Will Work For Panties

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Will Work For PantiesFound these stories on the web. A bit of a long read, but if youre into panties, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.Will Work for Panties Ch. 01by Vincent E ©Life is too short to go through it stupid and careless. I guess that you can be either one thing or the other and you will not inflict too much damage on yourself, but the combination of the two can prove tragic. For instance, if you are going to raid your aunt’s underwear hamper on a holiday visit – stupid – you should not leave the door to the bathroom unlocked – careless. Well, I learned first hand just how bad the combination of stupid and careless could be. Fortunately for me the end results were not hideous.I’ve had a panty fetish ever since my balls dropped. I don’t know why, but I get turned on by the sight, and the thought for that matter, of women’s underwear. Bras and garters are great, but the sight of panties is what really gets my blood flowing. Just the sight of panties, they don’t need to be filled. I collected the newspaper circulars when I was really young and kept the pictures of the women’s underwear. It was better that a girlie magazine, those women were often naked.Like most panty fetishists I started raiding my mother’s panty drawer, but her underwear was always so boring that I never got a real thrill. I could sneak a peek at a cousin’s underwear drawer from time to time, but those panties were always too youthful. It was women’s, not girls’ panties that excite me. So, I stuck to collecting pictures for years and years hoping one day to have a pair of panties of my very own.This is where the combination of stupid and careless comes into the picture. My Aunt Sherrie is a very attractive woman. She is actually my uncle Donald’s wife, and she is the youngest aunt that I have. Naturally that makes her the coolest aunt that a young man could have. The family got into the habit of spending holidays at their house in the suburbs, and from time to time when I went to the bathroom I would sneak a peek at the contents of the hamper. I would often see a pair of her womanly undies and get a rush of blood to my head; you can guess which one.I came upon a scheme for larceny. I screwed up the nerve one holiday to make a grab at the first pair of her knickers that I could find the next time we went over to their house. To make a long story short, there I was hovering over the hamper with three pairs of panties in my hands when the door opened and Aunt Sherrie stepped into the bathroom. She hadn’t planned on finding anyone in there; it was just my dumb luck that I left the door open.“What are you doing?” She asked with a look of shock on her face.I just froze in place. I didn’t wet myself, but that could be because I had just taken a tinkle before I jumped into the hamper.“Give me those,” she said as she ripped the panties from my hands. “Get out of here you little pervert.”I slinked past her and escaped from the room. I spent the rest of the holiday visit avoiding her, and when we did occasionally cross paths I sensed that she was burning a hole into me with her eyes. I had been caught red handed with a pair of black nylon lace trimmed panties in my hands, and I had never been more embarrassed about anything in my whole life. If she ever told anyone I would have to leave the family once and for all. How would people react to an 18-year old college man raiding his auntie’s panties?“I should have just bought some,” I thought to myself for the rest of the day. That would have been less embarrassing than getting caught and having the specter of the whole family knowing hanging over my head for the rest of Christmas.The following week life got more interesting for me. Each time that I considered the fact that I got caught it dawned on me that no one else had said a word to me. I guessed that Aunt Sherrie had let the matter go and had spared me any further embarrassment by keeping the episode a secret. I knew she was cool. But I received a phone call from her late in the week that changed everything for me.“Vincent, it’s your Aunt Sherrie.”“Ahh, um, yeah. What’s up?” I stammered out the response. It was the first time she spoke to me since she caught me red-handed and red-faced.“I think that we need to talk about a few things. Your uncle is out with the k**s. Come on over now,” she replied.“Well, I don’t think that I can just now.” I would have said anything to avoid a face-to-face confrontation with her. I was scared.“Vincent, I’m not asking you to come over, I’m telling you to come over. Now get over here in the next 15-minutes or else.” Click. She hung up the phone.“Well,” I said to myself out loud, “it has been a good life, even if it was a short one.”I drove my broken-down Buick over, but not as fast as I could. I stopped at every yellow light, didn’t take any right turns until the light changed to green, and stopped for pedestrians who looked like they were thinking of crossing the street. When I finally arrived at her house Aunt Sherrie was waiting for me at the door. I walked up the steps and she opened the door for me and said to come in and sit down. Oddly, she didn’t seem mad. In fact she seemed really cool.We sat in the living room and she opened up the conversation by getting right to the point.“Why were you going through my panties?”I was aghast. I didn’t know how to reply, so I just shrugged my shoulders.“Come on, that isn’t good enough. I want an answer.” She still did not seem angry. “Why were you going through my panties?”“I don’t know.” I have always marveled at how we use this answer to avoid saying what is really on our minds. c***dren use it at an early age, and continue using it right into adulthood. I did know why I was in her panties, but I didn’t want to say why. It was as if talking about it was worse than getting caught.“I think you do know, and I want an answer. Were you going through my panties because they excite you?”“Yes,” I answered in a meekish manner.“Was it because you like to look at panties?”“I guess so.”“Was it because you wanted to take them?”“Yeah, I guess so,” I wasn’t even looking at her. Instead I was looking at my shoes.Aunt Sherrie moved from her seat and sat of the sofa next to me. She raised my head to look me in the eyes. This was the moment that I was most frightened.“Did you want to use them to play with yourself?” she asked. That was the most embarrassing question. The answer was yes, but I didn’t want to admit it.“I don’t know.” There was that handy answer again.“I think it was. Now be honest. Did you want to take my panties to masturbate?”“Yes. I did,” I said as I looked away in shame. I could feel my cheeks heat up from an embarrassing flush.“Vincent, it is okay. I’m not mad, and I don’t want to embarrass you. I’m just glad that you are willing to talk to me about it.”I was amazed. I shot a look at her in surprise, and she just smiled at me with a reassuring grin. I didn’t sense it until just now, but she had been holding my hand since she had come to sit next to me. She squeezed my hand and I squeezed back.“Thank-you,” I said. I was extremely grateful to say the least.“Look,” she continued, “if you want to talk about this I will listen. You have a panty fetish. There is nothing wrong with that. And I know that you may be embarrassed by it. However, if you want someone to be listen while you get things off your chest, I am here for you.”I knew she was cool.We spoke briefly – pardon the pun – about the episode in the bathroom. I admitted to her that I had intended to steal her panties from the hamper and take them home where I would use them to jerk-off. She patted me on the hand and told me that she was just surprised to walk into her bathroom and find me raiding the hamper so carelessly: “Why didn’t you lock the door?” She admitted that she was in fact flattered that I wanted her panties. “I’m glad that you think they’re sexy,” she said.All during the conversation my cock was rock hard, and I could hardly move from my seat when she told me that I had to go before her family came home.As I left the house she asked me a question.“Vincent, would you be willing to help with some work around the house. We are going to be doing some redecorating over the rest of the winter and we could use your help. I’ll make sure you get compensated properly”“Sure,” I offered quickly, “I’d be glad to help.” I wanted to stay on her good side. After all, my sexy aunt had caught me with my hands in the cookie jar and was offering to keep my secret. I guess I’d do anything for her.* * *The Saturday that she asked me to come over and help paint the living room and dining room was about a week later. The job required two coats of eggshell colored paint in each room and meticulous work around the wood trim. My uncle and I had painted the room and completed the job from preparation to clean up in a few hours. He wasn’t sure he liked the color of the paint, but Sherrie loved it.After we finished cleaning ourselves we ate a lunch that Aunt Sherrie had prepared for us. When we finished I said that I had to leave. My uncle had gone to see a neighbor while I said goodbye to my aunt.“Thank-you very much for all your help today, Vincent.”“Well, It wasn’t that much work. If you need anything else, just give me a call,” I replied.“I will. Oh, by the way, I have something for you.”I was halfway back in the door as she handed me a small paper bag. I looked inside and found a small gift-wrapped package.“Open it when you get home,” she said.Well when I got home I went to my bedroom, casually opened the package and found a three pack of women’s panties inside. My cock sprang to an instant erection. Here I was standing in my room with my very own panties provided to me by my loving aunt. It was more than I could handle. I shook nervously as I opened the package and pulled out three pairs of cotton/spandex blend, white panties. One pair was had little roses on them, the second pair had tiny rainbows, and the third pair had hearts.“Man is she ever cool,” I thought out loud.I didn’t waste anytime dropping my pants, wrapping the heart panties around my unit, and stroking until I felt a surge of come rushing to freedom. It all happened so quickly that I wasn’t even sure of what was going on around me. My mother was knocking on the door asking me how everything went at her brother’s house, and there I am inches away on the other side of the door looking for something to use to clean up the mess.Sherrie didn’t call again for a few weeks; it was late winter when she did. I had been enjoying the panties that she had given me and did my best to keep them clean after I soiled them; I actually felt a little guilty about not thanking her, so when I talked to her on the phone I didn’t know what to say.Actually she called because they were going to be laying down some carpeting that weekend, and she wanted me to come over to help move the furniture around and lend a had putting down the carpet.“Sure, it’s no problem,” I said.“Great. Then we’ll be expecting you early. Goodbye.” She hung up before I could say anything else; the k**s were screaming in the background and she had more important things to do than converse with her panty loving nephew at the moment.That weekend we moved three rooms of furniture and laid down the carpeting in the living room, dining room, and den. The job took most of the day between my uncle, his brother-in-law Brian, and myself. By late in the day we had all the carpeting placed down on top of new padding and each room back to normal.Once we finished Brian excused himself to get back home to his wife. My uncle went to prepare for dinner – he was taking the family out. Sherrie once again saw me to the door and said goodbye to me. My heart pounded violently as she handed me another package similar to the one from earlier in the winter.“I hope you are still accepting the same payment,” she said coyly.“Um, well…” I couldn’t reply to her. I was just too excited.“Did you enjoy your last compensation?”“Well, yeah. I did. Thank-you very much, auntie.”“Well, your welcome, nephew. No get on home.”I took just enough care to get home without running off the road. I was so excited about opening this package that I raced to my room, locked the door, and tore into the package my aunt had given me. I was not disappointed. Inside the gift wrapped package was another three pairs of women’s panties. These were different than the last ones, they were all nylon bikinis; very sexy garments compared to the earlier panties. One pair was pure white, the second pair was a nude color, and the third pair was black. I wrapped the black panties around my cock as soon as I could get my pants down to my knees and began jerking furiously. I didn’t want to soil these panties with my semen, so when I sensed that I was going to come I pulled them away from my cock and came while standing over a wastebasket. I spent the rest of the weekend enjoying these new undies; making myself come so many times I thought I would go dry.Again, several weeks passed before I heard from Aunt Sherrie. It was now early spring, and she called to see if I would help with some carpentry. They were building a deck outside the house and she wanted to know if I was willing to lend a hand.“Sure, anything for my favorite aunt,” I said with a big cheesy grin over the phone.“Wonderful. By the way, how have you been enjoying your payment?” she asked.“I, well, thank-you. I have been enjoying them,” I answered her.“I’ll bet they’re all stained and everything.” I was taken back by that comment.“What?” I said meekishly.“Come on. I know what you have been doing. Remember Vincent, you can tell me anything.”I confessed that I used them to jerk off as soon as I got home each time. She seemed gratified by that.“Well, I’m glad that you’re having fun.” She smiled at me “We’ll expect you this weekend then.”“Sure,” I replied, “I’ll be over at the same time.”“I’ll see you then. Will the same payment do?” she asked.“Well, I guess we have established a price,” I said jokingly.“Excellent. Then we’ll be expecting you.”Well, it was a beautiful spring day, and an unseasonably warm one at that. Once again I assisted my uncle and his brother-in-law Brian with the construction of the deck. Most of the boards were pre-cut requiring little more than nailing them in place. The only hard work was setting the concrete blocks for support posts that held up the whole endeavor.We finished in the late afternoon. Brian was talking to my aunt, his sister, while my uncle and I put away the tools and picked up s**ttered lumber. After Brian left we all ate a late lunch. Once again Aunt Sherrie gave me payment as I was on my way home. Once again I got home as quickly as possible to open my compensation.This time I thought I had hit the jackpot. These three panties were the most exquisite. There were three pairs of satin bikinis with French cut thighs. One pair was a pale green, another was light pink, and the third was white. I got those pink panties wrapped around my penis as fast as possible and stroked and stroked and stroked until I felt a good squirt coming on.However, this time I stopped short of coming. I grabbed all the other panties that I had from their secret hiding place and pulled out the nude color bikinis. Sitting in a chair with a pair in each hand I slowly jerked my cock and fondled my balls until I felt the onset of another orgasm. Again, I cut this one short and pulled out the rainbow panties and the white ones from my latest payment and continued stroking. This time I had built up a good head of steam and didn’t stop until I saw a line of white fluid spew forth from my cock and spill out onto my leg.Could life get any better than this?