him and slamming his length back into me making me sob with pleasure. He bites my neck and grunts into my ear “Your ass is so damn tight babygirl. My cock feels so fucking good in there. You like it when I pound you?”. “Please…..harder……baby…..my pussy….”, I moan in reply. He reaches around my leg and slides his fingers inside my soaking wet hole, rubbing against my g spot and slamming his cock harder and harder into my ass, raising me up and slamming me back down. Groaning against my neck he fucks harder still, thrusting his fingers deeper and deeper into me “Your cunt feels so good honey, so damn wet”, My head rolls bak against his shoulder and I whimper. “I love double fucking you. Deep…..hard…..I can feel it baby…thats it…..cum for me”. I cant hold back anymore and I squirt against his hand screaming, my pussy convulsing and ass tightening, gripping his hard cock. My juices drip down over his stomach and thighs. He pulls out of me and sits me down, standing above me he fists his cock and aches his back, moaning harshy as he cums…painting my face with strands of hot, sticky cum. I fall back against the sofa and he collapses next to me, pulling me into his arms and holding me against him using his breathing to calm mine and massaging my hips and thighs gently. “I love you babygirl,” he whispers kissing my neck softly.

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