You’ve Got to Be Kidding… Ch. 01

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All characters are 18+. This is my first submitted story and I would welcome any advice on how to further improve my writing skills. Enjoy!


The back door was shut slowly. A quiet wine emanating from the hinges as the latch flicked into place. A small, young raven haired girl turned around. Her beady eyes looking towards the clock upon the kitchen wall. It read 1:36.

She was about 5’5 and had a short but rounded and curved figure. Her breasts in the small cup range, but they looked good. Matching her body perfectly and were just the right side. Her backside being the same. Not too big, but not too small. Just rounded right and perky with her age.

She had just come back from a night out with her friends. Booze and laughs, it was a good time. Wearing a black short, tight dress. It exposed a lot of her chest and legs to the guys. She was also wearing black heels to match, but what with drinking and stumbling about she decided to walk barefoot.

“Shit.” She cursed. Afterwards slamming her hand over her mouth.

She was home late. Her family probably asleep. If she was caught, who knows what trouble she would get into.

Stumbling further into the dark kitchen. She headed towards the fridge, needing a glass of water. Opening a cabinet quietly, she felt around grabbing the nearest glass and bringing it out. Filling the glass with water as quietly as possible, she then took a big sip.

“Holly.” A voice suddenly called her name from the shadows. “What are you doing.” The voice asked.

“Crap.” Holly cursed out-loud again almost spilling her drink down her dress.

Her Brother Jake stepped through from the hall into the kitchen. Flicking on the light.

“Hey.” She whispered at the top of her lungs. Covering her eyes quickly to let them adjust. “What are you doing” She raised her voice.

“More like what are YOU doing.” Jake replied, standing by the door way.

Jake was her older Brother. At about 6’0 he was well built. Not huge, but slimly muscled. With short brown hair, and the same hazel eyes as his sister Holly.

“Errrrr.” Holly stuttered.

“Exactly.” Jake smirked. “You’ve been out again haven’t you.”

He stood there staring at his younger sister. Wearing nothing but his black boxers which he often wore to sleep in.

Holly nodded in reply. She knew there was no way out of this one.

“I knew it.” He took a few steps towards her, his whisper increasing in volume. “Even after Mum and Dad specifically told you not too.” He smirked. “Do you know what they’re going to do to you when they find out.” He Pointed his finger out of the kitchen and down the hall.

“Well they aren’t GOING to find out then are they.” Holly placed the glass on the counter beside her trying to not make too much noise.

“Ergh.” He paused briefly. “Yes I am.” Jake smiled as he turned to walk for the door.

“No.” Holly jumped forward grabbing Jake’s shoulder. “You can’t.”

He stopped in his tracks. Jake turning his head towards her arm which was still gripping his shoulder. “Well I’m no Sherlock but I’m pretty sure I can.” He continued to smirk.

“You are such an ass-hole.” Holly dropped her arm in a mood.

She momentarily turned away, before diverting her attention back towards him.

“Mmmm.” He laughed. Holly standing there with a puzzled look on her face. “I love it when you talk to me like that.” Jake winked.

“Ewwww.” She gave a sudden look of disgust. “You are such a creep.” Holly watched her Brother as his eyes scanned her.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” He laughed some more. His eyes still scanning her young delicious body.

“You are so disgusting, you know that.” She gave a stern look into his exploring eyes.

Jake didn’t reply.

“So.” Holly paused. Her eyes darting away. “You still going to tell Mum and Dad.” She questioned him, softening her voice in an innocent way.

“Hmmmmm.” Jake’s mind began working like clockwork. “I’m still thinking about it.”

“Jake.” Holly hit his arm, fed up with his jokes.

“What.” He lashed back. Jake’s eyes shooting up towards her face giving her ‘evils’.

“Please don’t.” Holly gulped. “Please don’t tell Mum or Dad, please.” She continued to talk to him softly, trying to persuade him otherwise.

“You’d really do anything wouldn’t mardin escort you.” He laughed out-loud wanting to know how far she’d be prepared to go.

“Shh.” Holly looked at him in a venomous way. “Yes I’ll do anything.” She calmed herself.

“Anything.” He whispered back, his eyebrows raised.

“Yes anything.” Holly grudgingly replied.

She didn’t want to even think about what their Parents would do to her, if they found that she had sneaked out. She was already supposed to be grounded.

“I’ll do your homework” She began to list off a few ideas. “Your cleaning” Holly paused. “I’ll do anything Jake, just don’t tell them.”

“I want something a little different.” Jake paused. Looking at Holly.

“What then.” Holly noticed that usual smile slowly appearing on his face. “Jake.”

He didn’t reply. But instead grabbed her soft hand. Slowly guiding it downwards. His eyes fixated on her own as they followed.

“Wha-” Holly made a little noise in complete surprise. Suddenly realising what it was he is after.

Finally their hands reached his chosen destination. Jake soon after pushing her small and soft feminine hand against the bulge from under his boxers. Holly instantly feeling her Brothers penis.

Quickly Holly whipped her hand away from his grasp as if snapping out of a trance. “You’ve got to be kidding me right.” She sneered up at her taller Brother. “This is a joke.”