* * *In May that year Aunt Sherrie called me and asked if I would be willing to help her sister with a project hat they were doing around their house. Aunt Sherrie’s older sister, Patti, and her husband were planning on installing an underground sprinkler system, and she asked if I was available to help dig the trench around the property where they would lay the pipes. I could never say no to my favorite aunt at this point, besides the prospect of her paying me with another set of panties loomed in the air. I told her that I would be happy to help.That weekend I went over to her sister Patti’s house and set out to dig the trench. It had to be at least 18-inches deep all the way around a 100-foot circumference. Needless to say it took a long time for Patti’s husband and me to dig. It was a two-day job that we had to do with shovels because they could not fit any heavy equipment past the landscaping without ruining it. When we finally finished late Sunday afternoon I was exhausted.Patti rewarded us with some lemonade and hot dogs that she had bee grilling on the patio. I cleaned up inside the house and went back out to eat. When dinner was over Patti’s husband went inside to take a shower. I had to go home. Before I got to my car Patti came over to me and handed me a package. The hairs on the back of my neck began to rise as I accepted the package from her.“Sherrie told me that this is how you prefer to be paid,” she said to me.“What?” My hand trembled as I took the package from her. I was like a zombie with my mouth wide open; I could not formulate any words. Even if I could I would not know what to say.“Sherrie, your aunt. Remember, silly. She told me that you prefer to be paid with panties.”“I … what? She … no,” was all I could stammer out of my mouth.“It’s okay, Vincent. I know all about it. She is my sister; we share everything. Don’t be so shocked. I understand your little fetish, and it is fine with me,” she offered in a very understanding way.“It is?”“Sure. Besides, I have some experience with this, after all. Drive home safely. And, I hope you enjoy them.” She turned back into the house and closed the door before I could say anything else.I raced to get back to my house. The thought of someone other that Aunt Sherrie knowing about my fetish, let alone providing me with new panties both disturbed and excited me. On the one had I was scared that someone else knew my secret now. On the other hand the fact that another woman had selected panties just for me was very exciting.I got home and rushed to take a shower. Afterwards I closed the door to my room to open up the new payment. This may have been the greatest set yet. Patti had given me three pairs of matching satin panties in baby blue, royal, and navy. They had a lace trim around the waistband and lace trim around the legs. I wrapped the royal blue panties around my cock and held the other pairs in my hand to fondle my nuts as I stroked myself into bliss. I spent a half-hour changing back and forth between the different shades of blue and thinking about the scene when Patti, a very attractive woman, handed me the panties with an understanding smile. I kept the though of her smiling at me as I squirt a shot of come onto my chest.“Great, now I have to take another shower,” I said to myself.I went to sleep that night with the navy blue panties I got from Patti. It was the first night that I had gone to bed wearing women’s panties. It would not be the last.The following morning I decided to wear the royal blue panties to classes. I had three morning classes that day, and I would be out by noon. All morning long I struggled to pay attention to what my professors were talking about, but it was hard to concentrate with my cock straining against the satin fabric. I wondered if women always walk around in this state of arousal.That week I waited for a call from Aunt Sherrie. I wanted to ask her why she told Patti about my secret. I was not upset with her; how could I be? I just wanted to know why she had told Patti.An entire week went by before Aunt Sherrie did call me. I asked her about Patti, and she said that sisters share everything. If I could trust her I could also trust Patti.“Do you like the panties that she gave you?” she asked.“Well, yeah. They were great.”“Good, then there isn’t a problem.”“No, Auntie. I guess there isn’t,” I answered.“Great. By the way, my sister Bambi needs someone to do some landscaping work around the house this week. Are you interested?” she asked me.“Well, is she going to wind up giving me panties, too?” I asked somewhat sarcastically.“She will if you take the job,” she said.That weekend I found myself over at Aunt Sherrie’s younger sister Bambi’s house laying down sod and mulch. I pruned shrubs. I raked clippings. I did one hell of a good job if I do say so myself.The whole time I was working I was thinking about just what Bambi was going to give me. Would it be panties, or would she give me a thong? What colors would they be? What were her tastes in panties? What kind of fabric would they be? My mind just raced with questions. I felt like a big girl.Bambi would come out from time to time and offer me something to drink, but she was preoccupied with taking care of the c***dren. Her husband had to work that day so she was left alone with the k**s. She left for a little while to take them to the playground, but she came back within the hour and asked how I was doing.“Well, I’ve just about finished everything that you needed done,” I told her.“That’s just great. Why don’t you go inside and I’ll get you your panties?”Man, that was blunt. I wondered if the k**s heard what she said. I doubt it as they were in the other room with the television blaring. I couldn’t help but get instantly aroused by her bluntness; she just tossed that one out there. To this day I am amazed at how casually she treated the whole situation.Bambi came back with a small plastic bag and lay it down on the kitchen table.“Here you go, Vincent. Why don’t you go clean up before you leave?” She offered the laundry room to me.I washed my hands in the big sink, and Bambi came up to me and put out another blunt statement.“So, you’re turned on by panties, huh?” Again, no delicateness about the topic as Sherrie and Patti had demonstrated. Bambi was different than her older sisters; the youngest, she was also the most aggressive.“Well…” what the hell was I supposed to say to her?“It’s okay. I know all about that. I do have some experience with it you know.”Patti had made the same statement to me earlier, but I didn’t give it any thought until now. Just what did they mean by that?I walked back to the kitchen and took the bag.“Check them out,” Bambi said. “See if you like them.”I opened the bag and saw a black string bikini and a black thong with lace all around the edges. They were beautiful.“Do you like them?” she asked.“Well … yes,” I said with more than a little embarrassment.“But?” she offered.“But, I usually get three pairs.”“Oh, do you? Well, I guess I’ll just have to go get you another pair. Wait here and I’ll be right back.”Bambi left the room to retrieve the other pair from her bedroom. When she returned she started to speak, but one of the k**s popped out from the living room into the kitchen to get a glass of soda.“I hope that these will do. I only got you two pair, so I had to get these from my own drawer,” she continued as the little rug rat left the room without paying us any attention. That was the tensest moment for me. Bambi didn’t even slow down when the k**s were around.“Thank-you,” I said to her as she handed me a red thong trimmed in black lace. I paused, “Thank-you very much.”“Well, thank-you for doing all that yard-work. I’ve been on my husband’s back for weeks to get it done, but he is always busy.”We said our final goodbyes and I drove home still reeling by Bambi’s bluntness and the fact that I almost got discovered by one of her k**s. I knew I’d have to talk to Aunt Sherrie about this the next time she called. For now I was content to get home and wrap these beautiful thongs around my member to jerk-off.That evening I prepared a little ritual for myself that I have since conducted several times. I laid out each pair of panties that Aunt Sherrie and her sisters had given me for all the jobs that I had done for them. There were now 15 pairs of panties in all, and I hardly knew where to begin. Black thong or heart panties; blue lace trimmed panties or pure white nylon; pink French cut or rainbows – there were so many choices. I wrapped the red thong that Bambi had given me that day around my cock and stood over my bed admiring all the panties laid out before me. After a while I put down the red thong and picked up the baby blue panties that Patti had given me. I alternated a few times that night before working myself up to another ejaculation.I went to sleep that night wearing Bambi’s red thong. Life was certainly good.* * *“Hello, Vincent.”“Yes.”“It is Auntie. How are you?”“Oh, I’m fine. How is everything over there?”“Just great. Say I was talking to Bambi yesterday and she said that you did a marvelous job on the yard.”“Well, thank her for me.”“I think that you can thank her yourself.”“How?”“I want you to come over Friday at eleven o’clock. Can you make it?”“Well, I think I can. I don’t have any classes on Friday, so I guess I can come over. What’s up?”“Well, there is something I want you to do for me. I’ll explain when you get here.”“Okay.”“I’ll bet that Bambi really shook you up when she paid you the other day.”“Yeah, she scared the crap out of me.”“She told me the story. She said you were cute the way that you got all flush when she blurted out that she was going to give you panties.”“I didn’t think that she’d do that.”“Did you think it was a big secret or something?”“Well, no. You told me that she knew.”“Don’t worry. Bambi can be tactless. Anyway, I’ll plan on seeing you Friday at noon. Okay?”“Okay, I’ll be over.”“Great. There is just one other thing.”“What’s that?”“I want you to wear your favorite pair of panties when you come over. Bye, bye.”Click. She hung up the phone.“Why the fuck does she want me to wear panties to her house?” I thought to myself.I guessed that the answer would be revealed on Friday.I had spent a night in aggravated sleep. sleep? Let’s call it tossing and turning from side to side. Let’s call it staring at the ceiling in the dark. Let’s call it anything except sleep. sleep denotes restfulness, but I was anything but restful. I was agitated. I was nervous.Two days earlier I had a brief conversation with a very special aunt, my uncle Donald’s wife. She was a woman who seemed very understanding about the quirks that a young man has in his developing years. She had once caught me raiding her hamper during a holiday at their house. Aghast at first, she soon proved to be very understanding and even helpful in coming months. I have a panty fetish. Aunt Sherrie not only talked to me about it, she even fed my habit. For doing some odd jobs for her around the house she had rewarded me on three occasions with payment in panties. Sounds odd? How about this: she got her two sisters in on the act. I did jobs for them and they too paid me in glorious panties. Now Aunt Sherrie wanted me to come by her house, and she wanted me to wear my favorite pair of panties.I know this all sounds bizarre. I would not believe it myself if it hadn’t happened to me, but here I am living this incredible story for almost a year. Now I was only a few hours away from having to show up at Aunt Sherrie’s house wearing my favorite pair, and I couldn’t sleep. I spent a night tossing and turning trying to figure out which panties to wear.* * *That Friday I got to my aunt’s house a little before noon and noticed that she was not alone. There were two other cars in the driveway, and they belonged to Patti and Bambi, my aunt’s sisters. All three of the sisters were there, and there I was decked out in the baby blue lace trimmed panties that Patti had given to me. Sherrie had said to wear my favorites, and so I obeyed. I loved the baby blues. I thought that they were sexy yet somewhat elegant. The smooth fabric rubbed around me and made me as hard as a rock. The nervous anticipation of what I might be walking into helped keep me hard as well.I had a nervous erection that strained against the silk fabric of the panties. The pleasant sensation just aroused me more until I had a pronounced bulge pointing out through my pants. It was embarrassing, but exquisite.Aunt Sherrie met me at the door and led me into the living room where Bambi and Patti were seated on the sofa. I felt very intimidated at this point. Each of these women knew about my fondness for panties. In fact each of them had provided me with several pairs of panties that I often used to masturbate myself. Now here I was standing before the three of them like a defendant before a tribunal. The ludicrousness of the scenario played out in my head.Your Honors, the defendant is charged with being a panty fetishist.A what?A panty fetishist. The defendant is charged with receiving sexual gratification from, oh what was that technical term? Ah, here it is. The defendant is charged with autoerotic pantophiliatic arousal.Pantophiliatic arousal?Yes, ma’am. That means he is turned on by women’s underwear, preferably the sexy kind. What are you saying, Madame prosecutor?I am saying that the defendant uses women’s panties in order to masturbate himself into an orgasmic climax. As you can see from the defendant’s current position he can hardly keep his woody under control even now. Much more squirming around and his Johnson will probably spring forth for the entire court’s consideration.Madame prosecutor, do you mean to say that the defendant is wearing women’s underwear in this court? Now?Yes, Your Honor, he is. And it’s a wonder that he has lasted this long.The defendant is held in contempt of court. Take him away. Take him away.To the holding cell, Your Honor?No, no, no. To the gallows!Gallows?”What, was that, Vincent? Gallows, what?” Aunt Sherrie asked.Just then everything went black.* * *I’m not sure just what happened next, or even how long I was out. When I regained my senses I was seated in the middle of the living room sofa between Sherrie’s younger sister Bambi and her older sister Patti. Aunt Sherrie was coming into the room with a glass of water for me to drink.”Vincent, are you alright?” she asked as she handed me the glass. “Here, honey, drink this. Are you okay? What happened?”I took the glass and gulped down the water in one quick motion.”Take it easy there,” said Patti. “Be careful or you’ll drown yourself,” she said as she took my hand in hers and tried to calm me.”Well, I guess I got a little dizzy for a minute there; I’ll be okay in a minute.””What did you mean by ‘gallows?'” asked Aunt Sherrie.”I, well, er, I don’t know. It must have been a nightmare.”I don’t think that I fooled them a bit. It was so silly for me to have been so nervous. Each of them knew my secret. I guess it was just the stress of encountering all three women at once.”Well, just sit back and relax,” said Patti. “We don’t want you passing out again,” she was so reassuring. She tried hard to make me comfortable, but by making me comfortable she only made me hard; the blue panties I had on, the very panties that Patti herself had given me, were not offering much in the way of support.Aunt Sherrie changed the subject. “Anyway, you were probably wondering why we are all together here today. It has been a while since your secret has been out of the close, so to say. I just thought that today would be a good time to sit down and talk about anything that is on your mind. I know that you must have some questions for us.” She sat in front of me on the coffee table. With her in front and Patti and Bambi on either side I was kind of hemmed in on the sofa. “Well, actually I do.””Good, because we have a few questions of our own for you. But why don’t you ask whatever is on your mind first, sweetie.”She was being very kind and sweet to me. They were all kind and sweet, and Aunt Sherrie is the coolest aunt a guy could have. I still felt nervous, but not scared. I felt like something wonderful was about to happen, and I just hoped that I could enjoy it, whatever it was.”Well, actually one thing that has been on my mind is how come you have all been so willing to give me so many panties?””We haven’t given you anything,” answered Sherrie. “You earned everything that you have received so far. You worked for it all.””I know, but some people would think that it is sort of strange that a guy’s aunt and her sisters would pay him for work done around their houses by giving him women’s underwear.””True enough, but