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Young black man, mature white female2My mature, gorgeous, big breasted, mature white wife was thrilled to have delivered her recent 3 black babies with the young black man Rodwell as of two months ago. He’d like to see his three babies as my wife tells him they’re beautiful. So arrangements are made for Rodwell to visit for a weekend, my wife has arranged for our 3, 17 year olds to be away for a 4 day weekend. I was going to be away on business. Rodwell arrived early Friday morning, was thrilled to see his 3 beautiful babies. He’s still 19, my wife is 55. They play with the 3 babies, lots of goo-goo-gaga and such, nothing intelligent, but the babies love it. What Rodwell doesn’t know is my wife has asked me if she can try for another black baby with Rodwell. I told her to go for it! Of our 9 oldest c***dren, 7 are working and running our family businesses, 2 are close to finishing university. Then we have the 3, 17 year olds at home, 2 want to go off to college and the other son wants to expand one of our companies to new markets, sounds like a great idea. So if my wife became pregnant again and needed some help with the babies we’d just hire a good nanny to assist her with diapers and such. Money isn’t a problem.Wife and I have been trying to have another baby for the last 10 years, but she’s getting older so it’s harder to become pregnant with age, plus my sperm count has dropped and the quality of them has. So, if she wants more babies she’ll have to make love with a young man like Rodwell who has hundreds of millions of fast swimming, super virile, grade A sperm is the only way for her to conceive at her age. Rodwell and my wife change the babies diapers as she tells him they need to eat and go down for a nap. She mixes some food in a blender, both feed the babies, he really likes feeding his babies as she’s the first mature, white woman he’s impregnated. He’s thrilled he fathered 3 babies his first time! After feeding them 1 baby needed to be changed again, wife grins, winks at Rodwell, says “that’s what k**s do best!” Both have a good laugh. She says they need to breast feed a bit then she’ll put them down for their nap. She leaves the babies on the floor with Rodwell tickling them, says she’ll be back in a minute.She enters our bedroom, is nervous, palms sweaty. Thinks to herself “I could just pull my breasts out in front of him and feed the babies, but I really want to show him what I really want, more babies! Wow, I’m so nervous though. Oh well, just go for it Tryphaena she tells herself!” She then undresses, puts her clothes away in her drawers, stands in front of the full length mirror in our bedroom, is somewhat disappointed. She’s lost most of the baby weight from carrying Rodwell’s 3 babies, but quickly rubs her belly, it jiggles a bit, squeezes the side of her thighs, noticing those stubborn extra 2lbs on each. Shakes her head in frustration, but says to herself “Rodwell’s crazy, likes my full curvy figure, can’t figure out why men seem to love a woman with some extra, but they do! Crazy creatures these men, but I LOVE THEM, especially their sperm!” She steps away from the mirror, then steps back in front of it, using her two hands she pulls her large pussy lips apart, can easily notice her mucous and is thrilled she’s ovulating. Thought when she became pregnant with Rodwell’s 3 babies that would be her last time at age 55, but here she is again. Maybe this is her last time at being fertile. She smiles, then rubs using her fingers on her belly where her ovaries are, thinking how her greatest enjoyment in life has been motherhood and her 15 successful babies with hopefully a couple more to come. Just the thought of being pregnant again sends goosebumps all over her. She steps over to the door, grabs the door handle, palm is sweaty, takes a couple of deep breaths, opens the door and starts to walk downstairs. She stops, hears Rodwell playing with their 3 babies, babies are giggling, he’s laughing having a great time. She then realizes Rodwell is a good father, he’s the right black man to impregnate her again. She smiles and finishes walking down the stairs, stops just before she enters the living room, is still a little nervous. She rubs her belly, takes a deep breath then says to herself “here goes to throwing caution to the wind, in you go Tryphaena!”She turns the corner into the living room in a confident manner with her big breasts swinging as she enters, Rodwell has his nose into one babies stomach tickling him, both are having a great time. He looks up, sees my wife standing there in all her glory, full frontal nude shot. He gasps, didn’t expect to see her in the nude. She ignores his gaze, says “k**s need a drink from mom before their nap”. She sits down on the couch, puts a baby to her left breast, Rodwell gives her another one for her right breast. Both babies drink, Rodwell looks at her and says “what’s up? Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous and seeing you feed our babies is a real turn on”. Wife winks at him, says “good, glad you approve of this plump, white woman who has gained another 5lbs from carrying your 3 babies mister!” Both laugh. He then says “but seriously, you’re so beautiful with our babies!”She hands one baby to Rodwell to burp, she takes the 3rd baby up to her breast to nurse then burps the other one. Rodwell’s baby falls asleep, takes the baby to his room, takes the other baby my wife burped as she is now asleep to her room to lie down. Final baby my wife stands up to burp, realizes another diaper change is in order. She grins at Rodwell, says “yes, all babies are good at pooping aren’t they, oh well, I love them so.” Next she dances around with the baby over her shoulder until he falls asleep. She then exits the room, walks upstairs to put him down for his nap. She grabs a baby monitor, walks down the stairs. Rodwell is standing at the bottom of the stairs admiring her beauty as her even bigger breasts swing from side to side. Wife stops half way down, says “do you still find me beautiful, then jumps down one step then the next, her belly jiggles a bit, fethiye escort bayan breasts flop big time.” Rodwell says “absolutely, your little extra baby fat is from our 3 amazing babies, I love every jiggle on your body.” She continues to walk down the stairs, stops about 5 steps above him, reaches down, pulls her pussy lips apart showcasing her mucous. Rodwell is amazed, says “you’re fertile again! Wow, at 55 you’re already in heat after just 2 months after having our 3 babies! I thought breast feeding prevented pregnancy?” Wife winks at him, then with a super big smile says “not necessarily. I’ve delivered two sets of twins within an 11 month period before. Had a set of twins with a black man, then delivered another set of twins 11 months later from my husband. So this isn’t unchartered territory for me.” Rodwell then looks up to her standing about 5 steps above him and says “so you’d like me to impregnate you again? But what happens if you conceive another 2 or 3 babies instead of just 1?” Wife looks at him and says “it’s a blessing! I’ve enjoyed having all my 15 babies thus far, motherhood is my thing, I LOVE IT!! I’d love another 1, 2, 3 or dare I ever hope for 4 babies(?), no problem. My eggs are old, my husband’s sperm is old, so he can’t impregnate me anymore, but a handsome young black man like you with your hundreds of millions of fast swimming, virile, grade A sperm can easily fertilize my eggs. Hey, we’ve had 3 beautiful babies haven’t we? We have 4 days alone together, I’d like a few more of your babies if you’re okay with that?” His jaw drops open, he nods yes, hard speaking as he’s so thrilled with having more babies with my wife. She finishes the remaining 5 steps. Starts to undress him, his clothes fall on the floor.She holds his hand, they walk outside (we live in a large place, couple hundred acres, very secluded in the country) a couple hundred feet away from the house with the baby monitor in hand (can’t forget the 3 little angels!). She turns, runs back into the house comes out with a large blanket and lavender massage oil. Rodwell sees the set up, she clearly wanted him to see her run with her little jiggles here and there and big floppy breasts swinging and bouncing everywhere. When she laid the blanket down, he called her on her little sultry run, she smiled, laughed, said “but of course, if you love the little extra baby fat you’ve given me and extra large breasts I couldn’t resist giving you a show, any complaints?” Rodwell goes “absolutely none!! You can do that all you want with me!!” So she does precisely that, runs back to the house and runs back towards him making sure her breasts flop all over the place and her little extra baby fat jiggles and wiggles all over for Rodwell’s inspection! He’s very pleased with the show!!!He pulls her towards him, starts slowly and tenderly kissing her, she feels his penis becoming erect, opens her legs to allow his 11″ penis to push up against her pussy lips and vaginal opening. She loves the feeling of his penis’ warmth against her skin. He then pulls back, bends down, puts her over his broad shoulder, picks her up. She’s in the position of when a fireman carries a person over his shoulder out of a building. He says “I’m going to prove how much I love your beauty by running all over your yard with you on my shoulder”. She says “I’m not that light.”