Wrong Picture Ch. 01

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Cindy sat at her dining room table and sipped a glass of wine. In front of her were two letters and two small piles of photos. Aside from some soft music coming from the stereo the large house was empty and quiet, as it had been for much of the past six months.

She finished addressing the envelopes and set her address book aside. She sighed heavily and reached for the stamps. She knew writing letters was a little old fashioned, but there was something far more satisfying about a letter than an email. She had been writing a lot of letters lately, but she had to do something to keep in touch with her family. She put the postage on one envelope and sat thinking for a moment before cursing herself for not writing down the necessary postage for her other letter. With all the letters she had sent recently she should remember the correct amount by now, but the amount escaped her and she had to go to the post office to find the correct amount. Maybe she did it subconsciously to give herself something to do. She had been alone now for most of the past six months and she wondered if she intentionally forgot the postage just to give herself an errand to run.

About six months earlier Jim, her only son, left for an overseas study program. He had been accepted into an exclusive program and would be spending his junior year of college studying overseas. Cindy was overjoyed for him and very proud, but she also knew it meant she wouldn’t see much of him for about a year. Other than a winter break, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to fly home. He had several other breaks from school, but none were long enough to warrant spending the money to fly home.

Jim was Cindy’s only child and had always been the apple of her eye. This was, by far, the longest amount of time she had gone without seeing him. She was very much looking forward to his winter break that was now about 7 weeks away.

This time away from Jim had been especially hard since Dan, Cindy’s husband, had been away from home a lot lately. Just before Jim left for his exchange program Dan had been transferred to a new position with his company. The new job offered lots of exciting challenges and a healthy raise, but it also meant he would be traveling most of the time. He would now spend almost 80% of his time on the road, at least at first, but Dan assured her that once he got settled into the position he would be spending a lot less time on the road. It turned out, much to Cindy’s disappointment, that Dan actually spent much more than 80% of his time on the road. Even when he was home it sometimes still felt like he was on the road. He was so absorbed in his new job that it seemed that was all he could think about.

Although Cindy had been very lonely for most of this time, it hadn’t been all bad. Mostly out of boredom, Cindy started going to the gym. At first she was just looking for something to do and going to the gym seemed like a good way to kill an hour or two each day. When she signed up for the gym membership it came with a few sessions with a private trainer. Cindy was almost embarrassed at how much she enjoyed these sessions with her very handsome, very young personal trainer. His touch on her arm and back sent electric charges through her body that served to remind her how lonely and horny she was. Maybe it was the attention from the trainer, or maybe she was just thankful for something to do, but she really enjoyed the gym and made a habit of spending a long time there each day. She found herself looking forward to the gym more and more, especially after she began noticing the changes to her body and her attitude.

Cindy had never worked out regularly before and it wasn’t long before she noticed the effects of her workout regimen on her body. She wasn’t grossly overweight by any means, but she knew she had been carrying around more than a few extra pounds for a few years now. She tried to be careful about what she ate, but the years of not exercising added up. Once she noticed the pounds disappearing it was like an addiction. She started paying even more attention to what she ate and got more serious about working out. Instead of just going to the gym to hang out, she now went to work out and made much better use of her time.

In a surprisingly short amount of time she found herself much closer to her “ideal” weight and feeling better than she had in years. Her new look soon led to a new, more confident attitude. She did some shopping and almost completely replaced her wardrobe. Her new clothes had a slightly sleeker, sexier look than the clothes she had worn for years. After a while, the face in the mirror didn’t seem to match her new body and attitude. She invested in laser eye surgery to eliminate the thick glasses she had worn for almost as long as she could remember. She then visited an upscale salon and received a full make over and new look. They not only changed her hairdo but also advised her on new styles and colors of makeup that really made Cindy look and feel great. With all these changes she barely looked like the person in the family manisa escort photos on the mantel, but she loved her new look and the way she felt.