those same people might think that it fethiye escort is a bit strange for a guy to be going through his aunt’s underwear hamper in the first place,” she replied sarcastically.Yep, couldn’t argue with that one. She caught me red-handed nearly a year ago raiding her underwear hamper. Since then I have learned to lock every door behind me when I am in the “panty zone.” Ah, the panty zone, that wonderful place where a young man can lose himself in the wonderful joy of soft satin finery and work himself up to quite a blast.”Look, Vincent,” said Patti, “we are just trying to be supportive. You have this little fetish, and it is probably difficult for you to talk to anyone about it. At your age things can seem quite confusing. You probably have questions regarding your own sexuality. We just want you to be comfortable with who you are and learn to accept the things that you enjoy.””Like jerking off in a pair of panties,” Bambi chimed in. Bambi is not what one would call subtle. The first time she handed me a pair of panties as payment for a day’s worth of work around her house, her k**s were in the room getting a soda.”Bambi,” reprimanded Sherrie, “how indelicate can you be?””Well, that’s what he does with them. Isn’t it, Vincent?””Well,” I felt my face turning a deep shade of red.”Well, it is,” said Patti softly. She squeezed my hand and smiled.”Yes, it is. It is true. I have been using them when I masturbate,” I confessed to what they already knew. I guessed that there was no sense in trying to keep up any pretense about what was going on. These women knew the truth about me. Suddenly I felt heat in my face and I felt a little light-headed. It felt good to gets things off my chest, but it made me a little dizzy; evidently the blood that is normally in my head was taking up space in my trousers, because my erection was raging harder than I ever remembered.”Oh boy. I think he’s passing out again,” said Bambi.”No, no. I’ll be fine.””Sure you will,” said Patti with another squeeze of my hand and another little smile. I was beginning to think I would fall in love with her.”Okay, so that is settled.” Aunt Sherrie spoke up again. “We all know about your fetish, and we are here to give you all the support that you need. Now, did you do what I told you to do over the phone?””Do you mean, am I wearing…?””Yes, are you wearing your favorite pair?” she asked.”Yes,” I said sheepishly.”Well, all we want to know is who bought you your favorite pair?”I turned to Patti and squeezed her hand as she had done with mine. “Patti did. Patti bought me the blue satin and lace panties, and they’re my favorites.””Let me guess,” said Patti, “are they the navy blue pair?””No, they’re the baby blues,” I answered.A big smile ran across Patti’s face. She seemed very pleased that I had chosen a pair that she bought me. Bambi and Sherrie were frowning as if they had lost some sort of friendly wager.”So, Vincent,” said Sherrie, “what is it about Patti’s panties that you like so much?””Well, I like all the panties you bought me. I like the thongs and the bikinis that you and Bambi gave me a lot. It’s just that the baby blues are very smooth and satiny, and I love the lace fringe.” I think that I surprised them with the candor of my answer. We were long past the point of hiding anything, and I was willing to go where this conversation was taking us.”Is satiny better than lacy?” asked Bambi.”Well, Satiny is good for one thing and lacy is good for another,” I said.”Well, what is the difference?””It’s just that I use them for different things.”Sherrie leaned in on me and asked, “What kind of things?””Well, lace is good for wrapping and satin is good for stroking.” Gulp.Aunt Sherrie leaned in closer, “Wrapping and stroking what?””Wrapping and stroking my…” I tried to think of a polite word to use in front of them. They were ladies, after all. “…my unit.””Your unit?” asked Sherrie.”He means his cock.” “Thanks Bambi,” said Aunt Sherrie.”I didn’t want to be vulgar,” I apologized for my politeness.”There’s nothing vulgar about cocks,” Bambi replied. “Cocks are wonderful things. If it weren’t for cocks none of us would be here right now. I love them.””I’m sure your husband would be delighted to hear that,” said Patti.”Well, he knows that I love his the most.””Ladies,” said Sherrie trying to get back on her subject, “can we please turn our attention back to Vincent here?””Sure,” said Bambi. “So Vincent, tell us about your cock.””Bambi,” both Sherrie and Patti chimed in together with a sisterly reprimand. Bambi really did let her mouth fly.”Go on, Vincent,” Bambi said undaunted, “tell us what you like to do to your cock with the panties.”I told them. I couldn’t believe that I was actually telling them in graphic detail how I jerked off with panties, but I told them.”Well, I like to lay out all the different pairs on the bed and just look at them all first. Usually I’ll stand over the bed naked and gently stroke myself so that I start to get hard. It all depends on what kind of mood I’m in. If I want to get off quickly I’ll try to jerk off real fast, but usually I like to take some time so I’ll go slowly.”I like to start with the cotton panties that you gave me, Sherrie. They’re kind of innocent looking, but they make me think of what the girls in high school must have been wearing underneath their skirts. Plaid skirts. Please don’t get me going on plaid skirts. I’ll usually wrap the cotton panties around myself and fondle and stroke until my erection is really hard.”After my, er unit, is really hard I’ll switch over to a pair of Patti’s satin panties. I like the feel of them when I glide them up and down the length of my, er unit. That can keep me excited for a long time. Usually I’ll stand over the collection for a while looking at each one and imagining a different girl I know wearing them with nothing else. After a while I’ll need to sit down and be careful, because I’m usually close to losing it.””What do you mean, ‘losing it?'” asked Sherrie slyly.”You know, squirting. I’ll have to sit down and concentrate on not squirting too soon. I might come close to it a few times, but I’ll stop short and then start up again, but eventually I’ll have to, you know, come.”It’s around this time that I like to use the thongs that Bambi gave me. I’ll wrap the lacy part around my testicles and the base of my hard-on, sometimes I’ll use two pair. I’ll keep stroking myself with the panties I started with for a little longer, but I like to switch over to another pair once or twice.””Do you always use mine?” asked Patti.”No,” I said as I turned to her. “I’ll start with yours but I always get around to one of Sherrie’s pair. I like to imagine some of the girls I know in college wearing them. Sometimes the pale green French cut bikinis and other times the black nylon bikinis. I don’t like to use the light pink ones too often, because I’m afraid of ruining them. When I get close enough to climax I’ll try to come so that I don’t wind up ruining or staining anything.””Does it feel good?” asked Patti.”Oh yeah, it always feels great.”She gave me another reassuring squeeze of my hand.Aunt Sherrie leaned back on the coffee table. “Well, it sounds like you have quite a little ritual going for yourself. I’m sure we’re all happy for you.””Thank-you, Auntie.””Why don’t we show him what we bought?” she asked her sisters. They nodded their approval, so Aunt Sherrie went off into the other room for a moment. She came back with a shopping bag and placed it on the floor between us as she resumed her spot on the coffee table.”My sisters and I went shopping the other day and bought a new selection that we would like to get your opinion of. Tell us what you think of these. I picked out this one.”She reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of panties like I had never seen before. They weren’t cotton or nylon, and they weren’t trimmed in lace. They were a pair of silk burgundy panties that were dressed in a stylish gold embossing that trimmed the front and back. They were absolutely beautiful.”Wow,” was all I could say.”So you like them?” asked Sherrie.”Yeah, they’re beautiful.””I’m glad you approve.” With that she laid them down on my lap and pulled out another pair. These were also silk, but they were gold, and I mean a highly polished gold, with a black embossing similar to the others. “How about these?”My cock just about jumped when she laid the first pair on my lap. Now it was twitching with excitement as she pulled out some of the most sophisticated and sexy panties I ever imagined.”I…, they’re perfect. I can’t believe how beautiful they are.” She laid that pair in my lap also, and my cock twitched some more.”Now Patti bought this pair. Tell us what you think.” She took out a pair of dark pink panties that were bigger than the others. In fact they were a bit bigger than any that I had seen before. They looked like little hot pants, but not trashy. These panties were also silk, and I bet that they were as expensive as I imagined the first two were. And they were very sexy.”I’ve never seen a pair like that before. What are they?””They’re tap pants,” Patti answered. “They’re actually what I like to wear the most.””Tap pants? Yeah, I like those too.””Oh come on, Sherrie,” Bambi whined a little. “Show him what I bought.”Aunt Sherrie laid the tap pants down on my lap on top of the other panties and nearly caused me to have an accident. At this point my blood pressure was up. I noticed that I could actually hear my heart beating and my breathing was getting quicker. I was now in the “panty zone.” I was so excited by the display of feminine finery that was being laid out before me – in my lap actually – that I squirmed a little more and u*********sly squeezed Patti’s hand some more. Thank goodness for her.”Okay, Bambi. Let’s see, ah these are what Bambi picked out.” Aunt Sherrie took out a thong that was unlike any other thong I had seen before. It wasn’t just a piece of floss that ran off of an eye patch in front. This pair had more of a V-shape in front that tapered slightly as it rode down. It also had a bit more material giving it a vertical ruffle in the front. In the back there was enough material at the top to give a slight taper before a narrow band ran down to meet the front of the garment. Like the others this was also silk. It appeared to be the same high polished gold as the pair of panties that Aunt Sherrie had pulled out moments earlier.”Wow, those are incredible. My eyes might have been coming out of their sockets. I might have been drooling. My chest may have been heaving with excited breathing as my heart pounded. I don’t know. What I do know is that my hard-on was reached previously unknown levels of pressure, and the fact that it was rubbing against the pair of satin panties that I was wearing did not make things any easier.Aunt Sherrie dropped the gold thong into my lap and my palpitations continued. This was the last pair that she pulled out of the bag, though I sensed that there were more inside. I really didn’t want to see just yet because I knew I’d lose control of myself. Bambi picked up the thong out of my lap and Patti picked up the tap pants, though she did not let go of my hand. Come to think of it, I don’t think she could have. I’m sure that I was squeezing so hard that she couldn’t have pulled away if the house caught on fire. Sherrie reached into my lap and gingerly picked up the burgundy panties with the gold embossing. As she did she ever so slightly brushed her finger across my thigh. To this day I am positive that she had no idea that she did, but it was more than I could take. Just then I lost total control. It was one thing to make me talk about my autoerotic ritual in front of them. It was another thing to ask my approval of these elegant panties that they had bought. But it was altogether unreasonable for them to each sit there – these three lovely women – holding those beautiful panties in front of me. That visual combination along with the accidental sc**** just set me off.I came quickly. I could feel a warm trickle of juice roll down my leg. I was relieved that the pressure was subsiding, but I was quickly pissed off at the thought that I had just soiled my favorite panties. It wasn’t very much spillage, but I was worried nonetheless.Aunt Sherrie held the burgundy and gold panties in front of me. “So you like all of these do you?””Yes, I do.” I squirmed a little more. I didn’t want them to know that I had a little accident.”Would you like to take them home with you,” she said as she twirled the waistband of the panties delicately around her finger.”Yes, Aunt Sherrie. I would.””Well, that’s good. You noticed Patti’s and Bambi’s cars in the driveway when you came here?””Yes.””Well, why don’t you go outside and wash their cars and mine.”Let me tell you that I brought out a shine on those cars that they hadn’t seen since they rolled out of Detroit, or Osaka, or wherever the hell Infinitis and Saturns are coming from these days. I used elbow grease like a man possessed. There was enough wax in the garage to take care of all three cars; and I admit that I gave Patti’s car two coats because she was so sweet to me. My uncle had a shop vacuum in the garage, so I got inside each car and vacuumed every square inch. When I noticed that Bambi’s car was low on oil, I took off for the auto store to buy a few quarts of oil and a filter, jacked up her car, and gave her an oil change.I may have gotten myself a little greasy and dirty, but after a few hours of loving attention to these vehicles I knew that each of these women would be driving down the street in the shiniest, cleanest cars on the road; frankly they didn’t deserve anything less. Beautiful women in beautiful cars, now that’s America.When I finished I went inside Sherrie’s house wash myself. I had totally lost myself in the job and didn’t realize how late in the day it was. Patti and Bambi came outside to see how I had done and they were both very happy. Bambi gave me a pat on the back before saying goodbye to both Patti and myself; she said that my aunt was inside getting ready to go out. After Bambi pulled out and drove off Patti spent a moment with me.”Thanks for doing such a good job Vincent.””It’s no problem at all. Especially not for you, Patti.””That’s sweet of you to say. I hope you enjoy what is inside in the bag.””I’m sure I will.”Patti gave me a little kiss on the cheek before leaving causing my heart stop jump. I went back into the house and cleaned up in the bathroom. After I dried clean I went back into the living room and saw Aunt Sherrie was coming out of her bedroom. She was dressed to kill in a short black skirt and black blouse with a low plunging lace neckline.”Well, you’d better get going home soon. Your uncle is going to be getting home in a little while. We’re going out with my brother and his wife. I have something for you here, of course.”I stood in the middle of her living room. She picked up the bag from the corner next to the sofa and motioned for me to sit down next to her. As she sat she crossed her legs, which gave me a great view of her calves. She was very sexy.”I think that everything went well today. You seemed very comfortable talking to us. I’m so glad that you trust us, Vincent.””Well, it’s nice to have someone to talk to. Patti was right, I do get a little confused sometimes with who I am, but you all have been so good to me. Thanks a lot.””Patti likes you,” she said it like a schoolgirl teasing someone. It was intentional.”Well, I like her too,” I swallowed hard. I felt like a schoolboy being teased.”Do you have a crush on her?” again with the teasing.”Maybe.””Maybe?””Okay, so I do.”Aunt Sherrie just grinned at me and handed me the bag.”Here you go, sweetie. There are nine pairs in all, three from each of us. I’ll bet you can guess who bought which pairs.””I think I’m beginning to understand all of your tastes.””We went to a little boutique that we have been shopping at for years. They sell a lot of imported lingerie. Most of these are from France. In fact I think they all are. That may be why they looked so different to you.””Thank-you. I guess you’re learning my tastes too,” I said.”Well, we have some experience with this after all.”There was that sentence again. The first time that Bambi and Patti had each given me payment in panties for jobs that I did for them they said the same thing to me. Now I needed to ask a question that had been rolling around in the back of my mind for months.”Auntie, what do you mean by that? Patti and Bambi each said the same thing before. What are you talking about?””Let’s just say that once upon a time someone very close to us confided in us that he had the same fascination that you have. We teased him at first and it caused a problem, a big problem. When we apologized and told him that we would support him, things got better. It was important for him to have someone to trust. That is just what I want for you. Okay?””Well, okay. I understand. You have been great to me. I love you, Auntie.””I love you too, honey. Now it’s time to go. Your uncle and I are going out in a little while.”