. He goes “I’m young and strong, you’re what 5’3″, I’m 6’6″, let me treat the mother of my babies and some more future babies by showing her how incredibly gorgeous and beautiful you are.” He runs around, both laugh hysterically. He puts her down, changes shoulders, runs some more. He stops running but is a couple hundred feet from the blanket and walks with her on his shoulder. She asks him to stop for a minute and open his legs. She reaches in between his legs, grabs his low hanging ball sack, and pulls tight. He moans. She asks if it’s okay? He says “feels fantastic! Don’t let go, but I’ll have to walk somewhat gingerly.” Wife laughs, so does Rodwell, he continues to walk towards the blanket. Upon arriving back he gently lowers her, she has to let his ball sack go. He said his ball sack hurt, but at the same time felt great and super stimulated! She tells him “to lie down, it’s my turn to please this incredibly strong, big penis and massive balled young black lover of mine!”Rodwell lies on his back, wife turns him over. Gives him a slow and sensual massage, he completely relaxes, turns him over, after massaging his front takes his big balls in her hands. Squeezes them, massages them, slides her nails along his penis’ veins, seductively plays with his massive penis head. She comments how “she loves his huge penis head, it’s so smooth, oozes pre-cum that glistens in the sun “. He then tells her to lie face down, he rubs lavender massage oil, gives her a slow, deep and relaxing massage, rolls her over does the same to her front. He starts to seductively massage her pussy lips, clit, vaginal opening, reaches inside stimulates her g-spot. Wife moans with pleasure, has a major orgasm. Rodwell then moves up between her open legs, rubs his penis head between her now mucous covered pussy lips, she convulses as it feels so good. He proceeds to “pop” his extra large penis head in and out of her vagina several times, nice and slow, drives her crazy. He slides fully inside her, she enjoys his penis head pushing against the back of her vaginal wall, he rotates his hips in a circular motion, she has another orgasm from his penis head massaging her cervix opening. She’s out of breath. Then the baby monitor makes noise. Wife smiles at Rodwell, “our babies are calling my dear!” He pulls out, they both walk towards the house, she leans into him and says “I still want my babies mister! Maybe next time we should get down to business sooner, but you were fantastic, I loved your great hands, and simulating my pussy lips and such was out of this world!!” Rodwell grins as they enter the house.Rodwell looks at my wife and says “I should put my clothes on with the babies”. Wife laughs says “they’re escort fethiye only 2 months old, stay naked, they won’t know the difference, I’m not putting my clothes back on.” Rodwell asks the usual young person’s view of “how long until the babies go to sleep again?” Clearly he’s anxious to start his next baby or babies with my beautiful, voluptuous wife. Wife smiles, says “that’s up to them, it will be a couple of hours, they’ll need to be fed, changed, we’ll play with them and then we’ll see.” After looking after the babies needs for a couple hours, Rodwell looks at my wife and asks “so you don’t get tired doing this? This is tiring, smelly and you need the patience of Solomon!” Wife leans into him, tenderly kisses him, then says “I LOVE IT! Dirty diapers and all! Our companies make lots of money, have a great husband and grown k**s, so can focus on motherhood full time, it’s clearly my calling! At 55 I can look back over my life and realize I could have had another few k**s and truly enjoyed them! Have delivered 15 babies, [leans into him, gives a sultry and seductive smile] that includes our precious 3 new babies but I’m looking forward to having some more babies with you over this long weekend. How many babies would you like to start in my womb this weekend?” Rodwell looks dumbfounded, “I don’t know, 1 or 2? Is that what you want?” Wife says she’ll “have as many as you can give me! Definitely want at least 2 though. But hey, I’d be thrilled with 3 or 4! Whatever happens, happens, I’m totally fine with it.”Rodwell goes “4!! Holy fxxk! Oops, sorry! Forgot the babies are here, yikes shouldn’t have sworn in front of our k**s.” Wife laughs at him says “remember that mister, set a proper example! Our babies are listening.” He looks at her again and says “are you serious about possibly having 4??? Wow, that would be 7 babies within a year! Isn’t that too much for you?” She goes “no, I love all my babies however old they are now, love my grandk**s, if I had that many, which I doubt I will, I’d hire a nanny to help out for a couple of years. Aside from that, no problem with it.”3 Babies finally went down for an afternoon 2 hour (hopefully) nap. Wife grabbed the baby monitor again, back outside they went, she told him to walk to the blanket, she’ll follow. Rodwell arrived at the blanket, put the baby monitor down, turned to look at my wife. She started to saunter and jump, run from side to side making sure her big breasts flung all over the place, noticed he very much liked that. Took her sweet time reaching the blanket, did numerous sexy poses, pushing her large breasts together, holding