“No joke.” Jake simply replied. Giving her a serious look.

An awkward silence fell for a few moments. The pair of them stood still looking at each other. As if frozen in time. Holly with a look of surprise, her mouth had fallen open. Jake giving the same serious look, with a little smirk appearing from the corner of his mouth.

“No Way.” Holly suddenly sprang back into life, pushing her Brother away.

At first Jake said nothing. He just began to smile instead, regaining his balance from her push.

“Well I guess Mum and Dad will just have to find out then.”

“No they can’t.” Holly frowned. She knew he had her right where he wanted.

He was the master, and she was the slave.

“Then give me what I want and they won’t find out” Holly looked up towards him again as he explained.

“You promise.” She asked. Voice trembling with vulnerability and innocence.

“I promise.” He replied. Telling her the honest to god truth.

“O-Okay.” Her eyes slowly returned to where he wanted them. “You’re my Brother though.”

“I know.” He looked at her eagle like eyes. Staring down it’s prey.

Holly gradually knelt downwards, moving to her knees. Giving a look of awkwardness, before she slowly placed her right hand back onto his penis. Still contained by his boxer-shorts.

Jake watched on as he felt his Sister’s hand begin to slowly rub up and down. Immediately his cock springing upwards and beginning to grow. As if it knew exactly where things were headed.

“You seem to know what you’re doing.” Jake softly spoke.

“What’s that supposed to mean” She replied with a little smile. Her hand now cupping the fully erect cock which happened to be her Brother’s. “Yes I know what I’m doing” Holly turned a little red with embarrassment.

Jake smiled. Accompanied by good feelings coming from below as Holly’s hand massaged him.

“Can you.” Jake paused mid-sentence, pointing down at his boxers. It almost feeling uncomfortable, his hard member being trapped under all the material.

“Take it out.” She looked up to catch him giving a nod in reply.

She obeyed her Brother. Moving her hands to grasp the sides of his boxers before pulling them down gently over his hips and dropping them to the floor. Her eyes suddenly met with the sight of his large twitching cock, pointing upwards towards the ceiling.

“Wow.” A faint sense of amazement strewn across her face.

She couldn’t believe this was happening. Just about as much as he couldn’t believe it too.

“Haha” Jake laughed. Holly’s eyes continuing it’s stare. “Like it.” He asked her.

“Well you may be blackmailing me and I’ll never forgive you for that.” She paused. “But yes.” She gave a little giggle.

Jake was surprised at how much Holly was suddenly enjoying this and before he knew it, she had wrapped her hand around the base of his mardin escort bayan shaft and started to jerk it downwards. The foreskin rolling backwards, exposing the purple head of his cock.

“It’s so big.” She gave a devilish wink. Her baby face staring up at him from below.

She had all of a sudden transformed from innocent to corrupted.

“You are starting to scare me.” Jake replied playfully as he placed his hands into her loose hair.

“Do you want this or what.” She gave a stern serious look.

“Yes-of course.” He replied. He’d often fantasized about all of this. At one point believing it would only ever be a dream. Yet here he was with his little Sister’s hand wrapped around his hard cock.

“Then shut-up.” Holly re-focused below, her small hand starting to jerk away.

The pleasure was immense. Hitting Jake like a train. It felt so good. But the taboo of It all made it that more great. He knew it was wrong. Society said so. But for some reason as much as it was deemed wrong, it felt SO right.

Holly picked up the pace. Her little hand travelling up and down his shaft. Every so often she would give a little twist in the wrist and a squeeze with her palm. That itself almost sending Jake over the edge. Holly’s eagle eyes looked determined, almost yearning to give him pleasure. Her pupils fixated on the very tip of the head.

“Feel good.” She looked up to check on her Brother. Continuing the motions.

“Uh-Huh.” Is all he could reply with. His fingers gently twirling and playing with her hair. A huge pleasurable smile across his face.

Holly smiled herself. Squeezing his shaft harder and harder with each subsequent jerk.

Things continued like that for a couple of minuets, Feeling like a millennium to Jake.

“Y-You are.” Jake over-whelmed by everything, struggled to get out the words, attempting to break the silence.

“Amazing.” Holly giggled some more, stopping to give her Brother a quick break.

“Yeah that is one way of putting it.” Jake laughed along with her.

Their eyes suddenly connecting in a way they hadn’t before. He didn’t know what happened, neither did Holly. It felt familiar. But no, it couldn’t be. Jake shook it off. Holly too.

“You know what I want to do.” Holly winked. Grabbing his cock at the base and pointing it towards her face. Specifically her mouth.

“Mmmmm.” Jake’s groan of wanting, echoed throughout the kitchen.

She opened her mouth and leaned towards his cock. Her lips passing over the head and all the way down the shaft as far as she could get it without choking. The wetness of her saliva drenching Jake’s penis as she sealed her mouth around it. Holly immediately feeling not only the warmth of his large organ deep inside her mouth, but she could almost feel his pulsating veins against her lips.