* * *I could not get home fast enough. I didn’t run any red lights or blow through any stop signs, but I may have cut off a few smaller, slower cars. By the way, what the hell is it with these 75-year old men who have to drive these big-ass Cadillacs five miles an hour under the speed limit, and these fucking soccer moms in the Chevy Suburbans. Two k**s and they need an automobile big enough to carry the 82nd Airborne division. Cripes!As you can imagine, I get a little irritable when slowpokes are interfering in my panty plan. I had the whole thing worked out in my head. First I had to clean up the pair I was wearing. I couldn’t let anything bad happen to the baby blues Patti gave me. Second, after I showered, I’d lay out all the old pairs on one side of the bed and the new pairs on the other. Then I’d just take my time going from one pair to the other, stroking them across my body, stroking them across my cock.The whole scheme nearly crapped out when I got home to a call from a friend who wanted to go out that night.”Yo, dude. Where you been keeping. Come on and get ready, we’re chasing girls tonight.”Girls, give me a fucking break; I’ve got panties to attend to. Boy, that sentence is a cause for concern.”Hey, man. I’ve been working all day and I’ve got to rest a sore back.””Well, okay. Cool man. Your loss means more for me. Later.””Yeah, later.” Click. “Jackass.”Left in peace at last to spend my Friday night the way I wanted, I proceeded to carry out my aforementioned plan to perfection. I laid the old collection to the left, and I laid the new contributions to the right. The gold and black embossed panties along with the burgundy and gold Embossed pair went up top. Below that I laid out the elegant tap pants that Patti likes to wear. Under those I placed Bambi’s chosen gold thong. Then I dove into the bag for the final five pairs.I pulled out another thong similar in style to the gold one. This one was copper, and it made a striking impression on me. I put it with its sister and returned to the bag. Next came out a pair of silk and lace briefs in black; the sides were dressed in silk with the front and rear of the briefs a solid piece of lace. I wasn’t sure at first who had chosen these, but for some reason they made me think of Patti. My suspicion was confirmed when I took out the next pair. They were the same style as the two other pairs that Aunt Sherrie had chosen. The prettiest of the three, this pair was in mauve – sort of a tan color, but darker and richer. The embossed design was in black. Those went with the others. The next pair of panties was obviously Patti’s. They were another pair of tap pants in a dark hunter green. The final pair of panties could only have been chosen by Bambi. I guessed that she was a bit of a wild c***d, as bold in her underwear as she was in her language. She had chosen a leopard print thong that made me want to sit up and say, “meow.” Not as elegant as the other thongs in the bag, it was no less sexy or expensive as it was genuine silk. In fact it was the smoothest of the bunch.I worked myself into a frenzy that night. I took each pair of the new panties and caressed my body with them. I never knew anything so smooth. I had one pair in each hand and rubbed them around my chest, my legs, and my groin. I took Sherrie’s gold and black embossed panties and wrapped them around my cock. I stroked myself with them and imagined what they might look like on her. I fantasized about Aunt Sherrie wearing these panties and how they would accentuate her long sexy legs. I imagined her sitting on the edge of my bed with her legs crossed as she had in her living room earlier in the day. I pictured her seductively uncrossing her legs and inviting me in for a closer look of her beautiful panty-clad legs. I got harder as I imagined standing before me in these panties that she had picked out just for me and welcoming me in to take a sniff of her scent.I changed over to the copper thong Bambi had bought. I wrapped the thin end of the thong around the base of my cock and rubbed myself through the soft silk fabric. I also picked up the exciting leopard thong and stroked my cock with it. I fantasized about Bambi also. I imagined her crawling up my body to rub her thong in my face as she grinded her thong into my nose. I fantasized about Bambi, the wild c***d who loves cocks so much pushing my body down on the bed and jumping onto my cock and taking me for a hard ride with her thong.And I fantasized about Patti, the wonderful woman who literally held my hand throughout the interview with my aunt and her sisters. Patti, who had been so comforting and gentle with me. Patti, who preferred tap pants. I stroked myself with the dark green tap pants while imagining Patti holding out her arms and welcoming me close to her naked bosom. I wanted her to hold my body tight as she had held my hand earlier. She was wearing the dark green panties that I held in my hand. I conjured the image of caressing her through her very special garments, and I grew even harder still when she smiled down on me.I rose from the bed and stood over my collection clutching the pink tap pants and pressing them against my chest. I used the nude nylon bikinis that Aunt Sherrie had given me months ago to pump my cock. I drank in all the panties spread out before me on my bed and pumped harder and harder until I had an irrisitable need to come. I came right into the panties that I held in my hand, and I didn’t stop pumping until I was dry.The clean up was quick. I wanted to wash the semen out of my nude nylons before a stain set in. I was becoming frantic about ruining anything, and I decided to wear a condom from now on in order to catch my load.I went to sleep that night wearing Patti’s dark pink tap pants. Again, she seemed to find the panties that I enjoyed the most. Or maybe it was just the emotional bond that I felt for her. Either way, I fell asleep dressed in the little pink panties that she had bought just for me. And I never slept better in my life.* * *Several months would go by without any jobs to complete for Aunt Sherrie or her sisters. I had plenty of time to play with all the sexy garments that they had provided me with so far, and I tried not to get greedy hoping that soon one of them would have a new task for me.I had one or two conversations on the phone with my aunt during this time. She called to check in on me and to see if I was okay. She also started asking some questions about my social life like if I was dating anyone. I hadn’t been meeting any girls lately. The stresses of balancing college work, a part-time job, and my secret fetish conspired to keep me out of circulation. That and the fact that I wasn’t feeling very comfortable around girls in general.”You know, you need to get out and circulate from time to time,” she advised.”I know, but sometimes it seems a little hard. I get nervous.””Is there anyone out there you’ve had your eye on?””No, not really. A lot of the girls are already seeing someone, and many of the others just aren’t interesting.””Well, maybe there is something auntie can do to help you.””Like what?””You just let auntie see what she can do. Goodbye, honey.” Click. She hung up the phone.In the several weeks following my interview with my aunt Sherrie and her sisters, Patti and Bambi, things sort of went into cruise control. I was entrenched in studies during my sophomore year in college, and I was also busy with an after hours job to help pay my way. To all outward appearances I was a typical college student just trying his hardest to earn good grades, make a little money, and put myself in a position to get a good job after my eventual graduation.Of course there was this other little factor that was happening also. A little thing that precious few people in this world knew about, and I wanted to keep it that way. I’m not ashamed to say it now, but I was just a little panty freak. I have this panty fetish. Nothing gets me turned on more than a sexy pair of women’s panties. The sexier or more exotic they are, the more aroused I get.Best of all, I had this incredible source of panties: my aforementioned Aunt Sherrie and her two sisters. The interview – as I came to call it – took place several weeks earlier. It basically involved my giving the ladies a summary of what I liked to do with the panties that they had given me for doing several jobs around their houses. These were typical handyman things that any trained chimpanzee could do. It just gave them the opportunity to help me along. Talking about my sexual proclivities with the ladies’ undergarments was the most erotic experience of my life up to that time.I had always wondered why they would do something that most people would consider weird, if not a little disturbed. My Aunt had told me that I reminded them of someone close to the three of them who had a similar issue, and that they found the need to be supportive. She did not tell me who it was or elaborate more on the story, and I thought that she was protecting someone’s privacy as she had protected mine. She had given me support and understanding and love, and there wasn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for her.The winter had come slowly that year, but when it did arrive it hit hard. By the end of a late January storm there was so much snow on the ground that the weathermen had lost track of how much had fallen. They didn’t need rulers to measure it anymore they needed yardsticks. All that crystallized moisture on the ground needed to get moved somehow. Fortunately for my aunt and her sisters they had a willing helper at the ready.I had arranged with my Aunt Sherrie and her older sister Patti to plow and shovel around their houses. Bambi was too far away, and her husband was home to take care of the snow removal anyway. I talked with both Sherrie and Patti the night before the snow really hit, and we arranged the same price of three pairs of panties for services rendered.By this time in my relationship with these women the whole issue of payment in panties had become a running joke. They all knew that if any of them called me for any reason that I would be all too glad to drop whatever I was doing and help them, panties or not. Patti specifically had a special place in my heart, and I accepted that I would do back flips for her at her request. While all three women had been understanding with me, and while I certainly felt an attraction to each of them, I thought that I connected with Patti on a different level.Early in the morning, before the sun had risen, I woke up with strong morning wood. I was aroused and wanted to tend to my first erection of the day, so I grabbed a fistful of panties from their drawer and placed them on the bed in a pile. I knelt in front of the panties on the bed and one by one began to rub them around my hard-on. I went through the thongs and bikinis first and eventually got to the more sophisticated fare that had come from the French Boutique, a lingerie shop where Aunt Sherrie and her sisters shopped.I held my cock in the pink tap pants that Patti had bought while rubbing my chest with the mauve panties that Aunt Sherrie gave me. This was a favorite combination of mine. My penis was rigid as I graced the silk pink tap pants around and around the most sensitive parts of my groin. Then I decided to try something new.I emptied the entire drawer of panties onto the pile on the bed. I placed the copper thong on the pillow at the head of my bed, and thrust my cock into the pile of panties beneath me. I called it a panty fuck. There I was on the bed thrusting my hips into a pile of nylon and silk, a virtual panty pussy. It was exquisite.My fantasies took over. I thought about Bambi, a beautiful woman with a big mouth who never hesitated to cause a stir. It was she who bought the copper thong that lay undisturbed on my pillow. As I fantasized about grinding my cock into her pussy I leaned forward and pushed my face into the thong, rubbing my face around it. I thought about what it might feel like to fill her big mouth with my cock, knowing how much she loved cocks and all.Then I switched scenarios and thought about Patti. Patti was a loving and supportive woman who held my hand throughout the interview with her and her sisters. I felt excited sitting next to her on the sofa in my aunt’s living room and often played out a fantasy of her guiding my hand to her own panties. She would take one finger at a time from my hand and rub her pussy through her own silk underwear.I fantasized that Patti leaned back on the sofa, with Sherrie and Bambi watching, and guided my hand as she masturbated herself with my fingers. As she rubbed my hand between her legs I would start to feel her panties getting wet. Using my palm as a sex toy, she would guide it inside her panties as she stroked herself to climax with my hand. I always imagined her wearing a pair of virgin white tap pants since she said they were her favorite.As my arousal grew I was careful to break for a brief moment and put a condom on myself. I had started donning the rubber as a way of preserving my precious panties from spillage.That done I returned to my panty fuck and imagined that I was penetrating my Aunt Sherrie. She was the one who had gotten the whole ball rolling for me. From the day that she caught me raiding her hamper to arranging this whole relationship with her sisters, I knew that I owed the position that I was in at the moment to her. I fantasized about thrusting my cock into her pussy, her panties pulled to the side to allow me access to her sex. She would wrap her long sexy legs around my body as I continued to thrust into her.I fantasized about leaning back slightly and raising one of her legs up to my shoulder. I gave myself quite a mental image: there I am sliding my cock into her pussy while gently stroking her panties with my free hand. In and out, back and forth, up and down.The tension mounted so much that I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to. Rather than fight the urge to come I just bucked my body into the pile of lingerie faster and harder until I exploded a shot of come into the condom. It was nice and sanitary. It also drained my balls of semen. I learned one thing that morning: a panty fuck is fun.Now I had to straighten up things and get ready for some work.***The storm had ended on a Tuesday. That left the beginning of the week for us to shovel and plow our way to freedom. For anyone living in warmer climates snow is just something that they have in the mountains for skiing. For those of us living in harsher winter climates it weighs us down and tests our will; how long can you shovel until you snap?I plowed Patti’s house first. Her k**s were home from school and they built a snowman in the front yard. Her brother Brian was over to lend a hand as well. It was a big task because their house was on a corner lot had a lot of frontage to the street, and a city ordinance clearly stated that the property owner was responsible for all snow removal within 24-hours of the end of a storm or else it was a $50 fine. We had to clear out her entire driveway, the sidewalk in front of her house, and the walkways all around the house. The plow didn’t fit in some areas, so I had to take care of those by hand shovel. It was a heavy wet snow that weighs a shovel escort fethiye down and doesn’t clear off easily. It was almost more work to get the snow off the shovel than it was to pick up the snow itself.As I worked with Brian we had a little chat.