them up and letting them fall so he could hear them splat against her belly as her nipples hung well below her belly button, after all, they are huge and floppy! His penis couldn’t help but become fully erect. Wife liked looking at his 11″ standing straight up (she thought only young men can do that!) penis with his low hanging ball sack of about 6” with it’s 2 massive balls and their millions of sperm she so desperately wants ALL of them deep inside her fertile womb to force her waiting eggs to swim in a sea of his sperm to insure fertilization!She arrives, playfully pushes him down. Sits on top of him as he’s lying on his back. Gently rests and maneuvers her pussy lips around his penis shaft and slowly slides up and down his shaft making sure he doesn’t enter yet. He loves it, can’t stop breathing heavily, says he’s about to explode, she should mount him. She likes that idea, then the baby monitor makes noise. Wife looks at Rodwell, again says “our babies are calling again, my dear.” She gets up and starts to walk towards our house with Rodwell’s arm around her waist. One of the babies had done a major dump in his diaper, she changed him. Little quick nursing and he was ready for his nap. They walked downstairs, Rodwell looked at my wife and said “that was gross! How can such a cute little 2 month old baby crap so much?” Wife stopped at the bottom of the stairs, held his face in her hands, gave him a slow and deep tongue kiss then said “that’s why we had you sign off your parental rights, but welcome you to be involved with your babies. My husband and I love k**s, neither of us has any problem with diapers, k**s throwing up when sick and the costs involved. Again, we don’t want any money, we’re rich, will give our k**s a great home and am super happy to do it!”She further says “I looked into adopting a baby, just doesn’t feel right for me. I enjoy carrying my babies, it’s hard the last 2 months of my pregnancies, my legs ache. But my husband massages my legs every night before I go to sleep, I sleep soundly after that, he’s done that to me through all my pregnancies. So that’s why I don’t mind having twins or more with each pregnancy. Now, if you were in the delivery room when I delivered our 3 babies I may have used the doctors knife to cut off your balls, wow, was that ever painful! But at 55 I guess it goes with the territory. But the pain is over after several minutes or few hours, then I have my reward. With you, 3 beautiful black babies! So the temporary pain is well worth the reward.”As they exit the house Rodwell puts the baby monitor down, pulls my wife close, deep tongue kisses her and says “you’re an incredible woman! So very, very beautiful, but yet kind, compassionate, loving and absolutely enjoy being a mother, I couldn’t imagine a better mother for my 3 babies with more to come!” They tenderly kissed for several minutes as both enjoyed their connection and what was to shortly come, only question was how many eggs my wife has waiting to be fertilized.Rodwell leaned over, picked my wife up over his shoulder again, wife asked him to open his legs. He did and she again grabbed his big, low hanging ball sack from behind him, pulled it just the right amount, grabbed the baby monitor with the other hand and told Rodwell “let’s go and start some more babies!” Rodwell walked gingerly, wife was pulling fairly hard on his balls, they eventually made it to the blanket. Rodwell put my wife down, stood fethiye escort up said “wow, my balls are so super excited right now I could probably shoot my sperm several feet across this grass if I came right now”. Wife held his face close to hers and said “not a chance buddy! I want you to repeatedly fire your millions of precious life giving sperm directly into my fertile womb, I have eggs waiting for them. Let’s not have any more talk about firing your sperm over the grass!”She lied down, opened her legs fully, he knelt between her legs, still didn’t rush it, wanted her to enjoy every moment, teased her pussy lips, clit and such, she had a major orgasm. She moved his face away from hers to stop their kissing and asked “could you just pound me for an hour? I mean really pound me! I need a good pounding, just keep pumping away and don’t stop until you’ve emptied your balls of every last drop of sperm, let’s start some babies young man!” Rodwell grinned at her and said “your wish is my command you gorgeous, gorgeous woman and mother of my babies!!”Rodwell started long and deep thrusts, pounding his penis head against the back of her vaginal wall, asked if it’s too hard. Wife looked at him and said “it’s perfect! As hard as you want for as long as you want, give me my babies!!” Amazingly the babies were quiet, he pounded her for 2 straight hours, with some breaks for slow kissing, wife slid her nails up and down his back, he remained deep inside her the whole time, made numerous sperm deposits. As