As she felt sexier and better about herself she found that she felt more honry than ever. She looked forward more and more to Dan’s stops at home, and yet each time she was more and more frustrated and disappointed when Dan left again. Despite her new look and how much more sexy and flirty she felt, Dan paid very little attention to her and almost completely ignored her sexually.

Each time Dan left Cindy questioned what she was doing wrong and wondered what she did to make him so disinterested. Deep down Cindy knew that whatever problem there was had existed for a long time. The fact that Dan was traveling so much and only home periodically served to amplify something that had actually been going on for nearly two years. Dan had gradually been drifting away from their relationship and had slowly become more and more engrossed in his work and other activities. His new job gave him added reason to focus on work at the cost of ignoring Cindy. She had hoped that her new look would catch his interest and spark things, but every time he left she had to confront that whatever was going on with him was much deeper and caused by things that a sexy new look wouldn’t be able to fix.

Still, Cindy felt like she had to try as hard as she could to rekindle things with Dan. She still loved him, or at least she loved who he used to be, so she felt like she had to keep trying. She felt nervous and a little self-conscious about her latest attempt, but she knew this was something very likely to grab his attention since she had always resisted this kind of stuff before. Gathering her courage one last time she hurriedly shoved the two stacks of photos in the envelopes. She knew it was silly, but she felt like she had to hurry or else she might still chicken out and change her mind.

Finally, once the envelopes were sealed, she felt calmer. Now, somehow, it felt like there was nothing she could do, so she grabbed her keys and drove to the post office. She bought the postage for the overseas letter to Jim and dropped the letter for Dan in the mailbox. She knew the letter to Dan would get to the field office where he was currently based the next day and that it would take a few days longer for Jim’s letter to arrive. Her stomach fluttered and she wondered how long she’d have to wait for a reply.

Dan had been on the road for an especially long time this trip and Cindy could hardly wait to hear his reply. She checked her computer frequently, but nothing showed up. Finally, Cindy called Dan a few nights later. They made all the usual small talk and updated each other on what they’d been doing, but the whole time Cindy waited for him to comment on her letter. To her surprise and shock, the conversation ended without a single word from Dan about the letter. After hanging up, she sat and stared at the phone for a few minutes trying to sort out her thoughts.

She had worked hard on her letter and had carefully crafted it to be teasing, flirtatious, and playful. It was, by itself, not shocking or completely out of the ordinary from her past letters. However, when combined with the photos she had enclosed there could be no mistaking the double meaning in her words and what she wanted him to do. The fact that he said nothing was almost unbelievable.

When Jim received his letter he ripped it open and quickly read it. He was having a great time and a wonderful experience, but there was a small part of him that was a little homesick. He and his mom, in particular, had always had a great relationship and were almost as much friends as they were mother and son. Jim wouldn’t trade his overseas opportunity for anything, but he very much looked forward to his visit home in a few weeks. It had been a long time since he was home and he knew this would be his only chance to see his parents for quite a while.

He read her letter quickly. It was more like a letter from an old friend than something you would expect a mother to send her son. Her letter told him all about her new work out regimen and described all the wonderful benefits she had been feeling. Her letter talked about how she had pulled out all the stops and given herself a new look. She said she felt about 10 years younger and better than she had in a long, long time. The letter continued and said she was sure he would enjoy his “new and improved” mom. The PS of the letter said she included a few photos of her new look as a “teaser” until she would see him in person.

Jim reached in the envelope and pulled out a second, smaller envelope with the photos. He pulled out the photos and gasped in utter shock. His hand jumped and he almost dropped the photos on the floor as he tried to process the image in the top photo. Finally, his hand dropped to his side and he stared dumbly at the wall with his mind spinning.

After several long moments, Jim lifted his hand and slowly looked down at the photo. He manisa escort bayan somehow half expected that he had merely seen it wrong and now that he looked again the photo would be completely different, sort of like when you see a photo and can’t make sense of it until you look again and suddenly the image becomes clear. However, the image in the photo was just as it was before.