“So, how are things going at school, Vincent?” he asked.“Just fine I guess. I have this one professor who is a real asshole. He never shows up to classes and has a research assistant doing all his classroom work for him. It makes me wonder what the hell I’m paying for,” I said.“Yeah, my wife’s sister complains about the same thing too. It seems to be a common problem these days. She’s at City University.”That caught my attention. “Oh yeah? That’s where I go.”“Yeah I know. Sherrie told me that. She asked me if I’d introduce you two. She isn’t seeing anyone, and Sherrie thought that you two might hit it off.”I pondered an introduction to a real girl. Damn, that seemed scary. But Aunt Sherrie had told me before that I needed to get out and circulate more. I had avoided doing that, but she had stayed on my back about it. She even hinted that she could do something to help. This must be what she had in mind.“Well, I guess I don’t have any problems meeting a pretty girl,” boy was that a fucking lie.“Great, then I’ll give you her phone number. I already spoke to her, so you won’t totally surprise her by calling tonight. She is pretty, too”Patti came out to the front door as we finished the last of the shoveling.“Do you two want something to warm up?” she called to us.“No,” Brian called back. “None for me. I have to get going.” Then her turned to me and handed me a piece of paper with a name and number on it. “Here you go, Vincent. Give her a call tonight and see what happens.”Brian left, and I went inside to take Patti up on her offer.“Would you like some hot cocoa?”“Yes, please,” I answered. I took the cocoa and some cookies, and I sat down at the kitchen table. Patti looked out the window to check on her c***dren who were making a snowman that looked like he needed a chiropractor. It tilted to the left.“I have something for you here,” she said. She took out a familiar sized package from a drawer in the kitchen and handed it to me. I put in my pocket with the ease of a mobster receiving protection payments from the local merchants.“Thank-you,” I said. “Patti, can I ask you a question?”“Sure. Go ahead.”“Well, when Sherrie first told you about me, you know, when she first told you about my fetish…did you think that I was weird or something?”She paused for a moment and contemplated an honest answer.“I thought that you were kinky.”“Kinky?” I asked.“Yeah, kinky. Like you have some sexual tastes that run to the untraditional. I was kind of surprised at first that she was talking about you, but not about your fetish.” It seemed like an honest answer.“So why have you, you yourself been willing to go along with this. Why have you been, ah, paying me this way?”“Because kinky can be nice,” she giggled.“Come on, tell me the truth,” I countered.“That is the truth, sweetie.” She paused and then leaned forward and took my hand. “Sherrie wanted to help you, and she asked Bambi and me for support. Support for you. She thought that if a few women helped you understand your desires that you would be able to deal with them. It’s all about having a healthy respect for yourself and being able to keep the things that turn you on in context.”“But, I’ve told you what I do with these panties. Some people would find that really bizarre. You all just accepted it,” I said.“Listen, right now you are just experimenting. It feels great and you’re having a lot of fun. Right?”“Right,” I was unsure of my answer.“You will learn, in time, to enjoy this fetish or any others that you may have within the context of a healthy relationship.”“Do you really think so?” I asked.“Trust me I know so. I’ve seen this before and it turned out to be okay for everyone involved.”Patti was hinting to some experience that my Aunt Sherrie and her sisters had with someone close to them. Somewhere along the line they had encountered this fetish before. Each had hinted to it long ago, and my aunt told me without much detail that this was not uncharted territory for them.“Being turned on by something inanimate is one thing,” she continued, “but being turned on by a living, breathing woman is another. When you can carefully combine the one with the other life is really going to be fun.”“Do you have any fetishes?” I asked.“I sure do.”“What are they?” I asked.“Oh, I’m not telling.”“Why not?” I asked thinking it was all a bit unfair that she wouldn’t tell me.Patti leaned into me and whispered in my ear, “Because you might not be able to handle it.”I felt myself staring blankly at the refrigerator door after that response. I squeezed her hand thoughtlessly, and then felt her squeeze back. I let it go at that and finished off my cocoa and cookie before springing another question.“Patti, can I tell you something personal?”“More personal than what you’ve already shared?” she asked jokingly.“Yeah, all k**ding aside. This is serious.”“Sure Vincent, you can tell me anything.”“You’re my favorite.” Those four words were harder to get out of my mouth than anything that I had ever said to this woman. Months ago I had sat on a sofa in my aunt’s living room and described in graphic detail the manner in which I used the panties these women had given me to masturbate. I talked about my favorite panties, and I even wore a pair as I sat in that room talking to them. But this confession of feelings for Patti was a hundred times more difficult.Patti smiled at my confession and squeezed my hand once again.“I’m flattered,” she replied. It just sort of hung in the air like that for a second. I was looking her right in the eyes at this point, and I felt my heart pounding like the beat at a hip-hop concert. My penis was responding also. That troublemaker was straining inside my pants and left me no maneuverability. After a pause that was a bit uncomfortable for me I threw out one more piece of personal information.“Patti, you’re my favorite fantasy.”That caught her off guard. She squeezed my hand and smiled a little nervous smile. She also seemed to get slightly teary eyed, but it didn’t last long.“Well, that really is flattering. Thank-you.”“You’re welcome,” I said in a voice little more than a whisper. My heart was pounding so hard I could feel it in my ears.A few more awkward moments passed and I decided that it was time to get more work done. Patti saw me to the door as I put on my coat. I tried to zip it up, but the zipped got stuck.“Here, let me help you. It happens to my c***dren all the time.” And she loosened the zipper and closed my coat all the way. The she straightened my collar a little and brushed the coat out with her hands.“Remember Vincent, anytime you need to talk I’m always here.”“Sure, I know.”“And thank-you for sharing your secret today. I think that is very sweet.”She kissed me on the cheek, and I got flush all over.We said goodbye to each other and I left Patti’s house. As I passed by the c***dren in the front yard I got hit with a snowball in the back of the head. A brief battle ensued that pitted the forces of good, me, against the forces of evil, Patti’s c***dren who had just thrown about ten snowballs my way landing in the driveway I had worked so hard to clear. Aunt Sherrie’s house was next.My Uncle Donald was in the driveway already plowing. I got out, said hello, and started shoveling in the few places where he had left snow.There’s hardly any snow left. That son of a bitch is going to cheat me out of a day’s wages.After what few flakes had remained on their property I was informed that we were obliged to help out his elderly neighbors across the street; two more houses in addition to my uncle’s. No wonder he wanted to get such an early start. The plowing was easy enough, but there was a layer of ice underneath left over from previous snowfall that hadn’t been properly cleared. The ensuing task of chipping away the ice by hand so that these people would not slip and break a hip was tedious, but after about two hours of chipping and building calluses we were finished.We were welcomed inside the house by my aunt and the c***dren who were just getting dressed for what seemed to be an arctic expedition. In reality the k**s were going to go sledding.“Do you two want anything to warm up?” my aunt asked.“Yeah,” said Uncle Donald, “how about some coffee?”“Vincent, do you want coffee?” she asked.“Do you have any hot chocolate? Coffee makes me jumpy.”“Sure we do.”We sat at the table for a few minutes downing copious amounts of hot fluid and chocolate cookies. After gulping down his third cup, my uncle rose and ordered the c***dren out of the house and down the street. My aunt said that she was waiting for a phone call, and that she would join them in a little while. Actually it was an elaborate ruse to pay me in my preferred choice of currency and have a brief conversation once my uncle left with the k**s.“So long you little rug rats,” I called out, teasing them.“Well, it’s nice to see how you win friends and influence people,” my aunt teased me.“Yeah, I’m a regular Andrew Carnegie.”“I think you mean Dale Carnegie,” she corrected me. “Wait a minute. I’ll be back in a second. Wait for me in the living room”She left the room and I went into the living room and sat on the sofa. Aunt Sherrie returned with a small shopping bag that I recognized it as coming from the French Boutique.“Here you are,” she handed me the bag and sat down next to me on the sofa. I put it by my side.“Aren’t you going to open it up and see what I bought you?” she asked.“Oh, sure. Sorry.”I opened the bag and took out three pair of French cut panties each trimmed in lace of the same color. They each had a floral pattern of sorts stitched into them, and they were all very silky. One pair was a deep navy blue, another pair was magenta, and the third pair was black. The last pair reminded me of the sort of panties that a French maid might wear. They were all quite beautiful and I laid them on my lap; that caused my penis to react.“Thank-you very much,” I said.“You’re welcome. Patti bought the really pretty colors this time around.”“Oh, I didn’t check the ones that she bought me. I left them in the car.”“Well, that’s no way to treat the panties she gives you,” she gave me a little reprimand. “Now go out to your car and get your panties.”I ran out to the car quickly, slipped on a stray piece of ice that my asshole uncle didn’t move with the snow blower, and landed right on my butt. I picked myself up with the most dignity that I could muster, took the panties Patti bought me out of the car, and returned to the house limping.“What happened to you,” Aunt Sherrie asked.“I think I just broke my coccyx.”“We’ll have to get you a codpiece instead of panties next time.”“No, no. I said coccyx.”“Bambi will be terribly disappointed that you broke your coccyx. You know how much she loves them.”“I said coccyx. You know, the tailbone.”“Your bone will never get any tale with a broken coccyx,” she teased. She couldn’t contain her laughter at this point and we both started laughing. Aunt Sherrie put her hand on my knee while trying to compose herself over our rather stupid joke, and my cock – yes my cock – jumped with excitement. I don’t know if it was her hand on my knee or the dirty joke that she had just made, but I was excited.“Let’s see what we have here,” she said after shaking out the silly laughter.The first pair of panties I took out was a pair of silver tap pants, Patti’s favorite thing to wear. I laid them on my lap and took out the second pair, a pair of pastel blue tap pants. Sherrie took those and held them in her hand.“I think these are just beautiful,” she said. “Patti has such good taste.”“I think so too,” I replied.The final pair of panties were a thing to behold. It was an elegant thong with material that flowed from the center of the garment. It was a deep rich burgundy color embossed with a gold paisley pattern.“Oh, I really like these,” I said. I also felt more pressure in my loins at this point.“Yes, I bought a pair just like these for myself when Patti picked these out for you.”“You’re going to wear a pair like this?” I asked.“Does that sound so surprising? You aren’t the only one who likes to wear sexy underwear you know.”“Well yeah, I figured that, I mean I knew, you know, that you probably…” I stammered in my most eloquent manner.“Girls get just as turned on as boys you know,” she replied.“Well yeah, it’s just that, I didn’t mean to say, it was just that…” Fuck, someone please shoot me.Aunt Sherrie leaned close to me and put her lips right by my ear.“Just calm down a little,” she advised. “I think you need a moment to compose yourself.”I did. The mental image of my aunt wearing the very type panties that I saw laying in my lap coupled with the overtone of the conversation was more than a young man can handle. My cock was throbbing at this point, taking so much blood from my brain that I was actually a little lightheaded. It was only after a moment’s respite that I noticed my aunt looking at me in a funny way. She wasn’t looking at me so much as the bulge in my pants. Then she noticed me noticing her notice my bulge.“Like anything you see?” I asked flippantly.“Well, as a matter of fact…”“What?” I said.“Oh, let’s just drop it,” she trailed off and shifted her position next to me to pull away.“No, no,” I said. “I want to know what’s up. I think there’s something going on here.”“Vincent, we all have our little fetishes. Let’s just leave it at that.”“I don’t think that’s fair,” I complained. “Here I am sitting with a half-dozen panties in my lap because you know so much about my fetish and I don’t know anything about anyone else. Patti said she had hers, but she won’t tell me, and now you’re concealing yours. Come on, fess up.”Aunt Sherrie put her hand on my knee and squeezed hard. My cock throbbed.“Okay, Bambi isn’t the only one who likes cocks,” she confessed.“So, you’re a woman and you like men’s … sexual organs,” I said delicately, “What is so kinky about that?”She squeezed my knee again and my cock twitched almost with a mind of it’s own.“What I like is the bulge they make in men’s pants when they get big,” she squeezed again. “Like yours is now.” More squeezing.“Oh-ho.”“You were really turned on the day that you sat with us and told us all about your activities with the panties.”“Ye-yeah,” I was becoming incoherent again.“Well, you aren’t the only one who got something out of it that day. I did too. Your bulge was so big that I couldn’t stop looking at it. You went home and played with yourself that day. I waited for your uncle to come home and I jumped his bones. By the way, thank-you.”And with that she gave me a tiny little kiss on the cheek.“So you’re saying that . . . what?” I stuttered“I’m saying that as a woman there are certain things that turn me on. One of those things is a nice big bulge in a man’s trousers. It’s kind of like the reaction that you get from handling panties.”“And, are you having that reaction right now,” I asked.“Yes,” she smiled. “But don’t get your hopes up buster.”“So when did you first notice your fetish?” I inquired.“Well, let’s see. When I was in high school I noticed that some of the boys walked around in a perpetual state of arousal. I felt sorry for them all, they didn’t have any control over themselves. My girlfriends and I would play a little game about seeing who we could get to squirm the most. We might go up to some lowly freshman in the library and get him all worked up by striking up an innocent conversation. We called it tenting; we wanted to see who we could get to pitch the biggest tent. You guys are all predictable: a little smile, a few bats of the eyelashes, and you’re all at attention.“As time went on I found myself fantasizing about some of the cuter boys who had erections that they just couldn’t conceal.”“So, that still gets you all worked up,” I said.“Yes, of course. I’m married, not dead. Besides I decided long ago that I liked your uncle’s bulge the most. But I confess that I did indeed admire yours; it seems to run in your family. Now it’s time for you to go. I have to go see my c***dren sledding. By the way did Brian give you that phone number?”