the baby monitors came to life again, Rodwell and my wife laughed at each other, took a couple of deep breaths. She held his face in her hands noticed both were covered in sweat, breathing hard, both of their genital areas were covered in each others love juices. She smiled from ear to ear and said “that was great! Want more of that before this weekend is through for sure! If all of your sperm you gave me doesn’t impregnate me by now, I don’t know what will? But you’re not off the hook mister, you’ll have to seal the deal repeatedly over the weekend!” Rodwell again said “your wish is my command you gorgeous, gorgeous woman and mother of my babies!! Just now don’t know how many of my babies, is it 3 + 2 more now, or 3 more now, or 4 more now?” Wife smiled “as many as you can give me my dear!” They gave each other one last deep, intense kiss then he pulled out, helped her stand.Wife was unsteady standing up, leaned against his strong frame. Said “wow, my legs are shaking and weak, look they’re actually trembling a bit. You really did it to me this time, that was fantastic, pound away just like that and I’ll go to sleep with a huge smile on my face!” Rodwell offered to carry her to the house, but she wanted to walk, just had to walk slowly and steady herself against him. Rodwell entertained the babies, wife made their and Rodwell and hers dinner. All 5 sat down and enjoyed dinner. After wards they brought the 3 babies outside to play on the grass. Put the babies to bed by 8:00pm. With the babies sound asleep, my wife led Rodwell to our bedroom. They had a shower first, then my wife lied down on her back on our bed, Rodwell entered her. More intense pounding for an hour, 2 sperm deposits, wife couldn’t stop panting, felt great, both were sweating all over each other. He pulled out, lifted her up, her knees were weak again. She looked at him “you did it again, wow, that was fantastic!” Next Rodwell picked her up in front of him, slowly lowered her pussy onto his still fully erect penis, it slid completely inside her, she wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. He started to walk her downstairs and out the side door. As he walked around outside with each plant of his foot with each step his penis pushed hard against her back vaginal wall, sent shivers up and down her spine. She was experiencing bliss, sun was setting, lovely light evening breeze. She had 2 super intense orgasms, became limp in his strong arms. She told him “I truly want as many babies as you can give me. This love making is simply out of this world! God, if my ovaries released 5 or 6 eggs to be fertilized I’d be thrilled”He knew she couldn’t walk even if she wanted to, was so into their baby making experience. He walked her back into the house, up to our bedroom. Lowered her onto our bed. She was in sheer ecstasy, he rolled her over onto her front. He mounted her from behind as she lay motionless anticipating him pounding her some more. Rodwell entered her from behind, started pounding her, she could only moan and enjoy the moment. He asked if it was too rough or hurting her? She replied “keep it up, I’m on cloud 9 it feels sooooo good!”They stopped around 10:30, he helped her to the shower again, she could barely stand, had so many orgasms, legs were weak. After the shower he carried her to the bed, on her side she leaned against his side resting her hand on his hairy chest, kissed him, thanked him for giving her some more babies, then they fell into a deep sleep. Over the 4 day weekend they made love repeatedly, wife loved being pounded by this strong young black man! Of course, many baby interruptions ensued over the weekend, but my wife loves them so much she didn’t mind one bit. Wife still can’t imagine what this very handsome young 19 year old black man sees in a mature, plump, big floppy breasted, curvy white woman! But as she says “he must be crazy, but I LOVE IT!!!” Wife visited her doctor after a month, Rodwell’s sperm had hit their mark, she was pregnant. After 2 months she went for an ultrasound. She has a first, her first set of triplets! She’s thrilled. Can’t wait to tell Rodwell. He’s amazed she’s going to have 3 more black babies with him, wow! Her delivery was rough, worse than before, but she endured it to receive her wanted reward, 3 more beautiful healthy black babies and at 56 years old no less!!! She decides that’s it with babies, loves her extra blessing of 6 more black babies but is content to stop her baby count at 18, with her now 7 grandk**s with more to come she’ll enjoy young babies for many more years to come. She delivered her first baby at 20 years old and now her last at 56, she’s very proud of such an accomplishment!! And so she should be! After all, she just delivered 6 healthy black babies in an 11 month period at age 56!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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