The photo definitely showed off his mom’s new look. He could see her new hairdo, the stylish new makeup, and she looked very different without her glasses. He could also see right away that she was fitter and more toned than he had ever remembered seeing her before. Despite all these changes, Jim noticed all these things in a secondary way. Even as he noticed these things, he was far more occupied with trying to make sense of his mom’s pose. She was wearing a very sexy business suit, but it was far more revealing and sexual than anything you would actually see at an office. Her skirt was impossibly short and tight and was slit up one leg almost to her hip. Jim could easily see the tops of her black stockings and the garter belts hugging her thighs until they disappeared under her skirt. Her top was white, very tight, and had enough buttons left open to reveal plenty of cleavage and the edges of her lacy, black bra. Her jacket matched her skirt, and in the photo she looked like she was in the midst of pulling the jacket off. To top everything off, she stared at the camera with a look of sexy, authoritative control.

He slowly flipped through the stack of photos. The photos gradually showed her stripping out of her clothes. In each one she had removed more of her incredibly sexy outfit and revealed more of her toned, fit body and lacy, sexy underwear. In the final photo she had removed everything except the garter belt, black stockings, and spike heeled shoes, and she smiled wickedly at the camera. Her legs were parted teasingly, but not quite enough to completely reveal her pussy. However, he could plainly see her trimmed pussy hair and her big, surprisingly delicious looking tits.

Jim set the photos down on the table and closed his eyes for a second. His head was pounding so hard it felt like it might pop open. His chest was so tight he had to struggle to catch his breath, and he felt like he might be sick. He had never before been so utterly shocked by anything in his life. He didn’t know what to think. On one level, the woman in the photos barely looked like his mom. The mom he remembered easily looked 10 years older than this woman, wasn’t nearly as athletic looking, and probably weighed at least 20 pounds more. If it hadn’t been for her letters describing her work outs and her new look, Jim probably could have been fairly easily convinced that these photos were of an entirely different woman. However, he had received her letters, he did know about her new look, and he knew that this was indeed his own mother.

Jim picked up the letter again and re-read it several more times. He hoped that something in the letter might help him make sense of the photos. Finding nothing that helped, Jim again turned to the photos. On a hunch, he flipped them over and spread them out on the table. There, on the back of the last photo in his mom’s familiar and distinctive handwriting, was a short note that read:

“Like what you see? Want to see more? Email yournastyteacher at this address…”

Underneath she had written an email address of yournastyteacher with an account from a fairly small ISP that had started near his hometown. It featured free email accounts that could be set up anonymously and advertised itself as a way to keep the bigger internet companies from tracking you while you were online. A few of Jim’s friends had used these email accounts for sending or receiving messages when they didn’t want anyone to know it was them doing the sending or receiving.

Jim could barely sleep that night and had a hard time concentrating on his studies the next day. Things got better very slowly over the next several days as Jim tried to keep his mind from wandering during classes or when he was supposed to be studying. However, he still spent nearly every free moment thinking about the letter and trying to make sense of it.

A few days later Jim’s friend dropped by his dorm room to study for an upcoming exam. Jim had a small, single dorm room and sometimes he and his classmates used his room for quiet study groups since most of them lived in noisier off campus apartments or larger dorm rooms with roommates. When they finished studying they cleared their books off the small desk. By accident, Jim’s friend knocked over a pile of papers on the edge of the desk and, much to Jim’s shock and horror, out spilled the envelope with his mom’s sexy photos. One of the photos slipped out of the envelope and immediately caught his friend’s eye.

“Holy shit!” his friend exclaimed excitedly. Before Jim could protest his friend quickly thumbed through the photos until he was staring, wide eyed at the naked photo escort manisa of his mom. “These are the hottest fucking pics I’ve ever seen, where the hell did you get these?”