“Wh-wh-wha. Num-number? Wh-wha number?” My bulge? She was fucking turned on by my bulge? What fucking number is she talking about? Where the fuck am I?“Hey,” she snapped her fingers in front of me to help me snap out of this trance I was in. “Did Brian give you that phone number? His sister-in-law, remember?”“Oh yeah. Phone number. I’ve got it right here.” I pointed to my pocket.“Good. Give her a call this week. Her name is Gail. You’ll like her. She’s pretty. Now go on home, okay.” She patted me quickly on the knee and almost caused me to come right there.“Yeah, bye. Goodbye.” I floated off in a daze.***Sometimes it is best not to learn very intimate things about other people. This was not one of those times. Well, let me clarify that; the time it took me to drive from my aunt’s house back to mine could have been spent more productively. For instance, I could have been watching where I was going. If I had, I would have seen the light turn red, I would have stopped the car sooner, and I would have avoided the brief and financially costly conversation that I had with a traffic cop who issued me a fine for failure to stop on red. He seemed stern enough already, but if he only knew.But officer, I had a really good reason for not stopping in time for that red light.Oh really? Well let’s hear it.Okay, I was just at my aunt’s house shoveling away the snow. And when I finished she gave me three pairs of panties, just like her sister had done earlier in the day because they both know that it is this really big fetish that I have. Actually their other sister knows too. And after I laid out these six pairs of panties in my lap my aunt started looking at the bulge that my hard-on was making and she told me all about this fetish of hers which is she likes looking at men’s erections through their pants and . . . hey, what are the handcuffs for?I’m taking you down to the station, son. I think I want to check your name against the sexual offender registry.Yeah, that would have been a scene.So, several minutes and several dollars later I finally got home. The sun was setting by now, and the early winter sunset just set my mood perfectly. I cleaned up in the shower and got ready for some heavy-duty panty play. My erection never subsided from the time I left my aunt, even during my encounter with the traffic cop.This time I never even touched the drawer with all my older panties in it. I went straight for the bag that had the new goodies. I took them all out and spread them over the bed, stroking myself all the while remembering the conversations that I had with both Patti and Aunt Sherrie. I was a nice rock solid hard when I took the magenta panties out and wrapped them around myself. I tried desperately to fantasize about Patti. I tried to think about what her secret fetish was, and how I could fit in to it. I thought about the kiss she had given me and how turned on it made me. But much as I desired the mental image of cuddling up in Patti’s bosom, suckling at her soft flesh while caressing her pantied bum I couldn’t stop thinking about Aunt Sherrie.It was easiest to take the path of least resistance. All I could think about was the look on Aunt Sherrie’s face as she examined the rise in my pants. She had been looking at me like a piece of meat, and that thought turned me on even more. I thought about what she said, that I had made her so horny that she jumped my uncle for sexual release. That turned up my temperature also.I fantasized about the day that the three women had me talk about my playtime with their soft and silky gifts. I drew the mental image of my aunt grabbing my uncle by the shirt collar and dragging him into the bedroom. I thought about how she might throw him to the bed and d**** those long, sexy legs of hers over his body and dry hump his bulge, eventually burying his cock in her pussy.Then I decided that all that was too good for him. As I stroked myself I wanted to think of Aunt Sherrie riding me. It was I, after all, who turned her on that day. It was I whom she had been looking at today, lustfully. I thought about Aunt Sherrie wearing the maroon and gold thong that Patti had bought for me. I pictured her straddling my body, her thong pulled slightly to the side to allow my cock to ride up into her pussy. I thought about her breasts heaving as she rocked back and forth on my body, as she filled herself with the bulge that she had given me today.I dropped the magenta panties and picked up the maroon and gold thong. Rubbing it all around my body I continued to stroke my cock and think about what she must have been like in high school. Did she ride any of the boys she turned on back then? Did she ever turn on a teacher and ride him? I had silly thoughts about her riding several members of the football team. But I always got back to the mental imagine of my beautiful aunt wrapping herself around me and giving me her passion.I incorporated both Patti and Bambi at this point. I fantasized about them stroking my body with soft, silky panties as my aunt slowly rode my erection. I thought about them planting soft kisses on my skin as they caressed me through silk and satin fabric.When I had all I could stand I decided to let myself release. I grabbed for a condom, the last one that I had, and put it on quickly. I continued stroking my cock with one hand while stroking my body with the magenta bikini with the other, building myself up to a feverish pace. Closing my eyes I leaned back on my bed, dropped the thong onto my face, and continued pounding away at my cock, building up each thrust with more and more force.Finally I shot my load. I filled that condom with every drop of come that I could muster out of my cock. When I was done shooting everything I had I lay back on the bed and took the new thong in my hand and just gently pulled it back and forth across my chest. I just lay there thinking about everything that had been said that day. It was almost more than I could handle, but it was all so erotic that I just let my mind wander about Sherrie, and Patti, and Bambi, and … Oh crap! I totally forgot. I hope it isn’t too late.***“Hi, Gail? It’s Vincent, your brother-in-law’s sister’s husband’s nephew. Boy, that’s a hell of a roadmap.”“Hi, how are you?”“Just fine. So, Brian gave me your number and said that I could give you a call tonight. He said you go to City College also.”“Yes, I’m a sophomore there.”“Really. So am I. Maybe we’ve bumped into each other somewhere?”“Maybe.”“So, maybe we could get together this weekend.”“Are you asking me out?”“Oh, yeah. I’m sorry. Would you like to go out this weekend?”I sat on the sofa in my Aunt Sherrie’s living room between her and her sister Patti. Each of the women cuddled close to my body and took turns kissing me lightly on the cheeks, arousing me, exciting me. Patti unbuttoned my shirt while Aunt Sherrie slipped it down past my shoulders and let it rest behind my back at my elbows. I leaned back on the sofa and was trapped at the elbows, my arms almost immobile. The two women touched me, caressed me, probing my chest and shoulders and arms with their fingers, feeling my muscles. They took gentle kisses of my body – my chest, my shoulders, my abdomen – and smiled at me, enticing me with their seductive glances, making my heart pound faster. Their hands were warm, and they ran their fingers through the hair on my chest.Aunt Sherrie was wearing a short red skirt and white blouse unbuttoned to her cleavage; a pair of red pumps finished off her outfit. She rose from her seat on the sofa and stood in front of me and turned her back to me bending over at the waist. She reached under her skirt, and without showing me anything but her legs, removed a pair of dark lavender elastic string bikinis.Returning to her seat next to me on the sofa she shifted her body to face me crossing her legs, highlighting the sexy outline of her calf. Aunt Sherrie placed my left hand between her thighs and trapped it between the warm flesh of her long, sexy legs. She silently rubbed her panties across my chest and neck, caressing me through the soft silky lavender fabric. She continued to kiss my body, and my breathing quickened.As my aunt stroked me with her panties, Patti rose from her seat. Patti is very curvy with full hips and an ample bosom. She was wearing a flattering blue dress that was cut low in the front and had a slit that ran up the side. She also bent over to pull off a pair of dark blue French cut panties, and as she did she flashed me a peek of her white garters that connected to the nude stockings that she wore with her black high heels. Patti sat next to me again and stroked her panties across my abdomen and up to my nipples, then on to my neck and face. Patti took my right hand in her left and held it close to her bosom easing my nervousness, but not my arousal. Our fingers intertwined, and she kissed me on the lips and caressed my cheek with her panties never saying a word.My penis was rock hard all through their attentions to my body. I felt tightness in my jeans as my hardened cock was struggling to spring free from the awkward angle in which it was bent, but I was helpless to do anything. My face was warm – hot actually – from my rising temperature. The unfamiliar sensation of two beautiful women sensually working me over was intense enough to make my hard cock throb powerfully. Aunt Sherrie had now turned her attention entirely to my chest. She probed at my sensitive nipples with her fingernails through the fabric of her panties and increased my excitement. Sherrie began sucking at my left nipple. She grabbed a fistful of my chest hair and pulled at it. I broke away from Patti’s kiss to exclaim, to moan actually, but she continued pulling. I didn’t really want her to stop. After my cry of pleasurable pain, Patti returned to my lips. Patti softly locked her mouth around my lower lip and carefully sucked on it. Her mouth was warm and moist, and she lingered on my lip as she kissed me deeply. She rubbed her blue panties across my neck and down to my chest. She too pulled at my chest hair and pinched a nipple. I moaned into her lips.Aunt Sherrie shifted her legs and rubbed my hand between them. I tightened my grip on her thigh as she did this, as I wanted to feel her warm, soft skin. I tried to slide my hand upwards towards her pussy, but she stopped me by squeezing her legs together.”No,” she whispered softly in my ear. They were in control, not me.My hand, trapped between her thighs, felt her warmth. Her thigh muscles were firm, and her skin was smooth, freshly shaved. Every nerve ending in my hand seemed to stretch itself in order to enjoy the full experience of her soft, warm flesh.Sherrie nibbled on my earlobe and used both of her hands to play with my nipples. With her panties in one hand she gently caressed my right nipple with her fingernail, but with her other hand she aggressively pinched my left nipple. I moaned again into Patti’s mouth.My erection was harder now. My cock strained in its position and pressed out against my trousers. However, I felt something pressing back. Something was pushing down on my cock creating more of the unbearable pressure I was experiencing. Patti had my face locked into her panty-clad hand, so I could not move to look down. Sherrie had both of my nipples under control and chewed and licked at my earlobe.I felt my belt being unfastened, and then my pants. Someone was slowly unzipping my jeans and reaching inside for my cock. I felt warm fingers tiptoe their way into my pants and pull out my hard penis; it brought relief in that it removed my cock from an awkward position, but fear as well since I did not know who was stripping me bare. Now the warm hands were pulling my jeans down over my hips and then my legs. Now they were brought to my knees and then to my ankles. The warm hands caressed my thighs up to my groin and grabbed my cock firmly.Patti pulled back from my lips just long enough to allow me to see her sister Bambi silently squeezing and pumping my engorged tool. I struggled for air among the women: erotic claustrophobia. Bambi took command of my cock, kneeling on the floor between my legs, and pumped me mercilessly. Flogging my penis with her right hand, she pulled on my testicles with her left hand. I squirmed in place and groaned. I squeezed Aunt Sherrie’s leg with one hand and Patti’s hand with the other.Bambi wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and sucked on it once very hard.”Ahrgh,” I moaned. I could not speak.Bambi let go of my groin and stood in front of me as her sisters had. She was wearing a short black leather dress. It was shorter and tighter than either Sherrie’s or Patti’s, and it wrapped around her neck, exposing her bare shoulders. Bambi wore black fishnet stockings running down her legs to a pair of black pumps; the stockings ran up to her thigh just above the line of her skirt, and they stayed up without garters. She stood in front of me and removed her black satin thong.Patti pulled my face back to hers to resume kissing me. She covered my face with her panties as she tilted me towards her, and I could smell the scent of her body on the fabric of her garment. She continued kissing me with long, succulent osculation. Sherrie was now sucking on my left nipple and rubbing her finger through her panties across my right nipple. My palpitations increased, and breathing was harder than ever.Bambi tied the string of her thong around the base of my cock and under my testicles. Bambi loves cocks, and she trussed mine up and pulled slightly enough to be gentle yet hard enough to pull my organ up and display it.”Pretty,” she cooed. She wrapped her lips around the head of my penis and sucked and licked me while using her thong as a leash. She pulled the thong, and I raised my hips, but Aunt Sherrie pushed me back down and pinched my nipple hard through her panties.Patti gave me few moments to break free and breath. After a quick breath of air she locked her lips into mine, and she held my face in her hand holding me in place again. I could feel the sensuous softness of her blue panties against my cheek, and again I could smell her body on them. Again she kissed me. She led with her tongue this time and probed my mouth. I responded by probing back into hers and our tongues glided together. I grasped her hand harder. Patti is my favorite.Aunt Sherrie has long, sexy legs. She grinded my hand between her thighs. She rolled my nipple between her teeth and gently bit down for the first time. My heart raced faster than ever. Sweat beaded up on my forehead and dripped down my brow and into my eyes.Bambi continued sucking and licking my penis. She pulled up on the thong and jerked my cock into her mouth, deeper. Bambi bobbed her head up and down with a quickening pace making rude sucking noises, and I knew that in a few moments this sensual torture would result in my climax.Aunt Sherrie was now more aggressive with my nipple in her teeth, and she continued to pinch me through her panties. She sucked on my tit faster and harder making her own sloppy sounds, and a trickle of saliva slid past her lips and down from my chest. I could feel the saliva drip down my abdomen and down my side. Bambi was also dripping saliva from her mouth; it rolled down my cock and over my testicles. Bambi raised the pace of the blowjob that she was giving me and pulled harder on the leash her thong made around my sex. I could feel my cock straining like never before.Patti continued to kiss me and probe my mouth with her tongue. My heart was pounding so hard that I could hear the thump-thump-thump in my ears; it began to drown out the sounds of Aunt Sherrie’s sucking sounds. Breathing was almost impossible. Sweat rolled down my body. My nipple and cock were covered in saliva. Panties – soft, silky, feminine panties – were caressing my face and chest. Bambi pulled the groin of her thong over the head of my cock covering it and wrapped her mouth around me. Aunt Sherrie bit my nipple harder than before while simultaneously pinching my other nipple with her fingernails through her panties. I had lost all control.”Grahhhh!” I exploded. I could feel fethiye escort bayan a powerful burst of come surging through my cock and out to freedom. I lunged forth and gasped for air.Then everything went black. I mean everything; I had virtually lost all senses. I gasped for air, but I could no longer feel the women’s bodies. No Bambi sucking my cock. No Aunt Sherrie biting my nipple. No Patti kissing me. Nothing. Blackness. Emptiness.Panic seized my mind. My eyes were wide open, but there was nothing but black space in front of me; perhaps I was blinded with hysteria. I flailed my arms in front of me, reaching for the women, but I could make no contact. I panicked, and I struggled for air.I was hot and sweaty. I felt as if I were no longer sitting on the sofa. Instead, I felt as if I were floating. I felt horizontal. Another rush of panic gripped me.Did I lose my mind? Am I blind? Why can’t I breathe? Where are they? Why can’t I feel them? The thoughts raced through my mind in a split second. I had so much fear and so few answers. I could feel a puddle in my lap.In desperation I jolted my body one final time and gasped for one desperate breath of air.”Arhhhhh,” I breathed at last.I clutched down and grabbed something beneath me; it was some type of cloth. I turned to the right and saw black. I turned to the left and saw a small light. It was numbers, blue numbers.5:095:09. What? I’m, I’m…Home. I’m home, in bed. My eyes adjusted to the light from my clock and I could make out some of the shapes in my bedroom. I sat up and felt a warm puddle shift in my lap. I reached over to the lamp next to my bed and turned it on. The quick flash of the light hurt my eyes at first, but the panic subsided and I could breathe at last.Knock-knock-knock.”Vincent, are you okay in there? Is everything alright?” my mother asked through the door.”Yes,” I paused. Was everything all right?”What’s wrong? Did you have a nightmare?”Hardly.”Yeah, something like that. I’m okay. You can go back to bed.””Okay. As long as you’re alright.” She left. I could hear her walk away.I looked down and saw a puddle of semen covering my abdomen and leg. The pink tap pants that I had worn to bed were soiled with my fluid. I jumped up and yanked them off. They were the precious tap pants that Patti had given me.”Fuck it,” I said under my breath, “I fucking ruined them. Fucking wet dream.”