Holly let out a muffled moan of her own. Her cute eyes just about managing to look up at him. With Jake’s hands moving to the back of his Sister’s head, she began to suck him off. Moving her head backwards. As if sucking a large, over-sized veined lollipop.

“Wow.” He cried out. Cursing soon afterwards at making too much noise, hoping they both wouldn’t get caught.

Holly giggling with at least half of his length still in her small innocent mouth.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She tried to speak with yet more giggles. The sentence not stringed together properly as she struggled to talk around the cock.

“Neither can I.” Jake looked up towards the ceiling, closing his eyes with pleasure. He had never felt anything like this before.

Yes he had been given a few blow-jobs in the past from various Girlfriends. But for some reason, this time it was different. It was possibly the fact that it was instead, his Sister who he had yearned over in the past who was knelt down sucking him off. He wasn’t sure, but at that moment in time he didn’t care.

With his cock still wet with her saliva, she started to jerk it hard again a couple of times before shoving it back down, deep into her mouth. So deep that she could feel the head and tip of his hard cock touching the back of her throat momentarily. Giving a little gag in reaction.

Her lips creating a tight seal, Holly started to slide her head up and down his shaft. Establishing escort mardin her comfort, she then began to speed up. Her head bobbing up and down as fast as she could go.

“Holly.” Jake called out. Moans of pleasure escaping him as his Sister sucked him off faster and faster.

“Hmmm.” She stopped, looking up at him.

“I’m getting close.” He replied. He wanted her to know, he could feel he was almost at the point. The point of no return.

“Mhm.” Holly smiled with another little giggle before continuing onward, regaining full speed.

Faster and faster she sucked. The grip of her hand tightening yet more, sliding up and down his base.

The feeling of Jake’s head throbbing between her lips and the pulsating veins within her jerking hand grew larger and larger with each passing moment.

Suddenly it hit Jake.

“I’m cumming.” He called out in desperation. The feeling immense and travelling upwards, it wanting out.

Upon hearing this Holly reacted by instantly pulling his cock out. Strands of saliva still attached to her lips and dribbling down onto her dress.

Opening her mouth, she started to jerk him furiously, aiming for her mouth.

“Give it to me.” She spoke softly, but commandingly. Her hand continuing it’s assault up and down the length of his wet shaft.

“Shit.” Jake cried out in ecstasy.

His cock beginning to explode in front of his Sister’s face. Streams and streams of cum travelling up and shooting out into her little awaiting mouth with a giggly reaction. Holly subconsciously leaning closer and closer with each spurt to catch it all.

Slowly but surely the orgasm died down until Jake was emptied.

“Wow.” He sighed looking up towards the ceiling. Curling his toes.

“Mmmm.” Holly groaned. Jake looking back down to see his Sister still knelt there in front of him with his wet softening cock still in her hand.

Holly closed her eyes and shut her cum filled mouth, before knocking the mouthful back like a shot from a bar.

“You just.” A surprised look appeared on his face. Jake surprised by how much his Sister knew, and also how involved she was choosing to be. He had theoretically blackmailed her to do it after-all.

“Huh-Huh.” Holly nodded with a huge grin. Looking as if she had enjoyed it.

“Wow.” He laughed. Holly giggling along with him.

Finished, Holly pulled herself up. Standing there in front of her older Brother, Jake.

“Errrr thanks.” Jake smirked before cracking into laughter, Holly joining in.

Eventually silence fell again for a few moments. The pair of them staring at each other. Their eyes connected the whole time. Not one moment disconnecting.

“I don’t think they heard.” Jake peered back around the hall with no signs of activity. The smile stuck on his face.

“No.” Holly replied. A little nervous, her mind thinking over what just transpired between them. The subject becoming a little awkward.

It was wrong. But she got into it. She liked it, loved it even. There was something about it, something about him that made her feel good.

“We’d better get to bed before we do end up getting caught.” Jake turned back. Noticing Holly seemed a little lost in her own world.

“Uh-Yeah.” Holly snapped back to reality.

“You okay.” Jake asked her. Placing his hand gently onto her arm.

“Yeah I’m fine.” She smiled. “Well goodnight.” She spoke softly before leaning up onto her tiptoes and giving him a quick peck on the cheek. Her lips still vaguely wet.

“Goodnight.” He pulled Holly in giving her a cuddle. His boxer-shorts still on the floor around his ankles. His flaccid penis compressed up against her dress.

“And” Holly spoke. Her mouth moving towards his ear. “THANK you.” She gently whispered giving him another kiss on the cheek before withdrawing.

Jake just stood there, mouth slightly ajar as his sister Holly wondered off out of the kitchen and down the hall. Her hips almost swaying with a little skip. What did she mean? Was she just teasing him? Jake was absolutely shocked, in a good way.

He eventually snapped out of it. Jake giving a smile as he bent over and pulled up his boxers.

This was an amazing day he thought. One of the best, if not the best.

He gave the clock a quick glance out of the corner of his eye before noticing the glass of water Holly had left on the side. Walking over, Jake grasped it and drank the last of the water.

Placing the glass into the sink before heading towards the kitchen door, Jake looked back. He smiled one last time before flicking the light switch off, and heading off to bed.

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