Jim answered that a friend from home had sent them. His friend went on and on about how hot the photos were and how he would do anything to have a chance to fuck a hot older woman like that. “You are one lucky man,” his friend said as he handed the envelope back to Jim. “You must really be looking forward to winter break so you can go home and see her.” Jim nodded his agreement, but his stomach tied in knots with fear that his classmate would see the family photos on his desk and recognize the naked woman in the photo as his mom.

After his friend left Jim let out a huge sigh and laughed at the irony of his friend’s statement. If it was a photo of anyone else, Jim would be counting the seconds until he could go home and fuck her. Hot older women had long been a particular fantasy of his. Over the past several months he had spent many, many hours surfing the internet on “hot mom”, “milf”, and “sexy older women” sites. His favorite jerk off fantasies involved a sexy teacher or boss, the hot mom of some anonymous friend, or some other random older woman he had seen during the course of his day. There was something incredibly sexy about an older woman. He had never even been close to being with one, but he imagined they would be confident and skilled at fucking way beyond the handful of younger women his own age he had fucked.

Had his mom known this about him? Is that why she sent those photos? Had she intended to play directly into one of his most favorite fantasies? Her PS kept popping up into his mind. She said she was sending the photos as a “teaser” for his visit. What did that mean? Was she intending to show him more of the same when he came home? It almost seemed too crazy and impossible to believe, but yet he seemingly couldn’t rule it out completely. After all, why else would she have sent him the photos?

As had become a habit, Jim spread the photos out on his desk and looked at them again. His eyes scanned the series of photos from beginning to end. Without thinking he turned to his computer and opened his internet browser. He quickly went to the log in page for the provider of his mom’s email account and clicked the button to create a new account. He wasn’t sure what he was doing or why he was getting an anonymous account. She knew she had sent him the photos, so she probably wouldn’t be shocked if he replied using his school or personal email. Still, it seemed that for something like this he needed a clean account that couldn’t be traced back to him.

He quickly created a new account and then stared at the screen as the cursor blinked in the subject field. He was tempted to just shut off his computer and try to sleep, but then he gathered his courage and reached for the keyboard. He sent a message with no subject. He really didn’t know what to say, so he decided to keep it very short to see what she had in mind. His message only said, “Received your letter. Have been enjoying the photos. Would love to see more.”

He quickly hit send and then panicked and wished he could pull his email back. How could he have sent the message? Did he mean what he had said? Did he really enjoy the photos? Did he want to see more? Whenever he thought about these questions his head hurt and his chest pounded. He wondered if he had just made a huge mistake.

It had taken Cindy a long time to convince herself to take and send the sexy photos to Dan. She had known for a long time that Dan liked to role play during sex. She had never really been that excited by it or that into it before, but she had done a little to try and keep Dan happy. She knew that Dan liked fantasies where she played strong women in positions of power over him. He wasn’t into S & M or anything like that, but he loved pretending that she was the stern principal and he was a misbehaving student or that she was his strict boss who could make him do anything to keep his job and keep her happy. It was the former that she was going for in her photos. She picked an outfit that would resemble something a school teacher might wear, but much, much sexier, and then created the “yournastyteacher” email account to let him know the game she had in mind. She was so sure her photos and new attempt at role playing would grab his attention that she was bewildered that Dan hadn’t emailed her right away.

She had almost given up checking her new email account out of frustration from his slow reply, but she forced herself to check periodically hoping something would happen. Her heart jumped and she gave a relieved sigh when she saw that she had one new message. She didn’t recognize the email address and smiled thinking that Dan wanted to embellish the role playing by creating his own fake email address for the purpose of their game.

She read the email. She had perhaps hoped for more, but at least he had replied. She took a deep breath and thought about how to respond. Finally, she decided that the only way to go was all the way. She closed her eyes and got into her character. She imagined what a nasty, slutty, horny teacher would say to her student. She took another deep breath and focused on staying in character as she brought her fingers to the keyboard and started typing.

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