* * *”It isn’t funny,” I complained.”I think it’s adorable.””There isn’t anything adorable about it. I couldn’t even breathe; I thought that I’d suffocate. I ruined a beautiful pair of panties that I really liked. Besides that I woke up my mother and could’ve been caught wearing a pair of pink panties to bed. What if she had walked into the room and seen me dressed in Patti’s pink tap pants?””Well then, someone else would be in on your secret.” My Aunt Sherrie just could not help teasing me. She wore a big smile across her face all during my story of that morning.”Great, I confide an embarrassing moment with you and this is what I get,” I said half sarcastically. I could never really be mad at Aunt Sherrie.”Has that ever happened to you before?” she asked.”Not since I was in high school. I was a freshman. Back then I had no idea what the fuck happened.””Watch your language,” she reprimanded me.”Sorry,” I sulked like a puppy that had just been swatted with a newspaper.”So just look at it this way, you saved yourself the time of having to masturbate when you woke up.””Gee, you always find the silver lining,” I smirked at her. It was true though. That nocturnal burst saved me the hassle of having to jerk-off. “Too bad I ruined the panties, though. I hold the three of you responsible.””It sounds to me like we really got under your skin. I for one am flattered.”I finished off the glass of soda in front of me. I sat in Sherrie’s kitchen having finished insulating a space in the attic with that pink insulation with a famous cartoon character on the package. Now their house would be nice and tight for the rest of the winter.”Did you call Gail?” she asked.”I called her the night Brian gave me her number. I asked her out and she said yes, but we weren’t able to get together last week, so we have a date for tomorrow.””Where are you taking her?””Well, we decided to go ice skating at that outdoor rink downtown in the afternoon. Since it is kind of a blind date I thought that she’d be more comfortable with a daytime date.””That’s thoughtful.””Besides, there’s this really good pizza place across from the rink. They make a deep dish crust, and I thought we could go there afterwards.”I hesitated to ask the next question, but I knew I could ask Aunt Sherrie anything.”Am I good looking?””Yes,” she answered, “Yes you are. Why?””Well, I’m just worried what she might think of me. I never thought that girls were very attracted to me.””You’re very handsome, Vincent. You don’t have anything to worry about in the looks department. It runs in your family. There’s a lot of your uncle in you.” Aunt Sherrie walked behind my chair and wrapped her arms around me to give me a reassuring hug.”Yeah,” I said when she let go. “Besides, I’ve got a good bulge,” I said humorously.”You can say that again.””Wow, such candor,” I said.”We’ve covered this before. You’re handsome and you have a nice bulge. Gail will be swept off her feet.””And fall flat on her butt on the ice,” I said laughing.”Okay, okay. That’s enough comedy for one day.” Aunt Sherrie was also laughing. “Isn’t it time for you to get going?””Well, yeah. I guess so. Tell Uncle Don and the k**s I said hello.”Aunt Sherrie saw me to the door and placed a package in my hand.”Here. Don’t forget these. I think you’ll like them.””I’ve liked everything else so far. Haven’t I?””These are different. They’re imported from Italy.””Italian panties?””That’s right.””Great. I’ll probably ruin these with spaghetti sauce.” I put the package of panties in my pocket and zipped up my coat. Aunt Sherrie held me by the shoulders before I opened the door. She pulled me close to her, kissed me on the cheek, and whispered in my ear.”Vincent, you are very handsome. Don’t worry. Gail will like you just fine, you and your bulge.” With that she scratched my jeans with her fingernails right on my crotch.I left in a state of amazement.* * *Sometimes we are each able to have a life affirming experience, something that makes you want to climb to the tallest steeple and shout for joy, “I’m so glad to be alive!” When that occurs we feel like we can walk on air, or move mountains, or triumph over evil. Such was the result of my first date with Gail.I met her at a downtown skating rink on a Friday afternoon. It was mid-January, and we were both on break from City College, which was between semesters. At first I thought that the girl in the white angora sweater and jeans was waiting for someone else, until she came up to me.”Vincent?””Gail?””Yes, it’s nice to meet you,” she boomed the biggest smile I had ever seen.I’d like to say that her smile was her most outstanding feature. If I did I would know that I was a gentleman. The truth of the matter is that she did have a beautiful smile and shimmering baby blue eyes. However, she also had large breasts. They were not freakish, but she had to be a 38 if she were an inch, and guys there’s nothing wrong with that.”Hey, I’m up here,” she redirected my eyes northward.”Ah, yeah. That’s a nice sweater you’re wearing.” Crap. You only get one chance at making a first impression. “It’s angora, isn’t it? Reminds me of a cat I once owned.” Nice recovery.We skated for over an hour. We played with the little k**s who wanted to play tag, and picked them up when they slipped and fell over backwards. We shared a deep-dish pizza at a restaurant nearby, and even went to a movie at a new cinema that recently opened in the area.When it was all over I took her home, and we made plans to get together the following week before the new semester started. All in all, it was probably the most fun I ever had in one day.* * *”Sounds like you two really hit it off,” said Aunt Sherrie.”You can say that again. She’s really a lot of fun. I was kind of nervous at first because no sooner had we introduced ourselves than she caught me looking at her breasts.””Nice move, Romeo,” she said sarcastically.”Yeah, well we all have our moments. But once we started talking and getting to know each other I really felt comfortable around her. She has an easy-going manner about herself that relaxes me. Pretty eyes, too””Well, good for you. It sounds like you found something to look at besides her boobs. I told you that you needed to get out and circulate a little.” Aunt Sherrie gave be a gentle little punch in the shoulder, an effeminate version of coach saying, “Go get ’em, boys.””So, I hope things can work out well between you two. She’s a sweet girl.”Aunt Sherrie shifted her position on the sofa a little closer to me. She made me feel very comfortable the whole time I told her everything about my first date with Gail.”So, tell me,” she changed the subject, “did you take the time to check out the panties that I bought you?””Actually I didn’t. I’m sorry. It’s just that I was nervous and excited about my date that I didn’t get a chance.””Well, I’m a little disappointed,” she pouted. “I put a lot of thought into buying those. I told you that they are Italian.””You know something, I think I left them in my car. Why don’t I go out and get them.””Okay,” she said. “Go ahead.”I dashed out to the car, not slipping and falling on my ass as I did before, but the bag with the panties was not in the back seat as I had thought. I checked the trunk quickly, and lo and behold there they were tucked into the pocket of the very coat that I had worn while skating with Gail.I don’t fucking believe this.Back inside the house I sat down next to my aunt and took the panties out of the bag. These were very ornate designs; they looked like something that Michelangelo might design. One pair had an intricate geometric design of gold embossed on black with a small tassel that hung from the front. The second pair was also more like artwork than underwear. It was silver with an embossed design of silver flowers, and it had tassels dangling from either side. The third pair was a burgundy thong with a golden design on both front and back; the design reminded me of a wolf’s head for some reason.”So, what do you think?” she asked me.”They’re very beautiful. Thank-you very much.””Do you think they’re sexy?””Yes, I do. They’re incredible. I love them.””Great. So, would you do something for me?””Sure, anything.””Go put on a pair.””What? Now?” I asked in astonishment.”Please. Pretty please.”How could I say no to her? I went into the bathroom and pulled down my pants. I took off my own underwear and decided to put on the black and gold panties with the tassel. They were silk. I slid them on and tucked my penis and testicles into their very snug quarters. I put my pants back on, put my old underwear in the bag and went back into the living room to sit next to Aunt Sherrie.”So, which ones did you put on?” she asked.”The first ones,” I answered. “The black ones with the gold design.””Mmmm. I liked those best. See, our tastes are very similar.””Oh, is that how you knew I’d like Gail?””No, that’s how I knew she’d like you.””Huh?” She had me puzzled.Aunt Sherrie pulled herself close to me, wrapped her hands around my bicep, and whispered in my ear, “I told you before that I have some experience with these things.”I had no response; I just felt my cheeks blush.”So,” she continued, “do you have something to show me?” She squeezed my arm a little.”Like what?” I imagined what she was going to say next. I was right.”How about pitching a tent for me?” She leaned in close to my ear and whispered the words slowly, seductively. She was treating me like one of those lowly freshmen in high school that she and her girlfriends used to tease.”I think I’m about to,” I said.”Good,” she whispered again as she let go of my arm and rubbed the crotch of my jeans with her fingertips.I never expected that. My cock responded immediately. I got hard – rock hard – almost instantly. Aunt Sherrie guided her long fingers over the crotch on my jeans and down between my legs. Then she stroked me in reverse. My unit was now so hard that I could feel it slip out of the satin material and it was lodged between my panties and my leg. It was the first time that Aunt Sherrie had ever touched me in any sexual manner.”Ah, how’s that?” I asked. I was very nervous. This was no dream.”Mmm. It’s very nice,” she answered.Aunt Sherrie just sort of sat next to me holding my arm in one hand. She stopped stroking my penis through my jeans and just sat there looking at the bulge in my pants. I had never taken the time to look at her while she was getting turned-on by my bulge since I had usually been oblivious to what turned her on, but this time I did. Her cheeks got flush, and her eyes just remained transfixed on the rise in my pants.I got a little bold, realizing that I was turning on my sexy aunt. I stroked myself with my free hand. I rubbed the sensitive part of my penis, the part just under the head, with my finger. My cock responded and we could see the tent get slightly bigger. Aunt Sherrie gripped my arm a little tighter.She pulled herself away after a few more moments.”Thank-you, Vincent. I really think you should be going now.”Usually Aunt Sherrie will see me to the door, give me a compliment or some encouragement, perhaps a little kiss on the cheek, and send me on my way. This time she just sort of ushered me out in a hurry. As I walked to my car, my Uncle Donald pulled into the garage. I stopped to talk to him.”Hey, what’s going on?” he asked.”Well, I just came by to fill in auntie about my date with Brian’s sister-in-law because she was so nice about fixing us up.””Hey, that’s good. I hope everything went well.””Yeah, she’s great. I like her a lot.””By the way, thanks for helping with that insulation job. I’d been meaning to do that for a while, but I haven’t had the time. I really appreciate it.””No problem. Well I’ve got to be going. I’ll see you later.””Yeah, take in easy. Bye.”We shook hands and parted company. As I pulled away from the curb I saw him enter his house.I wonder what’s going to happen in there tonight.* * *I wanted to get home to change out of my panties. They were not made for a man’s body, and I didn’t want to stretch them out. I treasured my panty collection, which by now consisted of dozens of pairs of women’s underwear. I was very careful with each pair. I went to great lengths to assure that they each remained in top condition. The ruination of the tap pants that Patti had bought me hurt for two reasons.The first reason was that a perfectly good pair of silk panties was now wasted. The second reason was more personal: I had strong feelings for Patti. As much as I loved my aunt, and as much as she turned me on, Patti had a different appeal. Maybe it was the way she once held my hand to steady me while I discussed my fantasies with her and her sisters. Maybe it was the warm smile with which she always greeted me, or her calm and reassuring demeanor. Or perhaps it was just her taste in lingerie.By the time I arrived home and safely ensconced in my room I had a great urge to strip naked, grab a fistful of panties, and start playing with myself. Between my great date with Gail, and the rather unbelievable event that had just unfolded at my aunt’s house I was as horny as I could ever get that night.I did strip naked. I lay down on the bed. I held the pink tap pants in my hand and placed them over my cock. I picked up my phone, and I called Patti.”Hello.””Hi, Patti. It’s Vincent. Am I interrupting?””No, no. How are you?””Oh, I’m fine.””I heard that you had a date with Brian’s sister-in-law, Gail. How did it go?””It was wonderful. I really like her a lot.””More than me?” she giggled a little.”No, not yet. You’re still my favorite.””Thank-you.””Patti, I wanted to tell you something.””Yes.””Well, I’ve told you in the past that sometimes I wear the panties that you buy me to bed.””Yes, it turns you on. Doesn’t it?””Well, it turned me on a little too much recently. I was wearing the pink tap pants that you bought for me, and during the night I had, well, I had an accident.””You didn’t wet the bed, did you?” I could tell that she was teasing me.”Well in a manner of speaking. Let’s just say that I had a rather erotic dream and there was some spontaneous leakage.””Oh?””Yes, and to make a long story short, I ruined the panties.””Gee, that’s too bad,” she said”I know. I really liked them a lot, and I was really trying to take care of them. I was wondering if, well, would it be at all possible…” I halted in mid sentence.”Would what be possible, Vincent?” she asked.”Well, I wanted to know if it would be at all possible to replace them?” I asked haltingly.”Hmm,” she thought about it for a moment. ” I don’t think that will be a problem. Yes, we can replace them.””We?””Yes, we. I think you and I should go to the store together and replace them.””You want me to go to the lingerie store with you to replace the panties that I ruined while having a … nocturnal emission?” I asked stunned.”Sure. It’ll be a lot of fun. I’ll pick you up in half and hour. Okay?'”Ah, um.””Great. I’ll see you soon. Bye, bye.”* * *So, just what the hell was I supposed to do, say no to Patti? Inconceivable. Spending some time alone with her was just too good to pass up, besides the added thrill of spending that time in a lingerie store would have to make it all that much more interesting. Wouldn’t it?Patti picked me up promptly as she said she would. I had no idea where we were headed, so I just sat nervously in the passenger seat of her Lexus. Nice car.”So, do you want to pick out an identical pair, or do you want to see if there’s something else you like?” she asked me.”You really expect me to go into the store with you, don’t you?” I replied.”Sure. Why not.””Well, because I’m a guy. I’ll stick out like a sore thumb,” I said with a little trepidation.”Actually, there is a good chance that there will be other men in there as well,” she said.”Yeah, buying something for their girlfriends or wives. They won’t be buying anything for themselves.””You never know,” Patti smiled as she said it.”Great, there’ll probably be a convention of panty fetishists. They’ll be coming from all over the country. I can see it now, a long line of men lined up in front of the crotchless leopard prints having their measurements taken.”Patti started giggling as I described the rather unlikely scene.”You sure do have a vivid imagination,” she quipped.”Yeah, that’s nothing compared to what my mind conjures up when I’m asleep. Things get really wild then.””Oh, is there something you’d like to share?” she asked.”No.” Truthfully, I wanted to relive every detail of my dream in graphic reality.Our casual chitchat about this and that continued for another ten minutes or so. Patti finally pulled the car into a parking spot across the street from a rather modest looking store nestled between a bridal store and a linoleum tile place. It was the now famous French Boutique.We went inside together, Patti holding my upper arm. A little bell rang as we walked in and crossed through a store security monitor; it was the kind that picks up the security tags on clothing. Evidently there is quite a black market in stolen panties.It was early in the evening by now, and there were few people in the store. Two women who appeared to be in their forties were shopping together. A man and woman, probably husband and wife were also in there together, only he appeared to be a little bored as his wife examined the merchandise.”Honey, have you found anything that you like yet?” he asked.”I like them all that’s just the problem. I’ll settle on something soon. Just be patient.””I am patient, but this is getting silly. If you don’t pick something out soon I’m going to jump in the discount bin over here and take a nap.””Oh yeah? Well maybe your next few wives will shop faster. I’m taking my time”He started rummaging through the bin.”Hey honey, how about buying these?”A woman behind the register smiled at Patti as we approached. They were obviously familiar with each other since Patti shopped there with her sisters. The woman was probably in her early fifties and had a full figure with a streak of gray in her hair, a rather matronly looking woman. Both her makeup and her hair were done meticulously, and I found her to be very attractive. She wore a black dress with a low neckline, black high heels, and black stockings.”Hello, Teesh,” she said with a French accent. “How are you today?””I’m fine Madeline. We’re just going to browse and see what we like,” Patti said to the woman.”Very well. You have the run of the sore as always, ami.”Patti and I walked to the back of the store. I felt my ears burning. I turned around to see Madeline looking at me and smiling. She raised an eyebrow and seductively sucked on the end of her fingernail. I had two instant reactions: a hardening in my jeans and a nervous fear I had been discovered.Oh crap. She knows. She knows.”Relax Vincent,” Patti said. “You’re all tense. There is nothing to be nervous about.”Patti and I walked over to a table that had several pairs of tap pants laid out all around. It reminded me of the way the department stores lay out men’s neckties. Prominent among them were several pairs of the dark pink tap pants like the ones I had ruined. There were also other colors and patterns. Some pairs were pinstripe; others had paisley designs in pink or blue. Even others had more intricate patterns using several different colors. Some had floral prints, others had hearts.However, other that the pink panties that I truly wanted to replace there was one pair that caught my imagination. They were a simple pair of panties with no design, just one solid color. I fixated on them thinking of something.”Vincent, here are the pink pants.” She picked them up. “Do you want to look around the store for a little while?””Uh, yeah. I guess.” I wandered through the store with Patti holding my arm taking in all the different designs and styles of women’s lingerie.By now the two women in their forties had taken their purchases to Madeline at the register. I tried not to pay much attention to them. They appeared to be two very attractive women. Perhaps because they were both buying several matching pairs of bras and panties, this seemed to make them appear more eye-catching than if I had seen them in the supermarket. Jack and his wife were leaving the store having already made their purchases.”Honey,” he said as they walked out the door. “I have an idea for these…” he trailed off.Madeline said something quietly to the two women making their purchase, and I felt my ears burning again. I turned around and saw all three of them looking at me. They turned away casually, not really caring if I had noticed them looking at me.I’m fucking ruined. The whole fucking world is going to find out.Patti led me over to a table that had bras and matching panties laid out on it. The table next to it had garters of all sorts and stockings. There were racks of elegant night attire: nightgowns, teddies, merry widows, baby dolls, and corsets. Patti took her time walking through with me.I looked back over to where Madeline was sitting alone near the register; the two other women had left. She sat on a tall stool next to the counter reading a paperback novel. Madeline glanced up and looking at me briefly. Perhaps her ears were burning now. She crossed one leg over the other and flashed me a peek of a white garter that connected to her black stocking. She then fidgeted with the neckline of her dress, and the lace edge of her white bra peeked through.The contrast of her white intimates and black ensemble caught my attention probably for only a few seconds, but I felt as if I was staring at her for a long time. Madeline sucked on the end of her fingernail again as she glanced at me one more time. I took a long deep breath. The bulge in my pants was so big I was afraid of knocking over a display table if I turned sideways.Too bad Aunt Sherrie isn’t here to see me now. She’d probably drain Uncle Don dry.I was hard, very, very hard. Surrounded by so much lingerie, walking through a forest of panties with Patti, and being flashed by this attractive older woman. I could have passed out right there. It was only the will to stand erect – okay erect was not a problem – so that paramedics would not be called to revive me in this glorious panty shop that kept me going.”Well Vincent, do you see anything else that you like?” Patti asked me quietly.”You mean I can pick out something else?””Sure, anything you want.”I took her up on the offer. I went back over to the table with the tap pants and gently removed the pair that had caught my attention earlier. I brought them over to Patti.”These. I’d like to get these if it’s okay,” I said.”Sure, that’s fine. You really like these?””I like the color. It reminds me of something.”Patti took the two pair of panties to Madeline at the counter.”So, you and your fren’ are done shopping, oui?” she asked.”Yes, we’re all set now.””Well, you two will have a very good time, no?””Oh Madeline. You’re terrible.””C’est la vie, mon ami” Madeline answered while looking at me.Madeline handed Patti her receipt and the bag with her … our … okay, my panties. Patti and I walked out of the store with Madeline giving me a grin and a raised eyebrow.”Bon amour, mon cher,” she said directly to me while slightly leaning over the counter.What the hell is she saying?”Madeline seems to like you,” Patti said, teasing me as we approached her car.”I’m ruined. I’m ruined, and it’s all your fault,” I complained nervously as I slid into the passenger seat of Patti’s car.”What are you talking about?” she asked.”All those people, those two women, Madeline, they all know. They all know what’s going on.””What are you complaining about? Sherrie, Bambi, and I all know. Why are you so scared about someone else finding out.” she asked still smiling.”I trust the three of you. Those others are strangers. All those people know what was going on in there. I walk into the store with you and we start picking out panties. They all know I’m some kind of panty pervert. I just know it.””Will you calm down,” she tried to ease me. “First of all no one knows anything. No one ever said anything to Madeline about you. Those two women were not paying any attention to us. And that couple was so wrapped up in themselves I don’t think they even noticed anyone else was in the store.””Then what was all that kay serra serra Frenchie stuff that Madeline said to us as we left? And why was she always looking at me like that?””I imagine she was looking at you because she found you attractive. She started licking her chops the moment you walked in,” she said.”Oh no. There was something else going on there.””Sure there was. She certainly suspected something.””See, I knew it.””Vincent honey, she didn’t think you have a panty fetish.””Oh no, then what was she thinking.”Patti had to stop the car at a red light. That gave her the opportunity to turn and look me in the eyes.”She thinks that you are my lover.””What?” My jaw dropped. Now I was fucking baffled.”She’s French,” was her only reply.”What does that have to do with anything?” I asked.”For the French it isn’t uncommon for a man to have a mistress.””And?””It’s also not uncommon for a woman to take a younger lover.””It isn’t?” I was amazed.”No, it isn’t. She thinks we bought the panties for me to wear tonight. She thinks we’re going to make love.””Oh.””Understand?””Ah yeah,” I hesitated. “I guess I can live with that reputation if it gets out. Of course your husband will kill me.””There are two reasons you have nothing to worry about.””What are they,” I inquired.”First, my husband doesn’t know Madeline, and he never will. He never shops with me””Okay, and second.””Second, we’re not going to make love tonight.”Shit.* * *By the time Patti pulled up in front of my house to let me off I had recovered from the disappointment of her last statement. Of course it was too much for me to hope for in the first place, but a young man has his aspirations.”Well, have a good night, Vincent,” she said as I opened the car door.I paused and turned to her in the front seat.”Patti, thanks a lot for everything tonight. I really like spending time with you. And thanks for listening to my idiotic rambling.””I’m only too happy to help.” She patted me on the leg.I leaned over to her and gave her a kiss right on her cheek. She smiled and kissed me on mine.”Okay handsome, get going.”Back in my bedroom I sat in a chair at my desk and leaned back, looking at the two pairs of panties from the boutique. The last 72-hours had been one hell of an experience. I reflected on everything that had transpired. First I drained myself in the most incredible wet dream, had a terrific date with a girl I really liked, been groped by my aunt, and wandered through a lingerie store with Patti while an older woman checked out my goods. Maybe this is the fucking dream.I pulled down my pants and took off my shirt. Sitting in the chair I picked up the brand new pink tap pants and stroked my body with the smooth fabric. I caressed my own neck and chest, and I fondled my crotch. My penis was still stiff. I knew that I had at least one more good shot of semen left in my testicles. After that I would have to stop for a while. I was in danger of dehydrating.I stroked my cock with the pink panties thinking of my experience in the store. I remembered Madeline looking at me. She had resembled a hungry lioness salivating over a piece of meat. That’s what I was to her, a piece of meat. My own meat was rigid.I fantasized about her full bosom and full-figured hips, about the low neckline of her dress that revealed her white bra, and about the hemline that displayed her garters. I thought about her uncrossing her legs and giving me a peek of her own panties. If I had knelt down to pick something up, perhaps she would have uncrossed her legs and showed me her panties. I imagined her wearing lacy, white French cut panties. I imagined her taking them off and stroking my body with them.My mind flashed to my Aunt Sherrie. She had actually groped me today; that was no fantasy. She just reached out and stroked my cock through my jeans with her fingers. Did she even know what she was doing? Why didn’t she just unzip my pants? Why didn’t she just pull out my member and stroke me? Wouldn’t that have aroused her?I fantasized about Aunt Sherrie doing just that, running her hand into my pants and caressing my member, and then pulling me on top of her and wrapping those long sexy legs of hers around my body. I wanted to feel the warmth of her pussy around my cock. I wanted her to squeeze her legs around me, tightly.I thought about Patti. I could have spent an entire week with her in that store. The thought of all those sensual feminine garments, and Patti in the foreground made my cock twitch. I wanted to bury my face in her panties; bury myself between her legs.But as I fantasized about all these older women, there was one thought that kept gnawing at me. As I looked at the second pair of tap pants that Patti had bought for me, all other thoughts abandoned my head. I put down the pink panties and picked up the others, the ones that reminded me of something.These panties were a rich baby blue, even richer that the blue panties Patti had bought for me as payment for chores so long ago. These were silk and they shimmered with life. They reminded me of something very beautiful. They were the exact color of Gail’s eyes.I held those panties in my left hand and stroked myself with my right.Gail. Gail. Now she was all I could think about: the brilliance of her baby blue eyes, the tight angora sweater that outlined her breasts, the curve of her figure as we skated and spent out date together. Beautiful Gail.I continued fondling my cock and thinking about this sweet, beautiful girl. I thought about her long brown hair and the way it fell over her shoulders. I imagined kissing her full lips and holding her close to my body. My thoughts of her were romantic and sensual, not outright sexual. Why?Eventually I was so stimulated that I came right in my hand. The panties were a safe distance this time; there was no damage. I didn’t take the time to put on a condom, and the semen dripped down my fingers and into my lap. I sat there for a minute or two not panicking about the mess I made; I knew I could clean it up. I just wanted to stare at those blue panties.They’re exactly the same color as her eyes.

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